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Frank R. Brown has been offer
ed the position of one of the five
direstors of the North Carolina
Retail Merchants Association, also
the chairmanship of the arbitra
tion committee. President
Broughton, of Raleigh, has written
Mr. Brown to this effect.
Luther M. Tesh, field secretary
of the Baracas, spoke to an inter
ested audience, last Thursday at
the Spencer Y. M. C, A .
The partnership which has ex
isted between Drs. H. L. Monk
and M. L. Smoot, of Spencer, has
been diBolved. Both physicians
will still practice in Spencer.
Cards have been received by
friends, bearing the following an
nouncement :
“Mr, and Mrs. S. H. Wetmore
invite you to be present at the
marriage of their daughter Mary
Americus to Oscar Talmage Nesbit
Wednesday evening, July the sev
enth, nineteen hundred and nine
at half past seven o’clock at Unity
Presbyterian Church Woodleaf,
North Carolina.
The Southern Hotel, near the
depot, has been purchased by W.
A. Blackwell, who will manage
the business.
During the month of June per
mits were issued for the erection
of buildings aggregating $129.00C
in value.
The reward of $25, which was
offered by the authorities of West
' Virginia, for the arrest of the
negro John Lucky, who killed his
wife in WeBt Tirginia, has been
sent to Sheriff McKenzie.
Several dealers here have come
to the front with the tax of $300
on the near beer business.
Most of the members of the
local fire department have gone to
Asheville, to attend the State
tournament of the firemen. The
Spencer Reel team left this morn
ing and will be on hand.
Sheriff McKenzie went to Char
lotte Sunday afternoon and
brought back John Freeman, who
is charged with retailing at East
Spencer. Freeman furnished a
$400 bond and was reieased from
custody. The hearing is to take
place to morrow.
Will Davis, just off the chain
gang, was employed Saturday
evening by M, A. Lemley, who
lives about two miles from town
on the old Mocksville road, has
again secured a busy job on the
road. He got up about 3 o’clock
Monday morning and having a
great desire for a bicycle belonging
to Mr. Lemley departed with it
without making settlement for
same or other arrangements. The
bicycle and Davis being misBed
Westal Simeson mounted a mule
and easily followed the track of
the wheel to the Toll Bridge,
where the negro was unable to
pass for lack of funds. Mr. Sim
eson took charge of the outfit and
brought Davis in to the sheriff.
Davis was before Judge Miller this
morning and was returned to the
roads for a period of six months,
J. C. Kizziah, a ponular young
man of Spencer, died in that place
Friday morning after an illness of
several weeks. The remains were
taken to Charlotte Sunday where
the interment took place, the
masonic fratornity having the
funeral arrangements in charge.
The deceased was employed in the
office of General Foreman Kadie,
at the Spencer shops. He was a
highly esteemed young man and
his death is universally regretted.
The Tax Fixed.
At. a recent ses-Bion of the board
of aldermen the tax on near beer
dealers was fixed at $800. There
was a strong sentiment for a $1C0
tax, four of the city fathers favor
ing this amount and four standing
out for the larger sum. Mayor
Smoot decided the matter by vot
ing for the $800 tax. It has heen
said there is not a large profit in
the near beer business anyway,
, unless it has other features con
nected with it, so it was thought
that few, if any would take out a
license for its sale, but such were
mistaken. Five in S alisbury and
several on Chestnut Hill have paid
the tax and are now doing buei
-• •
Wanted. —You to know Mrs. Dr.
Moore expects to be at Dr,
Fox’s office (if physically able)
Thursday July 8th, from 9 a. m.
to 5 p. m. One day only. It.
Board of Aldermen Complete Work of Se
lecting Objects of Special Taxation.
It is probably a fact that noth
ing has been published in Salis
bury for a long time, which has
occasioned so much comment, as
the publication of the list of oc
cupations and business concerns
which are to be made subject to
municipal taxation. The com
ment was vigorous and yaried, not
unmixed with kicks of numerous
kinds . It was expected that there
would be considerable kicking,
for the aldermen di 1 not imagine
that a schedule of this Bort could
be adopted which would please all
citizens. About, three-fourths of
this schedule has been law for years
and some of the most vigorous
kicking is being done by parties
who will not have 1 cent of the
taxes to pay. The list is giver
Agents c llecting accounts, $15
Agents collecting rents, $15.
[teal ostato agents, $15.
Architects and draftsmen, $10.
Auctioneers, $50.
Auction houses, $100.
Automobile garage, $25.
Bicycle dealers, $10.
Baggage and transfer C 'mpanioi
with one horse, $5; with twc
horses, $15; with more than twc
twc horses, $25.
Barber shops, first chair, $2 50
additional chairs $1 each.
Kill posters and lackers, $lo.
Billard and p'ol tables, firsl
table; $50; second table, $40
more than two tables $30 each.
Boarding houses for transient
guests, less than ten rooms, $5'
ten to fifteen rooms, $10; more
than fifteen rooms $25,
Wholesale jobbers, $15.
Merchant tailors, $25.
Companies or persons engaged
in messenger service, $10.
Moving picture shows, $5 a
Dealers in milk, $5.
Note shavers, $500. (This has
been a law for eight years.)
Dealers in and agents selling
oil at retail or wholesale on the
streets, $25.
Persons or firms Belling gaso
line or benzine, $10.
Opticians and oculists, $5.
Pawnbrokers, $250, with the
right reserved to revoke license.
Peanut and uoj corn peddlers,
Penny arcades, which includes
gum and weighing machines, $25.
Veterinary surgeons, resident,
$5 per year; itinerant $5 per day.
Storage warehouses, $5.
Watch aud jewelry repairers,
Electric light companies, $100;
dealers in electric supplies, $5.
Dealers who give prices for the
purpose of inducing a sale, $10.
Express companies using the
streets of the city for delivery
purposes, $25.
Dealers in fertilizers, $10.
Dealers in fish aud oysters, $10.
Dealers iu firecrackers, $25.
Foundries, $5.
Fortune tellers, $25.
Peddlers of fruit not their own
product, $2 50,
Fruit stands extending on the
streets, $10.
Gasoline companies, $50; deal
ers iu gasoline fittings, $5.
Harness makers and repairers,
Hotels, $50.
Transient horse dealers having
seven head or more of stock, $5 a
day; private sale, $20 a week,
Hucksters buying from growers
and peddling, $10.
Sign makers, resident, $5 annu
ally ; itinerant sign makers, $2 50
per day.
Skating rinks, $20.
Soda fountains, $10.
Store peddlers, $25.
Surveyors, $10.
Telegraph companies, $25.
Theatres $50.
Traveling theatrical companies,
$10 p r day.
Dealers in typew ritors, $5.
Tin shops, $10.
Undertakers, $25.
Concerts for reward, $5.
Vaudeville shows, $5.
Social clubs whore liquors,
wines or beers are kept for and
served to members, $1 semi-annu
ally for every member of the club
during the preceding twelve
Circuses where the admission is
not over 25 cents and reserved
seats not over 15 cents. $15 per
day; where the admission is un
der 50 cents and over 25 cents,
$50 per day; where the admission
is 50 cents and over, $200 per day.
Persons or corporations engaged
iu cleaning, dyeing, repairing and
pressing clothes, $15.
Dealers iu coca cola by the bot
tle, $5; by the glass, $10.
Dealers in coffins, $15.
“Construction foreman, $2 50.
Dealers in cotton and cotton
seed, $10.
Contractors employing two or
more men, >2; building contrac
tors or sub contractors engaged in
the business of erecting buildings,
Dogs, >2 each. All persons re
fusing or failing to list dogs own
ed by then shall be indicted and
fined >5; all dogs found running
the streets of Salisbury after Au
gust 1st without a tax check
shall be declared nuisances and
Agents for photograph enlarg
ers, >5.
Paper hangers and wall papei
dealers, >5.
Itinerant piano tuners, >2 50 s
Dealers in rifles, pistols and ri
lie and pistol cartiidges, >20.
Piano dealers and agents, >10.
Plastering contractors, >5.
Plumbers, >50.
Planing mills, >10.
Telegraph, telephone, electric
light and street car poles, >1 pel
1 pole, provided that the whole
amount assessed any single com
pany on this account shall not ex
ceed >100.
I T> _^ ..* „ l’.XA
Dealers in and agents for safes,
Bootb'acks, $10. (This has
been a law for seme time and the
taxes have been collected regular
Bott 1 ing works, 100.
Dealers in buggies, wagons and
carriages. 5
Dealers iu building material, 15
Dealers iu brick, 15.
Butchers, 00.
Cafes and restaurants, 5.
One-horse carriages for hire, 10;
two-horse carriages for hire, 15.
Carriage, buggy and r< pair
shops, 10.
Candy manufacturers. 10.
Dealers in cider, cherry and
similar drinks, 5.
Civil engineers, 5.
Dealers in cigarettes, 5.
Ice cream dealers, 5.
Iro cream and s jft drink ped
dlers, 25.
Ice cream factories and dealers
in ice, 25.
Insurance agents, 15.
Itinerant agents and salesmen,
2 per day.
Junk dealers, 100.
Itinerant jewelers, 5 per day.
Livery Stables, 25
Dealers in lumber, plauiug
mil Is excepted, 25.
Money lenders, 250.
Dealers in magazines and peri
odicals, 5.
Mail order business, general
merchants excepted, 10.
Marble yards, 10.
Itinerant, merchants, 50 a week,
This schedule becomes elTeciive
on the 15th inst.
Spencer Lady Hurt.
A Special dispatch of the 22nd,
Mrs. Margaret Dorton, wife of
W. D. D non, of Spencer, was
severely injured at her home yes
terday by falling out a rear door
a distance, of about six feet. One
shoulder was broken, lor face
badly bruised and otherwise shak
en up. It required four hours un
der two physicians to set the brok
en bones and dress her wounds
She is improving today and it. is
thought will soon recover She is
being nursed by a sister, Miss Ida
Flow, a trained nurse, of It lanoke,
who happened to be in Spencer
when the accident occurred.
heart’ comes from
of the heart by rich, oily,
nicotine-laden clear Hav
ana cigars. You never
find a case'of it among the
wise men who smoke
light, domestic cigars like
Robert Burns
Miid 10c Cigar
Office mid hospital on Inniss St., near
Mansion House corner. Day phone
205. Night phone 430. 4-27 tf
Daily BeDoming Less Wearisome to Many
in Salisbury.
Wi! Ii a buck that aches all day,
With resi disturbed at night.
Annoying urinary disorders,
’Tis a weary way, indeed.
Doan’s Kidney 1’ills drive weariness
Are endorsed by Salisbury citizens.
.1. M. Trexler, retired. 512 N. Long
St., Salisbury, N. 0., says: I have no
hesitation in recomending Doan’s Kid
ney Pills, as 1 consider them to be a
reliable remedy. I suffered a great
deal from backache and l had lull
miserable headaches. The. kidney se
cretions passed very irregularly and
plainly showed by their unnatural ap
pearance that my kidneys were out of
order. When Doan’s Kidney Pills were
brought to my attention, I procured a
box at McPherson it Go’s drug store
and after using them, felt better in
every way. My kidneys are now in a
healthy condition and the pains in my
back are a thing of the past.
l’or sale by all dealers. Price50cents.
Fotter-Milbui-n Go., Buffalo, New York
sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name—Doan’s—and
take no other.
FARMS FOR SALE,—Two splendid
100-iioro farms for sale. Foi
description and other informatioi
write, or call at The Watch MAf
Why not Patronize us?
We Are The Cheapest.
We have Weather Boardings
i for $1 00 to $1 75. Flooring
from $1.50 to $2 50. Ceiling
from $1 00 to $2.00.
| We make all k in da <*f molding
>iii<i turned work at prices reas
Phone 405. ciihstsut hiu..
Goodman Lumber Co.
NORTH CAROLS V, J In the Superior
Rowan County ( Court.
William McCowan ( Sale of Real
vs - Estate Under
S, J I'oareh. i Execution
Ry Virtue of an execution, in attach
ment proceedings, directed to the un
dt rsigmd ffrom the Superior Court of
Rowan County in the above entitled
action, I will, on
Monday, August the 2nd, 1909,
lit 12 o'clock M., at the
'Jourl I louse door in the Oity of Salis
bury. seP to tin* highest bidder for
, ea-1). to - it isl'y said execution all t he
right. t ii le and interest which the said
S.J . Poareh, the defendant, had on M.-ij
17th, 1909 Or now has in the following
described real estate:
One house and lot in East Spencer
about 320 feet South of Long Street
and on the Southern extension of Spen
cer Avenue and bounded as follows
Beginning at a stone on Southern St.
running thence N. 57 E. 50 feet to a
stone; thence S 38'J E. 138l2 feet to a
stone Newkirk’s line; thence with this
line S 57 W. .40 feet to a stone ; thence
N. 38'.j W. 14 1 feet to the beginning.
! being lot, No. 30 on the I laden am? Hci
. lig map. and fuller description refer
I cnee is hereby made to deed registered
j in the Register's Olliee in Book 90 page
320 This being the house and lot for
merly occupied by S. J. Poareh.
Also another lot adjoining tin* above
and fully described by metes and
bounds in Deed registered in the Reg
1 ister’s Olliee of Rowan County in Book
: 90 page 324. The same being a vacant
j lot and being lo feet front and running
back about 138 feet. Reference is
hereby made to both of said deeds for
full description, metes and bounds.
The house on the lirst lot has live
rooms and is in good condition and well
located. The above property will he
sold under attachment proceedings and
the purchaser will get a good title to
the same subject to a mortgage of
about $475.00 due II. II. Swiregood.
Terms of sale: CASI I.
This June 22nd, 1 ‘>09
Sheriff of Rowan Conn I y.
KC'daie in mi Lsiait;.
I'ursmmt. to a judgment of the Super
ior (louri made in IheSpee.ial proceed
ing entitled “(J. V. Atwell, Lula Safril
Atwell, .1. 11. Oarroll, Janie Carroll and
John Safrit vs John Hill, Henry Hill
Maggie. Hill, Amanda i I ill, Michael
11 ill, Jennie Hill. James llili, \V. A.
Albright, Maria Iv L Albright, Heorge
Hill, Sal lie Hill and liebecea Hill’L the
undersigned com mi »sioners, appoin ted
by said (-nurt in said proceeding will
sell at. public auction, fur cash, to the
highest bidder, at flu* Court, House
Door in the City of Salisbury, on
Monday, July the 19th, 1909,
ill 12 o’elnek M., eight-ninths undivid
ed interest in mu! to one l.rnet. of land
lying and being in Litaker Township,
Rowan County am, known as the Wash
ingl.on Hill lands, adjoining the lands
of John Rendleman and others, and
bounded as follows:—Beginning at n
stake, a corner formerly of Guy Hill s
and runs GO West of South 55 poles to a
hickory, John Rendiemen’s corner;
thence South 23 East 59 poles to a post
oak, said Rendleman’s corner; thence
North 40 West 57 poles to a black oak.
said Rendleman’s corner: thence West
4 North 34 poles to a Spanish oak, said
Rendleman’s corner; thence South I lo
poles to a post oak, thence East 150
poles to a slake; thence North 135
poles to the beginning, containing 97
acres in the entire tract. For back
title, reference is made to deed register
ed in the Register’s Office of Rowan
County in Bonk No. 41 page 288. Sale
will be left open 1.0 days for a 10% bid.
The purchaser on day of sale will be
required to pay down In",,' of the pur
chase price and if be does not a re-sale
will he immediately bad, and if a 10 per
cent bid sli ill not be placed u itliin In
days then the amount deposited will be 1
credited on the purchase price, o;her
wise it will be returned. Bidding to
begin at$1275.00
This June 18. 1909.
5 — - ■ ■ — ——■—i — ”— M
^ 10c hose for C.
m 3C
9 —-———
f Ladies 10c black and tan hose JP_
for only VV
2 Ladies bleached Vest tape, neck j"
etc., regular 10c. vest. Our price vG
J 7.|c chambroy gmgnam,
9 Another case of that chambroy ging
® ham worth 7io in blue, grey, pink JJ
9 etc. Our price vG
9 —-————
® Best, apron gingham worth 7Ac, jP _
9 till colors for vC

9 . ...—-——■
..■■■"■■■■■"■■'I.. ©
15c Crepon goods for ^
__------— •
f ©
Just picked np lot of the popular ere- ^
pou goods, always sell for 15c, 4 A
Our price I (JC ^
White lawn JP @
DC 9
—-—— •
38 inch white lawn worth Sic £■ m
Our price DC 2
— -—---—— 9
38 inch smooth sea island E 9
for only DC 9
--.——_————— 9
b’uniibure is one of the Essentials of a home, its quality and quan
tity determines the comforts of its owner. We would like to see every
home in the county luxuriously furnished, and, we would like to sup
ply just as much of such furnidlings as possible. This is why we ad
vertise. We want you to kn nv that we handle furniture and that we
are anxious to sell you sum u We carry a large stock including the
olaiu which is g >od and substantial and sold at small figures, and the
more pretentious and luxuriant, which, though higher in price, is
worth every cent that we ask for it. It is both useful and ornamental
When in need of
Furniture don’t forget us.
You are cordially invited to give us a call and we assure of every
possible courtesy whether you buy or not.
$V-*ry respectfully.
W. B. Summersett,
; l OS W. Li hi oss St. - - Salisbury, N. C.
The Curse of the South.
What is the ma'ter with ills South? According to government report of
1908 “The Secret is out at last—the Southerner, contrary to curient
l>ioi"ii is not lazy, shiftless, indifferent or cureless “He is sick”
'lie South is afflicted with and harbors that most dreaded treacherous
and destructive id' all diseases An unis. Pernicious Anemia. The
average Southerner is a sufferer of this health destroying parasite
which destroys the red bloood ceils producing an impoverished con- ■
difion of the blood ; characterized by extreme pallor, general debility
weakness, loss of vig >r, lack of ambition, and general undermining
"f vitality. The climate and atmospheric conditions destroy the 1
vitality. Let him get over it. Get rid ..f it. Get well, and he is 1
good physically as (he best American can boast. If there is health
"f the slightest, degree in your system, “WAKE IT DPI CALL IT 1
'’III LI); alI can and should lie well. To neglect y mrself is to reflect
'MV" t'im wisdom of your Maker. Nature intends all humanity to
enjoy a full measure of health and vigor. If you do not the faull is
your own, f '-r yon are yourself to blame for it,. Wonders have been
accomplished for the people of Tenneessee, Alabama, Georgia and
M ississippi, let us now do as much for the people of the Carolines. A
postal will bring you the necessary information. Send no money I
Write to-day. Don't, neglect this chance here offered you. Address,
The Cleveland Institute of Medicine and Suryery,
Cleveland, Ohio . Corner Kinsman rl> and 72d Street.
I .1. K. MoUnnniNS, president. W. R. Straoiian, treasurer. |
R- II» Haurisow, neoivtary and lnana^nr
Real Estate, Loans, Insurance.
. n iW,e °?'*r for saJe n 160-acre farm three miles east from Salisbury
all but a lew acres fresh laud and in timber, farm will pay for itself iii
a ew years as the hunt is very productive. Price right now, *-l,(Hiu.
oMiee ‘ and balance easy terms. We will show it lo you from our
.1! you want, to either loan or borrow money on good real,state secur
ity m Rowan Co a will certainly pay you well to look into our system of
mil,it g leal estate loans ; the lender nets 3 per cent each 0 months with
: 1,1 r'1, securily on earth and with as little trouble to him as dep -sit
whl'i’nl'.r y. ” lank' Th',‘ is :l lil>l mortgage real estate bond
Ulth on, Company guaranteeing payment of principal and interest.
.FU,1{ i,,1!’ Jl:''iiT l,!i>*: prepared forCol.LLCi: and for I.1FK, and luivo been trained
to he MLN at H E BINGHAM SCHOOL. Ideally located on Asheville
Hiateau Organization Mil.II AR\ for discipline, control and carriage. Roys fixnel lod !
from other schools not received. A V i C i O U «=* boy sent homo as soon’an discovered. j ’
Hazing excluded by pledge of honor. Limited to 136- Rates reasonable.
Address COL. It. UINCllAM, Supt., R. F. I)., Box S!i, ASHLVII.I K, N C.
_ _ ~---—--- I
rlhe Watchman, 1 year, 7acts spot cash.
Summersett Undertaking Co..
108-110 AV. InuusN -i ,
Salisbury, X. ir.,
j'r *>
Carry a full line of Caskets,
fins and Burial Robes. Latest im
proved equipments consisting ■ '
Hearses, Casket Wagons, Church
Frucks, etc.
Special attention given to all
tails, day or night, by their un
lertakers, Mr. T. W. Summer- tt
and Mr R. M Davis.
Phono calls: day, 224; nigh:,
529 or 201.
Embalming a Specia li>
8AI.1I.BURY, N. <J.
Woes a <»eiieeal Hanking
B B*«- ■* i
We pay 4 per cent on time Hi -
resits. Interest payable every
hree months.
Prompt at tent.ion given to mu
msiness entrusted to us
Your business solicited.
Peoples’ National Stank.
) K. Julian, ,1. 1). Nuuwih.u,
president. eiislm-i.
'• H, TuruiesoN, W. T. 1’isic..
V -president. ti Her.
—HiBWBH—< ii i .
Smith Says
For Pure drugs,
Prescript ion ac
curately til led, \
and anything in 1
an up-to-date
drug store at
lowest prices
call at
or phono I tie.
Ft rmei F, • e • T. \V. Uriine.s Prior £
. l.ntUet*! AnI> yotii-nruisulst. I r /*\
(E 4\ kj**\ <Mil-elieN-ler’H IMninontl TCruntl//\\
IMIIm in lt,«I ami <.,.1.1 .Hi, \V/
boxes, sealed with Blue Ril-U n. \ /
Take no oilier, liny of your v
Peutfjrlsl. Ask for <'111-4 lll'.S-TI’U *
IHAMONII lilt A ,N I» ril.kSf '
years known as Best, Safest. A b. ays K li >1 0*

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