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Carolina Watchman.
A Home Newspaper Published in the Interest of the People and for Honesty in Governmental Affairs.
Vol. III. No. 14. Salisbury, N. C., Wednesday, March 20th, 1907. Wm. H.Stewart, Editor.
Building Occupied by Wholesale Firm 6lves
way and Goods are Moved out.
Lexington Dispatch, March 13th.
Friday afternoon the three
story brick building occupied by
the Lexington Grocery Company,
wholesale, near the depot, began
to give away. Thousands of dol
lars worth of goods were stored in
the house, and to get them out
without any damage to the goods
or to those working in the build
ing, was a problem. Experts
pronounced the building unsafe,
liable to fall at any -tame, so that
it was like taking one’s life in
hand to go in the house. The
cause of the trouble was in the
foundation which was not suffi
cient. The g'l.jds b ive been haul
ed away and s r<»d in varioue
places, and the work of repaiiing
the building will go right along.
And while it all seriously inter
feres with the business of this big
o mcern, its affairs will be con
ducted without interruption.
The insane man N. H. Prevo,
wh has been in jail for two
mo hs, and who locked up the
jaiiei some time ago ai d tried to
drown himself in the Nokomis
pond, wis taken to the asylum in
Morgantru on Monday. Sheriff
Delap got woid Sunday that there
was room for him. T. C. Loflin
took him Mt. Loflin saw sever
al Davids an people while at the
asylum. He says A. W. Black is
no betttr although the last three
months hs has not made any
change for the worse. He must
be fed and waited on like a child.
He talks very little and refused
to converse with Mr. Loflin, who
is his father-in-law. Mr. Black
was taken to the hospital nine
mouths ago.
It is stated that the grand jury
late Friday afternoon lound a true
bill against W. A. Bailey, of Da
vie county, who conducts a li
quor business in Danville, for sell
ing liquor as his agents did, ta
king orders here in Lexington
during court, The grand jury
did not know the facts until too
late for the court to take any ac
tion, so that the case will come
up in August.
Another skift of snow fell Wed
nesday night and Thursday morn
ing, bringing down the predicted
number to ten. If we have ten
more, the weather man will have
to hurry. On the heels of the
snow came hail Thursday night,
and a thunder squall.
There is now but one prisoner
in jai., Dolphus Arnold, colored,
and as he will be sent to Rowan
». »untv. the jail might be counted

August 15th has been definitely
decided upon as N^rth Carolina
State day at the Jamestown Ex
position. Governor Glenn, his
staff and a large number of North
Carolina citizens are expected to
be present on that day.
-• -
The News-«No Pure Drug Cough
Cure Laws would be needed, if all
Cough Cures were like Dr. Shoop’s
Cough Cure is-and has been for
20 years. The National Law now
requires that if any poisons enter
into a cough mixtnre it must be
printed on the label or package
For this reascn mothers and oth
ers, should insist cn having Dr.
Shoop’s Cough Cure. No poison
marks on Dr. Shoop’s labels-and
none in the medicine, else it must
by law be on the label. And it’s
not only safe, hut it is said to be
by those That know it best, a tru
ly remarkable cough remedy..
Take no chance particularly with
your children. Insist on having
Dr. Shoop’s Cough Cure. Com
pare carefully the Dr. Sb op pack
age with others and see. No pois
on marks there 1 You caju always
be on the safe side 1 y demanding
Dr. Shoop’s Cough Cure Simply
refuse to aecept any other. Sold
by Grimes Drug Store.
The Watchman’s Latest and Biggest
Contest Now on.
Will Continue till June ist.
If you Want a Good Buggy Don’t Fail to Get
Busy at Once.
The biggest and best proposition in the way of a voting
contest ever offered by The Watchman is herewith set on
foot. The conditions are brief and the prize is great. Now
is your opportunity to get a splendid one-horse buggy with
out the outlay of a dime on your part. You want a good
buggy and we want to increase the circulation of the
Wamchman, hence we inaugurate the followinging voting
contest. For every cent paid on subscription one vote will
be given, except subscriptions brought in by some one act
ing as an agent, in which case two votes for each cent paid
will be given. Voting coupons with the number of votes to
which one is entitled*theron will be issued to all who
make payments. These coupons must be deposited at the
office of the Watchman to be counted and credited to the
proper candidates.
No one connected with the Watchman force in any man
ner will be allowed to enter the contest, but all others now
subscribers are invited to help in any manner they can.
Work for yourself or help some one else to get it.
We haven’t a suitable cut
of the buggy which some
lucky person will receive at
the expiration of this contest,
but in a general way we can
say that it is a No. 12 Dia^
mond buggy made bydhe l)u
rant-'Dort Carriage Co. It is
of the open side bar type and
one of the best makes on the
market, substantial and firsts
class in every particular. It
can be seen by calling at the
Barber Buggy and Wagon
Co.’s place of business, jn
oouucn Bireei, inese gentlemen win lane pleasure 111
showing it and giving any information about it that may be
desired. Remember some one will get it without fail. If
you want one why not make an effort to get it?
During this contest we have decided to make the most
liberal prices possible for full year subscriptions. They are
as follows:
The Watchman, single subscription, new or renewal.. .75c
“ 2 years, “ “ “ .... $1.00
In clubs of two or more, 1 year, new or renewal, each. .50c
Those who enter the contest for the main prize, the buggy,
will be guided by the above, but should they want other
information we will be glad to furnish them with same.
Subscriptions for less than one year will be at the rate of
Any one who sends us five subscriptions and $2,50, will
be given one year’s subscription free.
Any one sending us ten subscriptions and $5.00, will be
given a copy of the San Francisco Earthquake book. Value
The Walchman will continue as it is with whatever im
provement we may be able to make upon it. It asks the
support of all good people and will endeavor to merit their
Subscribers have the privilege of selecting their own can
didates. New candidates may be brought out at any time.
Vote for whom you wish and as often as possible. The can
didate who gets the most votes will be awarded the prize.
The first in the field generally stands a good chance to
win, so if you are going to make an effort for the buggy, a
word to the wise is sufficient. Any other information fur'*
nish^d upon request. Send all money and communications
Wm. H. Stewakt,
Salisbury, N. C.
Do not Crowd the Season.
The first warm days of spring
bring with them a desire to get
out and enjoy the exhilirating air
and sunshine. Children that have
been housed up all winter are
brought out and you wonder where
they all came from. The heavy
wirtc. c’othing is thrown aside
an-t v shed their flannels.
Then a c 1 wave comes and peo
ple say that grip is epidemic.
Colds at this seas'' are even more
'dangerous than in id-winter, as
there is more danger of pneumo
nia. Take Chamberlain’s Cough
Remedy, however, and you will
have nothing to fear. It always
cures, and we have never known a
cold to result in pneumonia when
it was used. It is pleasant and
safe to take. Children like it
For sale by James umraer, Sal
isbury, and Sp tr Pea; "ipcy,
Spencer, N. C.
Will he Refused Admittance.
Washington, March 14,—Com
plying with the provisions of the
immigration act approved Febru
ary 22nd last, President Roose
velt today issued an executive or
der that such citizens of Japan or
Korea to wit: Japanese or Ko
rean laborers, skilled or unskilled,
who have received passports to go
to Mexico, Canada, or Hawaii and
come therefrom, be refused per
mission to enter the continental
territory of the United States,
This order was issued by the
president in fulfillment of his
promise to Mayor Schmitz and
associates from California when
the negotiations regarding the
Japanese school question were had
in Washington.
Unfortunate Accident to Young MaR who
it Working for Education.
Stanly Enterprise, March 15th.
Geo, Reid, ot Misenheimer,
came very near being killed here
Saturday night, Mr. Reid and
several other parties came to Mi
senheimer to Richfield on a lever
car, and on their return the car
ran into some slabs that had been
placed on the track by unknown
parties. Mr. Reid was thrown
from the car and his head very
badly cut and bruised. Dr. Allen
was at once summoned and his
wounds dressed. The wounds are
not serious, but he will probably
carry the scars the balance of his
life,—Richfield correspondence.
Frank Caspar, the young man
who was injured at Canton last
week, is now at the hospital at
Salisbury and is getting along
fine. He fell 35 feet from a brick
wall which fell on him. He was
covered for two hours before re
lief could reach him, It seems
he was spared only through the
mercy of God. Frank is a fine
boy and an industrious workman.
He v/as working to make money
to educate himself. He has the
sympathy and best wishes of his
many friends.—New London cor
The Missionary Institute for
the Salisbury district conference,
which met with the Methodist
church here Tuesday and Wed
nesday, brought to AlbsmarBt an
interesting group of ministers and
delegates. The Presiding Elder said
the meeting was one of the most
successful he has yet held or at
tended. The seUricea wars well
-attended and the missionary dause
in the district is shown to be in a
healthy condition.
A deacon of tbe Baptist church
at Silver Springs corrects the item
in last issue which refers to" the
raising of money at a box supper
to paint the church, saying that
“it was gitten up by some of the
young peple who do not know that
Baptists don’t raise money ex
cept by the gift plan.”
News of the death of our form
er townsman- Whit F. Hearne,
who moved to the west several
years ago, did not reach relatives
and friends here until a few days
ago. A letter states that Mr.
Hearne died at his home at Mt.
Pleasant, Texas, sometime in No
vember last.
Mrs. Jessie Furr, who has lin
gered a good whils^with consump
tion, died last Tuesday. Her
death was followed a few hours
later by that of her ten-months
old child. The remains were in
terred Wednesday in Center Grove
church cemetery,—Locust corres
Straus to Appoint Georgian.
Washington, March 14.—It has
been practically decided by Sec
retary Straus to appoint J. L.
Benton, a well known young busi
ness mau of Monticello, Ga.. as a
special agent of the department
to go abroad and investigate the
market for cotton seed products.
Health In the Canal Zone.
The high wages paid make it a
mighty temptation to our young
artisans to join the force of skill
ed workmen needed to construct
the Panama Canal. Maay are
restrained however by the fear of
fevers and malaria. It is the
knowing ones-those who have us ad
Electric Bitters, who go there
without this fear, well knowing
they are safe from malarious in
fluences with Electric Bitters on
hand. Cures blood poison too,
biliousness, weakness and all
stomach, liver and kidney trou
bles. Guaranteed by'all drug
gists. 50c.
Nigro Highwaymen Bound Over to Court.
Several Deaths Reportnd.
e«McordTlme«. M»r#h 15th.
Chief of Police Boger left yes
terday for Warsaw, W. Va., to
! bring back Linn C. Dry, formerly
of Forest Hill who is charged with
misappropriating about $140 be
longing to the Junior Order Coun
cil No. 25, of which he was treas
urer He left here suddenly about
thres months ago, and recently
he was located at Warsaw and
placed in custody. Requisition
papers had to be secured and
these were recently completed.
Mr. Dry’s family, consisting of
his wife and three children, are in
Judd McGriff, who shot and
killed Fayette Ury on the streets
here last Sunday night, was giv
en a preliminary hearing Tuesday
before Esq. Pitts. The only di
rect evidence against him is the
dying testimony of Ury, as neith
er of the women who were present
saw McGriff fire the shot. As no
malice was proven, McGriff was
held in $500 bond for his appear
ance at court. He could not give
the bond and is now in jail.
Juo. C. Correll, who some time
ago resigned as agent of the South
ern Express Company here, has at
the request of the company with
drawn his resignation, and will
continue as agent. He will also
be connected with the overall fac
tory, as mentioned some time ago.
He has made a most satisfactory
express agent and our people are
glad to know that he will not give
Up the office.
John and Shep Gilmer, who
were arrested for holding up
Messrs. Sossamon and Cannon
last Saturday night, were given a
preliminary hearing Tuesday af
ternoon before Esq. Pitts. The
evidence was such'that they were
held on a charge of highway rob
bery, andjthey are'now in jail in
default of $250 bond each.
Mrs. Mattie Fisher, wife'of E.
L. Fisher, died last Saturday af
ternoon after a lingering illness
at her home in No. 4 township.
Caleb A. Moose died last Tues
day morning at his home just
across the Cabarrus line in Stan
ly county. He was 80 years of
age and one of the best citizens
of the section in which he lived,
Mrs. Nancy Honeycutt, who
lived with her daughter, Mrs. J.
Wesley Sid?s, on Pine street, died
last Wednesday afternoon about
8 o’clock, aged 86 years. Her
death was the result of old age.
We regret to note (hat the con
dition of Mrs, G. W. Patterson,
who has been ill for several days
of pneumonia, is not improved.
Her many friends will hope that
her condition will soon change
for the better.
-m -
Cleveland Enjoys an Outing.
Georgetown, S. C., March 14.—
Commodore E. C. Benedict came
to the city today from General Al
exander’s shooting preserves at
Forbes Point, and reported that
former President Cleveland is en
joying thoroughly his outing here,
that be is in good health and the
best of spirits. The weather is
too warm for good duck shooting,
but Mr. Cleveland and Admiral
Lamberton bag quite a number
each day. The party will visit
the club house and preserves of
the Santee Gun Club in a few
Faster and faster the pace is set,
By people of action, vim and get,
So if at the finish you would be,
Take Hollister’s Rocky Mountain
Tea. T. W. Grimes Drug Co.
Ox Teams amd Automobiles. Another
New Telephone Line.
8t»t«»Tlle Landmark. March 15th.
Miss Clide Linney, who haa been
in school at the college, has been
very ill at the home of her ■ister,
Mrs. E. A Frye,on Mulberry
street, but is very much improved.
__The freight blockade, which
has existed on the Southern dur
ing the winter, has been broken
and freight is now moving in and
out at the Statesville station in a
systematic'manner. Agent Maher
says freight transportion lis now
Wm. B. Lambert,'of Barringer
township, and Miss Bertha Josey,
of Fallstown township,’were mar
ried in'the solicitor’s room at the
court "house’^yesterday afternoon
about' 1:30 o’clock.
Ox teams are seen iu'Statesville
occasionally, but teams of four
are not common. Tuesday four
large steers yoked to a mounted
engine was a street scene. We
have the most primitive and the
most modern methods of trans
portation in this community—ox
teams and automobiles.
W. P. Gabriel, of the vicinity
of Moeresville, whose mind is im
paired and who has been in jail
several weeks [awaiting an open
ing in the State Hospital, was
taken to Morganton Tuesday and
placed in the hospital.
A meeting was to have been
held at Taylorsville yesterday to
organize a company to build an
independent tflephone line from
Taylorsville to Statesville. On
accouut of a delayed train the
meeting had to be postponed. It
will be held next Tuesday.
Capt. J. A, Cooper, who has
been in feeble health for several
months, suffered a stroke of pa
ralysis Tuesday afternoon and his
condition is very serious, Capt.
Cooper suffered a stroke of paral
ysis last summer and since then
his condition has been precarious.
The last stroke affected his entire
right side and he is unable to
speak but recognizes his acquaint
ances, His condition is un
changed this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Morrison,
of Salisbury, are spending a few;
days at the home of Mr, Morri
son’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
E, Morrison, north of town. They
will leave in a few days for Stan
ley, Gaston county, where Mr.
Morrison will manage the brick
plant being installed by W. E.
Morrison on his recently pur
chased property there. D. A.
Morrison will go to Salisbury !to
take charge of the brick business
there, which has been under the
management of J. B. Morrison.
— Had the Wrong Man.
Asheville, March 14.—N o a h
Walker, of McFuris, arrested here
by Sergeant Jackson, of Spartan
burg, charged with the murder of
nis sister-in-law in Newport,
Tenn., several months ago, has
been released. Newport officers
who arrived in Asheville for the
purpose of identification declared
that Jackson had the wrong man
and Walker was speedily released.
The officers here were satisfied
that Jackson had the wrong man
when he arrested Walker and con
sequently had little if anything
to do with the false arrest.—Spe
cial to Charlotte Observer.
Tetter, Salt Rheum and Eczema.
These are diseases for which
Chamberlain’s Salve is especially
valuable. It quickly allays the
itching and smarting and soon
effects a cure. Price, 25 cents.
For sale by James Plnmmer, Sal
isbury, and Spencer Pharmacy,
Spencer, N, C.

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