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Republican Ticket.
-TrciUnt Jitilgc-XV. M. LIXDSEY.
(Subject to action of district conference.)
(Subject to action of district conference.)
Attrmbly-S. S. TOWLER.
Comity Treasurer S. M HKXRY.
Commodore Scbley haseported to
the Navy Department (bat tbe Span
ish fleet is in Santiago harbor and
that he hat seen and recognized the
vessels. It is Amber added that it is
certaio that ComuiodoreSchIey has
the Spanish fleet bottled up in Santi
ago harbor.
The British steamer Restormel was
broughtSioto Key West yesterday
morning as a prize, having heen cap.
tured while trying to put into Santia
go rie Cuba with coal.
Advices from Havana this morning
say that ao engagement is in progress
at Santiago do Cuba, thaftheAm"e7:
ican fleef.has forced an entrance into
tho harbor and has engaged the
Spanish fleet, the fight': lasting the
greater part of yesterday afternoon
and at last accounts war was still in
progresa with the advantage seeming
ly in favor of tho American fleet.
Its is reported that the customs at
the different ports of tho Philipine
Islands will yield about $18,000,000
per year.
The Madrid government may rest
assured that the Americau re enforoe
ments going forward to Manila are
not sent there for effect. Tbe town
will be captured and held.
Havana will not be known as the
dirtiest city in the world a year from
now. The first surprise for the town
when it changes hands wiil be a Ben
Butler sanitary shake-up.
Our regular array will hardly be
reduced again to its old dimensions
for several years, but it is bard to say
whether its service will be mainly in
the Atlantic or the Pacific.
Bismarck thinks this country
should not meddle with Asiatic terri
tory. As for Germany, that is a dif
ferent matter. Bismarck's logic is not
always as long as his patriotism.
I he three wise men of tbe Strate
gy Board would do well to paste in
their respective bats the terse rejoin
der of Captain Clarke, of Oregou, to
instructions and advise cabled to him
at Rio Janeiro: "Don't tangle me up
with instructions. I am not afraid
of the whole Spanish fleet." The Or
egon's commander seems to be of the
material of which Admirals are made.
The widow of James Boyle, quar
termaster of the battleship Maine,
t- 1 'It i I .1 r
wno was Kinea wnen tne Jlaine was
blown up in Havana harbor, has ap
plied for a pension under tbe provis
ion of the Department Pension act of
18H0. She is peniless, and has four
minor children. She will be entitled
to $12 a month and to $2 for each o
. 1 I M 1 fPI
ine cniiaren. ine pension will, no
doubt, be ungrudgingly granted with
out delay.
One hundred and twelve thousand
men have been mustered into tbe vol
nnteer army of the United States and
the official reports show that tbe
greater number of these are ready to
move to the front Over two-thirds
of tbe States have entirely completed
their muster and, should tbeemergeu
1 .
cy arise, are prepared to uegin auew
tho work completed. The failure o
some of the States, notably four or
five in the South, to furnish the men
called for up to this time is a sur
prise to the army officers at Washing
ton, but is ascribed uot to a lack of
patriotism, but to a belief, probably
shared by mauy of the Nationa
i t t .
uuarnsmen wno nau noma ties and
business connections which tbey
could uot well afford to give up, that
plenty of other persons not so encum
tiered would readily be found to take
their places. Amplo time will he
given tbe States referred to to fill the
appointment made by the War De
partment aud the expectation here is
that this wiil be accomplished without
further unnecessary delay.
Progress of One Month.
The war began, according to tie
resolution ofcongreta, a month ago
Saturday last, and of course there will
be id iruiurs all over the country as
the fact is brought to mind that notb
ine has been accomplished. Gn. Lee
predicted, about that lime, that tbe
whole thing would be over in two
weeks, and other statesmen wondered
why ho fixed so long a time. - But
now after a month of preparation the
end seems no nearer thau at the be
ginning. As a matter of fact the most
intelligent observers are of the opin
ion that tbe Spanish authorities in
Cuba are ruoie securely entrenched
now than they were the day Spain
severed diplomatic relations with the
United States.
But notwithstanding these facts,
wondrous progress has been made in
the mouth that has elapsed in the
matter of coosumating the purpose of
tbe war, namely, the restoration of
peace and tranquility in Cuba. A
volunteer army oi 125,000 men has
been organized, mustered, rendez
voused, equipped and partly drilled,
and the naval streugth of the country
has been very materially augmented.
The sectional differences between the
people of the north and south, and
east and west, have been completely
obliterated, and the union of the
elates made more perfect than it has
been at any time since the end of tbe
first quarter ot the present century.
That much has heen accomplished,
and it is a vast achievement.
From tbe begiuning of time there
have heen grumblers and to the end
of time they will exist. It will be re
membered that as late as raid-summer,
18G4, the national convention of
one iif the great political parlies de
clared the civil war a failure, yet in
tbe spriog ol 18G5 the last organized
force of the etiemy surrendered. It
is a little early for the grumblers to
assert that the present war is a fail
ure, but they are doing just that,
though the record of all limes and
countries have been broken in the
preparations to make it a success.
But happily in this case the faultfind
ers are a meager and uot very re
spectable handfal, and what they say
or do or think is of no significance.
The Wheat Prospect.
Very little wheat this year in the
Pacific coast States, but ao excellent
crop in all sections cast of the Rock
ies, may be considered a fair summary
of the crop reports for the season.
An exceedingly severe drought, es
pecially in California, has made ex
tremely doubtful whether tbe States
of California, Oregon and Washing
ton, which usually export 40,000,000
or 50,000,000 bushels will have wheat
enough for home consumption.
This condition is offset in all the
other wheat growing sections by an
unusually favorable outlook. In Tex
as, Oklahoma and Kansas, where the
wheat is already beginning to head,
the prospect is fair that laBt year's
crop of 85,000,000 bushels will this
year be exceeded by 15,000,000, rais
ing tbe aggregate to a round 100,000,
000 bushels. While the crop in the
states turtber north and east is not
so forward the wiotcr wheat outlook
is promising, and a large acreage of
spring wheat has been sown.
In tbe story of wheat crop failure
on the Pacific slope aud of excellent
wheat prospects elsewhere is written
the advantage of our great expuneeof
territory with its diversified climate.
famine and scarcity are likely to be
unknown while the government of the
United States remains intact, for
scarcity in one section is certain to
bo offset by abundance in another,
and enough for all when distributed
Phila. Times.
Comparisons which are being
made in France and elsewhere show
that France and Russia taken to
gether have more war vessels of cer
tain classes man England has, and
tne inference is drawn tbat in a war
between the dual alliance aud Eng
land the allies would have (bo advan
tage. This judgment leaves out one
or two important factors allies us
ually lack unity and persistency, and
the only Europeans who have ever
been first class sea fighters are
the English. England has often
beaten I rauce and Spain singly
and in combination on the ocean
when the English were far in tbe mi
nority in ships aud men. France
ranks next to England in the size
its navy, but France in its long ca
reer as a nation has won very little
glory in its wars on the ocean.
The cost of the war for the coming
fiscal year is estimated by Senato
Aiiison at scsrj.uuu.uuij, wnicii is
somethiuc; over a million a day. Tl;
Pittsburg Times, while considering
the expenee bill a sliffone, says con
soliugly that after all it only amounts
to 85 apiece, with the privilege
paying the bill on
plan thrown iu.
the installment
re Thousand
The President's car?
more volunteer's will bring 'i total
army streogtb.regularaod volunteers,
up to 280,000. Secretary Alger has
said that the additional volunteers
called for will not be recruited from
the National Guard a were the first
150,000, but that the eolistment will
be open. Tbe regulations referred to
in the proclamation under wbicb the
enlistments will be conducted have
not yet heen prepared and it ii
thought that thore is uo occasion for
hurry in thia matter until the full
draft called for iu the first proclama
tion has been secure
The call, it is supposed at Wash
ington, indicates a determination to
press the campaign actively and vig
orously from now on.
The report that Montejo, the Ad
miral who was beaten by Dewey, has
been court roartialed and shot for
carelessness and general inefficiency'
at the battle of Manila is probably
untrue. The example would have
little effect unless it was carried out
rigidly, and if it was thus carried out
it would make a bij cat in the Hit of
Spain's navnl and military command
ers. Spain has produced more iu
capables among sailors and soldiers
thau any other two nations in the
world. If Spain,sbould shoot all of
her blunderers Weyler would have
heen executed long ago.
Endeavor W. C. T. U.
The W. C. T. U. of Endeavor held a
patriotic meeting at their headquarters
on Tuesday evening, May 24, President,
Mrs. Warden In chair. Devotional exer
cise were led by Mrs. Wheeler, In the
absence of Mrs. McKean, who is Supt. ol
vangelistio work. Pros, asked audience
to feel free to take part and make it an im
portant meeting. Lai! a Osgood, Jr., pre
9ntod a paper on Spain, Mrs, Warden on
Cuba. Mrs. Wheeler talked and read of
the resolutions of Congress aud declara
tion of war. Mr. Warden gave history
the Philipine Islands. Mrs. Abbott
read of our Navy and described several
large vessels. Mr. Wheeler talked of
Commodore Dewey's great victory, clos
lug with a laughable llttlo boein. Mrs,
Gorman read of work among tho soldiers
by Moody. President then said question
box was open, and questions aud re
marks were In order for a abort timo,
America was sung and the C. E. bene
diction repeated in concert and meeting
aujourneu to meet in two weeks.
The members of the committee of the
Forest County Voterau Association wil 1
convene at the headquarters N. W. As
sociation at Oil City at 8 o'clock sharp, en
the morning of June IHh. Itusiness of
importance. Committee will be prompt
id auennance. iiy order or
Jonathan Albauoh, Pres.
Attest Samuel I. Irwin, Secy.
Mr. Isaac Horner, proprietor of the
Burton House, Burton, W. Va., and one
of the most widely known men in the
State was cured of rheunmtisin after
three years of suffering. He sars:
have not sufficient command of language
to convey any idea of what I auflerod,
my physicians told mo that nothimr
could be done for me aud my friends
were fully convinced that nothimr but
Dentil would relieve me of my sutlering.
xn June, i-.n. Air. &vans, men salesman
for the Wheoliug Drug Co., recommend
ed Chamberlain s Pain Jialm. At this
time my foot and limb were swollen to
more than double their normal size and
it seemed to me my leg would burst, but
soon alter i Degan using tne .rum mini
tbo swelling began to decrease, the pain
to leave, ana now l consider that j. am
entirely cured. For sale by G. W. Bo
Tbe human machine starts but once
and stops but once. You can kecD it ro
log longest by using DeWitt s Little
rar lv Misers, ilia lamous little pills for
oonstipation and all stomach and liver
troubles. Heath & Killmer.
Havn.VoU flrot 25.00? Havn von crnt
eiu.i"J7 uavoyou gotlUO.nuT ir so, why
uon i you oepo-it it Willi tno (Jonewango
xtuuuing ioan Association Association
oi v arren, ra. i ney win pay you B per
cent, per annum Cash Dividend, payable
semi-annually, and you can withdraw
your principal in lull at any time alter 6
nonius. 5-5-1 y,
S. C. P. Jones. Milesbure. Pa., writes:
"I have used DoWitt's Little Early
Risers ever since thov wore introduced
here and most any I have never usd anv
pills in my family during forty years of
nouse Keeping mat gave such satisfactory
resuns as a laxative or cathartic." Heath
iE Killmer.
Best goods at lowest Drices at Miles
a: Armstrongs. it
Late to bed and early to rise, nrenares
a man for his home In the skies. Early
to bed and a Little Early Riser, the pill
that makes lite longer and better and
wiser. Heath A Killmer.
Hundreds of thousands havn lioen In
duced to try Chamberlain's Cough Koin-
ujr i,y rcuuuig wnai it nas aoue lor otn
era, and having tested its merits for
themselves are to-day its warmest lriends,
tor saio ny u. w. liovard.
8. M. Geary, Piorson, Mich., writes:
"DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve is curing
more piles here to-day than all other
remedies combined. It cures ee.ema
and all other skin diseases." Heath i
. i
un you appreciate good laundry
work? if ao patronize tho Dunkirk
Steam Laundry.
Milos A Armstrong
You can get it at Hopkins' store, if.
Koos Kon IlATciiiNo . Barred and
White Plymouth Rock, White Leghorn,
Light Brohmas, Silver Laced and White
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, , t,il C'tj 1a
You can get It at Hopkins' store, tf
"Ono Minute Cough Cure is the best
preparation I have ever sold or used an
1 can't say too much in Its praise." I.
M. Kennon, merchant, Odell, (ia. Heath
ct Killmer.
COLK -NEELY At Marienville, Ma
20, JSOH, by Rev. J. R. Miller. Charles
A. Colo and Ma F. Neolv, both of
Jenks township. Forest couaiy. Pa.
nesta, May 30. lwis, by Key. B.
Grnvor, B. M. Carbaugh and Ethel
IiOtigstretb, both of Ureen township.
roresi county, ra-
With favorable condition we will have
tho largest wheat crop in America ever
known, aa the advanco in prices stimu
lated the planting of a largo eroa.
Ties, scarfs, puffs, bows, at Miles A
Armstrong's. It
A Corry lady entertained tho members
of a club, to which sue belonged, by giv
ing a patriotic to at her home, Wednos-
ay, which for originality and unique-
nose has not bean surpassed. Tho dl.iing
room was decorated In red, white and
blue bunting and Hogs, and Iu a bod of
of lilacs an the centre of the tab'.o was
miniature of the battleship Maine
Alongside each plato was a toy pistol,
loaded with a small paper rap, and the
ladies commenced the repast by tiring a
salutcwith the pistol. Titusville World
On to the front still better goods at
lower prices at Miles A Armstrong's It
A barborof Lubec, Me., has closed LI
shop and posted the following notice on
the door: "To the Publie This barber
shop will be closed for a brief period, aa
the barber has gone to help a few of Un-
le Sam's barbei a (bettor known as soK
iers) scrape the face of tho Western
Hemisphere clear of an obnoxious growth
of whiskers, commonly called Spaniards.
shall not be gone long, as Dewey and
Sampson are applying the lather, and
verything points to a quick job, and a
clean one. I wish to thank tbe publio
for past patronage and on my return
to have a share also."
See the large lino of 2."o neckwear at
Miles A Armstrong's. It
Thomas Kibon, proprietor of the
Slroudsburg Woolon Mills, on Wednes
day had delivered to biiu a complete suit
ol clothing made from the wool of sbeep
whoso fleece was sheered only that morn
ing. The world's record of eight hours,
held in Scotland, was broken by one
hour and fifty-four minutes. The suit
was delivered to Mr. Kibon a few min
utes before 2 o'clock at his residence and
in a few minutes he was attired in it.
'raviolis to Mr. Kibon loworing tho
world's record, of from sheep to finished
clothes, It was hold by a mill at Oalla
shiels. Scotland, and the time was eight
An Explanation.
To all whom it may ooneern :
I. John Hichheld. of tbe township or
Hickory, county of Forest, and state of
Pennsylvania. After being duly sworn,
according to law, deposes and says, in re
gard to the rsport, that has been circular
ed through the county, in relation to
treasonable utterances of John McDonald,
and charged to me, as being the cause of
their publication. I will say I never said
that John McDonald had used language
to that ettect. All he did say was, he
thought this country should not have in
terfered with trouble between Spain and
Cuba, and tbat is all I ever said, bo John
McDonald said unto mo or in my pre
Sworn and subscribed bofore me this
Eleventh Day, of May, 18P8.
skalJ j. rj. srouoiiTON, J. r.
This statement ot Mr. Illghtield is true
but all additional reports is false. I feel
sorry to think that the people of Hickory,
Tionesta or Forest county, would threat
en a man's life for what I said to Mr.
Highlield I have heard other men say the
same thing, 1 am not in lavor of Spain, I
have no reason, to be, I deny the charge,
the party that cireularted this falsehood
shall be'brought to Justice as soon as I
find out who tbey are, I fcol It Is an insult
to me and my family.
ltespeetTiuiy yours,
John McDonald.
Notice to the Public.
Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing judgment uotes, road order, insur
ance policies, deeds, and other valuable
papers were stolen irom me sale ot the
undersigned, in Keilettvuie, i'orestcoun
ty, Pa., on Sunday, May 15, 18.W. The
notes and mad order are not transferable.
aud all persons are hereby notified not to
negotiato or accept the same, as they will
not bo pa'd.
Ur e note lor soiO.ou in lavor or unarms
Bauer, signed by Lawrence x Smear
baucb. dated Mar. 20. lS'JS.
One note for Iiuu in tavor or unarlca
Bauer, signed by T. J. Bruce.
Ono note for x-ii.W in favor or Mrs.
Martha Piorson, signed by H. E. Gilles
pie, and endorsed by Levi rierson.
one note for &u.uu in lavor oi tl. l..
Bennett, sinned by J. I. Morse.
One note lor ?U2 tn lavor of Charles
Bauer, signed by A. M. Hunter.
One note for $00.00 m lavor or Charles
South worth. Binned by C. Y. Detar.
One Klneslev township Koad Order for
lias) in favor or oeorge v hitten.
Three thousand dollar Maccabee lite
insurance policies in favor of Charles
Bauer, c. Y. Dolar and K. K. Urove.
tour SIOOO life insurance policies pay
able to C. Y. Detar.
About one dozen deeds bolonmnz to
dilleront tartiesln Kellellville.
A lot of private papors lje'.onirr.iir to
T l I . . I 1 1 . . ,,
A liberal reward will be paid for return
oi samo.
CiTas. Bauer.
Kellettvillo, Pa
iinwl Properties For Sale.
George Raab offers his entire property
in nonesta ior sale, as ioiiows: Jjuiia-
iug and lot, corner Elm and Bridge Sts.,
and dwelling bouse and lot on Vine St..
near tne High school building. Also,
billiard and pool tables and all fixtures ;
complete and well equipped barber shop
and fixtures for first class restaurant
These properties are among the most do
sirabie in Tionesta, and will be sold at
reasonable figures and on easy terms.
Inquire of Uko. Raab.
Tionesta, Pa.
"For three years we have never been
without Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy la the bouse,'
says A. H. Patter, with E. C. Atkins fc
Co., Indianapolis, lnd., "and my wife
would as soon think of being without
flour aa a bottle of this remedy in the
summer season. We have usad it with
all three of our children snd it has never
failed to cure not simply stop pain, but
aire absolutely, it la all right, and any
one who trinslit will find it so." For
sale by G. W. Bovard.
The Cuban question and political Is
sues sink Into insigmlicam-e with a man
who sutlers from piles. What he most
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tained in half that time by the use of One
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sumption and quickly cures colds, croup.
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Sal ve for itching piles, and it always
steps them in two minutes. I consider
DeWitt's Witch Uazol Salve the best
pile cure on tbe market." Heath & Kill
To ngents aa
sample. This is
tho opportunity
tor a bustler, to
particulars, ad
' Indianapolis, lnd
Ordinance No. 10.
An Ordinance Prohibiting the Riding of
Bicycles on the Sidewalks of the Bor
outh of Tioneeta, Regulating the Riding
of Same on the Streets, and Providing
the Penalty tor the Violating of Same,
Sko. 1. Be it ordained and enacted by
the Barges and Town Coiinsil of the
Borauhg or Tionesta, in the State of Penn
sylvania, and it is hereby ordained and
enacted by the Authority of thesame.and
by virtue of the powers vested in thorn
by and under the laws of the Common
wmlth of Pennsylvania relating thersto.
Skc. 2. That 'from and alter the pas
saw of this Ordinance it shall be unlaw
ful lor any person or persons to ride a Bi
cycle on any Sidewalk on any Public
Street, Lane or Alley in the Borough of
Sko. 3. No person shall ride and Bicyclo
n any Pablio Street, Lane or Alley in
be Horoiyrb of Tionesta at n greator
peod than Six Miles per hour,
Skc. 4. All Bicycles shall be provided
with a Bell, which Bell shall bo rnug by
the rider or riders at least fifty feet from
all crossings and continue to bo rung
until said crossing Is passed.
Sko. 5. Any person or persons violat
ing the foregoing Ordinance shall be li
able to arrest, and en conviction of the
same a fine shall bo imposed of Ono Fol
iar and cost for the first offence, and a
lino of Five Dollars and costs for each
succeeding ollenco.
Skc. 6. Anv person or persons arrest
ed and convicted for violating any of the
provisions of this Ordinanco.upon future
t) pay the lino and costs, shall be senten
ced to be couliued iu tho Borough lockup
for a period not to exceed live days or to
the county Jail tor a period not to exceed
thirty days.
nko. 7. All trials shall be bad aud held
and tine and sentence imposod in accord
ance with an Act of Assembly of tho
Commonwealth or Pennsylvania ap
proved the 4th day of June, 1SU7.
sko. H. This wrdinadce to take eneci
and be In force from and after June 15,
. D. ISiiS.
Sko. l. All Ordinances or parts of or
dinances inconsistent with this are here
by repealed.
FASSKD-May 25, A. D. 18P8.
J. T. Dalk,
Attest, President of the Council.
D. W, Clark, Clerk.
AprrtovKD May 31, 18J18.
K. C. Hkath, Burgess.
Notice is hereby given that thero will
be a meeting of the stockholders of the
lonesU Water Supply Company, on
una 1st, ISikS, In its oltico, (tho gas olllce)
Tionesta, Pa., at 2 o'clock p. m. for the
purpose of voting on an increnw of tho
capital stock, from eight thousand to
twenty thousand dollars.
u. w. KoniNaoN, pres.
tf S. D. Irwin Seo.
Notice of Appeals.
Notice is hereby given that tho Com
missioners af Forest county will moot at
their oltico in the Borough of Tionesta, on
the loth and Hith days of June, 18D8, for
tbe pur ose of holding a Court of Appeals
irom tne assessment or money at mieresi
for the year lS'JS.
. M. Coos,
C. M. WlltTKMAN,
Hkhman Bm'm,
Attest: Commissioners.
J. T. Dale, Clerk. 3t.
Office i .fc "X National Bank Building,
Eyes examined freo.
Exclusively optical.
fi Geo. Watklnton a Co.,
prevents cracMnj nt the sides near
-the sole. A n!:::pli remedy
whic'i over zones a long
standing i.Vfcct In
Good Stock. Good Carriages and Bus;
cries to let upon the most reasonable terms,
lie win also do
All orders left at tho Post Oltico wil)
recoive prompt attontion.
effect Oct. 10, 18i7
Trains leave Tio
nosta for Oil City
and points west as
No. 31 Buffalo Express, daily
except Sunday 12:06 noon
JNo. til Way relent (carry inn
passonircrs), daily oxcept
Sunday 4:50 p. in.
IHo. AS Oil City kx prose, daily
except Sunday 7:40 p. in
For Hickory,Tidioute,Warren,Kinzua,
Bradford, Olcan and tbe J'.ast :
No. 30 Olean Express, daily
except Sunday 8:45 a. m
No. 3Z nttsburR express,
daily except Sunday 4:19 p. m
No. CO Way Froixbt (carrying
passencors to Irvinotonldaily
except Sunday 9:50 a. m,
Get Time Tables and full information
from W. H. SAUL, Aeent, Tionesta, Pa
K. BKLL, Uen'ISupt.
Gen'l Passenger ct Ticket Agent,
General ofllce, Moonev-Brisbane Bid
Cor. Main and Clinton Sis., Buffalo.N.Y,
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ing tho "Samo thing over and
over." Wo make them from
$3.50 upward.
Miles & Armstrong
Ilizarre Designs
in Wall Taper
are very ef
fective when uoed iu large rooms. Iu
the average room, a rich ilesigu of
solid color, with. maybe a sprinkling
of little figures iu coutrasliog color,
is the proper thing. 1 his is not tne
place whero you uouie in and say,
"I've gut a room, eight by ten feet
and ten feet high. How much wall
paper will I need, and how much will
it cost ?" Before we sell yon a wall pa
per we want to find eut several things.
It is a more particular way, a better
way and in the end a cheaper way.
We Handle the.
To be found and our Stock is
Finest Quality
A. Wayne Cook,
A. U.
O. W.
A. Wayne Cook,
N. r. Wheeler,
T. F. Rltehey.
Mi- H
nn i IT
Collections remitted for on day of pr.yment at low rates. We promise our custom
ers all the bonolits consistent with consorvativo b klnir. Interest paid on Ume
.deposit. Your patronage respectfully solicited.
Lawrence &
-o o o-r-o-$-
Always Completo and of the
the Market Affords.
Vice President,
- - - $50,000.
recto ns
Wm. Smearbmigh,
J. T. Dale, J. II. Kelly.

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