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The Oldest Newspaper Published In North Carolina
' Carolina Watchman
"The Watchman Carries a Summary of c.All The TSlgws”
No Beer Cases In Court First Month
N. Y; Syndicate Leases Gold Hill Mines
Wilkes Co."
Corn Tops
Rum List
27 Defendants Tried
On Bootleg Charges
During May
The records of the Rowan
County Court for the month of
May strongly indicate that the
modification of the State Prohibi
tion Laws, legalizing thj sale of
3.2 beer, has had no effect, one
way or another, on public drunk
enness. There was not a single
case before the Court during the
month which traced its origin to
the new legalized brew. The
drunks, as of old, seem to have re
lied upon Wilkes County corq
liquor for the necessary kick.
Comparing the records with
May, 1932, there was a difference;
of only two cases in public drunk-1
enness. In May, of this year, the |
court records reveal 3 8 persons
'• -ycharged with being drunk and dis
lo refer Iv, while there were 36 so
charged In May, 1932.
One day early in the month, a
defendant appeared before the
Court and plead guilty to the
charge of public drunkenness.
Questioned by His Honor as to
what he had been drinking, he re
plied, "beer.” The Court asked
him the brand aijd where he had
secured it. The defendant then
admitted that it wasn’t any legal
hrand, but that he had consumed
a couple of bottles of "home brew”
made by a friend. He was then
asked if he had had anything else
to drink with it. His reply was,‘
"No, sir, nothing except a couple
drinks of liquor.”
During the month ,the local of
ficers were successful in running
down and1 convicting many who
were engaged in the illicit liquor
traffic. Twenty-seven persons were
tried before the Court for engag
ing in the bootleg traffic. Several
automobiles were seized containing
liquor and have been ordered con
fiscated and sold. From an ex
amination of the county court re
cords May was a bad month for
the bootleg trade in Rowan.
The docket for the month con
tained the following indictments:
Public drunkenness _ 38
Violation Prohibition laws 27
Assault with deadly weapon 20
Larceny and receiving _ 12
Motor law violations _ 11
Driving while drunk .. 9
Simple assault . 5
Trespass _ 5
Vagrancy _ 4
Speeding _ 4
Carrying concealed weapon 2
Reckless driving _ 2
Forcible trespass _ 2
Prison escape _ 2
Illegal train riding __ 1
Burglary _ 1
Highway robbery _ 1
Breaking and entering _ 1
Violation city ordinance _ 1
Non-suppclrt ... 1
Beating board bill _ 1
Slot machine violation _ 1
Total for month ..151 cases.
Dr. Thomas W. Deyton, 3 8,
Spruce Pine dentist, shot and' killed
his wife and himself in a bedroom
of their home. Poor health is said
to have caused mental derange
On the same morning the body;
of Miss Mary Johnson, a hospital i
bookkeeper, was found dead in her!
room at the nurses home, Wilson.]
She had shot herself with a pistol.]
since The Watchman has been
giving away a knife free with
each subscription there’s been a
lot of cuttin’ up in his part of the
Four ambitious Salisbury youths
were seen yesterday pushing the
well known collegiate knockdown
car along Main Street, with the
fellowng inscription on the back:
"She’s getting old but she still
gets hot.”
To The Editor:
I have mailed a lecter to the
President inclosing the following
modernized version of the Twen
ty-third Psalm.
—U. I .
Roosevelt is my leader; there
fore I can lack nothing.
He shall feed me with goof and
plenty, and shall give me drinks
cf comfort.
He shall convert me to his side,
and bring me into the pa^hs of
righteousness, thought not for his
own sake
Though I walk through the val
ley of the shadow of depression, I
fear no evil; for he is with me; his
Cabinet and Congress comfort me.
He shall pass a bill for me in
the face of those who trouble me;
he shall make the banks sound, and
my cup cf happiness shall be over
Surely goodness, loving kind
ness, and mercy shall follow him
all the days of his life; and I shall
dwell in my own house through
out his administration.
When the greenbacks back,
When the greenbacks back,
I don’t care what’s behind it
When the greenback’s back.
It may be gold or silver,
It may be brass or tin.
It may be bootleg liquor,
It may be modern gin,
But give me back the greenback
That I had long, long ago;
I won’t ask what is back of it,
I don’t even want to know.
Just give me back the greenbacks
that Morgan’s got todav,
And I’ll fold my tent like the
Arabs and as silently steal away.
THE TROUBLE with a self
made man is he usually tires before
he finishes the attic.
"The time will come,” shouted
the speaker, "when women will
get men’s wages.”
"Yeah,” said the little man in
the corner, "next Saturday night ”
OPTIMISTS can’t be so very
scarce. Just look how many beauty
shoppes there are!
Oh, woman!—in my hours of ease,
I spent my last red cent to please;
I can’t remember where we went;
I only know my dough’s all spent;
A headache parks upon my brow—
I wonder where that dame is now?
THE ACROBATIC cheer lead
ers are in luck. They will get out
of college in time to keep the
crows out of the cornfields.
"I once ran a mile to keep two
fellows from fighting.”
"Did you succeed in preventing
the fight?”
"Oh, yes—he couldn’t catch
YOU CAN’T judge the value of
a head by the price of the hat on
F~\C A M E R A S B A P II S -I
- V. ^
^ _ Reading Time : 3 minutes, 10 seconds
vealed at the “World’s Fair” is an ar- ’
ray of revolutionary indoor weather
making products which will enable man
kind to enjoy ideal indoor weather re
gardless of outside temperature and
humidity. Grace Anderson is shown
dialing for her favorite variety of
weather. Summer, on the “Dial of the
Seasons” in the luxurious “Garden of
Comfort” of the American Radiator &
Standard Sanitary Corporation at the ,
Century of Progress, Chicago. 4
London's recent economic conference.
V Left to right, Dino Grande of Italy,
Norman Davis, representing the Uni
%:} ted States, and von Hoeschi of Gcr
many. This meeting of eight powers
discussed terms of the British Ameri
ca*. can tariff truce.
B ORGAN, world famous financier and
(left) in consultation with a partner,
Lamont, and with his attorney,
f, Davis (center) on the occasion of
ppearance before the Senate Stock
Investigating Committee in Washing*
TIME DANCE borrowed
from ancient Greece, be
ing performed by that
lovely brunette of the
■Creen, Jean Parker.
the Governor of Georgia, owes to her I
marvelous Jams and Jellies a large share
of her reputation as one of the South’s
best cooks. Making Jam and Jelly the
modern way by the short boil method /
and the addition of bottled fruit pectin fij
it is estimated that 20 million other £
women will also triumph over Jelly-mak
ing difficulties this summer. C
r fornian tennis star exhibit*
inn some of the skill which
recently won him victory i»
the recent Davis Cup single*
and gave the U. S. a lead Ms
this tennis dasyic.
Over Quarter Million
Taxes Are Collected
On 1932 Tax Levy

Collection of a total of $270,
708.03 in 1932 taxes to date was
reported this week by J E. Haynes,
county auditor.
There still remains uncollected
the sum of $176,569.23 in 1 '3'*
taxes out of a total levy of $447,
277.26 for last yarr.
Of the sum collected, $137,
677.95 has been paid into the audi
tor’s office while $133,03 0 has been
collected by the sheriff’s office.
Collections so far represent a
decline of between 15 or 20 per
cent under last year’s payments,
for a similar period.
Within the next 30 days tax col
lections are expected to increase a
bout 30 or 40 per cent as a num
ber of large tax payers, including
the Southern Railway Company,
will pay their taxes.
Officials are expecting a heavy
tax payments also during July and
August and believe 30 to 60 per
cent of the outstanding unpaid
taxes will be cleared up during that
period of time.
Frank Sawyer one of 11 con
victs who escaped last week from
the Kansas penitentiary, was cap
tured in a gun battle, near Chicka
sha, Okla., after he had terrorized
the countryside in compelling no
less than 10 persons to accompany
him in commandeered automobiles
j St. Louis.—Freddie Wayne Lak
jey, 2 years old, died at City hospi
| tal as the result of swallowing a
| button the size of a quarter. The
button lodged in the esophagus a -d
I efforts to remove it with a b/on
jchoscope were unsuccessful.
j Birmingham, Ala.—Police re
! ported that John A. Vance, 81
vear-old recluse, died from the ef
fects of privations suffered when
locked in hs tenement room for 36
hours by a landlord who thought
he was away at the time.
Mrs. J. L. Dalton, wounded by
three shots fired by her husband
at Hendersonville on May 28, died
Sunday of her injuries. Dalton is
held for murder.
$50,000,000 TO CHINA
The Reconstruction Finance
corporation has loaned $5 0,000,
000 to the Chinese Nationalist
government for use in buying A
merican cotton and wheat.
President Roosevelt last week or
dered the opening of 12 addition
al forestry camps in North Caro
lina, 200 men to be stationed at
each of them located on private
lands in Moore, Stokes, Yadkin,
Durham, Burke, Wilson, Bertie,
Edegcombe, Rutherford and Cum
berland counties. A state land
camp will be opened in Hyde
Baer Whips German
Champ In 1 Oth Round
Max Baer won a technical I
knockout over Max Schmeling in
the 10th round of their fight in
the Yankee stadium last night in
New York.
Aggressive throughout the en
tire fight Baer administered a
severe beating to the German
fighter, former champion of the
world’s heavyweights.
Seven of the ten rounds were
awarded to Baer.
Schmeling was knocked down in|
the 7th and 10th rounds. In the
10th round the referee awarded the
fight to Baer to save the ripped
German fighter from further pun
A record crowd of 65,000 wit
nessed the fight.
The match was promoted by
Jack Dempsey, former iwotrld
heavyweight champion.
Baer’s victory came as a com
plete surprise in fight circles, bet
ting being three to one in favor
of the former German champion.
Postmaster Genral James A.
Farley sees in increased postal re
ceipts the early return of lower
postage on first-class mail. He
says a two-cent rate will be an
eventuality within the next few
A curious crowd at Canton,
Ohio, surprised the father of two
year old Alvin Miller, who had
"gone to sleep” on the running
board of a car and took the seven
mile trip without being awakened
or injured, when they directed his
attention to the sleeping child.
Miss Margaret, 14-year old
daughter of Mr. and’ Mrs. B. E.
Summerlin of Duplin county, is
taking treatment under a Mt. Ol
ive physician after having been bit
ten by a cat whose head was sent
to Raleigh for examination and
pronounced possessed with rabies.
i Baxter
Eric Copeland, assistant cashier of
the defunct First National Bank
of Durham, were convicted of em
bezzlement and falsifying accounts
and both sentenced to serve two
years in the federal prison at At
lanta. Copeland gave notice of ap
A gang of eight suspects in the
kidnaping case of Miss Mary Mc
Elroy of Kansas City have been
indicted and six of the number are
in custody. Two others are being
sought, after recovery of $13,000
of the $30,000 paid the kidnapers
by City Manager H. F. McElroy
for return of his daughter.
Former Prince Wilhelm of Prus
sia, in line for the German throne
and contrary to hallowed Hohen
zollern traditions, was wed Satur
day to Dorothea von Salviati, a
2 5-year-old girl of "unequal”
birth. The marriage came as a
shock to the grandfather, former
Kaiser Wilhelm, who requested
members of the royal family to
stay away from the wedding.
A total of $5,675,000 in notes
maturing June 15, has been renew
ed by the state of North Carolina
in New York at an interest rate of
five per cent, a reduction of one
per cent. Governor Ehringhaus ex
pressed the opinion upon his return
thait a still greater reduction will
be secured at the end of the 60-day
Glenn Walsh, 24, Wilkes county
is held on a charge of murdering
Policeman James Grayson, 22, at
Wilkesboro June 1. Grayson, in
formed that Walsh and a compan-|
ion were drinking and had a pistol,]
was shot twice as he approached!
the two. '
Will Run
Mines On
Big Scale
Test Mines Output
For Period Of
One Year
Headed by two New York fin
anciers a New York syndicate
has obtained a lease on the Gold
Hill Mines properties at Gold Hill,
this county, and will begin imme
diate operation of the mines, ac
cording to H. H. Green, who has
been in active charge of this work
for the past several years.
Casper O. Manz, of the Drake
Hotel, New York, will be actively
associated with the lessees while
Mr. Green will be manager of the
new organization and mine opera •
lhe lease is ror a period or one,
year with and option for additional
years if desired, it is understood
terested financiers in giving the
Gold Hill mines a year’s tryout,
which, if the operations prove pro
fitable, will be continued and en
larged. If the proposition, at the
expiration of the year’s lease, does
not look good, these men will
pocket their loss and the lease will
not be renewed.
The mining property will be
equipped throughout with electri
cal, modern machinery and many
repairs made, it is stated.
The Gold Hill mining properties
consist of 900 acres in fee and
mineral rights in 600 additional
Owners of the syndicate will
come to Gold Hill the latter part
of the month, it is stated.
In event the disarmament con
ference fails to reach agreement,
the U. S. navy is ready to open a
$230,000,000 program building
30 new warships as a part of the
public works building plan.
Reaches Stardom
Miss Mari Colman, of Boston,
20 years old. and single, climbs the
heights at- Hollywood by drawing the
lead assignment in the next big fea
ture picture that is to be featured by
Cecil B. Tie Mille.
Do You Know The Answer?
Turn to back page for answers
1. Where is the City of Messina?
2. From whom did the U. S. pur
chase Alaska?
3. Near what city in Palestine is
the valley of Hinnom?
4. On what lake did Perry win
his famous naval victory?
5. Where is Clinton State prison?
6. What is heliotherapy?
7. In Spanish-Atnerican coun
tries what is Mestizo?
8. Which country exports the
largest amount of tea?
9. Who was Giuseppe Toralli?
10. Name the Democratic candi
date for President in 1924.

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