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Where And How Loans Are
Made Under The New Federal
Emergency Farm Mortgage Act
- j-;
In the first two days after the
passage of the Federal Emergency
Farm Mortgage Act, applications;
for relief were received from 1,-j
269 farmers. Most of these appli-j
cations were sent to Washington,'
indicating that few farmers knowj
where the Federal Land Banks forj
their districts are located.
There are twelve of these banks,
and in connection w'ith each of
them a Loan Commissioner to op
erate under the new law has been
appointed. These new loans arej
made to refinance farm indebted
ness, provide working capital for
farm operations and to aid in the
redemption of foreclosed farms.
They are not, primarily, made for
the purpose of refinancing farm
mortgages. That is to be done
through the Federal Land Banks
working in connection with the
present holders of first mortgages.
There Arc Loans Limits
Loans under the new law are|
limited to $5,000 to any one farm
er. The amount that may be loan
ed, added to existing mortgages or
other debts secured by the farm
property cannot be more than suf
ficient to bring the total debt up
to three-quarters of the appraised
value of the property. These are
second mortgage loans, repayable
over a series of years and an agree
ment has to be obtained from the
holder of the first mortgage that
he w'ill not proceed agginst the|
farmer for failure to pay the prin
cipal of the first mortgage.
Applications for loans under the
new law' should go to the Federal
Land Banks for the district in
w'hich the farm is located. These
districts are:
First District; Springfield, Mass.
Serves the states of Maine, New'
Hampshire. Vermont, Massachu
setts, Rhode Island, Connecticutt,
Newr York and New' Jersey. Char
les Windholz, Commissioner’s agent.
Second District; Baltimore, Md.
For Pennsylvania, Delaware,
Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia,
and the District of Columbia.
George Stevenson, agent.
Third District; Columbia, S. C.
For North and South Carolina,
Georgia, and Florida. Henry Si
Johnson, agent.
-- _
Fourth District; Louisville, Ky.
For Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and
Tennessee. Agent not yet appoint
ed; address simply "Federal Land
Bank, Louisville.”
Fifth District; New Orleans, La.
For Alabama, Mississippi and
Louisiana. William L. Pryor, agent.
Sixth District; St. Louis, Mo.
For Illinois, Missouri and Arkan
sas. Ernest J. Bodman, agent.
Seventh District; St. Paul Minn.
For Michigan, Wisconsin, North
Dakota and Minnesota. Jerry P.
Riordan, agent.
Eighth District; Omaha, Neb.
For Iowa, Nebraska, South Dak
ota and Wyoming. Bert Waddell,
Ninth District; Wichita, Kansas.
For Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado
md New Mexico. Graves Shull, a
Tenth District; Houston Texas
For the state of Texas alone. A.
P. Graves, agent.
Eleventh District; Berkeley, Calif.
For California, Nevada, Utah
and Arizona. William H. Woolf,
Twelfth District; Spokane, Wash.
For Washington, Oregon, Idaho
and Montana. J. A. Leonard, agent.
How To Get Loan
Farmers desiring to borrow und
er the r.ew law should write for in
formation to the agent for their
district. Address "Loan Commis
sioner’s Agent, Federal Land
Bank,’ and the name of the city in
which district headquarters are lo
It takes a little time to get ac
tion. Local appraisers have to be
called in to look over the property
and examine title and records of
existing mortgages, but the Farm
Board promises to move as fast as
pcjssible in each case, and ‘some
loans were actually made within a
few days after the law was passed, j
The first loan was to Elijah Pur-|
vines of Sangamon County, 111., on;
a farm which he has owned and,
operated for 31 years. This was for
$3,5 00 and was made through the;
Federal Land Bank of St. Louis, i
The second loan under the act was;
to W. H. Chapman of Whitney, S. j
C., who borrowed $2,000 under
the act on a first mortgage on his!

: I
| _ First Farm Loan to Illinois Farmer
...Ti'" r I'' ^1'11,11.iii|i|i||i'f"»ni" I. in
The first loan under President Roosevelt’s $200,000,000 Emergency
Farm Loan Bill was made at the St. Louis office of the Federal Land Bank.
Photo shows E. A. Purvines of Pleasant Plains, 111., (right) receiving a
$3,500 check from Commissioner E. .1. Bodman, (left) as Mrs. Purvines
looks on. In the rear is Wood Netherland and O. J. Lloyd, president arid
vice-president of the St. Louis Federal Land Bank.
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"The Cedar Man”
Mocksville, N. C.
—Buy in Salisbury—
Southerner Pays Off j
Debt Of Lincoln Estate;
Detroit.—The estate of Abra-|
ham Lincoln, on which $5.45 has!
been owing all these years down in|
Sangamon county. 111., has been
settled, and it took a southerner by
birth to do it.
Having read of the discovery by
Lewis E. Bird, clerk of probate
court in Springfield, 111., that only
$25 of the $30.45 court costs in
settlement of the estate had been
paid, Hubert L. Williams of De
troit sent a money order to cover
the long-standing claim.
"I’m no relative of Abe’s,” Wil
liams explained. "I just felt sorry
for the old boy, and I know that
no damn yankee would take it on
himself to do it.”
"I was born in Richmond, Va.,”
Williams continued, "and my kin
were all rebs. But, when I read that
piece in the paper, I just rememb
ered what an awful beating the
south got when the north won the
Civil war, and just to show there’s
no hard feelings, I figured I’d bet
ter do what you yanks never got
around to doing.’’
Williams, an engineer for the;
Chevrolet Motor Company, said he
is the son of John Skelton Williams
of Richmond, comptroller of the
currency under President Wilson.
Salisbury Play i
Captures Prize
"Sacrifice,” a play built on the
experience of immigrants to this
county on their arrival at Ellis Is
land, written and produced by a
Salisbury group, won first honors
over Charlotte players at the spring
one-act competition at the Littie
Theater in Charlotte.
The play, written by Mrs. Ar
nold Snyder of Salisbury, won the
$10 cash prize in the opinions of
three judges, but the second of the
three-act program, "Hurricane,”
written by Mrs. Wayte Thomas,
won the popular vote of the Little
Theater audience.
The play program closed the Lit
tle Theater program for 1932-3 ;
season, under the leadership of Mrs.
Francis O. Clarkson. The director,
Thomas B. Humble, will leave for
Texas, where he will visit relatives
before going to Hollywood, Cal., to
act as a director in motion pictures.
The cast of the play that won
the prize was as follows: Rachel,
Margaret Jackson; Miriam, Olive
Spencer; Ivan Petrovitch, Spencer
Murphy; Jacob, Max Barker; Anna
Solomon, Genevra Hartman; Sam
uel Solomon, Raymond Jenkins;
Hager, Sara Rose West. The play
was produced by Mrs. Robert West,
and properties were by Miss Doris
T-Jn wpl 1
The first play of the evening’s
program was "By the Light of The
Moon” by Joe Abrams. Judges
were Miss Ethel King of Queens
Chicora college; Miss Ethel Rea of
Central high school, and Professor
Etemann of Davidson college.
Baton Rouge, La.—Gov. O. K.
Allen has issued indefinite repriev
es to 217 state prisoners and grant
ed clemency to 43 others, whose
alleged offenses ranged from con
tempt of court to murder. The
governor refused to comment on
his action. It was understood to be
an economy move. The state pri
son board was said to have recom
mended the clemency in all cases.
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REMEMBER OUR national em
blem, boys. That bald-headed eagle
ought to convince us we re destin
ed to come out on top.
Under and by virtue of powers
contained in a certain mortgage
executed by Cicero V. Roberts and
wife, Bessie Roberts to Stephen
Noble and wife, Angeline Noble,
on the 12th day of October, 1926,
and registered in Book of Mortga
ges No. 98 at page 184, default
having been made in the payment
of the indebtedness secured by
said mortgage, the undersigned
mortgagees will sell at public auc
tion to the highest bidder at the
courthouse door on July 3, 193 3 at
twelve o’clock noon for cash the
following described property:
All of that certain tract, one
half acre of land, situated in the
County of Rowan, State of North,
Carolina, o nthe Gold Hi!! read
about one mile from the city of
Salisbury and is bounded as fol
On the North side by the land
of George Shipp, on the East by
the Gold Hill road, on the South
by the lands of W. C. Coughenour,
on the West by the land of Ru
dolph Dawkins owned now by W.
C. Coughenour. For fuller de
scription see Deed of Mitchell Mc
Coy from John A. Boyden and wife
Book 149, page 156 and Deed of
W. F. Kelsey and wife to Stephen
Noble and wife, Book 187, page
3 00 in the office of the Register of
Deeds for Rowan County, N. C.
This the 31st day of May, 193 3.
W. C. Coughenour, Attorney.
June 2—30.
Pursuant to Section 243 5 of the
Consolidated Statutes of North
Carolina, the undersigned will ex
pose to public auction at the Court
house door in Salisbury, N. C., on
Saturday, June 17th, 193 5, at 12
o’clock, noon, the following per
sonal property, to-wit:
One 1928 Model Oakland Sedan.
Serial number AAS128140, Motoi
number L204112.
Said car is being sold to satisfy
just and reasonable charges for
material furnished and work done
an the car.
This May 27th, 193 3.
Trading as Thompson Garage.
June 2—9.
Having qualified as administra
trix of the' estate of Emma Clem
;nt, this is to notify all persons
having claims against the said de
tedent to file an itemized, verified
statement of same with the under
signed on or before the 26th day
af April, 1934, or this notice will
ae pleaded in bar of their recovery.
Persons indebted to said estate are
notified to make prompt settle
This April 22, 1933.
:state of Emma Clement.
Rendleman & Rendleman, Attys.
\pril 28.—June 2.
Wachovia Bank & Trust Company,
vs. <
jeorge H. Shaver and wife, Berta 1
Vf. Shaver and John L. Rendleman, i
>r., Trustee. |
By virtue of a judgment of the j
Superior Court dated January 9, i
1933, in the above entitled action, i
ind recorded in the Superior Court i
of Rowan County in Minute
Docket No. 28, page No 402, and
docketed in the Superior Court
of Rowan County in judgment
Docket No. 24, page No. 287, the
undersigned John L. Rendleman,
Commissioner, will offer for sale
at public auction for cash, at the
courthouse door in Salisbury, N.
C., on Monday, June 5, 1933, at
the hour of 12M., the following
A. Beginning at an iron rod at
the South corner at the intersection
of Caldwell and Woodson Streets,
and runs Southeast with Woodson
Street 175 feet and 4 inches to a
stake in M. L. Bean’s line; thence
with his line South 43 deg. W. 101
feet to an iron stake, M. L. Bean
and Robert Johnston’s corner;
thence South 87 ^ deg. W. with
Robert Johnston’s line 25 feet to
a stake William Lock’s corner;
thence Northwest with William
Lock’s line and parellel with Wood
son Street 160 feet to Caldwell
Street; thence Northeast with
Caldwell Street 120 feet to the be
ginning, being lot No. 15, 15 '/2
and 16 on Henderson and Wood
son Map of their Ennis land made
by C. M. Miller, C. S., dated Aug.
7, 1902. The above described
three lots are situated and lyin'* on
the Southeast side of Caldwell St.
and on the Southwest side of
Woodson Street near the corporate
limits of the West Ward of Sal
isbury, N. C.
B. Also another tract of land
beginning at a rock at the West
corner at the intersection of
Caldwell and Woodson Streets
thence Southwest with Caldwell
Street 141 ft. to an iron stake in
S. F. Lord’s line; thence with said
TrwEs linp 1 (\e.fr. 4 5 min. E.
199 ft. more or less to rock on
the Southwest side of edlge of
Woodson St.; thence Southwest
with the edge of Woodson St. 132
ft. to the beginning, being lots
numbers 3 3, 33 J/i, and 34 on
Henderson & Woodson map of
their Ennis land, made by C. M.
Miller. C. S. dated Aug. 7. 1902,
and said three lots are situated and
lying on the Northwest side of
Caldwell St. and on the Southwest
side of Woodson Street near the
corporate limits of the West Ward
of Salisbury, N. C. For back title,
see Book 105, page 2.
C. Adjoining the lands of W. A.
Brown, Geo. Martin, C. F. Tiche-]
nor, and others; situated! in the
great North Ward of the City of
Salisbury and on the Northwest
side of North Church St., and be- ,
tween Liberty & Kerr Street; be
ginning on Church St. 116 feet
Southwest from West earner at
the intersection of Kerr & Church
Streets and runs thence Southwest
with the line of Church Street 84
feet more or less to a stake; thence
Northwest and parallel writh Kerr
Street 117 feet more or less to Mrs.
Laura V. Martin’s corner on
Horah line; thence Northwest
with Mrs. Laura V. Martin’s line
5 0 feet more or less to N. A. Bost’s
line; thence Southeast with Bost’s ,
line and W. A. Brown’s line 62% ,
feet more or less to a stake on ,
Shaver’s line, said W. A. Brown’s
corner; thence Northwest with W.
A. Brown’s line 34 feet to Tiche- :
nor’s corner; thence Southeast with ,
Tichenor’s line to the beginning
corner on line of Church Street
md containing a dwelling with
five apartments. For back title,
see Book of Deeds 153, page 66. ,
This May 1, 1933.
Rendlman & Rendleman, Attys. -
May. 12—June 2.
. ■ j
Pursuant to authority given in J
i certain mortgage deed of trust ]
executed by J. M. Brown and wife,
Virginia C. Brown, to J. E. Fisher,
rrustee, dated March 1, 1926, and
•egistered in the Register’s Office
)f Rowan County in Book of Mort- ,
»ages No. 95, page 307, default (
laving been made in the payment (
)f the note secured thereby and (
■equest of foreclosure having been c
nade by the holder of said note,'<
he undersigned trustee will sell at! [
lublic auction to the highest bid-' i
ler for cash at the courthouse £
loor in Salisbury N. C., on Sat- c
lrday, the 10th day of June, 193 3, '
it 12 o’clock, noon, the following i
lescribed real estate, to-wit: t
1st. Tract: One vacant lot be- t
;inning at a stake at the northwest a
:orner of the intersection of Rail- c
oad Avenue and North Street; t
hence with line of said street in all
outheasterly direction 170 feet to ]
i stake, intersection of an alley; c
hence with said alley in a north- j
asterly direction and parellel with j
lailroad Avenue 5 0 feet to a stake; p
hence in a northwesterly direction r
>arallel with North Street 170 ft.
o a stake on the line of Railroad
Avenue; thence with said Avenue (
n a southwesterly direction 50 I
eet to the beginning, as per deed I
egistered in Book 108 page 226,'j
2nd tract: Six vacant lots iR t},c
town of East Spencer, N. C, more
particularly known and described
as lots Nos. 13, 14, and 15 in Block
No. 1, and lots Nos. 17, 18, and 19
in Block No. 19, as shown upon the
map of Eudora Land Co., hereto
fore filed and registered in deed
book No. 109, page 603, sai 1 nap
now being in the regular b ,k 0f
maps in the Register’s Ofnce of
Rowan County. For back title see
Deeds Book No. 175, and page 159,
and deed’s mentioned therein.
This May 10, 1933.
_ J. E. fisher, Trustee.
P. S. Carlton, Attorney
May 12—June 9
Pursuant to provisions of a cer
tain Deed in Trust, executed bv
C. Sipe (unmarried) to David 15.
Harris and Tristram T. Hyde. Jr.,
Trustees, datqd’ May 15, 1929 and
recorded in the office of the Reg
ister of Deeds for Rowan Countv
in Book of Mortgages 114, page
21, default having been made in
the payment of the indebtedness
therein secured, and at the request
of the holder of the notes therein
secured, the undersigned David B.
Harris, Acting Trustee, will expose
for sale at public auction for cash.,
at the courthouse door in Salis
bury, N. C., on Saturday, June
17, 1933, at the hour of 12M.,
the following described lands:
All that lot of land with the
improvements thereon, located, lv
ing and being in the City of Salis
bury, Rowan County, North Caro
lina, and described as follows:
Beginning at a stake on the
ji>ort/ncaai jiuc ui juadt- uiucs jiicci.
formerly Mrs. Freck’s corner, also
corner to L. P. Henkel’s brick
building, which point is 125 feet
Southeasterly from Lee Street
thence with the original Freck's
line, North 47 deg. 3 0 min. East
80.3 5 feet to a stake on said line,
corner to lot No. 4; thence with
the line of lot No. 4, South 42
deg. 30 min. East 25 feet to stake,
corner of lot No. 2; thence South
47 deg. 3 0 min. West with the
line of lot No. 2, 80.35 feet to a
stake on the Northeast side of
East Innes Street; thence with the
line of East Innes Street North 42
deg. 30 min. West 25 feet to the
beginning, being lot No. 1, by map
if L. P. Henkel’s property, made
by N. A. Trexier, May 1928, on
He in the office of the Register of
Deeds for Rowan County, North,
larolina, and being the property
ronveyed to J. C. Sipe by deed
from Carolina Feed Stcire, Inc.,
lated May, 1929.
This May 15, 193 3.
j.wid B. Harris, Acting Trustee.
Elendleman & Rendleman, Attys.
day 26—June 16.
Having qualified as Administra
:or of the estate of Tulula I. Cor
:ell, this is to notify all persons
laving claims against the said de
redent to file an itemized, verified
tatement of same with the under
signed on or before the 9th day of
day, 1934, or this notice will be
Headed in bar of their recover}1,
-’ersons indebted to said estate are
lotified to make prompt settlc
This May 6, 1933.
\dmr. of estat of Tulula J. Cor
ell, dec’d.
Hudson & Hudson, Attys.
day 12—June 16.
North Carolina,
Iowan County.
n The Superior Court, Before The
Hice V. Sapp, widow, Mrs. j. L.
daley and husband1, I. L. Haley,
drs. Essie M. Sheets, et al,
Hilbert Sapp.
The defendant, Hilbert Sapp,
rill take notice that a special pro
eeding entitled as above has been
ommenced in the Superior Court
f Rowan County for the purpose
f setting apart dower to Alice V.
app, widow of W. M. Sapp, in the
ands of her deceased husband, and
or the further purpose of selling
t private sale for partition and
ivision lots 16 and 17 of the
Cloverly Addition” and1 described
i the petition, herein filed. And
he said defendant will further
ake notice that he is. required to
ppear at the office of the Clerk
f Superior Court of Rowan Coun
y, in the courthouse at Salisbury,
J. C., on June 26, 1933, or within
0 days thereafter and answer or
emur to the petition and com
laint filed in said action or the
etitioners and plaintiffs will ap
ly to the court for the relief de
This 24th day of May, 1933.
B. D. McCubbins,
ilerk of Superior Court,
y Blanche Lampert, Dep. C. S. C.
.endleman & Rendleman, Attys.
une 2—23.

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