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tmAL NEV*$t
— , ;; Written by.. ]
— a
July 28.—Venus was in Salis
bury Friday and saw the young
soldier boys. Saw them march
from their hall to the dining
room for their dinner. Venus
was invited to and took dinner
with them. This is our first
army dinner since the civil war, a
mighty long time between meals.
The table we ate at was sixty
feet long and there were two
more shorter tables. We got
some snap shots of the boys on
the street and at the dining table
We visited their halls ; nd met
Capt D K AJurph, 1st Lient J H
McKenzie Jr., 2nd Lt R L Van
Poole, and others of our old
Rev A C Thompson of Tatna
qua, Pa., and J D Andrews of
Catawba College, Newton, N C.,
gave a fine illustrated lecture
here this week to a large crowd,
At Shiloh church at Granite
Quarry when we got off the train
we saw a big crowd of the mem
bers of the church at work build
ing a concrete walk in front of
the church and putting a lot of
rock dust over the church yard.
A Series of meetings will soon
commence there.
A big crowd of preachers,
ladies and visitors came to see
Venus’ collection Thursday when
the Sunday School convention
was here.
Chamberlain’s'Colic and Diarrheoa Remedy.
iT: Now m the time to’buy a bot
tlejcf this remedy so as to be pre
pared in case that any one of
your family should hare an at
tack of colic or diarrhoea during
the summer months. It is worth
a hundred times its cost when
needed. .
- — -- > m -
Parcel Pest ter American Seldiers in Europe.
Parcels of fourth class mat
ter not exceeding 20 pounds
in weight, properly packed to
withstand much handling,
will now be accepted for
members of the United States
expeditionary forces in Eu
rope at the eight zone rate of
12 cents nm pound or fraction
of a pound, but such parcels
cannot be registered, insured
or sent V O D.
Such parcels should be ad
dressed iu the following mans
ner (l) Name of addressee; (2)
Official designation of unit
•o which addressee belongs;
(3) The words “American Ex
peditionary Forces.” Under
no -Jrcuinstances should the
location. or station of a mili
tary organization be included
on mail for member of such
Every parcel must bear the
senders rddress, which should
bo placed in the upper left
hand corner of the address
side, and it is of utmost im
portance that parcels be se
curely packed and wrapped,
fully and plainly addressed
in accordance with the fore
going, and have proper pos
taga prepaid thereon.
Doiii? Good.
Few medicines have met with
more favor or accomplished more
good than Chambeilain’s Colic
and Diarrhoea Remedy. John
F Jatuxen, Delemeny, Sask.,
of it, “I have used Cham
berlain’s Colic and Diarrhoea Re
uiedy myself and in my family,
and can recommend it as being
an exceptionally fine prepara
hm for Root, About 100 acres for,
cultivation, good big barn, 14
rcom comfortable dwelling and
plenty of out-bouoes, productive
land, 3 miles east of Salisbury
-'n tee Stokes ferry road.
Uoull fut^.sh two head of horses
on goc i terms. Apply at once,
Mrs. Jas. C McCarJess,, Granite
Quarry, N C. 8-1 3t pd.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
‘ake LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine. It stops the
!ough and Headache and works off the Cold.
)ruggists refund money if it fails to cure.
£. W. GROVE’S signature on each box. 25c.
i August 25th. The Providence
Township Convention and Insti
tute, St Peter’s Church.
Drives Out Malaria, Builds Up Sv*'
The Old Standard general strensrthec • «
Malaria.enrichesthelilood.audbuildsi!.'11. ■ ■ I
tarn* Airvtetonic. For adults ar,d child I-*-*' - . ^
You Can Afford Good Light |
You up-to-date farmers who own your property—take pride
in your home and love your good wife and children—you should
have good light.
The day has passed when good light in the farm home could
be considered a novelty or expensive luxury. Nor is it a matter
of big investment. Today good light is an inexpensive necessity.
I Lighting and Cooking Plants
Bed the old fashioned
and barn lighting and
ry home.
isands of progressive
3 of the country have
because they were
le value of good light—
convenience it brings
nilies. These country
1 like yourself—found
ford the moderate in
i it.
t new mowing machine,
plow. You can afford
3 that make your place
,se they save you time
iod wife. She is your
fer duty has been to
She has done it well,
as much to your suc
The PILOT is going to save her a lot of
hard work —dirty work — filling, cleaning
and carrying lamps about tiie house—the
meanest work a woman has to do. Think,
too, what a gas cook stove will mean to her
on hot days and when quick meals are &
wanted in a hurry.
If you can afford improvements for
your farm, surely you can afford this one
great improvement for your home—your
wife—and your children. It is the one
thing that you and your whole family will
an joy every night— 865 times—every year.
Consider the PILOT from every standpoint—safety,
comfort, convenience and better living. Your decision a
will be what 300,000 other country home owners have
decided—you can’t afford to be without it.
Write for illustrated catalogs and descriptive booklets
giving all the facts. Find out, today, about the PILOT.
121 W. Fishre St ,
Largest Makers of Private Lighting find Cooking Pjfl
Plants in the World..
Iy Vi pB
“Nothing Slow About This Fire!” f
"The kettle s boiling already—breakfast will be done in a jiffy.” 11
The New Perfection cooks fast or slow as you like.
The flame is always visible, always Ask your dealer to show you the re
steady. It s the Long Blue Chimney versible glass reservoir—-a new and
insuring perfect combustion that exclusive feature.
For hot weather comfort, cook on a a superior kerosene, always clean and
New Perfection. clear-burning, is most satisfactory.
(New rsey)
Norfolk8 VnaD'C BALTIMORE r, C,har,ott'v,NvC
Norfolk, y a. vin Charleston, W. Va.
Richmond, Va. Charleston, S. C.
Wanted, scrap iron, castings, old
plow points, plow shovels, bug
gy springs old horre shoes, worn
ou’i. machinery, stoves, etc. Will
pay 50 cents per hundred, pounds
for prompt delivery. North Car
olina Steel and Irou Co., F. H.
Thompson’s Foundry. 7-0btf
Will cure Rheumatism, Neu
ralgia, Headaches, Cramps, Colic
Sprains, Bruises, Cuts, Burns. Old
Sores. Tetter, Ring-Worm, Ec
zema, etc. Antiseptic Anodyne,
used internally or externally. 25c
t i "i- ~u^sa^Bgag©BgBsaagg5aE3MRHafi
. •
, .. .iA
!: An Ambition and a Record j V>
/• THE needs of the South are identical with the needs J -A. \
/ J 4 of the Southern Railway: the growth and success of one means j \ /
/ • the upbuilding of the other. ^
y{ J The Southern Railway asks no favors—no special privilege not [ J/
yjr ) • accorded to others. I
i vll Aw. J. The ambitton of the Southern Railway Company is to see that ,
\\ i unity of interest that is born of co-operation between the public and l %
f 1 the railroads; to see perfected that fair and frank policy in the manage- J j
A ' meat of railroads which invites the confidence ®f governmental J V
| agencies; to realize that liberality of treatment which will enable it ( I
V f to obtain the additional capital needed for the acquisition of better and
V/ ^ enlarged facilities incident to the demand for increased and better J I
lervicc; and, finally— S
jS To take its niche in the body politic of the South alongside of J
f Other great industries, with no more, but with equal liberties, equal •<*
|\ rights and equal opportunities.
© “ The Southern Serves the South.”
Monterey County Needs Good
Notwit} standing the fact that Monterey produces million? < f d d
lars wo‘h of potatoes, sugar beet», apples, p‘83hes. barley, alfalfn,
dairy products, live stock, etc., there is much land 'hat only need*
farmers and settlers to make it m re intensively productive, ill s
is a rich coat county with a mild eve i climats.
We have issued a beautifully illustrated booklet telling of Monte
rey County, and the opportunities there for YOU. Send us ten
eents for this boo,'let and a sample copy of Sunset Magazine—
the one big Natior al Magazine telling of the life and development
of the West. Address,
6.22 3t. San Francisco.
■ " ' m
A Full Line oi General Me* chandise
Constantly On Hand
iGOT REST HOSIERY whether it’s appearance
you want in hosiery or wheat her it wear you will gel
it if you get “Foot Rest ” And th s too is an euduce- 1
ment to most of us. You’ll SAVE MONEY. I
hall and winter goodp, heavy-weight nndtiwear S
I for men and woman, also Dress Good*, Shoes, Pant-, 1
Overalls, Hats, Notions, Crockery, Tinware, etc. *
I have a well selected stock of staple and fancy
groceries, country produce, lend stuff, etc. When in
need come to see me.
Farmers are invited to make my place headquar
ters while in the city. Very truly,
ii !g * *
I ’Phone 89. 108 S. Main St., Salisbury, N. C.
r—b—*wiwiiih w ■tj—ttBWTw i ■■ „
We can., iu stock or make to order any kind of medal
01 rings cf the veiy latest styles in solid gold and guaru*
tee our prices.□ We also do the finest watch and jewelry
repairing that can be done and every j >b is fully vuaran*
We carry the largest line of Watches, Diamonds, and
Jewelry in North Carolina. See us for reliable goods
W. H. LEONARD, Jeweriy & Diamond Merchant.
WaHaceiBldg . Salisbury, N‘ C.
Wholesale and Retell Growers of General Nursery Stock.
Organized 1903. Cap tal $50,000.
Agents Wanted. Salary or Commission.
Rkad This:
The Globe Nurseries, Biistol, Tenu. '
. Gentlemen: I rad the very best sucre* . j„ an , .,,, • . .
1 h • people were piea-ed that I d,.l not have a single objection You know
lat this is remarkable, no fault to tint! in near li 0 deliveries The tree were
ill in nice condition. Yours truly, (Signed; G. W. Puu.su

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