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Vol. !X No. 48 Salisbury, N. C., Wednesday, November I2ht, 1913. Wm. H. Stewart, Editor
Plain sumasnt of Whit Hi? Catholic
G;.ti:sh is So k Bg to Establirh.
The Am -rican people have been
m r i r i >9 disposed tu doubt The
ft) •; c ’a contenti n that it is the
0! j ■ ,,f the It man Gatholio
■ hi- reby to make this nation
C. ’boli ', set the R. man church
above the state and dictate the re
ligion of the republic.
'a manists themselves deny the
fees when c ntrouted by Menaoe
road re, and insist that The Men*
ace 13 iyi1 g, out ifc i9 not.
Week before last, there was held
ii B stun what .-.as known as the
Catholic Missionary Congress. On
Sunday evening, O-tuber 19tb,
there was he'd a m etii g at the
Cask dral of the Ho y Cross, Bos
ton, at* wnich Bisbip M. F- Fal
lon, of L ndor, Out , was the
princina! sp* aker. In the course
oi hu r marks he made the posi
ti-un u the Catholic church so
p ain that th bin-test Protestant
ca ii u fail to understand hie
meain.®. Here's what he said
accotdi: g tu rue Boit. n H 'l’aid of
n r. i - - 20 h :
"This Mbsionaiy Congress
is a simple natural couses
queuee of Catholic principles
and from these principles
there follows the answer to
the question, 'What does this
movement mean V It tueaus
that we propose to make this
North American continent
Catholic; to bring America
to je-urs through the divine
doctrines of the Catholic
church and under the su
preme spiritual shepherdship
of the pope of Rome.”
Is t' or p am enough for you to
gi'aq ?
D es that need anv explanation
or comment from us?
Th si -oly grafterB hope to
ward off crc’.cism of their damn
able deiig.,8 by using the name of
J,.su. i,i;tist, i lit their desecration
and b sbph my of the name of
Christ dec ive uc one who under
stand' sbeir game, and the above
expression wi ! deceive no cue
who is abb to concentrate his
mn.d f jf an instant on the con
ten s of the whol • paragraph.
At a matter f fact the Ameri
ca i people have slept cn their
rights uuv.l th-se human vultures
in eiiw-’p’s clothing have already
captured everything in thiB na
tion lha■ Is of any value, ai d un
less tb re is an awakening, only
second to hit which marked the
R formation led by Luther, and
tfaa‘ s u, even the right of pro
test will 1 e gone, indeed, will you,
dear friend, be "brought under
the rib ph rdsbip (slavery) of the
pope of Rome.'’
H w dc you like the prospect?—
The M nace.
The Menac3, the greatest little
paper m America, takes a fall cut
with Bird S. Coler, a so-called
prctestant who recently published
a litt o 1 ook giving Catnolicism a
boc6t and advocating a divisiou of
cf the public school funds with
that church, and has the following
inlerea.il g remarks on the sub
j - c e:
A • ew m mud at orus the already
ov ill wing newspaper graveyard.
To tu-- tune of Hail, Hail, the
Ga All H ire 1 the funeral dirge
aim u •<-.* e the demise ol the “Cjm
men Cause,” which died recently
with that world o'd ailment, lack
of pair n ige.
C i d i 11. Pullen, Bird S . Oder
and Chariea A Zmkert were the
cief m urucrs.
Members of organized labor,
Socialists and their sympathizers
will remernl) >r that > here was or*
gun z jd iu New Y jri, several
moths ago, wi h a great blare of
trump IB, an urge: •> it,ion known
as l’s.- S ciftl Rif rm Press, pub
lish g the ‘Common Cause,” a
lather pretentious lo king month
ly magazine, and “The Live Ii
eue,” a m ingy looking four page
weekly, tilt policy of both of
which v. a to b it st the Roman
Gath lie political m chine and do
all ic their power to deprive the
work i; g |>8 p'e of the nation cf
the crumbs that fail from the ta
ble f Div, s.
That it does not. pay to kick the
,A-. m u who is already down, and
that it is not, pn fitab.e to p ck
V the b nes of dead men to feel the
ivu tu, e cf piu ocracy, is evi
denced by tlie demise of this liter
ary if t re known ae the “Com
mon Cause,” and unnouuced in 8
p rev lit, - ut I y Bird S. Colei
a. bis . que of Romish lickspit
T Jott-er is signed by Condi
B. Pallen, Terence Sbealy (a Je
suit) and James J. Walsh, com
posing the editorial Btaff of the
“Live Issue” aud the now defunct
“Common Cause,” but Bird S.
Coier, a Jesuit in disguise, posing
as a M-thodist for the purpose of
pulling the wool over the eyeB of
Protestants, is one of the leading
spirits in the organization.
Coier is one of those fellows
who hob-nobs with the priests aud
prelates of Rome, then with Prot
estants and laboring men, and
tries to persuade them that their
interests are identical, and that
their objects are one and tde same.
lie iB the man who wants the
state to defray the expense of the
parochial schools of Rome, and
who objects to the inspection of
Rome’s slave penB on the ground
that it is interfering with con
science and religion.
Precisely 1 “Our interests are
one,” said the fox. after devour
ing the goose. “Same here,” an
swered the hawk, with the feath
ers of the dove still clinging to
his beak. “I am with you,” ohip
ped iu the shark; aud “I congrat
ulate yon upon your wise political
ecouomy” was the amen of the
lion as the lamb’s tail disappeared
down the red lane.
TU --~ a.U ~ --_
i.ot be fooled any longer by men
of the Coler and Wiudle stripe.
They are beginning to think for
themsylves, and they are not
o easily hoodwinked as they onoe
were. To the intelligent mind the
apologists for Rome are amusing
in tho extreme. The old ship of
R: me is floundering in water too
-wift for her propeller. She is
navigated iy a captain whose
com, ass always points purgatory
ward, and manned by a crew of
lunatics who bolds to that course
r gardless of the wreckage in the
pathway. The people are not only
sick and tired of Rome and Ro
manism, but they are disgusted
with Buch miserable creatures as
the promoters of the ‘ Common
Cause” and “The Live Issue ”
They have no patience with wolves
in sheep's clothing, and the soon
er the wolves learn th9 lesion the
more time will they have to repent
of their misdoings.
Lit ns erect at the head of this
uew.y made grave a tombstone,
and on this tombstone let ns write
aa inscription: “Here lies, in
this desecrated spot, the blasted
ambitions of Bird S. Coler, too
green to barn and too antiquated
to preserve, may they repose ie
Declare War on Colds
A crusade of education which
aims "that common co ds may
be :ome uncommon within the
next generation" has been brgun
by prominent New York Physi*
cians. Here is a list of the
"dou’ts” whioo the dootors say
wilt prevent the annual visitaticn
of the cold :
"Don’t sit in a draughty csr.”
"Dou’t sleep in hot rooms.”
"Don’t avoid the fresh air.”
‘‘Don’t stuff yourself at meal
time. Over eating reduces yi ur
To which we would add—when
you take a cold get rid of it as
quiiy as possible. To accomplish
that you will find Chamberlain’s
Cough Remedy most excellent.
For Sale by All Dealers.
Robert L. Doughton.
Robert L. Doughton, repre
sentative in Congress from the
eighth diBtriot of North Carolina,
was born in Laurel Springs, N.
0., November 7Eh, 1863. His
education was received in the
schools of his native plaoe. In
early l fe he engaged in the mer
oa tile business and subsequently
he went in for farming and stock
nisiug on an extensive scale He
established a high reputation as a
farming expert and for many
years wae a member of the State
Board of Agriculture. Mr.
Dugbton entered public life iu
19'8 in which he was eleotsd to
the N irih Carolina Senate. In
1911 he was sent to Congress from
his district and last November he
was elected for a second term

Nearly Every Child Has Worms
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faoe, unnatural huuger, pioking
the nose, great thirst, etc., are in
dications of worms. Kickapoo
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ough medicine for the removal of
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delicate children'. Kickapoo Worm
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poo Indian Medicine Oo., Phila
i delphia and St. Louis.
:much bloodshed follows sirike.
Bridges Tom Down by Striking Miners to
Prevent Goal Being Shipp.d.
Trinidad, Col., Nov. 8.—This
was a day of bloodshed aud vio
lence at the southern Colorado
coal fields where 9.000 miners ate
on strike. Three mine guards
bearing deputy sheriff's oommis
aians and one nou-uuiou miner
were shot and killed from ambush
while two other deputies were
wounded, one of whom may die,
two non union miners were at
tacked at Starkdale and badly
wounded the town marshal of
Saceundao was disarmed aud fired
upon by strikers and four nation
al guardsmen were seized aud
threatened with violence if they
did not leave the district.
Tonight provo guards are pa
trolling the street! of Trinidad
and Walensbnrg which will bs
followed by the plaoing of troops
in every camp in southern Colo
The three deputies wno were |
killed from ambush waie Luther
Carey, Walter Witten and H. E
Bryan. The fourth victim wss
an Italian miner who bad been
kidnapped by strikers, rescued by
the marshals at Huilar and shot
iu the back while being escorted
from the town by that official.
Deputy Sheiiff Gambley was
among those shot. Bryant was
the bod of Captain Bryant, of
Denver, a prominent educator.
He was returning to Oakdale
camp when he was seised by the
strikers. He telephoned Super
intendent Jones at the mines and
an automobile filled with deputies
and a driver was sent to bring
him to the mints. While the
machine was climbing a steep
hill fifteen men hidden behind
rocks fired upon the men with
powered rifles. Carey was killed
by the first volley, Witten by the
second and Bryant by the third.
Deputy Rigers managed to escape
the ballets and ran to the nearest
bouse where he called aid by tele
A U rj D U1 1UD1 n tuouou uuua l V_I
Livita with their riflea ou their
None of them have lean arrest
sd a; d ths bodies of the guards
are still iu the automobile in
which they were shot to death as
no one dares go near the machine
for fear of being shot.
Service on the Rio Grande be
tween Lavita and Trinidad wa=
tied up today by the burning cf
five bridges near Rouse’s junction.
Railroad officials dec'ared that,
striking oral miners were respon
sible iu an effort to stop the ship
ment of coal from the mines.
A Night of Terror
Few nights are more tembb.
than that of a mother looking on
her child choking and gasping for
breath daring an attack of croup,
and nothing in the house to re
lieve it. Many mothers have pass
ed nights of terror in this
situation. A little forethought
will enable you to ayoid all this.
Ohamberlaiu’s Cough Remedy is a
certain jure for oroup and has
never been known to fail. Keep
it at baud.
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-• •
The Teachers’ Assembly fo Meet In Ral
The teachers of the State will
be grauted holiday without Iobs of
pay, November 28th, Friday of
TbaukBgiviug week, iu order to
ei.able them to attend th,. North
Carolina Teachers’ Assembly,
whioh holds session in Ralpigh
November 26th 29th, if the request
is granted by the city and county
boards of education.
Many of the most prominent
teachers in North Carolina, both
public and private, will take part
in the discussions. Besides these,
whose names are familiar to all of
ub, the Assembly has secured the
services of several men and wo
men of national reputation They
are as follows: President J. D.
Eggleston, of the Virginia Poly
technic Institute and former State
superintendent of Virginia; Dr.
William Heard Kilpatrick, of the
Teaohers’ College, Columbia Uni
versity; Hon E. C. Branson,
formerly president of the State
Normal at Athens, Georgia, now
teacher of rural economics and
sociology; Miss Ella V. Dob! s,
head of the department of manual
training in the University of Mis
souri, and Richard T. Wyche,
president of the National Story
tellers’ League and editor of the
Story-tellerB’ Magazine.”
Tonight, if yon feel dull and
stupid, or bilious and constipated,
take a dose of Chamberlaiu’E
Tablets and you will feel all right
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Entlie Blocks Destrojied and Bodies are
Burned In Streets.
Laredo, Texas, Nov. 9.—War
fare without quarter with oppos
ing armies burning and dynamic
iug all that seemed to stand iu the
way to victory, has been waged at
Mouterey, Mexico, between the
defending Fed rals and the be
seiging Constitutionalists. Some
of the unremitting fierceness of
the struggle, particularL iu the
engagements of October 28 and 24
wheuthi Constitutionalists occu
pied a large portion of the the
city, is pictured iu Seiz-Zag, an
illustrated weekly published at
Mouterey, copies of which reach
ed Laredo today.
Many bodies were left in the
streets until a lull iu the fighting
should afford time for their burn
ing. A view of Cucnhtemoc street
near the National Railway station
where the conflict oentered, show
ed an entire block destroyed by
fire and oanonadiug. Numerous
oorpses are in the ruins.
General Miguel, whose residence
was one of the finest in northern
Mexico, was bnrned^to death when
Constitutionalists destroyed the
house by fire. The north faoade
of the government palace was shot
The total property loss was said
to be incalculable. The railway
lines claim their dimage alone
will approximate $7,000,000 Iu
the railroad yards 658 cars were
burned. Many of them were load
ed with merchandise. The round
heu^e was completely destroyed
wit-h more than twenty engines.
No estimate was given of the
loss of life, bnt it is known to
have been heavy.
Saved His Foot
H D. Ely, of Bantam, 0., suf
fered from horrible ulcer ou bis
foot 4 years Doctor advised am
putation, but he r-'fused and re
luctantly tried Buokleu's Arnica
Salve as a last resort. He then
wrote: “I used ycur salve and mv
foot was soon completely cured.”
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es and eoz ma. Get a box today.
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adelphia or St. Louis.
Truthfulness and Noisyness are Very Different
The advertiser helps the sub
scriber because a paper without
advertising would be forced to
charge much more for a year’s
subscription, and the subscriber
helps the advertiser by furnishing
him a medium to cry his wares.
The newspaper offers to sell
reading matter and space. Th e
reader buys the one; the adver
tiser the other. Space value is
reckoned by quantity and quality
of circulation. With the shrewd
est advertiser quality comes
first. To connect with the dollar
and not merely with the man, is
the advertiser’s motive. Hence
his appeal is to the man with the
Strange to say, not all news
papers with space to sell are
abreast with merchants with
goods to sell. Yellow newspapers
outnumber yellow merchants.
The newspaper that prints
‘wild, whirling words’ about
itself is not exceptional.
The newspaper filled with
boastlul blasts about itself is not
yet dead.
The newspaper claiming in
big type, sometime at the ex
pense of big news that enterprise,
public affection for the com
munity are its private monopoly,
is still heard from.
That kind of newspaper is
twenty years behind the times.
It is twenty years behind the
It tries to fool the merchant,
its customer, who is too wise and
too honest to try to fool the
people, his customers.—Ex.
* A Cosumptlve Cough
A cough that bothers you oou
tinuallv is one of the danger sig,
nals which warns of consumption,
Dr. King’s New Discovery sto[
she cough, l oosen the chest, ban
ish fever aud let you sleep peace
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Quite a Number of Big and Little Matter:
Attended to.
The city board of alderman met
in the city hall last Wednesday
night with Mayor Woodson pre
siding. A quorum was present
and the following business was
O. C. Andrews, manager of the
new Yakin Hotel asked that the
b^ard take steps to see that a side
walk was built along the street
from Council to Kerr. This was
agreed to. the Bame to be charged
to the Southern Railway.
P. 13. Jarrett asked the board
to protect his property with a re
taining wail and prevent the
washing away of his lot corner of
Main and Franklin Streets. The
city graded the street here and
was responsible for the damage
being done and agreed to remedy
ike trouble.
Officers- of the First Presby
terian Churoh were given per
mission to cut down several trees j
on South Church Street which
were in the way of the 09ment
walk they wili lay there.
The work on Thomas Street was
reported complete and the ost
was reported to have been $8,200.
Somp property owners on South
Long Street asked that a sewer
main be placed on the street.
Parties on West Council Street
uek- d that the sidewalk be graded
so that they could prooeed with
the construction of a pavement.
The Public Service Company
was instructed to make better
crossings over their tracts at the
entrmoe to Chestnut Hiil Ceme
ia-7 uivj cugiuooi w as lUBgiUwb*
ed to furnish the alerk a list of
thos9 in the sewer distriot who
have not made connections, as
t hey i re to be forced to comply
with the rules lai 1 down by the
A H Price, Esq., appeared in
l-ehalf of the N. C. Public Servioe
Company relative to the light
bills for several months prior to
the installation of the new aros.
An agreeable settlement was
The Salvation Army asked for
financial assistance inasmuch as
it is aiding worthy pocr of the
community. The request was
takeu under advisement.
The Public Service Company
asked to be allowed to dig up
Main Street from Council to the
Empire Hotel again. They wish
to change the gas pipe along this
route. Permission was grauted
to do this under the direction of
the city engineer and the observ
ance of specified conditions.
The Princeton Cotton Mill was
permitted to make connection
with the city sewer at its own ex
oense and by paying a yearly tax
of $50.
It was decided to have the oity
attorney take up the matter
>f better light rates with the
Corporation Commission.
S. W. Harry of the oemetery
committee reported the burial of
only eight iu the public cemeteries
daring October; three whites and
five Negroes
The matter of providing a site
for a city inoiuerator was
considered, but went over to the
u-xt meeting The ladies have
offered to raise the neoeBsary
funds for the ereotion of the
plant if the city will provide the
sif e. The idea was favorably re
It was reported to tbe board
that the S mthern Railway was
preparing to install more and
better lights at the passenger
station and at the Council Street
The widow of Cal. Evans, oolor
ed, through her brother, Ambrose
Sharpe, asked for financial assist
bauca, but bb the city had borne
all of the burial expenses of her
late husband, the matter went
over till the next meeting,
W. F. Kelsey, the Negro under
taker, was granted a commission
of ten per cent, on the sale of all
lots be might make in the Negro
J. M. Brown, city tax collector,
made a satisfactory report as to
the amount of taxes collected
dunug October.
Charlie Baker, San Brioe and
Bud Neely, who recently brokt
into and stole from the Arey hard
ware store a number articles whicl
stiuok theii fancy, were given i
1 heating in the ocunty oourt las1
Thursday morning and were bonne
over to the Superior Court unde:
a $500 each, and failing to givi
it were reminded to jail, Briee be
ing sent to 6he city lock-up. Brio*
was shot by Baker soon after thi
1 robbery and owing to the serious
ness of toe wounds the trial wa
delayed until he was able to apea
in court. Baker was fonnd guilt;
> of shooting his pal and was givei
twelve months ou the roads.
To Assume Proilslonil Prisldsncy. A Fall
Elsctioa to bo Hold.
Mexioo Oity, Not. 8.—Accord
ing to a rumor widely circulated
here tonight Porfirio Dies ie com
ing back to asenme the provis
ional presidency with the baoking
of the United States and the
Enropean powers and under a
guarantee that a fair election
shall be held.
The report has been received
with delight by the Mexicans.
There ie no doubt that Don Por
firio would have the popular sop
port. The resentmsnt displayed
against him at the time of the
Madero revolt ha* entirel/ disap
General Anbert, the dashing
cavalry leader who hae been call
ed the Phil Sheridan of Mexico,
was imprisoned today by order of
the war department on charges of
disobeying oiders and defrauding
the government.
President Huerta’s backbone
has been stiffened by the receipt
f Buffiai«ut funds to operate the
‘. he government uutll the end of
he pr sent month end the impli
ed promise .of further financial
-rid if the new congress acts favor
*bl> on oertain oil land conces
TtL .. i_ _t- l i_ .n.i 11
a uo IUBU n u IWU UUI UUBUlOU line
government to pay its employes
some days in advance of the reg
ular time, has been obtained, it
is understood, through the in
flueuoe of Lord Oowtray, bead of
the Pearson syndicate. It was
hinted today that the long con
ference last evening letween
Special Envoy Lind and Sir
Lionel Carden, the British
minister, may have had some
connection with the activities of
the Pearsons in Mezioan affairs.
No apparent ohange has oome
over the situation during the day.
Rebel activities oontiuue and
foreigners of all nationalities con
tinue preparing for flight in an
ticipation of an ontbreak.
Justice Out of Wan, What About Glenn.
Washington, Nov. 9—E. J.
Justice stole a maroh on every
body except Secretary Jcsephns
Daniels and Col. William H. Os
born. Weeks ago he was offered a
position as speoial attorney and
nobody dreamed it.
Mr, Justice was not the original
Wilson man in North Carolina,
but he was on the driver’s seat of
the Wilson band wagoD, early and
loud, and late. Now, he will go
to California, far out of Senator
Overman’sjterritory, to help Unole
Sam regain about 2 030,000 acres
of land that rightfully belongs to
him. He will assist one of the
U nited States distriot attorneys of
Being a good lawyer, and a nat
ural-born trust fighter, made Mr.
Justice an ideal man for the de
partment of jastioe at this time.
He will be in position to use all
of his ability and vim and vigor,
fighting in behalf of Unole Sam.
Mr. Justice is not a stranger to
Attorney General MoReynolds, for
be helped in the controversy
againBt the American Tobacco
Secretary Daniels and Commis
sioner Osborn are said to have
started the movement that landed
Mr. Justice where he could not re
fuse a very excellent assignment
under a Democratic administra
tion. Mr MoReynolds asked Sen
ator Overman and Senator Sim
mons about Mr, Justice- Both
senat irs gave him a oapital name
as an attorney and a fighter.
Thaw May Remain In Hew Hampshire for a
Concord, N. H., Nov. 8 —Gov.
ernor Felker today signed the
extradition papers for the return
of Harry K. Thaw to the custody
of New York state. Today’s de
cision, although a victory foi
William Travers Jerome and hit
assistants in the fight for the re
turn of Thaw to New York state,
does not mean that the ^fugitive
will be taken^bask to Matteawan,
In fact it may be a year or mor<
before the slayer of Stanford
White is taken out of New Hamp
shire. His appeal for a writ o:
habeas corpus will be fought out
in the United States courts.
ai.___ ..j 11..4_u — _
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' and disordered stomach are thi
| causes of these headaohes. Tak
t Dr King’s New Life Pills, yoi
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i the different organs to do thei
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' 25j. and invest in a box today, A
' all druggists or by mail. H £ Buol
i len & Go., Philadelphia and St
Heaiy Snowfall In West Virginia, Western
Maryland and Other States.
Washington, Nov. 10—Practi
oally the .entire country east of
the Mississippi river is in the grip
of a storm, the snow, high winds
and cold wave reaohing from
Florida to New England. The
weather bureau declares that there
iB no relief in sight for the next
twenty-four hours. The high
winds are driving the storm to
ward the northeast. The heaviest
snowfall of the season, is reported
throughout West Virginia and
western Maryland. Killing frosts
are reported in Georgia and South
Chioago, Nov. 10.—Half a mil
lion dollars damage to wrecked
dooks, two deaths, damaged tele
graph aud telephone lines are the
result here of the most severe
early winter storm that has swept
the large region in many years.
The foroe of the storm here has
been spent.
Pittsburg, Nov. 9—Crippling
transportation facilities and pros
trating wire communication over
a wide area, an extraordinary
snow, sleet and wind storm visited
this seotion today and continues
tonight. During the time ten
inches of snow fell, four inches
more than in November since
1880. The barometer registered
20 C6, or about one inch below
normal, and this incident of the
storm is viewed as remarkable by
local offioialeof the United States
weather bureau. Throughout the
day a wind from the northwest
blew 40 miles an hour, while the
temperature dropped from 48 to
22 degrees in less than 15 hours.
Proceeded by heavy rains Friday
and Saturday, snow began falling
at 3 o’olock this morning. Before
noon railroad, trolley and vehicle
traffic was battling with the ele
ments in an effort to oontin ue
operations. Toward evening the
thermometer tumpled rapidly and
the water and snow froze. This
completely demoralized transpor
Will Probably Move Revenue Office Here.
An Asheville dispatoh' Saturday
With the announcement of
OommissioDer|of,Internal Revenue
W. H Osborn that Revenue Agent
R, B Sams will be succeeded Mon
day by Thomas H. Vanderford, of
Salisbury, who will assume charge
of the district including the two
Carolinas, comes a rumor that the
headquarters of the district will
be transferred from this oity to
Salisbury. Whether or not the
rumor is authentic is, of oourse,
not known, althcugh men who are
in touch with the situation will
not be surprised if Revenue Agent
Vanderford makes the change.
Mr. Sams leaves tomorrow night
for Washington, to confer with
Mr. Osborn relative to his future
location, the naming of Mr. Van
derford to relieve Mr, Sams mean
ing that the latter will be trans
ferred to some other district. He
is employed under Civil Service
rules and will not be relieved
from further duty in the service.
Asheville, Nov. 10.—“The of
fices of the internal revenue agent
will remain in Asheville idednite
ly,” deolared T. H. Vanderford,
newly appointed revenue agent
for this district today. Mr. Van
derford arrived here last night and
assumed his new duties this
morning. He declared that he
we would not have anything to
say until he had become better
acquainted with the routine of his
office work, but that he has no in
tention at present of moving the
offices to Salisbury. “I just
learned of my appiontment yes
serday morning at 4 o’clock,” he
said, “as I returned from a busi
ness trip to Virginia, and have had
no time to formulate any plans.”
We shall oontinue to look for
the offioes to oome to Salisbury
State of Ohio, oity of Toledo,)
Lucas County, ) 84
Frank J. Cheney mnkes oath
that he is senior partner of the
Arm of F. J. Cheney & Co., doing
business in the Oity of Toledo,
: County and State aforesaid, and
i that said Arm will pay the sum of
One Hundred Dollars for each and
every case of Catarrh that cannot
be cured by the use of Hall’s Ca
tarrh Cure. Frank J. Cheney.
Sworn to before me and sub
scribed in my presence, this 6h
day of December, A. D. 1886,
(Seal) A. W. Gleason.
Notary Publio,
Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken
internally and acts directly upon •
the blood and muoous surfaces of
the system.- Send for testimoui
s alp, free, F. J. Cheney & Co ,
t ^ Toledo, Ouic.
- Sold by all druggists, 76c.
. Take Hall’s Family .Pills for

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