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Everything seems to be work
ing nicely here and we have a
very prosperous Sunday school.
Harvest is over, oats is good,
the wheat a half crop and cotton
looks promising.
The people are practicing
economy in various ways and I
think, if the coca cola dopes
were entirely cut out and candy
much reduced it would be better
for our country and a strong
saving in the line of sugar.
Rev R L Brown and wife have
returned from visits to their
children and grandchildren at
Faith, Salisbury and China
Grove, and they claim to have
received much of the very best
and kindest treatment all round;
and they sure feel good on their
return home. Unkindness from
children to their old parents
must be a very sad thing.
Glory to Durham!
The Durham alderman should
go up head. They have been le
vying a tax for a sinking fund to
retire bond issues and have kept
the money sacred for that pur
pose, it seems. “7 here is today
in the sinking fund for the re
tirement of various bond issues,”
says a Durham news story,
“over $151,ooo more than will be
needed to retire all of the non
serial bonds sold by the city.
Durham lias a sinking fund of
about half a million dollars, and
a uet bonded debt of about fboo,
Durham, therefore, has ac
cumulated nearly enough money
to pay off its bonded indebted
ness. It is doubtful if another
town or county in the State has
done so well, Bond issues are
freely voted and if provision is
made for a sinking fund to pa}T
off the bonds, it is very often
the case that either the tax is
not levied or if levied is used for
some other purpose. The bonds
fall due and other bonds are is
sued to take their place, while
the taxpayers go on bearing the
interest burden—exactly like
the individual who renews the
note every time it falls due and
never makes any effort to accu
mulate something to pay if off.
No bonds should be voted un
less the act pisviding for their
issue contains a provision for a
sinking fund to retire them.
The levying of the tax for the
sinking fund should not be made
mandatory out it should be
made a crime to use it for any
other purpose than to pay off' the
bond issue for which it is levied,
—Statesville Landmark.
-• »
Cicrus Train Wrecked and Burned and More
Tnan 60 Perish.
As the result of the wreck of
a circus train six miles west of
Gary, Inc)., early Saturday
morning, at least 62 persons
were killed and it is believed tbe
death list may go to 8o, as the
wreck caught tire and was burn
ed and the exact number of dead
has not been determined. The
injured are listed to 179.
A train carrying the Wallace
Hagenbeck circus, composed ot
four sleepers, five stock cars, 15
flatcars and a caboose, pulled
part way into a switch and stall
ed there on account of a hot box.
The flagman went back on the
main track and set fuses as a
warning of danger, it is said.
The circus tiain was in this pos
ition when a troop train of emp
ty cars struck the circus train in
the rear, plowed into the sleep
ers, reducing them to a pile of
tangled steel and timber-. Fire
broke out in the circus train al
most immediately, and when
rescuers reached the scene the
entire^wreckage was in flames.
For Indigestion, Constipation or
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50,000 German Airplane Workers go on
Paris, June 22.—Fifty thou
sand workers in the Vulcan
factories in the Wershalow
shy airplane works haxe gone
on strike, according to dis
patches received here from
Vienna has told the munici
pal council that it would he im
poss:ble to distribute potatoes ;
after the week end.
I ",I,I,T ""
Drswine For Those Wiio Registered June 5.
Washington, June 24.—Wed
nesday o r Thursday o f this
week may be fixed as the date
for the drawing of order num
bers for the young men who
registered on J u n e 5. An
nouncements of arrangements
for-tiie drawing awaits reports
from half a dozen local boards
whose records are incompiele.
m i .m ——Wtimam'
Dnes » genera! ranking business anil nor
: d x a 11 y invites account.
i WZ ?AY Mdj:< PJ? CrNT mar,st
I every three inj»iks .a our r.v.iius deparl
j ment.
Prompt, ciii'iii, and con , leulin men
tion giyen to uii business eionistei' ■ "s
N. P. McCan.w > I bus, .
i reasiilem. i 'adder,
i', Norwoo, John Me''uni *s.
Vice.Pi <*«?ant. Vast. I'oitl-ier.
j 1j is. daskill «if« fnsiiUn.
- *
Line Up and Sign Up iSIf
on June 28th ^
Enlist as a war saver in the great “army that stays at home”—the
Second line of defense behind our boys in the first line trenches.
The government has officially set Friday, June 23th, as
National War Savings Bay
Be ready to step forward on that day and prove your patriotism.
You are summoned on Friday, June 28th, to “sign the pledge”-—to
agree to invest in a definite amount of War Savings Stamps each mouth
during 1918.
W. S.'S. Cost $4.17 in Juno
Worth $5.00 Jan. 1st, 1923
Be Ready to Go the Limit—Line Up and Sign Up on June 28th
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Made in I-2-3-4 burner sizes, with or without cabinet top and
Baltimore, Md.
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Perfection Kero
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curity Oil — Al
ways available,
U' t- - —~^*7
\ Alexander Hamilton /
\First Secretary cftheTrcas-gt^/
When eleven j
years old hie was put
to work as errand boy ]
in a bank. By study, !
industry and thrift he learned the business, saved :
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inent, fought in the Revolution, signed the Declaration
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no M is h kPK KSKfsTATIONS
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j Wallace Bldg , Salisbury, N C.
Carter’s Little Liver Fils
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Constipated Makes Life 1
and Happy Worth Living I
Small Pill Genuine bears signature | J
Small Dose ^£3- — -1
“M“ : p
many colorless faces but will greatly help most pale-faced people g
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Established, 1883.
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