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mwwAi :UYt.Mi5LK 11. 191S
Si.Oe A YEAR. Dl F
NUMBEfc 79
Oermwj 3gtd Armistice at Midnight Last Night and Hostilities At Court House This Evemn
Ceased This Morning The Old Germany is Gone-
Former Kaiser is a Fugitive.
war ended at 6 o'clock which echoed around the world.
this morning, Washington time, 11
Paris time. The armistice was
V.. ..- by the German representatives
inieht last night, Washington
The virtual ending of fcbis o-t-a
-T -i . . . .
oi conincts nas come with dramatic i
7 .30 United War w0rk Meet
ing Will Take Form of Celebra
tion Bedlam Broke Loose in
Town Today at Noon.
Lei Contributions to War Work Acen-
cies be a Iran Offering Give
Bring the Boy Back Heme Safe
and Whole.
To the Editor of The Robe.son.an:
Robeson Cmrnt aw t v.- . i ."rtMi loag 1 0 0 F.
.- - iiiiuiya-1 ... meei lonicm
C e.CVk
ton Nov. 19-22 Have Some-'. "P colOT graded sciooi Q
tl tv v v , . i run'hfr:on w:ri P Monday, Novt m-
.nmr to Exhibit ta k s-, hr is
To Attend
A peace celebration wi
The United War Work Campaign (By W. O. Thompson. Serreta:
-License has
.mage of Win
been iirtd for the
H. Tolar and Marv
at1 begins today and I am confident that
; : :" .-"clock this morning. French
Thil announcement was made.
Stat Department in Wash
2:hQ o'clock this morning.
...-,:r. Hohenxollern, German Em
r i King of Prussia, signed a
f abdication Saturday roora
: the German grari heacquar-
the presence oi Crown Pri :-::
ami Field Marshal Hinder.
7he Germ.--, crown prince
renunciation to the throne
:';e Maximilian of Baden has
it pointed recent of the empire.
:;:k Eoert assumed office Sat
es chancellor and issued z. proc--.
.nncunc:ng that the hew
Berlin had taken
s to prevent civil
war ana famine.
Associated Press this morning
;i i ;.ll owing summary:
T. v German people, for a genera
- - obedient and submissive ser
var.ts of their war lord for more
four years his pliant instruments
ir, ravaging tee wottd, have spoken
. word and the old Germany is
r rem. the confused, sometimes , can
r.f.ic-tinc and often delayed advices ; armi
fron Germany in the last two days es today.
.- . 5 now bee-erne apparent that Wi!-!
emperoi and tang, has been LIGHTLESS NIGHTS
strmoed oi ms power, ne is now
v m.e '..tie r-.a-nao-'-s. .--f v,. v rw - xi.-, t-. - .
... . . . . i Aii i . . .... ..1:5 - - -
:."uur rv mwnras today me court souse tms evening at 7:30. our county will do her full sha-e m rear have had considerable troa- ton. reports that he n sed lTmn l
tGe. German muitary power, appar-i Tne United Viar Work meeting men- this great work as she has in other M and expense, heme f.-roe- :o ;tato : mu ' ' Iwna
ently, was at its height. Tne uncheck-, nonec elsewhere in this issue will take war activities, and this :s or.;.- to unre t..ne fair twice, it is mm a set- Ron, t v.- - Xr x- -
ed forces of the enemy had battered the form of a neace celebration and a generous resnor.se thit will rut as Med fact tha we will ...V h . '1J "i, . . i Bodi-
their way through the French and : thanksgiving meeting. well over the top and fix our nlace se- n' time. Nov. 19tfa to 22nd, " Tiie v-. k,v' L- :i-:'- P'nday, a
i onusfl unes unLii raris was m can-! -News Of tne signing of the armis- curely on the roll of hone:-. Every swarc of all oui trouble has beer the ' v T n-
?er- 111 Jnly the world was tice. the cessation of hostilities and point is sending in fane reports al- and it will require just a little v" V c-r.steir. left yesteniav
thrilled with the news of an allied ' tne coming of peace was taken euietiv ready, : amusement of some kinc to make us VS. Ty : nu 8wds for his
counter-attack betweerj the Aisne and ' kere this moming. but at noon a dem- This is a tnited driv, and is for forget cur troubles. This we will f V-artment store.
tne Marne. The Germans were hurled onstrat.on was started by the prolong- OUR BOYS in the war. no matter ba e. as we have secured for our mad-1 W. A. McPhaul. countv health
..... --"..w i-aw uk i.ttv: w.. ww.iJ..f. ui t.ic v nit vou v iuv iim uaeii creec; or ciior. .'w jwoa snows as you would' "t' :iC1' aiier re;iig eotitm.ed to
i rev are e rr- ir-.vc w j '-. nr; na-'e seen .it sr.v f,n-- fov --is room with mf h .
tare wen? i.e. Soon
track was racing about the
; streets, araped with a large banner
acvertisinc the peace celebration for
i this evening arc sounding its siren.
w 4..iw. ..i-.r.cr1 a:.u :v. c:
ashed about blowing the h
.nd for half an hour or more
a perfect
Washington, Nov. LL By Uni
hied Gen. Crowder to notify ail draft 'rf l" Sai
boards that calls now oTrUr..-r,-v -re -'- - active part in t
c ure f u" c
good, clea:
33 their s
life. The
ircning under our lis sr.
tne camnaicn fs to se
ar their welfare and to
coming home to us as
o.. snows as von won
' at .. , fs : n I... . tht
mpany that will play for us this
comes very nighty recommended:
We are counting on the best exhibits
that we have ever had. and while
tfiere has beer, more or less corfu-
r eeks.
. ;:t' on.ar. s
Thursday afternoon
ciiree5ors" room ot t
of Lumhenor..
in the
ot met'
i c
navy pp.cctF.a::
Washington. Nov. 11. Sy Unit-1 '
'Press' Tne extension of the Ameri
can navy will ero ahead desvite the
iouowed this evening
rr.e entire nor mat :-
... Ijy
it will hi
y one in wen .-.
of the town is
:er for an tx-
4. ...
: :
f fairs and the
House ims E'-enin
mil tees For Lutcbertom
the Court
us denen
surport an el care
Xnee beys that w
proud of are the rex
administration of our
success oi t nts campaign
vital and direct bearing on
iter of officers and statesmen that we
sill have in the next few years. The
future Governors, iudges. rer.reser.ta
- ives and statesmen are now in the
army Bd iaavy. What manner of men
will they bet Does not this situation
demand that we see NOW to their
spiritual, social and moral welfare?
It occurs to me that aside from the
mere civinc of ot
-i . j i -
i:;:t-,i .0 :.iS nome
t . nf
Eae to
; d hi tors
id do Wit
far e,
"uw, aMssing many 01
to wonder what thev
thf ex .: its.
snreel that cur exhir-.ts
fte: being
or some tmu
- -Mr.. A. V. G. Wishart of the U. J?,
irmj. stationed at Camr UW
- wr. f
sptmcmg snort
reenviile. S. C.
furlough here with homo folks.
Special emmunicatiOT of : .
an's lodge No. 114. A V A. M..
iUesoav evening at ', :S0 for degree
work. A good attendance .s desired.
plain William Hohenzoliem. a fugitive
in Holland. With his fall topples into
ruin William's mad desire to rule the j
Little is known of the situation to-
lay in Germany for that country is m
e first davs of its new adventure, it
DC ...M Urn m Ui lien auviLuj.v. i
? not clear whether the old- egiHa "
ias been permanently dislodge! or
Washington. Nov. 11. (By United
Press I Fuel Administrator Garfield j
has lifted the order for lightless
nights so the country could have il-i
u: nutation for victory celebrations.
J. F. Russell.
who has been r-
doilars that our
to this fund should be a
thanksgiving, a giving of thanks to
God for his manv biessimrs. for the
j oeace that has come and for H is
goodness and mercy to our Robeson
oys. Some of them have paid the
whether the new authorities with the
unscrupulous adroitness which has
long marked German politics are
merely sacrificing the chief figure
he.. Is of kaiserism in the hope of ob
tairdng an easier peace. It appears
probabk that no one in Germany
knows and that it is still to be deter
mined which of the contending ele
ments will gain the upper hand.
Revolution is spreading rapidly and
fron. the fact that a socialist is now
ehancellor it may be gathered that the
object of the revolution is not merely
puck ending if the war but the
complete severance of the political ties
which still bind the nation with its
r o .-
the Allies the problem has
The United War Workers campaign
fot funds will be opened in Lumber
ton tonight with an address by Mr.
a Uumbdrti cither.
i woi.wc at Lamp liancock, usi. Go slwin France, but tne ma-
ifor several taontr Mr. Russell will ; - well, alive and in the
speak at tne court house at S oc.rck 0A r h. v.
cw. am ,. win .j.iic rv vc
Washington. Nov. 11. .Bv United
Press t At 1 o'clock today President
was aunoa:i,ed by Mr. C D. Skip- stronger arni better men by the exne
Luuberton tewnth.p at a mec.ir of; ort.. us make this a thank of-
the committee it the court hou?e .- -d..u,
It.iilk .1W41 it " Ul U 11 1WU31TU
Thursday even. rer.
The- comniir.te was called together:
ooys have been killed in the struggle! -ime. Be with us
Wilson addresses joint session of Con- 0- Mr. Skipper for the purpose of mril to iW who bavi AA W-
1 mi him wiA-nTinfr t-w t ho A n-.oni ncA- Fa it - Hivrfl i kn f.trn , .... ..
s..T"mB w , f-t, wf'76 rt - "" lously died that we micht have a:
pie tne terms upon
which Germany was oivwed into throe wards and ' j uttr
1 committees appointed u canvass each' TrtWon Prki'v t "-w,ir ' Two Children nf J W and Flnrri
has fared well in the casualty lists, j .
We should give and give and give in I JS-ne Hunt.
Mr. Skipper presided at the
meeting and Mr. F. Graver Britt was
asked to act as secretary.
e-e.. Vf want everything taat we can;
be" for all the departments. Kindly i
took around and see if you cannot send
as something. Make your neighbors
feel that you car. raise just as fine
f.roducts as anybody else: send same
chickens, due s. geese.' turkeys, pigs.
corn. cat, w r-.--.- r.Kiwl-i
' - - - -
canned frirts arsd vegetables of all !
tnds. Is fact, it's your fair. Have
something witnout fan on exhibition.'
Remember the baby contest en
Thursday, the -1st at 12 o'clock. Be
sure and have the kid there on time, i
This will be more than worth your
time, as you will be instructed the
best way to raise the baby and
ttvwn Jnrnii u4im .kcu I he public SCOOCU At TYn M,U
Get a premium List and look it over. P" Monday. November IS. Miss
It will be worth your while. Remem-I g?r:n5e ?vvt ora . of , Purview, this
bef the-dates, next week. Tuesday,! SJ2S HP2PS apd M:ss Wil"
Nvember 19th. the opening day. j Jscarboro of Hoffman will be as-
Don't fail to see the farm exhibits, 51stant
improved farm nraehinery that will! Mr. F. G. Odum of Buie who was
help you to make a crop with half the ; in town Friday, savs positively that
labor. This alone will be worth vourithe nrir of itnr tw
- 1 M M KVfttUE - 1 ur
reason he knows is. he says, he has
: -old his cotton and it always eroes up
after he sells.
Mr. Eddie McNeill returned home
! Thursday from Camp Wadsworth.
Spartanburg, S. C., having been given
an honorable discharge from the ar
! my. He had beer, in the service thr
Dr. Percv Graham- ar v
l oweli ol Kenr.ert w, re married in
the office of Register of Deeds M W
f;oyd Friaav at 12.S0. Justice M. G.
.si e k e r. z i e o SB e i a I ed .
Mr. L. 11. Caldwell will give a
tractor plowing demoastratiua at Sev
er. Pines, northern part of town,
Thursday afternoon 'of this mm
to Demonstration bectr.s at 2 a. m
nngnt ;
With American Armies in France.
Nov.' 11. 10:30 a. m. (By United
e.an. was present and' explained the
urpose of the drive. Fie declared
at reports from various township
ommittees were most encouraging
Countv Chairman.
so encouraging mat
felt sure that
chaneed. The countries which fought Press Heavy artillery firing contin- Robeson would go way -over the fcof
Grmanv ar.d her vassal states ior
more than four years have emerged
from, it completely triumphant, but
within the borders of the countries
which menaced the peace of the whole
world, stalk recolt. famine and an
ixchy. The world's next task may be
to restore order in the desolated cen
tral empires. It may be the lot of the
former, who have successfully contesr
ed Germany's greed for power, to save
her from the fate she imposed on Rus
sia. Likewise, help will have to oe
eiven to Austria-Hungary. Bulgaria
and Turkey, whose ruin Germany
The German empire was the last of
the great autocracies whose tali marKs
the rnl aiimifirance of the war.
In Russia. Austria-Hunrary and
finally in Germany, irresponsible pow
er gave wav to the irresistable forces
of democracy. Germany, holding on
to the last, kept up the hopeless strug
gle until Fiold Marshal von Hinden-
burg's prophetic words, early in. the
wan ame tme. The side wren me
strongest nerves, said he would win.
It was thp rramblmcr OI the home
front which made it impossible for
Germany, notwithstanding her great
armies in the field, to carry on anv
The collapse of Germany brings the
eclipse of the German idea of the
state as ODDosed to the doctrine of in
dividual rights. Under this regime
there was develooed a nation of which
militarism was t.bp pmbodiment which
murHorof rA rTAexeA. heedless of
the rights of the individual and made
terrorism a mai.tpr of studied roiicy
This terrorism was directed not only
ftfftinit individuals but against na
Hons; not only hostile nations but
wose with whom Germany was orn
daily at tar Its avstem of espion
Ke, corruption and violence extended
throughout the world. It was exemp
lified hv th nlnt carried out in this
oountry under the direction of the
government for the destruction ol mu
mtions Dlantu and shios before the
Mr. Russell will speak at other places
in the county during the week.
The ward committees in Lumberton
ued througnout the night, audible 25
niies in the rear of the American
lines, uernian suns reis.; iai.ee uui
were fairiv smothered by Yankee fire." -.re:
Tbi"? disnatch was filed trom the front Lumberton Committees.
inst 40 minutes before hostilities of- South of Fourth street Miss Pearle
. r-r 1 1 TUT
ff n v rpp.PTi. tiowara. cnairman .uessrs
t rer.cn, K. ri. unenion, l. d. nea-mnnd-
Afissp-s F.ulalia McGill. Lena
Grerinan Ex-Emperor Has Fled to Dunie. Margaret Pitman. Anna Neal
, Fuller. Lma Gough: Mrs. L. 1. lown-
Hoiland. send.
William Hohenzoliem arrived yes-' Between Fourth and Eighth streets
terdav mornine in Holland on his way Mrs . K. r.. iwis, cnairman; Messrs.
to Middachten castle in the town of , K. c. tawrence, a. w etnswan, w. -Destreeg.
accordm? to a disnatch re-! Bethune. W. Lennon. Misses Georgia
w niLiiem, r.iiz,aDeLii n isuari., .uuiam
Mentbers of the
sion. ' '
Wildcat Divi-
Relatives of Mr. Leon McGill. form- months old. died
Rennert. R. 1. Nov. 7. Two Indian
children, daughter and son of J. W.
j and Florrie Jane Hunt, died in this
neighborhood some 2 weeks ago. The
iatighter. Strawdie Hunt, died Oct.
! 24 at 6 p. in. of ir.fiuenna-pneumonia.
1 She was 0 years and 11 months old.
S The bov. Buck Hunt. 15 vears and 7
; months.
Will Faulk, colored, asks The
Robesonian to state thot the colored
people of the town wish to thank The
Red Cross chapter for the assistance
furn.sScd them during the mflueata
-Mr. B. Sam Edwards has boon
the same disease.
Tiy oi Lumoerton. who is with the
Slst division in France, recently re
ceived a letter from him in which he the family buryiuK ground near Ren
ne same night ol - elected assistant fire chief of Lum
The remains of Oerton. suceeedme the lati Mr It C
both were hurried the same time in Rogers. Mr. Edwards has been
l . mm
n r says ne is wen ana gettinsr aione nert
?eived at Washington yesterday.
weu. l ne letter was written on let-,
terheads used by Slst division, known
as the "Wildcat division." At the
'O. C. T.." This stands for "obe
dience, courage and loyalty." As has 1 Pneumonia
member of the fire-fiehtinc force for
a number of vears.
Mrs. Lattie Rke.
Mr. H. L. Newbold. for the past
year cashier of the National Bank of
Lumberton, will leave Thursday for
Camp Gordon. Atlanta. Ga.. where he
will enter an officers' Inhniw e
n.. ri .: ' aay at p. m. Lreceaseu is sunneu ,ir. Aewhold has made m:?nv fr:en, k
l-f- I : 1 LTI 1 III lilt- IYI I I I If Mil II IM II V 1 .... . - . . 1
rf the Robeson soldiers belong to the .tvr0 ,s.a11 hiidren. her husband since coming to Lumberton who re
"Wild cat division." I f13"111? died of the same disease a ; ?ret to see him go.
weeK ago.
iurs. Lattie Rice of R. 4. Lumber-;
i ton. died Thursday night of influenza-
Interment was made Fri-1
Cotreppondenee f The Robesonian.
Mr. Lawrence, where is the slacker
list for the 4th Liberty Loan?
" J. A- CARLYLE. '
Lumberton, R. 6, Nov. 11, 1918.
Cases of Disease Reported to
County Board of Health.
Five cases of typhoid were report
ed to the county board of health dur
ing the month of October, as com
Schools- Will Resume Work No
vember 18.
The Lumberton graded and high
schools will open Monday, November
IS, after being closed 4or seven weeks
as a result of the influenza epidemic.
During the time school has been sus
pended Prof . W. H. Gale, superintend
ent of the Lumberton schools, has been
busy doing necessary work about the
school buildings. He has overhauled
the heating plant in the graded
school buildine and has erected 100
Monthly Meeting of County Board j feet of book shelves m the high school
. building
ot tnucauon.
eor; Mrs. R. C. Lawrence.
North of Eighth street Miss Jen-'
-r ii If ITT f 1
"W itusseii, cnairman; jessrs. " . j.
Thompson, Ed. B. Freeman, F. Grover
ritt; Misses Agues McLean, Cammie
McNeill. Evelina Beckwith; Mesdames
W. D. Combs, C. B. Skipper.
Business Transacted at Regular
At rVie r-pomlar monthlv meetine:
thorized to execute a note for 90 days j last Monday in the office of Supt.
J. R. Poole of the county board oi edu
cation the followine school committee
men were appointed: Ashley Oxen
dine and J. E. Woodell for Back
Swamp township No. 3, Indian; Vance
Jones, No. 2, Indian, Gaddy; J. R.
Jacobs No. 1, Indian, Red Springs,
in place of E. M. Locklear, resigned.
It was ordered that tne committee
entember. Five cases of whooping
tough were reported during October
is compared with 10 in September.
Two cases of diphtheria were report
ed in October, as compared with 7 in
September, and one case of smallpox
was. reported in October, as compared
with 6 in September.
At the Front and Getting Along
275 New Cases Reported in County
Last Week and 12 Deaths.
Two hundred and seventy-five new
cases of influenza were reported to
of No. 2. Indian. Gaddy. be allowed the county board of health last week,
as compared with bob toe wee it oeiore.
Twelve deaths were. reported, as com
pared with 20 the previous week.
to purchase 1,400 feet of lumber for
ceiling to be used, in repairing me
school building.
-ii T ,,,,,r lBa wo a All.
Letters received yesterday by rela- Uiuoui oui 3uunp 88 poJtd I :
tives of Messrs. liuy iownsena ana $7,000 to renew a note for the Recorder's Court
ntossie . wi", u. - rf- same amount due Wov. 4, iy, at, ine
broil this country, then neutral, . the glst
r ' with Japan and Mexico. No 5io to which ,
eapita of Europe was free from Ger-. cent of Rol
man secret agents in the years before fFrance are
'.ar anfJ tne nations uvea in stated in his letter that a uerman
I dread of the huge military ma- 3er0piane just passed over the lines' The B. Y
I r;h' h Germany was building up, !n(j evervbndv abut took a shot at tist church wi
1 :i"ompaniment of the emperor's r H- etQT was written October at 6:30 in th
John E. Britt and Mrs. W. A
I Hedsrepeth, both of the Proctorville
... section, were before Assistant Record
will TP AT -TVi-ncrn TTi-irl q - rn tlif rh n rep
or "Wild cat divil -.,
j: : i7Kl Lumbee tent. MaccaDees,
uivisiuii uuuu ixj; . , ... i .."-. ; - -
ji i.ji'j Ti5 i.v. . ripr rpni ui nuuesun s uiun-ic ... ... . . , . w-
miir, .w-rpt ncrpntc in tbp vears before U Mr Tmvnspnd at t :dU. All Maccaoees uigea to ai--.vas found orniltv and ludement was
" ''a r and the nations lived in grow- 3tate(j jn his letter that a German tend. (continued upon payment of tne cost,
the d. i . r . U. or tne rirst cap-; wnue ne case as 10 bus. neuieepein
rill meet bunday evenings was dismissed.
trio lorfT wna written October fit 6:o0 m the luture instead ol i
' Of the "shinintr sword" and G an(j jr Britt's letter was written Monday evenings, as heretofore. The ; The lobby at the postotiice is be-
oasts to "Der Tag" in voices Jctober 12. union met last evening. ling repaired.
Mrs. Nancy Barnes Oldest Per
son in Robeson,
Mrs. Nancy Barnes died at the
home of Mr. D. R. Rhodes, near Or
rani, with whom she lived, Friday. De
ceased was born January 26. 1805, and
was in her 114th year. Mrs. Barnes
was the oldest person in Robeson and
probably in the State. The funeral
was conducted at the grave Saturday
at 10 a. m. by Rev. R. A. Hedgepeth.
pastor of Bloomingdale Baptist
church, of which deceased was a mem
ber. Preston Pope Pate.
Preston Pope Pate. lO-days'-old son
of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pate of Lum
berton, R. 7, died Friday.
"Aunt" Mary Pope Passes.
"Aunt" Mary Pope, colored, aged
about 90 years, died Friday night.
"Aunt" Mary belonsred to the late Jno.
T. Pope of Britt township' during the
time of slavery and after she was
freed she refused to leave her master.
She lived with Mr. Pope until his
death and then lived with Mrs. J. A.
McAllister, a daughter of Mr. Pope,
until her death a few years ago. Since
that time Mrs. McAllister's sons have
taken care of her. Interment was
made beside the graves of Mr. and
Mrs. John T. Pope in the McMillan
cemetery Saturday afternoon. The
funeral services were conducted by
Rev. J. H. Havswoods. colored. Messrs.
H. M.. W. P.. A. P., Jno. D. and C. P.
McAllister, sons of the late Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. McAllister, and Sheriff
Rev. Dr. S. B. Turrentine spent
Saturday in Lumberton in the interest
if Greensboro college for women, of
which he is president. He is trying
o raise a half-million dollar endow
ment fund for the college. He secur
ed some contributions from Lumber
ton Methodists and went Saturday
evening to Fairmont.
The following Lumberton men
have been accepted and will entrain
at an early date for Camp Fremont.
Calif., to enter the infantry officers
training school: Messrs. Van Buren
McMillan, Samuel J. East. Winslow
G. Pittman and Paul P. Baker. The
list includes a large number of men
from all parts o fthe State. The
school will open December L
There was considerable excite
ment Friday afternoon when a cow
walked into the grocery department
of Messrs. R. D. Caldwell & Son's de
partment store. The cow broke loose
from her driver and went into the
building at the front door. There
was . fear that she would mistake a
plate front for an opening and do
some damage in getting out of the
building. However, she went out as
she went in, by the door.
Various papers have recently been
commenting upon the fact that cer
tain women whose husbands were
drafted into the army were carrying
on the affairs at home with a marked
degree of success. There are some
cases of this kind in Lumberton. This
reporter has in mind two cases where
husbands were called into military
3 ryice and their wives are conducting
" eir business apparently as success
Eully as did their husbands.
R Th Lewis served as pall-bearers.
Aunt" Mary was a darkey of the Vli. WILLIAM W . I A Kivhu,
mte-bellum type and was what is Optometrist
bimm n n "white folks' nesrro." She E!ert Knov. ledsre cf Eye Diseases
1 ,v; '.s admired by all who knew her. and Fitting Glasses.
- . .

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