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June 11.—We are iu the heart j
of the harvest time here. Wheat
is being cut ou every side and it
seems to be good.
A young house carpenter arriv
ed at Mr. and Mrs, Tom Lingle’s
June 9th, 1909.
The carpenters have the frame
of Bob Stirewalt’s uew two-story
business house np.
The large granite bowlders out
on the granite belt are being haul
ed up by the young men who work
iu the granite. They are worked
up and put in shape for market
and shipped to aU parts of the
country. A hole about seven feet
deep is drilled in the side of a
bowlder and a spoonful or two of
powder splits it apart, then i t is
worked ud.
The street committee has been
at work on our streets.
Several teams are busy hauling
granite from the Phillips Moun
tain Quarry and other places
When we get the street.car line
and the railroad we will grow fast
er than any town in the State. A
The Faith Grauite Co., ha® just
been awarded the contract for the
granite that goeB in the large new
Dan river cotton mill, where over
5,000 lenial feet of window and
door sills will be used. They also
got another big job for a residence
in Danville, Va. This will bring
several thousand dollars in this
During the storm Saturday
evening, June 5th, three milch
cows were killed. One for Cicero
Trexler, one for Hilbert Fink and
one for Mr. Bird. All by light
J, T. Wyatt was awarded a con
tract today for the granite to in
close a large cemetery lot at
MooreBville, N. C.
June 14, 1909.
The entertainment in the Jr. 0.
U. A. M. Hall Saturday night was
well attented, and it was good.
John Josey has his new machin
ery working, and it dofs good
The city of New Bern, N, C., is
getting their street cu'biug from
the grauite quarries at Faith.
J. Corl came home Saturday on
a short visit.
Twins, both girls, arrived at
Luther' Wagoners Sunday, June
18th, 1909.
Young lady at John Peeler’s, at
Rockwell, June 14th, 1909.
Some Northern people were out
looking over the granite quarries
today to select the granite for a
big government building.
June 14.—The farmers are very
busy. Too much rain recently
has kept the farmers back with
their work
Both corn and oats are in bad
Wheat and oats cutting is going
on now. As a whole, wheat not
extra, oats poor.
The farmers Union will do a
great deal by and by. The local
here increases at almost every
meeting, and they expect some
results from it this fall, The
union in eastern Washington and
northern Idaho and Oregon have
control of a outpnt of 40,000,000
bushels annually. One object is
to keep the middleman and bro
ker out. The union owns 40 ware
houses and expects to have 100
more in operation in Washington,
Idaho, and Oregon at the opening
of the grain season this fall. It
is also likely that the union will
extend its field of operations into
The weather being favorable,
George Shuping expects to have
an ice cream supper Saturday the
19th, beginning about 4 o’clock
in the afternoon and extending
into the evening. Saw.
—--• •
Dr. Alfonso Moreira Penna,pres
ident of Brazil, died Monday,
June 7.—Th^ health of this
community is very good at pres
Corn crops ere looking line since
the refreshing rains.
Farmers are now busy harvest
ing their oats, wheat and rye.
The ice cream supper at Rev.
I. M. Shaver’s Saturday night was
enjoyed by a large crowd.
Marshel Arey, of Bear Poplar,
visited home-folks Saturday and
There was an ice cream supper
at D. D. Sha 'er’s Saturday night.
James Smith, of Bear Poplar,
visited at Jacob C. Arey’s Satur
day night and Sunday.
There was a young people’s sing
ing at John Wyatt’s Sunday even
Miss Vida Cotton, of Richfield,
is visiting relatives in this section
this week.
M iss Lillie Shaver, who has been
attending school at New London,
has returned home.
P^hildren’s day service at Cor
inth Baptist chuich yesterday,
wus attended by a large crowd
Hello, there, Bobby, why did’nt
you come?
Samuel C. Lisk and Miss Addie
B. Shaver, both of this communi
ty, drive to Concord, May 30th,
where they boarded the train for
Rock Hill, S. C. They were mar
ried in the First M. E. church,
there, Monday morning, May 31.
May God’s richest blessings be up
on and abide with them evermore.
Blue Eyes.
June 7.—We have been having
rain in abundance, a week or two
of dry weather would be appreci
ated now by the farmer in order
to harvest their crops which are
now' about ripe and some already
Arter Harris has another son, he
arrived Sunday,
Rev, Wrlson preached at the
Methodist church yesterday, at
11 a. m. and Rev. Sheets at the
Baptist church last evening at S
p. m,
The Power Co., has finished
erecting their steel towers through
here. It. has moved its tents and
camp to a point near Greensboro
Richard Morgan has remodeled
his residence here by putting in
new windows, re-weatherb-arding,
Berry Misenheimer haB had his
residence nicely painted.
J. A. Arey is at home after an
operation for appendicitis, but
will go back to the sanitorium to
have his wound dressed.
Jas. F. Martin has bought three
incubators and will engage in the
poultry business on a large scale.
A car load of stone fixtures,
dry goods and groceries, arrived
here from Mooresville last week
consigned to L. Martin who it is
learned will locate here and con
duct a store.
John C. Morgan has traded for
an automobile, or rather an auto
buggy, and he has been “riding
some” since it arrived. This is
the first auto, to be owned by a
citizen of Gold Hill.
J. N. Cross had a slight stroke
of paralysis last week, but has al
most recovered, Mike.
Col. Bingham makes two unique
offers in his new catalogue. 1, He
offers a Free Round Rrip Ticket
from anywhere within 1500 miles
of Asheville to any parent who,
after a careful inspection, iB not
convinced that, except for mere
show, the Bingham Plant is the
best and safest such parent ever
saw. 11, He offers $100 to any pa
tron whose son says conscientious
ly that he has not received the
worth of his time and money
during the year, if it is the
school’s fault and not his own.
Leonard Holland, of Gistonia,
wasfatally mangled while attempt
ing to alight from a train Sunday.
The health on Chesuut Hill, is
very good.
Mrs. Alice Kirk and son, Frank
ie, have gone to Durham, N C.,
a mouth or so visiting, also Mrs.
Kirk hasgone there for her health.
H. E. Russel, had an old time
ice cream supper Saturday night.
The singing school which was to
begin to-night at South Main St.
M. E. Church was postponed un
til June 14th there also will
be singing school at Chesuut Hill
Baptist Church.
T. D. Armstrong is in bed sick
of a fever.
M.s. Linda Eller, of Craven, N.
C., is visiting her sister Mrs
Frances Coruelison on Chestnut
Hill, Bobby,
They Were False Prophets.
It was really pathetic to hear
of the calamities that would be
fall the State if the grog-shops
and the stills were put out of bus
iness in North Carolina. The far
mer was told that corn would be
a drag on the market; the orchards
ITT I /T l-lrt LL-, • L II n 1 >■. r. n n
would fall in all the towns; and
crime would increase From day
to day the actual experience has
shown that all these predictions
are being shown to have had no
foundation The latest comes
from the State of Wilkes. The
Wilkesboro Chronical says:
“Along just before the prohibi
tion election came off, we were
told in pathetic, tearfull tones
that if prohibition carried the or
chards would he worthless and
would have to be cut down and
made into tire wood. Now since
prohibition carried the demand
for orchard lands hns phenome
nally increased and one who owns
such lands can scarcely be Induc
ed to sell. Where are those or
chards that were to be destroyed
by the ax?—News and Observer.
Wedding Cards.
Cards have been received by
friends here, bearing the follow
ing ami' uncement :
“Mr. and Mrs. William Lewie
Barlow request the honor of v nr
presence at the marriage of their
daughter, Sallie Sherrod, to Mr
Paul Heilig Bernhardt, on Wed
nesday evening the thirteenth of
June, one thousand nine hundred
and nine, at six o’clock, Calvary
Episcopal church, Tarburo, North
Carolina ” The young couple will
1 e at home, in Salisbury, after
July 10th. Miss Barlow was one
of the teachers last year in the
graded school.
I owns Need Advertising.
Towns no Ibbs than business
firms need to advertise. A town
may not fail quite so quickly as
a private enterprise from lack of
advertising, but the death is just,
as certain in tlie long urn. A town
n eds to have outsiders know its
advantages, its actual conditions
as to industries, or opportunities
for business, cost of living, etc.
Many an excellent town suffers
from the fact that its advantages
are not widly known, just as many
a worthy c mmodity suffers tie
cause it has not been advertised.
The newspapers are undoubted
ly one of the greatest means of
advertising their town. “By
their newspapers men shall know
them’1 is the semibibical phrase
that applies to towns.
The western real estate t wn
can teach the average eastern city
many things on the subject of ad
vertisement. There is a case of
advertisement or die completely,
and they rather prefer to adver
tise. The result is that people are
interested and money is invested
in the towns
It is the same old fact that nev
er changes—namely, that adver
tising is necessary and that the
more a thing is advertised up to a
certain very high limit the great
er the net returns will be. 1' ,wus
are no exception to the general
rule,—Ridgway, (Pa.) Advocate.
Anderson Pickier, a well known
merchant, of this place, is the lat
est victim of smallpox.
Could Not Be Better.
No oue has ever made a salve, !
ointment, lotion or halm to oom-j
pare with Bncklen’a Arnica Salve, j
It’s the one perfect healer of Cuts,
Corns, Burns, Bruises, Sores,
Scalds Boils Ulcers, Eczema,
Salt Rrieain. For Sor« Eyes, Cold I
Sores, Chapped Handsits supreme.
Infallible for Piles, Only 25c at
all druggists.
June 14.—The health of this
community is very good at present,
except chills.
One of t he hard' at rains that
has fallen about, here for years
fell last Tuesday night The
wati rs wore higher than they have
been for years.
The farmers are very much be
hind with their work. Genera!
Green is hard to conquer on ac
count of the wot weather we have
been having.
Wheat and oats will all bo har
vested in a few days, The crop
will not be as good as was expect
The big Jr. 0. U A. M. picnic
to be given by Rowan Council, No
190, on Saturday, July the 3rd, >s
expected to he a big success. There
will be plenty of speakers here.
Bro, /. P. Smith will ho on hand.
Everybody iB cordially invited to
come and spend the day and enjoy
themselves with us.
There will he communion ser
' ices at Union Church next Sun
day, at 11 o’clock a. m. Prepar
atory services on Saturday at. 2
o’clock p. m. It is hoped that a
large congregation will be out.
Tub Hustler .
The Best
Spring Medicine
To wake up your liver which
has become torpid during the
will clear the eye, steady the
hand, stimulate digestion.
THE GENUINE has the RED Z on
the front of each package and the
signature and seal of J. H. ZEILIN
& CO., on the side, in RED. ^
GottOfi Seed Wsnted.—Any one having
eight or ten bushels of cotton
seed can find sale for same by call
ing at The Watchman Office
Having qualified as administrator of
the estate of Miss Amanda B 'aver this
is to notify persons having claims
against said estate to present the same
to the undersigned on or before May 7.
1909. or tliis notice will be plead in bar
of their recovery All persons indebt
ed to the estate are hereby notified to
make prompt settlement.
This May 7, 1909. 5-146tpd.
F. ,T. MURDOCH, Admr.
Corrected weekly by D. M Miller.
Apples, per bushel, 2-00 to 2 50
Bacon, sides per lb, 11 to 11 >4
shoulders, per lb, 10 to 11.
“ ham. per lb, 15 to 17.
round, per lb, 10 to I2V£.
Butter, choice yellow, 15 to 20
Chickens, per lb, 8)4 to 9.
Ducks, 20 to 30.
Guineas, 25 to 30.
Eggs, perdoz, 18 to20.
Corn, per bushel, 90c.
Flour, straight, per sac, $3.60 t.o $3.70
“ pat, $3 80 to 3 85.
Hay. per. hundred lbs. 60 to 80
Honey, per lb, 15 to 20.
Lard, N. 0., per lb, 11 to 12.
Meal, bolted, per hu 1,00.
Oats, per bu, 65 to 70
Potatoes, Irish, pe bu 1.25 to 1.50
Wheat per bush. 1.50 to $1 60
It’S All
for a
Cheap piano to be sold as a
cheap piano at a cheap
price, but,
There Should
be a way
To prevent cheap pianos
from being sold as high
grades an I at prices that
will Buy a strntly high
er .de piano.
[1 you till'., a dea f ear to
ill! circulating ag-nts and
I uy y ur niano from the
old reliable firm of Chas.
R1 S ieff, you run no risk.
Write t., day. Easy terms
if desired.
Chas, M. Stieff
Manufacturer of the
Artistic Stieff, Shaw, and
Stieff Selfplayer Pianos.
Southern Wareroom:
Charlotte, - N. C.
\ Manager. ?
Mention this paper.
_ _ -III IT millMMI
J. C. HORNER, Principal, Oxford, N.C.
Classical, Scientilic, and English courses. Prepares for college, university or
the government academies. Military training develops prombt obedience and
manly car. .uge. Academy 58 years old, with experienced teachers. Oadeis
nine with tin* principal and ladies of his family, securing the culture of home
iile. Cultivates Mid educates. Modern buildings, perfect sanitation, whole
some fare, no crowding. Best moral, mental, physical, and social training.
Shady lawn, athletic i ark, one quaiter mile running track, 300 acres. Ideal cli
mate Indplii! environment. In the social atmosphere of refined Christian peo
ple. The town noted for over a century as an educational center 6-15 4t eow
| J. F. MoGitbbins, president. W. B. Straohan, treasurer.
E. H, Harrisoh, secretary and manager.
Real Estate, Loans, Insurance.
AW offer for sale a 160-acre farm three miles east from Salisbury,
all but a few acres fresh land and in timber, farm will pay for itself in
a few years as the land is very productive. Price right now, $4,000,
part cash and balance easy terms. AA’e will show it to you from our
li you want to either loan or borrow money on good real estate secur
ity in Rowan Go it, will certainly pay you well to look inio our system of I
! making real est-ab* loans ; the lender nets 8 per cent each 6 months with
I the host security on earth and with us little trouble to him as dep sit
| ing money in u bank. The security is a first mortgage real estate bund
with our company guaranteeing payment of principal and interest
-—KirwiBriiini —w a—aeiaKm—m ———mbm——a —— waam mamam \
1-5 * .I a | ■ a mm H>R * \ EARS boys have been prepared for COLLEGE and for LIFE, and have In on-trained
ts S Pi La n A SVI t.. I.C MEN at T H E RINCHAM SCHOOL. Mcally located on Asheville
i i| a - Plateau Organization .MILITARY fur discipline, control ami carriage. Roys expelled
3 L n U U L. from other schools not received. A ViciOUS boy sent home as booh as discovered.
OQ-a 1 Q1 O Hazing excluded by pledge of honor. Limited to I 36- Rates reasonable.
| ^ 1 U _Address COL. R. GINGHAM, Supt., R. F. D., Box 80, A.SHEVILI E, N. C. j
Cough Caution
Never, positively never poison your lungs. If you
cough—even from a simple cold only—you should
always heal, soothe, ami ease the irritated bron
chial tubes. Don't blindly suppress it with a
stupefying poison. It’s strange how some things
finally come about. For twenty years Dr. Shoop
has constantly wanted people not to take cough
mixtures or prescriptions containing Opium,
Chloroform, or similar poisons. And now—a little
late though—Congress says "Put it on the label.
If poisons are in your Cough Mixture.” Good!
Very good 11 Hereafter for thisveryreasonmothers,
and others, should insist on having Dr. Shoop’s
Cough Cure. No poison marks on Dr. Shoop’s
labels—and none in the medicine, else it must by
law be on the label. And it’s not only safe, but it
is said to be by those that know it best, a truly r»
markable cough remedy. Take no chance then,
particularly with your children. Insist on having
Dr. Shoop’s Cough Cure. Compare carefully the
Dr. Shoop package with others and note the
difference. No poison marks there I You can
Always be on the safe side by demanding
Dr. Shoop’s
Cough Cure
Dr. L. S. FOX,
It will pay you to find out.
Office and hospital on Tnniss St., near
Mansion House corner. Day phone
205. Night phone 430. 4-27tf
Mortgage Sale,
Default having been made in, the
payment of that indebtedness secured
by the mortgage deed of trust executed
by William White and Lutisie White to
B. B. Miller, trustee, on the 18th day
of November 1907, and recorded in book
number 32 page 33 of Rowan County
record of mortgages, the undersigned
trustee, pursuant to the terms of said
mortgage, will sell at public outcry to
the highest bidder, for cash, at the
court house door in Salisbury, North
Carolina, on
Monday, the I4tli day of June, 1909.
the following real property:
lu the Great West Square of the City
of.Sali- bury, beginning at a stake one
hundred feet North-west from the
north corner of the intersection of Ho
rah and Lord streets, Ann ice Camp.
bell’s corner on Horah street, ant. runs
thence with the line of Horah street.
North-west 100 feet to a stake on Rey '
House’s line, thence North-east with
his line 150 feet to a stake, thence
Soutl-east 100 feel ton stake. Annice
Campbell's corner, thence South-west
with Campbell's line 150 feet to 1 lie be
ginning on Horah street.
Second lot lying in the rear of the
above described lot and fronting on
Lord street, beginning at a stake,.
Wilkin’- line on Lord street, and runs!
thence West 200 feet to a stake, Wilk
in’s ami Wr gilt’s line thence South 50i
feet to a stake, Rev House’s line
thi-nee East 200feet to a stale on Lord;
street, thence North with Lor.' sheet,
50 feet to the beginning.
This the tenth day ot May 1909.
B. B. Miller, trustee.
I have a tine Rereheron Stallion and a.
splendid thoroughbred jack at my sta
hies, 2 miles west of Faith on the road
to China Grove,where they can he found
all the week except on Saturdays. Sat
urdays 1 will be in Salisbury i : the lot
at Grubb’s stable. MOSES EAGLE
* 13 tf
Maniiftietureis’ Agents
For Stick ney Gaso
line Engines, Mon
arch < Va n Meal and
Feed i\l ills, < iicular,
Rip and Rut-Off
Saws, .Johnson Har
vesting Machinery,
Write for Prices, or call and see
us at
113 W. Fisher Stree,
Koxt door to Stand Pipe,
Salisbury, |\1. C.
Celebrated for style, perfect fit, simplicity and
reliability nearly 40 years. Sold in nearly
every city and town in the United States and
Canada, or by mail direct. More sold t') -,-,
any other make. Send for free catalogue.
More subscribers than any other fashior
magazine—million a month, "invaluable I r
est styles, patterns, dressmaking, millinery
plain sewing, fancy needlework, hairdressing
etiquette, good .stories, etc. Only 50 cent* s
}rear (worth double), including a free pattern
Subscribe today, or send for sample copy
to Agents. Postal brings premium catalogs !
and new cash prize oilers. Address e
THE McCALL CO.. 238 to 248 W. 37lh Si., NEW YORK

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