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WM. H. STSWAHT, M. U4 Pub.
Pubd.ded Brery Weda radar at 1M
Was* limits Street
Subscription File* $1 par prar strtetlr
aal ia adrance
a-xored su . jcond -elasi matter Jaa.
ltth ■'MS, at the poet office at Salis
bury , it. C, aader the act of Congress
of M.M-eh 3rd, 13*7.
~-:rr~ .**--■ ■
Salxsbuby.N, C., Jan. 15th, 1908.
Judging by the reports publish
ed in our neighbor towns, Salis
bury, one of the soberest towns in
the State, gets credit for all the
drunks within a radius of 100
miles or more.
With this issue we complete the
publication of the annual state
ment of the CouDty Commission
ers. It is quite lengthy, but
full of interest to the taxpayer.
The report, of the Clerk of th6
Court is added and has a informa
tion in it that may be of value to
certain parties.
The Evening Mascot, of States
ville, is the latest barque launch
ed upon the journalistic sea. In
size it is a five column folio, and,
in appearance, is neat both as to
typography and printing, E. 0.
Crowson is editor and publisher
and Clarence R Scroggs is city
editor. Statesville has long de
served a daily and would proba
bly have had one ere this but
for the splendid service of its ex
cellent semi-weeklies. We extend
a cordial welcome to the new sail
and wish it a successful voyage.
It might be all very well and
with a show of much virture for
any one to object to the railroads
paying anything towards the ex
penses of the extra session of the
legislature, but to be anything more
than mere play to the galleries,
it ought to be done by a man who
has a pure heart and clean hands,
certainly not by a hireling of
saloons, a fellow who has been
guilty of disposing of mortgaged
property and a man whose morals
are only limited by his lustful
appetite. But we are informed
this is to be the star bulesque of
the extra session. Hasten the
day when such creatures will be
given their just reward.
Governor Glenn has made a call
for an extra session of tjie legis
lature to convene in Raleigh
on Tuesday, January 21st, which
was done for the purpose of ad
justing the present rate matter
with the railroads. The govern
or has gone over the matter with
the roads, and nothwithstanding
the roads have practically made
their own terms, ho thinks the
compromise asreed upon is a just
one, in which no doubt, he is cor
rect. He, therefore, merely
wishes the legislature to repeal
the 2Jc rate law and enact one
making the rate 2£c with other
minor changes. We have been
disgusted with the manner in
which the railroads have whipped
around this matter aud has prac
tically forced a sovereign State
to uecome a mere toy xn their
hands; however, they have prob
ably sought no more than justice,
and this they should have. This
extra session will cost a good sum,
and the railroads have offered to
pay a portion of it, but as the
State did the damage, if damage
has been done, it would probably
be unjust to expect or allow them
to pay tc right a matter in which
they were in no wise responsible
for. This whole affair is to be
regretted, but as long as the peo
ple will allow litttle 2x4 fellows to
push themselves forward for such
responsible positions as represen
tatives, so long may such conduct
be expected. It would not be a
bad time for the people to begin
casting about for better material
for the next election.
V. Wallace & Sons put on sale
their entire stock of Furnishings
at Cost. Sale begins Friday, Jan.
Your attention is invited to the
new ads of McCubbins & Harrison
Co., Belk-Harry Co., and Gorman
& Green in this issue.
Entire stock Men’s Clothing
marked down in plain figures.
We mean business to-day.
V. Wallace & Sons.
Death of Harvey D. Abernathy, of Hickory.
Hickory, Jan. 11.—In the death
of Harvey D. Abernathy, in his
55th year, occurring here this
morning while sitting in his chair
conversing with his aged father,
who supported him as he fell,
Hickory gave up another promi
nent and useful citizen who has
been identified in business in
circles as well [as church
duties since his boyhood, having
located here in 1868, accepting a
position as assistant postmaster,
coming here from the southern
portion of the county. Mr. Aber
nathy was for a number of years
. secretary and treasurer of the
Piedmont Wagon Company, which
he worked zealously for its up
.mo uouettHwu was twice married
and leaves a widow and five chil
dren, four by his wife, Miss
Stuart; Mr.. Durant Abernathy,
of Lynchburg, Va., who is with
the Southern Railway; Derwood
and Annie Laurie, who were call
ed home today from the A. and
M. College and the Presbyterian
College, at Charlotte,[and Clarissa,
the 5-year-old daughter by his last
marriage to Miss May Stewart, of
Salisbury.—Corrected from the
Charlotte Observer.
The funeral took place Sunday
afternoon from the Methodist
church of Hickory, and the inter
ment took place in the city ceme
tery beside his first wife. Rev. J.
H. Weaver his pastor, Rev, J. B.
Wharey and Rev J, L. Murphy
Mr. Abernathy was well known
in Salisbury, being the son-in-law
of Mrs. J. J. Stewart and father
in-law of A. Bruner Stewart.
Mrs. J. J. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs.
J. P. Moore, J. J. Stewart. Wm,
H. Stewart, Mrs Edwin Cuthrell,
H. M, Armistead, Mr. and Mrs.
A. B. Stewart and Miss Lois D.
Stewart went to Hickory Sunday
to attend the funeral.
Its Influence Has Been Felt by So Many
Salisbury Readers.
The soothing influence of relief.
After Buffering from Itching
Prom Eczema or any itchiness
of the skin.
Makes one feel grateful to the
Doan’s Ointment has soothed
Here’s what one Salisbury citi
zen says:
Mrs. Laura J. Litton, of 329
Fisher St., Salisbury, N. C., “For
nine years I had a troublesome
irritation of the skin on my right
hand and although I was treated
by a physician audused many dif
ferent salves and ointments, I was
unable to free myself from the
annoyance. It itchad constantly
and was often so bad that I was
kept awake at night on account of
it. I finally obtained Doan’s
Ointment and one application
served^^J^lieve the terrible
itching^^B»-tinued us; entirely
bauishi^^^^ritation and I can
praisej^^^^^Oiniment in the
trig he
For dealers. Price
50 ce . r-Milburn Co.,
Buffal L ork, sole agents for
the Uni 5wtes.
RemfWber the name—Doan’s
—and take no other.
When the Stomach, Heart, or
Kidney nerves get weak, then
these organs always fail. Don’t
drug the Stomach, nor stimulate
the Heart or Kidneys. That is
simply a makeshift. Get a pre
scriptou known to Druggists
everywhere as Dr. f hoop’s Restor
ative. The Restorative is prepar
ed expressly for these inside
nerves. Strengthen these nerves,
build them up with Dr. Shoop’s
Restorative—tablets or liquid—
and seehow quickly help will come.
Free sample test sedt on request
by Dr. Shoop, Racine, Wis. Your
health is surely worth this simple
test. Grimes Drug Store.
It depends upon the pill you
lake. DeWitt’s Little Early
Risers are the best pills known for
lonstipation and sick headache.
Bold by James Plummer and all i
You can save money By attend
ing the Panic Reduction Sale now
going on at N, Luttv’s.
Certificate ol Dissolution.
To All to Whom These Presents May
Whereas, It appears to satisfaction,
by duly authenticated record of the
proceedings for the voluntary dissolu
tion thereof by the unanimous consent
of all the stockholders, deposited in
my office, that the Salisbury Canning
Company, a corporation of this State,
whose principal office is situated in the
town of Salisbury, County of Rowan,
State of North. Carolina (8, F. Lord
being the agen't therein and In charge
thereof, upon whom process may be
served), has complied with the require
ments of Chapter 21, Itevisal of 1905,
entitled “Corporations,” preliminary
to the issuing of this Certifiate of Dis
Now, Therefore, I, .1. BRYAN
GRIMES, Secretary of State of the
State of Noith Carolina, do hereby
certify that the said corporation did,
on the 8 day of January, 1908, file in
my office a duly executed and attested
consent in wri.ing to the dissolution
of said corporation,‘executed by allltlie
stockholders thereof, which said con
sent and the record of the proceedings
aforesaid are now on file in my said
office as provided by law.
In Testimony Whereof. I have hereto
set my hand- and affixed my official
seal, at Raleigh, this 8 day of January,
A. D. 1908
_Secretary of State.
Charles W, Woodson, M. 07,
MecPcine and Surgery.
Offers his Professional Services to the
Public. Office Phone 600; Res. 336 J.
OFFICE: WacUovia Bank Building.
When you need a tooth extracted,
When y< u need a tooth treated,
When you'med.a filling,
When you need a crown,
When you need a bridge,
When you need a plate,
When you need any kind of
we are doing The Business, be
cause we are doing first-class work
it prices you can'afford to pay.
Dr. L. S. Fox,
122-J No. Main St.,
Phone No. 305.
)ffice;Hours: 8:301am to 12:30 pm,
2 to 6:15 p m.
© __ ‘ v nn.T
® • /TvfTF& - - ‘ 8
0 .... ©
0 _ ' — ’ - *dT 0
0 - 0
© o
© >*e b ©
HI Starts this morning and will bf» continued for about ^
4 TEH DAYS. . ,;,i.. p
© A great opportunity for you to buy Winter
Q Goods at a big saving. ©
© will be the order of the day as all Winter Goods ©
© must be disposed of before our Spring Goods begin Cl
m to come iu. 0
^ We include in this sale Dress Goods, Silks, 0
^ Outing, Flannels, both light and dark colors, Blank- 0
J! ets, Comforts, Fen’s, Ladies’ and Children’s Knit .j
Underwear, Hosiery, Calicos, Furs, Children’s Coats,
® Ladies’ Coats, Ladies’ Suits and Millinery. All
® Millinery will go for about half price, and in some
W cases for less, so you will have to be in a hurrry or 3
© the best thing will be gone. " 3
'© I lot Ladies and Children’s Hats, 1.00 and 1.50 value to r 1
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1 lot good Calico to go at 4-C. j?
© 1 lot good Outing to go at 4-C. 3
® 1 lot Light Colored Outings in checks and stripes, 10c
© value for 7^. 0
0 1 lot 10-4 Blankets, 65c value to go at 5®c. ^
a A.11 other qualities of blankets have been reduced to A
2 about factory cost. *
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0 cases for less. 1
§ A Great Slowing of Embroideries fcr 5 and 1®c }
Please remember that this sale will be continued for *
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® m
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'"'*****' " ' "'" ",,r '"n I
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600 Cowhide Case, Red. [email protected]
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$2.50 Sciva. I g^
- — —— ----- ^^Oesigned By®
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__ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 23 alUmore iw '^c^Var-M !

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