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Carolina watchman. [volume] (Salisbury, N.C.) 1871-1937, August 24, 1934, SECTION TWO, Image 10

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Cleo seemed to have a great deal
to show Anne. A dress. Then a
jewel case. After that there must
be a brief call on Cleo’s mother.
There was still something else, a
rare vase of the Ming dynasty.
"Dad will want to show it to
you, so you might as well be fore
warned. He’s crazy about it, but I
think it’s awful,’’ said Cleo frankly.
"Now, darling, I’ll take you home.
Wait here for me just a minute. . .
I forget to put those sapphires
She whisked out of sight and
passed to a house telephone.
"Is Kennedy there? . . . Bring
the car around now Kennedy. And
go to the Chinse room and tell Mrs.
Duane that I’ve been detained and
will be down in ten minutes.”
Out in front of the garage build
ing, which in itself was a smaller
stone castle, Kennedy scowled and
sauntered back to his car.
"Wonder why she didn’t give her
message to one of the flunkeys?
Too damn lazy to ring twice, maybe
. . . Oh, well, it’s O.K. by me.”
"Miss Pendleton wishes me to
say that she will join Mrs. Duane in
ten minutes.”
Anne whirled about to see Ken
"So we meet again! You’re look
ink like a million, Nancy, I sup
pose you were the last time, but I
didn’t get much of a look before I
passed out. Nice little party, wasn’t
"It was ghastly! Jim, how. can
you talk like that?”
"I could talk a lot, if I got
"You could talk yourself into
prison!” she flashed angrily.
There’s a penalty for blackmail.”
"It would never get that far,
baby.” He twisted a scornful under
lip. "It would take too much ex
plaining. There’s that pleasant lit
tle scene at the beach bungalow,
and a sweet mix-up afterward—Oh
yes, I’ve figured that out. And a
nice ride for Jimmy—only it’s just
too bad that I came back.”
"Hush!” She looked around
nervously. "Your own part was
nothing to be proud of. What are
you doing here? In Granleigh?”
"Any reason why I shouldn’t be
here?” He grinned at her mock
ingly. "You’ve done pretty well for
yourself, after all. Picked a rich
man and landed soft. Does he hap-'
pen to know—”
"Please, Jim!
"No, he doesn’t know! How
could I tell him? I left all of the
old life behind me, on that night
last May. I never meant to come
East, either, but I had to risk it—
or lose everything. .
Her voice broke. Kennedy looked
at her curiously.
"You’re a rmeer kirl TSLar»rv
What did you do it for? . . Oh, you
know what I mean. I knew there
was something phoney about that
accident. I went to a library and
hunted up the papers—afterward.
I believed you’d taken the jump,
until I came here and saw you
through a window one night.”
"Why did you come?” she cried.
’'If it’s money you want, there’s
little enough that I can do. Mji
husband isn’t rich at all. Can’t you
have a little mercy and go away?”
"You let me alone Nancy, and
I won’t bother you. Get that?”
Kennedy gave her a brief, tight
smile. And if you should get any
notions about horning in on the
game, don’t overlook the fact that
I hold some high cards.’’
"But Jim—”
He bowed stiffly from the door,
and strolled jauntily out his cat
Anne stood for a moment staring
blankly at the empty doorway.
Back of her a curtain moved, and
a pair of childlike blue eyes peeped
out before if dropped again. A
moment lafer she heard Cleo’s voice
calling her from the hall.
"I tried to see Gage this morning,
but he’s just hopped a plane for
"Oh ... I didn’t know he lived
"He doesn’t, although he will
some day, within a dozen miles.
He’s living at the Ritz now, just
back from Europe. Probably buy
ing up the insides of a few old
manor houses to put in his new
place, and another rope of pearls
for his wife.”
"He’s married, then?”
"Yes. Married a Follies girT!^
Barry’s tone was slightly disparag
ing. "I’m not looking forward to
that interview. I nearly told him
to go to blazes the last time. But
I’m going to keep at him. I ought
to take you with me and see if you
can hypnotize the old pachyderm.’’
Anne said "Oh!” in a rather small
voice. "Then it’s this Mr. Gage
that you’re trying to interest in the
"That’s the idea.”
"But Barry’—she was desperately
in earnest—"Why do you have to
deal with him at all? There must
be plenty of other men. Why, the
only reason that he owns the Duane
Mills is because the first plan fail
ed; He’d be prejudiced from the
start ” e
"You can bet he’s prejudiced,”
said Barry grimly, "and that is just
the reason I’ve got to win him over.
Gage is more than just money in
this scheme. He’s the man who
owns the other side of the spur that
I must tunnel through. It’s part of
what he took over in payment of
my uncle’s debts. I don’t know
He was silent for a moment.
"He has held out now for four
years. Says it’s damn nonsense. So
you see pretty soon, I’d better give
up my large scheme.’’
She laughed shakily. "Oh, well,
there’s time yet. Hurry into your
flannels, and we’ll be off.”
"Right! I’ll be ready in ten
Anne huddled down in a chair,
her hands clinched into tight little
fists. John Gage again. Everywhere
she turned. She must either face
him or run away.
"He’s building here!” she
"That’s why Jim is here! I must
see him again—somehow.’’
She jumped up from her chair,
listened to the sounds from the next
room, and went lightly over to her
desk. . . . Hler pen raced. When
Barry came back, a few moments
later, the envelope addressed to Jim
Kennedy was safely hidden in her
"I suppose this is very silly.”
Cleo raised appealing eyes toward
the large impressive man. “I
wouldn’t want anything to come of
it to hurt the man’s reputation, but
he came to us without any refer
ences. I just wanted to be sure that
he didn’t have a criminal record. I
was sure you could find that out
for me without any publicity.” "If
he has one, we’ll find it. What name
does he give?”
"James Kennedy. And I have a
snapshot of him. I took it when he
The man at the desk looked at
the small picture with interest.
"Yes, that’s Jim Kennedy,” he
said briefly.
"Oh! You do know him?”
"I’ve seen him. He may be giong
straight enough, but he’s no chauf- '
feur. He’s a gambler. He had a
gambling house and speakeasy up ,
in the Forties at one time, and it
was raided once too often. Drop
ped out of sight for a while, but he
was mixed up in some shooting
business last spring and had a close
"No, he isn’t a gunman. Not his
type. Oh, Willard!” This to the i
young man who had entered. "Find
out when the Kennedy shooting j
happened. And anything else we
may have.”
In less than fi|ve minutes the
young man called Willard was j
"All right, Willard. M’m. Ken
nedy was shot on the night of May
second, last. He was found lying .
beside a road in the outskirts of .
Ventura^ California. Police inclined j
to credit it to a bootleggers’ war.
He pulled through but refused to i
name his assailant. Dsicharged
from hncnitnl in rb rpp *o/pp1cc
That’s all. ;
"There’s no actual police record,
outside of the raid on the Forty
Ninth Street house. H’d advise you
to let me send an operative down
to watch him.”
"I don’t think I want to go as
far as that.’’
A brief movement of his head
said that it was her business. He
arose and opened the door for her.
"Please send the bill direct to me,
in a plain envelope. I shouldn’t
want anyone to know that I’ve been
inquiring. Thank you.”
The man went back to his desk
with a dry grin on his face.
"So that’s old Ambrose’s daugh
ter. I’ll bet she’s a handful.”
«■ * «■
Cleo was already on her way to
the public library.
"It probably wouldn’t be in the
New York papers,” she reflected
"but I’ll look here first. "M’m, May
second—say the third.”
A sheet crackled as she bent sud
denly forward. On the page in
front of her was a picture of Anne
"I knew it! I was sure I had
seen her somewhere! 'Nancy Cur
tis, as she appeared in Gypsy
Love.’ ” Her eyes flickered on the
news account.
"John Gage! Now I wonder . . .
She frowned and went back to
"She wasn’t drowned at all. She
just disappeared. . . . And her car
went over the cliff the same night
that Kennedy was shot and she’s
afraid of him. Those two stories
ought to connect somewhere. . . .
Maybe’ I’d better get the California
Anne Duane had taken the man
Cleo had meant to marry, and there
were no rules in the fight to get
him back.
Cleo pinched her lip and took a
brief census of Granleigh. Gwenda
adored Anne . . . nothing doing
there. The Atwoods had taken her
up, and so had the Westbrookes
and Chisolms. But Fan Whitte
more, six years older than her hus
band and looking it, hated every
pretty girl that Ted looked at, and
Ted never missed a chance to talk
to Anne. Eddie Carver babbled
everything she heard. There were
plenty of others to catch a bright
ball of rumor and toss it along.
Late that afternoon Cleq parked
t i i i • r r 1
tne uiu/t* ruau>ici m liuin ui me
Farfax house.
Gwenda was serving tea in the
garden. Ann was lovely in a yel
low frock. Ted Whittemore was
dawdling near her chair. His wife
sat a few feet apart, discontented,
as usual. Barry was talking to
Gwenda, some distance away. Anne
looked up quickly.
Cleo waved carelessly to Gwenda
and Barry an’ dropped into a chair
near Anne.
"Hello, everybody. That’s an
awfully clever frock, Nancy. Do
yrou know you’re the image of some
body I saw in a play once? I knew
as soon as I saw you that you re
minded me of someone and it’s just
:ome to me as I caught sight of you
in that yellow dress. The star or
leading lady was sick, and they
rushed this girl in. You could
double for her, Nancy.”
She saw Anne’s finger tips whiten
against the arm of her chair. They
ilowly relaxed again. "I suppose
lots of people have doubles some
Fan’s long eyes drifted from one
:o the' other, faintly satirical
'You’re not very lucid, Cleo. If the
girl made such an impression on
mu I should think you’d have re
nembered more about her.”
"Darling, I’m not a card index. I
;uppose the star got well or some
:hing. Maybe she got the Holly
wood fever.”
_ ^..11_1 T?_ 1__
U11V kHllVVU LU X 0,11) out 11VJL VJ
vere on Anne. Anne swung her hat
dly by the brim and smiled slight
Anne strolled away with
Swenda, wondering whether she
tad really talked or just babbled
Fan looked at Cleo.
"We seem to have been tactless.
Do you supopse there’s anything in
"No, of course not.” Cleo Shrug
ged back.
Fan looked disappointed. "But
he’s awfully secretive about her
elf, anyway. Who were her peo
"I don’t know. She’s never men
ioncd them to me.”
"Really—” The inflection spoke
volumes. "I thought you were so
Feels a Lot Better
When Black-Draught
Relieves Constipation
Prom many states come reports
like the following from Mr. W. M.
Henderson, of Jasper, Fla: “I have
been taking Thedford’s 'Black
Draught twenty years. I take It
for constipation that gives me a
dull, tired, aching feeling, and I
have headache, too. Black-Draught
relieves me of this trouble, After
a few doses, I feel as good as new.
I keep it in my home. I have a
big family. When one of us Is ail
ing (from constipation), we take
Black-Draught and almost always
feel a lot better. It has been
worth Its weight In gold to my
family.” ... Sold In 25* packages.
“Children like the Syrup.”
"Oh we are, but Nancy never
talks about herself or her family, or
any of her old friends. Maybe she
was unhappy, and hates to talk
about it.”
Fan’s lip curled. "She must have
been, to have run off to some wild
desert ranch. . .
The little hints that Cleo dropped
spread like widening ripples in a
quiet pool. Two days later a tiny
wave splashed at Mrs. Schuyler
Duane’s feet, in the form of care
less voices on the other side of the
garden hedge.
"This is the Duane place, isn’t
it? That girl Barry Duane married
is a peach. Who was she?”
"Oh don’t ask me!” The high tit
ter belonged to Eddie Carver.
"Somebody said she was a FTolly
wood extra, but nobody seems to
Mrs. Duane stood there, rigid
with indignation.
Mrs. Duane heard the' car drive
in, and Anne’s voice saying that she
had a horrible headache and was
going up to her room.
| That was Mrs. Dfuane’s oppor
tunity, but another car came. It
was Cleo.
"I hope I’m not disturbing you,
but I wanted to bring this book
around. It’s a lovely night for
driving. It’s Kennedy’s night off,
but I brought the roadster. . . .
Couldn’t we have the lights out and
sit here by the windows?’’
—Buy in Salisburv—
Let us inspect
your radiator
for spring driv
ing. We flush,
clean and recore
all makes of ra
d ia tors. We
sell or trade new
and second hand. We are the
oldest and most reliable See us.
E. Spencer, N. C. Phone 1198-J
bale of Real Estate in the
Town of East Spencer for
Non-Payment Of Taxes
Pursuant to the Provisions of the Charter of the Town of East
Spencer, and as provided by Law, for sale of Real Estate for Non
Payment of taxes and pursuant to the terms of a Resolution unani
mously adopted by the Mayor and Board of Aldercen of the Town of
East Spencer the undersigned tax collector will sell at Public auction
to the Highest Bidder, for cash, at the Court House door in Salisbury
N. C., on MONDAY September 10th, 1934, beginning at 12 O’clock’
noon, and continuing until completed for non-payment of taxes, Real
Estate in the Town of East Spencer on which the taxes for 1933, and
for prior years thereto which tax has not been paid, the name of
the owner of said Real Estate, the description thereof and the total
amount of taxes thereon, being as set out below. To the amount stated
as due, will be added all cost of advertising, cost of sale, and all other
Legitimate charges: • __ .
J. O. Almond, house and lot, Railroad Ave_ 3.40
N. G. Arey, lots on Weant and Verbal St.___33.60
Ernest B. Arey, lot on Spencer St___N_ g 92
G. W. Baker, 2 lots and house Heilig St__23.74
F. M. Barber, house and lot, Long St_ 22'lg
Esther M. Barnes, house and lots, Trexler St._i_ 11.40
Mrs. Jennie Behre, house and lot, Henderson St._39.96
C. A. Blackwelder, store and lot, Long St.*_42.08
J. S. Blackwelder, house and lot, Mitchell St., and 4 acres land,
house, Boundary St_,__._25.22
R. L. Blackwelder, lots and house Boundary St., lots Correll St.
8 acres Div. Ave., and 3 acres Correll St_40.46
Mrs. Mary Bosh Estate, lots Earnhardt St_„_13.60
Mrs. W. A. Brandon, houses and lots, Heilig St_25.16
Brown Insurance & Realty Co., house and lot Isenhour Sc7
house and lots, Long St., and house and lot Shaver Sr
Laura Z. Buff, house and lot Long St.___21.08
C. M. Caldwell, lot Railroad Ave_ 3.40
Miss Pearl Canup, house and lot Railroad Ave_28.72
W. H. Qanup, house and lot, Long St_23.46
Central Investment Company, house and lot, Long St_41.66
John W. Clark, lots on Clay, Hall and Shaver St_53.98
J. R. Clement, 2 lots and house on Shaver St_23.20
Mrs. Elsie Clodfelter, house and lot. Henderson St,._34.76
John H. Cooke, lots on North and St. James St_ 10.20
W. C. Coughenour. lots and store, Long St._^_18.70
J. P. Crowell, Estate 2 houses and lots, Isenhour & Railroad Ave. 23.00
C. L. Dennis, lots Henderson and Shaver St__ 9.36
A. M. Donaldson, lots Depot and Clay Sts_1__ 7.12
W. A. Earnhardt, house and lots, Weant St_1_ 50.40
I. N. Earnhardt Estate, houses and lots, Long St_83.92
East Spencer Trading Company, lot on Long St_ 7.06
C. H. Edwards, house and lots, Heilig St_*___24.76
J. F. Edwards, house and lots, Heilig St_46.98
H. B. Elium, house and lots, Long St_11_22.96
T. C. Eller, house and lot, Shaver St___ 8.50
P. D. Eller, house and lot, Div. Ave_;_36.46
Mrs. O. K. Everhardt, lots Verble St___10.70
O. K. Everhardt, house and lot, Heilig St___17.00
Mrs. Brucette Farrington, house and lot, Henderson St_32.68
Mrs. Carey Feamster, house and lots, Shaver St_55.08
Mrs. G. R. Fink, house and lot, Long St_28.40
H. M. Foster, lot, Weant St_;_;_ 4.26
R. A. George, \l/2 acres and house, Hleilig St_27.20
O. C. Godfrey, lot, Division Ave___ 3.40
o. x. vjruDD, nouse ana lots, weant ot___44.74
L. T. Grubb, house and lot, Weant St___16.96
Mrs. Lula O. Haden, house and lot, Long St._:_;_20.06
W. E. Hardlman, lots, Haden St___6.80
Mrs. Dora Mae Hargrave, house and lot, Long St_32.36
Mrs. Lou E. Hatley Estate, lots, Heilig and Royal Sts_10.82
H. E. Hatley, 2 lots and 2 brick buildings, Henderson St_121.48
H. H. Hayner, 6*4-acres land___13.78
John Y. Hedrick, house and lot, Long St_37.78
J. S. Henderson & Vanderford, lots, Foster and Green Sts_ 7.82
John S. Henderson Estate, lots, Long St. and R. R. Ave_13.60
O. C. Herrington, lots and houses, Long St. and R. R. Ave_IS.30
Mrs. M. J. Lee Hines, lots, Depot St_12.76
W. L. Honeycutt, house and lots, Heilig St_38.62
G. W. Honeycutt, house and lot, Henderson St_15.58
William Huffman Estate, house and lot, S. S. Spencer St_38.42
Mrs. S. W. Huffman, hquse and 3 lots, Long St___ 37.40
B. H. Isenhour, house and lot, Emancipation St_ 4.22
T. R. Jackson, house and lot, Broad St_11.98
A. L. Jarrell, houses and lots on R. R. Ave_38.64
Mrs. T. E. Johnson, house and lot, R. R. Ave_22.44
Mrs. H. F. Ketchie, house and lot, R. R. Ave_31.20
Mrs. J. R. Kluttz, house and lots on Spencer St.._29.66
J. L. Klait^e, lot, Long St_ 5.10
G. H. Kluttz, house and lot, Spencer St.-_24.22
L. A. Leonard, house and lot, Long St__:_42.34
R. M. Lewis, house and lot, W. S. Long St._21.76
Mrs. Lucy J. Maupin, lot, Weant St_ 4.26
P. H. Meroney, lots, Hall St., Div. and R. R. Ave-22.52
E. B. Mims Estate, 2 lots Haden St., 6 lets N. Long St_23.12
Atlantic Mortgage Company, house and 2 lots, Haden St_21.62
C. C. Moore, House and lot, Southern St____25.16
Mrs. R. L. Myers, house and lot, R. R. Ave,-24.66
Joe Myers Estate, house and lot Long St_46.14
L. M. McGahee, house and lot Henderson St._17.00
Mr*. W. B. McKinney, 4 acres, Depot St. and house_ 34.001
W. B. McKinney, 1 lot and store Geroid and Long St. house
and lot R. R. Ave., 1 lot Henderson St., 2 lots Haden St.,
house and 2 lots, Long St.-60.34
A. L. and C. A. Nash, lots, Moore St-17.00
Mrs. Mary L. (Nash, house and lot, Long St-43.56
R. A. Pethel, house and lot Long St- 17.00
Pilot Realty Company, house and lot, S. S. Henderson St_22.12
D. L. R. Poole, house and lot, Henderson St., lot and store
Earnhardt St_3 5.72
C. R: Prospt, houses and lots, Cedar St., and R. R. Ave_33.20
Provident Life Insurance Company, 8 lots, W. S. Trexler St., 11
Beard St., 5 lots, Trexler St., and 6 lots_20.66
J. A. and J. L. Rendleman, 2 houses and 2 lots, R. R. Ave_21.26
John L. Ritchie, lot, Weant St_ 4 26
Salisbury Hardware Company, 1 lot S. S. Weant St., and 1 lot
and house, Correll St_ 13 3 7
Mrs. J. C. Shaw, house and lot, Southern St_ 26 48
T. P. Simpson, house and 2 lots, N. S. Henderson St_33 94
J. M. Sink Jr., and B. L. Hume, 3 lots_ g 3(,
Mrs. A. M. Smiley, house and lot, Earnhardt St._ 26 24
Mrs. Lucy A. Smith, house and lot, Long St_31 82
A. L. Smoot, 2 lots, Depot St_ g’3~
A. H. and W. M. Snider, 1 lot and house, Washington Ave. and
1 lot Depot St_ 21 48
Star Milling Company, 7 lots, N. S. Weant St_~~~ 25 7o
S. M. Stirewalt, house and lot, Long St_33’64
D. R. Thomas, hquse and lots and store, Geroid St_ 43 36
R. B. Thompson Estate, 3 lots, Royal St_ l7 76
J. W. Thompson, 1 lot and house, Long St_ 17 00
C. W. Trexler Estate, 1 lot and house, Long St_21 xx
C. W. Trexler, Jr. house and lot, Long St_ 73 5 8
Mrs. J. A. Trexler, house and lot, R. R. Ave. and 3 lots_I 24 06
T. H. Vanderford Estate, houses and lots, R. R. Ave. and Long
Street Filling Station Cafe_232 36
George E. Vogler, Trustee, Elizabeth Vogler, house and lots
Long and R. R. Ave_ g4 2g
J. M. Waggoner, houses and lots, Broad and Cedar St_18 44
T. G. Kennedy and J. M. Waggoner, 2 acres land and house on
Broad St- 10 20
Mrs. Laura G. Weant, lots Henderson and St. James St.__ 39 io
W. B. Whiteside, house and lot, Henderson St_ 25 O'
O. H. Williams, lots, Clay, Royal and Burt St._ 27 96
James Archie, 2 lots and house and store building, Cedar St.__ 29 30
Sam Barber, house and lot, Cedar St_'
Mattie Barber, house and lot, Shaver St_
W. M. Beverly, lots, Washington Ave_~ '
Cofield Bowen, house and lot, Shaver St__
Bessie Boyd, house and lots, Cedar St_ '
William D. Burnon,\house and lots, Long St_~ 21 06
Annie Cain, house and lot_ 10 88
Louisa Cain, 7 and 2/10 acres and house, Moore St_ 21 x<
J. D. Carlton, y2 acre land and house_ 12 l"1
Gaston Carter, house and lot, Long St_~~~~ J4'g^
Parthenia Carter Estate, 1 lot Long St., 1 lot R. R. Ave._I U.74
Ida Chappell, house and 2 lots, Broad and Trexler St_ 9 18
James Chunn, house and lot, Cedar St_ y ^
Annie Lee Churcher, lots, Long St_ 6 8q
John Cornwell, house and lot, Shaver St_ ~
Annie Correll, house and lot, Shaver_ 11 90
Addie Craige, house !and 10 9/10 acres land, Correll St ~~~ 39 76
E. C. Craige Estate, house, lot, store building and Garage Mit
chell St____ ’ * 2g 0
Zena Craige, house and lot, Div. Ave_
Hattie and Frank Culp, house and lot, Shaver St_~~~~~ 26 60
Sarah Curry, lot, Long St. house and lot, Grant St_~ 10'18
Eddie Small and James Daniel, house and lot, Shlaver St_13.78
John A. Davis, house and lot, Mitchell St_ 11 48
Dora Dickey, house and lots, Mitchell and St. James St_37.96
Alice Dixon, house and lot, Broad St_ 10 64
Robert Drain, house and lot, Broiad St___17 10
Phebe Drain, house and lots, Broad St_ 22 12
waiter berby, house and lots, Broad St__12.08
Fannie Ford, 4% acres and house, Washington Ave_13.86
Joseph Garner, houses and lots, Broad and Moore St_3 3 08
The-na Hargrave, lots on Long St_17.86
A. A. Hargrave Estate, houses and lots, Long and Shaver St.__ 5 5.26
Amanda Holmes, 8 l/lO acres land and house, Broad St_18.56
Octavia Holmes, houses and lots, Mitchell and Shaver St_51.26
Garfield Holmes, houses and lc(ts, Shaver St_45.88
Thomas and J. W. Holmes, 8 and 8/lQ acres, Trexler Heights 14.96
Ed Holt, house and lot, St. James St___ 14.26
John D. Holt, house and lots, Royal St___, 19.90
Fannie Huntley, house and lot, Royal St___10.78
John Jefferies, house, lot and store, Cedar St___21.36
Florence Hargrave Johnson, house and lot, Long St.___16.98
Julia Jones, houses and lots, Long St__27.98
W. F. Kelsey, Second and Cedar St_29.62
George Knox Estate, house and lot, Broad St_8.76
Henry Long Estate, houses and lots’ Long and R. R. Ave,, lots
Cedar St._j I jS
Jessie Marlow, 2% acres land and house, Moore St._12.6H
Mary Massey, house and lot, Broad St_r._47.26
Jack Meltz Estate, house and lots, Moore St_18.20
Susan Miller, house and lots R. R. Ave., lots, Long and Shaver 18^82
Judy Miller, 2 8/10 acres land and house, Moore St.-._17.50
John S. Mills, houses and lots, Long St_-_25.20
Jovan Miller, lots, Long St__ 10 20
Mary Mills, house and lots, R. R. Ave_15.48
Geo. Y. Mitchell, houses and lots, R. R, Ave.__ 18.47
Alec Moore, house and lot, Moore St_ 15.02
Bessie Mcllwain, lots, Cedar St., R. R. Ave_ 6.3 8
Mollie McNeir, lots, Long St__ 17 00
Adam (E. J.) Oglesby, Lots and Houses, R. R. Ave,_3 5.62
Hoy Oglesby, houses and lots, R. R. Rve_24.14
Maggie Osborne-, house and lots, Moore St_ 17.00
Dora Parker, house and lot, Shaver St_ 12 57
Lester Keeves, house, lot and store, Long St_16.94
R.uben Robbins, houses and lots, Long St_93.32
P. S. Roseman, lots, Mitchell St_13.60
J. C. Rowe, house and lqt, Correll St_15.06
Cora Sexton, house and lot, Isenhour St_ 6.98
Florence Shippe Estate, lot, Mitchell St_ j.62
W. M. Smith, house and lot, Broad St_ 13.44
Mary Smith, house and lots, Correll St_ li.70
Sarah Springs, house and lot, Correll St_24.74
Belle Steward, house and lot, Mitchell St_ 10.04
Lonnie Stokes, houses and lots, Cedar St., and Long St_22.00
Harriett Stokes, house and lots, Long St., and Cedar St_21.50
Beulah Stokes, house and lot, Long St_ 12.24
Clarence Stork, 2 acres and house_ 9.18
Janie Thompson, houses and lots, Long and Cedar St_47.60
Ed Turner Estate, house and lots, Long St., and Cedar St_20.06
Lot Walden, house and lots, Long St._75.20
Mamie Warren, house and lot, Correll St__11.62
E. B. Watt, house and lqt, Shaver St_13.18
Lula Whitner, house and lot, Cedar St___ j.96
Angeline Wilson, house and lot, Shaver St_21.42
Lawrence Witherspoon, house and lots, Broad St_23.98
Marshall W. Witherspoon, 2 acres and house, Broad St_16.42
Leonard Witherspoon, house and lot, Long St_ 13.24
Carter Witherspoon, house and lot, Long St.___12.52
By order of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the Town of
East Spencer, N. C.
Dated this< the 6th day of August, 1934.
D. M. HARKEY, Town Tax Collector.

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