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Hustler No. 2. Writes this Time. More
Truth than Poetry.
Lyebly, N. C., Dec. 25.
Christmas-day, is a day to bn
numbered with the past; although
it has brought many to the en
joyment of another ensuing New
We are all glad to hear of
Christmas, and of the bounteous
gifts. But, Oh 1 It is tough for
the chickens and turkeys.
The long promised and expect
ed has come at last. That is, the
chain-gang, which has its loca
tion near Union Church. On ac
count of the recent wet weather
they cannot move all their ma
chinery. We notice they are ma
king a very handsome'start, so let
the good wrok go on.
Our school holidays are but
few, and then nothing but hard
* work to hand. The students that
have returned from Hickory, N. C.
have a very interesting story to
tell, how “Hickory is buildiug up
so fast.” She is now planning to
establish her street car line. Her
scenery is very fine and Lenoir
College is run to perfection. The
largest number of students have
been enrolled this term, that has
ever been known. The manu
facturing establishments all have
modern and up-to-date machi
nery, so Hickory is coming on.
We wish this town great success.
Now[winter’time is here again,
□ And soon will the snow-flake
For the bees, their humming have
For the good old winter time.
So squirrels you better hide ;
Up in a tall, tall tree;
And rabbits too, may get fooled.
For holiday sport is here.
The school at Union Academy
will give one week vacation to
their scholars, commencing Janu
ary the 1st. We hope the stu
dents will turn a new leaf by this
G. A. Boger, says he expects to
enjoy himself during the holidays.
We hope he won’t hurt himself,
for they won’t last always. Ire
main, wishing the Editor a hap
py Dew year together with the
many subscribers to the Watch
man, Hustler No. 2.
Variety of Tarheel Products.
A Washington dispatch last
Wednesday stated that a firm in
the capital city had received from
a North Carolina mountaineer a
consignment of six bald and
American eagles and six wild
geese, all hungry. The geese were
caught several months ago and
have been trained to act as decoys
for wild ducks and geese. Each
one of them has the web in one
foot out and the bone in one
wing removed, so that whether
swimming or flying they move in
a circle and are forced to
come back to the place they
started from. Put overboard
these geese attract wild ducks
and geese so that the hunter may
get a shot at them. As much as
one hundred dollars is paid for a
well trained decoy goose. And
besides geese and eagles large
quantities of mistletoe are re
ceived in Washington from North
—--m -«►•
Decision on R. R- Rates.
Washington, Dec. 20.—The In
terstate Commission announced
its decision in the case of R. C.
Brabham, is all against the At
lantic Coast Line Railroad Com
pany and the Charleston and
Western Carolina Railway Com
pany involving charges of un
reasonable passenger fares from
Ellenton, S. C., to Augusta, Ga,
and Jackson, S. C., to Augusta,
Ga. The Commisson decided
that rates are reasonable.
- ■ m --
Senator Lee S. Overman has
been appointed on the following
committees of the Senate; Milli
tary Affairs, Privileges and elect
ions, Pensions, Claims, Forest
Reservations and Protection of
Game. Being a Democrat Mr.
Overman is a minority member
of said committees.
Deficiency of $12,000.
^Washington, Dec. 20.—The
Secretary of War has forwarded to
the Secretary of the Treasury for
transmission to Congress a defi
ciency estimated at $12,000 for
the national home for disabled
volunteer soldiers of the Southern
branch at Hampton, Ya., for
dredging and filling with a view
to reclaiming about eight acres of
A cabin occupied by Henry
Holmes, situated near Spencer,
was destroyed by fire oue night
last week.
Shot in the Back.
W. M. Sherman, of Cbushing,
Me,, was shot; in the back, hourly
day and night, for full three
months; by the shooting, tearing
and racking pains of Kidney In
flammation. He writes : “I used
three bottles of Electric Bitters,
and known that they have per
manently cured me, for I feel like
a new man. I recommended this
great tonic medicine to all suffer
ers from kidney trouble. It’s
just as sure to relieve and cure
malaria and all stomachs and
liver complaints, general debility
and female weakness Guarantee
by all drugist; price 50c.
McClure’s Magazine is bought and
read in homes not because it is a maga
zine, but because it is the magazine.
jgFIRST—THE PRICE. It costs but
one dollar a year, or less than ten
cents a number, for over thirteen hun
dred tvro-column pages of reading mat
ter. This amounts in actual bulk to
twenty to twenty-live books costing
anywhere from a dollar to two dollars
a volume.
matter is written by America’s lead
ing writers—the best short story' wri
ters, the best writers on timely ar
ticles, the best writers of important
serials, such as Scliurlz’s Reminisceaes
or Baker’s Railroad articles.
ing matter in McClure’s is not only
good ; it '8 not only entertaining, amu
sing, instructive and inspiring—it is
also about the subjects in which you
and all Americans are most interested
at the time. No subjects in the next
twelve months are going to be so im
portant as the question of railroad
rates and rebates and the question of
life insurance. Both of these quest
ions will be discussed by authorities in
an impartial, careful, interesting way.
Clure’s Magazine is not edited for
children, but at the same jtime, there
is never a line in it that any young
girl might not read. Its advertising
pages are as clean as its editorial
McClures Magazine
in your home is intended to work only
for‘.good. Send $1.00 to-day for one
year’s subscription, or leave an order
at ,your book-store. November and
December free with new subscriptions
for 1906.
23rd Street, NEW YORK.
You can earn a good income by ta
king up the business of securing sub
scribers for McClure’s. It is clean
and self-respecting—a puplicntion any
man or woman would like to repre
sent. The pay is -25 cents for each
$1.00 subscription, in addition to big
cash prizes for the best work. Write
to-day for full particulars.
“Correct English
how to use it.”
Partial Contents for this Month.
Course m Euglis for the Beginner.
Course iu Euglieh for th^ advan
ced Pupil. How to Increase One’s
Vocabulary. The Art of Conver
sation. Should and Would:
How to Use Them. Pronouuci
ations (Century Dictionary).
Correct English in the Home.
Correct English iu the School.
What to Say and What- Not to
Say. Course in Letter-Writing
and Punctuation. Alphabetic list
of Abbreviations. Business Eng
lish for the Business Man. Com
pound Words: How to Write
Them. Studies .in English Lit
Agents Wanted.
$1.00 a Year. Send IQ cents tor Sample
Gopy, CORRECT ENGLISH, Evanston, Hi.
Anyone sending n sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
Invention is probRbly patentable. Communica
tions strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents
sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.
Patents taken through Muiin & Co. receive
special notice, without charge, in the
Scientific American.
A handsomely illustrated weekly. Largest cir
culation of any scientific journal. Terms, $3 a
year; four months, f L Sold by all newsdealers.
Type Writers.—If you want a real
good type writer at half the
actual price for machines of its
quality, call at this office and let
us show you the American, the
latest and best out. tf.
Call and see our linn of
pqinvi?? Both Cooking
u i U i flu, and Heating.
We are not to be undersold on
Harness for Everything.
Call and see our line.
c. nun i ca.
successors to D. A. Atwell.
N. B.—Washing Machines on 30 Days
Trial. Come and see them.

Safe and reliable, they
JHNHR} overcome weakness, in.
crease vigor, banish pains.
No remedy equals DR.
\ 1^/ Sold by Druggists and Dr. Motts
Chemical Co., Cleveland, Ohio.
Williams miT
has Guns, Shells, Grapho
phones, at BARGAINS. Bi
cycle fitting, tires, etc. If
you wish a gun, come to see
us—at the Standpipe—113 W.
Fisher St.
G. S. Williams
3 •» s>c*><s<e><s>® <sk-^xs>«><® <s> «>•«>■« K
t 9
9 9
9 *
9 9
9 9
* 9
9 9
9 9
9 9
9 9
9 9
* Do you appreciate ac- 9
| curacy^ in having 9
| your prescrip- |
9 tions filled? I
9 5
<1 I
$ Send them to us. n
9 9
9 9
9 9
9 > 9
A . |$
| Up-to-the-minute Druggists. §
f$ 9
H «•»•»»»»<» &&<&&&H
OneHiinui; Sough Cure
For Coughs, Colds and Croup.
Brittain & Campbell’s
We NOW have on SALE about
d? _ worth of the best merchandise ever
offered at a FIRE SALE in Salis
bury. This includes some of almost every class of
merchandise, While these goods are only slightly
damaged by smoke, we realise that the knife must
go into the very deop. We will not attempt to
enumerate all the goods that will be in this SALE.
Every article that is in this sale will have on it a red
ticket with the price marked in plain figures and ,
no goods in this sale will be exchanged or taken
g; back and everything will be exchanged or taken
back and everything will be strictly CASH.
wiU be found nice Coat
1111^ Suits, nice Cloaks, nice
8 Skirts, Misses and childrens Cloaks, Art Squares, H
Rugs, Down Quilts, our entire stock of Muslin g
Underwear. Blankets, Kimonas, Shoes, white g;
Quilts, Table Linen, Fortiers, Dress Goods in great fig
variety. Silk Furs of every descriptioe, Baby Caps, B
I Sweaters, Richarson Pillow Tops and a hundred g
j other things which if you miss you will always re- g
This sale w ill continue until damaged
goods are closed out.
We also want to state that we have one of the
best lines of CHRISTMAS goods ever brought to 1
Salisbury. Wait and see them. And don’t forget |
| the sale is NO W on. |
If* ti bw li m m""""l
■| 5 One of the things, that we have always been very grateful for is gif
£ S that our patrons, have been more than kind in sneaking about our E®
? 3 drug store to their friends, and in inviting them to come here and
| trade. Of course this is, what we wish, and we will try to conduct
| S our drug store in such a way that it will appeal to all of onr cus- 1*5)
F | tomers, so strongly that they will take it upon themselves, to invite |Y
| | their friends and urge them to come here and do all of the r drug ill
t i store trading with us, and thus obtain the very best drugs, chenn- 6*0
I? 3 cals, ect., that the markets of the world afford. Certainly, any more {®
that you can speak for us will be most sincerely appreciated and we gjj
take this opportunity of thanking you in advance for whatever you vKa
may say in our behalf. AI TEH ALL the best recommendation of a
drug store is the store itself. We might go on and tell you a great ill
deal about our drug store. Your friends might tell you much more, UB
but you w ill never know what kind of a drug store it is, until you
have come in and traded with us. That is w’hat wre ask you to do. it'.
We believe that you will like the store after you once get started 0O
trading writh us. We want you to feel at home. Do not hesitate in j®
asking us anything that you think proper. If it is within our pow
i er, we will try our best to accomodate you, and we will always try, §X|
jj to the very best of our ability, to give you full value received-and S®
3 more too for the money that you spend with us.
| 126 North Main Street. Is the Place.
I For Substantial
! ' Go to
j. E. E. Sloudemire,
112-114 E Fisher St.
Here is where you can find ;
it and where the price will be |
made to suit your pocket
We handle all kinds of
Furniture, Pictures, Bedding,
Stoves, etc., and cordially in
vite you to give us a call.
I Very truly yours,
No. 112-114 East Fisher Si.
Drug Proposal.
Beginning now we wis to
furnish you with all the
Drug E tore Goods you may
need. All goods to be of I
the best quality and guar
. anteed, and to be charged
for at lowest possible prices
; consistent with quality.
Service to be superior, so
that at all times you will be
waited upon promptly and
by experienced pharmacists
This is a bid for your trade.
We are anxious to count
you as one of our Custo
mers. for we know the satis
faction will be mutual.
| Money refunded without
argument if at any time
you purchase goods that are
not satisfactory. Mav we
count you a customer ?
115 N. Main St.
k in HUH
CJ ~A.ro Good, BflB|
i.1 stud c»
' WM
(Jj \\ e oil. I- idoveinputs
*| lasesthatby year? of
\s peneuce vq have found
'^j l.e the best. A\ ^
v| \i e want o sell cases and _jj
I /9. inovHUHitB ihat will make
j .j.i us business lor years hlf p
• ; cme. No other jew^/for
id can, or does sell a?*a*lower G
price than we do, quality
•*j considered. k
vj We want you to come aucl inspeet our large stock of up-to- s')
tJ date watches. We can please you in style, quality and price. IF
■a| The Best Repairing in the State. Satisfactioa Guaranteed. j*
7) Jeweler and Optician, "
/%\ 7f \ 7W\ /f\ /m \ 7W\ /§\
Sample shoes. 5
Prosperity, M. D. I
Every season a good tonic is offered you here
aud TO'DAY we’re unpacking
One Thousand of these
and prescribe them because they’re GOOD.
You pay nothing for the prescription aud
get a big discount on the medicine.
Win. ERWIN, Manager,
111 N. Main Street, : : :: Salisbury. N. C.
i MM—mmm
m A Few Suggestions to Help you solve the Problem: jSS]
f — —____ rviT-?-'!
Presents of the First Water.
Felt slippers, in colors, with fur tops.
RllgS We hove just received a large ship
ment of handsome Velvet and Axmins
ter Rugs, in all sizes, especially fer
Holiday trade.
Cloaks, for the Children. Raincoats for the
young ladies. Suits for your wives
Gloves. We are sole agents here for P.
Centemeri Kid Gloves.
Misses Kid Gloves 1 00 the pr.
Ladies Kid Glovos 1.00 and 1.50 the pr.
Long Gloves in both white and black.
Every pair of Centemeri Gloves are
Guaranteed for the first time they are
worn. If they rip or split we give you
a new pair.
Boy’s Knit Gloves, Men’s Kid Gloves, Silk Mufflers
And Handkerchiefs. Extra large white
8ilk Handkeichiefs. Initial Handker
chiefs in both silk and linen.
Ingersoll $1.00 Watches
for the Boys.
Hand Bags.
If she wants a hand bag just come to
our store and we will make a, selection
for you. Large asortment just re
Fay Stockings
That long looked for shipment of Fay
Stockings have come at last.
All Sizes, AH Prices.
Mikada Hand Made Collars
and collar and cuff sets. Something
never before shown in Salisbury,
Hose Specials.
Ladies Silk Hose in Colors. Ladies
black silk hose. Special Values in La
dies hose, 3 pair for 1.00. Out Side
hose 3 pair for 1.00. Ladies hlack hose,
extra heavy, 25c pr. Buster Brown
'boss for boys. Boys extra heavy ribbed
hose 2 pr. 25c. Children’s ribbed hose
8 pr. 25c.
! Blankets Can you think of a present that
would carry more warmth with it than
| a gooa pair of wool bankets?
Neckwear. A beautiful line of nekwear for
both men and ladies. Jas. R. Reiser’s
famous silk and lace Dollars for the la
dies. Windsor tieB for the little ones.
1 AT REID’S. 1

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