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' At luertin f portion bf t'e De
tuo.-ratic party of the I'uunty t,f Ala
mante, heU fa l-f t-wn bf Graham, on
TacnUf the 31st of .c--jst, en Kaliaa
the meeting as orps.reJ by oulinj
John Fitrr. esq. tu U e chair, and ap
to'atin; Dr. Gttn 1. CwbU Secreta
n. The objector the meeting was ilea
explained in a Bft and pertinent man
iter bvUtU. IkTrolingerf after mkidi
it was" , .
ltt&ltedt-" That the Chairman ap
point ehl delegates to the diitrict
Convention U be held ia Otfvrd on
Tuesday of Superior Court, to, meet
the delegates from the other counties
of this District far the purpose of se
lecting some saitable cjindtdate far E
lector for this District. :
finohed. That the delegate! from
thi county be instructed to vote far
the Hon. Abrata Re richer for Mid of
fice. . . .
la corapjiance with the first re sol a
tiou,'. the Chairman appointed the fol
lowing gentlemen as delegate, viz:
Win. K. Kuflin. Dr. Gaston D. C'bb,
J ..: mat Hon! Ifiir.lt Il.:
lip Crawford,' .llex'r. Woods, Jose th
B. McMerray, and ETus Albright.
Cad. Jones, Jr., and Wm.lJalley, ejrs.
ire appointed alternates.
Rtiotctd, That the Hillsborough Re
corder be requested, to publish these
proceedings. . ;
On motion of Cenj. Konej, esq., the
meeting then adjourned sine die.
. Gastox D, Cobb, Sec. .
Twxessak.--Whatever doubt mlfhl
r.. . -I.-.,. i
Bin rti.icu i wii priiwu aa Willi"!'"" ...... 6 v. v.
.. ... . . 1 r . n-. . i:..i i.
the two rreat political naities in Tr nn. 1
. .I.-.-:! -I I
ace, a ciuciirra ara huw I'uunnr in i
thick snd fart that thai gallant State will
give ta the Whig candidate an orerwhel
. 2 i.i fc, i
ming support in ihe eleciion of Normber
neii. In justification of this opinion, we
copy the followiuf extract of a tecenl
letter from Fhelbyille: .., ,
Scoti will carry this State by sweep
ing majority. There is let disaffection,
and far greater enthusiasm, in our party
in this State than have erer before been
known in a Presidential canvus. Our
elector for the Slate, Henry and Haskell,
are doing brilliant srrvice. A. V. Brown
met Haskell at several appointments, but
was so much worsted in ech encounter
that he ha barked off. AH I well ia
Tennessee : you may rest assured of that.
Look out for a good report from her in
Tm Fwhrrim. All private letters by
the last steamer from England, says the
National Intelligencer, a well as the tone
of die leading English paper, would seem
to indicate the most pari fie state of feeling
on the other side of the Atlantic We
are happy to believe that the fihme$
will not prove a source even of irritation,
rourh le a cause of hostility thank to
the rnod sense of those who have the di-
The New York Express ay: ' "
' We have seen a letter from a promi
nent A merican gendeuian in lnndon to hi
correspondent here, stating thai he has just
. m a a a ' a
liad an interview wim tne American min
ister, who assured him that the British
Ministry ha sent instructions to the eolo
nies that will at once silence and allay ap
prehension of difficulty in relation to the
fishery question.
Well Done! The Enquirer drags
down, with as much crace as the case
will admit of, the Ohio fabrication about
Gen. Scott's cutting off his hand, &c
But it still flies at its mast head the
thrilling didtoTue all tattered and
torn. 77iaf will have to follow in the
foot stena of its fellow. That's the
luck of all who oppose "Old Chip."!
He commenced his career of victories
by pulling down the British flag at
Fort Erie, and all hostile flags aince
that have struck to him ! Nothing will
be left of the Enquirer's bunting, ex
cept that quack medicine-looking ad
vertisement, headed " Who is Fhax
. us Pierck?' , Kith. Whig, ,
Dr. Webster's Position. The Bos
ton Atlas says, in relation to the move
ment of the friends of M r. Webster :
" We have the assurance of gentlemen
high in his confidence, and undoubted
in their personal attachment, that Mr.
Webster does not sanction ot approve
. ' these movements, and that he, is only
awaiting the proper time, to come for-
ward himself and disavow them-"
We think the sooner the gentleman's
disavowal comes forward the better, as the
election is only about sixty days off.
We hare al ways believed Mr. Webster to
be a ffrecf man, in the true sense of the
term, and theiefnre we have no idea that
he is capable of doing a Utile thing. We
had infinitely rather, to-morrow, be Daniel
Websier, as he is, than President of the
United States ; and it seems almost mar
. velloos lww awcA a man .can feel a rao
ment's ambition to have hi name flunp
into the dirty, miserable aiena of a presi
dential ranass, to be coveted over with
the filth and slime of party aspersion and
demagnguism. It there is a man in this
country whose reputation can afford to
dispense entirely with the honors of the
Presidency, thit man is Daniel V ebsler,
Such honors, in comparison with those
whrch are wreathed in unfading bright-
, nes amund his brow, are absolutely in
ignificant. Pet. Intel.
Tna Webster Movement. The con
duct of certain friends of Mr. Webster
at the North is not only indiscreet, but
a - - - . a
w , our opinion hihly disreputable
The attempt to bring out a turd can
dictate atid 'thus" ilmW f!e election
inta "t!i Ht.ue tf trtunetiUme,
should hate been nude fait t( all Lv
wf ei)ter' Ifirtuj, rr they jm.U,
II ........ . , 7. I
at any tine dunr the rower out LaI.
lutlr.gg ia tie National Cmuenlioa,
bate secured tie nomination t Mr.
Fillmore. But this they did not cliooe
to do, but obstinately clang to their
favorite, and modestly asked the 133
friends of Mr. Fillmore to ro over to I
them; and now, fursosfh, after sjxre
bg poo the Platform, and after taking
alt the chances with their candidate
ia the convention, the? propose to nul
lify the action of the Vbir party of U.?
nation dj wringing at the man ho.
at no time, rot more than
i SI votes for the i
evetiotol this!
nomination. If the devotion
faction to Sir. Webster is so great that.
in order to redress the imagined ron
to blm, ther will sacrifice the lvr,tor the following i - It is said, that
partj of the Cnion, the can go ahead,
bst for oae we. shall insist that thev
take tome other name than tSwt of
ff Xi. . This tettinr a tab under the
m ... - . . ;
fifth rib from one who calls himself oar
brother, is not at all to our taste. If
we are to be "wounded," let it sot
be " In the bouse of a friend."
GcnT Scott is verj popular with the
masses of the North west. The Detroit
Advertiser hears every daj of men who
have usually . voted the Democratic
ticket declaring their intention of going
for Scott at this election. The Adver
tiser excesses a settled belief that
Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin are '
sure lor iiim. . . u
A VViioia Coi-ast of Bolters. A' I
the rreat Niseara F.IU celebration, a
'Minn,., ..ii;-. .,r pnDT. r i-. -
f'snee. Thev had been Democrat
hera'ftfol-a. fcul rnuM a-n thi-ir mrtv b!''' lamia autl a 111.
longer, snd therefore came out openly for
Scott and Graham. There is a fair pros
pert that the Whigs will carry Michigan.
9 .. -
We bate been shown a list of mxetv
skvek names in one single county, of per
sons heretofore voting the Lotofoco ticket
who are going for scott. And so it goes I
m Vkio itfutumaiu
A gentleman from Indiana commu
nicates the interesting fact that in his
own town tixty Democrats have an
nounced their determination to go for
Scott,' and in the town adjoining his
own, thirty ix. ptt. htld.
Hew Himpabir Talk. The Man
chester American, one of the most re
spectable papers we receive, thus com
ments on me testimony in regaru to
the New Boston speech. It would
seem that duplicity ia regarded as one
of Mr. Pierce's distinguishing traits by
bis nearest neighbors t
.... . i
rroia tne oesieviaeuce wiuin our
reach we are convinced that the report
of the New Boston speech given by Mr.
ross, is substantially correct. Ibe cvt-
deuce of the matter is all ia favor of its !
correctness while on the ther hand.i
we have the mere denial of Ayer, Camp
bell L Co., and at last that of Geo.
Pierce himself. We say farther f sin
cerely hoping that our neighbor of the
Union Democrat will not take offence,)
that from all the circumstances it ap
pears that General Pierce argued hi
case at New Boston like a lawyer, and
to some extent.brought his principles to
square with the sentiments, prejudices
and preconceived notions of his audi
ence. The whole thing was a la Pierce,
as anybody who knows him will recog.
nize. At New Boston he addressed him
self to one point, viz: that the freesoilers
should vote for Noah Martin t now he
is addressinz himself to another poiut,
viz: that he ought to be acceptable to j
the South as a candidate fur the Presi
n.B J,.rr-nnr-ar hi-.1
A 1. a a aaa am aw
. . . I
unheard of thing for a presidential can-
didate to throWYtmself into the arena
. f I thmt lh.1
in tits own uerence, ana now ui u.c.
General has commenced, we premise,
.1 . i .... . .:n i: mat
urn us merarypuwr.. -
y powers will I
llie lOUOWinc paraciapna iiuiu inc.
same naner are not without point:
-. -, -.... i
Sat sn. .4 aKI 4 Cat a. Iinia aT3an
Pierce can wtthso much grace de-'
nounce Jlessrs., Fogg and Uoodale
abolitionists, when they are cheek by
iole with Ms most intimate friends.
. ... K . a S t
John Van Uuren, otherwise caueu
Prince John, Spoke at Hillsborough;
and George Barstow, the very man
whom we"have heard Gen. Pierce de -
M II-.
nounce to his own face as an auotuion -
ist, much more fiercely than he does
now F022 and Goodale, has been com-
missioned to write nis me; anu men
John Atwood, whom he tumbled head Brooke, of Georgetown, in the District
foremost out of the locofoco wigwam, : of Columbia, beauthorised, and permis
has returned and goes for General sion is hereby granted him, to bring from
Pierce. ' State of v,rg'ni nt0 the '8
We wish to know why Elder Foss'trict of Columbia two negro slaves,
and the rest of the abolitionists of this ' namely, John and Alfred, the property
vicinity did not speak at the abolition of said Brooke, and to have and to ex-
meitins at Ilillsborougn. wny senu
to New York for one when
there was
one ready within ten miles f"
is V Tl,. Nia llimn.
L""" .7. "'. W
...r.v.. .... i.n:. i - k:--. :
bond .ge i, a curse to any coun.ryl.hat
we are opposed to Slavery, black or.
' white, in all us fotms, and under what
ever circumstances."
That's flalfooted I Holding hnmnn
being in bondage a cursb lo any rouit
ii v 1" ' I hate slavery more than the
bollt;oni8t1 d f ' " I . lOATitt the fugi
tive alavclaw 1'
WhtreJ D u?tas and f!iJJie f -m
i!te i!. tfn.. Yet Ki!ff! De
mrrii r!t u Ittit mtn I'trrr, Ita
?,!. etsrt-tswi, i
" "
tKi prru!if
litem! i f '.,
" i fr-
t:''.i:-r:sl tf t,
l'i jr. Ct-U&w.
a tut fi.ets '
The Bwton DUj Adrertiser ujs,
that the PresuUnt of the late treaon
b!e Free Soil Abolition Coarention at
Pittbarr, aa'HennrVUoa.liebein$
ii rn time lime i'rfciiJtni &i rr fiT
of MaMachosettti : which office he now
no' J bj virtue I the vote or alt txe
Democratic Senators of Massachusetts,
hating been chosen with the spnroba
. . ' .
t1ol " Me- Democratic partj ia
the LegWatare.- -
The Richmond Whir is KSDonsibfe
- r it . . i .
11 th Baltimore Convention, Douglas
Ba to eating and dribking establish-
fta Ttdttm Ar Pi.nWAMltM f .f m
a." v iiituvi v, waa r as i tuii ,uuj;tt9
,rsttuckca mithrvcrjr ihmssoaa
w a . it - i
to which all coiner were welcome
and which cost some 1 5 or 0,000 dol
lars. Crowds ruhed there, and high
Ij relished the little giant's eatables
and drinkables j but thev could not
stomach the Little Giant!"
The CBlttvatioa of madder is being
pursued extensivelj and profitably in tuuna atomach of Oi, after drertivM of C
varioua portions of the Northern Sute. ,w, TttafhTJ,f""! P?' "7
.. . , ' ' . . '
The entire Locofoco partj have been (
KuL Cuzetle,
tion of Pierce.
. i"eniPB5 nerce roie
m . a a ta-a ara.
t Watson, la., it fell twice, ana cnai;
uv oro.e. a wiz nanuinr ot aaiu
i , , t . " - ..
tliat the Dole had tivea a terfect enito-
"A! lerce'
Deauko w Facts. They hive got
a Whig editor up the Valley whom his
brethren distinguished among them
selves as " the man who deals ia facts."
The Democratic editor who deal in
facts has net vet been caujrht. 'lite story
of bis appearance is regarded as a boax.
I,.- -i. . ,
Tnt Freahet at tha South. The
late freshet in Ueoigia ha been exceed
ingly disastrous in the vicinity of Atlanta.
A despairh from that city, to the Savan
nah Republican, says i
Both the bridges srros the Savannah
river have been carried away, together
with atl the bridge across the Canal with
the exeeptioa of one. The water rose
four fret high io Broad street. Ooe or
two houses near the cotton factories were
washed from tbrir foundations and several
lives were lost. The cars of the Georgia
Road couM oof sppioach nearer than one
mile of the city, lbs mail being carried
to the post-office ia a canal boat. The
damage to property ia the rity atone is
. . " t J II
j supposed to be over one million of dollars.
The account from the op country are
The account from the ap country are
not so disastious as ws anticipated. So
far a i ascertained, there i no damage
to the State Road. The injury, however,
to ciops and other property, on water
courses, i very rreat. I lie (. liattahoo
chre river is aid 10 have beeo seven feel
higher on Sunday tbaa was ever before
Kew OIesns, Aug. 18.
Terrible Storm at the South. A ter
rific atom raged all along the south
ern coast on Wednesday and Thurs
day last, doing immense damage. No
mail has been received or sent from this
city for two days.
At Mobile the
etorin was very ee
vere:and the loss
of property win reacn
! water came up Da
1,000,000. The
Inn treet M br as the Advcrtser
"CC, tQU many ticiiucr were luiurcu.
I1UUDCI UOU ttW WW v M tivnei vau
1 1 oncaa fkewi Ksasara ISIfatavn iAUn 11 il un
;uofe J: Th
of the light
.TTVn'S.AJ . a
I I . 11 ..... .-A .
. ni' n
i leu anu mucn property ueeuoveu
A I .. 1 I J. ".I
nortli from otJier ooints show that there
Seep It before tbe Pecple, that
, . . Af . . . . ....
;,.".. ... . 6 , . .
- " "
ww". P"m.OB ..u.s. ..nwy serrsn.. m-
a. iUm f!t.n Af r?titvi1-.iai tfhivei afiMaira sa ,fssara-.
, - r
hostility to slavery, tne peculiar institu-
tion f the South. The following is from tbe
! record:
-. . . . -
. - Aa Act authorizing bJmund Brooks to temove
to the District of Columbia two slaves, owned
by him prior to his removal from Virginis :
Be it enacted, ft. That Edmund
ci,ib uc muk nguia pivnj
' ot ownership over the saiu slaves as u
they had been brought by the saiu
Brooke into the said District at the time
of his removal into the said District of
ColumbU. in Uw. ca,tom..rSaSe t.
'Brown a private acts. p. bOO.)
This bill came p m the House of
Representatives, June 12th, 1834, when
- ... a ia a . a .
Mr. U ara wen tnoveu toiay it on me
table, which failed, yeas 69, nays 95,
Franklin Piecb toting in the affirma
tive, and thereupon the bill passed,
veas 106. navs 47. Fraxkux Pierce
voting in the negative. (Vide II. J our.
1st sess., 23d Cong., p. f43.) ,
t!i SVSdving iBii4 U S 4 eMRfaiiA,
A irm4. tKm iijiJ at Mlmrt af nU
m4 !. &ii'i 4rfMt nkm to ih
krkt. AtJktiliMwrkiN I fi4 XHr.
ro I Dr. j
iT Utt't Amebic Verm
Lk ITA Jt tlu. the, e u
xku rvanJ ibt aioark,WWU ef lslt iW, ie, pt mn. Iuwr t
tUwanahttraiufcaortkafvroVvmwYt'eca U la tiu.sti. Jciim oVu
cJ thri ml rnir ihea cairMr rkac ! iS weWt u a ka 4 m
. . .a l . .1-1 L ahLmh f Kama m itf akiSvat. A a Mtfutf Mkkl
"J.-., Tt;'- u?
!UJ; T 7
Jjl U""acf mere-J eetufier, tbtt!cioi. Ac MulHiyiirtctoMimUkiM-
t.w -I.:--.t.t . ; l. : I r
ot P"! oetiiol pplr
lfila. SIMl aWUM!lRaS ! -.....J U -
"""i'1 --vw.aj MV" w av w-w-
Pl. bf
ntk po their eU&Jrca.
77 Tor aita b D. Hmtt, at tbe Pf OflWa
fa H.i'.Josh, i.j IMif & Waob, by Dr. 8. R
BchoollrflJ, aixj by DnjjjiU ib4 Dicrt jfD
rHy. 4 .
IaraiT.iT Ta Dtt rimra. Dr. J. 8. 1'oosh-
toa'a PEPS1X. tba Trua Di.Hlira FluiJ ar
Gaatrie Jsica, frrjmtr from ReaaH, ar thm
a. o. nvosoioa, ai. ronauripnia. iuw u
truly wonderful raised for indigeatSea, dya.
p.;,, ),BDc!ce. liw ciaiint. eooatipatioo
and JtbilitT.curtnf after nature's jwa atrihod,
by astura's awe strut, tba GtrieJuir. Pam
pLk-U containing scifotitSc eidenra af its value,
furuithrd by agents gratis. Bca advertisement
ia aoeutar col u ma.
rj tt ihmitti It unkmaUf kiuncmln tt it
strictly true that indigenlon la tba parent of
largf propoftioa of tha fetal diaeaaea. lysenlery,
disrrbva, cholera morlua, ivr complaint, sn1
many other diseases enumerated la Uis City fa
parlor's veellv catalogue of deaths, era genera.
ted by Indigestion atone. Think of that, dyspep
tical think of It, ell ho suflrr from duordered
itomtrbi, end if you ere willing to be guided by
adrtre, founded upon expeiUnee, resort at once
(don't iltUy dsy) to IIoofiand'sGcnnsa Bitters,
prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson, whirb, as an al
terative, curative, end Invigorsnt, stsads a! one
and unspproacbed. General depot, ItO Aicb
street We bave tried these Bitters, and know
that they are excellent for the diseases specified
shore. Philadelphia Citv Item.
XT For sale at the Drug Store.
Tbouasnds of parrots who oae Vermifuge com
posed ef Castor Oil, Calomel, dee. are not aware
that while they eppeer to benefit the patient, they
are ectuaUy Isying the foundations fore series of
disessss, such ee estivation, lose of sight, weak
ness ef limbs, dee.
la eaetlter column will be found Ibe advertise
ment ef Hobenssrk'e Medicines to which i lien
lira is asked of ell directly interested in their ewn
or their cbildreu's health. In Liver Complaints,
and all disorders arbsng from those of a billions
type, you should mke use of Ihe only genuine
medicine, Hebeneerk e uver fills.
J3M Be not drttivtd," but sk for Hohenssck'e
Worm tyrup aad Liver Pill4 end observe thst
esch hss Ihe signsture of Ihe Proprietor, J. N.
UOBE.NSAtK, as noue else are genuine.
Clothing Establishment.
Come and lee Somrlbisc Ntw nnJrr lie log !
BEO leave to Inform their frionJs in the town
of HilUborougb end iu vicinity, that they
1 ere now opening, at the etore formerly occupi
are now opening, ai tue oiura loruienj occupi w -
edby A. Mii-kle&Co., Eautof the Court IIouseITn pn tiro A nntlPPV SjO
a large end elegant aertment of " lUVYtUC) t U UCI j at.j
, cojigigxnja or EVEay vabietv anb btvlb,
! .Ie-.l I. lLa .SsM ASf rTaM Ip ..!k lLa la
w-:rMOrt caret bj one if the firm. Tbt stock em.
braces every trucle usually kept in a u en lie-
man's Furnishing Store, forming a larger essort-
men! ef
Cloths, Casslmeres, Vesting",
than hss ever before been brought to this market.
The srticles were purchesed for cash, and lhey
'are determined to tell lower than anv oilier
houte in the plute.
They intend keeping op with the Latest!
II .Bilious, iuu ara pir j'. ivu iv cut aim iuhkc Jiu"
p.. i.: i . i . i
uemen s cloUiing in tne latest style, or tn any
way la rem the eulomer. Persons lurnisniug
their own cloth can bsve it made up at their es
tsblishment in the best style end ones good terras
?as it can be done any where else. Tbey deem it
unnecessary to say any thins of tne character of
their work, as they bsve been long known in the,
community, end ere willing that their work shall
speak for itself. This they do ssy, however, that
in cutting jobs, tf Ihert u no Jit thert thall be no
pay. . .
w tin an assurance en Iheir part thai tbey will
spare no peine to give aalWaclion, they respect-
luiiy solicit tne patronage ot tne public
UilUborough, Kept 7, 1853. 61 3m
T the Heirs at, La it r Thomas
ana Jane Wilson, deceased.
TBE undersigned, aaAgent of Caleb tnd An
derson Wilson, Executors of Thomas Wil
son, deceased, and ee Adminittrstor, with the
will annexed, of Jane Wilson, deceased, hereby
gives notice to the Heirs at Law ef Thomas and
Jane Wilson, deceased, that be is now, and has
been for some time, reedy to pay over the lega
cies to those Ueirs who hsve not received their
pert, and they are requested to come forward and
claim the same, as he will not hold himself re
sponsible for interest.
Agent dt Administrator.
August 31. 61 3wp
THE euhscrilier haing qualified at August
term, 1852, of Orange County Court, as
Executor on the estate of Mia-Nasct Fsesishd,
deceased, hereby gives notice to all persons in
debted to said estate lo make immediate psy ment;
and to alt having claims against the estate, to
present them within the time prescribed by law.
or this notice will be plead in bar of their re
August 84. , , . 49
Pipes, mok!Ef Tobacco, tc.
J of: if Tr jiVblT,
rw imported. Ia &ct,M t Cirnf flm.
liti.uM uism tow, mmi la 3.;c
fc-y rdcring tbe m pf !. ia eilbcf caat
lit ami oU t la tie ecUne MtkfartMO to
1 a ... i - , I mama. Ik. C a miuif
. ... ...: t.-
www w parcct rat pc mm mm i
rated; iLi La b- btqmaity hd to daia pr-
tali. reeanaMdatkwa. A U taoJ-
cart full paricd ana prtMtutW forwai Jad.
"... . w I
AngtMt tS. - f&
Boots, Shoes, lirogans, &c.
n c dki rrried, by
(he recral arria!a fx ota
tha Nortk ted Eaat, er- f- -
OOt rarkazea af V-Z5
liuou, ciwea, trofana,Traaka, Carpet Baga, V a
tkea,ate bobt on tha Boat favorable toraia, di
rect noa lb aaaaufaetawa, and Urga portioa
of them for coaA, which will enable as to sell to
,,.- -,. ,1,. ,v, '
st prfces eorte-pondinf w.lh the rtber..
ehsnte either stowing in this market or roinx
farther North. foeUng eoniyent thst en tisa.ina-
tion of ear ement wUI ensure leady sake.
Vf II If 111 V tflV tt V'f 1
' ill , w
HtoktaU IWen, J
Tw doors below Jaul & MJllne,
Bycamore et, reterurg, e. ,
.g" M1,B.
rpiiE Subscriber having essoriatod with biro-
sell Win. Johnson rrreland in the Drug
r.. . ... c: :n i . . ....
uuwficm, iu 11 in wiu oe uwa vj uis uu Of
V. D. ScboolCeld dt Co.
Thankful fur past favors, tbey hope to merit a
. . II! .
conunusnca ot puiNie peironsgs.
8. D. SCH00LF1ELD 4; Co. ..
August 31st. 60
Alt person. Indebted to the Subscriber
A lequeMedtoeomeandmskelmmedistet.
UemenCssthe old Firm murt be clotod, and I
must have money.
August 81. . ' 60
. i
4 doz Presbyterian Psalmodist,
August 81st, 1852.
- !
Mass Meetlns & Bar -
will behelJ at Hillsborough, on rriJsy of.
Urange Bupertor Wouri, it being tne 1710 or bep.
tember next.
A Free Rarbecne will be furnished,
and msny dwUnguished Speakers, both fiom our.
own Btste snd ebrosd, wiU be expected ad-.
reL! 2B.iI lhe.5c,'uon; . . .... !
(Tj All the citizens of this and the sdjoinlng
iounues, are coruisuy uivucu 10 euenu.
Uy order of the Hcott snd Graham Club,
UilUborough, August S3, 1853. 49
Wholesale aud Uctall Dealer
Tn r.MGTJ5?n fc AHEBinArl
Petersburg, Va.
1IIE undersigned is now receiving bis Fall
Stock or Hardware, Cutlery,
fcC, which makes bis sssorlment complete : all
of which will be sold at the lowest prices for cash,
or to punctusl customers. Merchants, Farmers,
end others purchasing Hardware, are respectful
ly solicited to call and examine my goods, end
may rely upon getting them as cheap as they
can be bought.
Sign of ibe Padlock.
"August, 19 4 4w
flGARS, ell qualities; another lot of Extra
Cheese; one cheat Imperial lea.
Also, Bardotte'a Sugar Drops, for Worms;
Gray's Ointment ; Renovating Liquid for cleans
ing Metals ; Woodward a r ayelteville Blacking.
June t9. 41
For Colds, Influenza, Cotivenu$, Piltt, Affec
tion of the Kidney and Bladder, Gravel, Go-norrha-a,
Cleelt, the White, Weaknett, mid
other Female Compmntt.
IQr For particulars see small bills.
Lynchburg, Va, Oct 8, 1851.
Da. J. Kent: Dear Sirt I wrote you some
time since, but received no answer. I am most
bsppy to inform you, that all of our last supply
of your Medicines have been disposed of, and
have given great satisfaction. Tbe demands for
the Abuuinia Mixture and tbe Gold'Mine Bui
tarn are daily increasing, and will be the most
popular medicines of the day. Please send me a
fiesh supply immediately. ' Fraternally, yours,
E. H. ATKliNSlJiN.
For sale by Dr. 8. D. Scboolneld, D. Heartt,
and Mai. Taos. Howerton, Hillsborough ; Csrr
& Wstson, Chapel Hill; Cooks at M Crsd.lens.
Tally He; Dr. D. P. Weir.Greensborougb; K
J. Mitchell & Co. Oxford.
Dr. i. KUHL & PASCHAL, Oxford, Princi
pal Office for North Carolina, to whom Agents
and others will duect their orders for Dr. Ivunl s
Msy IS. 85 lyeow
I UST RECEIVED at the Drug Store, a sup-
w ply of Fresh Turnip Seed Warranted.
June 1. 39
IF WANTED, may be had by leaving an or
der with Messrs. Nelson & Paul.
Mav 1st. 1852. 33
- rf
BLANKS for Sale at this Ollicc.
Sooli Auction.
1R. It i. Jt DU .: rU el A.U4i nl
jn i if i U-, rfoib.g iKt 8
VAI.l'ALLK i;ooks.
L BAa, Bv lor Mcrhattir
; , At. &.& 1
Makinf, mmidtt Uiftt, bm4 He4
a4 dmuabkt immii ev(U to tU
uiirC ' ' '
C7 7Vj wHl WtdEj drop at jitf uk,
4 will to) !3cmi t mmm. wiritwut ntm.
t'att iry ymtt cht t tmrgkia.
Stolen $5 Heward.
aoww pf tb MtrrUrr Kn4-a UiU
. " '.l U J iiwl. tod le-
fYmifva dottars Muira ant tm a Jrim. kU-k mm
, ,
f" D-7 X" uf lo ll
UJ ,b .n? t oL WAinro
a n.1raaavai aa. a-l I a aa.it la,
AaJcawa antu-a mu Mua ink aatliaUxk. fiia
do'.ltn rcvard iU ba (ivca (t tba drtartioa ol
ttk liurf and ibt rreuvary of Uva amory. aad alt
peraoita Ibroogh baa bauda anuttry ay paaa
ara reaated toba aa lb lolutil (orliia ka duU
lar bilta aa distinctly ai.ikrd.
Aagast 31. ' to tw
IVHATEVEB caoraraa t! btahh and htp
" fiineat af a proplo ia at all time of tba .
. a . a.a
luU Importance. I take M for granted
SJT0" ZV U l."" U "
we Ueir ctuldiee, end that every pr t a ,
wM to fHoay)tt M hJfu
ZSZnlhT III ??Jf Z
Z'T. "Ifi'u 5'M? i"! kmJ
.wun, i-au viraM, aiu iu iuvawniiaca,W.a.
heiw,hsrdiiesssiidfulliieasof the tolly,
jf WHIgjl ow fcser, pulse irregular reavm
t thst stt theaedcnole WORMS.ind v ou JiouU
et once epply the remedy t
(A a article founded epon scientific principles, eom-
perfectly safe when taken, end can be given to
tne moat lender intent v.1111 decided beneficial ef.
r . lt'i it l i . i ... i
11 uvjw ovum i. umjtvuiitt ana tMinrnam
hsve mule them weak and debilitated, the tonic
properties of my Worm Syrup ere such that it
I .i .... ..
iki wiiuuui an equal in ine eeiaiogue 01 me
dicinee in giving tone and strength to the sto.
n,lcn' whkb makes it an infallible remedy for
.tbossafflicledilhlVyfsia'. The srtooUliing
V P'
il', .! mhil
V"A L t,r, ' '
This is the most difficuh Worm to destroy of
a" tbat infest the humsa system. It grows to sn '
' elinost indefinite length, beconiing so eoiled snd
issfrntHi in tne Intenlinee end ctomecb, sHrlling
the health ao sadly as to cause Su Vitus' Dance,
r lis, &C., Uial tbos sfflicted seMom if evei sue
pect thst It is Tupe n orm baatcnine tliem to aa
! early crave. In order to destrov this Warm, a
very energetic treatment must be pursued. It
i a. a ..
woum, uirreiore, De projiei to tsKe sis or ri,-ht
of my Liver Pills, so as to remove ell oUtrue-
day, may set direct upon the Worm. Theaedi.
rcctione followed, have never been known lo fait
in curing lUs most olislinate case of tape norm.
No part of the eystrm is more list le to disease
tfian the LIVER, it seiving ee a filierrr to purl,
fy lh, blood, or giving the proper secretion to the
Wt o that any wrong actioo of the Liver ef-
fects the other important parts of Ibe system, and
results variously, in Liver Complaint, Jaundice,
dyspepsia, die. We should, therefore, watch
every symptom thst might indicate a wrong ac
tion of the Liver. These Pills are composed of
ROOTS and PLANTS furnished by return to
heal the sk-ki Nsmely, 1st, An EarscTessse,
which sugmente the secretion from the Pulmo
nary mucus membrane, r promotes tbe discharge
of secreted matter. 2d. An Aitsm.tivr, which
changes, in some inexplicable and insensible man
ner, tbe certain morbid acbon of the system. 3d.
A Toxic, which gives tone and strength lo the
nervous system, renewing health and vigor to all
psrte of the body. 4th. A Cstbsbtic, which
acts in perfect harmony with the other ingredij
ents, and operating on the Bowels, snd expelling
Ihe whole mass of corrupt snd vitiated matter,
and purifying tbe Blood, which destroys discat
ana restores nesitn.
Vou will find these Pills en inveluslle medi
cine in meny complaints to which vou are sub.
jeck In obstructions cither total or partial, they
nave been louud ol inestimable benefit, restoring
the functional arrangements to a healthy aciior,
pury tying the Mood and other fluids so effectually
as to put to flight all complaints which may arise
irom lemale irregulanties, aa hesdarhcs,giildinesr,
dimness of sight, pain in the side, bark, Ac.
H one genuine unless signed J. Pi. Hobensack,
all others being bsse Imitations.
07 Agents wishing new supplies, end Store
Keepers desirous of becoming Agents, must sd
drese the Proprietor, J. N. Hobensack, Philadel
phia, Pa.
Agents. Dr. S.D. School field, Hills
borough, N. C, Wholesale and Retail Agrnl; D,
P. Weir, Greensborougb ; W. H. Britton, Sum-
merfied; J. Piggott. Pennfield; of wbomcsn I
had pamphlets of cures performed, dec.
Price each 25 cents.
August 21. . Bo ly
Metropolitan Hotel,
rpHE Metropolitan will be completed, end
opened for the reception of Company, Sep
tember First Price of Board Two Dollars per
Proprirl r. .
August, 85 49
Of Excellent Quality,
t or Sale at tni 3 uuice. y
August 14.
A PURE end genuine article, manufactured
by him in Schick:, llsinaa, expressly
for medical use, and su-oniily recommended for a
sure and pormsnent cure of ihe Gravkl, and all
olwtruclions of ihe urine, arising from the Kid
neys or Bladder. V.. . k
X T Priee 50 cents, and $ I por holtlf. For sale
at this OlhYe. v -
February 10, s M
. - - - ...

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