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Vol. XL"
No. 1989.
gV-HIS old oatahliihed reeponellda nd reliable Com
. oanv. haeinc eoreaa mnlitie Pr the Rortl vu.
tWino Railroad, ra prepared to rri tnd forward
. V . . 11. f 1 1
-II .l:.MinliMna tj fMiivKt and aaliialtllta LA and from Mil
point ort tbii road.
, The faeilitlea poeaeeeed by thii company for th
prompt foewardiag tnd quick dol'twy of matter ntru.
,a to them 10 til ceitde point in lh United Bute,
M in riy acuaery 01 irign py steamer biiw
from N-w York emi.weekly, and daily Inland Eipree
from New fork, Philadelphia, Bahimar. Richmond.
HaHoU an I Ptrhurg. oner (rati inducement to Mr.
jrhan a t eblti spring ttlorka ajuirkljr.
t tr further psniaulare apply to Mr. J. A. Canwron,
At il tl Hilleborough.
W. II. TREGO, Sup't.
M "hi.
Merchant, Tobacconists and Planters
D KB RING to aliir Mrrrhandie. Manufactured To
aio and Country Pr-xluco in Danville, for hip
men t JM.nh. 01 10 h delivered to wagoneand haltetut,
'am r-petiiilf inlormed that w tr now ready to re
ceive eoiieifiinMnta, and proraiae our personal attention
lo tk Mb delivery af eeery park ntruld la our
car. W guarantee aaiiefaeiiin,
. Daiiai,', V , March 4- II nt
Guuino, Planter, Lime, and other
. Fertilizers.
RECEJf T airanseowHi with Ejaiera Hon- enable
la (apply on apphVali-a,. all anleia fur Guano.
Pltxer, Lime, and oilier Feitiliaeie, at price to (ait
tbonm. McKINSEY, FLOOD & CO.
Dtarillo, V... Marcb 4. 81-Xrn
tUPERI.VrENUE.Vra of Public Work. Propria.
ur of Holele, Hleward of College, and all otber
la waat of Baouo, Park and Lard, are re.pectfully re
quoetad to call and aitsiin aui Black be lore eroding
their order Met lb, a our arrangement with a West
ern H iu ea.ble a to (apply all order a low aa tb
a me can be bad ia KichnvaJ or Baliiiooie. lime nd
freight eooeidrred. W guarantee Mtisfeciion.
. Dnille, V., March 4. il tr
WE are now receiiing our .Spring eupply of Coffee.,
Sugar and Molaa-ae, ond raepectfully inil th
attention of lb Trail to our aeock, befor eaodiog iboir
order North.
On Con'f nawnt from a Looieiana PUnttUoa,
to hhd. Pneaa N. t. Hugar,
IM bM. - " Molaaee.
Dtaeill. V., March 4. 41 r
THITINO Uanill iai eeerch of Maleritra, will Sad
aor Mark of
Oii Oil, N. E. Rum,
Irfrarico. Tanqua Keen,
Uruabed tiagar,
holing and tioiag Nail,
err taper) . ii(l at price t euil.
Daooilb-. Ve- March 4. 41 tea
I AGON Wtkera. Bl.rb.mi h-. end all olb' iu
want of gkM IKD N'i are rrin ifullt requewed
la rail and eaaoiiii our ta'g eiork ot llarrw. aud
Penn uoujlir ILmmerrJ Iran, drawn out to -ail any
want, end wjrraolrd to plra-r. We al-o keep a luil
ekick of Eoglub. m'1ra and Hereilra 'on.
I)en-i!l. Va M irrh 4. fl-tm
VII.L pla un call a early aa poeeibl L all arj. i
" for l.'bxat fcaed.
Kraiorky Blue Crtaa Seed,
Orchard -
Herd' "
TMBlhf - "
ae ear Mock now "rod ie " eanb-i.
t aaeile. Va . Ma.vh 4. l-tn
cbrriNS! corriNS!
1 I kVING oSreinrd lb otdoieo right far Orange
' I'miolr, lo eeU fek a MrtMlllC llUrllal
CAT, w Hild rc-penfully annoonra that be u ow
.. w 41 all itrtlera for ibea air lifkl, initttruti-
ihlt itxria' Creea.
U J.-ii,,iKMte and eiare of Camaioa Cotfioe alao
beil 't bind.
(T i'1'e l-i.llie Portal C-ra aill alao be kei fjf
aal b' D D. I'hillip' Hi .'oinh.
Ch.el Hill Ma- h 4. l-4
i.vrKMi- imph ;vt u
S't-i !.H.r&ir3Spria
wirH THKta
N f jr "n'e itel Qrti'Jitinf 3:irket.
Painted Jta. 11,10
HY tliilrilErt4. ia) ali.eiiHlheirVwy In
" a. nird lira la, Hoe BrcrkH lo Ih- lr" old an I well
k o U a d llaia fprtng." a-a fully .'0inr I t'i
miwU n etf. ied roralanca all lh requttie of a per
feet Hpring, and I really tuperior to any thing now in
(be market, tnd lim Ihi opriarity for th Mlow
n( raaeon t
I, Aeroraey In operation.
4. facility in operation.
9. Adapitlrtf to any kinJ of Door or Oat.
4. I.eiel b.b' to get mil of et.ler.
4. Moat liuraht and powrlul.
a. rseipr.t and owl emple.
IT rbeea Doof and Gel noting kept an htnd
for nt by K II. WAITT, tb.pel If all. and V. V.
pKII.UPiS Hillabroga.
JrUrcbl. SI 6ot
fH VR mad arrngmel lo keep a rnnaisnl op
al, of par Perovoin tit's Ml, ind Rhod' bU
ft. PHOSPHITE of LIWE. l eery low price.
F.braary II.
Ptfl CltKd of 1.118 fo aal low for Cadi. Alao
CorFP.E. tttaart'a SUUAR, and many at bar
OteMnibb) (ilicle. .
ion 14.
RIE0 APPLE) sod racUwsat4 Ikahighoot
L' market pii
.L-. a
Aal II.
'PUG uliwrihon haiie qualiflni il February term,
1 IH59, of Orans Court of Pirn Mid Qaarlei pte.
einna. aaadmiiiMratoraou Ihr ! of Dr. U. L l)LiR
ii.ii I . 1 . -. . I . .. . : , 1 1
HAM, decad, notic ia hereby given t til ptraona
indebted to atid aetata to 0)me forward and Mill lh
ante) tnd tho having claim against lhatal will
prcaant thero within th lima prescribed by law, or tin
notic will b Plead in bar of their letovery.
F. A. ST.iGG,
Mtrek 4. II
'pHE aubaeribera, aDer much trouble tnd aipena
hae (ucceeded in procuring on of lh largeal tnd
Bneat JACKS r imported into Ihi country.
BASHAW will wand llirienauiug aoaaon, commenc
ing tho let of March, al the atablea of J. B. Leather,
and will render eereic al the tow price of ten dollar
to innire. tud fifty cenle to tho groom in all Caere.
DB8CRIPTION. Babw wee imported direct from
Main, in Bpaitii will ho 6e yeara old next Aoguat)
ie full fourteen and a half band high, of fin form tnd
action, with a rich black ailky coat of hair. Il ia only
neceeeary forjudge of eucb tlock 'o eot him lob eon
oiiirod that be it of lb pureat blocJ.
South Lowell, Feb. tO, 1454. Vd-leUy
MY Jack Himon Pur,ill eland the eneuing reiaon,
and include the fall eeaeon, al bi tlable, een
ib' north of HilWiorough. I do not intend loeend
iian any where dee. Piire lor Ineuranc 6 dolbre
each, th otoiiey duo when the tact i aecrriained, or
the property changed. All poaatkl car will M uarn
pieaent ace deal, bul no reaponaibility lor any mat
may happen.
llEHOKIPTION. Himon Pur will b aeecn yeaia
old in Juno ; ia a an re foil iler, and ia air to earn
good coh any other Jerk. He M eery oral four.
taaa btnda high, nd of eirellcat form. I hat lb.
ceilificale of John A. Vinea, tb gentleman f (thorn I
obtained the Jack, "ho earl h I from a tin t lamil)
of Jacka any in tb tatlera part of Ibo Sute. Hi
dam a th largeal Jenny 1 ever aaw, ami blarg
.cow. TYRE B. KAY.
March I.
All notes and accounts contracted
previous to 1st January, 1859, with
us, were due at that time. We ex
pect them to bo closed wtihoui failure
at February Court.
Februarj 82, 1859.
Revival of Business.
HAVING concluded to temain in Hilbborough tnd
rontiiioo any buainraa, my old cuatoenera will Bod
mo on door eeat of "Tho orirk Houae," my former
hop. My work (ball b wall and faahionabiy done,
and all my culling Jnbe prepared to thai tbetma!rt
ball Ind an dinVoily la making.
All work located at lb ehorteet tot ire.
rrbmary 4. T7
EXTRACT of fine Apple, E .tract of Banana,
Who Pepper, frengipeiii ai!i. rrtngipard Per
fume, Jayoa'e Hair TeoK, V bile end t.'nton-d 'l iaau
Paper, Par aal at lb DKLU MUKb.
Heplemhtr I.
HAVE ia on band fur eel Torl.e Tn arnd
uoaa.1 of lit al.ire Iron, which haa hi rcu.f oe gl
en am a general aaiHaril , end lb Mine lor ethtch
Mr, P. B. KhAii waa egi-nl ; cooMUng ot Bar, for lire
aJ alaataooei tiee. ISioai. Batnl, Ac. die.
To eoftiHnl will be hrpt eompkur, and aold al
hewaet rale.
JAMES W'tnn, Ajmt
of King' Mounuw Iron Co.
Iteremlwr 14. 70
. . - ... it
Orasil btiCUH,
Feraalaby JAM EM WEBB,
Frbruaiy it.
A C A R I).
U AVI.'bOl .c.iedin Uhaool H.lkafrally
hiaproMotiterflcelolhriineaaof I lie town
nd rarrooading eonniry. He can produce ealiefaclory
tcetimoniale ad hi abill in lb proleaeioo.
Hi- otftce m : Ur M ure'. W hen reu ierfed, fami
lial will 0 rild en at llieii raidnc. C'baige.re
tooable. f Or. R.will beta HillatHiroogh the fourth week
iaearb otoiilh, ab S ij'wr I'imiM weck,ad aftcoet
(wi b-ntl ttr charge) if repealed
Aasoel 14-
a a a.2 tl' a A.TVMI 1,
1 J.C. TiiKREX I IXr. 4.SOV.
November ti.
Office aeiic .llniirattm Ins; lompntt).
Raleigh, Jaoa 3d. I(tr,4.
I'HI.4 t'ompany continue to pay 3 ''ent par
pound hx t'vtloa Ind I ineo R 0 leliarcd at
Raleigh, er al their Mills eit mdr oaal of Kektgh.
Addnm, ,V.lll'TF.I.Tieaorer.
Jan 80. 4n
R I OU 1 ltK prraal (or Mhifle, Ernbroi.lrle.1
"Sine; also, Braee and Wba.fbon lloo, ond
ElaatK Beh. by
deptember II. 01
N E W lot ol Ibea Improved lamp, which do not
go out when cipoard to a current of air, and by a
aroeeae of iodtiioa at leant one third of Ibo nil,
over Ibo common lamp. Alao. tb common Ktroacn
la Ol pa. iowe lmpre te,n amry ey a.
October 4. G0-
CIIOICE CALF BKLNS.Dhoe Thread and Bho
December t.
Clover, Lucerne, limotliyanU llerus,he wot admirable gsr.lner and lriner .f
IfRtMEIweotNew Crop MOLArWES tod freah
RICE ol l3tcknalALT,tt15leaah.
On af Oroser ft Baker's Beat Findly rvwinf Me
chioea, wbkb I hc tnd nd proved, row on hnd
.ndM.). JAMK" WEBB.
Jaa M-
" May yonr rich toil,
Eiubaranl, natura'a better bleaainga p
0'r rtr land."
To rtiie tubitcco plant early mil iucrr
lullr it a great ireret. Pertoni often Tail tn
get earl plant, became the do not take
tuflicient paint to put in the tobacco teetl J
nor do the make their betla in the right lo
cation, and put them in tnitable condition
for the rapid growth of the plant. A tobac
co teed reetnt to be alow to start, unlet
rou retort to the moit ingenioui inetnt to
force it to twell and sprout.
The earliest, tot! perhaps the bet mode
of raising tobacco ptanla ia aa follow, t ' '
Prepare a bed 40 fret long and 10' feet
wide, in a warm place where the tan will
help lo enliven the toil j puleerize the ground
thoroughly and deeply, and in the meantime
work a fine manure, free from foul teeila, so
that weedt will not come up among the
plant ; rake down the surface of the bed
monthly and nicely ; and after you have
thus perfected a kind of hot bed not at all
eiprnaive to make and when you are satis
fied that the ground ia warm, or in a iis
factor slate to receive the see', sow it on
he bed al the rate of three ounces for (plat of
round ol the aDove size, nut, centre iw
his: me teeu nrepare it in tne iimowinr ma
neri Put three or four ounces into a lightly J
made woolen bag ; moisten it witn warm i
ter, and then hang it up brinnd tne stove in
a warm location. It will soon begin to show
signs of sprotitin;, (it should be watched $)
aud having found out that it ia aiout to gf.
minate. by itt swollen condition ana otner
indication, tow it on your bed in connection
tth two or three quaita ol dry naim or In
dian roeal. The surface of the bed thoold
be pressrd down with a heavy plank before
sowing teed and never rake in tobacco teed ;
but alter you have distributed it event over
our plat or g oun't, em er ro;i it in wim a
hundred pound roller made for the purpoae,
or Head it in wtin your leei. oumt nrcw n
in with a plank. About the 15th of iiOih of
April ia the time you should sow jour seed,
if the ground ia pasnably warm, gome sow
earlier and some tow later. (Fnt of March,
ia the South.) - .
lite Pennaylvtnian, rrlerring In a mrra
live of travel in China published by a R
aian officer, sat I
Thi author, like every other aha has
visited China, bears testimony of the higb
development of agriculture in that mystrri
oua i enntry. The harvest in China, he re
marks, 'produce fifty, seventy, and een a
hundred fold. The eu" will be found in
the are ith which they manure the ground,
and theruaiom of sowing early, of wredni,
god watering, etc. The acre of Ian I vieltU
in England, (Jermanv, ami France, 'twice or
three timra as mch as with n, but t' e C'ti
rt agritulturaltst aurpasie een the Ku
rouean br far. 'How infinitely inferior
av Profraaor I.trbie, ' i the ajriculture f
r.uioc i mat ... .if.., . mc
L - a. ..I fk.nm t Tl,. l'hin ara
j i Unit, for each of w hich they understand
i now to prepare and apply the bratad iptrd
I manure. The agrii-ultore of ihcir country
is the most perfect in the world, and there,
where the climate in the most f rtilr diitrirt.
differ little fro the European, very little
t.lu ia atra.lie.l f., fit eeri-eiitent aif nni-
, , w h fc 0mu wriUen bu,
j"' ,-,,, taw
Travelers tell u of one particular attain
ment of Chinese agricu'ture, which, although
it is not always of pia-tica! value, indicate
a wonderful knowledge of the laws of veget
able growth that it the power of cnUming
and dwarfing, at will, many of the produc
tiont of nature. Thus, an oak tree, for in
stance, will frequently be een troig in
fl..wer not. bearing it thrifty little leaves,
and bringinj: it tmjr acorn to maturity, with
all the regularity of ita forest kindred, the
1 entire tree not being more than tttoteetnigt.
Such eperimen ol human ingenuity may be
wnrthle, but they imply a knoolede and
skill that are worth a great deal.
We have received specimen of a choice
variety id llunsarian gtse cutting, import
ed into this country by Mr. John Kolhcr, a
llungaiian restd ng in New V.nk.alot of
wim h haa been bmuRht te diis city by Dr.
W. A. Rt'jce, and my be lomid at the ag
ricultural stm e ol Mr. Simpson, on Senuh
strrrt. These hoott were imported in lite
ship Wetter, and are generally from three to
five leet in length, apparently thrift and
well budded, and it i said that experience
hat proved that they will flourish without
much labor in our climates. These grapes
are all tweet and juicy, anil produce excel
lent wine. A number of slip imp Tied laat
year were planted in the vine aid of Or,
Potts, Newburg.New York, and ninety-nine
out of hundred took root. In consequence
of Ibis tucces the present in. puliation was
ordered hf Mr. Kolber ftom his brother at
Peths tnd Buda, of the growth of 1 83d. It
embrace, the following kinds, of choice vari
eties i i .
Stt.ii Wtirn Cirape it tweet and very
m-Crape it tweet and veryj
ry th..., wl lsabe la. (
juicy, skin sery
Skin very (Ine.5 very juiey. seeds few and
small, almost transparent, (white quite to.)
site abovo medium Isabella. . ;
Bint Katarka Sweet, little more fleshy
than above, approaches the Isabella, but much
more juicy. - - - : " '
Kac-aa Canet. fOoat Teats Sweet and
jeiey, keepe through winter and spring with-
out dilncuity, anape long ovat, it "7 i lnc"
Tiia The kiite of crapes, the tweet
juice of which rendera the best wine of Hun-
eary or Europe, flonnahet on mountain attic.
Wbiti Hotter A tmall deliciout grape,
skin very delicate, transparent, extra tweet,
and ripens very early, from hills about Bud ;
whence also Blue Kattrka, differing slightly
from the Katarka of Pesth.
A distinguished French writer, who has
recently visited Russia, gives the following
graphic ileacription nt a won hunt a sport
ppceasary in that counrrv, to keep down an
animal dangerous, from ita numbers, to hu
man life. . , j- .'.-. -
At an advanced period of winter, when the
wolves become ferocious for want of food,
three or four hunters, each possessed ol a
light double-barrelled gun, Uke their places
in what ia called a troika a species of drosky
drawn by three horsea, from which, and
not from it shape, it geta its name. The
horse in the middle is trained to run in a trot,
and the other two (on the right ami lelt) nev
er quit the gallop. The former trott with
his head low, and it railed the Snow eater;
the other two prance with their heads loose,
and are named the Furies. The whole equip
ment, thus directetl in itt course, presents
the appearance of a fan. A driver who can
be relied on conducts the troika. ,
To the back of the carriaee a younz ho?
is attached by a cord, or for more security,
by a chain, between three and four feet in
length. It it quietly taken in the vehicle to
the entrance of the iorest where the chase .it
to proceed J there it it put on the ground, and
the driver incites the horses, which start off
at a trot and gallop respectively, as we have
mentioned j while the hog, little uaed to tuch
an amusement, raises a cry which toon de
generates into what may be called a lament
ation. At this noise the nearest wolf hos
its note, and seta itself to pursue the hog,
soon followed by two, then by three, and ul
timately, it may be, by fill jr of the brethren.
They all make a rlaita for the poor hog, and
filit among themselves to get at it ; some of
them stretching out to it a blow ol their
clawa; and others endeavoring to bite it
The Jamentationt of the poor animal past into
cries of despair, which arouse the wolvea in
the deepest recesses of the forest; they pre
sently congregate from three leagues round,
ad ih troika it pursued by a whole troop
of them.
Then it ia that the urgent need of t good
driver is apparent. The hnraes, which I'tve
an instinctive horror for the wolves, become
intractable ; the trotter in the middle tries to
fMllon, and the gallopera t get the bit be
tween their teeth. During all this time the
hunter lire at random, there being no need
to take aim. The hog cries, the horse neigh,
I k wolves howl and the gum fire, producing
a hideous concert among them. Tho equip
aie. the hunters, the hog, the troop of wolves,
are involved in a whirlwind which scatter
the snow all around, and looks I ke a cloud
in a storm darting thunder and lightning.
If the driver ia master of hit horses, wild
as the may be, all goes well ; but should
he lose command of them, or th uld the har.
nes slip, or the troika be overset, it is all
oer. Neit dav, two ilays, or eight days
slter, the dfftris ol the vehicle is discovered,
wuh the guna, the carcasset of the hones,
and the large b mes of the hunters and of
the driver.
Last winter Prince R underloik one
of these hunts, and it had nearly proved his,
last. He was, aloog with his friends, at one
ol his estates, which borders at a wilderness,
and thev resolved M have a chase of the
wolves, or rather, it ma be said, to be chased
by them. A targe sleigh was got ready, in
winch three persons could move at ease;
three strong horses were yoked to it, and it
was intrn-ted to a driver of great experi
ence a native uf the district. Each hunter
had a pair of double-barrelled guns anil five
hundred bull cartndges n-l Jdaeei
back, and hi friends each to the tide of the
wrrr ia ir '""i r .--. -
Vfht they anived at the ground-an '
nae desert rovered with anow. Th.
foil , n hown hriehtl. aod itt ray, re-
frscted bv the white surface, spread a light
like lhat .".r day. The hog was attached and
the train tt.rted. Finding itself down in
spite of itt efforts, it raised a cry, whereup.
Z aome of the woivet appeared-not many
v.. w . ,r
at first, timid also, anil keep ng at a great
distance. Gradually their number increased.
and they approached the hunter, who com
menced by giving their troika an ordinary
ooeareti to cet
ed in number by about a half. Id tact, con
trary to th geueral belief lhat wolves do not
feed on one another, seven or eight starving
ones had stopped behind to devour their dead
companian, but the vacancy wa soon p-
filled. On all sides howling replied to how
ing, and all around were aeen pointed poset
and eye. sparkling like carbuncles. The
animal were within gun shot, and the hun
ters made a running fire, but t'tough every
sht took tffert, the b.nil.to far from dunin
ithine rather gut larger. It soon, ceased to
nf w,;ich prfMrJ -n;iei,ufatr,;ijVir!
w M ,lu, mme, ,
be a baud, and became a troop the edore
motiuti, notwithatamiing me iremuiing im- tniiri ion. m-. .o...... .. , - - --- . ' , , ,' .,
patience of the three hoftes. About twenty Then lolloped the hcJ of ,e U.lTereat C"8J H.rti he reads, instevl ..f the ,!an:
wolvea came up, when Ihe party found them lig.ous or hrs. and u.ot.ks, bro.n. hit6 and which he l.ers, o form Ins taste from ike
llw lnrtiAln the massacre gray, whose sombre ,be and w.UIeJ Let be,! a,e.kers tad poet, of the country, to
Oa-weuti tht, and a wuif fell, the whole contta-ted .tr.mgly villi tim foui court treasure ,p cho.re phr-aet in bis mem 'ry.
Y ' . ! I i t.,iM.i I di-iniJ.. dr t th. ..ri..ce. dist.iinu uhcd mi itsi V i and to liah.toate himself tu their ua. avoid-
uanii anurarvn iu cri . . ......-.- ,
en the snow, and to lightly as nnt ' mtk
the smallest noie. Like a floing tine, they
approached unceasingly, and did not retreat
before the fire of the three hunters, well kept
UD SS 11 alley loruicci hi iiH'nni't
crescent en the buck of the troika, the two
horns of which began to get in advance of the
horses, and the number increased so rapidly
that it actually neemeil as if they sprung out
of the ground. There was something fautas.
tie in their appearance, and it b-rame quite
impossible to count the numbers now show
ing themselves in a desert where it was in
general difficult to see more than two or three
in a day. The hog had ceased to cry, and
had been taken again into the sleigh, wirre,
its cries re-enmrneneinj redoubled (he bold
nets of the wolves. The firing did not cease,
and half the ammunition was tm expended.
There remained, perhaps, about two hundred
balls. The two horn of the crescent got
nigher and nigher, and threatened the fume,
tion of a circle, inclosing sleigh, horses and
hunter. ' ' ' - .
Should any one of the horsea fall, all would
be over ; anil already terrified, they seemed
to breathe fire; and pranced most furiously
and wildl.
What think you of this, Ivan ?" said th
Prince to his driver.
" Why, I don't much like it, Princp."
Are you alra'ul of anything?
"The wnlvet have tasted blood, and (he,
longer you keep firing, the more will the
number increase."
What do vno adviser
"If you will allow it, Piince, I will s'ack-
en the bridle of my horses.'
" Are you sure of them ? '
I will answer lor them.
" And you will answer for us loo?"
Ivan made no reply, it being evident that
he did not wish to commit himself. He
slackened the bridle, directing at the same
time the heads of the horses towards Ihe
Prioce't chateau; and the noble animils,
feeling themselves at if loosened from the e
biele, goaded b terror, redoubled their speed.
The apace seemed literally to become anm
hilated be lore their desperate eifnts. Ivan
urged theme'ill farther by a sharp whistle,
while they tt the aame time described a curve,
which cut off one of the corners of the horn.
Happily, the wolves opened to let the horses
pass, a'nd the hunter were preparing for
further operations I when the driver eiciaim
ed, " For your lives, don't fie I" They
obeyed. The wolvea, perplexed by thi un
expected manceuvre, d iring this instant the
troika gained a cotia'derade distance. When
the wolves resumed the pursuit, it wat too
late ; they could not overtake the vehicle.
A quarter of an hour afierwmd they wet
in tight of their chateau.
Next mornm the Princo iited the t'ene
of hit exploits, when h- found the e.!tcae
of more than to hundred woIe.
4 take the ful..tne rltract f;m an
intelligent correspondence to to orih far
olio Presbyterian, dated it me, February 8,
Yesterday being Candlemas day, we went
to St. Peter's Cathedral to witiie'-s the h
.: r .1.. . 11 k.. .t.. 11.,.. Ti :.
eiiiir til 10c voo.iica w? a "i . i.,.,.,
ibAla was inclement we found the P.pal
l. ....:.. r .1 ..1-..re, .,.,
"li ..iA ., i?..J
RIIU auc f"rir ,i ". -i. -
ing up to witness the ceiemony.
When we arrived at the " miracle of rch-
itecture." as a popular writer, with
.r., "tm a,
ationed around
It was a loud c'tant, which, so'tened
j by the distance, floated aweetly through the
vast cithedral. Every ere wat instmt'V
turned in that direction, and there raised
lay his head.''
Hi Kinueous tcarlrt robe tpaibini wtui
'' T " "X I X
i , , , 1
cious stone, whirh usually aJornt hi headt
n. ,.i.lic f...tiiii... The hk'h fjiii.ke bin-!
nets of ostrich feather, which are generally
carried on either de of him, giving hint the
appearance of an Eastern Uum. were also, for'
I what reason we know not, o.n tted, b U there !
w. splendor en tog'i w ii.out them. lUur
htm marched his guar J of bonnr, c..n,i.t...g
r sixty R .ma.i t.bl.ui,eo. slrrtted in b..
liant itii form. Hit rordin .1, their lonj red ;
I . . 1. .1.
trams nupporteil ov I'riest m purptr, iw
walknl bt l re hint. Next afur the Popej
came the bishops, emon whom wite some ol
tie Creek. Armenian, and idher eastern;
the. bdf of the botlding. wh-le at the lower u' '" ,E 9w M 7' rM
end a body of troops wet", drawn up. PM- ! , fV J ?,a f"' f '
ing throuih their n,.,Lt we gained (he u.-.er i! 'i' li'l V , i on U
part of the church. Before we were .eVted , ( he . "
there came a tudden burst of mn-ic from un- t " I""' . . , .
teen mus ci.t.s. who animated f. be netr the , f" f, ,nta- K'nteiuber
hieh in a etlded chair, borne hy some dor.eu . o ''. ..... ...
! men, cUd in violet ..II, we bciV.d the Pop. J " " '" .";' : '
-tieaucce..., of the humble Gabermew ,d ; '' m f-reier-b.. an mch. ren.anit
Calldee and the vi.ible represeoUme" ..I e.er-b-f an u.ch, .on 1 which we tU.,1 U
the lowl Jr.,,., "who ha.1 not where i preach t.e way of tali at.ou to l!.e pcna-iinj
-i i. . :.. .i .. . . ......... r. ..,.r ..c- , iii Ins miner, lie h.is men lv til use the lin-
men and foreign am'tas-ador. who helped M inp. at the same tune, that pedantic prec.smu
twell this tra il the most gorgeuus which and boni'wst which hw ia!.er the weakness
probab'y ever ent. rcJ a tempi adi.a;ed to; of vain ambition than the poiisa ot an educa
the clu ist tn't Ood. Sure I . that it Y.t . tud mind.
gil, or Agnppa and hi sutitpcrr i oul.1 iiate ,
returned lor tne lime to tin, iu mm
their earthly action, they would lure inonghi
it irand enouj't for lh iS-oU of then- .uptrb
old Pantheon, which it 'till, even more per
hap than St. Peter itaell the pride nJ
Utf it ol l( itoe.
Pasting through the lines of toldier. who
f-ll ,.o ii.-.r knee a the train tweotbv. Ihtv
reached at length the magnificent throne ol I
J',,,,, which m raised bijl a the altar!
tiist it Imnts, and ia decked with' cloth of
crimson and gold. Abve it is suspended a
gilded mitre. Here amid his gilded train, his
Holiness wft, lift,.,! down from his pertlnna
elevation without injury to hit robes, and
conducted to the rhair of St. Peter. Hi nn
hie guard arranged t'lgmselve on each side
nt the area up to the tlirnne. One by one the
eirdinala swept across the church, sscended
the steps, kissed the Pope's hand and the
hem ol his garment, and presented the long
Mao caudles to be blessed. After a suffi
cient number had been presented by them,
tnd others lo be thus consecrated, the P"ps
was again raised op, the processino, form 1
nmuod him, and each bearing in bia hand a
lighted candle, they pd all around the
interior of this immense building, until they
once mnre reached tho thrntie lo which the
Pope, with the same ceremimy as before, waa
again conducted. Then commenced the ser
v.ce of High, M'tgs in which his Holiness took
part. B it it would be impnsMble to describe
in the space of one letter the Ion; and com
plicated service which ensueJ. Nothing wss
omitted which could add to the grandeur of
the scene, and impress the thn'isnnds who
were assembled under .that glittering dome.
At the close, the poor old Pope, who looked
much wearied, was for the third time raised
up, and, followed by tho same ilazilinj; pro
cession carried down the church to the siilu
chapel which comtnunicatea with the Vati-
'ran. As they tlowly traversed " the fields
j of marble," as a poet has beautifully styled
the pavement of this vast, vast edifice., the
Catholics everywhere bent their knes as to
a tioil, while the Pope continually moved
hi hand, and moved hit lips aa though pro
nouncing blessings upon them.
pa a ao or ocr Lajiouaor. The tpretd of
the English language is a remarkable fact in
the providential dealing of the Most lliS
with mankind. Its study is increasing over
ll Europe. It is the mother tongue of the
United States, as well as of the British Is!,
and prevails over the whole of the vast colo
nies of North America appended to the Brit
ish crown. It it the language of many oT the
West India islands, and is heard, more or
less, in all the centres of commercial activity
in South Americ. It is the tongue of the
inlant empires of Australia, Van Pieman's
Land, and New Zealand, and appears des
tined to overspread the whole Polynesian is
lands groups. Front the Cape it is moving
upward into the interior of Africa and into
whatever part Or. Livingstone pierces from
the west, he will carry with him not only the
merchandise, but the speech of hit country.
Along the Egyptian highway to Asia, it it be
coming a laroilisr tuund. Throughout all
India, tmm Ctpe Cmnnrin te the Himalaya,
it is l.ein acquired by the moat active a .d
mH-ieisfiil of tlic native population ; and in
five nl 1 1 crowded ports of Chi:ii it is 0110
f 1 hit dialects of every da life. Woerever
the 1". 't.'i t'Hijne is spoken, ita literature
. I (r .. at aal at. a a1 rrist tinr
, .h.tihe nremritions of Uirialian
Ligature in the English language is at) object
f worlJ-wide importance.
MCrtvxEt Hints to Mimtxi:. Eipect
much, and much will be given. Souls are
, . .
V"'i 7 ' "' "Uf erJ!fanCe I".1'
S eteruitv ennot be ur ilistmr. Let u, like
Mary,.!., what we can. at.d no doubt God
f tl I t
il! Idea it, ai l reward us npet ly.
Seek If be lamb-'ike ; wit'to'tt thtja!! your
1 1 T rts t d t 2i d to others will be as sound-
! - . - i.ir ... 1.
. . . I. I
V" v:' .-.
Oh! fijht larj a; iint tin and the dti?.
f he devil never sleeps; be ye alto active for
It is n t 2'cat talent (iuJ blesses, so m ich
' as grrat likeness to Jeans. A hofv niinialer
-' 'P ' '
Cinar.fi Speak wo. We advtso a.l young
people to acquiie in early life the habit of
josin? good language both in apeakm; and
wr.ttn;, and to abandon, as early a posib.e.
any use m aiang worn an . Lnra.c. ioc
fn,er they live, the mote difl.cuit the acquis
eitum of such laoguage w.'l be and U the
H.Ieil aje of youth, t .e proper teaawi hr
Hie .cqutiuton ol lang.s?e. be passed ... .tt
.1.,... al... ..,,r.,t.,n. Sicllrtft ,.r tMi.'tfrrtl
, ior ......
edueation is very probthly doomed to. talk
i'atig for life. Money ia not neetasary tn
procure thii cJucitioii. Lery man has it
no iiiis iiu-l'ij iw aic vuc ia;i-
A young man nse fell in love w ith an iiriij
ess, and the passion being letumed, it only
watted the patents' cutiseat U make hiut
hat.n. At tennth pietini the fatlirt, ho
j t.keil for the daughter's lian.L How n.at'i
rnonry can vou command !'' akvd the iiiii-
lionar giufllv. " W hat are your ept t.
... ..-
, t,un? ii, to leu the irutll, I evtr t
M ru.ua.y siih tour Jaht.-r sei u.a. y
her, if n I give yojr ...:!.
, HOW itiijii liirrii iiTjrr wot appear ill cilioi"
BLANKS for Sale at thii Office.
IUp, mi

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