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Germany nets Part of Black Sea Fleet.
London, July 1—The Bol
sheviki government has sur
rendered to Germany a part
of the Russian Black Sea
fleet which fled to Novo Ros
Bvsk when the Germans cap
tured Sebastapol, says an
official telegram from Moscow
Other phips of the fleet were
blown up by their crews.
Germany has promised not
to use the warships and to
return them to Russia after
the conclusion of peace.
Moscow, Sunday, June 22—
Only one dreaduaught and
three destroyers of the Rus
sian Black Sea fleet returned
to Sebastapol in compliance
with the German command,
the correspondent here is re
liably informed.
The ships blown up by their
crew were much larger than
those given over to Germany.
Learned With Mr. Drake.
Recording the death of J. M.
Cross, an old time printer who
died in Ashebor recently, the
Courier says Mr Cross learned to
set type “in the office of E B
Drake who published a weekly
in Asheboro about 60 years ago.
Mr, Drake afterwards came to
Statesville, and published the
Iredell Express, ithe county’s
first newspaper. The name of
the paper was changed to States
ville American after the Civil
War and was published until
about 1885.
Brown Reunion Association.
Many of our members and
friends may be wondering
what we are doing, or going
to do this year. We are glad
to pay the association is still
living, active and healthy.
At a recent meeting of the
executive committee the vital
parts of the work were con
sidered and continued, parts
and papers of great import'
ance will be looked after and
records made of them.
Owing t® the disturbed
condition of our country and
a demand for economy, it was
agreed to not have any pub"
lie meeting this year, but the
committees, l:st bearrrs, etc.
remain in office and are in
structed to continue their
work with the same energy as
before, and be prepared to
make surprisingly favorable
reports when we can meet
f again. We are now looking
forward to that time with
joyful anticipatiou. We will
always need some money to
bear the working expenses as
they come up, heuce our
treasury should uever be al
lowed to get empty. Solicit,
collect and turn it over to the
treasuer, Nathan Brown.
R L Brown, vice president.
Grove’s Tasteless chill Tonic
destroys the malarial germs whioh are transmitted
to the blood by the Malaria Mosquito. Price 60c.
American Troops Landed in Italy.
Washington, June 29.—The
first American troops landed in
Italy yesterday, Gen. March,
chief of staff, announced today.
They are not the force sent by
Gen. Pershing but consists of
units shipped from this country.
The troops consist largely of
sanitary units, but includes other
special organizations, Gen
March explained. On the
whole, however, it is made of
non-combatant units. Combat
ant troops will be sent by Gen
Pershing as previously an
No Worms in a Healthy Child
All children troubled with worms have an un
healthy color, which indicates poor blood, and as a
rule, there is more or less stomach disturbance.
GROVE'S TASTELESS chill TONIC given regularly
for two or three weeks will enrich the blood, im
prove the digestion, and act as a General Strength
ening Tonic to the whole system. Nature will then
throw off or dispel the worms, and the Child will be
la perfect health. Pleasant to take, flllc per bottle.
Chamberlain’s Tablets.
These tablets are intended es- 1
pecially tor stomach troubles,
biliousness and constipation. If
you have any trouble of this sort
give them a trial and realize for
yourself what a first class medi
cine will do for you. They only
cost a quarter.
Military Training at tiie University.
Chapel Hill, N. C , June- The
War Department has just desig
nated the University of North
Carolina as a Reserve Officers’
Tnining Corps, the order to
take effect with the. opening of
the collegiate year in September
Lieutenant Colonel G. W. S.
Stevens will be the commandant
in charge. Captain J. Stuart
Allen and Mr J V Whitfield will
also be back next fall to help in
stiuct in military training..
Under the provision of this now
classification, students at the
University taking the full mili
tary course will be eligible to ap
pointment as commissioned oflfl
cers in the army. Students
taking the full course will re
ceive compensation during their
senior year. Thus, the merited
military recognition which
friends of the University have
long looked for, has finally been
Get Ready ?er Canning anti Drying.
Raleigh, N, C., June 30.—I. is
of vital importance that every r
housekeeper in North Carolina ■
begin to lay plans now for can- '
ning or drying all of the surplus i
perishable products which are !
produced in the war gardens this
The importance of this can
not he urged to strong!v, and !
as long- as the supply lasts, every j
housewife may obtain, free of
charge, a copy of extension oir
eular 11 on canning- and preserv
ing- with 4H receipes, and exten
sion circular, 50 on drying of
frui:s and vegetables for home
consumption. These may be bad
upon application to the Agricul
tural Extension Service at-Rai
N. O , and should be in the
home of every housewife in the
on Crogo Lawn.
The ladies who arc gelling
up the dinner *o he served on
!he Fourth of July have dr
jeided to give the same on the;
| beautifully shaded Crego
lawn. It had been anuoune
ed to take place on the court
house lawn but the plane has
been changed. All interested
will please note the change of
Mortgage Sale ul laod. .
Pursuant to the provisions contained in
m ,rl«age trust deed registered in bool; No
:0 at page 257, made by H H Overca-h and
vile II. .1 Overcash, for the protection and
leneiit of the undersigned, on the 1st day of
dareh, litll, default having been made in
he pii' merit of this debt which said mon
tage was given to secure I ae under.-ign> d
vill soli for cash; at the court house door,
n Salisbury, N. C., on the
20th Day of July, 1918,
10 x, the luiiowing property;
Si'iuic in iiwcli township, adjoining the
and** (;! J . A- VV ; igh et al Beginning at
i st tr.e N 4 deg 17 3.10 chains to a stal e;
lnt.ee S. .5 chains l * a slake; thence6 67
K, ]6 70 f * is*, in:-. *o a pine knot ; thence N. 5
leg t.l 32:J chains to a pme knot; thence N
J:> th-g 17 260 chain-* to a post oak, thence
s' 1 deg 17 -7.0 ' cii.ii? s to a stake; thence N
73 VV 12 chains to a si ike; (hence 6 24 deg
',7 0 75 chains to a st . k~; incline '* 02 17 0 75
hains io a s;a tin nee N 30 VV 603 chains
;'.i a stake; tiience S J deg W 20 25 chains
o the beginning, containing 48 and i] acres
11 oe or less and known as the Kilev place.
A !so another tract of and, heirfg the (low
er assigned to Sophia Overcash out of the
lands of her deceased husband Solomon Ov
creasli situated in Atwell towrship adjoin
ing tlu* lands ol J A Wright et al contain
ing 54 icres, deeded by H A Overcash to
ii ;• Oveicash at a commissioners sab,
re!-fence b hereby made to said ueul lor
le*cripMon by metes and bounds said deed
is i'*'corded in the oliice of register of deeds
for Uow an county. N O , in deed book No.
81 at page No 437, On the above men
tioned two tracts of land there is a prior
mortgage no: exceeding $600 to A. A.TVal.
lace, mortgagee and trustee.
Alsu another lot bought from If 1J.
ia-u/ T situated in the town of J7noehville
Beginning al a siune Cushions oh m r mil*
niug thence with char- h lot S 78 deg I. ii
p iles to a stake; thence with Overcash’s line
N 8 poles io a stake on old line: thence N
78 deg W 14 poles to a stake side ol road;
thence 8 10 deg 17 8 poles to the beginning,
containing 100 square | oles more or less
for h ick 'ille see deed recorded in deed
hook No 66 page 215
Also another tract adjoining the hist men- I
tinned tr .ct of land. Beginning a! a Hick
ory, old corner of chinch lot; thence 17 1 81
chains to s stoiu; thence N 40 deg VV 47 <
co dns to a stom ; thence N 877 VV 87 chains
'o a s!a i: tin nee S B S3 chains to the be
ginnit.g, coi»‘aining 3j: acres more or less
See deed recorded in book No 62 page 68.
boo1' No 62 page 70. bool; 63 page 434 aim
book 8• 6- page 5'6
Conveyed by the said If II Overcash Him
wife M 4 <) (rcasli to satisfy the debt pui
vidcd ho- in said mortgage.
This .1 one the 17th 1318.
Du Banks Withers,
(5 14 It mortgagee nd trustee
He carries a full line of Higi
Grade (froceiies at
eery low prices.
Buys all kinds of Produce
Chickens, Eggs, Bacon, anc
vegetables. See him
Headquarters for Watkh
Medicine Co.
’Phone 57.
119 VV. Inniss St]
Nancy, Ky., says: “For quite fd
Ih stomach trouble. I would 1J
vi'ng after my meals, a most If
Dii.h. If I ate anything with H
i spit it up. I began to have
ad used pills and tablets, but f :
amid be constipated. It just if
i all up. I found they were r ’•
c. I heard
S recommended very highly, so began to use it. It cured f'
me. I keep it in the house all the time. It is the best
B liver medicine made. 1 do not have sick headache or j j
stomach trouble any more.” Black-Draught acts on ‘ ~
I the jaded liver and helps it to do its important work of
B tern. This medicine should be in every household for ^4
B use in time of need. Get a package today. If you feel
fl sluggish, take a dose tonight. You will feel fresh to- id
—— --o—«.
Cook in a.
Coo! Kitchen
Roasting, broiling, baking, toasting, boiling or
simmering—elaborate or simple cooking—can
be done perfectly with a New Perfection Oil
Cook Stove. And you will not broil in a
hot kitchen.
3,000,000 American women use the New Perfection
and escape the daily drudgery of coal hod and ash
pan, soot and kindling. They have gas stove con
venience at kerosene cost—a stove that lights at
the touch of a match—can be regulated accurately
—that turns all its fuel into usable, odorless heat—
that applies all the heat directly to the cooking
utensil—that uses an inexpensive, always available
fuel—that saves coal for the nation.
Why don’t you cook in a cool kitchen?
Made in 1-2-3-4 burner sizes, with or without
cabinet top and oven.
Baltimore, Md.
\Yashincton, D. C. Richmond. Va. Chin lesion, \V. Va.
Norfolk, Va. Charlotte, N. C. Charleston, S. C.
Astk your dealer about
iKe New Perfection
Kerosene W ater Heater.
Use Aladdin Security
Oil—Always available,

< < < 4 «
While a poor
clerk in a Phila"
* delphta b2.nk he
got his start to
weaitn ana nonor oy investing nis own sav
ings and practicing thrift. During the Civt! war he
raised one billion dollars for the federal government ;
Cooke was a great financier in his time.
You will need an accumulation of money
sooner or later. You may want to buy a home, or 1
make a profitable investment, or go to college, or save i
the life of a loved one stricken with disease.
Start an account with us with a part of !
your earnings this 'week. Add something to the c!&- j
posit every week. Know the courage of prosperity
and the independence of ready funds. . !
Multiply your money in cur care. \
I Can’t sleep! Can’t eat! Can’t even digest what little you do eat! E
One or two doses I
ffl will make you feel ten years younger. Best B
known remedy for Constipation, Sour Stomach K
25 cents a package at all Druggists, or E
| * sent to any address postpaid, by the v
1 u. S. ARMY & NAVY TABLET CO. 260 West Broadway, N.Y. 1 \
■_ hi’x-.i.G riiX is the underwear
with a, million little springs in its
:in:;-.c v. men give and take
l With every movement of the
Lady, and preserve the shape of
| the garment despite long wear
1 and hard washings,
; in the ycar-around underwear, light,
medium or heavy weight, as you like.
% “Remember to Buy It—
§ Ysu’l! Forget You Have It Oa”
i A.sk Your Dealer
o Sales Ream: 350 Broadway, New York
Jj&dl'itytox U**9
\C^S UhDER6>WEAR \**,
;|i:! '■ /,M _ ’BLUE, BONNETS” — yl New Fabric with New Featum. ~
’ B.ii? Be meta” meets the needs of the Woman who wants a beautiful, durable fabric
- jt U*»t wears withjut wimkliug. repda dust and launders perfectly. Admirably adapted for
) biilor-maJe dresso. eport coat*land skirts childrens garments, petticoats, etc. Also drap
f ; "v tns% furjiture coverings etc. Guaranteed dye fast and durable. Wide variety of ex
g !j • f cjiidtc p atterns.
|fj ^ 7 “oler deem 6 carry ‘‘Blue Bonnets” send ua this ad with name of dealer and
§::Lii & ' \ Vfl) will rend him {wmptes and notify him of your request.
|4 J E'iJ ^ITOAN & CO. Inc., 681 Broadway, New York

Savings Prpartntrni Pays 4 V«r < ml,
( unipmn n< *- Qmu 1 • P . ;
okkh krs
H. N. Vo<xlsrnn_Pres-ickr.t \V 1>. S-trjtr 1-i;r_J r
Dr. R. V. krattlcv Vice Pie:-. K H. WcctO-tn .Arn. < r. J j<r
esaasascruc:.-‘-jaKnan_Ci*afc»MnE-an«4 ■■ -kotk t rs? *-s-r.-r.-—- - - k
Start Your Savings Account f QW for ■ < xt (I.: .- it:\
Responsible Banking, Courteous rrratrmnt and Coufiden- I
tial Service is Our Policy.
bk-«r*ck*.*j55I ■ *
We Cordially Invite You to See Us On Any 0 rkirg Matter
. Y; u are UiY n st.d In.
We arc Authorized Asrent-s for Sale of War Savii gs St; nips
and Thrift Stamps
hw—mm t, | i —— l ———g

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