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Lltutenant Governor.
Wo clip the following in regard to
the Lieutenant Governorship, from
tha Harren Mail of Inst week.
Our new Constitution makes the
election of a Lieutenant Governor
necessary in November next. Who
that man shall be, is already a ques
tion amoncr the nolitieintv nf hoili
parties. ' That ho should be a man of
influence, ability and high character
efficient to fill tho gubernatorial
chair creditably in enso of a 'vncancv.
is considered ny an. mat lie should
co dm directly from the people repre
senting them in tho largest sense, is
also essential because his active duties
are mainly to preside over the Senate
composed of both political parties and
coming from all quarters and all classes
of our great State now almost an- em
pire in itself.
"While conceding the fitness of sev
eral geutlemcn, we know of no one
better fitted for tho place or better
calculated to add a ' strength to our
ticket, than our old Congressman
Hon. John Fatton, of Clearfield coun
ty. He represented the old 10th Dis
trict two years in congress most ac
ceptably and faithfully and declined
a renoraination. He is a gentleman
in the truest sense of the word of prac
tical ability, high character, unsullied
integrity and great popularity wherev
er he is known. Though a sound Re
publican and true as steel to the party
nud the Country iu every emergency,
he is pot offensive or bitter . in Jiis
prejudices, and possesses that' gentle
manly dignity and suavity of manner,
promptness in decision and gcueral
fairness essential in a stirrMsf.il m.
aiding officer. Living in that Demo
cratic Bronghold, Clearfield County,
he has of course not been in the line
of local official promotion. But he
has done much as a hard worker to
sustain our organization and strength
en the combinations which bid fair to
capture even that stronghold of tho
enemy, and it is fitting that such men
should be recognized iu State nomina
tions. .
' We do not know that Gen. Patton
desires this nomination. We are very
sure that he will not ..unduly push his
own claims for this or any other office.
He beleives in the good old doctrine
that "the office should seek the man,"
and this is a good time to reinauger
ate that doctrine especially for a high
office hitherto unknown in the State.
He is in no way mixed up with the
conflicting cliques in our organization.
He has no doubtful or blotted record
in public life. He has no enemies to
punish and would therefore be the
better fitted for a place which requires
complete impartiality and fairness to
ward all. -
When our party more than a dozen
years ago needed a candidate of great
energy, zeal and liberality to perfect
our organization and carry the 19th
District, he responded promptly to the
call and took tho doubtful chances.
Having conquered success and served
us faithfully he voluntarily retired.
"VYe trust the old District and the whole
Northwest will show a proper appreci
ation of his services by insiutiug that
he shall step again to the front and
again take the post of well-earued
honor in the van of a party which
knows how to reward a faithful .aud
honest public servant.
That Mysterious Robbery.
. The following is the conclusion to
which tho Meadville Republican comes
iu regard to the Conneautville Bank
robbery, after publishing the evidence
in tn case, taken before toe U.fs. Com
missioner, at Erie :
It will be seen that Mr. Williams.
charged with embezzlement of the
funds of this bank, has been boun 1 iu
the sum of $20,000 to appear at the
next United States Court, at Erie,
next July. Though the evidence is
Jong, aud lias been carefully gleaned,
it is unsatisfactory as a matter of di
rect proof of guilt. Though not con
victing, yet the evidence is damaging
to Mr. Williams, The testimony of
H. U. Benson, U. S. Detecti ve. was the
only evidence which pointed directly
at crime on the part of the cashier,
and even this ouly went eo far as to
show that xthere were persons under
surveillance, with warrants for nrrest
constantly at their elbows, who, when
dragged before the court, may make
the mystery of this strange lobbery as
plain as day.
Aside from the crime of the affair.
the evidence discloses a carelessness of
management on tho part of officers
and directors which must be perfectly
appalling to depositors. When pat
rons could get uo favors of any des
cription, persons connected with tho
bunk were using its funds with lavish
hands. Balances iu other banks stood
agaiust the Buuk of Councautville, of
which uo trace could be found iu the
luoka of the latter. Accounts with
soAe banks hud not been balanced for
more than a year. Individual accounts
ran loosely on, no cue knowing how
lliev stood. The accounts of the 1'ow
er Bios, was overdrawn In
plain English, the bank. had driilad
into a private monopoly, a few indi
viduals carrying tho affairs with high
hands, using the money of their pat
rons fir carousals, gambling, private
speculation. Mr. Williams dipping
EKED. liljASSNKIt, Treasurer of Forest County, in neeonnt Willi tho Common,
WPAltll for llin vnar nn.lin.r Ik... nu iu-)
To Stato tax for the year 1S7:1 817(1 40
- " "
retailers license " J(i) oo
" tavern " " . jso OO
To balance l.'.n ,.
FKKD. OLASSNEK, Treasurer of Forest
Fluids IWlllOVlMir
To am t ree'd of 8. 3. Heller- S7 M
ludivuluaU. : 503 83
l "111 7M
FKED. O LASSXEK, Treasurer of Forest
ountv lor tho vur
- iij
T.. .. . fi i 1L i
j-v. m-itivi i moon rmni lieu io j.
767 52
seated tax for l tin vpur IM7:I
K. 3S
0,010 60
6,."ik!7 8(1
M 00
t Tl
62 45
S2 i
12 00
100 00
17rt IX)
H .V
ui oo
S.0O0 (X)
'A 100 41
l,M2 IA
44 IS
" unseated tax 17.1
" " " 1S7S
" forfeited recognisance
" taxes of Hiieh Hannah
" cash of lirof.ii Twp.
" redemption of Co. land
" Jury lees of J. Tt. Agncw
" reo'pt of C J. Fox
" tpn dav n.sHONninnnt
" rec'tofS.J.SiXlcv
4 T. J. Vnn'Uiosen
Rririo- ll,,n,l
,' scnUnl bridge Uut 1873
' ten d y sns't hrtd)o
jury icooi J, li. Agnew
34,670 03
To bnlnnco
Commissioner of Forest County in account with' said County (or tho vour endimr
lnoniiilinr :tlnt IM7.1 . s
To Co. orders drawn
412 3:1
" bidanco
60 82
To C. orders drnwn
" balnnco
To bulaneo duo last selttcmcut
' Co. orders drawn
" lialanro . ,
To Co. ordors drawn
" balanco
39 00
"t !.''' By bulaneo 19 00
W. W. MASON, Distrif t Attorney for Forest County, in account Tor the year ondimi
boccinbor 31st, 1873. 8
To Co. ordora drawn 9 00 ' By fees ,'. . 8 00
, : . g (jo ' JjJ
J. B. AGNEW, Prothonotary Ac , tor Forest Countr, In account for tho year endinjr
. , .' December 31st, 1873. ,
To Co. orders drawn . 139 15
' - 139 15 . 13Q 15
T. J. VAN OIESEN, High Sheriff of Forest Countv in acoouut for the year endimr
Docomber Slat, 1873.
To Co. orders drawn 143 65
' ' ' ' 143 65
We, the undersigned Auditors or Forest County, do hereby certify that we mot at
the Commissioners' Offloe, in said County, and did Audit, Suttle and Adjust the sev
eral accounts or the Treasurer, Sheriff, Pro'honotnry, and County. Commissioners of
said County, for the year ending Deo. ijlst, 1873, aud find Uieni as sot forth in tho lore
going statement.
In testimony whereof we bavo hereunto sot our bands nnd seals this 7th day of Jan
uary, A. D. 1874. . . '
. T. b. conn, I..S.1)
. " - Ij. WAUVKU U 8.1 V Auditors'.
- ' O. JAMIKSOX, Ij.8.jj .
County Commissioners I i 061 80
" " Clerk 720 00
" Auditors aud Clerk 21)1 40
Counsol 150 00
Wild Cat and Fox Bounty 1 30 60
J ury Fees if329 0
'- Commissioners , 48. 42
Assessors 282 09
Printiun : ' 15 00
Constable : 222 02
Court Crier 60 00
Road Views ' 3 00
Fuel and Lights 331 20
Klections . i - 4:19 07
Commonwealth Costs . 2 51
Books and Stationery ; ' 264 97
County Bonds 25,000 00
Bridge " i . 8,000 OO
Inst, on County Bonds " 1,000 OH
" " llridgo " 272 00
Co. & Bridge orders outstanding 4,787 74
Pursuant to law we, the undersigned Commissioners of Forest County, publish the
foregoing exhibit of the receipts and expenditures of said County for the year eiulinir
Docombor Ulst, 1873. . .
Iu testimony whereof we have hereunto sot our hands this 7Jh day of January. A
I). 1874. .. T. 1. COLLINS, )
JOHN THOMPHON, Commissioner.
Attkst: JAME.S K. CLAUkJ
I). W. CLARK, Clerk.
AVKi:iiijV J4utAij or tsii:
This Journal, now in its Twelfth Year, is
of its ulass in tho United States. Published
Steel and Ulass ludustrias of the country, it has facilities for giiterlng inlbruiHtinn of
these TrafWis such as no other paper possesses. In addition it has nearly Ono Hundred
Correspondents in all parts of the country, from whom it is constantly in receipt of
Vau- A i 4J..A..I.. Li. ... ....... 1. ..A .
- . . ...tHJii ua ..jic-ioiiiuD ma. i.n u ivi i iumii'V.1 .
lis Pue of Cjndensed Mannlai'.turing Notes t
Its .blo English Letter j ,
Its Short Editorials : '
Its Piltsburgh Iron Metal Price
lis i norougn ami Koliaiilo Statistical J allies ;
Its Monthly Reports from Blast Furnaces;
Its Iron Workers' Wages Tables. . .
No person engaged the Manufacture) or Halo of Iron, Stool, Ore, Coal, (ilass, Hard
ware or Molals, can do without it.
SURKC14IPTION, - . - ?1.00 PI R YEAR,
i-ft-tsasriple Copies sent Free on application. '
deeply into the vmih vrn to- nmgntft
cently s?t forth his daughter in mar
riage. Well may the public frith be
shaken in banks and bankers when
such astounding breaches of trust
com to surface. :
viiilllltr, i ' ;v OIBl, lii .
lty Mtiile Trens roc't Sept 4, 173
.W11 OS
ill (II
-- l'OC. .1. "
" exoneration ' " "
" ft prr et. on ?:t7!l 00 .
" ' fj4 01
" bulaneo
IS fi
t IS)
.. i.
.KM 40
Cnnnt v, in account, with tho redemption
Pll. lirr IWw, 111 IlM . ".J.....
...... . . v. Wl lUfl.. I
lty Individuals' roo'ta
H4 70
r W7 0:2
fl,.il 78
Conuty, in account with the funds or said
om inv ft. nui u-i 1
. . ,
' ' ' ' '
Py Comity nnd Ilridgo ordor rc-."
dc-empd ' 20,10C 07
oupous County llondit ro- ' '
. " seated lanilsi rofd for Co. tax
" " " " bi i Jge tax
M retnndingorttorA
" Coilei'tom" coinmiion
" cxonurtilions Co. tux
" ' ". bridOT tax
5 prr ot. otr $2,!';W1.72 tnxos
paid provionsto Aiir. 1
" 2 peir ft., on fVWU) brldgo
bonds ,
" 4 per et, on $12,100.07 Co, and
- brldgo ordorx .
" 4 per ct. on io4.7 nvioition
" 4 per i t. mi $177.72 srliool
l,iH)i 00
300 82
7 44
22 6!)
td lo
' 67 HO
14 40
110 83
100 00
4SJ 24
14 Ct)
.7 10
12 1!5
' " 4 por ft. on Xm.N) rond orilcrs
" 4 per rt. on iJO0.0O Ittg I.fvel
4 per ct. on 84.000 tJoniion
. 8 00
40 00
12,128 '.12
" bulaiifO
mlmijA '
1 r, '
H4.070 05
jacoh micrciMjIott. ' 1 : f.
1V baiailf lust Hfttlniiionl ! m
,! 100 da-s- mrviiw.
" l,0Uiiiic'' travel '' ',,
'" CXpi'liSfS '
. 493 15
1'y Udnnee
' T. T). COM.INS
''197 84 1W lialani'O duo Inst settle niout
17 IK1 ,s 87 davs'
" 478 niilea' travel .,
" expenses .
185 SO ',
rty balance , j. -i.
,2 00 Bv tM duvM" sorvifo . I,
2H0 00 .120 miles travel
45 60 " expenses
327 60
lty balance ,
20 00 li 10 davs' service '
IS 00 ...' 9tr mflos travel
By foes
139 15
By fees ' ;
143 05
143 85
Repairs on Buildings .
Western Pa. Uospital
SlierilT Fees -' ,; '
Redemption of lauds
Prothonotary 'ees
Indexing Records
District Attorney
Janitor Court House
Teachers' Institute
Horse Hire
Inst. Co. Bonds
Puid Coleotors
110 25
66l 09
414 05
. 30 00
1 143 fti
Mi 40
. 1S9 In
97 0(1
8 00
45 110
. M 96
34 75
1,000 00
' HI 10
12,073 08
Balunee due from Treasurer
tSonted lands returned
Hue from J. P. Sigt;'uis
" " C. J. Fox
" " D. Black
" " Ureoii 'iownsliip -
" " Iudiyiduuls . .
12,128 92
UOO ttj
,1,253 47
182 34
120 1)0
176 60
rocogulzodas the Leading Roprcseutaliuo
at Pittsburtrh. tho center of the Imhvv lion
Lists nnd Review of American Iron Markets;
Appeal Notice.
Commission nns' Owicm; )
KonFsT CotTY, I
January 1, 1874. J
.-...-.v. ...... K-T-ii i-imv int. iKmmv
Commissioners will hold a Onirt of Ap
pals for the several townships as Pillows I
Barnett twp, Saturday, Feb. 7, at Clar
lugton. Jonkstwp, Mondnv. Fob. 0, at Marlon
lireen twp. Wednesday, Feb. 11 at Ni
Kingsley twp, Thursday, Feb. 12, at
llarmonr, Saturday, Feb. 1 1, at AUendor
School ll.iuse.
Hickory, Monday, Fob. 10, at East Hlek
orv. Howe, Wednesday, Feb. 18, at Brooks
ton. .
Tionosta twp, Friday, Feb, 20, nt Court
Tionoila bor., Saturdav, Feb. 21, at
Court House. .
By order of County Commissioners,
D. W. CLARK, Clerk.
Wo .Manulaeiuro and Sell Paper,
For the Ury floods Trade,
i " Hardware "
I " Oroeorv i
" " .. Class " ' " i
' Drugirist ' " "
. Biiteher . "
lluilding ,i ' . , .
For ' Oanvasing Hums, .
" ' 'Lining Houses, , . ' . , ,
i' " Rooting Houses,'
" Roasted t'otlee, -i,..,i..i '
i . . ! ' ! !'' 'i !
rAl'KRS. I
Rooting Cement, Satuiarted Fell."
, . V H .: i!s i . ;
W44 lm 32 Wood St., rtttsburah,' ttu
T AN TED. ' ' ' : , '.
'IVot-th lnllio Hoik!. " !
Call on or a1dress " . '.
WFounTH Avb.nue,
w44 3m riTTSBUROlL PA.
l'lreul;-.r free, writo to mo and mil ilia
exclusive sains of a enmity. Write to ine,
and no other man will ha'vo the right to
sell In your county. Write to me and you
can make 8180ier week. Write to ui and
secure the county you live in.
Address It. LAWYER, Patentee, No. 5
Sixth St., Pittsburgh, Pa. . w44, Im
WF. WANT YOU To wins Agents, and
distributo our New Advertising
Mans, mounted on Emrlish Cloth. Mm. .
complete Map of the 1'nlted States. We
give those Mapsaway gratis and will allow
you ono dollar for every Map you distrib
ute in every county and state in tho Union.
Male and Female Agents wanted. Ad
deess Immediately, enclosing ono dollar
ftir outllt of live Maps, Territory, Cirou
lars, and full particulars
w'4 lm East Brady p. O., Clarien Co., Pa,
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tirst-elass fl cln omo, 15ix2l inches, in 18
colors, for $i. Thk National. Aaiucin,
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umns, haudsomelv Illustrated in nil its
department. Oiio'of the bestagiicultural
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year, or $1.25 with a beautiful CHROMO.
. l ue lioe-Keepers Magnsine, a 32-page
monthly, saiuu terms, or both 'for ai.T.l.
Send for sample copies, and liberal terms
to agents, frek, Write now to
w 40 lm 14 .Murray St.. New York.
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.r) Y, mTi I Tiim ir iT Y 1 1
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and Salesmen I -Honry Ward Beeoher's
family newspaper gives every subsuTilicr
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Iliul "liikn1' . ui..l.l..in(.wl l.n XI-.. . '
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dcrson, as contrasts mid onmpanions .for
ner "vkio awhkp" anil "Fast Asleep."
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ors." We furnish tho tightest and hand
somest oiitlit, and pay very high commis
sions. Each subscriber receives without
delay two beautiful pictures, which are
The paper itself stands' peerless among
itmijiv join iitim, iieiog no popular mat oi
its class it has tho laiirest circulation In
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ent. Edward Eggta-tou ' serial story Is
just beginning; back chapters supplied to
eucu Buintcrioor, . rs. ncowe a long ex-
poeuKi soipiei to "Aiy wile and I" lie-;ins
in .tho new yoar. Auv one wishtnj; ugood
salary or an indonemleiil business, sbould
send foreireulars ami terms AGENTS
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York, Boston, Clueago, Cinciiniatl or San
r rsneisco. 3. 4
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i no very tuiiig mr ener parlor or out
door amusement. ,
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i muniuu.
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receipt of ,
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iiiKtou 1). C. ; ... i w40 lm
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ON AND AFTER 11 P. V. Sunday May
1, 1870, Trains arrive at and leave the
Union Depot, ' corner of Washiutou and
Liberty fctreet, as follows; ., :
Mail Train, 1.30 a m 1 Fast Line, 12.12 a
m ; Well's aeiroiumiMlntioii No. 1, 0.20 a in
Itriutnn accommodation No 1, 7.10 a m;
Wall's'aeconiniodation No 2, 8.55 a in ;Cin
eimuUi express ll.'JI a ni j Johnstown ac
commodation 10.50 am; Braddock's ae
eonimodiitiou No 1, 7.00 p in ; Pittsburgh
express 1.30 p m; Pacific exprchs 1.50 p iu i
Wall's ucooiumodntion No 8, if.V p ni;
llomowood iicioiuinodiilinn No .' p ui;
vau s accoiiiiiiodatnui jN o, 4, .ijk.il) p m;
Brinton acconnnoilation -No J, 1.10 p tnj
Way l'assonger 10,20 p m.- . , . .
DEPART. ' ' '
Southern exjiress 5.20 a m ; Pai-ldo ex-
frcss 2.40 a in ; Wall's accommodation No
, 0.80a in ; Mail Train 8.10 a in ; Brinton'a
accommodation 1 ).20 a lit : Uiud. lock's nt
cominodatlonaNo 1, 5.10 p in; Cinninnati
express 12.35 p in; Wall's aceoniiiiodation
N 2, 11.51 a m ; JohustuWD aeMiminodstion
4.05 pm; Homewooil aecoiumotlHtion No
1, 8.50 p m ; Philadelphia express $.A0 m;
Wall aceoniiiiodation No.1,8.l5p m;WnlP
accommodation No 4, i.05 p in ; Fast Line
7.40 p in; Wall's No 6, 11.1)0 n in.
'1'liP Cliurch Trains lcavo Wall's Station
every Sunday ut tUM a. in., ro.K'liing Pitts
burgh at 10.05 a. in. Returning leave Pitts
burgh at 12.50 p. mM and arrlvo at Wall's
station at J.io p. in.
Cincinnati express leaves dnily. South
ern oxpress daily except Mon.lny. A H oth
er Trains daily, except Sunday, j
For fiirtliur'juloriiiutiwi aivlv to
W. It. BKCKWITH, Agent.
Tho Pennsylvania Railroad Coiii)iuiiy
will not assume auy Risk for Baggage ex
cept for Wearing Apnurol, and limit their
rsponsibility to One Hundred Dollai h val
ue. All baggage exceeding that a mint
iu value will lo nt tlm fisk of too ;ncr,
unless taken by special emit met.
(ioncral Superintendent, Altooim Pa.
F. WEN32,
Has established a
new and complete LIVERY STABLE iu
the barn iu the i "arot the Lawrence House
and Is prepared to furnish rigs of all kinds
on short notice. Orders left at the Law
rence House will receive prompt atten
tion. Ils-lv.
The Republican Office
IEICPS coiislantlv on hand a large s
IV sortmr.Tii ,-.;' lilaiik Deeds, Mortgages,
Niihpii-na-, Warrants, Siimmnus, Ac. tu
be sol.' eliunp for cash, tl'.
Dr. J. "IValkPf-'s CiiJiroriifit Tin
Cfiiir I'll I ITS nro n purely Veetablo
lirepaiiition, made ehieilv fioin tljeua.
tivo liei bs.fiiiind en the loner iv.ifoji of
tl:c Siena N'evuda iim;iiit;ilii.i of C "j'lirr
. Ilia, the medicinal "imperlies l' , liieli
nre extracted tln'ielioiii u ill, out lim-tiMi
of Alcohol. 'Mm fiteMluii ;.h aiinnst
daily nsK.-il. "Uh.ii is the chihi- i.f llm
impiiiMllcleil s'.'.cce.sii of Vi.vkh.m: 'Ut r
I'KK.sf'.'Ciir answer in. Hint lliev ifnM
the ca,isc of di.-ieaw, and llie i.iiiei!i re
eoviM's liii lif.i'lh. 'riwiv aic Uieifat
blood purilier and a lil'o-ii in lucinie.
a pcileot Jlfim'. alr; :irid l.i . ignrainr
of llie syMem. Never before in t Jm
l:itrj- I T lUv w sriil b a imslii iiH' I.. imi
t"lllt.liai,.i'.l pii-ei..!tlg ll.e. liMii o k.ll.lil
..n'miitie, of Vixrif III I'm ki:s in !ie,ili:nf tint
sick of every ni -CU..C. :nau i heir I". Ti.ev
u;o aeiiCa i'.ii .itivu as weil its- a Tunic.
. .rnliulii:'.' t'iptiei-tiiiii er l:.Uauai;alii.:i of
liio Livcf ii;..i i.-eial, Organs in i;;;uua
Ui.'ra.M'i. ., ,' , , , I ,
. Tlu i)roj)C-lio s4? lii:. Wi.ivfjfK
VlMiOAK BnvKluare Au-ru!iil. liMtdMSwtii-,
Carminative.- Niiiruiou.. Lixative. i)inriiio.
KediUivc. Coiiiilei' lii'il.uil .fUtjonlie, Alfcvra
, kve, and Anti Liiiiiua, .j . ,
('rillci'lll TlinnsiiixN ptudaim Vtv.
kg Ait ItiTTrits the most wondeiriillu
vignraut thut ever siutaiucj th sinliitig
K.v-tcm. y
No rcrsoii rnn tulio Uioso l'itters
.flccordiiifT to (liiectiiMis, nud icuimu loiij;
unwell, provided their bones aro not.do
' atroyed TLiy ' mineral iioisoit, or other
lneans, nud vital organs wasted Lcyoad
JUliotis. Koinitlont nml Inlcr
mittout Icvrrs, whioU grc so preva-
lent In tho valleys of our great rivers
, throughout tlm L"nitedjstate,espetially
tlinso if tlio Mississippi, Ohio,'Mifsotili,
Illinois, Ti'imosaeo, Cumberland. ArVufi
8,ii, Ked, Colorado, Krnxnt, l?lo Grfuntr,
I'eavl, Alabam;;, Mobile, Savatmali, Ito
nnoke, Jamca, and manv others, Willi
their vast tributaries, limuiliiitit our
ent'lrei country during the Summer imft
Autumn, and remarkably so during scw
, sons of unusual heat and ihyness, nr
invnihilily aeeoiupanled by extensive do
rangomciits of the stonmeh'nnd liver.
nud other abdominal viscera. In the
treatment, a imrgativc, exci ting a jmjw".
eifid IntUii'iico upon these vaiiuns .or
gans, in essentially necessary' LTlirt)
is uo ealhai tio lor tho purpose eiiiial to
Dk. .1. WAi.KEK'.t Vixw;.i: lit u rns.
..is-they will 'spveflily loinovoi'nc dull,,
colored viscid utatur with. liih tbo
: boivclH nro loadisl, lit tho Faint lima
stimulating l!io secretions of the liven,
nnd guiierally restoring the henlthy
functions of tho digestivc-oritim. ;
' Fortify Hie lnxly iiRaiiisl disca
by ptuilynig nil iu Ihiidswiih Vim:i,aii
Hi ithiis. ' No epidemic can tal.o hold
of a system llms forc-nniii'il.' , (
Dyspt'lisia cr Inillgcslloii, jiemN
nehce Pain In tho Slimilders, Cougiii'I
Tightness of tho Chest, V.i l-is-. oi;c
Eructations of Hie r"loiiiai-h. Rail T.iil
iu tho Mouth. Ililions Atlacks, I'nlpita
tatiou oftlio Heart, Inllnmtnatioii ol'tl o
I.nnos, Pain iu the region of tho Kid,
licys, and hundred other pali.l'nl tympj
touts, a ro the oll'spiings of hyspcpsiu.
One bottle will prov on U'ttcrgiiaiaiilcj
rf Its merits than rt lviijjtbv ndvcni--iner.t.
' ' ""
Stioftila, or Kinir's Evil', wnit .
fi filings, l ii ers, KryjiHlai, Sivclhil vt-k
Goitre, ScrofuluiH lnllanunali.ui. lnjuli'iit.
lalluiiiinalioiH, iK'Rui'ial j IKi limi,, Oi l
Sow, liiupliiiini i4'tlio Sliin, Sere Eye-. eti;T
la Ihc u'. a-i in all otlicr ciiiisiiiiiiiuiiiil llj,- .
..en. Valki.u's Vi.m::h lliinai. Lai
liliiiwii their gient ciirnlive piiwcin iu llm
aio-t eliAlniaUMUal jntivivtalil.' i .i.-.T. ,
: Eur liiUainuuitmy itiid ( iiro.-iic
I'lllMllliatisill, (Unit, Ililions. liemit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, liivease. (
the HIimkI, Liver, Kiilncis mid lllaihlei
these I ill ti-rs hnve no pipial. fcneh lica.e
are cntned by Vitiated liliasl.
JJi'i'iiniiU'iil Dist'itscs. - rcison.s tn
gaj;ed iu Paints nnd .Minerals, sueli its
; rhuiilier'i, T.vjie.scllei's. ( ! iKl-Lent l t. una
illliul's. us 1 1 icy aUviiucu III lile, urn mlj.-il.
Iu piuulyr-io of tlm 1wi-!-. To gcai.l
, fl;j;aln-t tins, tuko a dc of Wai.kku .-i Vl.
i;uak Hittcm ik' ii.ior.aib-.
For Skin Discuses, K.nfpilons. i"e..
ter, Sall liliciim, Motrin., "i .K. Pinipie-',
l'listulc. llnil-., Ou'laua'li', h'iiiir-irviriu .
SiaM liu.ul, iioi'n Kyiw. I'a'.v JiM'l,is, Itih,
Si'iirl's, I'iM'iilai'.itloii. i.l' lie .-I, in, liijie'i
and l)i-e:isu:s of tins SKin of w li.itcn-r li.naii
or naliirn, are literally ilas "I' and lairii t
out ul llie nyt.tuin ill aVliuil tl.uu by llm u o
el lliu.su lliilci's.
Fin, Tnix, nml oIIut tVorius,
liukiiiL; in tin: ii.Uni nl o many ilniii-.ui.l-.
are ellcetiially I'lcstroycil nml l anei cil. No
uyntciu of modii iur, en ei'iniiu.-.., l.o aa.
tiieliniiiiticii will lae llie syieui hum v.nnii. '
like these Hitter-,.
For Ft'iiiah1 Conipliiinls, inypum
or ulil. Iiianii'il or .sinule. al llie .iav. u ul' . ...
lnniiliniiil. er tlm turn ol life. Ihci-e Tonic
llitlors ili-iitiiy so ilaciiliil an inlhieian limb
improvement i.i iuhiii puie. pt ihle.
fit 'iiiist?lh ifiytct! HIikhI w hen
erer yn'i luiu iu impiii itii; hai;ing tl.nniK4
the .-kin in I'jaiiili-s, Kriui'ion . or Sore ;
ciciuisk it u.hrti V'M' Iniii iL.litn:cli'. and
flii.Stfi.-li iu lliu eins: eli an.se it wlmu it is
ficil ; Vour Ici iiiigs will tell viei wlieii. Keep,
1 1.1.1 liiii'.il pure, a:,. 1 the li'-aill, ihu ' V.-leiu,
will fulluw.
11. II. .Mi DIIV Al.II .V Cl..
ll'i:j?i:blil ii:i'l I I'll. .1 'ls,. S in I r.iui;l.e i. C.illl'i'l'iici,
utul eer. i.i W'.i.l.ii.uiiiiii ai.U rU.iilli'ii Si-,, . .
Sul.l liy Hit Iti-tlttUll Hint I.. Ml.-i'..
This Eirst-class Chromo w ili bo given to.
every subscriber to
Whellier to a siiiL'lo subscribprfor Thr.
Dollars, or in a Club of Six, for 1 oi
tctn Dollars, . .
Address L. A. I.'ODEY,
i'.. v or, isixin niiil l icluui !sls..
Philadelphia, I's.
auly's ISook lurolj-.T
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