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' ■ ■ -■ ss.ra rrmrrr- -'rrarypr_b "Ti
T**» *~^*iua Wafcdwnan
‘MllfiC&^nnuaavM-' --„ 9 a|
V a. GL 3TBWART, Editor and Owner
'■> jraMtotird Graff Wednesday,
ISO Waa» lansa fewt
diKat i yur, ._. . . . |.»
Record, • y«trt . . vV. . .75
Tha Progressiva farmer, • fear, 1.00
All 3 lot a fear each, only $1.50
Eotaradaa second-class matter January
f9th, lWb, at tha post office at Salisbury,
b- C.,uader tha act olCoofrewol March
3rd, 1879. C •
Salisbury, N C., Feb. 16, ’16.
e_ - ■ — ■
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The Barringer Manufaotunng
Cempany is having Lad luck with
the mills. The pickers broke
down Friday night at uiuo o’cluok
end atarted up Tuesday morning
•boat two o’olook.
W# regret to lose a friend, W.
ML Barrie. He is going to move
to Davidson College.
Rookwell keeps growing H. S.
Muanhsimer is building a big
dwelling house.
It sara seems as, Sunday today
iMOaose about every body is at*
trading ohuroh.
The wheat crop is looking nice
•Toond here. The Ed. Boger
Cooper Co., is doing a lively
livary busineas.
The hands are well pleased with
tha boss man at the Birrtuger
Mill mitk B W T .anntnri >lii Gar.
iutendent aud R. L. Linker over*
Oar mill is running on full
time day and night.
D. A. Walker says he has a
flghtingness oat in Rowan county
'Vtuaa if yon have a cat inarch
Aim oat.
The Labor Union orgauizor has
•Xganised a strong camp in Rock*
Welia&d will report the operation
•fed the good work of the camp
Bookwell aud Builtm ore crossed
bite last Saturday. The game
Was 10 aud 4 m favor of Rockwell.
One teacher of the graded school
keeps atraight with his pay. He
hM them big stamps for punish^
The Republican primary! were
held at Rockwell on the 12th with
•bant 25 present. The following
•ffloers were elected: J. M. H 'ls.
ho*.»er, chairman; R W. Lentz,
Secretary, The following were
eleotsd delegates to the county
•invention at Salisbury, February
19th: B. R. A. Beaver, R. W.
Lentz, J. M. Holshonser. Sever
•i to lira anm maHo p. n H mnnh in
tweet and enthusiasm was ?hnwu.
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John A Stirewalt of the
Kbenezer church neighbor-*
Laod, who recently suffered
a stroke of paralysis, is im*
proved some, but ;s still cou
tiuod to his bed.
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Oir Sen-VeeUi
Thb Cabolina Watchman is
KWished ou Wednesday and Thb
WAX Rkoobd ou Friday of each
WMk and, bo far as news and
Mcnca is concerned, admirab'y
Answers the purpose of a semi
weekly. They give you all the
OCaaky news, specially prepared
tot their readers, condensed so
that you can get the facts with
out haring to wade through col
umns of childish prattle, and ar
ranged so that you can read the
b«BM news at a glance, whioh is 1
given not only the preference but .
Correctly. These things, in addi- ,
tioa to the fact that it is a home
newspaper, owned by home peo- f
pis, employs home people and ,
■ >ands for a square deal for home
people, regardless of loss or gain,
shoald cause every loyal son of a
t is scanty to make it his business .
t* sabsoribe for them first, last 1
fuadaiUhctiaac. f
tan: Smash Midi Trench
Front of About 800 Yards is Capped by
tbe Teutons.
Feb. 15. Switching their offen
sive from the Artois and Cham
pagne regions in H'ranoe to the
Belgian sector arc and Ypres held
by the British, the Germans have
smashed their way by an artillery
bombardment and infantry at
tacks into a British front line
trench over a distance of between
1500 and 800 yards. Berlin gives
the distance as 800 yards and the
British official cotnmnnioation in
admitting the gain, asserts that it
■vas on a irons oi aoont ouu yard*
Berlin saya that a majority of the
defenders of the trenoh were killed
and that one officer and several
dozens of soldiers were taken pris
In the Artois region between
Lens and Bethane, the cTater of a
mine blown np by the Germans
was oooupied by thein, while the
French guns have been busy shell.
> g German organisation in the
eighborhood of the rod ti L'lle,
The French also bombarded Gir
man positions north of Vic Sur
Aisne and t o the northeast cf
Hoissous, and in the Arg^nue ex
plod'd a mine a'd occupied the
Ia Champagne,, Birin assert',
French infantry attempt* to re
gain lost positions north of Tahnre
were repulsed, as likewise was a
similar attack i.i the V;sg~s near
Ober Sept,
There has been a ooi,sid*ra( le
renewal of aotivity on the Rus
sian front around Dviusk, to the
s ruth of thr Piipet river and along
the upper and middle S’.ripa river
Ini no important changes have
The ItaliauB are still usiug their
guns and infantry in attempts to
retake from-the Anstro-Huugari
aus the positions recentiv cap
tured on Mouts-Rem 10 i but all
attempts have been repulsed with
heavy losses, according to Vienna
3 th sides of Sissera occupied by
the Aust ians aud positions in^the
Sebaoh Valley aud on the Aus
trian'front between the Fella Val
ley und Nisch Mountain also have
been heavily bombarded by the
The Russians are still on the
meuuve against the lurks in the
Caucasus region, but Constauti
nople leports their attacks have
beeu halted I y con; ter-attacks
lu Mesopotamia th-» situation
arouod Kut el-Aoaara and Fela
hie, where the British ar-* operat.
ing agaiust the Turks, is unchang
At the re opening of the British
Parliament, both Premier Aequi'h
and Secretary cf war K'tch>-ner
made speeches in which they re
viewed (he situation au l i-xpresi
ed coufidence in ultiinste victory
for the Entente allies.
Premier Asquith inform-d the
41 use of Commci s that the u v
-nune-t was tykiup it,nek of all
its munitions, men, finance and
industrial reserve, s > as to b > in a
position to put forth its maximum
strength. H e ntimated that
mot her credit, of t he large amount
?ould be >isk«d fo ' at au early
lat», and announc'd 'bat a gen
eral conference of she Eut-snte a I
!iei is to be held in Paris at whiob
ill the strag-tioal a d political
ispe^ts of the war will be consid
The German reply, accepting
one of the two ohangeg suggested
by Secretary of State Lansing,
wi'fi respect to the Lui. taniu’s
controversy but proposing a new
vording for the other, has been
'irwarded to Washington,
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3rice 25o.
i hn Walker has a cow that
;ave 14501bs of milk during Jauu
ity. The cow was milked by the I
''arm Life Sohool superintendent
nd gave 561bs in cue day from ^
?hich 2^lbs cf bitter was made. 3
Yesterday D. W. Bostian bought
flue five-gallon milch cow from ®
I. J. Eddleman, paying $75 there
at J $
Mrhmn1 ""£A. r .i-i ... ■■
We are still getting names for
our old folks column and filling
in the dates of birth of others and
making slight corrections Any
aid extended will be appreciated.
If youjknow of any person in
your neighborhood who is 89 years
old, or older, drop us a postal
giving the name andfiate of birth.
We believe there are over a hun
dred folks in Rowan eligible to
this list and we would be glad to
have their name at once.
John Pethel, Landis, boru
1817, now 98
Miss Mary Newsom, Morgan
Township, born 1818, now 97
Mrs. Elizabeth Cart n e r,
Sootch Irish Township, born
November 19th. 1818.. 97
Phillip Sowers, Salisbury
Township,born Feb, 18,1824 91
Abner Walter, Atwell Town
ship, born May, 1826, 89
Miss Mary E. Gillean, born
April 15th, 1826, age 89
Evan L y e r 1 y, Providence
township, born October 20,
1826 89
Joseph B^n. Bullard, coi.»
born N >v 20, 1826, now 89
Abuer C. Cartuer, ; Scotch
Irish township, 4ltoru July
'2 1^27 °8
C tpt. Wm. A. Luoky, Cleve
land, born Sept., 1827, now 83
George Deal, China Grove No.
1, boin July 4th, 1827. 88
Wiley Dodge, colored, born
Aug. 10, 1827, Salisbury, 88
Mrs. Mary E. Menius, Steele
Township, born February
26th,1828 87
Nathan Morgan, Providence
Township,born May 81,1828 87
*15_ A_L A 1_I_1
ji ijouu vivioiauu
No. 1, born Feb. 29, 1829, 86
Mies Sarah E. Seohler, R. D.
No. 2, China Grove, born
November 6, 1829, now.... 86
Samuel Deal, China Grove
Township, born January
17th, 1880, now. 85
Jacob A. Kluttz, Franklin
Township, born April 27th,
1880. 86
M. J. Walton No, 4 Salibury,
; Cj. A, 67th N. C., born
1 April 26, 1880, now 85
Mrs. vV. H. Neave, Salisbury,
« born January, 1831,. 84
Martiu Elaokwelder, No. 1,
■| China Grove, born Sep
! tember 1st. 1831, now.... * 84
rDr. R. M. Eames, Salisbury,
r born Sept. 15, 1881, 84
iCapt. J. 0. Low, Salisbury,
born March 20, 1882 88
Mrs. Margaret C. Goodman,
Locke Township, born April
28, 1831 84
Martin L. Efird, China Grove,
Lorn March 15, 1883, now 82
Mrs. Eva C.;Traxler, Rookwell,
! born Nov. 13, 1832, 88
Mrs. Amelia Sloop, Landis,
I born May 9, 1888, 82
Mrs Adaline Yost, Gold Hill town
■ chip, born March 17, 1880, 85
Mis Catherine A Sloop,Atwell
township, born Jan. 11, 1827, 88
L uis Wilhelm, Sootch Irish
township, born 1829, 86
Mrs, Louise Jacobs, Franklin
Sandy Partee, Ohiu» Grove,
ago estimated from 85 to 102
Mrs. E H. Marsh, Salisbury,
lorn May, 1832, 83
Rev. John F. Hodges, Morgan
Township, born Oot. 19,
1885, 80
W. J . Roes, Salisbury, born
May 28, 1881, 84
Mrs. E >za Frentis, colored,
born 1804, now 111
Mrs. Margaret Riley, Enooh
ville, born August, 1826, 89
Mrs Strah Goodnight,
Euochville, born Deo. lBt,
1824, 91
Jacou Barringer, Landis, born
1884, 81
Rut us Rodgers, Enoohville,
born 1881. 84
Moaroe Voils, Atwell, born
1881, 84
J. 0, Gasper, China Grove,
born 11-15 ’35, 80
Henry MoNeely, Salisbury,
born 1884, 81
Allison Gorriher, Atwell, born
1833, 82
Mrs. Ann Earnhardt, Atwell,
born 1881, 84 !
Mrs. Amanda McLaughlin,
Atwell, born 1829, 86
MIB. LYi 111 to YYOttYOi, cuiun
Grove, born Nov. 18, 1831, 84
5ev. G. H. Cox, E. D., 8pen- I
o«r, born 1835, 80
drs. P. E. Kimball, China
Grove, born May, 1882, 88 f
lire. F. E. Shober, Salisbury,
boru 1832, 88 1
Ira. Suaaua Rodgers, Landis,
born 1885, 80
Ira. Saiah Overcash, Enoch*
viMe, born 1883, 82
. U Holshouser, Rook, born tl
1°84. 81 “
r hi. Orercash, Atwell, born i,
1831, 84 ci
irs. E .zabeth Glass, Landis,
bom 1880 or 82, 85 or 87
Irs. 1) C. Cooper, China tE
Grcve, born Maroh 8, 1881, 84 T
Ire Mary K Miller, Morgan e;
township, born Maroh 3,
1888, 88
Lri, Clara A. Packer, Morgan
towuship, 1 cru A'gU9* 12, j
1536. 80
Mrs Ba‘sT Miller, Morgan i
township, lo’n 1829. 87
Alex Lverlj. Oresoeut, born
Oct. 23, 1935, 80
Oatherine L. Klultz. of Frank
lin born Dio. 3 1832, 88
Sarah Ann Smith, China
Grove. No 1 born Jane 27,
1834, 81
J, R. Fisher, Crescent, born
1836, 80
Notice.—Any regular an1 sent ei o
The Caro.ina Watohman or
Rowan Reccrd may uso tins col
umn without cost tor as much ee
a ten-line local fer wo week’s at
a time. If you nave anything
you want to sen r exilang.
write 1C out in a f
sib’s and send or ring it tc this
office. This will prove cf great
advantaget> the farmers of this
section if taken advantage of.
Horns for Sale.—O j© good farm
b rse and a go d brood mare.
R li. T ttsrsou, China Grove, N.
C. N a. 2.
I have 14 pigs for the market, 7
ready i.ow the other 7 in March.
These are nioe pigs and wt igh from
100 to 116- J. 8. Campbell, Rural
No. 1, Cleveland, N. C.
To The Public.—The under* gued it
now running an old-cime cori,
mill, old time grauit rock on
Chestnnt Hill Salisbury, N, C.
If you want good old Sine sweet
corn bread bring along your c iru
any day except Sunday. No
waiting to get up sceam, always
ready. Old time toli lOibs. Sat
isfaction guaranteed by an old
lifelong miller.
Daniel Hartman.
Have your butter wrappers print-d at
The Watchman office in Salis
bury, or the Reoohd office in
China Grcvo. Our charge is only
76 oeuts per 1,000 for the print
Our Second Sheets she ild be in every
office, 40c p-r 1,000 j be real
Salisbury Prmtiug Office, 120
West Iuues otreet, up stairs,
Fine Frosrproof Cabbage Plants hy parcel
post* Jersey Wakefield, ('bar,
leston Wakefield and Succession,
1,000 for $1.00 postpaid. 100 for
15o postpaid. R. 0. Parks, Ulah,
N. C. B-10-t.
LOSt.—One automobile tag No.
1506 and rear light Return to
Salisbury postoffioe for reward.
J. C. Babnhardt.

for Promof Printing call at the Real
Salisbury Printing Office, 120
West Innes St., up stairs.
Tresnass Notices free for the friendr
and patrons o! The Watchman
and Record Call and get them
Poland China pigs for sale, ready
ti deliver Saturday, January 22
Call on or write,' L. L. Fesper
man, Rockwell, N. C.
The Quality of our Second Sheets de
mands no price out iug and we
won’t cut quality. Three kinds,
flOo 75c ai H *1.00 ner thousand.
Prompt deliveries Full count.
Peeler’s Printeiy, 210 S. Main
St . phone 600.
Suivayillg — A u y one wanting
surveying dun*- accurately and
promptly, map making, drawing
deeds, or the service of a justice
of the peace, ein'uid write, phone
or oall on P 0. Biruhardt county
surveyor, rural No 3 Ss'istmry
N C., ’phono Faith, No. 1211,
A Jack far saia.—Those who may fe
interested in good stock and
stock raising may oall and get on
price. If you want to buy cal! or
write me, Sal sbnry, R F D. No.
3, Daniel E. Eagle
liorsf! far Sale—A black mare, mt- (
dium size, 5 years old. Terms to
iuit purchaser . Oall on or write
;o J. S Oorriher, 103 W. Harri
ion St , Salist ury, N. C.
Stray Gsat.~A.iy one having or I
knowing of a nanny goat notify
r. W. Limgle, Salisbury, N. C.
loute No. 6.
or Sale,—Pi an Berkshire pigs. I
Phone 8003.
•HlghneSS.—Such as hays, shacks,
Btraw, etc., lor sale. Call on J.
I. Eddlemau & Co,, China &rcve,
I. C.
Administrator’s Notice',
Having qualified as administratrix of
le eatate of John D Pusser, deceased late
'the county of Rowan, State of 2Jorth
arolina, this is to notify all persons hav
ig claims against the estate of the said de
iased to exhibit them to the undersigned
) or before the 10th day of February 1917,
• this notice will be plead in bar of their
covery. All persons indebted to said es
te will please make prompt settlement,
his the 10th lay of February, 1916
Mas Minnie Pusser, administratrix of ‘
tate of John D. Pusser.
- — - —
Get it at Sifferd’s. j t
. • 1
co’s n
~~\ One of the Belk’s chain of 12 stores ‘ That sell it for Less.” U
Mew spring Goods coming in now, and, whether its Spring or winter goods you
j need, you’ll find Belk-Harry Go’s the cheapest and best place to trade. H
3 COTTON GOODS. I 10c yard wide percale in shoit I
.... . , leugthu for cnlv Rio
Although all cotton gauds »re advano- yard wide PaiVn* rV k fnr 7!®
mg in price wo Mixed” for it several 98* Regu'ar six i count .rpane for oniv75e
j months ago oy laying in a good supply 1
^ and you don’t have to pay any advance TATTING Asii3 CROCHET
£ here 3 et on so trcely anything. H wever, THREADS
I when our present supply is soli we’ll have White and color-, ah numbers in J & P
; to advance too. Goats, C M C 0 N T, Columbia,
89 inch sheeting nice and smooth eto, for tOc
foronly 5c -T & P Coats silk-finish cro-het,
Best 7£o indigo aprnm G; ebam a,', best colors 5c 6 for 25c
in short leugttn or only 5c New lot crochet needles for 5<;
1 Tattle g shutters for |QC
New Spring Goods Now Coming in, Clothing, Shoes, etc.
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Big Sale ol Valuable City Real Estate!
Pursuant to the terms of a certain
Mortgage Deed of Trust, executed by
IV. W. Miller to the undersigned Trus
tee and Mortgagee on July 1st, 1915,
which was recorded in the office of the
Register of Deeds for Rowan Countv,
n Book of Mortgages No. 51, page 132,
to secure a certain indebtedness there
in provided, default having bepn made
in the payment of said indebtedness
ind the lands having heretofore been
ioid on February 5 1916, for the sum
af Six Hundred Five. Dollars ($005 00),
ird an advance bid of Sixty and 50-100
Dollars ($60 50) having been placed
thereon, and bv virture of the provi
sions contained in Chapter No. '46, f
the Public Laws, 1915, the undersignel
will expose for sale ai the Court House
Door in Salisbury North Carolin i, on
Saturday, 4th dav of March, 1910,
at the hour of twelve M ., the following
real es ate situate in the north ward
of IheCitV of Sftlishm-v nnrl rlpsnrihuH
as follows:
Beginning at a stake, the south cor
ner at the intersection of Franklin and
Caldwell Streets, and runs thence S.
about 43 deg. E, with the edge of
Franklin Street, 148 feet to a stake, in
the west edge of Franklin Street;
thence S. about 47 deg. VV. parallel
with Caldwell Street fifty feet to a
stake; thence N. about 43deg. VV. par
allel with Franklin Street 148 feet to a
stake in the soith edge or Caldwell
street; thence W. about 47 deg. E
with the edge of Caldwell Street 5C
feet to tha beginning, containing sev
enty-four hundred (7400) square feet,
upon which there is a cottage.
For book title see Book of Deeds No
122, page 158, in the office of the Regis
ter of Deeds for Rowan County .
Bidding will begin at Six Hundred
Sixty-five and 50-100 Ddlars ($685 =0).
This the 12th day ol February, 1916,
Trustee and Mortgagee.
Dissolved in water for douches stops
pelvic catarrh, ulceration and inflam
mation. Recommended by Lydia E.
Pinkham Med. Co, for ten years.
A healing wonder for nasal catarrh,
sore throat and sore eyes. Economical.
Has extraordinary deansing and germicidal power,
bample FVea. 50c. all druggists, or postpaid by fi
\^^^*_“££j^xton_l_ouetCompany, Boston, J
Cuts, Burns,
Bruises, Sores, Wounds and Piles
quickly healed with Arnica Salve.
It prevents infection, is antiseptic,
soothing, healing. Try it once.
Money Back If It Fails.
The Original and Genuine.
Arnica Salve
Heals the Hurt
* Ail Druggists and Denier®.., 25e. pj
1 1 1
We do the Best and
will appreciate
your orders.
!all at office or address
Wbi. H. Stewart,
iditor and Proorietor, Salisbury. N. C.
— '%
Corrected weekly by D M. Miller& Son
Bacon, sides per tt>, 15 to 16.
“ shoulders, per lb, It to 16.
“ ham, per lb, 20 to 22'/z.
>% round, per fb, 15 to 17
Butter, choice yellow, 20 to 25
Chickens, per lb, 10 to 12.
Ducks, 20 to 30.
Guineas, 25 to 30.
Eggs, per doz, 18 to 20.
Corn, per bushel, 8 5 to 90.
Flour, straight, per sac, $3.50
“ pat, $3 60 to $3.70
Hay, per. hundred lbs, 50 to 60.]
Honey, per lb, 18 to 20,
Lard, N. C., per lb, 12 to 14.
Meal, bolted, per bu. 90 to $1,00
Oats, per bu, 70 to 75
Potatoes, Irish, pe- bu, 80 to 90
Wheat per bush. $1.50 to $1,55
Onions, .90 to 1.00
Rye, per bushel, $1.40
Turkeys 15c per lb,
Geese, 1214s per lb.
Re-Sale ol lm\\ g uns
Pursuant to a decree of ths Superior
Court of Rowan County made in the
•fecial O'eding entitled A. A. Wal
lace, ad in it istrator of J. R. Wallace
against Mcstlla Watson ani others,
directing a re-sale of lands because of
lack of bidders and insufficiency of bids
at first sale, 1 ■•illoliei at public sale
at the court i use door in Salisbury on
Saturday, March 4, 1916,
a tract of 19 1-4 acres of valu
'd !e farming lands situated in Locke
'Cwnship, about three miles from
J1 iria (drove and abmt 7 miles from
itlisbury, n and n-ar (he incadam
:it lie roa I. between those places, ad
iritig Jan.es Oorriher, John Hols
1 user, the old Bruner place -ml
thers. This land lijs well situated,
irl has good timber and water
Hot and desciiption may be seen at
tl e citiae of my atto. ney in Sali-bury
1 'tes . Cue half cash balan‘e due
n rht rnor ths. with n'ere.st on d -
fitie reserved till | ie! sae money is
all paid.
TV.l R'aK..l-|Qt.r 1 A 1 O Li
-J —’ — “
A A Wallace,
Admr. and Com.,
R F. D. No., Glass, N, C.
1 ieo. F Kluttz, Attorney.
N tice to Crefliiurs
H ivirg qualified as Administrator' f
the estate of Henry V. Ritchie, this is
10 notify all persons having E'ainis
against the said decedent to tile an
itemized verified stateme; t of eame
with the undersigned on or be ore the
15th day of Feb nary, 1517. or this no
tice will be pleaded in bar oi their re
covery. Persons indebted to said es
tat are notified to make prompt set
tlempi t.
This February 16 19 6.
Milo A Kluttz
Theo. F. Kluttz Attorney.
State of North Carolina Department
of State.
Certificate of Dissolution
To all to whom these pres nts may
Wh mas, It appears to my satisfac
tion, by duly authenticated record of
the proeeedidg for the voluntary dis
solution thereof by the unanimous
consent of all the strckli dders, de
posited in my office that the Badin
Heights Land Company, a eorpuratiu"
of this Stale, wnose principal office is
situated at No.-,Fo ir h Street, in
tho t wn ot Si encer, Co ntv of Row
an. S'ate of JNorth Carolina. 1. D Dor
sett being the agent therein and in
charge thereof upon whom process
may be served, has complied wit the
rpquiremen s of Chapter 21, Kevisal f
1905, entitled “Corporations,” prelimi
nary to the issuing of this Certiticaie
of Dissolution.
Now, Therefore, I, J, Bryan Grimes
Secretary of State of the State of North
Carolina, do hereby certify that the
said corporation did, on the 4th day
■f February, 1916, file in my office a
duly executed and at tested consent in
writing to the di solution of said cor- 1
poration, executed by all the stock
holders thereof, which said consent
and the record of the proceedings
aforesaid are now on file in my said
office as provided by law. t
In Testimony Whereof, I have here
to set my hand and affixed my official
seal at Raleigh, this 4th day of FeOru- ‘
ary, 1 D 1916
J. Bryan Grimes,
Secretary of State. I
___ *
J- - |
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and other hours by ..appointment,
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0:fice second floor of
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consider wei the person with
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