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Headquarters for §
Made every day. Z
See us before you buy for your Christmas Tree. 2
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TJie Quality High, the Price Low. Z
Where Innes Meets Main. 9
Salisbury - ~ - - * N. C. Z
Farm Life School Calendar
By the publicity committee.
China Grove, N C , December
8>h.—The O’Henry Literary So
ciety held its last regular meeting
December 7th The debate, [Re
solved: “That the National Con
stitution Should be so Amended
Giviug Wcmen the Right to Vote,*’
was decided in favor of the affirm
ative, although the negative side
put up a good argument. A read
ing, reoitation and quartette were
given. Ererytnug was enjoyed
to the fullest extent by everyoue
present. It was decided at this
meeting that we should enter a
triangle debate with Spencer and
Mt. U1 la, and the preliminary will
be held soon after Christmas.
The High School students are
looking forward with much delight
to the reception that will be given
next Tuesday.
For the benefit of the girls at
the dormitory the piano will be
moved from the graded school to
the dormitory.
The agriculture class have just
fiuished putting down 20 square
feet of concrete d or in the Farm
Life Sohool Barn.
Prof. 0. M. Miller was married
last week in Ashiville. After a
very quiet wedding, he and fa is
bride came to China Grove, where
Mr. Miller has charge of the Farm
Life School,
There will be a parent's dinner
g:ven at the dormitory Wednesday
before Christmas.
School will close for the Christ'
mas holidays on Wednesday, De
cernber 22ud, for ten days.
Messrs. Grat.iel and Arey, sent
out by the State, and Crumpton,
the county demonstrator, gave a
dairy sohool at the dormitory to
There was a marriage of Julius
A Earnhartd’s a justice of the
peace near Gold Hill, Deoember
19th. The oor.traotiDg parties
were Miss Margia Lee Poole and
Marbury Lee Morgau, Morgan
Township Rowan county. This
young couple have many friends
who wish them a long happy life.
Paul T. Goodman, the enter*
prising merchant of Gold Hill, is
doing about these times. He is
selling goods snd will buy rail
road ties sud pay cash. 1 guess
he l ought over six hundred, one
hundred one day last week. The
Southern railroad gave a good in
spection here last week that gave
perfect satisfaction to all.
James Leonard has moved into
bis nice home near Gold Hill and
will farm.
John Eller has bought B. R. A
Beaver’s farm and will move on
it in the near future.
Mrs. J. A. Earnhardt went to
her barn one morning last week
and to her surprise found two
young oalves. I think she will
h&vo plenty milk soon.
Tne old Gold Hill mines it is
thought, will pump water soon,
then our people will be feeling
Letter, but still better if they get
tb ! money that is due them.
for 'Vamot Printing a*n at the Real
Salisbury Printing Offioe, 120
W. : I ' os 9*., np ot^ir .
Deo. 20.—Welcome Santa Claus.
Christmas tree exercises at St.
Peters’ have been changed from
December 25th at 1:83 to Deoem*
ber 24th at 1:80.
Misses Dora and Pearle Lyerly
have returned from the Farm Life
School at China drove, to spend
the holidays with home folks
Q. 0. Lyerly is expected home
from Roanoke College in a few
Edward Morgan from western
Rowan, is spendiug a few days
with relatives here, *
Mrs. Eva C. Trexler and daugh*
ter, Miss Francis, will spend the
holidays in Salisbury.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Foutz of
Cabarrus, spent last Saturday
night with Jno. L. Waller.
Miss Maggie Goodman ia visit*
ing in Cabarius.
M. Lee Morgan and Miss Margie
Poole both of Moigan’s Township,
were happily married SuLday,
December 19;h, Esq Julius A.
uarnnarat cmciating. Mr. Mor
gan ia the son of James A. Morgan
and Mrs. Morgan is the daughter
of Theodore Poole. They will
mate their home near here. We
with their many friends join in
congratulating them.
Saturday morning at about 4:80
o’olook telephone bells began te
ring and in answering them in
formation was received that the
Gold Knob school house was on
dre. H. J. Brown, who live* near
the school house was awakened
about 4:80 to fiud the primary
department almost consumed by
fire which soon spread to the
principal’s room. Mr. Brown
ran to a neighbors honse for help
hut when the school house was
reached the wnole building was
enveloped in dimes. The build
ing was a two-room structure and
:aused a large dre which oould be
plainly seen for several miles.
The sohool was being successfully
taught by Miss Mary Ljerly as
principal avd Miss Mollie Hols
bouser assistant. Just how the
dre originated may nsvei be learn
ad. Miss Holehouser had had no
dre in her room since noon Friday
and had always used every pre
caution for the safety of the
building. The primary oiasens
were in Mias Lyerly’s room ftom
3 o’clock on Friday evening. The
supposition is that tome one, pos
sibly a traveler, who had encount
ered a bad rainy night had taken
refnge and built a fire which
JH UDDU UUO It/ao Ul uuo uuuuiug.
A new library had been installed
last year and on November 18th
of this year 82 patened steel desks
had been installed with an out
lay of $100. It is estimated that
between $50 and $75 worth of
school books were lost by the chil
dren, some lost all of their books.
There was $850 insurance whioh
will oover about half the loss.
On Saturday night a meeting of
the patrons of the district was
held and plans were laid for the
ereotion of another, better and
larger building near the present
sits. John A. Lyerly donated an
acre to the one P. C. Barger had
giren whioh will add much to the
rohool property, Plans and spe
cifications are now under consid
eration and it is hoped that by
February 1st, the building will
be ready for use. The flag and
Bible, which was presented by the
Jr; O. U. A M. a few years ago,
wero both lost in the ffre. It was
pathetic to see the little ohiidren
crying for their books and talking
about their school house and their
teachers. Lbs.
Cone mill tls Deatb of is
Last Monday, December 13th,
one of the saddest tnd most dis
tressing eooidenti occurred that
has happened for some time in
this vicinity, when Mrs, Julian
Troutman burned to deatb. Just
haw the acoident occurred will
probably never be known, as Mis.
Troutman lived alone ai d was
anbjeot to some kind of spells, it
is thought she might have bad one
of these spells and fell in the fire.
The body was found by a n igh
bor, Mrs. Mettie Troutman, who
ran as fast at she ocu.d to let it
he known. Her son-in-law, G. U.
8 fiord, telephoned the nearest
neighbors and went to the s ene at
onoe. Mrs. Troutman’s body lay
on the baok porch, partly in the
kitchen door, with her clothing
about all burned off. Mr. Sifford
discovered that the e was a con
siderable amount of smoke in the
house. About the time Johu D
V Deal arrived aud these two
went iu aud it was found that a
piece of oltthiug lay on the floor
burning, the door also caught
from this and a small hole was
burned iu the floor. From all in
dications Mrs. Troutman must
have fallen iu the fire and the
flames oatobing her clothiug
scrambled out aud drug herseif to
the back porch where she kept a
water bocket. It is thought that
by the time she retched the porch
death olaimed her as a victim
The faneral service was held at
Organ Church on lueiday by Rev.
R R. Sowers. Mis. Troutman
was 77 years old aud leaves a host
of relatives and friends to mourn
her loss.
Last Wednesday eveuing. De
cember 15th, Miss Myrtle Brown
of near Shaping’s Roller Mills,
aud D W. Barger, of Salisbury,
were happily married at the home
of the bride. The wedding was
quite a surprise to many of their
friendi as it was a quiet affair
and only a few of their closest
friends aLd relatives were present.
Rev. R. R. Sowers performed the
ceremony, We wish them a long
and happy life.
DUiuo biuiD no uuuiucu t>unt>
Bro. Venus invited gome one to
trot oat a mule that oculd beat
Mr. Gantt’s. If our mimory
serves us right we have found him.
W. 0. A. Park has a male that is
88 years old and cau do a oonsid
erable amount of work yet. Th s
mule was owned by J . V. Parka
long time and helped by his good
work to raise eight children and
six of them lea.ued to plow with
him. Three of the boys are stone
ootters and do farm work also
one is a minister and two are on
the farm, One cf the girls are
married and one single. I his
mule bad a very narrow escape
from death by being oat in a storm
and a tree, whioh had two fonts,
fell on and left him between these
forks unharmed This mule huv
always been noted for his good
graces and small child.eu o nld
drive him aud work him. iio
could draw a buggy filled with the
fair sex with great delight aud
has always bieu admired by all.
Resolute of Raped
Whereas, it has pleased tbe all
wise Father to remove from our
association, and our church work
ere League, oar mach loved friend
aud oo-w^rker, Miss Sal I le Canup,
to that great L .'ague above, we
will greatly miss hpr presence,
counsel and activity ;n our church
aud m cur ohuroh.woikeis League,
the refore be it
Resolved, That we bow iu hum
ble submission to the Divine will,
aud look forward to tbe time
when we can join her in Heaven
and farther,
Resolved, That we express nr
feelings and sympathies to the
bereaved family, pointing them
to tbe Great Comforter, for peace,
and farther,
Resolved That in the death ot
Miss Sallie Canup, St Paal’s
Charch Workers Leagae lost one
of its best and most active mem
bers, still farther,
Resolved, That a page in our
minutes be s»' aside in be nor and
loving remembrance of her, that
a oopy of these resolutions be fur
nisbed the family, and same be
published id the onuotv papers.
T D, Brown,
Mrs. W P Sloop
Mis* Pearls Julian.
Bear This in Mind.
"I oonsider Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy by fa' the beBt
medicine in the market for oolds
and oronp,” says Mrs. Albert
Bloseer, Lima, Ohio. Many
others are of the same opinion.
Obtainable everywhere.
- s
After Four Years of Discouraging
Conditions, Mrs. BuDock Gave
Up in Despair. Husband
Came to Rescue.
Catron, Ky.—In an interesting letter
from this place, Mrs. Bettie Bullock
writes as follows: “I suffered for four
years, with womanly troubles, and during
this time, 1 could only sit up for a little
while, and could not walk anywhere at
all. At times, 1 would have severe pains
in my left side.
The doctor was called in, and his treat
ment relieved me for a while, but I was
soon confined to my bed again. After
that, nothing seemed to do me any good.
I had gotten so weak I could not stand,
and 1 gave up in despair.
At last, my husband got me a bottle of !
Cardui, the woman’s tonic, and I com
menced taking it. From the very firsti
dose, 1 could tell it was helping me. Ij
can now walk two miles without its
tiring me, and am doing all my work.”
If you are all run down from womanly !
troubles, don’t give up in despair. Try
Cardui, the woman’s tonic. It has helped
more than a million women, in its 50
years of continuous success, and should
surely help you, too. Your druggist has
sold Cardui for years. He knows what
it will do. Ask him. He will recom
mend it Begin taking Cardui today.
Write to: Chattanooga Medicine Co., Ladies*
Advisory Dept., Chattanooga, Tenn., for Special
Instructions on your case and 64-page book. Home
Treatment for Women,” sent In {Rain wrapper. J-6a 1
— ■■ I ■ ■■ .11 I II I
The Wachovia Bank & Trust Go. !
Is the tron gest Bank in North Carolina,
This gives at’ety and Protection to our Depositors
4 per cent, paid on aving deposits. You can open an
account with one dollar and upwards.
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£ If you waut to buy a Farm,
£ Large or Small, see us. ^
L If you hive a Farm to Sell,
£ List it with us.
j/ And Insurance Company. n|
of Silverware I
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thought when considering gifts
for any season or occasion. No more
graceful compliment can be extended than
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tion in silver plate. With this imprint on every jl
article you can buy Vs
"Silber Plate that Wears"
as safely as an expert. This stamp also guar
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showing all designs. If I
(IntwnatloualSilver Co., Succe»*#r.) 1/
Meriden, Conn. ^ ^
10 27 3m tialisbuir, N 0.
For new watch-s, jewelry and
repairs at reasonable prices, g
to the drug store at- Granite
Qurrry, cr t( R. L. BROWN,
No. 0, Salisbury N. C
10-27 6 m W, pd.
Notice To Creditors,
Having qualified as admir i-trator of
the e.-tate of J. R. Wallace, dec’d, this
is to notify a'l persons having claims
against the said decedent to tile an
itemized, verified statement of same
with the undersigned on or befote the
26th day of October 1916, or this notice
will be plead in bar cf tlGir recovery .
Persons indebted to said estate are
notified to make prompt settlement.
This October 15, 1915.
A. A. Wallace,
Theo. F. KL'tfz Attorney,
Notice to Creditors.
Having qualified as Administra.or
of t' e estate of Sallie L. Oanup, this is
to notify all persons having claims
against the slid decedent to file an
itemized, verified statement of same
with the undersigned on or before the
Hh day of December, 1916. or this no
tice will be t leaded in bar of their re
covery. Persons indebted to said es
tate are notified to make prompt set
This December 8th, 19'5;
D. L Cani p,
Theo F. Klutiz, Attorney.
N tiee to Creditors.
Having qualified as executor of th
esiate of Emma E. Pless, this is to
notify a 1 1 persons having claim;
agiinst the sa;d deiedent to file an
itemized, verified itatement of same
with the undersigned on or before the
12ih, day of December, 1917, oi this
notice will bj plead in bar of their re
covery. Persons indebted to said es
tate are notified to make prompt set
This Dec. 12th, 1915.
J. M L. Lykrly, executor.
A. H. Prioe, attorney.
Moved to 119 East Fisher St.
4 doors below w! ere we were looted,
Where you will always find a full line
of Field and Gaiden Seed, and for the
We sell SAL-VET Stock Remedies.
full line of SPRAYS and INSECT
POWDERS for trees and plants.
’Phene 1191.
Farmers’ Seed House,
119 East Fisher Street,
7 21tf Salisbury, N. C.
Notice is hereby given that cer
tificate No. 294 for 3 shares ct the
oapital stick of the Patterson Mfg.
Co., of China Grove, N. C., stand
iug in the name of the undersign
ed, has been lost and application
has been made to the raid Patter
s n Mfg Co , for issuance a new
certificate. F. N Patterson.
Oil! Second Sheets should 1)8 in every
office, 40c per 1 000 j he real
Salisbury Printing Office, 120
West Iuuet dtieet, up stairs, '
9 Come in and get a bank book tree and join our ■
9 ‘‘Christmas Banking Club” by depositing either 1 A
9 cent, 2 cents, 5 cents or 10 cents. You increase your Z
§ deposit the same amount each week. Mo charge to Z
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2 l'cent Club pays $ 12.75 ®
a 2-ceut Club pays 25.50 J
k 3'ceut Club pays 63 75 9
1 10'ceut Club pays 127.50 9
? We add 4 per cent, interest. 9
9 You can deposit 25 or 50 ceuts, or $1.00 or more §
9 each week. §
9 Come in—we will tell you all about it- i
Z Salisbury, N. 0. K
A Full Line of General Merchandise
Constantly On Hand.
FOOT REST HOSIERY, whether it’s appearance
you want in hosiery or wheither it wear you will get
it if you get “Foot Rest ” And th s too is an encluce
ment to most of us. You’ll SAVE MONEY.
NEW SECURITY FRUIT JARS, fresh lot just re»
ceived. Pints, Quarts, and half-gallons.
priug and ummer good-i, light weight underwear
for men and woman, also Dress Goods, Shoes, Pants, I
Overalls, Hats, Notions, Crockery, Tinware, etc.
I have a well selected stock of staple and fancy
groceries, country produce, ieed stuff, etc. When in
need come to see me.
Farmers are iuvited to make my place headquar
ters while in the csity. Very truly.
’Phone 39. 103 S Main St , Salisbury, N. C.
■■■nBHBaHBaanBBannHnanBnniM ohkes'isv .r- ^
————M MBB ..
Go to Texas via Cotton Belt
Route—the only line oper
iwwkia,ulsg S€»f widiout
sfete'S change Memphis to Texas.
Two trains dally: through coaches,
ers. Diningcar service. No change
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Trains from the Southeast connect
at Memphis with these Cotton Belt
through trains to Texas.
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sscn’T-r.’ • —? -‘♦tano o ?a, Tena.
We will have to arrive at our stables at
Tuesday, December 14, ’15
four carloads of sto;k. we will ha ve 1 carload of Large
Blocky Mares. They will be the HOOD KIND of MareB
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Henkel-Crai* Livestock Co.

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