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New Parcel Post Rates
The pound rates of postage for
local delivery and in the first and
second zones are easily calculated,
as in the local rate the charge for
packages of from four ounces to
one pound is five cents, and one
cent more for each two pounds or
fraction, while in the first and
second zones rate the five cents
for four ounces up to one pound
is increased one cent on each
pound or fraction of a pound.
The following table shows these
Weight. Local. 1st & 2d
1 pound .$0.05 $0.05
2 pounds .06.06
3 pounds .06 ...... .07
4 pounds.07.08
5 pounds.07.09
6 pounds.08.10
7 pounds .08.11
8 pounds .09.12
9 pounds .09.13
10 pounds.10.14
11 pounds .10.15
12 pounds .11.16
13 pounds .11.17
14 pounds.12.18
15 pounds.12.19
16 pounds.13.20
17 pounds.13.21
18 pounds.14.22
19 pounds .14.23
20 pounds.15.24
Good Roads In Durham.
Durham—The county road force has
completed that part of the oentral
■highway In Durham county and when
Orange county connects with this road
leading out of West Durham there
will be a good road from thia city to
Greensboro. One gang of the convict
force is now working on the Durham
end of the Quebec and Miami road,
■which is known as the Oxford road.
It will take something like three
months to get a four-mile gap in thia
road put into the proper condition for
Held On Serious Charge.
Greensboro—W. C. Tise, a Winstom
Salem business man, and his stenog
rapher, Miss Lillie Tess, are under
bonds of $400 to appear in police
court end answer to charges of Im
morality. Some time ago the woman
came to Greensboro and took apart
ments and to her a ohild was born.
After the birth, man, woman and child
left in an automobile. The child was
left with a woman in the suburbs of
Winston-Salem, where it died. Inves
tigation when a burial certificate was
requested furnished the clue.
To Start Drainage Work.
Fayetteville.—The Breatt Engineer
ing & Construction CO. of Wilson has
been awarded the contract to do the
excavating work in connection with
the drainage of the swamp lands of
Flea Hill township. The work will
be begun as soon as the commission
ers of the drainage district sell the
bonds. The property will be assessed
according to the classification of the
lands whioh will be made before the
sale of the bonds. The Brett Com
pany was given the contract at t.ST
cents the cubic yard.
For Weakness and Loss of Appetite
The Old Standard general strengthening tonic,
GROVE'S TASTELESS chill TONIC, drives out
Malaria and builds up die system. A true tonifi
tud aura Appetizer. Fuff adults and children* Wa
Corrected weekly by D. M. Miller &
Bacon, sides per lb, 15 to 16
“ shoulders, per lb, 15 to 16.
‘ ‘ ham, per B>, 20 to 22.
“ round, per B>, 15 to 17.
Butter, choice yellow, 20 to 25
Chickens, per lb, 10 to 12.
Bucks, 20 to 30.
Guineas, 25 to 30.
Eggs, per doz, 28. to 30
Corn, per bushel, 90c. to 1.00
Flour, straight, per sac, $2.40 to $2.50
“ pat, $2.75 to 3 00.
Hay. per. hundred lbs,.75, average.
Honey, per lb, 18 to 20.
Lard, N. C-, per lb, 12 to 14.
Meal, bolted, per bu. 1.10
Oats, per bu, 53 to 55
Potatoes,’Irish, pe’ bu, 1.00
Wheat per bush. 1.00 to $1,05
Onions. 75
Kye, per bushel, $1.15
Turkeys 15c per lb,
Geese, 12)^e per lb.
Very Serious j
It is a very serious matter to ask I
for one medicine and have the ■
wrong one given you. For this I
reason we urge you in buying to I
_ be careful to get the genuine— m
Liver Medicine
I The reputation of this old, relia
ble medicine, for constipation, in
digestion and liver trouble, is firm
ly established. It does not imitate
other medicines. It is better than
others, or it would not be the fa
vorite liver powder, with a larger
sale than all others combined.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine. It stops the
Cough and Headache and works off the Cold.
Druggists refund money if it fails to cure.
E- W. GROVE’S signature on each box. 25c.
Denver Divines on Right Track,
Says Pastor RussetL
No World-Burring — Satan to Be
Bound—Sin, Sickness and Death to
Be Conquered—Man to Be Delivered.
The Power Vested In Messiah—His
Kingdom Near—How It Will Appear.
Denver, i.—
This city Is stirred!
Seventeen pastors
of all denomina
tions have been
discussing The Sec
ond Advent for a
month. Now comes
Pastor Russell tell
ing us all that
“The Earth abld
eth forever”—that
It will never be de
stroyed by literal
Are. According to
uiiu im* greai eveui oi \jurist s ^oiu
Ing will bring blessings such as we
all desire. He seems to have the Bible
and logic on his side too!
Pastor Russell declared that false
concepts of the Second Coming of
Christ had done great injury. The
view set forth in all orthodox creeds
Is that Christ will come again in the
flesh. The resurrection will take place
within twenty-four hours. The saintly
will rise in the air to meet the Lord.
Theu fire will come down from heav
en. and consume the whole earth. Pre
milleunialists claim that Christ will
reign in fleshly glory a thousand years
to bless the living. The majority of
Christians disown this as ridiculous
nonsense because thy believe little of
creed or Bible. A minority perceive
its inconsistency with the Bible.
What Bible Students Now See.
The "fire of that day” is symbolical,
already kindling in society, the ele
ments of which, Capital and Labor,
are getting hotter. Soon they will
melt, the symbolical “earth” will be
consumed with the "heavens” also, the
ecclesiastical powers. Their passing
away will usher in a "new earth,” or
social order, and “new heavens,” the
Church in glory.
The Second Coming of Christ is as
sociated with blessings. Messiah will
abolish the curse and bring in wonder
ful blessings. The Day of Christ will
be “the last Day,”—the great Seventh
Thousand-year Day. All humanity will
be blessed, Including the dead who will
then be awakened.
Christ Comes to Reign.
As the redemption was necessary
for man’s salvation so Messiah’s King
dom Is necessary to accomplish restitu
tion. The delay; of more than eighteen
centuries Is Seripturally explained: (1)
God designed Six Great One Thou
sand Year Days to teach mankind the
exceeding sinfulness of sin. He pur
posed that on the Seventh Day the
blessing of Messiah should come. (2)
An Important work has been done
since Calvary. An Elect Church has
been gathered out of all nations—
saints made perfect through suffering,
a Little Flock, the “Church of the
First-borns.” These are to become the
Bride of Christ at His Second Advent
The Second Coming of Jesus Is to
claim His Bride class, and to exalt
them. As regards the world. He comes
to bind Satan, to overthrow sin, and
to uplift fallen humanity. St. Peter
tells that Restitution work, not a literal
burning of the world, awaits the Sec
ond Coming of Jesus: “Times of re
freshing shall come from the presence
of the Lord.’’—Acts ill, 19-21.
Christ’s Kingdom to Be Spiritual.
One great mistake we have all made
Is In not noticing that Jesus was hm
man for only thirty-three and a half
years. He was a glorious spirit being
before He was made flesh; and He
was resurrected to a spirit condition—
higher than His original one. How
foolish we were to think of Jesus as a
man (a little lower than angels) in the
midst of the Heavenly host He Is now
partaker of the Divine nature; His
Church is to be “changed and made
“like Him.” As His descent was from
a higher to a lower, so His ascent was
from a lower nature to a higher, “far
above angels.” His is the exceeding glo
ry which “no man hath seen nor can see"
—“which no man can approach unto."
It Is this glorious Being whose King
dom Is about to be established. He
and His Church will be as invisible
to men as are Satan and the fallen
angels. The appearances of Jesus in
the flesh after His resurrection were
materializations, to prove: (1) that
Jesus was no longer dead; (2) that He
was changed, born of the Spirit, able
to go and come like the wind.
Parousia, Epiphania, Apokalupsis.
Messiah’s Kingdom will have earthly
representatives—the faithful saints of
previous ages, raised to human perfec
tion instantly. Through these the in
visible Messianic Kingdom will op
erate. Jesus said. “Ye shall see Abra
ham. Isaac, Jacob and all the prophets
in the Kingdom.”
The parousia of Jesus will come first
—present but invisible. The world will
continue with the ordinary affairs or
life (while He is gathering the Church),
as in the days of Noah.
After the gathering of the Church,
there will be aiy'epiphanla and an apo
Icalupsis of Jesus. He will shine forth.
He will be revealed—not in flesh, but
“in flaming Are,” the trouble of that
Day, in which the present order will
be consumed in anarchy, giving place
to the Kingdom Dispensation.

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Doctors Feared Lung Trouble,
Restored to Health by Vinol,
The medical profession does not be
lieve that lung troubles are inherited,
but a person may inherit a weakness
or tendency to them.
Mrs. Kate Heckman, Springfield,
Ohio, says: "A few years ago I was
In a very bad run-down condition, and
the physician told me I had consump
tion. I tried another physician, and
he told me I had ulcers on my right
lung. I quit the physicians and
started on ‘Vinol.’ Today I am
perfectly healthy, and that Is why 1
recommend ‘Vinol’.’’
Vinol soothes and heals the Inflam
ed surfaces and allays the cough,
Vinol creates an appetite, strengthens
the digestive organs and gives the
patient strength to throw off in
cipient pulmonary diseases.
Try a bottle of Vinol with the un
derstanding that your money will be
returned If it does not help you.
P. S.—For any skin trouble try our
Saio Salve. We guarantee it.
bmith Drug Co., tiaiisoury, N. C
Low Fares!
Homeseekers tickets are
sold at greatly reduced fares
on the 1 stand 3rdTuesdays
of each month; stopovers
free and 25 days time, via
Cotton Belt Route,—to
and Texas
}Vinter tourist tickets (round
trip) from southeast points to
many points in Texas, Louisiana
and New Mexico, will be on sale
daily Nov. 1st. 1913 to April 30,
1914; with exceedingly long return
limit of June 1st, 1914. Stopovers.
All year tourist tickets on sale
daily to certain points in Texas
—90 day limit.
The Cotton Belt Route is the
direct line from Memphis toTexas,
through Arkansas—two splendid
trains daily, with electric lighted
equipment of through sleepers,
parlorcars anddining cars.Trains
from all parts of Southeast make
direct connection at Memphis
with Cotton Belt Route trains
to the Southwest.
For full information about Home
. seekers Fares, Winter Tourist Fares
I or All Year Tourist Tickets, address i
II the undersigned. Books about farm- •
II ing in Southwest, sent free. Writel •
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used, try Mustang Liniment Ej
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it stops pain. It don't Sting E
or burn the flesh but soothes E
and heals soon as applied. I
Pain simply can't stay if you H
use K
The Great Family Remedy J
Mumps, Lameness, R
Cuts, Burns, Backache, 1
Rheumatism, Scalds,
Sprains, Bruises, g
and all other ailments of |
Man and Beast. I
j Since 1848 the foremost i~
Pain “Reliever of the South. p
25c.. 50c.. $1 a battle k
At Drag and General Stores.
St. Luke's Parish Established Contempo
raneously with the County.
St Luke’s Parish seems to have
been a portion of the original
uame of this county, for upon the
erection of the oonuty in 1763,
during the administration of Gov
ernor Matthfw Rowan, the word
ing of the act by the Counoil, af
ter designating the boundary
lines, cutting this county off from
Anson, is as follews: ‘‘And that
the upper part of said county so
divided be erected into a county
and parish by the uame of Rowan
County and St. Luke’s Parish,
and that all the inhabitants to
the westward of said Hue, and in
cluded within the before mention
ed boundaries shall belong and
appertain to Rowan County,” but
fortunately we have been spared
the use of the entire name. Just
whether this abbreviation was
brought about by common consent
or by design cannot be stated, but
it is generally known that the
people were not favorable to a
State religion and, although the
Council passed numerous favora
ble laws on the subject and pro
vided liberally for the ministry,
the Episcopalians met with many
discouragements before any real
churches were organized in this
section. Although Salisbury was
a social, religious and commercial
ceutro and Episcopal churches or
chapels, were established in this
section of the State it seems that
St. Luke’s Church was not really
organized until 1828, when on
vlouday, September 8th, of that
year, this ceremony was performed
by Bishop Ravenscroft. Accord
ing to the above figures, which
seem correct, St. Luke’s Parish
can this year celebrate it 160th
anniversary, or St. Luke’s Church
its 90;h.
The history of St. Luke’s Church
is quite an interesting one and
covers so much time and other
matter that we are compelled to
refraim giving it except in the
briefest manner possible This
churoh seems to have been estab
lished some time after Christ
Church, located on the right of
the road between Barber and
Cleveland. Christ Church seems
to have been the center of Episoo
palianism in this county, it being
organized about 1800 under the
control of the Lutheran Churoh
aud was served by Rev. Robert
Johnstone Miller, who had pre
viously been a Methodist, but held
to the teneuts of the Episcopacy
and was finally received as a mem
ber of the Diocese of North Caro
lina on May 2nd, 1821, when he
was oidained priest and deaoon.
St. Luke’s Churoh was probably
organized as a result of R=v . Mil
ler’s work aud he, therefore, might
be considered thi church’s first
The lot/on which this ohurch
now stands, coiner of West Coun
cil and North Church streets, was
presented to the vestry of the
church on the 15th day of Sep
tember, 1827, by Moses A Locke,
Charles Fisher aud John Beard,
Jr., as executors of Lewis Beard,
The origiual building was ereoted
in 1828 and was remodeled in
191 8. There seems to have been
other Episcopal ministers in this
section at that time, about 1820
1823, but the Rev. Thomas
Wright, of Wadesboro, probably
succeed Rev. Miller as pastor of
Christ’s aud St. Luke's churches,
aud in May, 1826, he reported to
the convention at Hillsboro 64 as
the number of communicants of
Christ Church and 11 for Saint
The list of rectors of St. Luke’s
Church from the time Rev.
Wright’s term in 1832, is as fol
lows :
Rev. John Morgan, 18B2 to
Rev. Wm. W. Spencer, 1884 to
Rev Thos. F. Davis, Jr., 1836
to 1846.
Rev. John Haywood Parker,
1847 to 1858.
Rev. Thos. G. Haughton, 1858
to 1863.
Rev. John H. Tillinghast, 1867
Rev. Francis J. Murdoch, 1872
to 1909.
Rev. Appleton, supply.
Rev.T.A. Cheatham, 1910 to
Rev. F. J. Mallette, 1911 to
There are now quite a number
of Episcopal chapels in addition to
the churches, which are largely the
result of the labors of the late
Rev. F- J. Murdoch.
me program tor tne ceieoration
is as follows:
Saturday, Nov. 1, All Saints’
11 a. m. Holy Communion ser
mon by Archdeacon W. H. Har
din .
7:30 p. m. Evening player
with an historical address by John
S. Henderson, L. L. D., “Land
marks of Parish History.” After
this service a reception will be
held at the reotory for the parish
and their friends.
Sunday, Nov. 2, Twenty-fourth
Sunday after Trinity.
11 a. m. Corporate communion
of the parish, with sermon by the
Rt. Rev Jos. Blount Cheshire, D.
D , followed by confirmation.
7:30p.m. Evening prayer with
sermom by the Rev. Homer W.
Stair, M. A., of Chapel Hill, N.
C. Commemorating the twenty
fifth anniversary of the reotor’i
The sermons during the week oi
special services will be on "Char
acter and Life.”
Monday, Nov. 3, service with
sermon by the rector.
Tuesday, Nov. 4, 7:30 p. m.,
service with sermon by the Rev.
P. H. T. Horsfield, M. A., of Ox
ford, N. C.
Wednesday, Nov. 5, 7:30 p. m.,
service with sermon by the Rev
Theodore Andrews, B, D., of Lex
ington, N, C.
mi_i . "vt n w <»/>
xuujDunj, iiuyi yj, i .yy a. ui •,
oorporate communion of the mei
of the parish. 7:80 p. m., service
with sermon by the Rev. Francii
M. Osborne, M. A,, of Charlotte,
N, C.
Friday, Nov, 7, 7:80 p. m., ser
vice with sermon by the motor
closing the special services.
Rev F. J. Mallette, the present
rector, ia a native of England ant
will celebrate his twenty-fifth an
uiversarv of ordination Sundaj
Women who get Dizzy
Every woman who is troubled
with fainting and dizzy spells,
backache, headaohe, weakness,
debility, oonstipation or kidney
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ing else will, improve the health,
adding strength and vigor from
the first dose. Mrs. Laura Gaines,
of Avooa, La., says: “Four
dootors had given me up and my
children and all of my friends
were looking for me to die, when
my son insisted that I use Electric
Bitters. I did so, and they have
done a world of good.” Just try
them. 503 and $1.00 at all drug
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Rill Surely Stop That Cautfb
Who are They? Is This List Correct.
Send In Some From Your Neighborhood.
We are still getting names for
our old folks oolnmn and filling
in the dates of birth of others and
making slight oorreotions. Any
aid extended will be appreciated.
If yon know of any person in
poor neighborhood who is 80 years
old, or older, drop ns a postal
giving the name and date of birth.
We believe there are over a hun
dred folks in Rowan eligible to
this list and we wonld be glad to
have their name at once.
Mrs. Elmina Shnman, of Sal
isbury, born Jane 2nd,
1815, aged 98
Miss Mary Newsom, Morgan
Township, born 1818, now 95
Mrs. Elizabeth Oart n e r,
Sootoh Irish Township, born
November 19th, 1818,. 95
John Petbel, Landis, born
1817, now 96
Mrs. Lnvenia Thomason,
Franklin Township, born
1819, now 94
Mrs, Caroline C. Misenhei
mer, living near Granite
Quarry, born September
17, 1820,. 93
Chas. Morgan, Morgan Town
ship, born November 28,
1821. 92
W. M. Barked of Salisbury,
born November 80th, 1821 92
Mi*s Elizabeth Sechler, route
No. 2, China Grove born
September 15, 1823. now.. 90
Phillip bowers, Salisbury
Township,born Feb, 18,1824 89
lapt Riley Blaokwelder, No.
2, China Grove, born De
cember, 1825, now 88
Vhuer Walter, Atwell Town
ship, born. 87
drs. Rosena Bostian, China
Grove, born Dec. 13, 1826, 87
Miss Mary E. Gillein, born
April 15th, 1826, age 87
VIrs. Annie Cress, Franklin
Township, born December
3rd, 1826. * 87
Eli Honbarger, Litaker Town
ship, born Sept. 30, 1826, 87
Evan Lyerly, Providence
township, born October 20,
1826 87
Joseph Ben. Ballard, col.,
born Nov. 20, 1826, now 87
Abner C. Cartner, Sootoh
Irish township, born July
12,1827 86
Capt. Wm. A. Lucky, Cleve
land, born Sept., 1827, now 86
George Deal, China Grove No.
1, bom July 4th, 1827. 86
Mrs. Mary E.Menius, Steele
Township, born February
26th,1828 86
Nathan Morgan, Providenoe
Township,born May 31,1828 85
Alison Overoash. Cleveland
No. 1, born Feb. 29, 1829, 84
Miss Sarah E. Sechler, R. D.
No. 2, China Grove, born
November 6, 1829, now.... 84
Mrs. Mary Ann Beaver, China
Grove, born April 7, 1830, 83
Samnel Deal, China Grove
Township, born January
17th, 1880, now.. 88
Jacob A. Kluttz, Franklin
Township, born April 27th,
1880. 83
M. J. Walton No. 4 Salibnry,
Co. A, 6.7th N. C., born
April 26, 1880, now 83
Mrs. Jaoob Albright, Atwell
Township, born Jan. 1881, 82
Mrs. W. H. Neave, Salisbury,
born January, 1881,...... 82
Levi Powlass, 'Unity Town
ship, born April 11, 1831,
old soldier, has been blind
for 18 jears, now 82
Martiu Blaokwelder, No. 1,
China Grove, born Sep
tember 1st. 1831, now.... • 82
Dr. R. M. Eames, Salisbury,
born Sept. 15, 1881, 82
Capt. J. C. Low, Salisbury,
born Maroh 20, 1882 81
Mrs. Margaret U. Goodman,
Cleveland Township, born
April 28, 1882 81
Martin L. Efird, China Grove,
born March 15, 1838, now 8(
El-CathotlC Priest Jeremiah Crow
ley’s books have arrived an3
are on sale by Whitman, the Bar
, ber. Price f 1.50 eaoh. 10-15 4!
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! the interest quarterly.
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Peopes’ National Bank
Salisbury, N. C.
Does General Banking Business
posits. Interest payable every 3 month!
Prompt att9nion given to any busi
ness entrusted to us.
Your business solicited.
JVTeoples National Bank
John 8. Henderson, J. D. Norwood,
president. cashier.
D.L. Gaskifl, W. T. Busby,
Y-president. Asst. cashier,
/ia Southern Railway, Premier Carrier of
the South to Knoxville, Tennessee for
National Conservation Exposition, Sep
tember 1st to November 1st. 1913.
For this occasion the Southern
Railway will have on sale daily
From August 80th to November
1st extremely low round trip fares
from all points, final ten days
from date of sale with privilege of
an extention of final limit until
November 3rd by depositing tioket
and payment of $1 00.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays of
each week still greater reduction
will be made, these tickets to be
good in coaches ODly and limited
to return within five days from
certain points, and seven days
from more distont points, includ
ing date of sale.
For fares and other information
apply to any agent Southern Rail
R. H. DeButts, D. P, A.,
Oharlotte, N. 0.
Notice to Creditors.
Having qualified as administrator of
the estate of Ellen Oakley, this is to
notify all persons having claims
against the said decedent to file an
itemized, verified statement of same
with the undersigned on or before the
15th day of October 1914, or this notice
will be pleaded in bar of their recov
ery. Persons indebted to said estate
are notified to make prjmpt settle
This October 1st, 1913.
John J. Stewabt.
Notice to Heirs at Law.
North Carolina, 1 In Superior Court,
Rowan County. S Before the clerk.
Walter H, Woodson, ex ecu tori
of Sarah Victoria Ford, Dec’d. I
vs. f
Robert Ford. J
Notice is hereby given Robert Ford
and the kindred or heirs at law of
Sarah Victoria Ford, deceased, if any
there be, that Walter H. Woodson,
executor, of her estate, has filed a
petition to sell the real estate of said
deceased, to make personal assets to
pay dpbts; Therefore Robert Ford and
the kindred or heirs at law of said de
ceased, if any there be, are hereby
notified to appear on or before the 25th
day of November, 1913, at the office of
the clerk of the Superior court in and
for said county and state aforesaid,
and answer the petition, make them
selves parties, or the relief demanded
in the petition will be granted.
This the 14th day of October, 1913.
J. F. McCubbins,
5t. clerk Superior court.
State of North Carolina,) Tn the Supe
Rowan County. 1 rior Court,
Fred W. Downes, 'l
vs. j Notice of Exe
Eureka Consolidated ] cution Sale,
Copper Company. J
By virtue of an execution directed
to the undersigned from the Superior
court of Rowan county in the above
entitled action, T will on
Monday, November 3rd,
191d, at 12 m., at the court house door
in Salisbury, N. C., sell to the highest
bidder for cash to satisfy said execu
tion, all the right, title and interest
which the said Eureka Consolidated
Copper Company had in the following
described lands on July 28th, 1913:
A certain tract of land situated on
the waters of Ryal’s creek and contain
ing 3495 acres. For further particulars
and for back title, see book of deeds
No. Ill, page 218 in register’s office, to
which reference is hereby made.
Also 33 acres known as the “Stock
ton Gold Mining tract,” conveyed by
E. Mauney and wife and F. B. Aren
; dell and wife to W. G. Newman and
from W. G. Newmaa and wife to
Eureka Consolidated Copper Company.
For further particulars and for back
title, see book of deeds No. 111. page
218, in register’s office, to which ref
erence is hereby made.
Also a tract of land known as the
“E. Mauney home place,” situated in
the town of Gold Hill, N. C.. and con
' taining 114 acres of land, less-here
; to-fore sold. For further particulars
. and for back title, see book of deeds
No. Ill, paces 221 and 222, in register’s
1 office, to which reference is hereby
This September 30th, 1913.
J. H. McKenzie,
sheriff of Rowan county.
John L. Rendlemau, Atty.
Judicial Sale oi House and Lot.
Pursuant to the terms of a decree of
the Superior court of Rowan county.
North Carolina, entered at September
term, 1913, in the action entitled “E.
S. Portia and Clara W. Portia vs. M. F.
Parker and Amelia A. Parker,” the
undersigned commissioner and trustee
will expose at public sale to the high
est bidder for cash at the court house
door in Salisbury, North Carolina, on
Monday, November 3rd,
1913, at 12 o’clock m., the real estate
dpsp.rihp.d ns follows?
One large two-story house and lot.
situated near Livingstone College, and
hounded by metes and bounds as fol
lows, beginning al a stake in Harah
street and running with Horah street
north 44 degrees west 50 feet to a stake,
thence north 46 degrees east 200 feet
to a stake, thence south 44 degrees
east 60 feet to a stake, thence south
46 degrees west 200 ft. to the beginning,
being lot 52 in square G. of Lord’s plot,
and being just outside of the corporate
limits of the great west ward of the
town of Salisbury, and being on north
east side of the extension of Horah
street, and being sold under mortgage
recorded in book 41 page 210 in the
ifflce of register of dee is for Bowan
This the 1st day of October, 1913.
W. H. Hobson, Com. and Trus.
B. B. Miller, Atty.
Elect icl
Bitters I
Succeed when everything else falls, kj
In nervous prostration and female ■
weaknesses they are the supreme I
remedy, as thousands have testified, e
It is the best medicine ever sold y
over a druggist’s counter. ■

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