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The Carolina Watchman
• -
Wm. H. STEWART, Editor and Owner
Published Every Wednesday,
120 West Innes Street
Watchman, 1 year, .75
Record, 1 year,.75
The Progressive Farmer, 1 year, 1.00
All 3 for a year each, only $1.50
Entered as second-class matter January
19th, 1905, at the postoifice at Salisbury,
N. C., under the act of Congress of March
3rd, 1879.* _*
Salisbury, N. (J., May 19, ’15.
The State Supreme Court has
paused ou several cases brought to
test the one-quart liquor law pass
ed by the last legislature and held
it to be constitutional. Old
John dies slowly but surely.
One reason the politicians do not
object to women voting is because
where it has been tried there has
been no appreciable changes
made. They find it just as easy,
if not a little more so, to work
tricks ou the women as the men;
Considerable complaint is heard
in regard to the speeding cf au
tomobiles and mortorcyoles ou
the streets of Salisbury and on
the avenue between Salisbury and
Spencer. It is a wonder there are
not many accidents resulting
from this praotice as few pay any
attention to the ipeed regula
Our pressman went to sleep
this morning and failed to get
enough ink on a portion of the
paper this week and it was dis
covered too lste to reprint. We
eregrt this and hope Buch au oc
ourence will not oocur again.
When our new preBB is installed
we will be able to give a muoh
better service.
The Watchman does not be
lieve an officer elected by the
people has any business with
plans. He is purely to the servant
of the people and it is up to him
to merely do their bidding and
observe stnotly the requirements
of his office. The people are get
ting sore on bossism hereabouts.
There is too mooh of it.
We understand that a bolter
from the Democratic party at the
last election is a candidate for
city tax collector, and, we under
stand that there is no hope of hie
election without the mayor-elect,
W. H. Woodson, chairman of the
County Democratic Executive
Committee, so desires. The
question is, What is the chairman
of the party going to do about it?
nthfiPB IYt O XT BQQ 1 nt Vi n t
from our view point by the lack of
sufficient appropriations and fore
sight in regard to an adequate
navy, Congress has permitted the
American people to be found de
fenseless in the hour of need.
President Wilson is now playing
the baby aot to keep us from te
ing slapped off the earth, which
of course is the only thing he can
do at present.
Now that the old Confederate
soldiers are getting soarce. it has
been suggested that their wives
also be invited to partake of the
annual dinner and memorial ex
ercises. It is said that there was
more than enough food supplied
last Friday and to have the good
women to join with the veteran*
would oause no additional burden
and yet oause more of the old
veterans to attend.
T4- ia tlio novinat rnt fr»i* a n XT
posted American to intimate
that the United State9 has a navy
that would in any way justify
this nation’s entering into a con
flict with any Earopean power of
consequence. Our little fifteen
or twenty ships may be ready
alright enough, but ready for
what? Every important nation
knows all that is necessary con
cerning our navy and this bun
combe about being “ready” only
creates a smile.
To Drive Out Malaria
And Build Up The System
Take the Old Standard GROVE’S
TASTELESS chill TONIC. You know
what you are taking, as the formula is
printed on every label, showing it is
Quinine and Iron in a tasteless form.
The Quinine drives out malaria, the
lion builds up the system. 50 cents
The Fire Sale of the stock of j. m.
Miller will begin Tuesday, May
25th, An opportunity to get
some bargains.
The great war in Enr pe will
no doubt awaken thi» country to
ifi obligations to itself, if it is' to
exist There are enemies within
and with ut that need to be given
s >me att, i.tion. Good seed and (
good intentions do not hriug forth
a very desirable harvest. CnUi
vatiou and constat t attention is
necessary We have left ou; .
gates open urtil onr fields are .
abount full 'f fowls from * v. ry
q iarter of tte globe. They have
come to feed off of us and will (
_-a. ____ J_J U
ODDIOI DUOUI us mu 1W' « J
recent occureuoes, bespoil us whei |
the opportunity affords, yet we ,
ooutinue iu our stupidity and ,
prodig»lity( being pleased tooaii
it ‘‘enterprise”, "prosperity” aud
It is even now contemplated
that an organization should be
-fifsoted in this State to induce
more of these fowl to migrate ti
our beautiful, peaceful and happy
hills aud valleys';to crowd out our
native God-feariug, patriotic and
virtuous population aud to take
millions of out good dollars from
our pookets and from the pockets
of posterity to be sent to the old
world for the comfort, upbuilding
aud maintenance of their own.
lustead of standing guard at our
gates and protecting|ourselves we
permit the dollar ohasers to lead
the enemy in to the heart of the
iaua, iuruien nun wirn aw bub
necessary implements of a com
mercial war and bid him do his
will. When will we learn that
happiness, oonter.tuent and gafety
is worth more, more lasting and
of more value than dollars and
cents? Why oousume our raw
material quickly.when it can be
so much more easily digested
when consumed by our own in a
natural and orderly way? Altru
ism, like charity, should begin at
Piles Cured In 6 to 14 Days
Your druggist will refund money if PAZO
HNTMENT fails to cure '’ny case of Itching,
Had, Bleeding or Protrudir-g Piles in6 to 14 days,
first application gives Ease and Rest. 501.
Wheat and oats are looking
much better since the recent good
rains, but there is much talk of
planting tbe ootton over where the
land ia tight.
The apple crop will be very
email this year. We had a fine
crop of blooms, but at least 90 per
cent did not materialize.
R. B, Peeler is renovating his
threshing machine, preparatory
for threshing again after harvest.
R. L, Brown, aa old oripled sol
dier was very much surprised on
Friday evening to receive a full
meal of the old soldiers’ dinner
from Salisbury He wae unable
to get there himself, but somebody
thought of him and Alexander
Peeler brought it, saying he had a
parcel post package. It was receiv
ed and opened with pleasure, it
contained ham, ham-salmon, beef,
cheese, pickels, au assortment of
fine cakes, pie, bread, meat, etc
It was so far better than the ra
tions they used to have in the
army when we did our own cock
ing, he had to oonclude that these
rationns were too nice and too well
prepared to be the production of
men alone, he is sure the ladies
had a prominent part in the pre
paration of them. He wishes to
express his hesrty thanks to the
ladies, to those who thought of
sending him some and to the man
who brought it. We understand
that the ranks of the old Boldiers
are growing thin. A few more
years and they will not need any
more dinners here, but I hope they
will be able to feast on better
Nbxt week the girls will be home
from the Mt. Pleasant Seminary.
A very sad thing occurred at Mt
Pleasant last week. A young man
had been to Concord where he got
some booze (probably mixed with
poison) he came home, and that
night while trying to vomit, fell
over the banisters and died.
Knowing that the good book
says it is not good for man to be
alone, T. J. G. Trexler, with a re
•pectable pardoner by the name
of Mrs. B. M. Misenheimer, call
ed at the home of Rev. R. L
Brown, on the morning of the 16th
iu*taut and said th-y had a little
work for him to do. They were i
invited in and s ion they were
made mau and wife and went on
their way a happy couple. Our
best wishes go with them for a
long and happy life.
R. L Brown and wife are visit
ing in Salisbury this week at the
home of A. L. V. Fisher’s. Viola. 1<
May 15.—D. W. Moose of
donut Pleasant, and Mies Cora
Pleas of Cresoent were quietly
Harried at the Lutheran pai Bou
rgeon the night of the 13-bby
ilev. C. P. Fisher, who is the
'rother in-law of the bride. Mr.
doose it a native of Cabarrus and
i gradnate of Newberry College,
3. 0. For the past ten years he
ias been engaged in school work
n different places in the State
rod is a son of Giles Moose and a
_i l__ r xi x r* if mi
I 1 UUUOl Ul 11.0 V . Il jUi iUUUBO, X UC
iride, Mrs. Moose is a graduate of
Jresoent Academy and business
lollege She has been a teaoher
n the Bohools of Rowan County
or the past five years. Ths bride
s beautiful and popular among
til of her acquaintances. Pro
eesor Moose and hie wife have
joth taught school at Faith and
ihe whole town joins in oongrat
llatious and best wishes.
John D. A. Fisher has just
ironght a large automobile and
oought it out home today. Sev
>ral others expect to buy soon.
J. T. Wyatt received an order
oday for tnree pair of mill stones
tnd a granite window sill nine
:eet long.
R. 0. Suddah of China Grove,
ustruotor in agriculture of the
Rowan Farm Life School, is out
in his rounds illustrating live
itcok with the use of a baloptioon
projecting apparatus. He waB
no guess or veuus on r nuay ana
it night he made a leotore on live
itock, to a large orowd at the pnti
de sohool house in Faith. From
rnesday to Friday nignt he will
oe in Morgan Township. It don:t
lost anything to hear his lectares
ind see the illastratious.
There is going to be a big time
in Faith the fourth of July. The
program which is uow being got
ten up will be announced a little
Luther Efird of Dear Albemarle,
who is attending the meeting of
the North Carolina Synod is
spending part of. the week with
Rev. C. P. Fisher.
The members of the Reformed
Church gave their pastor a big
surprise one day this week in the
way of an old time pounding.
They assembled at his home in
great numbers, spread a large
dinner and everybody present was
invited. After a blessing by one
of the ministers present all helped
themselves. After dinner they
brought forth many good things
to fill his pantry which consisted
of canned goods of all kinds, eggs,
batter, flour and many other
things. Rev, Paul Barringer and
Rev. Peeler were present and
made adresses. Rev. Welker re*
plied by thanking all for re
membering them. Mr. and Mrs.
Welker were also presented witb a
jurse filled witb money. There
vere members present from all
ihree of the ohurohes of the Faitb
jharge. This is the first pounding
>ur new pastor has received since
joming to North Carolina and we
;uess he will not have any objec
tions to this kind of poundings.
\ most pleasant time was had by
ill present
L. A. Barger has ripe apples.
Who can beat that?
Mrs. Maggie MoCombs is going
io sell her large two-story resi
dence in Faith, which as a large
lot to it.
Little MisB Lena Brown is
spending this week with her
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James
Mrs, John A. M. Brown and
Mrs. 0. M. Brown of Lowerstone,
are visiting at Mrs. C. M. Brown’s
sister, Mtb. J, I. Barger. Mrs. C
M. Brown has her little twin girls
along, Anna Martha Jane and
Annie Lee Luoretia, aDd Venus
took their piotures. Vencs.
Menace Editors indicted.
The publishers of the Menace,
an a ti-Cathoiio piper printed in
Aurora, Mo., must stand trial in
the federal oourt at Joplin in
fune. ThejCharge against them
.8 sending obsceue literature
through the mails. The articles
lomplained of are charges that
vere made against the Catholio
The indiotment was prepared
md presented to a jury by Frau
sis Wilson, United States District
istcrney. Last Wednesday attor
ieys for the Menace editors argu
)d motions to quash the indict
ment before Judge Van Valkeu
jurgh, and were over-ruled.
-• <<»-•-—
Remember The Watchman
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Splendid Medicine j
Stomach Trouble j
I Suffered for Several Years 1
Peruna Restored My Health |
Mrs. Elizabeth
He u t he r, No. 508
Twelfth St., N. W.,
Washington, D. C.,
writes: “I am j
pleased to endorse ||
Peruna as a splen- m
did medicine for f
catarrh and stom
ach trouble, from^fc|
which I suffered
for several years.
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eral months and
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time found my health
was restored and have
felt splendidly ever
i since. i now icuve il wuch *_vuum«w*
a cold and it soon rids the system of^
any catarrhal tendencies. \
,, Over Ten Years Ago.
“I would not be without Peruna.'
Although it was over ten years ago
l hat I first gave you my testimonial. I
-an of the same opinion as when I
wrote it. and give you the privilege to
use it as you see fit. I still use Pe
runa when I think it necessary. I am
^commending it to my neighbors
. henever a chance occurs."
Congress’ Niggerly Appropriations Accounts j
For This. '
New Pork, May 17.—President, j
Wilson today reviewed the Atlau- |
tic fleet iu the Hudson Rive? and j
a luncheon tendered to him on j
shore by the city of N >w York told |
a distinguished gathering what j
the oouutry and its navy stood j
for. The great battleships that j
lay iu the river, he said, were j
“Engines to promote the interests j
of humanity.” j
“Tth e inspiring thing about j
America,” the President said, “Is j
that she asks nothing for herself j
except what she has a right to ask |
for humanity itself. We want |
uo Nation’s property; we wish to j
stand selfishly in the way of the |
uovoiupuiouu U1 U U -LI »UIUUi A A A A
Is is not pretention'on our part to
say that we are privileged to stand
for what everp Nation would wish
to stand for and speaking for those
things which all humanity must
The spirit which brooded over
the river today, said the President
was “Just a solemn evidence that
the foroe of America is the force
of moral principle, that there is
not anything else she loves and
that there is hot anything else for
which she will contend.”
The Menace is doing the nation
the greatest possible service in the
greatest battle for principle that
has ever confronted mankind. It
is a question of truth and right
eousness verses error, superstiti cf
a id deception. On the resu t on
this battle depends the safety oi
onr republio, church- s and homes,
and, whether you believe the as
sertion or not, the situation de
mands the honest and intelligent
consideration of every one. If tht.
statements made in the Menace
are false and contrary to history
Protestants ought tr know it, and,
if they are true. Romanists ought
to know it. If you are being
made a tool of by some eclesias
tic, read; if you are honest and
are seeking light, read ; if you are
s fool and can’t help it, read;
read The Menace. Subscription
price only 25c per year, if the
amount and your name and ad
dress is left at, or sent to The
Watchman, Salisbury, N. C
»— ■ »■ i
We do the Best and
will appreciate
your orders.
Call at office or address
ffi. H. Stewart,
Editor and Proprietor, Salisbury. N. C.
Eggs lo Ha<ch for Sale.—Pure Baff ^
Plymouth Rock, Buff Orpington i
and Buff Loghoru at 50o per set- -
ting of 15 eggs at the parsonage, j
or $1 00 shipped. See or address
Rev C. A, Brown, China Grove,
N, C. k
Saturday & SV; e ey, fl
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1 M. Miller’s Fire Sale of clothing,
gents’ furnishings, ato,, will
egin Tuesday, May 25th,
SS 2
The undersigned as admin
istratrix of J. C. Sowers, de
ceased, y ill sell the following
described personal property
belonging to the said estate,
on the
27th day of May, 1915,
at the residence of Phillip
Sowers, in Salisbury Town - j
ship, Rowan County:
1 six-horse power gasoline
engine, 1 eight-horse power
gasoline engine, 1 ten-horse
power gasoline engine; these
engines are all in good repair
and perfectly new; 2 four
year old Percheron horses,
matches; 1 black Percheron
mare, five years old; 1 nay
loader, together with other
property too numerous to
Terras of sale: six months
credit with good security.
This 4th day of May, 1915.
Minnie B. Sowers,
2t administratrix.
§ Here is the Answerfirt i
« . WebstefSs o I
1 New International 1
The Merriam Webster i
s Every day in your talk and readinr, at B
= home, on the street car, in the office, shop =
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g ^,a.tl0PT of jujutsu. What is white coal? =
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j= publication
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5 r?.EE u m6
2 of pocket
= tiuaa.
I 6.SC. 1
| SprbigfieU, Mass.

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