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Though Inferior to Protestant institutions
Protestants Patronize Them to Sorrow.
By Rev. C. F, Wemberly
Prom The Christian Witness, July 22,1915.
Onr people are asleep ou many
vital proposition, touching life
and morals, bnt oa uo point do
we seem to be so incapable of be
ing aroused as on the question of
Oatholioism in general, and Catho
lie schools in paiticn’.ar, we mean,
of oourse, our Protestant pe. ple.
The question of Romish school,
especially their institutions for
girls, presents and unfathomable
conundrum. That system; we
cannot call it a church, as Carlisle
has truly oalled it “the most gi
gantic delusion of the ages,’’ has
in the faoe of all history, observa
tion, and experience created an
impression that Catholic sohoole
are the best and most thorough
Just how this idea has fastened it
self upon us is the mystery. But
it has, and Protestant people are
making themselves the henchmen
and dupes of Rome by helping to
propagate this falsehood. Noth
ing oould be farther from the
One must be in school work to
know the extent to which this idea
has grown; on the other hand,
one must know the spirit and ani
mus of Rome to understand why
she has dotted our land with acad
emies and convents, equaling in
numbers and building display all
suoh institutions of Protestantism
Someone who doubt* tne situa
tion touthing the relation of two
systems of eduoation should ex
plain how it is that our Protest
. ant Bohools must put men in the
field and campaign as vigorously
as a candidate seeking office. By
so doing they can scarcely make
“tongue and buckle meet.” borne
do not make them meet. But a
score of “Sacred Hearts,” ”bt.
Vincent’s,” ‘ St. Oeoilia’s,” ,l5t.
Mary’s," and “Holy Rosaries”
remain quietly behind their ten
foot walls, and have all the girls
they want. Who ever met up with
au agent out drumming for some
convent or Saint Somebody? We
have been doing work for our
schools several seasons, in this
and other States, and we have the
first one to hear of.
They don’t have to get out and
hustle; our blind, deluded Pro
testant fathers and mothers act
as their advanoe agents, that is so
much better, So long as the de
lation remains as it is we can do
the hustling and they get the girls.
We wonder if all our preachers see
this thing in its true perspective.
Here and there we find Methodist,
Baptist, Presbyterian and Chris
tian Champbellite girls attending
convents. One rule of our minis
terial oareer we have religiously
lived up to: no Protestant girl
within the bounds of this preach
er’s bailiwick getB off to a Cath
olic school without our vigorous
protest. At suoh time we are
Protestant in deed and in truth.
Much could be done by our pas
tors to counteract this dangerous
idea, but not all, the delusion is
upon us.
nr i. _ - £_
V» O UOTul LUD u uuo wx vixx m. x —
testant victims of convent delu
sion without quietly getting from
them all the infoimation possible
Here are a few items which some
of our picus fathers and mothers
ought to let filter into their gray
matter receptaoles, if possible.
In one convent there were 140
boarders, 70 per cent of them were
Protestant girls. In another there
were 20 Protestant girls, 17 of
them joined the Catholic Church,
two more were taken out to pre
vent them from joining. But the
harm was done; those girls are
ruined for and fruitfulness in the
future to their own denomina
We once had a neighbor who
was a zealous member of the
Presbyterian Church; their daugh
ter young and beautiful, had grad
uatud from a convent. Frequent
ly we have known her to leave
home on some pretext; then with
prayer book, concealed, hurry to
the Calholio Church several blooks
away. Those same parents had
stoutly defended their aotion, as
to the choice of sohool, declaring
that their daughter’s ohuroh affili
ations were unmolested. This same
girl could not have passed an ex
amination for a certificate to
ter,oh a country sohool; she was
incapable of writing a oorreot
sentence in Eugligh. She had
gotten what Rome seeks to give:
not eduoation, but training in the
glory of the “Holy Chthjlic
We once had a friend who was a
converted priest, having spent
uiue years in their colleges aud
seminaries He was densely ig
norant of the Bible, and confessed
teat his iguorince of any true
learning was a souroe of m irtifioa
tiou to him. We have never known
a woman, educated in Catholic
school, who ever put it into prac
tical use. They go out, aud just
imagine they are educated This
discussion, with its object lessons
aud living examples, might be
nrolonged indefinitely; but we
wish to make some general obser*
vations aud deductions as to why
Protes auts ought not, under any
circumstances, patronize Catholic
■ nhnnls.
is a strong statement, but abso
lutely true. Outside of Protest
ant oountrits she does uot pretend
to educate the masses. Rome has
blighted with the curse of ignor
ance every country she has fully
controlled. Every Latin oouutry
on earth substantiates this state
ment. Rome, in her present ec
clesiastical role, has had undis
puted sway in Italy for sixteen
oeutunei, and 85 per oeut of her
people are illiterate. If she be
lieves in education, why does she
fight to the bitter end our public
schools? The reason is obivious,
the public schools eduoate; the
paroch'al school does uot, only
pacifies and keeps the blight of
the churoh upon the pejple. Rime
cannot afford to educate; her
meat and drink are ignorauoe and
superstition. Rome is forced to
make appearances i n countries
where the masses seek education.
Second. W e venture a still
stronger statement: ROME CAN
TION The reason for this lies
more in the system than in the
motives of their teaohers. How
can tneir priests auu inters im
part what they do not possess?
Under the limelight of a broad,
liberal education, Rome would diB
integrate; a system that holds an
iron grip censor on every book,
every study their people pursue,
cannot be other than narrow and
faulty. There are seme biauohei
upon which Catholic schools place
great emphasis; but thiuk of
R me teaching an authentic work
on the history of civilisation or of
the chureb. These two branches
are the foundation cf an educa
tion. The paganism and false
d gmas of Rome could not stand
in the light of true leaning; do
one knows this better than Rome
and her emissaries. The mythol
ogies of ancient Rome are as ra
tional as the dogmas aud tenants
of Christian (?) Rome. When we
make the statement that Rome
canuot educate, we mean exactly
that. Three fasets a s further
proof. (1) Beoause her teaohers,
men and women, are the ex
ponents of a system that grows
and flourishes on the iguorance
and gullibility of the communi
cants; teaohiug can go only so far
and no farther. (2) Our Pro
testant pupils get the same till of
fare as they give their owu. Only
those who have felt the pulse
and sincerity of Protestant educa
tiou can know the saultiuess and
shallowness of Catholio schools.
(3) A system that eliminates the
Bible as a fundamental part of th
curriculum is a shell whithout a
keruel bark without ths sap Not
only is the Bible kept from the
people, but the priest aud sisters
are themselves iguoraut of the
Word. A converted priest who
bad beed trained from academy to
seminary told the writer that
three weeks would cover all the
study be had had of the precious
Book. The facts are, for thorough
ness and breadth, the Catholic
sohools are not in the same class
with our own schools.
Third. And we wish we could
make this point sufficiently strong
to penetrate the molly-ooddle
brains of otherwise good people;
HYPOCRISY. Catholic girls have
confessed the partiality shown
Protestant girls. They are the
moBt consummate proselyters on
earth, but they do it by indirect
methods. Rome never fights in
the open until she has the soepter
of power. This indireot method
is the dope that hoodwinks the
parents aud unsophisticated
daughters. Rome is organized
from the pope to the humblest
■ im? i . . ..
member of the Knights of Colum
bus; they are not for education,
salvation or civilisation, but to
bring wealth and power to the
*’Womau”desoribed in Revelation.
Fourth, We must keep iu
mind that ROME BIDS ONLY
FOR OUR GIRLS. They make
no effort to reaoh our boys. When
th9 womanhood is loyal to the
onurch she has 1.0 fear of the fu
ture. In this she shews a deep
iaid sohume. The shortest route
for winning a nation to this cult
is by winniug the future molheiB;
this she is seekiug to do with all
;he Jesuit duplioity.
nun. i ne.oia time rnnistines
were no more under the ban of re
ligious ostracism than we are re
garded by the minions of the Va
tican. Every Protestant parent,
not married by a preiet, is living
in adultery; the very girls we
place in their care, bf stowing
smiles and caresses upcu them as
they do, are nothing less than ille
gitimate children. Protestants
who deny this advertise their ig
norance. Catbolias who deny it
are wilfnl prejnrers.
Sixth. Catholics are careful
never to plaoe their girls in Pro
testant schools; the priest controls
this matter, when he issues one of
his ultimatums; but Protestants
ignore the advive of their pastors.
The exceptions to this rule, even
to i nr public sohools, are when
the church has prsotioally lost its
grip upon them.
Seventh. By patronizing Cath
olic sohools we are placing money,
inflaenoe and prestige into the
hands and coffers of the most
treasonable and dangerous menace
with which our country mnt soon
er or later reckon. The rule of
Rome meaus death to our free in
stitutions and blood-bonght privi
leges. Iu all history there is not
one exception, “Roma uever
changes.” Step by step we are
passing the scepter back to the
hand which swung the sword and
dagger on St. Bartholomew’s Day,
leaving behind 100,000 murdered
Protestants; baok to the "syna
gogue of Satan,” which oould in
stitute the hellish Inquisition fcr
many centuries, and her popei
sirg the Te Denies after the husefc
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