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Mrs, C. E. Clayton, of Albe.
marle, has been very sick while
visiting her father, J. P. Wyatt,
but is much better and has return
ed home.
The frost of last week has done
considerable damage to the fruit
crop and has hurt early wheat.
There are some peaches yet, if
they don’t get killed this cold
John W. Bean and John Wil
liams went to a sale Saturday,
near Gold Hill, and they say
nothing sold so well as the Watch
man, if it was a rainy day. They
say they landed every man but
one, he didn’t have the “price”
and was excused.
W. R. Bean has been planting
corn for the last week and says he
is afraid for it to come up now.
He is one of our best farmers
along the Yadkin river,
Mr, and Mrs. R. F. Crook, of
Salisbury, are visiting their pa
rents. Their baby has been quite
sick for the past month, but has
improved very much since their
stay here.
J. M. Morgan has bought a big
lot of timber from James Wyatt.
He has sold it to Walter Burrage
who will move his saw mill and
will saw it up.
W, C. Carroll has just come to
himself after several days. It’s
a boy, name unknown. We hope
W. C. will be as ever now.
E. A. Shepherd has moved in
his new residence near here. The
boys gave him an old time bell
ing. We are sorry to lose Ed.
from our town.
Love Morgan has a goose that
has been laying eggs all winter
and is now setting. If the pups
don’t get the eggs he will soon
have some geese. If any one can
beat this we would like to hear
from them before next winter.
Birk Bringle is confined co hie
bed with measles. We hope to
Bee him out soon. His wife has
been very sick but is greatly im
proved now.
Williams, Miller & Co. have the
lumber on the lot to build a shop.
They will do all kinds of wood
and iron work, bicycle repairing
etc. A. C. Miller will be the
manager. We have needed a shop
in our town for some time and
we are glad to see it go up.
[This should have appeared m
our last issue, but for lack of
■paoe was left out.—Ed.]
April 16th.
Wm, Casper who has been gen
eral manager for C. H. Shepheid
in his lumber business for some
time, resigned his position and
went to Spencer, but has returned
and is now at his old place and
things are going right.
Mrs. David Ketchey was badly
hurt by a falling tree last week,
but is some better now.
David Morgan has been quite
sick for a fe^ days but is very
much improved ■ now and his
speedy recovery is expected.
H. C. Miller visited his mother
Sunday. Mr, Miller is one of
the new firm of Williams, Miller
■ Co., who are erecting a shop near
Our mail carrier, L. 0. Ritchie,,
says there are some Watchmans
to deliver on his route. Yes,
there will be more soon, if Mr.
Stewart can keep us in receipts.
Meeting of Stockholders.
The annual ^meeting of the
stockholders of the Bank of China
Grove was held at the office of
the bank, on the 9th inst. All
the’ old officers were re-elected.
The official statement showed a
prosperous year just closed. A
dividend of 8 per cent, was paid,
besides adding a snug sum to thr
surplus fund.
-• •
Miss Bessie Crossett and J. J.
Robinson were married last Wed
nesday evening, at the home of
the bride, on East Innis street,
Rev. W. B. Duttera, pastor of the
Reformed church, officia ting.
Mr. Robinson is a machinist and
is employed at the shops of the
Southorn in Spencer.
Oscar Ncsbit, a young man who
was loading a sawing last Thurs
day, met with a very serious an
cident. The log by some means
hit him, bruised and cut an <-ar
nearly off. Dr. Heathmaii dressed
hia wounds and he is now getting
along nicely. Mr, Nesbit is high
ly respected in his community.

The newr dwelling of Scott Free
man was deptroytd by fire Friday
night. Mr. Freeman has cccuph d
the house not over a year. It was
completely destroyed with about
all its contents. The origin of
the fire is not known. Mr. Free
man w'as away from home at the
time and his family had just re
tired and barely escaped in their
night clothes. Mr. Freeman is a
hard working man and the loss
falls very heavily upon him
Child's Gets Head Fast in a Chum.
There was a novel occurrence
near Stanton poBtoffice in Wilkes
county a few days ago. On the
porch of the home of Uriah Bum
gartner, the children were play
ing. A little daughter had in her
hands an old fashioned churn, Mg
at the bottom and little at the
top. and while holding it upside
down, playfully placed it on the
head of a two-year-old boy.
The child turned his chin up
ward and the churn cjuld not be
removed. The large end of the
churn had to be sawed off and
then great difficulty was experi
enced in getting the first stave
knocked out without injuring the
child seriously.—Winston dis
-• •
Location Changes on April 22nd.
Asheville, April 14.—Prepara
tions are making at the internal
revenue office for the formal
transfer of the office to States
ville. Collector Brown has seltc
ted Monday, April 22nd, as the
probable date for moving the of.
fice and, if that day is finally
definitely decided upon, the sev
eral offices in the Feueral build
ing now occupied by Collector
Brown and his force of depu
ties and clerks will be vacated by
the middle of the week of April
22nd, It is probable that little
time will be lost in removing the
office. It is practically certain
that all the present employes of
the office, with the exception of
C. B. Moore, will accompany Col
lector Brown to Statesville. Mr.
Moore has been named as stamp
deputy for Asheville and he will
consequently stay. There is much
packing in progress in the revenue
department and these prepara
tions will continue until all re
cords are collected and made ready
for transfer.
Shooting Near Mooresvile.
On G. L. McKnight’s place,
about six miles from Mooresville,
Sunday afternoon, two negroes
more or less under the influence
of mean whiskey got into an al
tercation with the result that one
of them got shot foty times and
another one who was not con
cerned in it got shot in the arm.
Sim Fisher shot at John Moore
with a shot gun and missed him,
and the load tO'k effect in the
arm of John Frazier. John Moore
pulled his pistol and shot at Fish
er four time, all shots taking ef
fect, but none of them were se
rious. Both were able to attend
the trial Monday before ’Squire
E. T. Goodman, who bound them
over to the next term of court
under a $100 bond each, which
they gave.—Mooresville dispatch.
A Woman tells how to Relieve Rheumatic
I have been a very great suffer
er from the dreadful disease, rheu
matism, for a Dumber of yea is.
I have tried many medicines but
never got much relief from any
of them until two years ago, when
I bought a bottle of Chamber
lain’s Pain Balm. I found relief
before I had used all of one bot
tle, but kept on applying it and
soon felt like a different woman.
Through |my advice many of my
friends have tried it and can tell
you how wonderfully it has work
ed.— Mrs. Sarah A. Cole, 140 S.
New St., Dover, Del. Chamber
lain’s Pain Balm is a liniment.
The relief from pain which it af
fords is alon wort many times its
cost. It makes rest and sleep
possible. For sale by Jas, Plum
mer, Salisbury, and Spencer Phar
macy, Spencer, N. C.
Lady Teacher Tires of Life and Ends
her Existence With Carbolic Acid.
Morgauton, .ipril 11.—Thocom
muuity was very much shocked to
hear this morning that Miss Jessie
Ball, a member of the faculty of
the School for the Deaf, bad dis
appeared yesterday afternoon and,
after being searched for during
the uight by the principal of the
school and male teachers, no trace
>f her could be found. Searching
parties composed _of the citizens
then started in every direction
and about 11 o’clock this morn
ing her body was found about one
halt mile from the school on a
wooded hillside near the Southern
railway. A bottle labeled carbolic
acid was found by her side. Her
face was terribly burned from the
acid. The greatest mystery en
velops this death, there being not
the slightest clue to any reason
for suicide. Miss Ball taught her
classes as usual yesterday and
said she would not attend the
teachers’ meeting in the after
noon, as she was not well, and
started off for a walk.
She had destroyed all letters,
taken off her rings and watch and
lett her trunk unlocked, some
thing unusual for the teachers to
do when leaving the building.
She had been rather despondent
for several weeks and complained
of net feeling well, having lost 25
pounds in weight. It was hoped
that some note might be found,
but so far there is nothing to
throw any light upon her tragic
death. Miss Ball has been a
teacher in the oral department of
the school for the deaf since 1904
and was from Detroit, Mich.' Her
family have been notified, also
Professor Goodwin, who is in
Raleigh. The body has been en
balmed and will be shipped to
night to Detroit, Mich.—Special
to Charlotte Observer.
Frightened to Death.
Thrown into a state of nervous
prostration by reading an account
published in a newspaper of her
supposed death, Mrs. Louisa
Duley, aged 49 years, expired last
night. Through an error the
death of a woman of the same
name was reported as having oc
curred in Mrs. Duley’s home aud
as she read the story she fell from
her chair to the floor. A physi
cian waB called but was unable to
learn the reason for Mrs. Duley’s
collapse. She bceame rational
later and after talking a few min
utes began to cry: “I am dead, I
am dead, I saw it in the paper,”
and died iu hysterics.—Evans
ville, Ind., dispatch.
- -——
Gentle and Effective.
A well known Manitoba editor
writes: ‘‘As an inside worker I
find Chamberlain’s Stomach and
Liver Tabets invaluable for the
touches of biliousness natural to
sedentary life, their action being
gentle aud effective, clearing the
digestive tract and the head.”
Price 25o. Samples free. Jas
Plummer, Salisbury, and Spen
cer Pharmacy, Spencer, N. C.
Stone Milk Boxes.
Among other cement products
being made in Salisbury that
should interest our country friends
is an artificial stone milk box,
with drain and overflow pipes and
hinges and staple for lid.^The
lx x is G feet 1: ng, £0 inches wide
and 18 inches deep, weighs about |
one thousand pounds and will last
forever. They are made by C. G. j
Viele, c<>ri er of Cemetery and
Ja.ksnn streets, who will load
them on your wagon and guaran
tee their safe delivery for $7 50.
This is something useful and
good and it will pay you when in
town to go and have a look at
Kentucky’s Wooden Calf.
Before long the milkmaid will
be a thing of the past in Ken
tucky, due to the invention of a
wooden calf. The calf is a four
legged concern covered with the
hide of a real animal, with a hol
low stomach lined with zinc. The
mouth is lined with rubl er and
the jaws work on hinges. The
worst kickers among the cows
stand still and submit te being
milked by this mechanism, which
is operated by a gasoline engine.
The calf vigorously switches its
tail during the process.—Ex.
Chas. Fink, an employe of a
dairy near town, was painfully
injured a few days ago by a bull
tossing him in the air and after
wards pawing him. Mr. Fink
went to his home near Faith, for
-• •
Yes, I Have Found it at Lasi.
Found what? Why that Cham
berlain’s Salve cures eczema and
all manner of itching of the skin.
I have been afflicted for many
-years with skin disease. I had to
get up three or four times everv
night and wash with cold water
to allay the terrilble itching, but
since using this salve in Decem
ber, 1005, the itching has stopped
and has not troubled me.—Elder
John T. Ongley, Rootville, Pa.
For sale by James Plummer, Sal
isbury, and Spencer Pharmacy,
Spencer, N. C.
Owing to the fact that, many
horses are shipped to Rowan
county and sold for ’$600 and
more each, and believing that
(tardier and better horses can be
produced here, we have purchased
a French Coach Stallion, at a cost
of .$3,200. This horse was br.;d
under the supervision of the
French government with a view
to the combination of speed, pow
er and elegance, which places the
French Coach horse easily in the
front rank among all breeds
of the world. They are known to
transmit their qualities to their
colts with a surety that cannot be
This horse will be in Salisbury
at Fisher Bro’s. stable on the fol
lowing dates : Apnl 19th and 29t.h
and May 8th, 17th and 27th.
Very respectfully,
Rowan French Coach Horse Co.
The certificate of registration
can be seen at the office of the un
dersigned. Address all communi
cations to
H. J. Eddleman, Sec’y & Treas.,
5t. China Grove, N. C
AslL for the Genuine
And i ee that you get what
you asK for
The largely increased demand for Sun Cured
tobacco, created and sustained by the distinctive
quality of the original Reynolds’ Sun Cured tobacco, —
has encouraged other manufacturers to place on the
market imitation brands and tags which are made to
look so near like the genuine Reynolds' Sun Cured
that unsuspecting chewers and dealers receive the
imitations under the belief that they are getting the
genuine Reynolds' Sun Cured tobacco.
Look close and see that the letters on the tag
spell R-e-y-n-o'-l-d-s’ Sun Cured, and you cannot
I be deceived in getting what you ask for and want,
—the best value for your money that can be produced
from the genuine Sun Cured tobacco, grown where
the best sun-cured tobacco grows.
and see that you get the original and genuine Sun
Cured tobacco.
It’s like you formerly got, before Reynolds’
Sun Cured was offered to the trade, costing from
60c to $1.00 per pound, and is sold at 50c per
pound in 5c cuts, strictly 10 and 15 cent plugs.
R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO., Winston-Salem, N.C.
For Thin,
Poor Blood
You can trust a medicine
tested 60 years I Sixty years
of experience, think of that!
Experience with Ayer’s Sar
saparilla; the original Sarsa
parilla; the Sarsaparilla the
doctors endorse for thin blood,
weak nerves, general debility.
But even this grand old medicine cannot do
its best work if the liver is inactive and the
bowels constipated. For the best possible re
sults, you should take laxative doses of Ayer’s
Pills while taking the Sarsaparilla. >
i lUdsbv J. O. Iyer Oo., Lowell, Han.
jm Also manufacturers of
/ ■ * 101*0 ague cure.
We have no secret! ! We publiah
the formulas of all our medioinea.
The Matter of
Drag buying is much more
important than most people*
realize. If everybody knew*
as much about drugs as drug-,
gists do—about what a differ
ence there is in quality and*
potency — purchasers would
be more discriminating.
Drugs are generally bought
for the promotion of health
or comfort. If purchased at
our store we will guarantee
the results to be satisfactory
in the greatest possible de
gree. We believe that drugs
should be carefully chosen
and we therefore e«t the best
even if higher cost reduces
our profits—health is at stake.
115 N, Main St.
Having- duly qualified as adminis
trator upon the estate of the late H.
N. Goodnight, this is to notify all cred
itors to present their claims to the un
dersigned for payment on or before
March 13th, 1908. 01 this notice will be
pleaded in bar of their recovery.
All persons indebted to said estate
are requested to make prompt settle
March 13 th, 1907.
John L. Rendleman, attorney.
at prices in reach of all call on
Philadelphia DentalAssociation
Everything we do is
guaranteed to be up-to
date Dentist- ry. We
extract teeth with as little pain as
p.acticable. Give us a tiial.
Office 122£ W. Main Street,
Overman Building.
Dr. FOX, Manager.
4 Per Cent.
We pay 4 per cent, on money in
savings department, adding the
interest to the principal every 9C
days, and offer every safe guard to
the depositors.
We also loan money on real es
tate and personal security.
D. R. Julian, J. D. Norwood,
President. Cashier.
P. H. Thompson, J. A. Peeler,
V.-President. Teller.

■ If you want to f o dollars grow, food
B your fields with Virginia-Caroliua i er- g|
■ tiliz<‘rs. They will “ increase ' your
2 yields per acre,” and thus bring down
M the cost of production, even if you use
fl fewer teams and less labor.
■ W© have thousands ef strong testi
jjinonials from farmers who have tried
B other makes of fertilizers and assert
a that
I Virginia-Carolina Fertilizers
3 are by far the best. They will give
K you crops that will make more money
■ for you. Buy no other, even if s^ me
■ dealer endeavors to get you to buy
a some “cheap” brand just because he
a may make a little more profit on that.
] Of course, that would be to his Interest
J — not yours. —
Pirhmond, Va, Norfolk, Va. Durham, N. 0. I
n Charleston, S 0. Baltimore, Md. Atlanta, Ga.
B Savannah, Ga Montgomery, Ala. MempMa, Tenn.
|| Shreveport,]®..
I have found a tried and tested cure for Rheu- j f
mat ism! Not a remedy that will straighten the ; V
distorted limbs of chronic cripples, nor turn bony I ft
growths back to flesh again. That is impossible. 11
But I can now surely kill the pains and pangs of f
this deplorable disease. | \c
In Germany—with a Chemist in the City of I ft
Darmstadt—I found the last ingredient .with ;
which Dr. Shoop’s Rheumatic Remedy was made I f
a perfected, dependable prescription. Without \z
that last ingredient, I successfully treated-many, I ft
many cases of Rheumatism; but now, at la6t, it uni- j
formly cures all curable cases of this* heretofore f
much dreaded disease. Those sand-like granular t
wastes, found in Rheumatic Blood, seem to dissolve j r
and pass away under the action of this remedy as
freely as does sugar when added to pure water. 1
And then, when dissolved, these poisonous wastes
freely pass from the system, and the cause of r
Rheumatism is gone forever. There is now no f
real need—no actual excuse to suffer longer with
out help. We sell, and in confidence recommend
Dr. Snoop s t
Rheumatic Remedy
1 wanted!
§5 When you have Cat- {?V
=| tie, Sheep or Hogs for Ca
Q sale don’t fail to give fiy
me an opportunity to
2 pay you the highest
)!? market price for them, rfi
73 1 also buy hides. f i
& Those who want first- gK
==j class tender, juicy and
« fresh meats are invited
3 tog give me a cab. 1 ^C]
^ have Beef, Pork, San
sage, Mutton and Fish, p'
=3 Yours for business, £7;
I We Mended a Broken Heart the ft
S Other Day. ft
It belonged to a lady, and it was an attractive brooch, in- X
deed. It was easily worth $10 00, but a mishap rendered it ft
useless. 50 cents put it into service again. ft
And that’s the way it goes. ft
Every day our repair department restores to usefulness rings, ft
and pins and watches and clocks and things. Z
Our work cost a few cents, maybe, while the renewed article Z
again takes its place as a thing of beauty. ®
Isn’t there something belonging to you that requires our ft
services? ft
Remember the line of goods that we carry in stock. They ft
are the most artistic, up-to-date and the most dependable. Z
If you haven’t done so, give us an ALL ROUND trial. J
1 Salisbury, Spencer, Marion . C. i
r —.
I am now readv with a
to supply your every want.
I have a full line of the
Red Room Suits, Parlor, Dining Room
— and Kitchen Furnishings.
Come and see our
Matting, Refrigerators and Screen Doorb.
VtSry Truly Yours,
"W. B Summeruett.
| Draw Your own Conclusions I
as to our Carriages and mZ
wagons, but how are £2
you going to know un~ /§
less you see them and 47
I try them? These few 4/
j lines are meant to in
| vite you here. Will g
you come? You will if £2
I you wish to serve your *2
own best interests. %
--— i
make an excellent har
ness combination.
Yours for the purchase
price (a. moderate one)
if your investment in
horse goods is made
here. Prove it? Cei
tainly—first time you
see us.
—you, your friends and 0
“the man in the street” 0
is any one of-our many 0
vehicles — Carriages, 0
Surreys, Runabo u t s, 0
Mantels, etc. “They’re 0
built that way.” Also %
built to last and run *4
easy without running >4
into much money.
_ £
g Notice our Cash Prices for the Next 30 Days,
8 |
) s
p 115 E, Council Street.

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