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Our standards arc never permitted to be
lowered for sake of price, but our prices
arc always held at the lowest point.
Our constant aim is to Improve the standard of this business tn sell belter goods
(at the same low prices), and to discover better merchandise bettor system belter
methods to make it more and more strongly ku nvu that no store in America can
lead us in correct rinciples of merchandising. We endeavor to make this great re
tail store an example to follow. We utilize every practical thought or invention to
ward the betterment of this business. We do not oiler for sale that kind of merchan
dise, ii respective of quality, which will permit iiioting of somo inuuitisiiiai price,
but Instead we search the markets of the w orld lor the best poasitdo bargains in de
(irable and creditable merchandise.
Smart &
for women and children. Different from any shoes you can buy; if the quality isn't
bolter, the price is lower. We work from a standard the best shoe at the price
most people want to pay.
For instance, we found that more t-UW women's shoes wero sold than any other
and we concentrated on our special, and got tho best f-.00 shoe made; In fact it's bet
tor than most (4.50 shoes, and as goo.) as lots of $1.00 ones.
Erom these J3.00 shoe, we grade down and up; the shoes we are selling at f-.iXl
are well worth $i50; t'uose at ?l 00 are regularly sold at fo.00.
Ladies' f.1.50 Velour Calf Shoes, $.!.;!!; Goodyear Welt, heavy extension soles, a
very stylish, mannish shoe. Just about 100 pairs of these which we just bought
from a prominent manufacturer at a low price. While they last fj.3!, instead of Ja.50.
are the wearable kind. It's hard work at b."t to keep the average boy in shoe leath
er. We've tried to get tho very best wearing kinds obtainable, and tried harder siill
to keep the cost down. You know we claim to sell you three pairs for what you
pay elsewhere for two.
In the shoo department.
The shape of it makes a Dress Suit Case easier to carry than any other piece of
vacation baggage. You'll want one this Pan American year.
Patent Fibre Cases 22x24 inches, very stn ug $2.50
Leather Case, canvass lined, brass trimmed and steel framo 3.50
Solid Solo Leather Case (special) 5.00
Smart & Silberberg.
Republicans After a Hard Fight
Fulfill Tbir Pleilgo to
the Farmers.
Vegislation In Favor of the Miners anc
Against Company Stores The "Bal
lot Reform Liars" Busy.
(Special Correrpondpnce.)
Harrisburg, May 28. The Republl
ran leaders have done great work in
overcoming opposition to their plans
io have this legislature make an un
usually good record tn the recognition
of the claims of the farming and the
laboring elements of the slate.
Despite the miserable attempts of the
enemies of the stalwart Republican or
ganization to misrepresent the atti
tude of Governor Stone, the officers ol
the department of agriculture under
his administration, and the influential
leaders of the Republican party ol
Pennsylvania, the action of the stal
wart Republicans In this legislature
give a most emphatic answer to theli
Insurgent and Democratic critics.
For the last two years efforts havt
made to create the impression that
some mysterious influences were being
exerted in antagonism to the farmers
and In the interests of the manufactur
ers and dealers In oleoniorgarino.
Columns after columns of newspapet
stories have been printed to make the
people believe that the farmers' in
tercsts were being neglected and thai
they could never hope to get any con
sideration from the present leadership
of the Republican party.
Notwithstanding the existence of s
very powerful oleo lobby hre the stal
wart Republican leaders, with Sena
tors Quay and Penrose, and Oovernoi
Stone and his associates in his admin
istration actively working to the same
end, the Republican members of the
senate and the house have passed the
Harris-Snyder anti-oleomorgarine bill
and one of the most desperately fought
contests at this session of the legisla
ture Is at an end.
This hill, the fight for which wa!
led by Representative Harris, of Clear
field, in the house, and Senator Snyder
of Chester county, In the senate, is ex
actly what the farmers and the repre
sentatives of the pure butter orgauiza
tlon desired.
Of the several clauses in this bill
which so deeply affects the Interests ol
farmers of the state, the first is the
color clause, which forbids olco from
being colored in imitation of yellow
butter and fixing fines and penalties
for violation thereof. The second-feature
of the bill prevents dealers from
selling oleo for butter until their cases
have been decided by the courts. This
feature of the bill is very similar to
the New York law, which has been sc
effectual in suppressing the sale of
Among other bills which huvc at
tracted widespread attention in the leg
islature are those affecting the labor
ing Interests. One of these is known
as the company store order bill. This
measure Is designed to so tax the or
ders for wages given on stores oper
ated by employers of labor so as to en
courage competition from private firms
and corporations having no connection
with the employment of these who pur
chase from thorn.
After a hearing. In which represent
atives of miners from difter nt parts
of the state were present, a Mil has
finally been agreed upon which it is
believed will go a great distance to
ward the abolition of the company
store evil in Pennsylvania.
Another bill that has pnssed Is that
whlh requires owners of coal mines
to keep medicine chests and surgical
appliances In the mines for the care of
injured miners.
Another bill increases the number of
mine Inspectors, who will be required
to make frequent Inspections of the
mines to insure the safety of those
employed In them.
Timely and fitting oommei.t Is made
by Editor W. 11. Sandborn. of the
North East (Pa. P.reeze, upon the In
sincerity and hypocrlsv of what he is
pleased to style the "llbt Reform
Llnrs," who have been seeking to mis
lead the people on the subject.
"The fact of the matter," sas Editor
Sandborn. "is Just, this:
"The present ballot Is satisfactory
to the people, but the Insurgents and
.. : niocrats wanted an issue to go be
fore tho people with, and "ballot re
tonn." like "free silver." was a catch
ing and loud sounding name, onj
might, therefore, have weight with
that class of voters who ar- "a.in the
L'oveniment at all tinea, providing
the Issue smells of "something lor
nothing," or a chance to r! !e Into of
ike upon a wave of false pretenses.
inese political issues which are
sprung upon the people, and v lib h I
peal to their selfish nature Indeed of
their Judgment, was at one tine a
means by ".hieh political tri.i. ;;:..! s
carried elections by hood'.'iuU:ii, th.
voters. Hut we believe tho.v ti n - ale
past, and tho days of presenting the
voters with bea itllul gold bricks on
pa per-are not so tiPuriug. a:i C ;l. '.I.if
foy and the insurgents will fitei out at
the coming election.
"The hypocrisy of tho GufTryiie am!
insureent professions on the subject
of ballot re.orm was at Harrisburg ir
tho schoolboy bill as presented to tht
house for that body's action. Even th
men who had the bill In charge anc
made the speeches .in its favor had tc
acknowledge that the bill was not per
feet, but they thousl.t It Trts bettei
than the ore tow In u.-e.
"Ihe bluff of Col. Cuffey m; otitis
Col. Qtiay was simply a f.ir'-o. He hid
nothing to offer, consequently he re
ceived nothing in return. The bliiH
was called, and when the hands wore
shown Cufe had a Mar ilusa and
Quay held royal Hush. No, the bal
lot relorm racket won't work."
Buffalo Hay Market.
HAY X. 1 timothy, Innse. $17.00;
No. 1 timothy, baled. I.Y.-rfiCi lii.iMI.
New Trk Money Market.
Mom y ou rtill. t'li-t1 per ce;it.
Prime mercantile paper, 4jt I'j per
Stirling exchange: Aet,;:;l hu-incs In
hansels' tit JMS1 1 XVS for demand
mid M!i for sixty dujs. Posted rates,
Sf.SV .i I. Sit.
Celine. i ial hills, ? l.SIV" IM.
Par nlver. .'!sc.
New York Provision Market.
Fl.O VP.-Winter patents. Mtkiftl.OlU
winter straights, $.'1.4oit,'t.W; winter ex
tras, $2.4.V!(2.So; winter low grades,
2.:ii'il2.ll: Minuesola patents. $4.tHKt(
t.et: Minnesota bakers', y2.isifoH.2o.
COliNMKAl. Yellow western,. $1.00;
city. ;in-; bran.lywiue, $2.4.Vi2.o5.
KM -No. 2 western, t'to f.o.b.
atl'iit: v-tatc rye, ,"7'n"S.
111) A l'--No. 2 red. S2V f.o.b. alloat;
"n. 1 northern, M f.o.b. afloat.
Ct'KN o.-2 corn. I'.c f.o.b. alloat.
OATS-No. 2. XU-. No. 2 white, :.! :
rack mixed westeru, ol'ljrile; track
white. H.'i.'n.'l" o.
HAY Shipping, TOiVSlV; g,Kid to
choice. !7 jc
lUTTl'lt - Creamery exf.as, Ilk-;
factory. I i(; t;t',c; imitation creamery,
1 I'dlxe.
ClIKi.Si: -Fancy large white, 11(8
11V; small white, l'Jdl 12 ,c.
Elltlij -Stale and Pennsylvania, 13'.j
Cn 1 lc: western. KP ;o.
POTATOES .lei cys. otV(it.?1.2o;
New York, If l.'Sitti '..io; Jersey sweets,
Buffalo Provision Market.
Ill 1'1'Al.l), May 27.
WIIFAT-Xo. 1 northern, old. Sic;
wiiiici win at. No. 2 nsl, 7tic.
Corn No. 2 corn, 4.V-.(.i ilie; No. J
corn, 4.'.fi.' lC,
OA IS -No. 2 white, ;!2";;.i:!:to; No. 2
mi.xeil. .'if ,e.
l'l.Ol' li Spring wheat, best patent,
per blil., J 4.7o(J3.ij; low glades, .?;
It ITTER Creamery, western, extras,
IP1.-; state and Penn Ivania creamery,
lN.l'.lc; fair to good, l.ny I tic.
CI I EES K Fancy full ereant, JOjc;
good to choice, 7lt-V; cniutnen to fair,
cAiiiS-Western and state faacv,
POTATOES lainy, while, stale,
Ij'iHi'r; state, fair to gmid, isyific.
East r iliulo Live Stock Market.
CATTI.i-;--lC.tra eiport steers. $."i.UJ
ti."i.70: good to ihoiie shipping steers,
jf.'i.iriVi'ii'; course, rough, but l'ut
steets. i.P 'oY"'.t: choice to smooth, fat
hcil'cis, -Si l--t'io.wo; coieuuui to good
cows. SI.2ViM.oO; good butcher bulls,
$ t.li ( i t.-i.
Slii-.i;;' .N! l.AMHS-ftpiius lamb,
ehonv to I'MiK j. fs.i.,-,i ltl.tKi fair tn
good. .-"i.o( !! 7 7."i; wi tln-i- slni-p, $I.U'';t,
4. Ml; common to fair, $i.4ijf i.4,.
liOdS--Mixed piu-ki-ts' g-.ales, $i!.fHe.(
!.o.": h.uvy hous, Sii.i..,n ;.!,"; th i
heavy and upwuiMs, ?ii.l'o(iitl.HI.
Sir Tlioioai (imnteil Extension of Time
hy American t'lialli'iiKf Committee,
NEW YOLK. May '-'.V -The challenge
coin. nill. e of the New York Yacht club
at a meeting Friday afternoon decided
to i-xteed the time for the iiiternationnl
ya'-iit nice one mouth, jn accordance with
a wish for this lwi:fh of time expressed
by Sir Thomas l.ipton.
Qneer SfH Tfir SniierstMlnns.
"Don't take n light out of the house
before one has been brought in," Is the
solemn injiiiictiou on New Year's night
of tbe peasantry of Lincolnshire, Eng
land. Death is certain to result if this
Idvice is not followed.
To permit n woman to enter the house
nrst en New War's day is said to be a
sure forerunner of evil. The same re
sults are said to foil iw the throwing out
uf dirty water, ashes ur uuy kind of ref
use. In sweeping the house the dust must
be swept from the door to the hearth or
3eiith will be the consequence. A custom
largely observed nt present is after mak
ing the tire in the mnrnin? to spread the
ashes over the threshold. If in the
morning there is an impression of a foot
leading from the house, a death in that
family is so firmly believed in that prep
arations are made for it, but if the foot
mark lends toward the house a birth
during the year is sure, and prepara-
Mons are made accordingly.
Costs You Ncthing If Ycu
Are Not Cured
The proprietors of that spkt did rem
edy Thompson's Barosma, Had ache, Kid
ney and I.iver cure authorize the drug
gists of whom you buy theirreimdy tore
fund all your purchase money if the
Barosma fails to cure you.
The HnroMiia sells at one dollar a
bottle or six for five dollar. With each
purchase of six liottles your druggist will
give yon a guarantee certificate.
Thompson's Barosma is performing
wonders not only in the gteat number of
cases cured, but in the fact that the cures
are Permanent.
Look Out for These Signs.
Pain in the back, a giddy sensation or
headache, palpitation of the heart, a sal
low complexion, a bad taste in the morn
ing, flatulency and fullnessof the stomach
costivness, lossof sleep, cold feet and fee
ble circulation. Is there a sediment in
your inline, or a scum on it after it has
stood for twelve hours? Is it stringy and
ropy? Are you sure that albumeu. the
most vital element of the body, is not be
ing wasted awav in the urine? Does the
urine stain your clothing? Do you have
an unusual or scanty supply? Do you
get tired easily? Is your breath short?
Do your feet and ankles swell ? Do you
have KlK-um.iti.'m. Sciatica, Neuralgia,
Gout ? Take immediate warning ; do not
wait ; ySti w ill get worse instead of lietter.
llarosma and Danleloin and Mandrake
Pills will cure you and save a doctor's
bill, f I. uo a buttle, or six for f 5.00. All
I A r rfirt fiinil'v r ni' ';,' for thrrmt
rt I ei'ii ' Sr" Viirnt, K.r' V-mtl nrnl
ijuin-y Uic!:I yl-l 1 to lt virtue. It it
but dlo'.v and t.-diuua la its
tufctvfifilmost fie-larit r-Hef, TnnplHn
is em :r ly hannU-,.1. It stnml, nione us
a r-i:uirkalilo uuu mo ierii cure U c
anil nil elmllar trouble!.
TUB1U!S1X,I.NJC i;.. (ANTuM.a,
l'rM IvasUi KetlreeJ !.w-Knlr Tr !
Ike I'arMr ( eM.
The Pennsylvania Railroad Personally
Conducted tour toSao Francisco and the
Pacific Coast, leaving New York, Phila
delphia and Pittsburg hy special train of
Pullman, sleeping, dining and ol-scrva-tion
ears, July 8, w ill not be confined to
delegates to tbe Kpworlh League conven
tion, w hieh w iL be held in Sau Francisco
from July IS to 21, but will be run foi
tho benefit of all who desire to visit Cal
ifornia und the Cauadian Northwest dur
ing the summer season. Stops will I
nisdeat Denver, Colorado Springs, Sslt
l.ak City, San Francisco, Monlerov,
Mula lUrtuira, Angeles, Kan Jose,
Portland, Seattle, lUntl Hot Spring-, SU
Paul, and other interesting points en
ron le,
Tbe round trip rate from all points on
tho Pennsylvania Railroad east ot Pit's
burg, $lvi.,r4), covers transiortation,
if -nolo Pullman berth, and meals in
dining car; two persons in a berth, each,
flits.,'). Rates from Pittsburg, f,00 less.
Tho tour will cover a period ol ;I0 days.
Persons desiring, nitty return inde
pendently from San Frsncico by vari
ous routes at proportionately low rates.
For further Information spply to ticket
agents, or address tiro. V. ltoyd, Assist
ant Passenger Agent, Philadelphia. It
- A (iikh) Thing.
(ierman Syrup is the special prescrip
tion of Dr. A. Ibisohee, a celebrated Her
man Plivsieisn and is acknowledged to lie
one ol the most fortunate discoveries in
Medicine. It quickly cures Coughs,
Colds and all Lung troubles of the sever
est nature, removing as it does, the cause
of the s Hoot ion and leaving tho psrta in a
stroug and healthy condition. Ii is not
an experimental medicine, but lias sti,od
the test of years, giving sniisfieiinn in
every case which its rapidly Increasing
side every season confirms. Two mil
lion bottles sold annually, lloschce's
(erinan Syrup was introduced in the
I'nited States in lsHS, and is now sold in
everv town and village in the civilised
world. Three doses will relieve any
ordinary cough. Price 75 cts. Get
Ureen's Prize Almanac.
Paint Your linger Fur 7."c.
with Devoe's Uloss Carriage Paint, ready
for use; 10 colors. Hives a high gloss
equal to new. Sold bv James 1). Davis.
" 3 6-4m.
Soulh Dakota Farms
Is the title of an illustrated booklet just
isMij.l i,v the Chicago, Milwaukee t St.
Paul Railway, doscreplive of the countrv
lietwieti Alx'rdocn and the Missouri
Hiver, a section heretofore unprovided
with railway facilities but which is now
reached by a new line of the Chicago,
Milwaukee A St. Paul R'y. Everyone
contemplating a change ol'locati .n 'will
be Interested in the Information contain
e I in it and a copy may bo bad by send
ing a two-cent stamp "to F. A. Miller,
General Passenger Agent, Chicago, 111. ;lt
Notice is hereby given that tbe under
signed will meet on June 1st at loo'clock
a. m., on Polland bill, Tinuesta and
Pl'-asuntville road, where tho road liere
alter described intersects said Poland
hill roHd, lo let contract lor the opening
and luiildmg of that portion of the road
now Inicj out leading troin said Tionesta
and Pleasantville road to Stepl en F.m
ick's, w hicn lies in Tionesta township,
contritcl and spocinonlions will be pres
ent st time of letlintr.
All persons desiring tn bid on said
work w ill please be present.
Axurkw Wol.K,
Jacoh Waunkii,
A. V. S' MIIT,
Road Com'rs Tionesta Ta p.
Tionesta Pa., May 17, POI.
Heiliiced Kales to (ieltjsbuig via the
lVnnsyhMiiia lUilroail,
For Ihe benefit of tliose desiring to at
tend the annual encampment of tbe
(irand Army of Ihe Republic, Depart
ment ot Pennsylvania, st Gettysburg
J uiio II to w, the Pennsylvania Railroad
Ci n any w ill sell excursion tickets to
Gettysburg from all stations on its line
in the state of Pennsylvania, on June 1,
It. 4 and . gooil returning until June 10
inclusive, at rate ol a single fare lor the
lound trip. For specific rates apply to
ooal tiekel agents. 't
ItrftNrci! Hales le Hna Frnm-iM-e via the
liamilvaiifil llnllreail, Arreunl Fn-woi-lli
Lenaue C'envrntlon.
On account of the Fifth International
Convention of Ihe Kpworth league, to Ik
hebl in San Francisi-o, July IH UtT the
Pennsylvania Kail rod cnmiany will sell.
July 4 to 11, from all stations on its line,
excursion tickets t- San Francisco at
greatly reduced rales. For specific In
formation rcgsriliug rates, routes, and
conditions of tickets spply lo ticket
airents. 21
Indian Ter.
R. R, New Mexico.
Iowa, So. Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado
Ever in Effect to
Via New Orleans and the Sunset Route.
i no only true inter Route. o
Snow liloekades or Uli.zarda.
The onlv Ittm nnorulit,,, . I,... 1.1a .lAil..
. T I s "'0
service between Cineinuali and New Or
leans, carrying Pullman Palace Drawing
jniii .-o--Tn, rree neciiniug t tiair
Cars and liullet. Library, Smoking Cars,
Cafe Dining Ca-s (meals a la cartel.
Finest and Fastest Trains in the South.
Pullman Fxeursion Sleeping Car thro'
tO I.OS A tlir(,,M AVut-t l.-riiluu f.n.n !.!
cago, via Omaha and the Setnio line of
II... U-...I.I
Pullman excursion sleeping cars thro'
to San Francisco every Mondav and Fri
day from Cincinnati, "and every Wednes
day from Chicago, via New Orleans and
the Sunset Route, These cars are person
ally conducted by competent agents to
ok after tlia wolf re ol patrons.
Superb New Steel Steamers to
Through Sleeping Car from Chicago
without change, a'nl through Sleeping
Car reservations from Cincinnati, via
Memphis to
For FRF.i; descriptive matter and full
particulars regarding above, address
E. A. RICHTER, T. P. ft.
Mi: Park lluilding, Pittsburg, Pa.
A. II. HANSON, O. P. A. Chicago.
Notice of Appeals.
Notice is hereby given that the Com
missioners of Forest County will meet st
tlo ir nllbe in the Itorough ot Timiosla
on the l ltll and l llh days of June, l"o,
fur the purMise of holding a Court of A-
!rni mini me assessment ot money at
interest for the year l!ml.
R. M. IIkkman,
J. T. Dai.k,
Attest: Commissioner.
Sam. T. Vuhhs, Clerk.
TioucMta, Pa., May 1:1, llKll.
OMi Ht iarmur jewelry M-oro, Tio
ttCNta. I'ft. All Icnnl lMisinowi and 4U(s;
HoiiM promptly hih! faithfully hIIoiuIcmI to.
Knlnred Kales Is larlauall la Ike I'raw
.iltaata KNllrail,acrttUMl 'eaea
llH el I ait r4 Kerb-lire el I krl
Ilea Keal.-ater.
On account of Hie iVnventlon of the
I' lilted Societies of Christian Endeavor,
to be held ill Cincinnati July 1 lo ID, tbe
Pennsylvania Railroad Company will
sell July 4 to A, from all stations on its
line, excursion tickets to Cincinnati at
one fare for tbe round trip,
Thase tickets will be good for return
passage, leaving Cincinnati not earlier
ihan July H, and not later than July 14.
ForsHH-ilie rates and full information,
apply to ticket agents. -t
I ieMferrki-re'l K xraralea.
Ou the first ml third Tuesdays ol'
February, March, April, May aud
June ihe t'biisgo, Milwaukee sod St.
1'aul Railway IV will sell 11 jmeseck
ers' Kxcursiou tickets f ntu Chicago
to points in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas,
Wyoming, (' dorado. Idaho, Minne
sota, Siullt Dnk t.i, Montana. I' I ah,
Oregon, Wasliinglou ami British Co
lumbia, at rate of ore lire, plus two
dollar", for the round trip, gouil for
twenty one-days. For lull prrlicu
lars call ou or a Ure.-s V. S. 11 iwell,
ti. E P A, 3M llroailway. New
York, or J dm li IVtt, 1) 1. A.S10
Park Hui. line;, Pittsburg, Pa to 7-1
0K MUNM Kl.rUNtw:u
sesi soviet. noun, rmiHfui stsvicc
.,. h.a.holcate
Pon't t lo th top of your
Jellv Hint preferva jari lu
the oUl fiuhiotierf wuy.
thrill liv Ilia tiew, quick.
H imil mwiuiki uimirtj,
rtliuHl rnrniuno N ax.
II i no tttlo orinltir.
U air lletit anil arid
inor. Fwtly applied.
( wm! in a ilorenolhwr
WHV;itK)Ul Ihe lioima.
Full direciioni wilt)
V. i-V 'ff each pound
r,' ' - Matte t, SIN
Painting and
I have secured the srenev for
the celebrated KAYSERS ALL'
Ifllfj wall piper and csu show
yuu samples autl iUote prices
that beat them all.
I make a specialty of nrt istic
house paiuliDg and insule fin-
isuing. If you've anything in
my lino let me know ami 1
will call nn you.
Fred. (Jrettcnbcrcr
All work pertaining to Machinery, En
gines, Oil Well Tools, (las or Water Fit
lings and Heneral Ithtcksinitliing prompt
ly done at lxw Kates. Repairing Mill
Machinery given special attention, and
satisfaction guaranteed.
Shop In rear of and Just west of the
Shaw House, Tidioute, Pa.
Ymir patronage solicited.
KKF.D. i RF.TTF.N ItKltt.F.K.
Taking effect. May Siti, KKH.
No. 30 Rulfalo Express, daily
except Sunday th'i'ia. in.
No. SJ Oil City "and Piit.-bnrg
Ex ress,daily,exeepl Sunday .7:10 p.m.
For II iekory.Tidioiito, Warren, Kiii7.ua,
llradford, Olean and tho East :
No. Ill olean Express, daily
except Sunday 8:5."i a. in.
No. 3:1 Pittsburg Express,
daily except Sunday 4:3!) p. m.
For Time Tables and additional infor
mation consult Tii k"t Agent.
Oeneral Manager, Uoii'l Passenger At.
Wanted-An Idea
Who eaa thins
of eonie lnitlfl
tlilnif I., lAlontl
rr-'mc your nrw; ini mar liriUtf yrtl WPAItb
Wrlw JOHN WKDuF.Hbl'hN Co.. IWnt att.ir
Mrs, Wsnbltiirum, D. C. for tbelr $l.Sn prlu unr
aud Ufl uf Iwu bimonil lurtntluua wauUsl.
t. Wk.
r 'V
rx .
I am still handling tht
taw wntmm, mm mzzw, nnnt
.Sild one and one-half cars of these
I t M Konda last season. Every machine doinK Kod work. Machines warranted
II 1 ' f t arr.r "i? 01,1 r",i,b,a IVrr'' l:mPire "rn I'i'l- Favorite Grain Drills
'11 lump, rert.lrar. Good tertihster always on hat..!. Thanking you for past favors I am yours resp'y,
i ain na
will drill
Spring Campaign
Has Opened.
And ws wish to iufuru. the Fk niters, Gardeuera ami others thai
we are prepared belli r tliau ever to supply I hoi r eviry waDt iu the
liuo of Plows, lUrrows, (.'uUivaturs, Gruiu Drills, Hoes, Shovels,
Rakos, ami every form of Farm ami Garden implements. And
we feel certain wo call save you money ou every article in our line.
Our stuck of Heavy ami Shell Hardware, I.uiubcrmoii's Sup
plies, Stoves, Ranges, Ktc, is the niot conipK-le in this section.
Taints. Oils, and an artist to put it on if yuu want.
Call and see tho new Summer Gas Stove. It is a marvel.
liood Stock, liisid I'arriages and Hug
gio to ttt upon the most reasonable terms,
lie will also do
job TE-AiMiinsra-
All orders left at the Post (llllco wil
receive prompt attention.
Our stock Is always complete, and con
sists of Ihn largist aud best selected as
sortment of
IMjiiiioimN. Vnl'hrsi,
C lot Un, Void and lMalrri
Jewelry, Slfrliiiu SII
ver, Silver I'lntetl
Ware, Silver ami oilier
Novell lent mid I.ealher
(ouds Ever Sliuwn in
the City.
13 Weeks For 25 Cts.
For ih bright it, Atwittfi-
and mct iiulavr UcitimiU
Ke4nii(Hl fur tic limn joari
itutliuritr on mftltart MrUininc to
lisM Hall. Trmp Bholin, Biliird
Itrnl hirnJirJp.'rU. Tha bet juperof
Hi kind Piii'iunm. t'lftuepurpc-M
ft 1 ntrtstJ urine ,n I'H'Klities,
will MO'l tt thirtB wMkpfi'rSe,
(Uupij. Simple oujrfr. Atiilmrt,
SlMirltiiK 1.1 fc, 4UH Dnntlo Hliltf, lMillo
HOW Rliout your Htt)tk of StHtidimry?
We dt) ImkIi class Job Printing,
goods last sessor,
Feed & Sale
Fino Turnouts at All Times
at Reasouablo Kates.
Hoar or Hotel Weaver
Teh luuie o. 20.
can ho caught, if the tackle is good,
nothing- hut the best io our stock of
Lilies Keels, Umls, Baskets, Spinners
ami ihe finest mid strongest Knell
hooks muile Call ami examine them.
()iii'ile Ufiioli )eiot.
Telephone 2G1.
Ollica i 1 National Hank lluilding,
Oil. CITY, PA.
Eyes examined free.
Exclusively optical.

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