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i — - *
John D. Keueriy the ooutrao
tor, has began the work of re
modeling and improving the Wa
ohovia Bank building. The build
iug will be ot.e of the handsomest
in the city when completed.
The Mastnic picnic at Mocks
Villa last Tnnrsdav was largely
attended us usual Quite a num
ber from Salnbury and R.wuu
County were present.
The handsome residence of
Thus B. Crawford of Winston
Salem, at one time a resident of
Salisbury, was damaged to the
extent of $5 000 by fire last week ,
A Negro by the name of Isiah
Riudlewas arrested last Thurs
day morning charged with having
brokeu into the Brown Drug store
at Grauite Quarry. He entered
by breaking a rear window and
stole mousy from the cash drawer
He had hid some of it under a
rock near the store and t fter be
ing arrested confessed his guilt
at d told where the money wa9
He was given a h'armg in the
Couuty court, aud plead guilty
and was put under a $500 bond to
await the uext sessi in of the Row
an Superior Court the lower court
not having jurisdiction.
The Frankiiu Township Sunday
Sohool Couveutiou is being held
at Gay’s Chapel today, the Unity
Convention will I e held Friday
at Unity Presbyterian Church,
and the China Gmve convention
will he held at Mt. Zion Reformed
Church, China Grove Sunday.
The Unity Township Sanday
Sohool Convention will be held at
Unity Presbyterian Cnurch, Fri
iUy, August 20tb. A basket pic
i ic will be held and an intere. t
lug program has been arranged,
Wade Simmons, a N“gro, was!
caugbt stealing roasting ears from
a fl>ld on Ed. Davis’ farm just !
west of the city early oua morn
last week. He was giveu a hear
ing iu the couuty court and got
tour mouths for larceny and two
months for carrying a conoealed
The Confederate veterans of
Cabarrua Couuty held their ai -
nual re union Tuesday, August
j T ; ■> 4 h Do. C ast Artillery
Corps V: o S iligliury military or
g‘ni? t i), which has bepn a
K rt Caswell for eeveial week
for drill practice with big gam
and inspection, returned hom<
Sunday night. The company ii
officered by W. S Blackmer
captain; VV. L. Ross, 1st lieutm
aut; T, B. Marsh Jr , seoonc
lieutenant, and is largely com
posed of new men, having beer
recently reorgauiz-d. The boyi
showed u;> well aud it is be
linved made high marks for effi
i E. Walter Tatum, who hat
taken much interest in the Baraca
Philathea movement, was elected
national reoretary by the conven
tion recently held at Los Angeles,
Cal. This makes Mr. Tatum a
member of the executive commit
tee of the world-wide Baraoa
Philatbea movement and is quite
an honor deservedly imposed
James Williams, aged shout 30,
an employee at the Salisbury gaB
plant of the N. C Public Service
Company, died at his home on
East Kerr Street Tuesday, Au
gust 10th, from the effects of ty
phoid fever He oame here from
Y rkville, S. C.
V Wallaee & Sous, who recent
ly purchased the Wooley Gibson
stock of clothiug in Cuarlotte
have decided to oontinue the bus
iness there and have assigned the
management of this new liuk iu
their ohauge of stores to Wheeler
Whitlook, an industrious, enter
prising and deserving native of
The State Council of the Junior
Order United American Mechan
ics met in Charlotte yesterday
evening. Salisoury and Rowan
County is well represented there
being ovsr 2C00 members iu the
county and abcut 40,000 in the
State, Ihe response to the ad
dress of welcome was made by
Rev. W. B. Duttera of Salisbury.
Sunday night after Dr. J. D.
Oarlton had retired he heard a
uoise in his hall and noticed a
man pass his door and make hiB
escape dowu the street. Dr. Carl
ton has been keeping house alone
during the temporary abscenoe of
Mrs. Carlton but had the company
of Staimey Carter for the night.
After getting his pistol Dr. Carl
ton and Mr. Carter quickly follow
ed and fired upon the fleeing fug
itive but without results. Noth
iug was missing from the home.
Oesp rate Situation Indicated at Salyes'on
I). Mas. Tx A eg. 17-Wire
1 Ins messages from Galveston to
1 night gave t-ho inly direct newi
1 from that Btcrm stricken city.
1 No reports of loss of life came
! through, but the desperate situa
tion there was indicated vsgeely
by a radiogram saying boats were
taking people from buildings oi
the maiu streets to the United
States transport Buford,
The ir pical hurricane which
swept down upon the island city
yestorday > xteuded its devastatioi
inland today aud tonight wire
communication was imp^ssib e
beyond Waco, Beaumont, Hoa
t 'ii, Taylor, T'mple and other
c ties of southeast Texas were
thought to have been hard hit,
last reports fromtboee placis tell
ing of unroofed buildiugs, uproot
ed trees and ether damage. Be
cause of the lack of wires, railroad
traffic was at a standstill to the
storm swept discriot.
Although latest ref ortB indicat
ed that the storm was subsiding
in Ga'veston, and that the water
bad started to drain slowly from
the streets, there was no prospect
that wire communications might
be restored for several days.
The Western Union leiegrapn
Compauy is preparing to move to
one of the Iuues Street rooms in
the Grubb building, probably
about October 1st.
Rev. M L Canup, now pastor
of the Church of Epiphany New
York oity, is at home on a visit
to hii brothers, making headquar
ters at the old home place near
Sumner He preached at St.
Paul’s Lutheran Churoh Sunday
morning. Mr. Cancp is one of
the mauy young men from Rowan
who are shedding lustre on the
good old oouuty in distant parte.
G. W. Snider, a native of Rw-o
au who was employed by the
Southern Railway at a gravel pit
near Walnut Gove, Guilford Coun
ty, was so badly burned and
bruised by the explosion of some
dynamite and powder, Monday,
August 9 h, that he died in a hos
pital at Greensboro the following
morning. Mr. Sniders wife, two
small ohildren, mother, four
■ brothers and three sisters live at
Speuoer and his remains were
brought to Spencer. The funeral
took pi ice last Wednesday from
Smith Grove Baptist Church,
Davidson County.
mfT- n rirn. ~ir .1 lifl ■■■»■■■■■
Stale Fireman Will Meet Kelt i
Rale A
The Nort'; Carolina Firemen’i
Association which met at New
Bern last weak re elected the old
ffiiers and decided to meet in
Raleigh next year.
In ! he horse licse w ig ou contest
Wednesday the winners were:
Morehead City first and seooud,
Lexington third, Kinston fourth
ai d Asheville fifth
On Thursday the hand-reel and
gral -reol on, test to5k place and
is usual the Spencer shop team
showed the hoys something
Chapel Hi'l won first aud second
prizes iu the hand reel oontest and
the Spencer shop team won first
and second prizes in the grab-reel
contest. There was an interesting
boat race in the aftemcou which
was won bv Ed Meadows.
The twenty eighth an; nal tour
nament of the State Fireman’s
Association came to a close Friday
with the interstate grab reel races
the interstate hose wagon races
and the interstate hand reel raoe.
The first event of the day «as
the hand reel race. In th's the
East Spencer team won the first
prizo, the'r time beiug 24 4 5,
Ohapel Hill took the second prizo
making the run in 25 Concord
came third with 28, the Spencer
shop team u* xi 33 4-5.
In the grab reel races the Spen
cer shop team took the first prize
iu 1G 2-5 seconds, Winston-Salem
coming next with 19 4-5, while
Concord captured the third prize
in 20 1-5 seconds, Chapel Hill
and East Spencer failed to score.
In the afternoon the interstate
hose wagon races were held.
Statesville won the first prize
making the run in 29 1 5 seconds,
the other records beiug as follows:
Kinston, No 3, 30; Burlington,
30 1 5; Caswell, No. 1, of Kins
tou, 30 4-5; Lexington, 813-5;
East Spencer, 80 1-5; Henderson,
32 2-5. Morehead City, No. 2,
made the run in 29 and was at
first awarded first prize, later it
was contended they had screwed
the hose on to the hydrant after
the time for such had elapsed and
they were ruled out.
To Drive Out Malaria
And Build Up The System
Take the Old Standard GROVE’S
TASTELESS chill TONIC. You know
what you are taking, as the formula is
printed on every label, showing it is
Quinine and Iron in a tasteless form.
The Quinine drives out malaria, the
Tj©n builds up the system. 50 cents
Ftralts It Fora Greet Calel
jsrmans Claim Capiaie of Foils in Too
East. Comparative Quiat in I he West.
Aug. 17.—Eleutheories Veuize*
!ob, who early iu the year resign*
id the-Premiership of Greece lie
muse King Coustentiue did no
hire 1.is belief that Greece should
join the Entente Powers in the
*ar has, alter the return to power
of his party iu the chamber of
Deputies and resignation of the
Cabinet of M Gouuaris, been re
quested by his monarch to form a
jew Ministry.
Venizelos has asked four days
in which to oousider his reply.
Vhile it seems apparent that the
King and the former Premier have
reached an understanding as to
Greece’s future polidy, what that
policy is has not been made known.
The political situation, not
alone as regards Greece, hoc in all
the other Balkan States, apparent
ly remains iu a chaotic slate al
though there are unofficial reports
that the Teutonic Allies are mobo
lizing troops in the South iu pre
paration for eventualities and
that the Italian Government has
been advised that Rjumania, Bul
garia and Greece are actively
carrying on military preparations,
Berliu aunonnc-s the capture of
important forts jnst s uth of
Koviio, Poland, and Vienna as
serts that Austro-Hungarian
troops bav" advance! to Dobryuya
13 miles southwest of Brest
Litovsk and that the Austrians
Archduke Joseph Ferdinand is ad
vancing on Jan1 w, 20 miles north
west of the fortress. The capture
of these two points seemingly
would dangerously threaten the
fortress, which it has baen assert
ed Grand Duke Nicholas purposed
to make one of the strong points
of his new line ^ f defense .
On the western front and in the
Austrc-Italian theater artillery
engagements continue but no
great victories are claimed.
No fresh news oonoeruing the
warfare in the Dardanelles region
has come through except the an
nouncement of the sinking by a
German submarine in the Aegean
sea with the loss of many lives,
of the British transport Royal
The United States Government
has consented to Germany’s pro
posal that two experts, one Irom
each country, fix the value of the
American ship William P. Frye
Pile? Cured in 6 in \ 4 Days
3U*- ,r'rui?j' \ - • refund money if PAZO
Rl-• ’i ailr cuto n? case of Itching,
*»■*! • >tru;H.*'g Piles in6 to 14dSTO*
«v%/s- i: • •■■r' gives Ease Rest *0*
The county picuio aud field day
outing of t !i p^tnofcio eocitiea
^i!l t9k i j::;i ,jtbo f"ri7 j,<?rlr
^fStnrtf'iv ! cr' m !, • tj r *aft
Farms f ,> Jal.?
1. 100 acr^s oi g . d i*rnjii g
land, seven miles from Salisbury.
Good dwellings, good pasture,
well watered, two wellg, plenty
>f timber a .d red soil. Will sell
as a whole or in part One third
dash balanoe on long time. Par
futher infarmation, call on are
add ress,
Wm. H. Stkwart
Salisbury, N. 0.
."' 11 * ;_—
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