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Charlotte has a $25,000 Fire. Probable
Work of Incendiary.
The George A. Howell coarse
! yarn mill, at 206 East Fifth street
was burned to the ground last
night. Tne loss was estimated at
from $20,000 to $25,000 which
was fully covered by insurance.
The firefis believed to have been
of incendiary origin, matches hav
ing been discovered in the cotton
Thursday by Mr. Howell. So
certain was he that some one was
trying to burn his plhnt, that he
yesterday took out additional in
surance on his machinery and cot
ton on hand. While the plant
was well covered by insurance,
Mr. Howell’s loss in time and
loss of profits will be heavy.
The fire was discovered about
11:30 o’clock by two workmen
employed in the building. They
were engaged in one corner of the
big room making ready for to
day’s work. -Looking across the
building one of them observed a
blaze rising above the frame next
to the second breaker, Both ol
them rushed to put it out but the
fire spread like mad. Seeing
that they could do no t h i u g
of themseyes, they su m m o n
ed the fire department just out
block away.—Charlotte Observer
Feared Failure In Profession.
Philadelphia, June 22.—Fear
ing he could not succeed in his
chosen profession, Dr. Henry S,
Hutchinson, son of a prominenl
citizen of this city, committed
suicide in a field at Lansdowne,
Pa., near here, by cutting his
throat with a razor. The bodj
was found today and it is believ
ed he committed the deed a daj
or two ago. An affectionate let
ter addressed to his father was
found near the body. It is be
lieved that Dr, Hutchinson, aftei
swallowing poison, cut his throat
to make sure of his death. Dr
Hutchinson was about 35 years
of age and was graduated from
Harvard and from the medicai
department^of the University oi
A Real Newspaper.
The proprietor of a Siameei
newspaper has distributed hand
bills containing the following no^
tice, demonstrating no lack of en
“The news of English w’e tel
the latest. Write in perfect styh
and most earliest. Do a murder
git commit, we hear of and tel
it. Do a mighty chief die, wt
publish it and in borders of som
ber. Staff has each one been coL
leged and write like the Kiplinj
and the Dickens, We circle everj
town and extortionate not for ad^
vertisements. Buy it. Buy it
Tell each of you its greatness foi
good. Ready on Friday, numbei
first.—Bangkok Times.
The Law as to Enticing Cooks.
The following from the Con
cord Tribune will be of interest in
Statesville, and everywhere foi
that matter.
For several days past there have
been many changes in the em
ployment of cooks in this city
and for the benefit of the public i
prominent lawyer hands the fol
lowing to the Tribune, with a re
quest to publish.
“Aside from the great impro
priety involved in the act one ren
ders himself liable to the not too
severe penalty, $50 fine or 30
days imprisonment, denoun c e d
by the law for enticing a cook to
leave the employment of another.”
It might be added that- the
same law applies to employes
other than cooks.—Statesvi 11 e
* Tandmark.
A Chicken story.
After ten years of experiment
ing Clinton H. Willis, a rancher
• on the Montery road, has produc
ed a chicken that can talk. The
fowl is the sixth generation of a
cross between a parrot and a
guinea hen, and in its every char
acteristic except the lower half of
its bill and the arrangement of its
toes the bird is a chicken. The
upper half of the bill is staight
like that of the guinea hen, while
the lower part is clearly a parrot
beak. Its toes are arranged two
and two, instead of three and one,
as in the barnyard fowls. At
present the chicken’s vocabulary
is limited to “morning, chaw ter
backer, Clint,” and a swearword.
—San Jose, Cal., dispatch. ,
High Prices for Autographs.
High prfbes were obtained at
the sale by the Merwin-C'ayton
Company yesterday of the valua
ble autograph collection of Wil
liam B. Weeks.
A collection of interesting po
litical lette.'s between John Quin
* ^
cv Adams and his father-in-law,
Joshua Johnson, 1796-1800, sold
to F. W. Morris for $165. Seven
letters of a correspondence be
tween Mrs.-Louisa C. Adams and
Nicholas 'Frye in 1847 were sold
to G. D. ^mith for $50. Fpur
letters of Gen. Benedict Arnold,
dated New Havep* January 9, 17
70; Boston, September 4, 1772;
Ticonderoga, July 6, 1775 and
camp, near Quebec, March 9, 17
76, were purchased by Dodd,
Mead & Co., for $19, $20, $57 and
$31, respectively.
The original autograph manu
script of the last' speech and con
fession of Moses Dunbar, written
just before his execution in 1877
for high treasob against his na
tive state, ’Connecticut, was sold
to G. D. Smith for $22 50. Four
long letters, written by Govern
or Thomas Johnson, of Maryland,
S to his brother Joshna, the Ameri
! can agent in Franco for purchas
ing supplies and dealing with the
; revorlntion, were sold to Joseph
Sabin for $28.
The manuscript diary kept by
James Madison, father of Presi
dent Madison, April 1777 to No
vember 1779, w ere sold to W. R.
Hearst for $50 —New York Press.
--- • -;
The man who does not advert
tise becanse he doesn’t know how,
onght to stop eating because he
can’t cook.
Jast how the expression “horse sense” came into use is not
known, but the meaning of the combination is good reason,
old fashion logic, simple analysis and actual truth, and the
basing of your actions upon simple*things rather than com
plex things. The man who uses “horse sense” in his trans
actions gets along tarther and faster than the man who uses
selfishness and smartness.
To be possessed of horse sense is a most valuable
asset. It is something you can use every day of your life.
“Horse sense” is really one of the things that makes
up the law of compensation. The law of compensation
itself is the quintessence of “horse sense.”
Luck is the gambling chance and “horse sense” is
the investment and security chance.
The man with “horse sense” may not go as far in a
day as the man with luck, but he will go more daj s and go
farther in the end than the lucky man.
“HORSE SENSE” is one of the most valuable things
in the business world, and it is one of the rarest things. It
is valuable beeause it is so rare
During our June Sale we expect to place within reach
of the people of Salisbury and Spencer hundreds of extra
good values, money-saving values and values that will surely
appeal to the “horse sense’’ of every good housewife and
thrifty husbandman.
NOW, TO NOT BE A MULE. Come right along, show
your “horse sense” and get you/reward.
Special Lots
of Staple Dry
One lot 2,000 yards of fine Dress
Chambray, colors green, tan,
blue, grey and pink ; an excel
lent cloth for children’s wash
dresses and well worth 10c yd,
Sale price per yd. .• . . . 6 1-2c
One lot, about 1,000 yds of Dress
Gingham, very best quality, but
short lengths, regular price
12^c and 15c yd, Sale price per
yard. 10c
One lot, 1,500 yards of Percale,
light and dark colors, 30 and
36 inches wide, extra good value
for boy’s and men’s shirts, reg
ular value 12£c yard, Sale prioe
per yard. 9c
One small lot of fine Scotch Mad
ras, 36-in. wide and regular 25c
value, but in remnants and
mostly light colors, Sale price
per yard. 12 1-2c
One small lot of. dark'T’ercale.
per yard. 6c
One lot, 5,000 yards of the best
Calico, blue, red, grey, black;
the grade you pay 7^c for. This
big lot will go in this sale per
yard. tfc
One lot beautiful plaid Giogham,
for shirt waista and children’s
dresses, per yard . 10c
One lot 700 yards of tcotch Cov
ert Cloth; a splendid material
for every day skirts, worth 12^c
a yard, sale price per yd 10c
One lot, 500 yar.ds of Gallatea
Cloth, red ground witn black
stripe, regular price 15c yard,
Sale price per yard .... 10«
One lot 500 yards of blue, brown
and green checked Apron Ging
ham, the 7^c grade, sale price
per yard. 6 1-2c
One lot Lancaster Apron Ging
ham, worth under present con
ditions 10c yard, srle price per
' yard. . 7 1.2c
One lot light Calico, good value,
per yhrd. 5c
Umbrella Special.
UMBRELLAS 1.00 grade, each,
at. 79c
UMBRALLAS 1.50 grade, each
at.$ 1 19
Brown Sea Inland Domestic,
36 inches wide, worth 9c yd,
One lot 4 doz. Corsets, 1 00 grade
different styles and makes each
. 75c
One lot 6 dozen regular 50c cor
sets, all new and best styles,
Sale price each.39c
One of the best Corsets on the
market today is the American
Lady Corset. We carry a full
line of them from $1.00 to
$5.00 each.
House Furnish=
Table Oil Cloth, fancy, yd 15c
Table Oil Cloth, white and mar
ble, per yard. 20c
Cottage Rods, white, oak and Ma
hogany, each. 10c
Window Shades, each ... 25c
75 pairs of Swiss Curtains, per
pair. 31c
Better Grade Swiss Curtains, per
pair.. .. 98c and $1 13
About 25 pair of Nottingham Cur
tains, odd pairs, and some of
them are slightly soiled. These
Irish Point and Brussels Net Cur
tains from 2.50 to 8.50 the
pair. These we will close out
at a discount of 25 PER CENT.
Crockery Specials.
5 dozen double-thick ironstone
Cream Pitchers, each IQ.
S dozen hall-boy Water Pitch rs.
eaeh. 15;
5 dozen ironstone Platters, 14-in.,
each . 10c
One lot odd pieces of China Cnn»
and Saucers, each ... 31'
One large assortment of odd
pieces of China and Hotelware,
per piece. . . 10c
Some excellent valnes in this b>t
One lot of Tinware and Conking
Utensils, each. 10c
One lot of Ironstone Covered
Dishes, each. .. 25
One lot of Bowls and Pitchers,
per set. 05c
One lot Ironstone Chambers,
each.. 25c
One lot hotel and ice tea tumb
lers, set.. . .40c, doz. 75c
One lot glass lamps without fix
tures, each. . 10c|
Ready=riade Gar=
One lot of 7 Ladies’ tan covert
jackets, sizes 34 and 36, price
5.00 to 10.00. A discount of
25 PER CENT from regular
prices of these during this Sale.
One lot of 8 Ladies Tailor-made
Skirts, worth 3.00 to 3 50, Sale
price each. $2 50"
One lot of 18 Ladies’ Tailor-made
Skirts, worth from $5 to $6
each, Sale price each .. $4 50
One lot of 21 Ladies Tailor-made
Skirts, black, blue and fancy,
woll made from best material,
worth from 6 50 to 8 50 each,
Sale price each. $5 50
One lot of 8 Skirts, excellent val
ues in blue and black Panama
and Plaiis. These are marked
regular from 9,50 to 12.50,
Sale price.. 7 50
Black Sateen Underskirts rang
ing in price from 50c to 3 50
These will go at a discount of
1-4 during this Sale.
Special in 36 in. Black Taffeta,
per yard 89c
Black Taffeta, 80-in., and worth
1 50 yd. Sale price yd, $1 13
Black Peau de Soie, 86 inches
wide, extra heavy quality and
regular 1 50 value, Sale price
per pard . 119
inches wide, per yard.. $1 00
One piece Brown Rajah Silk, 27
inches wide and 75c quality,
per yard. 50c
many special values in fancy
Silks for shirt-waists and shirt
waist suits
CREAM JAP SILKS in all widths
and at all prices.
Towel Special
on Monday, June 24th and
on no other day during this
Sale, we will sell 25o and 35c
linen huck and bath towels at
21c each, j
Linen Towels, Pil=
low Cases and
2 bolts table damask, extra good
value for 30c yard, Sale price
per yard. 21c
Table Lihen, worth 50c, 60c and
65c a yard will go in this Sale
per yard. 45c
Table Linen worth 75c and 85c a
yard, in this Sale at. . 63c
Our entire line of Table Linen
worth $1, in this Sale. 85c
All Linen Napkins $1 00 dozen
kind, per dozen. 89c
All Linen Napkins, $1.50 dozen
kind, per "dozen. 1 19
Al! Linen Napkins, $2 00 dozen
kind, per dozen . 1 69
worth 15c each, Sale price
each .. 10c
If you wear SHOES it will pay
you to visit our Store during
this SALE,
LOT NO. 1.
800 pairs Women’s and Children’s
Oxfords, worth 1 50 yair. Sales
prices. ' $1 19
LOT NO. 2.
Contains all of our Ladies’ and
Children’s Oxfords, worth 2 00
to 2.25, Sale price.$1 69
LOT NO. 3.
200 pairs Ladies’ high grade pat
ent and Vici Oxfords, worth
2 50 to 3 00, Sale price $2 38
LOT NO. 4.
500 pairs Men’s and Ladies’ high
grade pateut and tan Oxfords,
the best shoes sold in this old
town and worth 3.50 to 4 00,
Sale price . $2 98
LOT NO. 5.
Contains Shoes of all kinds and
grades for m°n. women and
children. Samples and odd
pairs go in this Sale at- About
For Saturday, June 22nd. No
Other Day. Our entire line of
ladies’, misses’ and children’s
high grade Hose, 25c kind,
per pair. . 21c
Paper of pins, dozen.... 1c
Paper of Hair Pins, dozen 1c
Ball Thread. 1c
Spool Cotton.2 1-2c
Ladies’ Handkerchiefs... 2c
Ladies’ Hose Supporters, 10c
Hat Pins. ... 10c
White BeltB. each. 3c
Turnover Collars, each.. 5c
Lace Collars, each. 10c
and hundreds of other good
Men’s Furnish=
in gs. \
Good quality black socks pr 5c
Special Lot Of Mens Lace Socks
per, pr. 10c
Big red handkerchiefs each 3c
Suspenders, 25c grade p6r pr 19c
“ 50c “ 39c
Washable Pour-in-hand Ties
each .. 25c
Bows black or fancy each. . . 10c
Extra, good value in dress shirts
each. . 39
The best 50c negligee shirt on the
Lion Brand 1 00 shirts, each 75c
Work shirts of all kinds.
Mens’ and boys overalls, 50c kind,
each. . 39c
Mens’ and b >ys rush hats, 5c kind
each 3c, 10c kind each ... 7c
DOMESTIC, per yard. ... 60
This Sale starts Friday morning,
June 21st, and will continue '
until Saturday, June 29th.
Each day we will place on sale
many special values not men
tioned in this advertisement.
No premium-ware Coupons will
be given on any article being
sold at Special Prices.
White Goods
and Wash
One lot of White Nainsook cheeks
7^c grade, Sale price per yd 5c
One lot of 15 pieces of India
Linen, worth now 7 l-2c whole
sale, Sale price per yard... 6c
One lot of 25 pieces 10c India Lin
en, Sale price per yd . . 7 1-2e
One lot of 25 pcs of 40-in. Sheer
White Lawn, worth 15c yard,
Sale price per yard. .. 10c
One lot of English Long Cloth,
Worth $1.20 a bolt of 12 yards,
Sale price per bolt....' 98c
One lot 20 bolts of fine- White
Mercerized Cotton S c i t i n g,
worth 12 l-2c yard ; a splendid
material for wash skirts and
suits. Sale price per yd 8 1-3c
KiUarney Linen Suiting, 40-in
wide, the best shirt waist ma
terial on the market today, per
yard. 15c
One lot 45-inch Persian Lawn,
regular 25c value, Sale price
per yard. 18c
LINEN LAWN* 35 inches wide
and a sheer quality, yd 25c
CURTAIN SWISS at 5c, 10c
and 15c per yard.
All White Waistings and sheer
white materials will be closed
out at actual COST.
Special value in ladies plain black
and lace hose, per pair. 10c
Infante hose and socks, 25c kii.d
per pair.. . . 19c
Extra value in boys heavy ribb* d
hose, per pair. 10c
SHEETS, 72x90-in. each 44c
“ 81x90-in and 75c grade,
each. 59c
PILLOW CASES, each. 13c
10 4 Bleached Sheeting, Pepper
ell, per yard. 30c
)-4 Bleached Sheeting, Pepperei
per yard. 28o
For Saturday, June 22nd. No
Other Day. Octagon and
Ivory Soap, per cake_ 4c
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