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Xtoertmrtl In rtincct ,U the fnowf feasible
mode tn ft inch die long-tunamg controver
sies fiial nave arisen with regard to Central A
merica, unitcr the Clayton Butwer Conven
tion, ulioiild bo brought to an raicablevnti
tatiafactor termination, ' , A ; .Y
-1 ! -, . i . - . National Intelligencer.
The United States steamer "Harriet Lone,
dpt. Jiihn Faunce, From Montevideo on tha
12th of March, arrived at New York on
Wednesday night. .
' The United States frigate St. Lawrence
laitetj from Montevideo the day before. The
following vessels were t tail Tor the United
fitatea a aoon a they could be prepared for
sea, and the entire iquadron it wa auppoied
would be on their way home by tha lit of
'Aprili Frigate Sabine, (flagship,) Cotnmo.
jjore'Shubrick, with Judge Bowlin on board ,
iloop Falmouth, sloop Preble, steamers At
lanta, Memphis, Caledonia, Southern Star,
Fulton, Water-Witch, W. W. Chapm, and
atnreship Supply, -The
Mrtaciii't had been condemned as
. anseawi.rtliy, and would remain at Montevi
deo till order were received from Washing
ton in regard to her. ... -
The following vessels will remain at Bra
til station under the command of Charle
S'.tcdtun, vizt Brig Dolphin, Bainbridge,
and ferry, The atoreahip Release will re
main on the atation for a few month.
The health of of the officer and men of the
iquadron wa good. (
84DaaiN0 or Accovmts with Pmout.
The Bueooa Ay re Commercial Tmet, of
Feb. 19th, aya that, though nothing it cer
tainly known of the term of the settlement
of our Paraguay difficulties, they are currently
believed to be aa follows t
I. "The Water Witch affair i to be apoln
giaed for by a salute to tbe American Qtg of
twenty-one gun. ,
, . Ten thoutand dollars it to be paid to
the widow of Samuel Chanejr, killed in the
affair at tapiru. ,
3. Tb treaty of 1853 i to be ratified.
4. The navigation of the Paraguay and
Parana i to be acknowledged free.
5. The claims of the Navigation Company
re to be settled by a mied commission at
The vessels of the squadron left Corrintes
on February the 15th, and on the 20th ome
of them pained Rotario on the way to Sat)
Jose, Vrquiza Estancia. j
The Bueno Ay re paper intimate that
wbea Mr. Bowlin ha concluded hi busings
at Af unction, be wilt tender hit personal
Iriendly office" to secure the return of
Bueno Ajre to (he botom of the Argentine
Confederation, and to repay I'rquiza'a
' friendly office' in Pangsiy.
On the 21 February, (he annivenary of
tha birth of General Washington, the Presi
dent of h Confederation to give a ban
quet to the American Minister, Commodore,
, and loma of the nival officers.
General Urqniaa arrived at San Joae on
the 9th, and at night lerenadea welcomed
him in the town ol Concepcinn.
United Statra ateamer Caledonia arrived
at Bueno Ayrrt on the ITth of Febuary, in
fourteen day from Pernambueo, which port,
when he Irft, wa in a healthy condition.
8 lie proceeded up the river to fjorrientes to
juin the iq'iadron.
It seem by deipatchei from Commodore
Sbubrich that opon the arrival ol the Fulton
at tha fortification at Humaita, both parties
manned their batteriei, bat the hip wn al
lowed to pan upon information frm two of
Commodore Shubrich's aids it to the object
of the Commissioner in visiting Atcuncion.
Halifax. April SO.
The rwval mail tteamer Arabia, from Liver
pool on the 26th, hti Jmt arrived. Her ad
vices are highly important.
Lord Derby annnuced in the H'tuae of Lord
that the Cabinet had come to a determina
tion to dissolve the Parliament and appeal
to the country. He commented severely on
Lord John Russet's eoure, and likewit cha
racterized Iwd Palmrraton'a recommenda
tion that the Minister ahouM accept Lord
Kissel's amendment In the rrform bill a a
direct inault. He rrjnired at tha cenemii
aeppnrl the Government had received, and
etpreed a rnnvirtinn that, for want f co
heaion, the opposition would be speedily d is
eolved. TheCablqelbid decided todinIve
Parliament aa aoon a Hie public business
would permit it. became Ibey thought the
country ought to be consulted at tbe pretent
criai, and because the intereit and peart of
the couot'y would tuffrr from change pf ad
ministration. Mr. d'Uraeli md a corresponding an
nouncement in the Home of Common.
It wa reported that Austria will insist on
tha disarmament of Piedmont before tht at
aembling of a Peace Congress.
The teditioa trial at Belfast resulted in
diMgreement of the jury.
Bombay telegraphie Hate had been receiv
ed ap to March 4th. Tautia and Topee bad
disappeared, and hi follower were dispera
ed. The financial embarratiment. of the
Uovernment wa moat levere, and there wit
already a panic in the money market.
Cotton hl slightly declined, principally
on inferior qualities. Breadstuff very dull .
Provisions firm. Coniutt 941 a 9$.
The Earl of Malmibury'e remark in Par
liament veaterday conatrued into an admit
eion of tha hopeleitnei of peaca on the con
The movement of troop and war material
(n Franca continue on a large Kale. Twenty-five
thoutand troop are on their way to
Lyon. A feeling that war it inevitable pre
vail at tha French Foreign Office, and it
ahared by tome of tht highest functiomriet.
Order have been tent to Toulon for aiity
tight tetaelt to be ready to put ta ca at a
day' notice , and alto eight veaatUh been
ordered from Brett to Toulon. All tht mer
can tile veiaela in the Adriatic werehaalening
home. ' The Pari Bonn wa declining.
Tbe Engl. ah Ambitiador atTurin had tod
U"lf left for London. , . ,
Lorwu Wnios.-The Whlga of Iuisi
nl, likt their brethren in other section of
tht Union, are beginning to move. They bavt
listed an address and called Convention to
ancatin New Orleam on the teamd We.lne
day io June neit, to effect an organization
ad to nominate a Stale ticket tube voted for
At tht nut election, Their addriil it couch
d rn eloquent tennt. We copy from it the
following glovrjnff painget ...
The Whig party ha lumbered it hat not
oieii the wisdom ol it policy; tno conuirvaiiim
of it principle,' the unrivalled 'endowment!
oi iia gallant leaaer uuy -wim, tor o long
and eventful a period bore it honored banner
in the thickest ol tht ngnt, ail betokened it
indestructibility and the effort we now make
to unfurl itt flag once more to tht battle and
tht breeze, further evidencei itt vitality, and
give token of our devotion to the organiza
tion of it choice, gemmed aa i it escutcheon
witn tne most Driiiiant portion ol our pniiti
ral history. Lives there a Whiz with em a
iiuni in inrpiii as noi io leei ins uoaom nenve
with patriotic pride, a he reviews the past
of our history, studded as every pige of this
hiatory it, in characters of electric brilliancy,
with the proud name of Clay and Webster?
Their geniu impretse itself with iuefTicea.
Die durability on the policy ot tne country,
whilst their profound stutes'tnanshin, compre
hending the diversified interests of this great
nation, tub-oruameu them ill to tne solution
of the hifrhest problem of political economy
in a republican government, (Ae greatt$t good
of tht grtatttt number and the wisdom of
their policy n proved by this, that It ha inex
tricably interwoven itself with the succeed
ing affair of our Federal Government, and,
like a goldra thread, re-apnear in the cur
rent history of our national affairs, alone re
denninr them from the just reprobation of a
disappointed and suffering people. AH hon
or to the old Whig party, tor tha pan oi it
history it at lead fecure, "
in conclusion, we eihort yon in tht burn
ing eloquence of the gallnt Harry of the
Wet, Arise, arise, shake off the dew-drop
that flitter on your garments, and once mora
march to battlt and to victory,"
The Austrian possession in Italy contain
a population little if at all exceeding five mil
lion of people, and yet she has an army
there computed at two hundred and twenty
thoutand meq of " arma; her position are
itrengthened by fortification at every im-
. . . t - u-:.i.
pnrttni point, anil wcac iniucaiiun unuc
with cannon. The area-Venitian kingdom,
beim the Austrian Dossesi'oRi in Italy, i
Stated at 17,511 square miles, while that ofj
North Carolina it estimated at 50,70-1 square
miles, or three times greater than the Aus
trian dominions in Italy about which so much
talk is made., . No wonder that the people
gron under a rule that requires for its main
tenance such a force a ti, being one to
every twenty-two of population, including
men, women and eniuiren, a proportion
greater thin ha ever brfore prevailed in the
history of any civilized country. . It can
hardly be looked upon a surprising that Pied
ninnt'lonka upon this terrible amy of men
a menace to her independence, or that ihe
should lika to come to aome other arrange
ment. With all the talk or peace it I hard
to how this state of things can continue,
or how warlike preparation should go on at
they are still roinr without resulting io aome
outbreak at an early day,
l.f. I. ill. I.I Mr Prs.rnft to lha MlU.
cbesetu Historical Society were formally
....,1 at m tina nl tKaa a,s laat aft Hattl.
ilXrnice as iivih we " t-
Inn, on Thursday la.t, by Mr. II. Gardner,
one oi jwr. rrearoti exreumrn ; um ih
these aword wa woro oy uoi. rrecon, me
Srandf'ther of the historian, at the battle of
...L. llltl ! !. nlhor ! Pant. I.inTr
the grindtither nf Mr. Preacott, who on
that day commanded the British sloop-of-wsr
Falcon, which wa playing with her guns
upon a little redoubt which our countrymen
. . j
nau raiscu.
"SomtTuio New." -Such wa tha device
on a red flag huqg out last week at Coving
ton, bv two cenlry, hailing from Milledge-
ville, who were selling jewelry and watches
in rather a novel shape. I hey bad aome
two hundred little boxea in a show case,
containing various trap from a bras ring
up toaiortof watch that passed for silver.
They charged ft a grab," each grab enti
tling the lucky owner to the content of one
of tht boxc aforesaid. Of coarse they had
the content ot the boiea so arranged at to
make a fine thing of it, but the grabbing of
oot or two v a tehee set the boys all agog to
try ineir iuck. ana many oi mem paiu vcrj
dear for brae ring, pinch back pins, chains,
kt. We art pleased to learn from the
I'ime that these trllowe were indicted bv
th Grand Jury and fined tlOOO ind cost of
suit, fir their speculation. I ney win aouoi
less take in their aigo after this,
AitgvtM Dupaltk.
Sattrrw. Governor Ellia, of North Caro
lina, visited the R'ceivine Shin Pennsylvania
Thursday afternoon and waa received with
the customary atute. Forf.Ik Argue.
M. Cukow lit Eholiko, Amnng the
item by the Aribia we notice that at Qaeen
Victoria's Levee, Senator Clm man, of North
Carolina, waa pretentod by Mr. Dallaa.
Another of thot outlets for Southern folly
known under the disguise of Southern Com
merciil Conventions, it celled for Virkt-
burg, Mississippi, the 9th of May. Sensible
people have been sutUcientiy disgusted al
ready with their proceeding.'
i ; Wintketer Rrpub.
Ifaxr. The Missouri pipers are mention
inr , with aome degree nf satisfaction, Uit in
dnitry of their farmer in raising large crops
of hemp. Nome of them send to maiket over
ont hundred and twenty ton of hemp every
year, in aunuion io meir grain crop.
Fiat it Earner. Tuesday afternoon last,
between i and 9 nVlock, the old Steward's
Hall at Emory and Henry Cnllegt was dis
covered to be on fire. A strong wear wind
prevailing! the time, it wit totally con
anmed. .Tht most of tht furniture wa ssv.
td. The building cot omt t9,000. Fif
teen etudenl occupied roomt in tbt house,
omt of them lest every thing they bad. The
fir will canst oo interruption ol college ei
erciiet. - . Abingtm Dtmttral.
- Recent advicea from Teiu ny tliatFord'a
Rangen, ton sist irg of forty. sevea men, were
orpiiard and tarroundeif in the nerthera
part of the State by eight hundred Indians,
wht demanded their turrender. The Ran
ger! refused when desperate battle ensued.
Ford, with four other, cut their war thrcorh
and ftcipcd. The' event hit produced the
greiteit excitement among tht frontiersmen.
Tht Charleston If ercory iiyi of the nezt
uemocntio rrenuential Uonveotmii rMn.
leu it ia limited eccluiivfly todelegatei from
the South, it will bo no Convention of th
Democraiic party." i. 4t, .
Tut RavoLOTiotf tie Cob au a Hpmdoo.
Lata advicea from Havana say that .every
thing waa ouieton the Island.
Hon. John A. Campbell, of the United
States Supreme Court, (siyt the New Or
leans Bulletin) delivered a charge to the
Grand Jury at the opening of tha Circuit
Court fo tin southern district of Alabama
at Mobile, on the 12th instant, which Is one
of the ablest and most decided tint we have
ever read. It is devoted exclusively to
tha ilave trade and fillibustvrism, and reai
serts more pointedly and emphatically than
before all the general positions which the
same fearless, honest, and independent, jurist
assumed in reference to these subjects in his
charge to the Grand Jury at the same plate
some months ago. Hi t charge occupies three
columa in tht Mobil Advertiser, and was
delivered, as the paper there inform us,
with an earnestness that elicited profound at
tention. The Judtre ia thoroughly in earnest.
ind Intends tint to far as it denendt on him.
tha lwi ehll be fully executed in letterand
spirit. That this course of Judge Campbell
will raise him in tbe estimation of the great
mass of respectable and intelligent cit iens
of tht country South and North, East and
Hf. - . . r
v est irrespective or pany, c.nnoi ue lor a
moment doubted. He has shown himself
the incorruptible and the fearles Judge,
who plainly lay down the laws and calls up
on hia co-associate to perform their whole
duty in executing them to their " llest ex-
lent. He essmines the Have lra"e and he
finde it in fact, a well a in the opinion of
the great men of tht country, past and pre
sent, Plorth and Sooth, as well in to words
they have uttered in regard to it a the laws
they have helped to.frame to crush it, to par
take of the niture of pirary, ind he an regardi
it. lie quotes the language of many distin
guished Southern men, refers to the trratiei
of all civilized nation for the purpose of sup
pressing it, and to the ngnr of the laws oi
the United States tot lie tame end, and ue-
cltrea that " the public conscience hit sanc
tioned the rigor of tha laws."
ogvamM KrpubUcan.
The dissenting branch of the Democracy
in Pennsylvania, called the "Bolters" by
the Administration premes, but rlaimine to
be the real Democracy, have held their Con
vention at Harriiburg, and put forth nn off-1
set to the resolutions and platform of their J
quandam associates. They hsve proclaimed J i
the " popular sovereignty" doctrine, and en- "1
doreed Gov. Packer. They have also repa-l
dieted the t'eket put forth by the first Con-
vention.and recommended tne call of noth-j
er to nominate a reliable ticket. They have !
endoraed the entire course of Senator Due-'
I... 6 I
Oct of Orrtca. The Democratic Ace, a
monthly Magazine published at New York
in place we believe, of the Democratic Ke-
view, sava that " Gen. Pierre wa fit f.r
nothinz. for he fainted in battle, and turned
out a mnrompoop in the Presulencv. The
remoa or Marry for government alone aaved rTSHE firm ,( Borland A D-nneii i diaaolveJ by mu
Pierce" administration from Utter C0n-1 c-neent. All peraone indebted to said (irra
ve shall hear the same thing said ol Mr.
Ruchanan, to mnn a his term of office ex
pire, and his right to distribute the spoils
Curra Brtntiiat AJJtctiune end ell dieratte of tht
r, n... r .... t...u. i..
... . . . . , .......
It as perhap. but a atmple act of ju-t.ca t. the pro-
ntMrtore at Wi.tare Balaam of Wild Chrrv .r o Io
.i. . .. 'i t-
..y, .hat our pert.l experience u. U u of this ar-
lirle. hae imnrripM ua favnratiiv. Oi of Ih nrnnrl.
, .' . V , 1 jsjatiie ami omar Boll anil ntraw Ma
uJl 1W"u'. """."T1 "T ' "TH BON N ETS Cheap, Trimmed
cough M four monthe conlinuanec. I.y he aaa oT Ihi. fcH j,ik 8 Lace and BreiJ
Balaam, and several of ( frwnda anj acquainUoce,' v hit. -" "
wno nnww vn inr enrciv, neve roonn I nv grm aei
sic ia relieving them of aevere eougha and ahnrtneae
ot breathing, wh which they had been afflicted."
IN one (enaiaa unlsee eined I. B V T T 8 oo the
Bate) w. revoa & to, 13 W aahington Mrrel,
Boainn, Propnelora. Hold by Ihcir sgenla every wberr
If Tee sale in Hillahomogb by J. C. Hrbb cV Co ,
hi UieenalHjrough by Dr. T. J. Patrick.
Wilmington, April it.
16 frrt 18
S3 26
35 60
121 131
111 13
t3 7 00
S3 S5
71 0
FI.OUR North Carolina,
SUGAR Brown.
Loaf anJ Crushed.
Paleraburg, April SI
10 121
4 8
61 151
I 45 I TO
85 UO
FLOUR Familr.
MOI.A84K8 Cuba.
Faystteville, April SH
11 SH Hi
- 1
M !
aJiunvi 111.1 mi.uii.ivi -..7 r.ai
. m ,m-naa a a m avw-m mm aa nn
AiiXLOGnirii. t
EK. HOtrOH ia now in HILLSBOROt.UII at
MA80XIC lf t.1.1., prepated lo futmab I ke-j
Iteneaiaib beat alyloofart. ,
CHL .f. v ? ...1
Zr t ?
. rTiuri en
II ha bsd eight yaara conrlanl prai
oartain h eo pleaao all who favor hits
aa. Beoido Ambrotvne on glaaa,
arvlo called MEI.A!.OTYPE8, 00 F.M AMEl.F.l)
METALIC PLATES, patented si preealy far Ih pur
suae a lata imnrnveoienl. and a good one.
Aleo NIELLOGRAPH8, ar picture em WATER
PROOF PAPER, which eaa Us sent ia letter for com
A food picture ia a troarar and - a Joy forever "
bar! poor la a naieence and an eyesore, tier
gi4 e while yoa can. H will remain but TWO
WEEK., a I
Pkvoao call, namine specimens, snd ju.'gs for your,
elveo. Price fraas $ I lo f 10.
Pwnre a aood ia cloudy as clear Weather.
April ST. M -lt.
rpflB Baaninlne CommittM will eaaat at U Coert
Heuae in Hillatmrongb mi 8atnrdiiy ll 14th of
MavfihMt. . . WM. II. BROWN, Ch'n.
''"i-'-'A CARD. ;
DR. T. E. BESSELUEU will pf.ctice Dentiatry
In U)ia plaea during dlia Spring and tha coming
8un)im H has taken an effica at the Orangs Ho
tel, aad ia prepared fo treat !l diseaiwa of tha teeth,
gums, and lveai j particular taken in tilling teeth
when their nerves aie npoaed, and W extracting teeth
when alveolar abeess has formed.
Th it maet important of all operations, the treatment
nf children's loctii, when a regular and XiTCu den
tition ahould be produced, hae been diligently atudied
and shall be csrafu)lf executed.
I.adiea wiahiiia their teeth operated upon at their
residsncea, will be promptly attended Io by informing
me al my office.
Un!eie in attendant upon families at their residen
ces, I will be at my oflu-e at any hour during the day.
HilUhorougb, April 1 8th, 1850. 87 pd.
T'lIE Serond 8eeion of this Academy will com
mence nn May let. for a. Circular containing
full information addreaa Ihe Superintendent, Col. C.
C. Tew.
Apiil 30. , . , 87-3t,
Attention Orange Guards.
YOU arc commanded to appear in front of the Court
. Houe on Saturday the UOlh day nf April, at 10
o'elack, A. M., H full winter uniform, with parade caps,
aimi and aceoutremcnte in perfect order for inspection,
and ten rounde ball cartridgea, for target practice.
- Dv order ot Ihe Caettin.
J. V. WIIITTED, 0.8. J
April 10th. Z ; T
Private Boarding and Day School
Under the care of the Misses Nash and Miss
THE First uinn will commence on Ihe 15th July,
1859, end end on tha 30ih November.
. Tbe cnuroe of instruction will lie thorough, embrac
ing all the branches usually taught in Fiist Claaa
(School a.
Tuition and Doard, including Fuel, Lights, Washing,
dec., $100 per een.ion, payable one-half in advance,
the remainder at Ihe end of Ihe 8eeinn. Day tScbolara
will be Mreired on tli uaual terms.
Music on Tiann, $20,00
" Melmlron. 10.00
t; of Inetrumrnt for Practice, A.00
Urawinr. 10,00
Paalet Fainting. 50,00
Grerian P.iniing, 10.00
French and Latin, each, 10,00
Circular containing all nrcesaary information will
be fotwanlcd on application,
April fO. 87
nr a
c S
H '-I
3 C "
6mnnussioit 3'Vltrrbanis.
i I
j tV Particular attention given lo$
Sthe aale of Naval Stores, Cotton
i I n I ii
j g-l,u uulrl l rouuir
Ei April J).
87 a. I
- " - - IilsaMJl.l 1 1U.
arc requested to coma forward and make immediate
' payment, aa U ia neceaaary tlmt the tvjsimss should ha
April Kth, IS59.
87 w.
THE LARGEST and BEST Stock in tbia County,
riorchaaed upon ihe very beat terrae, a fear of
which t will call attention to.
' Beat French Cloths. Caeeimerre, V eating", and every
fa, (.. . Bo. . . L?lo.hi.
1 iiaio rine
t .. . ?
HAFS Fine Midrakin, Cammere, W aahington.
. American Plantera, Nutria, Smoke
Soft and Straw Hata.
and t'ntrimmfd.
Bonnet, Coloured
Miaaee' and Ladiea Egueitrian and other flats.
Black, Black and White, While and Coloured Roach
es and Tl.
Fine and Cheap Parasols.
Pstenl Mell-Adjuatible Coreele and Rubber Biiaka.
Ricbardxtn dt Stewart's Linens, lMapers, Uaraask
Table Cloths, Napkins, Mieetinga, Ac
Urilhanta and Percale tor 8acka and Duatrrs, with
White Braids, Cords and Tsserls, Fringes, Ac, for
Trimming a.'
India TwilN, Dimitr. Engliah Lnag Clolha, Ae.
Mualin Collar, and Hleeve in fela.
Beragra, Mualin Rohea, 8triea, die.
ttrgandiea, Oil: gh i ma, English Prima, Challies, Ac.
TaUle anil Piano Cover..
Oak and Roe painted Chamber-Seta.
Planiebed Tin, Old Dominion Coffee Pota, Biggins,
Tea Pols, Ac.
Wa'er Cooler, Talent Helf-Sealing Fruit Cans,
Coach and Floor Oil Clothe, Enamelled Maalin and
Util'a, Patent Leather.
Kchnol Books, Wall and Bor Jar Paper, Fire Sciecne,
Window Curlaina.
Sola lailier. Calf.kina. While and Pink Lininga
and Bindinga, Cochineal B tot to pa, Pel Calf. Mortcco
and Ooat Skins, Briallee, Ls.ts, l'eg, Bootweb, Awla,
At, Ate.
Lard and Tanner 'a Oil. Kemaine Oil, Lamps, Wicks,
snd Chimneys. Fine Palled Oil, Eaarnce and Eitract
of Coffee, White and Brown Windanr and other Boa pa,
K Uracil f Peach, lmon. Vanilla and Cinnamon,
Old Englieh Cheese. lndon Porter, Old Jsva and
agnyra Couee. Roe Herrings. Raiaina and Figs in
. ""a'l bote and drum. Sugar Hooee Syrup, Fins
t, . L a,. r.L n . .
v.ata, enu wrvrn i rav, vi ..lie ..nrinern nimivn
April 13. . aa.
n ERE . ITER I itiuat moot rcapectfulljr decline t.
amph any of my gootl, or aend them out by
! fervant to be looked at, aa the Ine i loo great tn con
1 tin w. I. JAMr.S M1H.
rapri. w. - ew
April, 1S50.
f AM aow opening one of th Largcal and Bed Stock
' "o ' ottered in this pise, which I csn sell
t "r syeommo,l.i,.,g term.
I Th ambrsce nearly avety article wauled ia
tht market, and I ahatl keep my aeeortment eomnlat
by frequent addiliona whenever gnml are wattle.1.
d.ib e.un.
AprilS. S-
OCR Nw Stock of Dry Oooda is received, and com
priaM quite a varietr of Mualina. Jaconet a, Chal
liaa, new Bonnets and Ribbons, Crape Shswls, Man
tills Shswta, in place of llio oM atvhj mnnlle. Hats of
diflcrent kinds, Ac, alt olTcrrd at low price by
I. C. lTllltli.YI INE Si bOS.
April 3.
Tbe Btibscriber baa opened one door
above ' The Printing Office," where
lib intends keenina; a full ptock of
liroceries, Uotmng, Staple Ury Uooda,
ahd many other articles, for which
Cash or Barter alone" will be ta
ken, Wheat, Flour, Corn, Bacon
Lard, Butter, Chickens, Ejres, Tal
low, Beeswax, Flaxseed, Feathers,
Dried Fruit, Tow and Cottons, Wool
Janes, kc, bought or sold on commis
sion. J). C. PARA'S.
April 13. ' 86
ft EMAININQ in tbe foat Office at Hillsborough, X.
U., on Ihe I at day of April, 1B5J:
Thenia Alston,
Samuel Johnson,
Molly Alston,
Dr. Jamea B. Alfjrd.
John J. Long,
Joseph Lswa,
A. J. Lloyd, 5
William Leathern,
W. M. Long.
f'raneia M, Mclnto'h,
A. McKcmie,
J. W. McDowell,
A.J. McDtde,
Durell McCanlaw,
John N- Meredith,
Jenay McKw, .
Willie Teddy.
Ednie Khndea,
John V, Kalierla,
(Christopher Roberts,
Rev. William Holieon,' '
John Pmiih,
Mary E. Xmitii.
Klmira 8, 8milh.
Ham, aenrintof Wm. Tale.
P. Hi Tsjlor,
Murphy W agoner,
Margaret Wonda,
J. W. Woodward,
Klisaheth Wnoda,
Jamea Vaughn,
W. B. Vincent A Kon, ,
Capt. A. . WiUon, '
Ann VV'illiama,
Jane W ilaon,
John D. WiTmma.
James C. Drown,
John G. Brown,
Joacphene Brown,
John K. Drowning,
Mildred Copley,
Jamea M.Clark,
Andereon Crabtree,
Kichard Crabtree,
G. U. Clement,
Antony Uority,
John 0. Denny,
Miae J. H. Dan.
Dallila Otl At rellanier,
lleury 8. Dalliba. .
Jamea R. Edwards,
Aleiinder riadley,
11. P. Gneea,
John Uihson,
Robert Urtaom,
E. G. Gray,
William Garrard.
Job C. Hughes,
D. If. Hoyle,
John IlnpkiiK,
tlarkine & Lard,
Jnhu Hancock,
Major or 1'ippo Juhnson,
Benjamin Jack,
Jane Jones,
John Johnson,
April S.
Important Sale of valuable Lots in
the town of Hillsborough,
and a Tract of Laml two miles frutn town.
Wm. Henry Faucet! et al. ex parte, petition fur eate of
Keel Eatale.
PURSUANT to a decree ot Hie Court nf Equit for
Orange eounty, made at March term, IH.VJ. I will
aell at the court houaa door, in the town of Hillalm-
rough, on Monday the 35th day of April next, ell llir
Real Eatate belonging to tbe heire of Ihe late Tbomae
raucett, conaiating of a Tract of Land two rnilra from
Hillaborough, adjoining the land' of Wm. A. Graham,
John Berry and oihera, containing three hundred ar.d
forty-fire ecres,
Also, Sixteen l.ate in th town ot Hillrtornngh, all
of them improted. Two nf ihem sre on (he main
atrcet, immediately oppneit Ihe court bouer, end all
the othera base comfortable dwelling kouaea upon
Twelve months credit will be given, tbepurchsaer
giting bond, snd security required. Title reaerved un
til the purchaae money ia paid.
Kale will begin at 1 1 o'clock.
5 -
March S'i. Price adv. $3 : 50.
V A N T E 1) ,
exebsnce for Uoods, any quinlity nl old. coat oil. rpni Machine tew from two apoola. aa ""reheard
unwaahrd Wo6!en tlotl.a an I Woolen e, arlt,:l Pnm ,lie ,,,, pairing no rewinding of thread j
any kind of Hair, to be oaed aa a manure. jt tUn, rct,C.bcf, md Stisrhca in a aur-rior style,
A l.o Cotton and I Lmeo It:.., for paper raaking. fii,liril 0a.-h actim b its own operation, without re.
t pper Leather. Hide. Bacon and l ard Old Cset- tU hand-needle, a. ia required bv ether ma-
inga.Braaa and I Copper. Feelhem. Beeawax. torn M.al. I r(jf, j, dj ,, ,n,, cheaper sewing than a
" ' "" -"'"
and almoat any thing elr.
Setttementa of all accouuls once a vear.
March 16.
MRS. OWEN announeea to her pntror.a and the
public generally, that he ia now in ths receipt of,
i t! ; , 1 - I L r i . i 1 :.A
LL a.l Hla.,l .l A ,!, Mn twl.l k.in
demand, and at prices varying from tha loweM U the! ' Vnt Sheriff ot Orange County bavmg al the present
highest that the market ill iuatify . term retur.ied the f.dinw.na Iracla M land huh bo
- In ihe MILLINERY Line-She hae Silk Bonncte I l"',lM" t'l,0,.r "T du th'r'"2. .!",! , -priced
from S,50 to I0, with almost every ii.ierm.-di- . "'' ur ,,f lJ"' 'mu,hV?'r;, n" ' J0'"
aie price , irg the lam'a of J,.bn H. fykea, P. M illiama and oth.
Of STRAW GOODS A great saiiety of sfylc. ' eoma.nir. g SO ac rea. n.ote or lew. siippoaed to t .
euited to every ago, from ll.e ir.f.nl to old ladie.. at ' '''7 ,n',,rt u du 1'.
pricee varjing bom SO cents to ibat of any uut.iity ' 3-"- .
wanted. Also one tract of land en the waters of New Hope,
- Of DRESS GOODS-She has Mu.lin Robes a. f.d- s.ljxtnint ihe Unda of James Ili.hop and others, con
Iowa: Mu.lin Kila A'allaa from (1,50 lo (ti.OO. 'aming 114 acres, more or tea. euppod to belong to
Otgindiea from f 1.60 lo 6,t 0 5 Double Volnnts f...m , "hn I'srrall. Amount ol lax due thereon. il : 47.
IOto$14; Berage K,d A'allaa atin from 6 to A l- one tract ol land en Ihe staters rf New Hope,
$10; Bersge R.do Double Volants from f 10 SlO;' Pmt 'he bind, of Jamea Biebop and olltera, con.
Berage Robe ATuniqu. a new deign 1 Berage Role ! ' n 1 'J mmr ' ' wiiMsed to belorg to
Datila.a still more novel articles liiduna do. John and liickaon tarrall. Amount of las due lli.;c
Black and While Chanttlly Lace Puinls and Man- n.
ilea, pritea varying from S,Su lo I Al" ,r' ' 'n'' " ,h' '" " New Hope,
All stvles of Steel Extenm fkiria from l.f0 10 1 adjuomg lbs lands of Jamea Bi.hop and ctra. Coa.
$3.S0s booglaaa & Sherwood' Tunitite Coraet an.t',",mn ' S acres, more or Ice. suppoaed to belong lj
Skirt Supporter. j Mtv t'arrnll. Amount of las du thereon, 51 rents.
To lha stticles of Blsck 8 Iks the particular atien-1 Al0 one Lacl .rf land on lb water of llnrhad'
lion of n thoae who wiah to wear brautif.il article c",k' ,J"in,n 'r!' of t . lbilU a and
at a reduced price invited. Tbia ailicle having wrn '"' eontaiiiii.f one acre, mot or let", tuppoa. I 10
purchased much below lha mstket value-! 5 lo 30 , Kah An.outil of lax due tltmu,
ineh ! iStl S. IO r,la In tha Arm vm.l.l'entf r...m S3 Cenl.
fH.SO to l-w..rlh much more, according lo the
usual nrira of ihe article.
Without further patlieularWng. a!! perrons .Wring
i trll.h and reamnttMy priceil good, are reqnertrd
to call and otamine f.vr them.ele. Tbcy arc aaeu'td
that it will pay them for their trouble. juning 'he i.n.ta vl ur. juirn Jtioota ami othera, con-
InaddiUjntolhaltraetivene..ofibl(kk.lbsi,s'''"f 18 "es, mora or leas, suppoard lo belong to
engaged a Isaly and f.ahionsU lady from abroad l Bl,j, 'i'srd. Amotrnt of tax due tbereon. f : Id.
aeM her in making up Dtea.ee and Mantles. w he.eupmi it i ordered by the l',trl, thai the own-
To CASH buvera, a liberal dnr.Hini still be ma.Ie, r -f said tracts of land be notified of the .am t.j
a auch eon.i.leratirtn i du lho who rtr!r Luring i heanon in the Hifhtwrnnrh Kteo der for .it eucceaa.to
I for ch. a il end H furlhet tttmble.
i In making oami-lprep.itli..n and onilsv in Cods.!
ehc flatter berorlf that he will he appreciated by S
lenerou and intelligent con mitntty.
Apiil 13.
so I
. (
ICE! ICE! ! ICE!!!
11 HE BuUrtiber havint llllcd hi. ICE HOIE. ia
A. now prepared to furntab b a customera at.d lb
public generally wilb ICE. j
lie will deliver Ice al hi. Ice House daily frtm sun.'
tiae antil eunect (Sunday ayxecpted, and on Sundays'
from snnriaa until o'clock, A. M.
TICKETS can be had at the alor of th S..Wrilr
on East Front etwl. In no caae will L-c l dei.vcied
wilhoul hi TICKETS or the CAMI.
For lb convenieoe of tbe ciliten of Xewbeftt, tie
will, on th li'th day or April tint, and afterward.
Ihroughoul lb eeon, .Miter It al the store of M jor
Phi bps, coiner of Biosd and Mi Wleetrc,.tlh'tiire
of M. W. H. Bumrell. comet of P. .thick and Craven
street, at Ihe autre of Thorn . William, oii.er.id Cia-
veo and South Front l't. d.iili. from aunriae until
p. m. (8undaye excepted.) - on fitn.taya fr.im 7 to
o'efock, a. m..t th Mora of M. W. H. Sumrell.
Ilia Ice House being bva'ed on an arm of the Rail -
road at this place, he will Forward be to other point,
in any quantities, ire oi cure cnarge cxcein pacstna
and freight, rarltcular and prompt attention paid b'
orders from otbet Town and Ceunlie.
A. T. .1FRKI.VS.
Vewbctn, Mat.b I J. "4 - tiw
Sii in
g 1 ratio.
STl!7Erj30M, WEDDELL a CO.,
$m$u an& $(mustk grg 6cc)is,
N. 78 ended Syesmire Street,
ARE now receiving, and wiH hate in store ly the
firatof March,
A. very large and attractive Stock of
in their Jine, to whii h they wpectfully invito the at
tention of the North Carolina, Virginia and Tepne'ecce
V Ordera 'fieculeil with dispatch.
Petersburg, VS., Feb. St. 8S--
Wliolesalc Shoe Trade.
1S09. spring. 1SG9-.
' speccssona to
wiioLrsAi.K tiKM.ras in
goofs, ccs, evunhs, 1;tjitr, t.
Ac CC iycamorc Strerf,
BF'G leve, to announce to the former patrnnaof tli
hnua and the trsdf grnerally. that they are now
in recniiit of their SPIUNO STOCK, purchaacd for
ea.li direct from tbe manufiiclurera.
Poaacnaing increased tucililif" for conducting the bit.
aineaa, they wiik confidence a.k the attcnlion of bujera
to their etock, which ia larpe oud varied,
1'hry will g've prompt pernonal attention to al or
dera, and forward tbe gonda without deUy.
Peteraburg, Match 4. "I -
(Lsi Farmer, Ttruce A Co.,1
ruhlieheri, BookntUirt ami Slalionrrs,
No. 21 Murray Street, New York.
1 O. dt fTn offtir at low prim f n ttrh, and lilierat
. term, fir approved errdit, a large to k of BANK
COUNT HOOKS, ltript and Memorandum Bonks.
PAPER OF ALL KINDS. Carda, Circular, Bill
llcada, Ac. Printing and Lithngnphing executed to
order. Bildea, Miwellaneolis. andHchool Bonks.
P. O Ar Co., Publish Bullion's aeriea of Grammar. ;
Coin'Mi-ii'. norii'. on Ihe hciencea ; Hooker' I'hyainlo.
giea! lirockb'sby'a .atronumipj Olney'a Geography,
newly rcvimsl; 8outhem t'la.a Kradcra; Patmer'a Bonk
Keeping -. and the "cheapest and beat'" Spelling Book
ever uied.
August II. RJ Cm.
-195 Hroartway, New loru.
eam-lte.a can. even if ahe works ftur one ttnl an aowr.
Agents, lM!.borou:h.
J January H. 71
On war, CiirxTr.
Cuurt of Picas ami Quarter Sessions,
February Term, 18.19.
A lo one tract of land on Ih walera of MillCrnk,
j silj miit t the land nf William S.Mcote and other, cm.
I ",8 scr, mnto or lesa, stippoacd to beb ng to
t "S' Amount of Tax due thereon. $0 : JS.
Ala,, a tract of land on the wsteraof Cin I'mk.sd.
" 'hem ot ihe proceeding.
Witnra. (lemgo Law. Cletk of our said Court, at
,"''. h "'"',h M ""' ' f t elwnor. ls.,9.
1:K01U.KI.AV9, v.c.c.
Mir.l. !J.
OaaKcS I'tiivtv.
Court of Pleaa ami Quarter Sessions,
Februai; Term, 1859.
Joseph McCullorh a. Tliomsa C. Tariah,
Ongiml Allitthmtul, britd a Land md Srgrete.
; T appearing to the eatb-faetion of the Cuuil. rbal it.
. 1 deicndanl Tbotna C. Pariah. h. rt moved out t,f
the Siaie, or w iliacon l or conerafe buuif iit iba
xriliii.iv prw. r-f law raniiul b acrved on him: l u
nwrefor ordered bv tbe tVu.t (bat publication be Made
jn I. Hii..0roogH Iteeoidct for ait nu-cea.it wrtl..
no) f; ilig aaid Thotnaa C. IVi-h ll.t i. i.lr rt he areata
,t the nest tetm of tlua Court, w I b. bl al lb e.-ati
houe in l,!Ub.viu,h on II foaith Monday in als
neil. then and titer.- l.t rrplesy and lcad arrotrtiiig !
: a. b will be ptocec.ltd (gaitiat in tbe earn oianm r
j ,f he bad l-ern aeiv J w itb pt.tce. and bad faikj to
pntar and plead.
) Witn, tWg Law a, Clek of our aaid Court, at
(.,&,- in Hill.lMroug't, the fourth Moudsa io Februart,
,, i 185S.
M:t)i.GK laws. r. r. r.
Fehtuat IS. Price adv. l Ua. g-.-l.jv
1 ' SI n V tc C hHl. t
). L. It UUF.N ni A. Mi S
Ijiril ,.1. ' r-u

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