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The C Watchman.
A Home Newspaper Published in the Interest of a id for Honesty in Governmental Affairs.
Vol. III. No. 16. y, April 3rd, 1907. Wm, h.Stewart, Editor.
“'Mr! G dines Will Come Here to Live,
Kinds Words tor Rev. J. H. Grey.
Lexington Dispatch, March 27th.
Grimes Bros have about fin
ished installing a new equipment
in their flour mill at Salisbury,
and the plant will be started up
within a short time. Percy Grimes
will manage the business and will
move to Salisbury to live.
While driving out to their home
at Arnold, Messrs. 0. H, and R,
L. Everhart Buffered some sprains
and bruises in a runaway Sunday.
Their horse took fright and they
were thrown from the buggy.
The buggy was slightly damaged.
Reports from over the>Cbn*ify
indicate that the wheat cropin
fine condition now, and' that if
nothing untoward happens until
spring “breaks” sure enough,
there will be a very large yield
this year. Davidson is the. ban
ner wheat county of the State, re
member that, ♦
The death of ’Squire ^has. Se
Chriest recalls that Cat Harris,
who held\« position in the legis
]atureso£>j^5)&, als|f became ill at
Rala^i^^d'die3|t|efore he reach*
ed^fot&^t^ T'hatqSJxjitol has caused
se verajSf 3eathshan sixty
days of life dutfiig’a .legislature is
pretty hard on iriefi who are not
accustomed to being confined in a
Rev. John H. Grey, who recent
ly resigned as pastor of the Salis
bury Presbyterian church on ac
count of ill health, went to a Bal
timore hospital last week. He
had been at Jackson Springs for
some time. Mrs. Grey is still in
Salisbury. His frienfis here will
be pleased to hear of Mr. Grey’s
early recovery.
Work on the building of the
Lexington Grocery Company is
progressing right along and the
firm hopes to get back into it by
the first of the month, Although
put to great inconvenience, the
business of the company has been
carried on without interruption,
with headquarters in the old Na
tional bank building.
Under a law passed by the 'leg
islature, the chief of police in
every town is required to make
out a list of immoral houses every
month and file it with the mayor.
The inmates of such houses are
classed as vagrants and can be
punished accordingly. There is
another law making the reputa
tion of such houses evidence
against the inmates. If these
laws are enforced, there will be
few such places in any town.
A $150,000 Fire.
Newberry, S. C., March 29.—
The most destructive fire that
Newberry has ever experienced
occurred here today. A large
part of the residence portion was
destroyed by fire, including the
Presbyterian church and parson
age and the Associated Reformed
Presbyterian church. The total
loss is estimated about $150,1
000, with about 50 per cent, cov
ered by insurance.
For some cause the waterworks
failed to furnish a supply of wa
ter and the fire department was
The fire started a little before
12 o’clock and continued until
nearly 4 o’clock before it was un
der control, and then only be
cause it was cut off by a large
grove which separated it from
other buildings.
Many handsome buildjn s and
old time residences were destroy
ed. No casualties or accidents
occurred during the fire.—Special
to Charlotte Observer.
j - •
The Watchman’s Latest and Biggest
Contest Now on.
Will Continue till June ist.
If you Want a Good Buggy Don’t Fail to Get
Busy at Once. /
The biggest and best proposition in the way of a voting
contest ever offered by The Watchman is herewith set on
foot. The conditions are brief and the prize is great./ Now
is your opportunity to get a splendid one-horse buggy with
out the outlay of a dime on your part. You want a good
huggy and we want to increase the circulation of the
Wamchman, hence we inaugurate the followinging' voting
contest. For every eenirpaid on subscription one volse will
be given, except sv^Ht^iDtions brought in by some ©nest
ing as an agent, itrwfckm case two votes for each cent pahi.
I will be given. Voting tsoupons with the number of votes to
jvhich one is entitled1 theron will be issued to all who
-tbake payments. These coupons must be deposited at the
office of the Watchma^ tov be counted and credited to the
proper candidates. s
No one connected with the Watchman force in any man
ner will be allowed to enter the contest, but all others now
subscribers are invited to help in any manner they can.
Work for yourself or help some one else to get it.
We haven t a suitable cut
of the buggy which some
lucky person will receive at
the expiration of this contest,
but in a general way we can
say that it is a No. 12 Dia
mond buggy made by the Du
rant-Dort Carriage Co. It is
of the open side bar type and
one of the best makes on the
market, substantial and first
class in every particular. It
can be seen by calling -at the
Barber Buggy and Wagon
Co.’s place of business, cn
uounen (street, inese gentlemen Will take pleasure in
showing it and giving any information about it that may be
desired. Remember some one will get it without fail. If
you want one why not make an effort to get it?
During this contest we have decided to make the most
liberal prices possible for full year subscriptions. They are
as follows:
The Watchman, single subscription, new or renewal.. .75c
“ “ 2 years, “ “ “_ $1.00
In clubs of two or more, 1 year, new or renewal, each. .50c
Those who enter the contest for the main prize, the buggy,
will be guided by the above, but should they want other
information we will be glad to furnish them with same.
Subscriptions for less than one year will be at the rate of
Any one who sends us five subscriptions and $2,50, will
be given one year’s subscription free.
Any one sending us ten subscriptions and $5.00, will be
given a copy of the San Francisco Earthquake book. Value
The WALCHMAif*will continue as it is with whatever ini"
provement we may be able to make upon it. It asks the
support of all good people and will endeavor to merit their
Subscribers have the privilege of selecting their own can~
didates. New candidates may be brought out at any time.
Vote for whom you wish and as often as possible. The can"
didate who gets the most votes will be awarded the prize.
The first in the field generally stands a good chance to
win, so if you are going to make an effort for the buggy, a
word to the wise is sufficient. Any other information fur"
nislmd upon request. Send all money and communications
Wm. H. Stewart,
Salisbury, N. C.
Cured of Rheunatlsa.
Mr. Wm. Henry, of Chattanoo
ga, Tenn,, had rheumatism in his
left arm. “The strength seemed
to have gone out of the muscles
bo that it was useless for work,”
he says. "I applied Chamber
lain’s Pain Balm and wrapped the
arm in flannel at night, and to
my relief I found that the pain
gradually left me and the strength
returned. In three weeks the
rheumatism had disappeared and
has not since returned.” If you
are troubled with rheumatism try
a few applications of Pain Balar.
You are certain to be pleased with
the relief which it affords. For
sale by James Plummer, Salis
bury, and Spencer Pharmacy,
Spencer, N. C,
Ripe Peaehes in Louisiana.
New Orleans, March 29 —Ripe
pea shes gathered months ahead of
time are being picked in Plaque
mine parish, Louisiana. The
mildest winter in 30 years was the
cause of the early ripening and
samples of the fruit will be saved
for exhibition at the Jamestown
-• m
Whupiig Goigh.
I have used Chamberlain’s
Cough Remedy in my family in
cases of whooping cough, and want
to toll you that it is the best medi
cine I ever used.—W. F. Gaston,
Posco, Ga. This remedy is safe
and sure. For sale by Jas. Plum
mer, Salisbury, and Spencer Fhar
maoy, Spencer, N, C.
—T l
A;iuggestlon to Farmers. Rev. S. M.
| Watson Access Cali to Concord.
CtpserdTimes. Mardh 29th.
|virs. F. M. U)ulin died last
Monday at her\ home near the
Bela mill, after a\few days illness
of pneumonia, nhe leaves her
h isband and several children,
w io will sadly miss a demjt^d
w fe and mother. I She was an ex^«
lc< Uent woman in lpvery respect.
y. M. Cox, of Nb. 9, was in our
offirS yesterday and showed us
abfut 120 pennyweights of pure
gold nuggets which he had picked
up? at the Meadow Creek mine
wljch his company is working by
hydraulic pressure. About a year
agqa nugget weighing 1^ pounds
wa| picked up at this mine.
I'here are no developments hb
^fc^case charged with the kiting
of yvthij*Page last Saturdawnight.
Tlje coroner’s jury found sufficient
evidence to hold Walter Black
welder, Will Burton and Charles
Collett, and they are now in jail
awaiting the next term of court.
Warrants have been issued lor
the three men named above foj
carrying concealed weapons, at:d
one was issued against Blackwel
der for an assault with a deadly
weapon made in Walker’s homo.
Rev. S. M. Watson, of Heath
Springs, who preached in the
First Baptist Church here three
weeks ago, has accepted the call
bo the pastorate of the church ex
tended shortly after, and will
bake charge of the work about
June 1st. Mr. Watson is an ex
cellent preacher, and the congre
gatir^' here were much pleased
wi.h'him in everyway. He is
about 40 years of age, and his
family consists of his wife and
four children.
It has been frequently sugg°sted,
and the suggestion is a good one,
for every farmer to place his
name and the name of his farm
on hiB road gate. Not only would
persons dr ving to a place more
easily find it, but it would add
more pleasure and interest to peo
ple driving from place to place.
This last result would have spe
cial effect with regard to well
kept and pretty hr uses. An ob
serving parson will seldom pass a
beautiful farm without desiring
to know who is its enterprising
Kev. H. A. McCullough has re
signed as pastor of the Lutheran
church at Mt. Pleasaut, and as
one of the principals of the Col
legiate Institute, to take effect
June 1. He will again take up
pastoral work, Mr. McCullough
has held his present position for
four years, and during that time
has greatly endeared himself to
the people of Mt. Pleasaut and all
with whom he has come in con
tact. He re8:gns his work as an
educator to reenter the full work
of the ministry, his chosen call
ing. We learn that it is proba
ble that he will become pastor of
the Lutheran church at Albe
marle. We exceedingly regret to
see him leave Cabarrus.
Hard Timas in Kansas.
The old days of grasshoppers
and drouth are almost forgotten
in the prosperous Kansas of to
day ; although a citizen of Codel1,
Earl Shamberg, has not yet for
gotten a hard time he encounter
ed. He says: “I was worn out
and discouraged by coughi n g
night and day, and could find no
relief till I tried Dr. King’s New
Discovery. It took less than one
bottle to completely cure me.”
The safest and most reliable
cough and cold cure and lung and
throat healer ever discovered.
Guaranteed by all druggists. 50c.
and $1.00. . Trial bottle free.
Mr. Hahn Surpaises His Friends. Death
of Former Presiding Elder.
Stanly Enterprise. March 268th.
4»MrB. O. J Hall died Friday and
was buTied at Pine Grove chusch
cemetery on Saturday. " She was
21 years of age, the youngest
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. S.
Henry Campbdl, a colored
Snan, was killed at Granite Quar
lySSunday, having fallen from
the ci^r while the train passed
over hnn.
Miss Fannie McCurdy, of Ca
barrus, has heen by the bedside
of her brother, whose illness from
pneumonia has been •'noted. „ Mr.
McGdrdy is yet very sick but
h^pes are held for his recovery.
The Albermarle Telephone Com
pany has placed a handsome booth
in the Central Hotel with long
distance conveniences. The ’phone
has automatic attachments, avd
each message is paid for through
the slob contrivance. Manager
Ivey is justly proud of the im
Many friends in this county
will learn with profound sorrow
of the death of Rev. John R.
Brooks in Wilson on Monday.
The Methodist ,_church loses an
able minister, and a good man
has gone to his reward. He was
70 years of age. He was presid
ing elder of the Salisbury district
at one time.
W. Abner Hahn surprised many
of his friends here Sunday by
getting married. His bride is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Caleb
F. Dry, of Western Stanly, and
is a lovable and attractive young
woman. The ceremony was per
formed at the home of the bride’s
parents, in the presence of a few
relatives and friends, Rsv. E. M.
Avett officiating.
The view that some folks have
of helping out a town or com
munity in its struggle for growth
is what they can get out of it for
self. When this spirit becomes
strong enough to defeat others
who are honestly striving for ad
vancement it becomes a positive
curse and a hindering cause. But,
shorn of its power, as sooner or
later it must be, it takes the
sweep of the boomerang and
crushes the life that gave it
It is not generally known, but
this town owes ex-mayor Dr. S
B. Kluttz a vote of thanks. He
not only stood firm in saving the
town from entering into an en
tanglement or two that in the
long run would have been detri
mental to its future welfare, hut
he went down into his private
funds and met current indebted
ness when the treasury was prac
tically defunct. The doctor is
not a candidate and would accept
no office, and this is not said to
help him get one. It may be
said however, that the debt of a
few years’ standing was only re
The News-No Pure Drijg Cough
Cure Laws would be needed, if all
Cough Cures were like Dr. Shoop’B
Cough Cure is-and has been for
20 years. The National Law now
requires that if any poisons enter
into a cough mixture it must be
printed on the label or package
For this reascn mothers and oth
ers, should insist on having Dr.
Shoop’s Cough Cure. No poison
marks on Dr. Shoop’s labels-and
none in the medicine, else it must
by law be on the label. And it’s
not only safe, hut it is said to be
by those that know it best, a tru
ly remarkable cough remedy.
Take no chance particularly with
your children. ' Insist on having
Dr. Shoop’s Cough Cure. Com
pare carefully the Dr. Shoop pack
age with others and see. No pois
on maiks there! You can always
be on the safe side by demanding
Dr. Shoop’s Cough Cure. Simply
refuse to accept any other. Sold
by Grimes Drug Store.
Fined for Cursing a Woman. Accident to
Miss Blanche Gaither.
Statesvile Landmark. March 29th.
Messrs. T. C. Alspaugh and E.
L. Hedrick, of Taylorsville; A.
W. White, of Stony Point, and
J. L. Stevenson, of Loray, spent
Wednesday in town and made a
contract with the Iredell Tele
phone Company for connection
for_the telephone.liue from Tay
ljrsville to Statesville, which will
be built by the People’s Telephone
Company, recently organized".
Nearly all the stock has been sub
scribed and the work of construc
tion will begin as soon as arrange
ments can be made.
Miss Blanche Gaither, young
daughter of Frank Gaither, of
Salisbury, who is visiting at the
home of'her uncle, J. 0. Gaither,
\n Olin township, fell from a horse
Wednesday afternoon and broke
her collar bone. Miss Blanche
and her cousin, Miss'fAnnie Bell
Gaither, were having sport horse
back riding, both riding the sam^
horse, and it was during the ride
that Miss Blanche fell off the ani
mal and suffered the painful in
Dr. A F. Orne and wife, who
were ii/Statesville several years
ago and attracted ' considerable
attention by stopping at a negro
boarding house, passed through
Statesville yesterday sfen route
from Mississippi to points in the
North. During his stay in States
ville, Orne alleges thal he receiv
ed a letter from what f he termed
the “Hoe-down club,” stating if
he did not leave town he would
bo coated with tar and feathers.
/'I y~v 1 »n - ■ • ..
vjtwu. vmou wuB uciuio oijuiio
Sloan Tuesday, charged wi t h
cursing a woman near the States
ville cotton mill and was fined
$5 and costs. Orren, it was al
leged, was accustomed to drive
his buggy across the yard of the
plaintiff and when she ordered
him to keep off the yard he is al
leged to^have indulged in strong
language and to have made him
self otherwise disagreeable.
While the board of trustees of
the college is having the plans
made for the new addition to the
college building, tie contract for
the work will not be let until all -
the money necessary is subscribed.
There is yet lacking about $1,500,
Mrs. Nancy Cranfill, who has
lived in Iredell county all her
life and most of the time within
ten miles of Statesville, was in
town Wednesday for the first
time. She is between 50 and 60
years old, and is now living in
Cool Spring township.
It is expected that the office fo
the collector of internal revenue
will be moved from Asheville to
Statesville about April 15th. The
office will occupy rooms on sach
of the three floors of the Federal
Threw her Infant In the Sea.
Crazed by sickness, Mrs. Filo
meua Acquila, a passenger aboard
the steamer Konig Albert, which
just arrived here from Naples,
threw her infant daughter into
the sea last Wednesday, where it
perished. The woman tried to
follow the infant to death, but
was restrained. The steamer was
stopped for half an hour while
a search was made for the child,
—New York dispatch.
-• • --
Thousands have pronounced
Hollister’s Rocky Mountain Tea
the greatest healing power on
earth. When medical science
fails, it succeeds Makes you
well and keeps yen well. 35cents
Tea or Tablets. T. W. Grimes
Drug Co.

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