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Senator Petttus of Alabama Died at Hot
United States Senator Pettus,
of Alabama, died tonight, Satur
day, July 27, at 10 o’clock at Hot
Springs this State,from the effects
of a stroke of appoplexy with
which he was seized while at the
breakfast table yesterday morning.
His entire body was paralyzed and
he never recovered consciousness
since that time.
-m —
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy, Better Than Three Doctors.
“Three years ago we had three
doctors with our little boy and
everything that they could do
seemed in yam, At last when all
hope soemod to be gone we began
using Chamberlain’s Colie, Chol
era and Diarrhoea Remedy and in
a few hours he began to improve.
Today he is as healthy a child as
parents could wish for.”—Mrs B.
J. Johnston, Linton, Miss. For
sale by James Plummer, Salis
bury, and Spencer Pharmacy,
Spencer, N. C.
Rev. IV. G. Campbell, ofWood
stock, Va., and a former pastor of
St. James Lutheran church here,
is negotiating with several gentle
men here in regard to opening a
select school in September, taking
a limited number of pupils. Mr.
Campbell is au educator of well
known ability, having taught very
successfully for several years at
Irving College, Mechanicsburg,
Pa., and at different places in
Virginia.—Concord Times.
Free, for Catarrh, just to prove
merit, a Trial size Box of Dr.
Shoop’s Catarrh Remedy. Let
me send it now. It is a sucw white,
creamy, healing, antiseptic balm.
>. Containing such healing ingredi
ents as Oil Eucalyptus, Thymol,
Menthol, etc., it gives instant
and lasting relief to Catarrh of
the nose and throat. Make the
free test and see for yourself what
this preparation can and will ac
compish. Address Dr. Shoop,
Racine, Wis. Large jars 50 cents.
Sold by Grimes Drug Store
A chicken hatched last week at
the home of Lee Clark, in Beth
any township, boasted four wings
and four legs. Extra legs on
chickens is not uncommon, but a
double portion of wings and legs
is a curiosity worth while.-States
ville Landmark.
Congressman Called Down Then Knocked
The Telegraphers’ Union held a
meeting in Chicago a few days ago
and among those on the stage was
Congressman McDermott. He is a
member of the union aud in the
course of the meeting he was called
upon for a speech. When he arose
to respond objection was made by
some one presant that the Cron
gressman was not in good standing
as he has failed to pay his dues.
The objection was sustained and
the Crongressman had to take his
seat. As he did so, he made an in
sulting remark to the man who
had called him down aud the man
proceeded to knock him down as
well. The Crongressman was in
the wrong in letting his temper
get away with him. It was proper
that a man who had failed to pay
his dues and was therefore dis
qualified from participating in
the proceedings should have been
halted, and that in this instance
the man was a Congressman was
all the more to the credit of the
man who publicly called attention
to his imperfection.—Charlotte
It was proper to call the Con
gressman to taw, for he was
doubtless in the meeting for the
sole purpose of gaining the sup
port of the mombers of the union.
—Statesville Landmark.
We heartily concur in the above
and are glad to see such sentiment
aud conduct endorsed. We have
little five-cent politicians about
here who aro guilty of similar
offenses and deserve similar-treat
Burglars have beer, operating in
several houses in the graded school
district during the past week and
people living over there are pre
paring to blow night prowlers to
kingdom come when they next ap
pear. Several houses have been
rifled.—Lexington Dispatch.
John Kiha, a prominent dealer
of Vining, la., says: “I have been
selling DeWitt’s Kidney and Blad
der Pills for about a year and
they give better satisfaction than
any pill I ever sold. There are
a dozen people here who have
used them and they give perfect
satisfaction in every case. I have
used them myself with fine re
sults.” Sold by James Plummer
and all druggists.
A Safe Phropiiecy.
Georgia is the first of the South
ern States to vote prohibition. We
venture the prediction that North
Carolina will be second.—Concord
A Guilty Father Dies.
Thomas Giddings, the old man
who tried to kill his oldest daught
er Tuesday and afterwards drank
carbolic acid, died at the hospital
early Friday morning, thus rob
bing the court of a sensational
Last night Giddings made a
statement to the officers in which
he confesses that he had improper
relations with his daughter and
that he attempted to shoot her
because she would not promise
not to swear against him. He said
the pistol would not fire and this
is why his daughter’s life was
spared. The girl denies that he
ever acomplished his purpose.
Those who have stomach trou
ble, no matter how slight, should
give every possible help to the di
gestive organs, so that the fond
may be digested with the least ef
fort. This may be done by taking
something that contains natural
digestive properties—something
like Kodol for Indigestion and
Dispepsia. Kodol is a prepara
tion of vegetable acids and con
tains the very same juices found
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Plummer and all druggists.
What Did it.
The threat to call the Legislature
in extra session was“the straw that
broke the camel’s back.” When
Gov. Glenn declined to treat with
the ambassador from the Depart-,
ment of Justice last Thursday, and
notified the railroad people gath
ered in force under Judge Pirtch
ard’s protecting wing in Ashe
ville thatjthe road must first agree
to obey the law before he would
talk about a compromise, the ' an
swer ot the railroad waB, “We’ll
fight.” “Then,” says the Gover
nor,“I’ll call the Legislature in
extra session.” Possibly the rail
road manager had no idea that he!
would resort to that dire extrem
ity, but the moment they saw his
move a great fear seized them and
their knees smote together. A
Legislature in sessi n in the
present state of the public mind 1
It is bad enough, with so many
* ~ “=
members of the body and politi
cians generally trying to make
political capital by doing some
thing to the railroads, to have to
run the gauntlet of a regular
session. So when the railroad
people saw the Governor was in
earnest about calling the Legisla
ture, they made haste to ’get to
Raleigh and to say as quick as
they could get their breath that
they would put the 2i-cent rate
into elfect if the Governor would
only give them time to get the
tickets printed.
Fact is, if the Governor had in
sisted. the railroad people would
probably have made the. fare a
cent a mile, law or no law, and
would in addition have agreed to
haul everybody free certain days
in the week, rather then take
chanoes on an extra session of the
Legislature; but the Governor was
generous and didn’t want to press
them to the wall.
If Gov. Glenn had made that
threat a month ago the railroads
would have yielded without firing
a gun and all the trouble, fuss and
expense might have been saved.
But then there would not have
been so much opportunity to make
political capital. — Statesville
Nor would the railroads have
learned that they had gone as
far as would be tolerated.
Jamestown Ter-Centennial Exposition, Nor
folk, Va„ April 26th Noy. 30th, 1907.
Southern Railway announces
extremely low rates to Norfolk,
Va., and return on account of the
above occasion. The following
round trip rates will apply from
Salisbury, N. C.:
Season tickets,...$14 50
Sixty-day tickets. 12.10
Fifteen-day tickets. 11.15
Coach excursion tickets,... G. t>o\
Coach Excursion tickets will be
sold on Tuesday, with limit seven
days from date of sale, will be
stamped “Not good iu Pullman
or Parlor cars.” Other tickets
will be sold daily April 19th to
November 80th, inclusive.
The Southern Railway will af
ford excellent passenger service to
and from Norfolk on account of
this occasion.
For. further information and
Pullman reservation address any
agent Southern Railway or write
R. L. Vernon, T. P. A.,
Charlotte, N. C.
W. H. Tayi.oe, G". P. A.,
till 11-30. Washington, D. C,
- --- I__ _
for 2
Star Brand Shoes j
The best Shoes made for J
Men, Women and j
, Children. }
A Full New Stock |
of them Just {
Received. j
DIGESTS WHAT YOU EAT Stomach, Belching of Gas, eta.
For Backache-Weak Kidneys try Be Witt's Kidney & Bladder Pills-Sure and Safe
For sale by James Plummer antf'all Druggists.
The object of our fair is to exhibit the resources anti products of the great Piedmont Country, and by exhibiting in competition to IS
stimulate to greater efforts for improvement and developement of our unlimitedresources.
Get a copy of the catalogue and read the list of exhibits embracing seventeen different departments, including all the Principal H
breeds of live stock and poultry; Products from Garden and Orchard, as well as ladies’ fancy work and pantry and dairy products. M
The premium list will be found liberal and comprehensive. ^
$2oo.oo==First Prize for best Individual Agricultural Exhibiiit.==$20o.oo. p
$100,00-Second Prize.-S100.00. §|
Competent judges have been selected with the soul aim of securing unbiased and intelligent decisions. Sj
Begin now to get your exhibit ready. Train the mules for the great mule race, $15 first prize.
Enter 1 he free for all race, $10 first prize. Hi
Races Every Day. $2,800.oo in Purses.
Great Exhibits, fast and exciting races. The best Special Attractions ever seen in Salisbury.
Excursions on all the Railroad trains. Every effort to please the people.
Join the Boosters’ Club. If you can’t Boost don’t Knock.

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