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Z&he forest $tjnMiaro.
w. it. duxn
We take tlie following items from
tlie Clenrfickl Journal :
A cliilJ of Stephen A. Keplinrt, of
Decntur township, was horned; to n
crisp on Tuesilny evening, January 7tli.
Tlie motlier left it alone in the house,
with a burning lamp, which it took
mid turned upside down on tho fire.
The child was about two years old.
A boy named Win. P. Keiscr, ned
about 16 years, committed suicide by
Imanging himself, in the barn of Mr.
Fred. Al. Cardon, in Lawrence town
ship, on Friday, January 17th. The
circumstances are ns follows: . Young
Keiscr came to Mr. ('anion's four
months since, who employed him to
do chores about the house. On Fri
day last, the fatal day, Mr. C. observed
a "caution" in the. Journal, warning
the public, against harboring or trust
ing said V. 1'. K., on his father's ac
count, and asking for information to
secure, his return home. Mr. Cardon
read tho notice to the boy, who bung
down his head for a few moments, ami
then suddenly looking at Mr. V. re
marked in a sad tone, "That will not
do the old man any good," whereupon
Mr. C replied, " ell, you can have a
home with nie as long as you want."
Dinner being ready, the boy cat a few
bites and then went out of "the house
but returned in a few minutes i nd
done some chores for Mrs. 0. After
wards the boy again left the house,
and was nut seen until in tho evening,
when he was found hanging in the
barn, dead, lie hail fastened one eixl
of a strong rope, to a cross beam in the
mow, and the other around hi neck,
tind, evidently, then jumped off the
beam. l)enth must have been almost
instantaneous, ns Ids nock was broken.
An inquest was held on the body.when,
substantially, t tie above fact's were
elicited. The father, Mr. George
Keiscr, residing at IJrookville, wns no
tified by telegraph of the sad fine of
his son. On Sunday last the boy's re
mains were taken to Brookville.'to be
delivered to his friends for interment.
The boy is represented as having been
very intelligent, industrious and ac
commodating. What 'motive could
bare induced so young a person to
end his life in so tragic a manner, is p.
We take the following items from
the Warren Ledger:
W o bear that a young girl named
Duprcy was recently very suddenly
taken ill and died in a school near
Youngsville. A similar ease occurred
iu inanuicrg alley. A boy was
taken ill, and the teacher requested n
passing stranger to take him home.
The boy died before arriving at his
Warren County, in a financial way,
is in a healthy condition. Just now,
tn that portion known ns the oil pro
ducing section, principally Deer
field, there is some financial distress,
occasioned by the low price of oil: and
most of the w rits in the .Sheriff 'g hands
tvre against persons in that region; but
outside ot tins the Micrili lias no busi
ness worth mentioning. The farmers
are all well off out of debt and pros
perous; and the lumbermen are in good
htanding. notwithstanding there many
reverses in getting their lumber to
Win. Bailey, late manager of the
Warren Dramatic, Association .sudden
ly left town last Tuesday. The Asso
ciation in cuiijunelio.i with Mr. Cur
ncr bad played Hip Van Yt'inkta the
previous evening, to a fair house. The
receipts wero paid to Bailey, who neg
lected to pay the Treasurer or to settle
the bills. It is feared that Bailey is a
scamp, and as tharo is another man in
tow n by the name, we will say that the
runaway is a shoemaker by trade and
a scamp by practice. The other man
is neither. Bailey owes for the hall
wo nights, for the band, and for prin
ting, and his namo ought to have been
Owen More and it is presumable he is.
Last Saturday a young man named
John Sweeney met with a serious ac
cident at'fraxlcr's mill, in Limestone
township. It seems be wr.s engaged
in doing something nronnd the buzz
saw, and unfortunately got his left
band where it ought not to havo been,
and it was sawed from tho base of tho
little finger, in a diagonal manner, to
the base of the fore finder. Ho was
brought to the Russell House, War
ren, when Dr.s. Bartholomew and Haz
el tine were cailed and unnoticed am
putation necessary. On Saturday
evening, Dr Bartholomew', assisted
by Dr. ifazellhie, performed the pain
ful operation, saving the thumb and
fore finger, lie is still at tho Russell
House, and is fast recovering. The
young man bails from Albion, Frio
coiuity, and had worked on tho mill
only two days.
Tli j Internal Revenue oflieo re
ports two hundred and sixty-nine dU-
tilleiies iu operation iu the United
States on the 1st of January ; w ith a
producing capacity of 6:J!,Ga8 gallons
daily. An ccjuitablo distribution of
this product would give about three
drinks a day to cadi of the voters of
the country.
Both Houses met promptly at threo
o'clock. Tho various cmmitte?s tin
the inauguration reported that they
had officially attended to their dutieu.
Tho fact was noted on the journals,
and amid breathless attention from
tin crowded galleries, tho hall was
opened for the election of a United
States Senator from Pennsylvania.
Tho first namo called was that of
Adam Albright, who voted in a loud
voice for Simon Cameron ; then Alli
son, of Washington, for Simon t'amer-'
or.. Xcxt came Jesse Amerman, who
voted for William A. Wallace. Ami
so they went through tho long list of
one hundred names. Cameron receiv
ed fifty-nine votes and Wallnco thirty
seven a stijt paity vote, with tho ex
ception of John Wilson, of Philadel
phia, Independent, who voted for
In tho Senate McCIuro voted for
Thomas M. Marshal, tho other Sena
tors Cameron er Wallace. This closed
the bnsinesf of the day, which has
beon indeed an exciting one. -
The down passenger train on tho
Oil Creek Road, due here nt 7:."0 last
evening, ran over a man named Bryan
Shanalian, betwen Gray's Mills and
Hydetowu. Tho engineer saw tho
man endeavoring to riso from tho
track, but could not stop the train in
time to save him. Ha was conveyed
to John Keown's hotel, in this city,
whore he expired shortly afler his ar
rival. Both legs were cut off above
the knee, and tl u skull was badly
fractured. Deceased lived below
Watson Flats, was a laborer on the
railroad, and started for Cirry iu
search of work on Tuesday morning.
He is suppose! to have been on his re
turn home w hen the accident occurcd.
Mr. Perry empaneled tho following
Coroner's jury Inst evening: M. Ship
man, foreman; Joseph Tarr, Patrick
Goudwin, J. Theoboid, Thomas
Buckley and Jneob Buyer. Tho in
quest will be held U lny Herald,
A man named George Fonner met
with an accident which will probably
cost him his life at the Franklin sta
tion, Allegheny Valloy Railroad yes
terday afternoon. He tried to get on
train 1, express north while under mo
tion. He failed, fell between the cars
and the rear coach passed over him
cutting off both legs at the knees. He
is an employee of the road, was paid
off yesterday and was drunk when he
made the attempt. Dr. Davis of Oil
City was felegra plied for and the man
carried to his boarding house near by.
It is not thought that ho will live. An
other argument for "local option."
Who scld the man the whiskey that
took away his brains?
Since the above was written we
learn that the man died about two
hours after the accident. Who killed
hiiu t Derrick, Thursday.
The Commercial says: "It is inti
mated that the Administration intends
soon to make a demand upon Mexico
for settlement of the claims of United
states citizens for losses occasioned by
tho depredations of Mexicans along
the Rio Grando, and that if Mexico
does not comply promptly the Govern
ment of tho United States will im
mediately press their payment. Few
will bo Surry to learn thai the Admin
istration intends to pursue a mororizid
course towards that republic in this
particular, than it has heretofore dene.
riiintoiii of tuluirli.
Dull, heavy headache, fcbsttictiou of
usual passages, discharge falling into
throat, sometimes profuse, watery,
acrid, thick and tenacious mucus, pur
ulent, muco-purulent, bloody, putrid,
offensive, etc. In others a dryness,
dry, watery, weak or inflamed eyes,
ringing in the ears, deafness, hawking
and coughing to clear throat, ulcera
tions, scabs from ulcers, voice altered
nasal twang, offensive breath, impair
cd smell and taste, dizziness, mental
depression, tickling cough, etc. Only
a few of the above symptoms are like
ty to be present in any caso at one
time. No disease is more common or
less understood by physicians. The
Proprietor of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Rem
edy will pay $500 reward for a case of
Catarrh which ho cannot cure. Sold
by Druggists at 50 cents. COS.
The Duiurslir McwIiik .llni'liiiic,
although comparatively a recent in
vention, has already taken rank ns
the beet iu tho field; and its immense
popularity is due to the fact that it
combines all the advantages of previ
ous inventions, and has obviated all
the disadvantages which lender other
varieties objectionable.
i or simplicity and durability, and
for case of operation it cannot bo sur
passed, or even equalled, by any oth
er machine.
No one should purchase befero ex
amining the work of the Domestic.
Applicants for License.
rpjlli following persons have tiled their
-L applications lor l,iocnso lor Fob'y
Term of Court, to ho held ul Tioncsta, oil
the -Mi Monday of February A. I). 173:
William Laurence, llotrl, 'Tioncsta Horo.
E. A. Kohoiis, Hold i'sxuncliis, Harmo
ny Township.
John Peterson, Hotel, Ti unkryvillo, Har
mony Township.
J. 15. AUXKW, Clerk.
Jan. J7, W:;.
D. S. Knox, Proprietor,
Tiosksta, Pa.
HAVE now in stock and for sale a full
assortment of
LiqUOliS, For Medical ut OSLY.
I am agent for tno
The only SAFE T.AM I made, willlmrn
all kind of oil with perfect safety, belli";
nil Metal it can not break, mid so const lift
ed it cannot explode.
I nm now runulnjr a
And will make to onler nil kinds of Tin
or Sheet Iron Ware nt short notice. Shop
next door south of Drug Store.
I am also agent for Rome of the lu st
Finn and LIFE
I XS Ul! AXCK t'O M V A X 1 1 IS
in Tin-: rxrrr.n statics.
All within;: Insurance I w ill attend to at
short notice. P. W. CIiAKK Assistant.
One farm nl" Mner; a, 30 cleared, honif
and barn, in Kinjrslev township. IbrJy.ixiO.
One louse nod lot In TlnnM:i lloroii..;h,
on ltine St., fl.iKH).
One house mid lot on Ttaec St. fsno.
One house nod lot on Water St. fl.'.oO,
One house mid lot on Water Nt. SI.WO.
One house ami lot on Water St. $500.
One house and lot on Water SI. JI,O0J.
Fifteen out lots from $300 to JtMln.
One ilwollimr house, burn and orchnrd
with nil kinds of Iruitsj, ornamental trees,
two water wells, nml nut building, fiacres
of land, and as f-ood a location ns there Is
in the village of Tioncsta, W.ooo.
Ono Saw nod Pinning Mill, with nil
kinds of machinery for making Sash,
limit's, Ulinds, Klooriiiir, Sash, Moulding.
The machinery is nearly nil new. Three
acres of land ; situated nt tho month of
I nmosta Creek. A rare chance to invest.
I'rice 7,000. .".'.l-lv
L. L. Richmond & Co.
Invite tho attention of
tiio public to their im
mense slock of goods,
consisting of
La J if i Ounce Sett,
Coral Sett, Jet Sett,
Opera Chaina,
Leon tine Chains,
If ecklaoea, in Gold and Jet,
Locketi, Chain Braoelotp,
Bond BrtoeleU,
Amerloan and
Swlw Watches,
Boy Wtch:,
American and
French Clooka, and all thi
Lateit Deiigna in
Together with a fine assort
ment of
Call and examine our
i"ods and l'riccs bo
fore purchasing. We
Kuarnntccoui' prices as
for the same quality of
goods elsewhere.
L. L, Richmond 4 Oo,,
Museum Building,
Choetnut St., Mtadville, Pa,
Cornr of Church and Klin Streets,
This linn is prepared to do all work In
Iu lino, Hint will warrant everything done
at their simps to ijivo satisfaction, i'ur
tii'iilar attention given to
uivo Uimii a trial, und von will
ifrrt it.
The oldest and most reliable Institution
for obtainiiii; n Meiciiitile Kdueation.
Si;,l'iai tical business men as insliuc.
For information, write fr a circiilaj' to
r. Dl'Ff'A SONS, Pittshurch, Pa.
not r-ltf-lv.
"Tin: tij:iii a riAXv -v
4f3 IU tOOiMlil ST I IfttST, . V
First premiums wlierever exhibited -Prices low loi tlie quality Largo
prices allowed for Second-liai.d Instruments in Exchange.
From Mr. Edward Hoffman, the cchbrated Pianist.
I conscientiously believe that ynur Fiano is in very respect a most mannifi
cent JimlrHincnt. . '
- - - Ih "Jtulrprniirnt." -
The American Tiano lint deservedly become a very popular Instrument.
C-J-Kcfponsible Agents wanted for unoccupied territory. Send for circulars
10 I WAN E it WINU, 423 Uroomo St., N. Y. -J-J-Gm
si:n itj m u iiim:n.
Tje following are 'selected from thou,
amis of testimonials of similar character,
as expressing tho reason a for the prefer
ence of the tl rover A Daker Machines over
all others.
"Hike tho OroTor A Baker Ma
chine, in tho first plnen, because if I hail
anyother, I should still want a drover
Itaker j and havinira (trover .V linker it
answer, tho purpose of nil the rest. It
doc a creator variety of work and iseasinr
to iori-ii than any other," Mrs. J. c. Cro
ly (Jenny Juno)
"I have had severe! veers' expe
rience with a drover A linker Machine,
which has civen me preat satisfaction.
think the drover A Haker Machine Is more
easily ninnaucd, mid h'!s liable to tret out
of order. I prefer the drover A Baker de
cide. tl v." M rs. Dr. Wntts, New York.
"I have had one in mv fainllv for
aomo two years; and f.ioiu whnt I know
of its workiuirs, ami from tlie testimony of
many of my friends who use the anno, I
can hardly ace how nn vtltina: ; could be more
-complete or ive batter Malefaction."
Mrs. den. draut.
"I helieve It to he the best, all
thlntrseonsidcred.orsiivthat 1 have known
It is very simple noil easily learned; the
scu inir from the ordinary spools is a (treat
advantage; tlie stitch is 'entire! v reliable;
it docs ornamental work beautifully; it is
not liable to iret out or order. Mrs. A. M
Spi.oncr, .'111 liondst. Ilrooklyn.
The drover and linker Sewine Machine
Company manufacture boih tlie Klastie
nnd Lock Stitch Machines, and odor the
public n choice of tho best luachiiirs ot
both kinds, nt their establishments In all
tholurjre cities, and throiiirh agencies iu
nearly nil towns throughout the country.
I'rice lists and sample of tewing in both
(ditches furnished on application to
T. J. VAN dIKSrCN, Agent,
Tlonesta, Tn.
Wo will pay nil Agcnta jNn per week in
( Asu who wilt ciikuuo witli us at once.
KvcrythiiiK furnished nnd expenses paid.
Address A
i iiariotic,
$5 TO $25 PER DAY !
to sell a bcautiiul Portrait, in oil colors, of
u l.'l;o oi. i! C'l-pwiii'i), . i. .. i . .
.M1. den. (iKO. d
Send (l for
ootnt, or cts,
for saiui'le.
A WKST. Mi Chestnut St., Philadelphia,
VI Ml ST.VKD. Wholesale to the trade.
Smide cans sent postpaid, on receipt of $1.
W. Ileiiiinii T. Krucauir, Itcndinjr, l'n.
tj TO tOn per day! Agents wanted !
4J I U sPAU All classes of working
people, of eilher sex, younn or ohl, make
inoro money at work ior us in their spare
moments or nil tho time than at niivthinui
else. I'artieiilnrs tree. Address d. Stinsou
A Co., Portland, Maine.
$i,ooc icKivAKiVr
For any case of ltliml, lileedina, Itching
or t'h-eralcd Piles that Ho Jl:ng's Pile
Kemedy fails t" cure. It is prepared ex
pressly to cure the Piles, nnd iiothiiifrclse.
Sold by nil Drujtjtists. Price, gl.Oo. 4lti
Conditions which iinpnir verilitv positive
and negative electricity proof "that lifo is
evolved without union effect of tobacco
--iiitliience of llesli and phosphoric diet
modern treatment of pclvio diseases,
stricture and varicocele, nnd arrest of de
velopment; ten lectures to his private sur
icid class, by KHIVA Itl) II. DIXd.N, M.
I)., 45 Kil'th AVHiiue, N, V.; 04 piies, 'i")
cents. "Kvorv line from tho pen of Dr.
Dixon is of (trcut value to tho whole hu
man race." II irace dreelcy. 4i--lt
A book of 128 pacs, showing how, when
and where to advertise, and cniitninin;; a
list of nearly .'1,000 iicwspnpers.with much
other Information of in lores! to advertisers.
Address ( ikd. p. ROWF.LL A CO., Pub
lishers. H Park Itow, New York. ll-il
Allagheny Valley Rail Road.
iN AN I) afler Monday Nov. 'JO, Trains
will run as follows (Altoona Time):
Day Express lcavo Oil Citv at 3 25 p tn
Arrives at Pittsinil'sli ' H 1.5 p iu
Niglil Fxpress Leaves Oil City 0 30 p in
A rrives at Piiishurgli ti 4(1 a iu
Mail Train leaves oil City 0 45 a m
Arrives nt Pitllbui'li 6 00 p in
VemiUKo Ai;coni, lenves Oil City'4 0ti p. ul.
and iiriivcs at 1 iltanning tl 10 p. iu.
Day r.xprcss Leaves Pitisluugh ut 7 50 a m
Ari rivesnt oil I 'ily at 2 HI) p m
Nirht KxprcsH Leaves Pittsburgh ttepui
Arrives al Oi. City ft 45 am
Mail Train leaves Pjtlsbiii jjh II .")0 a 111
Arrives ut Oil city 7 'i. p m
YeiiiUiKO Ace. leaves Kitianniii(i 7 uu n
and iii rives at Oil City JVS p m
Silver Palaco Sleeping Cars'on nibt
Express Trains, l:tewu Pittsbuii;li and
j 1 1 ns v 1 1 1 c. i nrouuli ( oaelics on Hay Kx
presH 'J'ruiiiN betwuca Pittsburgh and Hoa
b'li. J. J. l AWUl'.M K,
T. M. KINO, (ien'l. Sup't.
Aws't. Hup t.
CJCllSCUIHK for the"
Forest ltopublican
k.3 It will I
OH Creck&Alli'glH'iiy River Ry
ON AND AFTF.lt Monday Juno 5, 1S7I,
Trains will runns follows ;
aoi-Tit WAItl) TUAI.VS.
1st Class.
4 2
a. in. n. in.
2d Class.
10 It
a. m. a. in.
0 10
tl KO
tl 54
10 20
11 (Ml
11 20
6 15 11 00
a . o
II 24
n 7
n 4d
(i !i
7 10
7 25
Miller Farm
Tarr Farm
Kynd Farm
Oil City
Kngle Itock
n 2 1 1 85
tl 54 11 47
7 04 II cii
7 13 12 Ot
7 L'5 U 15
7 35 112 ST
7 42 12 45
8 H2 1 O.t
S 07 1 08
17 I IS
8 25 I 25
8 2M 1 2S
8 l U
8 40 l its
8 4(1 ! 44
8 5:1 I 4'.l
7 40
7 Ml
8 (l.l
8 10
8 2o
8 30
8 38
8 42
8 HI
8 5ft
II (Nl
9 15
( 111 11 35
(1 .V. 12 15
7 20 12 20
7 411 12 4.1
7 55 1 05
8 10 1 55
8 20 3 10
8 ;;o
8 4(1
n oo
8 5(1 1 S3
V 10 2 115
0 15 2 10
! 45 2 Hit
H .".rt 2 4(1
!1 f.tl 12 50
10 23 3 12
Itl 44 3 32
10 54 3 41
1 1 II 3 fi8
12 01 4 40
0 05 3 O'l
U 20 3 20
10 15 3 40
11 III 4 25
32 '4 50
38 4 50
12 ltd '. :;7
. I 20 a 15
1 45 (i :t
2 21 7 10
. A 05 8 10
AiiniTtoNAi.svcoxn-i'i.Asx 'i n.viNs sot r it.
No, 10. Titusvillc 2.10 p. m.; Miller 2,50;
Pioneer 3 20; Pet Centre 3.33; Columbia
4,15; Tarr Fin in 4,2.1; liyml Farm 4,37;
ltouscville4,55; Oil City 5,20.
No. 8 Cony (1,15 n. in.; Titusvillc 8,:V5j
Miller Fin r.t ti,2.'; Pet Centre o. l.s; Colum
bia 10,13; Tarr Fnrin 10,18; livnd I'ni'lii
10.27; ltouscvillc 10,35; Oil City 1 1,00.
No. is. Pet Centre 1.28 p. m.'; (Vlunihhi
1,50; Tarr Farm 2,05; liynd Farm 2,10;
ltollsevillc 2.3(1 ; ()i Cjtv 51,(1(1.
No. 22 Oil City (1,30' n. m.; Oleopolis
7.25, Tioncsta 54; Trunkevvillo 10,15;
MonrilWAItn TltAlNS.
STATIONS: 1st Clncs. 2d Class.
5 3 1 :t
Ik III. o. in. ti. in. a.
Irvilicti II
Fugle ICock
OH City
Kynd Farm
Tarr Farm
Pet Centre
Miller Farm
A u
Titiisv illo
( 'ciitrcvillo
AlllU I IONAr. M:coMl.( I.AssrilAINS-NollTII
No. 15 Oil City 11.55 n. m.; Itousevillo
7.20; Tarr Farm 7.40; Columbia 7..V-; Pel
Centre s.io; I i ,i lot-r 8.40; Miller 11.25;
Titusvillc 0.55.
No. 7 TitusvilloO.OOa. ni. t4irrv 11.2.5.
No. II oil city ll.'.i) n. in.; Itoiiseville
11.45; Itynd Farm 11.53; Tarr Farm 12.0.!;
Coluiiiliin 12,1(1; Pet Centre 12,20; Miller
1.25; Tilusvillo 2.IKI; Corry 4.42 p. in.
No. 21 Tidioutc 12.45 p. in.; Triinkev
rillo 1.45; Tioncsta 2.43; Oleoiiolis4.25; Oil
City 5.20.
() Tinins do not stop. (fJStop on signal.
() Stop for nicals.
Trains 5, (i, 21 ami 22 run daily ; till other
uious uau v except tinouys.
N. 11. Train No. m is an F.s
Express from
Tilusvillu to I lorry.
No. 4 Direct from Philadelphia without
No. 1 Direct to Philadelphia without
No.5 Direct from Pittsburgh without
change. !
No. it ' Direct to Pittsburgh without
Superintendent. don'J Manager.
79, Nassaaht., Jfew York City.
Wator Street,
Tionesta, Pa.,
M. CARPENTER, . 1 : Proprietor.
Pictures takon in ul) tho lutcht. styles i
tle rt. ;(;.M
a. iu. p. in. p. in. n. m. n. in,
12 45 5 05 V 00 7 15
1 28 5 47 7 20 tl 05
1 45 0 05 8 05 111 1.-,
1 51 ;0 In M 20 10 4 I
2 It II 34 8 45 II 40
2 35 fli 55 :,() 12 21
1 38 0 5!l II 35 1 2 32
2 47 7 OS 1G 05 I 03
i 15 7 35 10 65 1 5(1
(1 00 3 20 7 40 11 30 2 10
0 13 frt 32 1 55 11 ,50 u ,
fl HI 3 35 7 511 12 00 2 3(1
(1 20 i.t 40 ,8 04 12 25 2 40
B 25 3 4 ) 8 10 12 3S 'J vVi
l! 211 3 40 8 14 12 48 3 III
0 31 3 55 8 21 1 05 3 20
0 3(1 3 5!) 8 23 1 25 3 .".3
li 42 4 OO 8 30 I 15 3 45
( 52 ,4 15 8 10 2 I'll 4 15
0 5(1 4 20 8 41 2 15 4 40
17 15 4 IU U 05 2 45 5 20
7 35 4 15 0 10 3 05
7 44 4 55 II 20 3 20
7 57 5 (Is . !! ,'!4 S 50
8 05 5 17 43 4 10
f8 14 15 27 0 AO 4 30
8 24 5 38 id 02 4 50
8 55 li 111 111 32 5 50
ii. a. tixu i:h a- cm.,
Wllot.rsAI.K AMI iii:tii.
De.ilers In
Oil Well Supplies, ' c
Spear's Celebrated Anti-Clincher antt
Anti-Dust Parlor and Cooking StoveL
Ranges, Hot-Air and Steam-Heaters,.
For private and public houso.
Shoet-Iron Work,
Pipo Cutting.
j.i'p it'i I,.
In Itiff woTi-l-.Tfol nijKinr In wht.-li tin' nftltrt.
P.1 ore alwvo ti'it.iii.'l fur n-lifr. Ilio ilippcvrnT
li.h..vo li Itnfl cotnltiiiril l.i htirrttwi inoi of
Nllic.e'i IIHt-l nv.r.ill Cll aiivn ?ni.rtii,-wliii-ll
U.m Ii.i, ln-lill.l tulo Iho iPci'lN)!" kilty-fto-n
for liMlm.r Illo lrk. ttlioi n, 'V.'r l.(lini
cit-ilMilfil hi n in millrltio. 1'hf r irltsit-r cf lltln
fti-t I- f.Minit lu tin irri'.nt vnririvH ihim.1 oh.ii.
tinio (tiH.i wht'-li it li.n- Wn (.nillO l' rmiquor.
In thu euro of ItroiicU lilv, Kevrro
(Uillffhs, ami ih.i fArlv tiicfS l Cousti ill I'
ll oil, II Iu a-lmlillil tliu lueilirnl fziriilly. iiil
finliima fi'iri.iri.iittf iriiniiiint'. It Ilia grmltf-l
mciliral (lirtivury ul tin li;e. WIOIm il ouri ll.ii
l.rO'V.t li:lu'!l," It llTllptlipl lli rwl. ln )I.1
purifies iho blooil. llv i iirtsi nml il,oi
mu'ii ll--l pii ri I ln pni.orlt.'H. 11 rtiiw Kll
lliiiiiir fro. a' ti hh--i Ncrofnln te a
f.mitiidii lltotrli, 11 in pie, vr srit Klim.
Moiriiriftl ili-t'lir, Mtuifrjii Miii!ii, mill Utr
cUti.-u, nm iM-acllrte'l. bhiI vloioi: IikIiIi sinl a
.oitii'l ri. iHiiiniiini ttaUlihrtt. fr'.r? l rlaa.
Null llli'Miiit, i'evcr eorv. truly ui
Konull Nkill, in oli.trl, all tlie Itmurii'ii. ill.
isiKfA ram-il liv li.nl bliNMl. nn rniiu,.., (l l,.j thi
jn,.rliil inrlryin r snil lav ikihui iny iiicui f
If you f.vl ihill, ili'iiwy, iti liilitnii'il. Imo pl
low c:la of fklii, or illnwUli brniKn pl 1.11
fi.-o or ti i.lr, frciiKiit hrailtrlie or tlicxh.f.-.
tl0 in hi 'iilb. Inlernal Urnl or rlitlU. sltonialnl
with not niiic, low -iiihtr. mmI irtiNtiiijr fori, v
bo'liiiif. Irrcmtlir llsillo. si.it lont'Ue coniuil,
to:i aro fMirferlii? fnmi lorplil l.lrer or ,
Itlllosiaiiess. In limn vim of " 1,1 or
dinsiilallli" only pari of lliri ymplittk .
are t sntri.ta:ft(t. A a rmiimty for all fiiLh caissi. t
Dr. Piarco'tf (lolitcii MkilU-al llUrovury liaa no
'(nal. a it flf-cla irfert miM, li-ailn; lli liv
r dtrrnultifllil ainl lli.ftlttnr. Tor tlie uura of
labiiiiiil Coiiall palioii ul lha Imnrln it
1 a niivtr falling riut'ily. ami ttio-e wlio ha'o r
ai'l It for ttii piirpoa arv ImiiiI in iUiiraivf. ;
Ifi" proprintor orn'M f.1 .(mo mvanl for a !!
tin (hit III quit I' " r,lre "t all tlw di
apb for wliicli il is rfA'iiiniiianileil.
Sold by (lruiriri'lB at il por botlla. Frrpareil by '
R. V Pirrra. M. II.. Kola Pntprlalor, at liislticinf."
cat lahorauirv. IU Sesara slrcal BnlTala, N. V.
Bail lost addrasa fur a pampUltu
On anil tiller Moiulny, Nov. 15, lWl'i
trnius will run on iliis row I ns follows;
I.KAVK K 1 1 1 K S( UTI I W A R D.
11:55 A. M. Ati'OMMODATlox I.enve-i
Ncwcnstle nt 7:05 and arrives at Pittsburgh
10:00 a. tu.
lOiii a. (., I'lTTsnrnoii kx., stops nt nil
KtatimiM, nml arrives ut A. A (i. W. 1!. It.
Trnnsfcr nl I:'0 p. m., nt Nnwcnstlo Ht 3:15
p. in., ami nt I'ittsliurKh nt ti:0u p. ni. '
5:05 a. M., ACCOM moua I'Io.n, from Jainca.
town, arrives at A. A . W. It. It. Trausler
nt 5: 10 n. in. at Newcnstto at 7:05 a. m., ami
PittslmrKh at Hhoti a. m.
5:IHI p. m Mlxeil Traill leaves Erio for
Hlmron, stoppiii); at nil intoruivdiatu points
nml arriving nt 10:15 a. nt.
7:15 A. M., Kin it exi'Iiksm, lenves Now-
castle at 10:00 a. A.tkO. W. It. It. Trans-
fur ! Il.'lla ... ...I
,. n, , ,t, nl
P ni.. niakiiiK close (Hiiineelion for liutru
lo nml Niagara F.ille.
8:35 p. m. Accoii modatiox, env? New
castle at (i:.",0 p. m , A. tfc fi. V. It. 1
Ti-ansfei- at 7:55 p. in., nml Jauio.tnwii ut
8:30 a. in., connects with mixed trains tint
arrives in Erio nt 1:55 n. in.
(1:30 P. si.. Mixed Train leave Sharon for
Erie, nml nrriviiiK at (Jirnrd at li!::)o u ,
and Ih io at ti:55 a. ni.
Trninseoiiiieci at Kocliesterwith train for
heeln anil all points ii, West Virginia
mid at Pttlshursh coeneel ions for PhiladuN
plna, nnrrishurvli, Italtiinore and Wash
liiKton via Peiiiisylvania Central llailroad.
I'.rie Kx,rcss North, connects at lliraril
will, ( Icvclaiid mid Erie trains Westward
or ( Icvclani Chirac,, and all points Hi
the . W es ; at -.r,(, wU1, pliiladelphiaA' Kriyl
1 ailroad for Corry, Warren, 1 i vim-u.nT'
iKl.oiite Ac, nd willf n.illalo .V Erio
Ka, road fur liiitlalo, Dunkirk, Niagara
l alla and Now Yoiv City.
i General Snp't
STI t A U SS?' ? .'
1 - y Wullies in Two Vol-
uni.s, ,,r,co $1 each i l,, ,s, J5 cad, i
l' , V r . 1'?.!w;"v",,u"''-seoiitaiii over fort
I the on y eorreel iiikI coioph.tc edilino. ,1
! (1 rrss .1 , P i1 ii'ihL'ii t s - - '
Musin i'tihlisl'icr. W A I a I l.S
- ALT. EXT.on '
H5 ;t v-:imV-nH
61 r.rra.'.wayi N, w Ymk.
Nov. 12.

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