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Grasping the rope he 1egan to descend to
his Ute bitter but now mollified enemy, Boae.
Upon retching the bottom, he placed die
do in the basket, and had him hauled out,
nd then toilowed, himself.
Thit palpable exhib'itioa of fearlessness by
Ben Marshall, settled Bob Capias's hash, and
Ben not only woo, by this laugnaoie adven
ture, a prettv wife, but secured the ever
lasting friendship of the Corporal and old
Maggie nd Boae are the only two, beside
Be binuelf, who knew who tht Devil seas
rttiy. The latter, like a good dog, keeps
tht secret, and the former glories to thia
y in being "possessed" by th Lnilor
0f night."
At tht great ratification meeting in Rich
mond, on tht night of the ?th ult.. the fol
lowing letter from the Hon. A. H.'ll. Stuart
u read :
Staunton, Match 6lh, 1889.
Girrunrin i I have bad the honor to re
ceive your invitation to participate in tht
meeting to bt htld in Richmond, on the 7th
instant, for tht purpose ot ratifying the no
minations recently made by tho Convention
of Whigs and Americans, ot candidates tor
tht offices of Governor, Lieutenant Gover
nor and Attornev General. Those nomina
tions meet my cordial approbation ( and I
regret that 1 cannot Dt present to express in
person, the many reasons why I think they
' ,; V1' V,. ,rf
to contain a living chiW, imperfectly devel
oped, it is trne, still a tiring child. Fipgera
were seen, and a portion oi a rudimentary
arm. Tht intestines were well developed,
and ao doubt was entertained of its being a
male child. A body, presumed to be the
heart, contained, imperfectly formed, auri
cles and ventricles. Tht mesenteric and
veins were of large site. The dissecting
knife came repeatedly in contact with the
osseous matter of a rarlimentary skeleton.
Fat was found in large quantities every
where. It was in fact a repetition of the
Siamese Twins, only less perfectly devel-
prtciout than rubies encircling her brow, oped These results were received with
stand forth with majestic mien, end say to profound astonishment bv the crowded au-
k. ..... ni r.etion "mui he tiience wno wunesseu me operation, ine
hil C "a' I wtam wrw - .vvB , .... .
leads to conduct like thl inimical t the
welfare of nation ?- ' . '
This sectional strife has gone far enough.
The time has arrived when it must be ar
rested. There is pectliar propriety in Vr
ffinii' aasuroins the office of peace maker.
Standing as she does, in the centre of the
Confederacy having common interest with
both sections but identified with neither ex-
from, her counsel must be received with
respect Let, then, Virginia, the parent of
9tttea. and the treat pioneer in tho cause of
ciwil liberty let Virginia, the mother of
Washington, with a thousand memories more
T.tk.e in.nV. the !! mtt of all nartitl human malformation.
ease is said to be unique in the annals of
. k. . a.. a. . .1 L:Ai..t Au
xo remerooer mat tneir nrsi aim - j
ty is to iheir country! She haa erected a.
piatiorm oroao as me vomiiiuw vi"ti-j
hensive as our territorial limits a piiiiorm
on which til men true to the Constitution,
true to the Union, true to the best interest!
of the country, true to the sacred trust re
posed in ut by an Allwise Providence, a
the guardians of the great principle of the
capacity of man lor self-government, may
sately and honoraoiy nana
of our sister States those who love country
better than party to unite with ns. bet
ahould be confirmed by the people of Vir- itursnce that we are in earnest; and who can
riaia, at the polls. . . doubt that, with the Diessmg oi uoo, a gio
W (kink mm hive itisrnvereil in Vnrth
platform : Carolina for the past two years a greater ilis-
position in emigrate w mv oguui aim ttiiii,
than we had seen before for fifteen years.
And it is to be the more lamented, that the
largest number of emigrants have been from
the more enterprising and substantial portion
of tht community. Poor people, not forgrt
tins? tht history of tht oast, have wisely con-
Let as hearken to that appeal let us i eluded tt remain in the Old North State.
stand on that platform. Let ua invokt by ! Hero they may better their fortunes if they
example, as well as precept, the good men' ; win, more essdy and certainly than in a new
With regard to the Democratic candidates
I should have but little to say. I have
known Mr. Letcher from bit boyhood, and I
Should take pleasure in bearing testimony
to his high character for integrity, and all
the qualities which adorn a private gentle
man. At such I should delight to honor
nim. But, standing as he does, the re pre.
tentative man of a political party which has,
jn my judgment, done so much to injure the
best interests of tht country, and which un
less checked in its mad and mischievous ca
teer, is destined to bring upon us still more
aerieus calamines, oy panujKing me uui-
rious victnrv will crown our efforts!
It is a rortunate, though prooaoiy a win-
countrv. But those who have gone have not
only carried off their ctsh, but large numbers
ot negroes, whose labor is more nreded in
North Carolina to develops her resources
than- they are in the South and est.
Now is there ant necessity for thit tmi
gration? We believe not: and more than
nest of the people alienating one section of
the country from the other endangering the
Ubiltty of oar institutions, and degrading
ar national reputation in tht eyet of the
civilized world 1 feel bound by every con
sideration of public duty, to oppose hit elec
tion by all fair and honorable means.
I regard the present contest as but the in
itiative step to the great struggle of 1860.
It will show whether the people of Virginia
are loyal to the principles of their fathers,
and properly appreciate the blessings ol our
glorious Union. It will make known to the
whole countrv whether they are prepared to
rebuke and discard from the public councils
those selfish agitators, who, for partizaa pur
poses, and to secure for themselves the high
places in our government, have not disdain
ed to stoop to all the artifices of the dema
rone to tram Die under foot all the princi
ples of civil liberty to sanction the most
alarming assumptions oi leacrai auinomj
to pander to the most mischievous sectional
nreiudices to set at Bought tht solemn ad
monitions of Washington to squander the
public treasure with a profligacy nnknown
to the better days of the republic to startle
. i- -.. ' r
ITlt ptDIIC w I VI riainiuvui vi ivirufruv 10
high places revolting to every sentiment of
integrity and finally to render imminent
the danger of a dissolution of thit confede
ral, which it the palladium of our liberty at
home and the surest safe-guard against ag
gression from abroad.
The time has arrived for the people to
matt, and reflect on the present condition
f the country, tad the cauet atd the part
which have been instrumental in bringing it
upoo Vs. The time of reckoning is at hand.
The days of the Democracy, ! trust, are num
bered. To qaote the lar.ge.-ge of a distin
guished 8enator, used the other day in refer
ence to the ambiguous platform of Democra
cy, Virginia desires " neither to cheat nor be
cheated." Heaven knows she has been
cheated long eaoagh ! She n aow prepared
to look the dangers which be vet her square
ly ia the face. The imposing character and
ambers of the late Opposition Convention
show that she has aroused from her lethar-
tt. and is readv to take a new observation ;
to ascertain how far she has drifted from the
course which duty to her own lofty fame,
and daty to ber confederate titters reqaire
her to steer!
It it obvious to tht most superficial ob
server, that under the faUl auapictt of De
mocracy the country has become divided
into two grtat sectional parties, which are
fast poshing as to the verge of a dissolution
f the Unioo. I.nr sight of all the greet
industrial interest of the countrv, and pro
fessing to be the eiduive jusrdian of the
itous circumstance, that Your meetinr. is to'.M half of thoo wht have rone, will are it
be held on the 7th of March. It is a glorious . when it is too late, and will deeply regret it.
(lav a day illustrated by one of the most Many have goae upon the plea that lands are
signal displays of genius and patriotism that cheaper and mora productive. This is only
ever graced our Congressional annals-rit is j true in part. Most of the rich lands of Nunh
the anniversary of the great speech of Inn- Caroline hav never been touched, and in
iel Webater on the compromise of 1850! j n(ny sections, Umls are as cheap as can be
We all remember bow deeply agitated tne ; desired. But admitting that the lands are
country was, oy tne angry struggles oi tne j cheaper an1 more productive, yet the general
Winter oi 184i-'iU. trie stoutest neerw mDrovvment which is runt on in .North
were appalled. The turbid wavea of section-. Carolina, the advance in agricultural science
al strife ran mountain high. The business , the increasing facilities fr the eduratioh
of the country was suspended. Every eye -0f yr children the accessibility of markets
was turned to the Capitol at Washington. j(he improved state of society, and the east
uainoun was trying; out iisy ana vais sn
Webster and Dickson and Dcuglas were there.
The hopes of the country centred in them.
At length it was announced tnat uaniei weu
ster had the floor of the Senate, to speak to
th which every eomlort and luxury cm be
obtained, art considerations which outweigh
all the advantage! to be obtained, from the
rhespneas and productiveness of western
lands. Our lands too csn be made to equal
tht nation. Tht tun of tht Tth of March, ia The eas with which they
1 OKA mm.xa Ineimia fkatsn kat anaae f k atatnts .1 .t a 1.1. .a I .1
1850 more glorious thsn tht tun of Aatttr
litz, arose. Every avenue of the Senate clum
ber was thronged with anxloua crowds, sal
thousands turned away disappointed. at
length came the hour and the man ! Daniel
Webster arose in his place, with that snajas
may be improved and the abundance of the
niateiial for improvement, are known to every
intelligent farmer in F,atrrn Carolina. Meet
with a man who Irft thit country 2J years
ago for the West. He has returrd to see
once mure the remnant which iids lias leit
tie presence which so well became the great fl(-t nce re filMiir, and for the laat time
defender and expounder ot the Constitution,,,,, ,j,e ri, hi4 p,r,nt. What is
and poured forth to an enraptured audience. ,lit ;,, j He cxprrstea the greatest Ph. tht I.h in pt.ur, lal hjl .be liv.
iiivKfiviyt Vi f t esjaai sot prie S( rdc itn o ro v r me f i m me country tn.-
occaskmallv. the ilauaMert are frequently
brortght up'ln perfect idleness take no bodi
Iv exercise except that of walkingTin fine"
weather, or riding in cusiiioneu carnage", or
dancing at a party. Those, In short, wno can
aRiird servants, cannot demean inemwi
they think, by domestic labors. : The result
is, tot frequently, that Indies of thia das
lose what little health they started me witn,
becoming feeble in jost about the proportion
as they become lashionaoie. - in mis negicci
of household cares, American ladies Hand
lone. A German adv. no matter how ele
vated her rank, never forgeta that domestic
labors conduce to the health of mind and
body alike. An English lady, whatever may
be her position in society, does not neglect
the aftMir of her household, ami even inongn
she has a housekeeper, devotes a portion of
her time to this her true and happiest spnere.
A enntrarv course to this results in a lassi
tude of mind often as fatal fo health as the
nerleet of bndilv exercise. The wife who
leaves her household cares to her domestics,
eenerallv navt the oensltv which hat been
affixed to idleness sinee the foundation of the
world, and either wilts twsy from sheer en
nui, or is driven into all sorts or fashionable
follies to find employment for her mind. If
household caret wtie more generally attended
to by ladies of the family, there would be com
paratively little backbiting, enviousness, and
other kindred tins, and women in good socie
ty would be much hsppier and much more
truly lo vault. Springjieia RtpuUtcan.
Dcmisa Tut FtMALt Rev. Dr. Alcxan
der, in his recent volumes of Sermons, utters
the following solemn wsrntngat
What a horrid fraud Satan is practising on
the Church in regard to the daughters of the
covenant ! In fashionable circle dare I namt
them Christians the vesrs where girlhood
merges into maturity are frequently sold to
the adversary) The young American woman is
taught to deem herself a godilest. If there be
wealth, if there be accomplishments, if there be
besuty, almost a miracle seems necessary to
prevent the loss of the soul. Behold her pass
from the pedestsl to the altar. 1 lie charm
ine victim is decked tor sacrifice. Every
breath that comet to her is incense. Her
very studies are to fit her for admiration.
Day and night the gay but wretched maiden
is taught to think of self and arlfisb pleas-
-fin t . r .Li-- r
arrs. a mi iwnv j,cmrn iniuia , r'tciimr
ty interrupt the whirl, lha season is too short
for the engagements. Qrsve parents shake
their head at msgnificent apparel, costly
gems, night turned into day, dnces at which
the Romans would have bluhed, palerhrekt,
bending frames, threatened decays and yet
they allow and submit. Atd thus that set,
which ought to show tht sweet, unselfish in
nocence of a holy youth, is carried to the
orerWrcd temples of pleasure. Thus the
su called Christian verifies lha Apostle's
Union, lha Constitution, and th Laws -ths Guar
. duns ot our MDerlics
Wednesday, April ay, 1859.
elotuence. and devotion to hit whole countrv, ih ftTmmgt Buiid;,lf t, ery source of
Wllicn looencu rciuun.... tnwru , camf,l ln ,t Will tr
tell if hm enuli! han , m. r. . a -
1 R. l.UH'nK anil i ' '""'"""' "
I. "' .j.a ,w,:!5,,r',fe".,,.'',n.e..woo ,, Be,,r ",l l"lsuto-. Uter intelligence from the Sand
uT'aS' .:fc.:, nr-r-j: : I,w"v'B',rri-:s. .... . , . iw,chi.i.nd..,.te.th.,,heic..ie.r.pia
Ine country breathed mora freely
felt that the Union was ult ! All
tae lemon ot v.scoro ..u oecn "orxweo. rnt ,uek , ,. whr y, tave. The r ,tuw ,h, mttnt!,in .J fi,d
ataa an ata inn si am r as us a s n simiajjaaasBT s sw ivw i av .a a sua siiaw mai ate aisni m. itia rMMaa.
-f j - i iiivi a rnji er aw y wi t"nii ivs utiiv
IdTS th.lh"-.,,fhi,eh, d . ,e . . I wichMand. states that the voleaoie eruption
nus oi tut( The mMt Bnpitr,c, ,e!Ch and utiwi.e ,(if MjBfU Jitti pir,init noticed, is the most
.1. ait ! r,,,,n h,th ' r:',"", ' f,,r !era.ir.linrv phenomena that ha been wit
lt. th. I if,,.n Wth Car,,,,?V t,,e, " I tieswl in Hu't reimn for fiftv years. A wri
oreiTel I' '? rMP',ul,le n '",ttlJ b!u! to j ter !. wilne..d it, -aya
I mt Mmmnttnl VA th Hnlnn u h an ,hf1 mm. t ... t : I . , . . ! " I
..... k... t.l ll,. Tikl1..A ISSO hnr . .. . e n -. I i.oa SKI
T. . . ... -- - - -
jups large vaMey r hollos
Slauna llului.
between Manna
This it was five
row the inspiration of 7th March, 1850. !t
id the stater aloes nut m buiWmz n K.ul-..i.r, .t;.. t lUa ants. I rtf tavkirh lifn ftia
rred in the State, whi- h has eau.e.l the h-gh ..rttm OTid- its anne.ratice near the couroe of
The alitor has bn for several days confined ta bis
bed by sick new. Ws hop ia a week or two ha will
be able te resume his post, with restored health.
Sals or rna Dear Rivta Wonts. We
len that the sale of tht nronertv and fran
chise of tht Cane Fear and Deep Kiver Navi
ration Company wat made at Pittsborough
op Saturday last, by Henry A. London. Eso ,
as Trustee, under the resolution of tho Stock
holders. The first bid was by Maurice (J.
Waddelt Eso.. of 300.000. fMr. W. re-
marking, we understand, that that wis all
the money he had.) The State, by Graham
Daves. Ksa . tht uovemor s rnvaie jsecre-
tary, then bid t363,000. IS. A. Kamsay,
Earj. loiiowea witn wauu.uuu, at wnicn ine
property was knocked off. Mr. London
thereupon demanded the $400,000, the terms
beinrcsMw air. namaay oeairca mm to can
at his effic tt 2 o'clock and he would settle
with him it was then about I past 12. Ihis
did not meet tht views of the Trustee, who
forthwith nut un the property again Mr,
Rimaav forbidding tht tale. Mr. Waddell
rain started it at the amount of his " pile
The State again bid $3G5,000, and was de
clared the fortunate purchaser Mr. Kamsay
protesting his determination to bnng suit to
maintainnis purchase.
Whether thit wat all in jest, like Mr.
Waddell's remark, or sober seriousness., we
know not; but suppose that Mr. R. could
have no claim till he tendered the purchase
monev. " '
The act of the Legislature authorized the
Governor to purchase at not exceeding
450,000 ; but the difference between the
365,000 and that turn will be required ta
pay en prior liens.
There were verv few persons tt tht tale,
and not enough of the Uirectort present tt
hold a meeting ot that body. fay. Ot.
Cot. There are certainly as many fslse
rnmort about Cuba as about any other place
of itt tizt on earth, and we rtnnot but think
that the reported insurrection there now, it
s complete " fizzle." Indeed, we moat hope
so, for, with the scanty means in possession
of the Cubans, they could mske no success
ful head sgainat the military preparation with
which Spain gwarda her supremacy In the isl
and, and the attempt if made, can only re
sult in public executions, or private murders,
ronhscationt and ruin.
Thst the power nf the United States, if
fully put forth, would bt sufficient to take
Cuba with eae. we have nn doubt. Vulun-1
terra would flock the arandarri, veeaelsj
would he on ha-d and anna be rradv, but the
half-imbrcita clnnta f Cuba will never
break the Spanish rule by their own exer
tion, and, if a few Americans go user to as
sist iliem, they will moat certainly go to their
death. W.lmunrtn Journal.
ii irmrmwr in H L I lii in, r 11 in.ici i euiiei i . . . - . u r . ........ ..
ha l.l thn.k Tin. mnrr.t n...k.i.tr. ' V e i - . - ,1' . , I the eruption of 1 804, ami running dnwn, reach.
SSl9 wBut r :,"-,1l'"n.'lrrJ -W e.l the .e. .t a l.ttle hamlet called P.Ut.
i ut",o-PwhthVJ1; txolu Smmll MWr rT ' hf ,r Bul tbout 10 or 13 mile, from K.wa.h.e. dr.troy -
stitution which ht to much.loved. hit immor naw th,t Kailroada have made their lands':., . r, hou, .d fine grove of
ta sp r it will be present, snd inspue tht lt.,U,b!e thev sell them ia order to ro or to' ' w native nouses, sua a nno grnvo oi
..tkim mh.rW k.itn.. it. m.m.r. 'a'e' ,ne" ""l V',m. "rUfr tn f lo , rorosnat tree, and cninnletcly filling up the
ViJMt ' ' n'h" SW"'.t0 l 'r h,h "? I"' i harbor or landing place. ' V 9
Klr fTi J& fellow citiren ' Vl""P Ut ! l (rrnK W V" Vhf fire 'Ihe burning lava bad flowed a d.aUnce f
"""" """ft Vtit KtLT 'T1 ! V". n the Soo"i .,"' forty mile, and the stream was one mile wide
w air T n t n SI Wt,t th"r "l 'tl !" ' ' P'- " t,w" f
Msssts. A. J. Cran., T. B. Inraaa, O. hiifia; provement art carried out ? North Carina ,i I.,..,.;. .ur,..,.l..l h. ik. ...iMiiie.
taxation will be but as a dop from the buck-
et compsred to it. w.uhmgto n.tpaUh.
stream about midnight, before the inmates
could make their escape.
A number ol Italian vagrants are under ar
rest in Pittabuig, Pnn., charged withsolici
A Philadelphia correspondent of the New .
York Tribune tells the foilowinj reinarkA A WABMNU TO BOVd.
ble story t J At Cincinnati, oa Thursday evening laat,
A .urtrir.l tnnnafrorit ar.a rarcntlv ilia ' . ha named Thomas Welsh, about ten VearS
sected at the Jefferson Medical College, the j of age, wss shot in the forehead by a com-1 ting aid under Ulst pretences. They carry
like nf athiek ia nn.niwn in h annata etfi nan inn and inafintU killed. It aooears that forged papers, setting f.rih their claims op-
human deformities. A child, seven months' sevetl boat were at plsy, when one of them on the sympathy of the public. The Mayor
old, was brought to the College Hospital i drew a pitl and playfully pointed it at leaned Irom an intelligent and respectable
trom the wettern part ot the state, having s young wriait,. wno dmigtu aoout a iiitie, iiaiian, sni iner is a ivsiem, wnicn oa in
..j ,V. l l . It -.1.. .-I . ..".! .L- L. II . J
appenuea to us leu cneea a large maso oi worn io pii wrnt u wi mi"tu
flesh, somewhat resembling a tumor. Thia the forehead of Welsh. Tho wounded by
mass grew more rapidly than the child it sail, i staggered fur an in.tant and then Ml to the
At birth it wis no larger than tn tpple, but ground snd etpired in a tew minutes. v hen me wnoie oi tne unueu states mttrirted authorized to transact business, sign for the
wneq orougnt nere last nnnin ti was nesriv ; mm pnntv orri ,iitgin k muj mm hmh- - -..-......... ........ -a-j partnerallip, and to Dind the same
a toot long, lie sunace was neitner sraooin to wi oy wi in nuier onu as m nn "" - "" y' 4
or rerular. but wis divided into several who Bred the oistnl. and ht was taken into .ceor. on tne couecuona mane. 1 11c mnnevt
ttaiion-houae. 'cnncc'on iirposiiru to mt cremi ni me
heailquartert iu New Vurk, by which H is
swindling is rarried on. Thert three papers
art printed by cart U ls The chiefs have
the whole ol the United Stales distorted off,
At of interest to mercantile eoinmnnities,
we publish the art nf the legislature author
ising iimncu partneranips;
I. fit if taacltd t. 'I hat limited partner
ahipa for the transaction oi any mercantile,
mechanical, or manufacturing business,
within this Stale, may be formed by two or
more persons upon tht terms, and with the
rights and powers, and subject to the con
ditions and liabilities in this chapter t but
its provisions moat not be construed to
authorize any such partnership far the pur
pose of banking or insurance business.
t. That such partners may consist of one
or more persons, who are general partners,
and are jointly and severally responsible as
partners now sre by law 5 'and, of one or
more persons who contribute in actual cash
payments a specific sum ss capital to the
common stock, who are railed special part
ne s, and who arc not liable for the debts of
the partnerahip, beyond the funds to contri
buted to the capital.
3. That the general parlnera. only, are
ed .fo hwe been (hrmed un tH ench rtifiea
Mid affidavit have been mane acannwieqgea
and registered, aa requircu m luimuj,
section. ...
0. That if any false statement 11 made in
such certificate or affidavit, all the persona .
interested ih such psrtnership snail ne lit
ble for ati the engagements as general partners.
10. That the terms of the partnership
must, be, published, immediately after, ita
formation, for six successive weeks, in at
least one newspaper nearest the place 01 said
partnership business, and if such publication
be not made, the partnership shall be deem
ed general.
TV . . a 1 e a.
11. That amdavitt 01 tucn puoucation, oy
the printer of the newspaper or newspapers,
in which the same is published, may be filed
with the clerk of the court of please and
quarter sessions of the connty in which said
partnership business ia conducted, and shall
be evidence of the fact " '
12. That everv reneval, or cnntinuanca
of such partnership, beyond the time origi
nally fixed for its duration, must be certified,
acknowledged and registered, and an affida
vit of a general partner made and filed, and
notice given oy puoucauon, as requirru tur
its original formation J and every such part
nership, which is otherwise renewed or con
tinued, must ba deemed a general partner
ship. ' ,
13. That every alteration which ia made
in the names of the partners, in the nature
of the business, or in the capital or shares
thereof, or in any other matter specified in
the original certificate, must be deemed a
dissolution of the partnership and every
such partnership which it in any manner
carried on after toch alteration has been
made must be deemed a general pataership,
unless renewed as a special partnership ac
cording to the provisions of tht preceding
H. That the business of the partnership
must be conducted under a firm, in which
the names of the general partners only are
inserted, without the addition of tha word
j" company" or any other general term and
it the name or any special partner is useo in
the firm, with hit privity, ht shall ht deemed
a general partner. ' t: -
15. That suits in relation to the t :mj . .
of the partnership, may he brought and eon,-,
ducted by, and against the general partner,
in the tame manner at if there wtra na
special partners. . -- '
16. That no part of the turn which any
special partner nat contributed to tht capital
stock, must bt withdrawn, or paid to him in
the shape of dividends, profits, or otherwise,
at any ,'ime during the continuance of the
partnerahip, bot any partner may annually
receive lawful interest on the sum to con
tributed by him, if the payment pf such in
hrett, does not reduce the original amounts
of such interest, any profits remain to ba
divided, he may also receive bit proportion
ol such profits.
17. That if it appear by tht payment of
interest or profile, to any tpecial partntr,
the original capital hat bten reduced, tht
partner receiving the same it bound to re
store the amount necessary te make good
his share of the capital, without interest.
10. tnat a special partner may irom uni
to time examine into the state and progress
of the partnerahip concerns ; may advise tt
to their management, and act as attorney at
law; but must not transact any other business,
nor be employed for thst purpose as stent or
otherwise, snd if ht interfere contrary tn
the provisioni of thit section, ht it deemed
a grneral partner.
19. That the general partners art litblo
to account to each other, tad to tho special
partnera, tor tneir management 01 mt part
nership, both in Isw tad equity at other
SO. That every partner who it guilty of
say fraud in tht affaire af tht partnerahip,
it liable civilly to tht party injured to tho
extent of the damage, and is also guilty of a
tl. That in case of the bankruptcy or in
solvency of the partnership, no special part
ner is under any circumstances to be allow
ed to claim as a creditor until the claims of
gobular masses, while pulsation was distinct- j custody and locked up in tht
Iv perceptible, regular and uninterrupted. He wss snea afterwards visitei
ted in his cell by
from furtv to a hundred bests tier minute.! his mother, his aunt, brothers, snd titters.
i it an Inverted hr a l.rra artrr ahnwin ! ami same half dozen little nlavmates. and
Bcculitr institutions of the Sooth, the Do- j.hat it larval aunndeH with hInAit. Tk. Iks serno WSS tltremtlf afTeclin. Tho lit-
woe racy hat adopted at iu cardinal I meat- ltum()r .M connected to tht child's cheek b 1 tit fellow inside Ihe bars sobbed ss though
ares, the acquisition ot Cuh, per ' (a peculiar caul-like membrane, pierced with ! hie heart would break, while his mother and
nfai the repeal ol the laws pronioiting tr.e jh0etl tn,j its presence was a aource of coo- sisters wi
depositor, and then sent nn to an Italian Bank
er in tw irk. from (here It ia taken by
the beggar, when be gets as much ss he wants,
to Italy, where he invests it to smt himself.
African slave trade the seizure 01 Sonora ; ,.int irritation to the child, thooch tuonort
1 . . . .. .. . . . .- r
were bathed in tears outside the cell,
hen the mother found thst her son
and Chihuahua by force of arms and the td 0. (fte mother's hand. How to remove could nt be liberated she begged thst she
invasion aad occupation by lawless banda ot tn;g f,, ?e tumor without destroying the life might he permitted to orcopy the eell with
anaratdtrt of the territory of friendly but n( tt,e child, wat a great turgictl problem, him. Their anguith, however, wat soon tor-
tttfencelesa neighbors of Central America.
At home, wt find the tame party, at one j
aession of Congress, repealing the great
aaeatare af pacification tht Mitsouri Cora-
C,m the repeal ot which the Virginia
gislatore had pledged itself, but a few
fears belere, to resist at all htzardt and to
tht last extremity!) end affirming, at a
fundamental article of their faith, the ab
nance of all constitutional power in Congress
to intervene in the territories for or against
alavery and, at the sett session, wt hsvt
acta tne tame party attempting, by the in
tervention of Congress, to force the Lecemp-
ton Constitutita on the people of Kanttt, 10
uppotititn tt their almost unanimtat with!
Defeated in thit iniquitous measure, they
The ptrente, wtraetf of the danger, were yet
extremely anxiout to nave the frightful par-1
atite taken off. Dr. Pancoatt. under whose
charge the patient had been placed, decided
that tht ute or the knife would result in a
fatal hemorrhage, and determined to divide
the caul-like tnembraat by using a Preach
turgical inatrument, the uw$ur, which, by
forcing down the skin, and bruitiaetht vtt
sell thoroughly before the chain of the In
strument eutt through the tntts, e fleets tlly
preventa all serious bleeding. Tht opera
tion wat performed in the presence of tn im
mense tasemblsgc of medical men, ttudintt,
and others.
Tht child was placed under the influence of
ether, when all pulsation in tha parasite wat
new, in the iscc 01 tnnr lormer nngma 01 ooserved to cease, the instrument being
no,. intervention demand that Congress "applied, the chain was rapidly worked no til
thsll tst laws, repealing the acta of the ter
ritorial legislature, and tubattntially ettsb-
the parts were well compressed, aad after.
wtrdt very tlowly. In Bitten minetet the
liabisg, by Congressiooal legislation, slavery J tumor came away with tha iaetrumcat, the
je the territories. j chain having worked through the connecting
What confidence can be placed ia a party I membrane, while eetrcel v drop of blood
thus regardless of its own plighted faith, and , followed tha removal, and but one small tee
of til the obligations of tht Constitution and j seVreqaired a ligttere. The surface left on
,.f e ..n....n hune.fvr the cheek wss about two inches snusre. and
Is it 1 Matter ol surprise that measures I tht tumor weighed two and a half pounde.i
hkt heae ahould have ttreagthened the j The whole operttioawtt entirely successful,!
fitaflY iJ tr.t rupualictl ptty at ma norm, " ." "mi nas tuny retwrereu.
and ciu-ej the ftuft of that part of the But the extraordinary part remains to bt
rut trs t- belitu tlitt aa ifmitu'ion whkh te'd. The tumor tbut ttken tff w luund
minated bv tha aonearanca of a voonv tad
named John Smith, who actusllv fired the
pistol, gave himelf tp td the officers, and
franklv confessed the act At soon a tht
wounded boy fell to tht ground bt kntit by
hit tiilt and taid, " Don't cry. Tommy, I
didn't mean lo hurt you," bat teeing the
blood flowing freely, became frightened, and
atartod off on the ran. He trotted the river
aad wrnt immediately to the hojse of aa
uocla in Newport, where ha fell down ex
hansted and fainted. When he recovered he
related what had taken place, tnd wtt ad
vittd by hit toot to return aad have the an
forttnatc affair inveatigeted. Ht concluded
to do to. He wit overwhelmed with grief
when no learned thit hit little play l.llew
was dead, and pretested that he wat only
pitying with him when the fatal shot wai
given. An inqeett wat held by Ihe coroner,
end a verdict returned ol deith Irom an ac
cideatsl pislid shot. Both boys. Smith and
Cade were thai discharged, and returned to
their homes.
Mrs. Ksrkiand nat very truly Said woman
it never really and healthily nappy with
out household cares, but to perform boost
work it tow frequently coutidared degrading.
Even when the mother, in obedience to the
tradition of her youth, coudetceadt ! labor
Loan Ltoms ao Xante. tiord Lyons,
tht new British Minister, it a young, good
looking, pleitant-mmnered bachelor, and
it spoken of it 1 thorough edurated diplomat
ist. Hie Secretary, Hon. Mr. Monsoii, ia
also a highly accomplished young gentleman.
He wat introduced by Lord Napier to Secre
tary Cava on Friday. It it enderstnod that hit
format presentation to the President would
tsks place yesterdsy. Lord Napier looks
quite aad. Mr. Case lately took occasion
to compliment in high terms the lite M mil
ter, for whom be tnttrtsins the warmest rt
gtrd. Lord t.yoni will take bit position tt
tht foot of the diplomatic list. Lord Ns
pier's standing wss number eleven. The
Washington Star atvt ba will be mora re
gretted than tny foreign Minister who has
accn in Washington lor years.
Tsaasria Taevt. On Ss turds v. tha Id
instant, Madison Gwallney, of 8wrry county,
ploughed up 1 bottle containing tariout dt.
scnptiani 01 silver and gold coin, amoaating
to tboat three hundred dollars. On Tatsdsv
following another bottle, containing abott
I me tame amount was brought to light. Wt
nave aeon in res 01 tne pieea. uoo waa an
Etigliab gold pitta, one n Spanish pily dol
lar, and the other wtt a cat piece of silver
will tha pi Mara stamped tpon it, worth tboat
a dollar. Tha pillar dollar wit dated 1783.
Thorn ia a legend ia Surry that seven bottles
containing money were buried about 1812 by
a miserly old negro. We conjecture the
earth will bt wall ran tacked thereabout for
the remaiqing bottles. Kuhnmd &urtJtk.
That tho person! desirous of forming
such partnerships must make, and severally
tign, a certificate containing t I. The name
or firm under which auch partnership it to
be conducted. 8. The general notice of the
business to be transacted. S. The names of
all the general and special partners interest
ed tnerein, distinguishing which are general
and which are sprelal ptrtnert, tnd respect
ive placet of reiidrnct. 4. The ameunt af
capital which each special ptrtner hit con
tributed to tht common itock. 9. Tht
period at which tuch partnership it to com
mence tnd terminate.
6. That the certificate must be acknowl
edged by the teveral persons signing the
ssme brlore a judge el the supreme or super
ior courts of Isw. or before the clerk of the
court of please tnd quarter suasions of tht
t"t. . S . e a a .
county in -which tno principal place ol
buaineat of auch partnership it tituattd, and
tht taid judge ar clerk shall tndorat laid
ckaowlrdgment, and order the certificate
to be regitttred.
6. That the certificate and acknowledg
ment, and order for registration, must bt
regitttred in the coontv in which the nrinel.
pal place of business of such psrtnership is
situated. If the partnership hat places of
business In different counties, a transcript of
mt ceruacait inn acanowieagment, cer lin
ed by the register, must be registered tnd
(led in tha register's office of every tuch
county. , ,
7. 1 list at the time of the acknowledc
nvent of lha certificate, aa affidavit of one or
more of the general ptrtnert thai! be made
on oatb, before the judge or clerk, taking
tacb acknowledgment, atatiog thit tha 10 m
specified in tht certificate to have been con.
triboted by etch of the specitl ce-ptrtnert
to mt common itoeK, have been actually,
and in good faith, paid in cash, and the said
affidavit to made, thill be rrgiatertd with
the orieintl certificate.
, ,8. That 00 tuch partnership tin! be dcim
all the other creditor! of the partnerahip are
2. That no diaaolution of such partner
ahip, by the acta of the parties, must takt
Slace before the time tpecified in the corti
cate of itt formttion, or in tht certifictte
of itt renewal, until a notice of tuch disso
lution ht been recorded in the regitter'i
office in which tho original certificate wat
regitttred, and published once A week for
four successive weeks ia tht nearest news
psper to etch of tht conntiet where the part
nership hat placet of betinett.
23. That the clerk of the county court
and public register shall bt entitled to the
following feet for services rendered under
thit acti For each acknowledgment and
probttt, the clerk shttl bo allowed fifty
cents j for recording the original certifictte
and acknowledgment, and etch trsnscript
of the time, the register shall be allowed ant
dollar 1 for recording etch affidavit, twtnty
five cents j msking net transcript and certi
fying the same, fifty cents j tnd tha aame
c un in renewal er coniinvanct 01 ine
partnerahip. '
We yesterdsy allodad to tht contradictory
representation! which hsd obtained currency
with respect to tho purport of Ihe ttiptlationi
contained in the Treaty recently ratified by
tht Govttnmtnt of Nigtragui and transmit
ted to tho Department of State. We have
subsequently Ictrntd that, contrary to the
intimations of certain correspondents for the
Northern press, the treaty taikei no provi
sion for the lending of United Statu troops
in Nicaragua with a viae ta expel aay filli
bustering expedition that may hsva effected
a descent upon thst State, bt dots contain
a provision allowing ear Government' to
land force! within itt territory in order to
protect the persons tnd property of oer citi.
zant whtn fn dinger. The treaty alst con
tains 1 provision permitting tht United States
at their plenum, to tend troops and muni
tiont of wat acroit the tssnsit routct, with
the reservation that they shall not bo em
ployed afainit any of the State! of Central
America which are ia amity with Nicaragua.
Upen these pinti wa learn that tha Uttty
concedes all that our Government has asked
or could desire. We are alto pleased to ba
informed thst e good understanding contin
uca ('prevail between ourewi tnd the British

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