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> 1"
At a reeeut meeting of the
Baraea and Philatheas held
in the First Babtist church,
Prof J ERediernof Spencer,
was elected president, C W
Andrews secretary, Mrs P W
Moore assistant secretary,
aud F I Y organ treasurer.
Hunters report rabbits to
plentiful this season.
The latest prohibition mea>
sure is to the effect that those
receiving Owhiskey must get
a physician’s certificate cer
tif yiug that same is solely
for medicinal purposes owing
to whichilittle is being return
ed. Thar now.
Attention is called to the
advertisement of J. M. Miller
in this paper. Mr. Miller is
a clever gentleman to deal
with and you always get your
money’s worth at his place.
A baby was born. to a ne
gro woman in the North
Ward recently and was in
terred without a permit,
which caused suspicions of
foul play. Coroner Sides
called a jurv and held an in
vestigation and an arrest, was
made, but no definite infor
mation could be obtained and
and the matter, though fou;
play seems evident, is yet in
An assault on his sister
with a fire shovel resulted in
a negro man being sent to
the chaingang for thirty days
last week.
The city is said to have ens
gaged 1000 cords of wood to
help out Salisbury iu her fuel
•apply. This will put a
erimp in the hogB who want
to charge two prices for
Whitehead K 1 u 11 z of
Washington D 0 is spending
a few days here with his
father, Hon. Theo F Kluttz
and his sisters.
One hundred and nineteen
women in Rowan county
purchased liberty bond* to
the amount of $34,800 an i il!
have not yet reported.
Miss Elizabe h L -.c, *,
made a short visit :l»c _•* t
week withher par'-rd*. e*
and Mrs J C Lc we a i sh
Mrs E W Tatum !«ft
week for Chari >tto and wd
soon leave for France via
New York where she w?l‘
Red Cross work to* ’
American army.
N White M miii“ ‘ass '
Salisbury Saturday aud
brought with him soon- ’tpe
strawberries of the *v-' ^ar
iug variety. It i < -i
tneae berries will r v >
the snow falls on tb -in
The Citizens of S; xW
are holding a prolonged .ec
tion on the question » to
whether hogs shall bo .rept
within the town limits The
election started Saturday and
will close December 7th.
Lewis Parker, colored, was
arrested here this week bj
Chief of Police J Fran* Mil
ler. Parker had been Grafted
at Washington, D 0, and fail'
ed to appear when called
Chief Miller will deliV' ’ bin
tocampGreau and rece?v° th*
reward of $50 for the c?. nre.
Rev J R Mo gan wl ba
j teen locate i at Honev. i'T C
i >r several rea rs has ac ,)ted
£ call to the Landis rg
■„ which includes the L udi
jmd Concordia LutLerai
churches. .
*‘M* . —MB;
I marrsaoes i
Miss Alma, daughter of
Mr and Mrs Ed Davis,
and James L McCall of Bad
iu, were married last Thurs
day evening at the home of
the bride’s parents on the
Lincolton Road, Rev G O
Ritchie of Grace D L church
officiating, 1 be couple will
make their home at Badin.
The marriage of Miss
Myrtle Lillian Moore and
Fred F Shamel, took place
Saturday evening at the
home of W B Kinney in
East Spencer. Pastor C A G
Thomas of Salisbury officiat
ing Alias Moore was here
on a visit, Mr Shamel is an
employee in the Southern’!?
The marriage of Miss Adal
Shofrty of Greensboro, who
was brought here in an auto
mobile by her husband A B
Saleeby, Saturday afiernoon
ana the ceremony was pers
former* that evening at the
home of A B Saleeby, Rev
W A Lambeth officiating.
The marriage of Miss Mary
Elizabeth, daughter of Mr
and Mrs John W Felts of
Salisbury, and Eugene B
Tomlinson, son of W H
Tomlinson of Fayettville,
took place at the home of Mrs
D A McOutcheon’s in Badin,
’ast Wednesday. They will
make their home in New-^
port News Va
Rosa Vardeil Rex and
Robert Lee Thompson were
united in marriage at the
Lebanon parsonage near
Barber, on Sunday, Novem
ber 11th, Rev V R Stickley
A marriage of interest will
take place in the Episcopal
church at Wilson, N. C.,
Saturday noon, when Miss
Mildred Telfair daughter of
Mr and Mrs Thomas Atkin
son Davis of that place, and
William Marvin Snider, son
of Mr aDd Mrs W F Snider,
of Salisbury, will take the
vows that wMl make them
man aud wife Miss Davis
s a neicM of -Ir,i Per^v
(j ’ >lriF t \ . M >’
: ’Or
ll~-- I’hti, ■> t.i
; E 1
r .i *■ . ! Sail
i ’ -o i . ^H-i -
■' .7 t
: . j
K '
C /TITOS 6 * fti" of .1 M
c ubh. *s -M -' -s a pleudm
• ■ -"g ■■
- - - * e
oaii**!/'.T . c. !i d Li 1J v i*
I-■ n o{ v» V» i' ‘ Vic1 >f Ea.-l
Spenc-r ~ air \ at the
home of v.pan e
8u ida” r ■ i. 'if v C A *
rhouiu? i’diiv-'•■• j. If D.vis
iou member «,.i tl» USA
with head 4 a a camp
in Michigan
The b^2»ar : eld by the
King's iJaug 1 eii last week,
was well pr rroaiced and th.
■ ladies ,-ay it v/as a success in
every wav.
! i T : ?ef' - • ‘sl^rday
; v.o laci’. ... ' > , w isle rid
. iug a 'S ji’ it 1 int~ t,
- bridge -:a ■ J nd;eaf read
, aud w.*s gut ’’iotisly in
j >i -d 1; •»' ^renflrht jr
~ given 1 *ca. - u. uu, anu
1 j we“9 later ta j . ictne by hie
1 father, H U Urauiord.
m 1 " '■'<
Miss A P Davis, daughler
of liev John Davis, who was
a missionary iu China, for
many years and a brother
of O D Davis of Salisbury
jumped from a Canadian
liner, when out from Yoko
hama, Nov. 4th, and was
drowned. Her body was
not recovered. Miss Davis
was mentally Sderanged, was
in charge of nurses and was
returning home for treat
ment.. She crawled through
a port hole and jumped into
the sea.
William M Jam^s, well
known here a a the Secretary
of the People's Fair Associ
ation, died at Denver, Col ,
Monday night, Novembei
12th, from the effects of tu
berculosis from which he hfd
suffered Beveral years. Mi
James was 35 years old and
leaves a wife and daughter,
besides his parents. Mr and
Mrs E K James, to mourn
their lose. Mrs James was
with her husband at the time
of his death and accompan
ied his remains to Salisbury
which arrived late Saturday
evening and were taken to
the home of E K James on
South Fulton street. The
funeral was held from the
F;rst Presbyterian church
Sunday afternoon, the pas
tor of the deceased, Rev W
A Lambeth, officiating,
i'he service was attended by
a large number of friends of
the deceased.
Miss Addie Adams died at
the home of her father at
Woodieaf, Sunday night,
November lith. Miss Ad*
ams was 35 years old. The
funeral and interment took
place Tuesday following her
SY Goodman, aged 64.
a well known farmer who
iired several miles west of
Salisbury, died Saturday eve
uiag November 10th, The fn**
■jural took place Sunday
.fternoon from Gay’s chapel.
Taccb A Shaping of Per*la,
| .v.- Imd ■cSn'day tv' 3
vein her- Htn- Mr Simp*
> % was a native of tub1
bein ' r member of the
i > -I known . ,/ by thst
I name in Franklin township.
| * ■ A'a* t ;vM.bar of Chav, i
l ivoL*g of ou'b.; ,;r/ and P
, Shaping who lives four
j lies from Salisbury, on tin
ilketrmro road. Mr Shup
ug v ifch uji^e other broth
• a visited here about a year
. abuse -Sicb time three
bed and a pietar.
i rh_! Haafuess -aiinot be Cored.
, . locai app’ications as thev
c ai io . -each »-ce di eased portion
of he ear. There is only one
T- . / to cure catarrhal deafness,
di d thrt is hy a constitutional
remedy. Catarrhal Deafness is
caused by an inflamed condition
if the mucous lining of the Eu
?chiau Tube. When this tube
h inflamed you have a rumbling
sound or imperfect hearing and
when it is entirely closed. Deaf
ness is the result. Unless the
inflammation c an be reduced and
unis tube restored to its normal
c mention, hearing will be de
s ■ ;yeu forever. Many cases o
| d i"-teas are caused by catarrh.
'ha ,'s an inflamed condition ol
i ■' :•>; mucous su1 faces. Hall’s Ca
i r ; chic: ie acts thru the
i cod on be m ucous surfaces ol
I v - tern.
*T , ’Pi v- ve ine Hundred
cas. of Catarrh;
- ' 1 i.<i. ann t be cured bj
I rd's Catair i Medicine. Cir
culars free All Druggists 75c,
I F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo Q,
North Slain Street Ml bannsd.
The handsome new North
Vain Street public school build
ing located near the car barn,
was partly destroyea by what is
thought to have been a fire of in
cendiary origin early Saturday
morning. The blaze was first
discovered by some Railroad
employees and the. alarm
was first given by the
blowing of engine whistles.
The lire company soon resp ni
ed, and though the men did
good work, the fire made rapid
headway and destroyed a large
portion of the building before it
could be goiton under control.
The building was insured for
$20,0 <0 but itcostabout $84, 000,
bei-ides the: equipments, but as
all materials have advanced con
sid rably it cannot be replaced at
the original cost.
Mayor vVoodson'called a meeting
of ,the board aturday morning
ho cm shier the matter rebuilding!
at once This was decided upon
and bids “or the reconstruction
is now big asked.
The school board also held a
— .-mi wn i ■Mjwlrfi
meeting and made plans to con
tinue the school and as Chair
man J S Hall of the board of
county commissioners offered the
old court house and the second
floor of the new court house for
use it was decided to make use of
these and continue the school
without a break. Hut owing to
the Superior court being in ses
sion seme objection was mule to
the use of the court house and
though tire children assembled
Monday morning they were dis
missed until further plans cotld
be made. Dr VV B Duttera also
offered the use of the splendid
Parish house, but this was not
accepted. 1'iie plan finaiiy de
cided upon was to permit a por
I tion of the children to attend the
Ellis Street school and to make
an auditic i to the old V-ur-. r
raill sc'nooi hou-- for the child
redin that immediate vicinity.
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GROVE’S TASTELESS chill TONIC, drives out
iVialari a, enriches t he b 1 ood, and bui Ids n p t he sy s
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ilosiol *»««•«
Bigas i* > «■ ♦ , * i
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m Y MJFFALQ, N. Y. 114-10. 1 pi
1 Now is the Tims iti Renew and Subscribe K
for ' j|
The Carolina Watchman |
I#. ° lujt_ N
l The Rowan Record 1
, Before the increase in Price-which Is Q
l Bound to fake place soon. * u
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| Ho jb Paper, Published by ii&iBO Fi>ik% FSr&t.
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