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WM. H. STEWART, Ed. and Pub.
Published Every Wednesday at 120
West I an Us Street
Subscription Price J1 per year strictly
cash In advance
Entered as second-class matter Jan.
19th. 1906, at the post offlee at Salis
bury, N. C-, under the act of Congress
of March Srd, 1197.
Salisbury, N.C., Sbpt. 19fch, 1906.
Work on the new depot at Al
bemarle has commenced. This
reminds us that it is about time
something should be doing in the
same line in Salisbury.
Some of our State papers are
getting in the habit of printing
illustrations of various foreign
potentates and concert hall
Yankees simply because the cuts
are cheap and handy. There are
too many good things to be said
of our people and the Southland
to be making use of such “lin
In the death of Charles D. Mc
Iver, president of the State Nor
mal and Industrial College, of
Greensboro, the State loses one
of its most valued citizens and
foremost educators. He was do
ing a splendid work, a work that
will benefit the State for years
yet to come. He is the type of
man we can ill afford to lose and
one whose place will be exceeding
hard to fill. The State mourns
the loss of a good man.
Wm. J. Bryan, one of the na
tion’s most popular statesmen
and politicians, was in Salisbury
yesterday for two hours. He ad
dressed an audience in the court
house. The rain prevented his
occupying the stand erected for
his use at the corner of Main
and Innes streets, and owing to
the capacity of the court house,
his audience was necess a r i 1 y
crowded and limited. He Beemed
to be at his best and greatly
pleased those who heard him.
It makes a very little difference
what Mr. Bryan’s personal views
are in regard to government owner
ship or any other, issue. The
thing for the Democracy to do is
to made its own platform before
nominating a candidate, then
nominate the best man obtainable
wno will stand flat-footed upon
it. If Mr. Bryan should accept
the nomination under such condi
tions no one would doubt his
honesty and intention to live up
to the obligation. But would he
C A. Matthews, w ho has been
connected with the Charlo 11 e
News since 1892, died in Ashe
ville late Thursday night. Mr.
Matthews was a capable and loyal
assistant on the staff of the News,
and was highly regarded by a
large circle of friends. Like
many newspaper men his end was
hastened by the constant strain
necessary upon the brain, nerves
and physical man. The man who
imagines the grind of such a life
is of no considerable consequence
knows not whereof he speaks.
We notice in the Statesville
Landmark that one J. C. Cono
ver, of the national department
of agriculture, is going about “in
the in the interests of the farm
ers who are interested in the erec
tion of good agricultural build
ings,” We suppose this means
he is merely suggesting plans and
specifications, but it goes to re
mind U3 of the many ways the
government, state and national
is busying itself in the people’s
aliiairs. Some of which will ac
complish much good and some of
it is just simply meddling and
furnishing jobs for run-abouts.
Mrs. J. A. Coltrane, of High
Poiut, died Saturday afternoon at
the sanitorium here. She came
here several weeks ago for surgi
cal treatment. The remains were
taken to High Point for inter
ment, Mrs. Coltrane was a sister
of Messrs. O. W. and Cicero Spen
cer, of this city, .
Regarding the Width of the Streets, Size
of City Lots, etc.
On the 10th day of February,
1755, the Earl Granville, at the
request of the magistrates of Row
an County, executed a deed to
William Churton and Richard
Vigers for six hundred and thirty
five acres of land, and on the
11th day of February, 1755, Wil
liam Churton and Richard Vi
gers executed a deed in trust to
James Carter and Hugh Fos
ter, trustees, for the township
of Salisbury, fo r the said
six hundred and thirty-five
acres of land, and said Carter and
Foster under said trust deed were
required to execute a deed to the
following gentlemen: Alexander
Osburn, John Brandon, John Bre
vard, Walter Caruth, Andrew Al
lison, Joseph Tate, George Smith.
Johnathan Hunt, A1 e x a n d e r
Cathey, Squire Boone, John Han
by, Fdward Hughes, Robert Si
monton, Thomas Potts, William
Morrison, William Buis and
Christopher Nation, Esquires,
Justices of the Peace of the coun
ty of Rowan, for the half lot on
which the old jail now stands,
and for the Diamond, or what is
now known as the public square,
being the land included in a line
running from the old Mansion
Hotel corner to the corner of
Klutbz’s Drug Store, thence to the
corner of Max Moses’ Grocery
Store, thence to the corner of the
Davis & Wiley Bank and thence
to the beginning.
The Court House, office and
stocks stood on the diamond.
The trustees, Carter and Foster,
were required to make deeds to all
persons whc had entered lots and
paid twenty shillings to John
Whitsett. Treasurer, reserving to
Earl Granville one shilling an
nual rent from each lot.
The records, as far as they have
been examined, show that the
town extended southwest down
(Corbin street then) Main street
now, five squares, with an alley
or roadway one rod wide on the
fifth square, and extended north
east with the aforesaid, street six
squares, with an alley or roadwray
one rod -wide on the cutside of
the sixth square.
On Innes street the town ex
ted northwest and southeast four
The records show that the plan
for the town was arranged by the
consent of Earl Granville before
the deeds to Cburton and Vigers
and Carter and Foster were exe
The town was first divided into
four great squares, North, South,
East and West, and these great
squares were divided into squares
twenty-four poles square, and each
square was divided into four lots,
twelve poles square and the deeds
for over half the lots have been
examined, and bhev show that
every lot sold was by No.—in the
great North, South, East or West
square, containing one hundred
and forty-four square poles, rods
or nerehes.
The Corbin and Iunes streets
were each six rods or pole9 wide,
and all of the other streets three
rods or poles each wide. This
makes Main and limes streets
each ninety-nine feet wide, and
all the other streets forty-nine
and one-half feet wide.
The squares should all be three
hundred and ninety-six feet
square, and each lot should be
one hnndred and ninety-eight
feet square.
The towm of Salisbury, N. C,,
was beautifully arranged, with
nice wide streets but in some few
places we see the spirit of oraft
reaching out and taking that
which properly belongs to the pub
lic, and the city aldermen should
see to it that no one should in
trude one inch upon the streets.
There is not anything that adds
more to the beauty of a town
than broad streets, and a case re
cently decided before the Supreme
Court shows that the Board of
Aldermen can not give anyone a
valid right to build on and occu
py a portion of any street, and it
is claimed by some able lawyers
that a Board of Aldermen that
permits a party to build in the
street is liable to that party who
builds in the street, for damages,
if the pj-ity is ejected from the
It does seem that every one
ought to be willing to aid in pro
tecting the rights of the streets
and protect them from all per
manent obstruction, and not so
far forget themselves or their re
gard for honor descend so low as
to want to appropriate any por
tion of them, permanently to
their own use.
CitlzejS, (
l Full County Ticket Nominated. Settle 1
Makes Good Speech. ‘
The Republcan county conven- i
lion was called to order shortly
liter noon on Saturday, at the
xmrt house, by W. C. Rose, of
Enochville. Owing to the illness
M Chairman Burrage, Mr. Rose
presided over the convention bv
request. Mr. Rose appointed I).
M. Young temporary secretary,
ana the call of the townships was
made. All the precincts were re
John L. Rendleman made a
motion that a committee of five
be appointed to select a county
ticket. The motion was carried
and the chairman appointed the
Postmaster J. M. Dorsett, of
Spencer, R, J. Halton, Prof. F. B.
Brown, Paul Shaver and S. A.
Earnhardt. After a brief confer
ence the committee reported the
following ticket:
For the Senate, H. F. Turner.
For the House, J. II. Frick and
Milas Albright.
For Sheill, J. 0. Houston.
For Register of Deeds, Walter
Burr age.
For Clerk of Superior Court,
A. E. Lyerly.
For Treasurer, John A. Hedrick.
For tax collector, E. A. Long.
For County Comm i s s i o ti
ers, B. A. Knox, David M.
Blackwelder, M, G. M. Fisher,
W. C. Rose and Harris Vauhoy.
For Surveyor, J. C. Barnhardt.
For Coroner, Chas. F. Atwell.
These candidates were nomi
nated without opposition. The
work of the convention was com
pleted in about thirty minutes.
The judicial convention was
called to order at 12:55 by C. E.
Mills, secretary, and Postmaster
Long, of Statesville, was made
chairman. On a call of the roll
all the. counties in the district
showed up except Randolph and
Nominations being in order, A.
H. Price placed in nomination
the name of Zeb Sanders, of Stan
ly, and he was made the nominee
by acclamation. Mr. Sanders
made a brief speech to the effect
that he would ask Solictor Ham
mer for a joint canvass, and inti
mated that he would hammer
Hammer unmercifully.
Congressman Blackburn was
present and made one of his char
acteristic speeches. At 2:40 Hon.
Thomas Settle arrived and Black
burn yielded the platform to him.
Mr. Settle made an excellent
speech He has a fine reputation
as a speaker, and he fully sustain
ed his reputation on this occa
The nomination of Sanders is,
of course, a huge joke, as neither
himself nor his supporters can
entertain any hope of his election.
On the county ticket are some
citizens, who, in point of reputa
tion stand second to none in the
county, and when the vote is
counted on election day, there
may be some surprises.
Report of the Condition of
at Cleveland, in the State of North Carolina,
at the close of business Sept. -4th, 1906.
Loans and discounts.$ 8,239 59
Overdrafts, unsecured . 259 16
Furniture and fixtures,. 677 32
Due from banks and hankers. ... . 5,658 48
Cold coin. 641 co i
Silver coin, including all minor coin
currency,. 830 p>
National hank and other U. S. notes, 8< o 00
Expenses, less undivided profits,_ 38j no
Total. >17,489 9"
Capital stock. .. ..* r*,ooo no
Time certificates of deposit ... 2 476 ]8.
Deposits subject to cheek. 9.9S8 79
Cashier's checks outstanding. 2'00
Total.$17,489 97
State of North Carolina, County of Rowan, ss:
L D. Dellinger, cashier of the ai< ve mini
ed hank, do solemnly swear that the above
statement is true to the best of my knowledge
and belief. 1). P. Dellinger* cashier.
Correct—attest: K. .M. Kosebro, 1
R. A. Knox, >dire'tors.
-J. A. Lyerly, )
Subscribed and sworn to before me. this 14th.
day of September, 1906.
J. L. Rendleman, notary public.
Report of the Condition of
The Bank of China Grove,
at China Grove, N. C.. at the close of ;
business Sept. 4tll. 1906.
Loans and discounts. .$46,616 65
Overdrafts, unsecured. 16 83
Furnituie and fixtures. 60000
ue from batiks and hankers. 2,135 86
Gold coin. 735 no
silvei coin, including all minor coin
currency 9115 21
National bank and other U. S. notes, 2,740 00
Total. >53,749 55
Gap it a' stuck, ... §• 9.750 00
urpius fund. i;oo 00
Undivided profits, less current ex
peuses and taxes paid. 49145
Rills payable.. 8.coo 00
'l ime certificates of deposit. 20.93246
Deposits subject to check. ]3.286 1*2
( ashier's (ihecks outstanding. 686 :.»1
Accrued interest due depositors. 2 61
Total, .*53.749 55
State uf North Carolina, county of Rowan. sS:
I, *v 0. Sifi'ord. cashier of the abnvr naiijed
hank, do solemnly sw» ar t hat t he abovo* <t tte
ment is true to the best of 111 v knowledge and
beiief. W. C. S1FFORJ) cashier.
Correct—attest: C. R. Miller, )
Me. L. Ritchie, >directors.
G. a. RamsaurJ
Subscribed aud sworn to before me, this 12th
lay of September, 1906.
J, L. Sifi'ord, notary public.
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The Merchants’ and Farmers’ i
Bank of Cleveland, has its quar
terly report in this issue and
makes a good showing. It de
serves much success.
The report of the condition of
the Bank of (China Grove appears
in this issue of The Watchman.
Its affairs are in excellent shape
and it has a large and increasing
A report of the condition of the
Bank of Spencer is published in
another column. The report
shows a most gratifying condi
tion of the affairs of this popular
banking institution,
ik> - . nnwrinwiiwiiii n kwmbwm
Report of the condition of the
at Spencer, N. O., at the close
of business Sept. 4th, 1006.
Loans and Discounts. $25,625.88
secured, $153.38,
unsecured, 45.47. 198.85
Furniture and Fixtures... . 705.00
Due from Banks and Bankers 9,061.84
Gold coin,. 500.00
Silver coin, including all mi
nor coin currency. 303.S6
National bank notes and oth
er U, S. notes.. 7,500.00
Total . ... $43,895.43
Capital Stock paid in.. $ 5,000.00
Undivided profits, less cur
rent expenses and taxes
paid. 1,701.54
Deposits subject to check.... 80,564.89
Due to banks and bankers,. . 29.00
Cashier’s checks outstanding 6,600.00 1
Total. $43,895.13!
State of N. C., County of Rowan, S. S:
I, J. K, Dorsett, cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that
the above statement is true to the best
of my knowledge and belief.
Jas K. Dorsett, cashier.
W. YV. Clement, ,
L. C. Sasser, ■ Directors.
S. C. Dorsett, Y
Subscribed and sworn to before me,
this the 11th day of Sept., 1906.
W. H. White, notary public.
To all to Whom these Presents may
Whereas, it appears to my satisfac
tion, by duly authenticated record of
the proceedings for the voluntary dis
solution thereof by the unanimous con
sent of all the stockholders, deposited
in my office, that the McNairy-Farmer
Company a corporation of this State,
whose j rincipal office is situated in the
town of Faith, county of Rowan. State
of North Carolina (H. C. Farmer being
the agent therein and in charge there
of, upon whom process may be served),
has complied with the requirements of
chapter 21, revisal of 1905, entitled
“Corporations,” preliminary to the is
suing of this certificate of dissolution:
Now. Therefore, I, J Bryan Grimes,
Secretary of State of the State of North
Carolina, do hereby certify that the
said corporation did, on .the 8th day of
August, 1906. file in my office a duly
executed and attested consent in writ
ing to the dissolution of $aid corpora
tion, executed by all ihe stockholders
thereof, which said consent and the
record of the proceedings aforesaid are
now on file in my said office as provided
by law.
In Testimony whereof, I have here
to set my hand and affixed my official
seal, at Raleigh, this Sth day of Au
gust, A I)., 1906.
9-5 4t pd. Secretary of State.
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SCHN APPS tobacco. That’s why it
11 has won sr.dEi.ons of chewers every
11 year, until now more is sold than ail
11 similar tobaccos.
SCHNAPPS, the most popular prod
11 uct of the Reynolds factories, is man
ufactured In the very heart of the Pied
mont tobacco belt, known to the world f
as producing tobacco with an aroma !
so delightful and appetizing that It \
introduced and popularized the chew- I
Ing of tobacco. I
s 3
11 is manufactured by the cleanest and most
j ? healthful processes ever devised, under
| ^ the dir ection of men who have made the
l chewing tobacco business a life study,
| and who have managed the R. J. Rey
■ nolds Tobacco Company since 1875,
Only choice selections of thoroughly
cured leaf are used in SCHNAPPS, and
expert tests prove that this class of
tobacco requires and takes a smaller
I amount of sweetening than any other
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There are a great many imitations
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SCHNAPPS, but there is only one gen* \
aim SCHNAPPS. Be sure the letters i
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SCHNAPPS and ethers of the Rey
nolds brands ’-von enough chewers in
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sis and a quarter million pounds, or one- l
third of the entire increased consumption
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smoking tobacco.
SCHNAPPS is made and sold every
where in 5c. cuts and 10 and 35c. plugs.
H, J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO,, Winston-Salem, N. G. ||
® ■■! « ■■■III W*uutidW«et'»<'>'«, :3r-B3.. .. jraKk^aS«ajKaraVj|g»f<\mggrai»l.^ra«aeMmg--»».w. reremmrenoa, ri.wwi.Tr wre —nirrmn || -IIHIII II III IUM iH—IMM IHj H1 nflttVWr^WTC
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For Salisbury'' and Surroundings.
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