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In Memorian.
Just as day was dawning Sat
urday, August 18th, the soul of
Harvey Coleman, the son of Mr.
and Mrs. H. L. Lyerly, took
flight, from this world o: sin and
sorrow to its heavenly home of
peace and love, to dwell with
Jesus for ever more. Harvey was
a patient sufferer of typhoid fever
for seven long w'eeks. He was 17
years, 11 months and 14 days old.
The funeral services were held
Sunday morning iu Christiana
church, where he was a faithful
member. A large concourse of
friends had gathered to pay their
last respects to this,.noble young
man. The many beautiful flow
ers that were placed on his grave,
were a token of the high esteem
in which he was held. How sad
it makes our hearts to give up
one so young aud promising, but
yet we bow in humble submission
to the will of one wrho doeth all
things well. How7 his smiling
face and cheerful disposition will
be missed from the community,
the church and Sunday School
and from the home, where his
place can nevermore be fil’ed.
But let us be consoled with the
thought that though we have a
dear friend less on earth, we hav
one more in Heaven to await our
“Do you mourn when another
Shines out from the glorious
Do you weep when the voice of
And the rage of conflict die?
Why then should the tears roll
Or your heart be’ sorely riven,
For another gem in the Savior’s
Aud another soul in Heaven?"
A Friend.
A Healing Gospel.
5 The Rev. J. C. Warren, pastor
of Sharon Baptist church, Beiair,
Ga., says of Electric Bitters:
‘‘It’s a Godsend to mankind. It
cured me of lame back, stiff joints
and complete physical collapse.
I was so weak it took me half an
hour to walk a mile. Two bot
tles of Electric Bitters made me
so strong I have just wralked three
mileB in 50 minutes and feel like
walking three more. It’s made a
new man of me.” Greatest reme
dy for weakness and all Stomach,
Liver and Kidney complaints.
Sold under guarantee by all drug
gists, Price 50c.
-— • im •
Simmons on North Garolina Politics.
Senator F. M. Simmons, of
North Carolina, who dropped into
Washington yesterday afterncon,
is a guest at the Ebbitt House.
The Senator was at Democratic
congressional headquarters for an
hour, where he made the state
ment that North Carolina would
retire Spencer Blackburn, the
only Republican from that State
in the House, and one of the very
few from the entire South, and
send a solid delegation to Wash
ington. The Democratic party in
his State, Senator Simmons says,
is in fine shape and working
harmoniously for every man on
its ticket, while the Republicans
are divided by factional quarrels,
especially in the eighth district,
where Blackburn is fighting for
re-election.—Washington Post.
----- • • --—
Weaver Piano Diagnosed.
“To say the Weaver Piano gives
satisfaction is expressing my
opinion very delicately. It af
fords me the greatest pleasure to
recommend the Weaver Piauo to
any intending purchaser.”—J. C,
Barr, M. D., Mars, Pa. (The
doctor visited the different ware
rooms in Pittsburg and investiga
ted the question thoroughly be
fore placing his order for a Wea
ver Piano.)—Recommended and
for sale by G. W. Frix, Salisbury,
N. C.
Summer Water for Cows.
When one has a pasture through
which a stream runs he considers
himself fortunate so far as the
water question is concerned, but
there is much danger in such a
situation unless one is sure of the
stream for a considerable distance
before the water reaches his pas
ture. What is the stream used
for by those who have access to it
before it reaches you? If you do
not know it is a good plan to find
out before the cows are permitted
to drink from it. After all, there
is nothing like water from a good
well so located that it cannot be
come contaminated in any way.
True, it lakes time to get the
water out and to the cows, or the
cows to the water, hut it is time
usually well spent. Do not work
on the plan that the cows can
drink all the water they need
at morning and night, hence go
without it between these periods.
Probably they can, but did you ev
er count the effect on the milk
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he could. However, he sent the
Sheriff, who again tried to talk
but the crowd would not listen.
But the influence of the more
humane prevailed in that it pre
vented a burning. The doomed
man was rushed to a tree his body
drawn up and riddled with bullets.
A humane man pulled the
doomed negro’s hat over his face,
stepped to one side and waved his
hand. A perfect sheet of flame
lighted the deepening twilight a
roar dulled the air, and the mis
erable, brutish life of Bob Davis,
rapist and would-be- murderer
was hurled into the great un
For ten minutes the roar of
guns was intermittent, and the
rattling of pistol shuts was heard.
The negro's head was literally
shot into a pulp, his brains cov
ering hat and face.
The mother of little Mamie
Stewart, the 16-year-old negro
girl, who was the second victim
of Davis, was present and took
part in the shooting. She beg
ged to be allowed to take part in
the shooting. A few wanted her
to shoot first, but there was no
first shot.
The presence of Gov. Heyward
and the work of a few men pre
vented a horrible burning. A
lynching is a great blot on the
county, but a burning would have
been worse.
-•» «
For an Impaired Appetite.
To improve the anpetite and
strengthen the digestion Gry a few
doses of Chamberlain’s Stomach
and Liver Tablets, Mr. J. H.
Seitz, of Detrort, Mich., says:
“They restored my appetite when
impaired, relieved me of a bloat
ed feeling and caused a pleasant
and satisfactory movement of the
bowels.” Price 25 cents. Sam
ples free.—James Plummer, Sal
isbury, N. C., and Spencer Phar
macy, Spencer, N. C.
» •
All Futures Dealing Banned.
Without a dissenting vote and
in the presence of a large gallery
of spectators, the city council of
Birmingham tonight finally pass
ed an ordinance which will pro
hibit the operation of any sort of
brokerage house in the city which
deals in futures, after October 1.
The action is the result of the
sentiment brought about by the
defalcation in the First National
Bank of Birmingham.—Birming
ham, Ala., dispatch.
A Guaranteed Cure for Piles,
Itching, blind, bleeding, protrud
ing piles. Druggists are authorized
to refund money if Pazo Ointment
fails to cure in 6 to 14 days. 50c.
I— ' li ■■.nf'Mw .aininimru ■ —— wiiw
Marry and Live Long,
Marriage is an institution high
ly conducive to the health of both
husband and wife.
Statistics prove that among
married men over twenty years
of age and women over forty, the
mortality rate is far less than
among th ss who remain single.
Among the widowed and divorced
the mortality is exceptionally
great. Suicides among the un
married are much more numer
ous than among the married.
The matrimonial state pro
I motes temperance in every form.
Further, the probable duration of
lite of a married man of thirty
exceeds that of his unmarried
brother by five years, and the
wife may expect to live one year
longer than a single woman of the
same age.—American Medicine.
«* •
Luckiest Man in Arkansas.
“I’m the luckiest man in Ar
kansas,” writes II. I, Stanly, of
Bruno, “since the restoration of
my wife’s health after live years
of continuous coughing and bleed
ing from the lungs; and I owe my
good fortune to the world’s great
est medicine, Dr. King’s New Dis
covery for Consumption, which 1
know from experience will cure
consumption if taken in time. My
wife improved with first bottle
and twelve bottles completed the
cure.” Cures the worst coughs
and colds or money refunded. At
all druggists. 50c and ffl 00
Trial bottle free.
• «
Jerome Willing to Run.
District Attorney W i 1 1 i a m
Travers Jerome today issued the
following statement:
“In the present shameful con
dition of our political life iu this
State, I am willing to run for the
office of Governor of the State, if
the Democratic convention shall
nominate me without any under
derstanding, express or implied,
other than that, if elected, I shall
obey my oath of office as I under
stand it, in letter and spirit.—
New York dispatch.
-• --
Chamberlain’s Colic. Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy, Better
Than Three Doctors.
“Three years ago we had three
doctors with our little boy and
everything that they could do
seemed in vaiu. At last when all
hope seemed to be gone we began
using Chamberlain’s Colic, Chol
era and Diarrhoea Remedy and in a
hours he began to improve, To
day he is as healthy a child as
parents could wish for.”—Mrs. B.
J. Johnson, Linton, Miss, For
sale by James Plummer, Salisbury,
N. C., and Spencer Pharmacy,
Spencer, N. C.
i We are now occupying our new |
| Store rooms, just two doors north {
| from our old stand, we shall be glad |
1 to meet, at all times, our friends
from the surrounding counties. |
• For the next few .days we will §
| make the following offer: §
| Yard wide Sea Island Sheeting f7p §
I worth 8} at * v |
| Fine Skirt goods worth 25 at |
1 The best quality of Bleach 03 p t
I WOltll 10 V 4v |
t 5 gross Mason’s Fruit Jars
• per dozen 1
j Dave Oestreicher. ;
r 1 mnr■■■■» ..m. ft i 0. ■■ ■■ ..... Y>
Now is the time to buy a new
set of harness. We have them
for all purposes and at all prices. ;
Light driving from $8.50 to $25 i
Carriage or Surry harness from I
$15 to $25. Team Wagon Har
ness, best in town for the money.
We have a j<>b lot of harness j
which we will close out at a very i
close price. Now is the time to j
get a bargain.
Repairing of all kinds neatlj
and promptly done at lowest
Cut this ad. out and bring it
with you and for everv $1 pur
chase, or more, we will give a nice
buggy whip.
Hartline & Go.
Phoue 488, 1L0 East Inniss St.
A firstclass preparatory school. Cer
tificates of graduation accepted for en
trance to leading Southern colleges.
Faculty of ten officers and teachers.
Campus of seventy-fire acres. Library
containing thirty thousand volumes.
Well equipped gymnasium. High
standards and modern methods of in
struction. Frequent lectures by prom
inent lecturers. Expenses exceedingly
moderate. Seven years of phenome: al
success. For catalogue and other in
formation, address
*H. M. NORTH, Headmaster,
6-20-8t DURHAM N. C.
4 Per Cent.
We pay 4 per cent, on money in
savings department, adding the
interest to the principal every 90
days, and offer every safe guard to
the depositors.
We also loan money on real es
tate and personal security.
D. R. Julian, J. D. Norwood,
President. Cashier.
P. H. Thompson, J. A. Peeler,
V.-President. Teller.
m Wlleu you h. - •
H 8cr«pe the bott,Ve U) •
f your miiwo . of S
} ““"Hi r<> 1,„ 2
2 s|»e. .- ?
S P,,rpose of Jr.a'° |
f ?’°11 to ](e plug m
I 10 ‘he bnuk 'mm'y ®
• rainyday. <fe1,,st« I
ijiuwii d (jiijjj)j)f^ *
If you buy shoes from us they must
\~ be Solid Leather Shoes. We
sell Star Brand Shoes and
they are Solid Leather L
Try a pair from
★ ★!
l, REID’S l

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