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. AMI .
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C. M. MM & SON,
All Leading Companies
Wild Lands, Farms, Houses
0 Lots for Sale or Rent.
TriMl I.lst.
I'harlttr Notleo.
I .tin morn. Ail.
Hopkins. Locals,
lir. Dunn. Locals,
(irant Sinister. Ail.
Court I'roclainatimi.
Continuation Nniice.
Iievoa Co. Letter.
Heath t KhU. Locals.
Klcclion I'roclaiiiatloii.
Joyce's Millinery. Locals.
Commissioners' Land .Sale.
Whit Star liris-ory, lKaala.
Tionesta Cash Store. Locals.
Clarion Normal Nehool, Ail.
Oil market closed at fl.no.
-Kino china dishes at T. C. 8. It
Oil and aaa leases at thin olnce.
-Walton I leads tlie.n all. T. C. S.
Ilopxlns sella the IHmirlaa shoes tl
See those cheap Irunka ami bags al
T. C. 8. U
tallica, (jo to the Joyce Millinery for
Klf ((loves. It
Mackliitoahos lor ladien at Tionesta
C'ah Store. It
See our lino of nmleawear lor all.
ltuath it Kelt. It
Overeoils ami ciolliiii. Von can (ret
a lit at Hopkins' slnro. It
(una for hire and irooil ainmuiiition
for aale at the White Star CJrocery. tf
Infa la' coats, made of Kiilordown,
nicely trimmed, alt colors and siies, f I..V)
each at lleaih A Keifs. It
Itia the Sirootinan shoe that (lives
an -b universal satisfaction. Kor ladies,
Misses and chililron. Hopkins. It
Ihm't fail to net out to hear Congress
nun Mllilc) at the court house next Tues
day evening. You will tie mint royally
Kruits and vegetables are not out of
season hy any means. When you want
tlm Iroshesl and rlntwt call or 'phone the
White Siar flrocery. H
A Hock of a down or two wild uese
lit lu the river up near the county home
Monday, aud there wa'nt a sport in
sight. 'Twas ever thus.
A fratemnl invitation is extended to
all teachers in attoiuUnce at imitituie thia
week to call at the Joyce inillinery and
inspect the lino of proper huts It
li nut pong seta at Dunn's drug store.
Very fascinatiiiu iraine, furnishing tine
amusement ! -r the long evenings, and
don't cost much. They are here now. It
James (Ititillan, the well known mill
wright, came down from ISincthpnrl, Mo
Kvau county, Monday, and will superin
tend the work of rebuilding t tie wooden
railroad lirldge over Tiouesla creek at the
mouth of Koss Hun, the piers and abut
ments having been completed,
James Cooper was severely injured
on Hi i Weller A Collins mill, at Porkey,
last Thursday. The circular saw struck
the "dog" which was broken Into three
pieces, one of which struck Cooper, on
the forehead, knocking him insensible for
a lime but he is getting along all rigid.
l'reslon M . Nullry, of West Hickory,
who Is employed on the Carter farm,
met Willi a painful injury last Thursday
Hfli'moon. He was oiling the. engine
when his right wrist was caught In the
machinery and badly pinched, so much
so that It will be rome time before he has
much use of that arm.
The fanners In the vicinity of Sager
town, Crawford county, are receiving
good money for their crop of field
pumpV ins. They are gotting i I per ton,
loaded on the cars, and some Holds vivid
an Income to the owner of ) per acre.
" The pumpkins are taken to Couneaut, 0.,
where they are canned.
The bunting season has been on just
a week and still the market ha not been
glutted with game. Squirrels, which
were plenty during September, are now
pretty thoroughly absent, having "mov
ed on." Pheasants are likewise a pretty
scarce article If Judged from the few that
have been brought iu,
lnmla"a Mnddelena and Bennl Pa
nli, the two Italians who murdered James
lleekin In Elk coiinty last February,
were allowed to plead guilty to murder
In the second degree at Ridgway last
week, and were given the maximum
sentence by Judge Mayer for that crime,
which Is 20 years in the ponllenliary.
Dr. Hnvard's horses took a tmitrum
In front of his office Saturday as lie was
about to start on a trip ami before he
could got them quieted down they had
freed themselves from thn bni'gy and
would have made a bad mess of It
ha I Hie lines not been made of good ma
terial. No great damage was done to the
Will II. Hunter, of the West Side,
had the Angers of bis left hand badly
lascorated on the slasher saw of the Os
good A Jam ieson mill, above Jaiuioson
station, Monday morning. Pr. lireaves
attended him and thinks he will lose
none ol his fingers, though the second or
middle finger is in a pretty bad condi
tion. The Press on Oct. It was the only
Philadelphia paper giving, In its early
editions, the result of the conference be
tween President Roosevelt and J. Pier
imnl Morgan that practically settled the
coal strike. The agreement of tlio coal
mine operators to arbitrate their differ
ences with the miners was news of Na
tional importance. The Presa being the
only newspaper to give the public this
news In the wide territory covered by its
first editions, made a notable addition to
its many similar achievements in the
past. The Preva at the popular price of
one cent daily places its vast and conv
plolo uews service within Iho roach of all
Coiigressiitaii Sibley In Speak at Hick
urj and TIoiichU.
Next Monday evening, Oct. Iff, Con
gressman Sibley will speak to the people
In tho Maccabees hall at Kast Hickory.
On the following evening Oct. 2sth, he
will speak in the Court House at Tiouea
ta. Thrso will be Mr. Siblev's first
speeches iu Forest county, whose people
uave always uad a desire to see and bear
lliis brilliant mau. Turn out aud eive
our Representative royal welcome to
llie Home county of his new constituency
A robin catches ton quarta ol cut
worms iu a season. A robin will eat aa
many canker worms as would be sutliu
lent to destroy all the India and foliage
on two or three apple trees. It lias been
ascertained (h it one chickadee would eat
I, no J canker worms' eggs iu ue day, also
it has boon lotind to eat 100 female canker
worms In one day.
After the Initiatory exercises of the
Eclectic Assembly on Tuesday evening
of lait week a banquet waa given the
members and a social time waa enjoyed.
W. 11. Morgan and Misses Claudia lira
ham, M initio Ulossr,andTraca ilshn were
the refreshment committee and the mem
bers are very warm In their praisea of
the ooinmitiee for the sumptuous manner
In which t.iey were provided for.
While out driving Sunday afternoon
Mr. Miles had quite an exciting experi
ence up near the cmnty home. Mrs.
Miles, her mother and sister, and
three children were In the carriage, when
one of the horses took a vicious kicking
spell and didn't let up till be bad things
pretty weli broken up. Fortunately nnno
of the occupants were Injured, but It was
liocessary to procure auother rig to bring
the party homo.
James Landers' team got away from
bim while coming down the Smokcy hill
road Monday evening and riddled Iblugs
somewhat about the buggy anil harness.
John Martin waa in the buggy with Jim.
Ilotti were thrown out near the foot of the
hill, but Martin ouly waa hurt, and he
but aliglitly hruiaed about tho head and
shoulder. 'I he breaking of a "hold
back" strap is supposed to have caused
the horse to take fright.
Hufus Sterling, awaiting trial in jail
here on a serious charge, .tillered a partial
stroke of paralysis recently, and on
Tuirsilay last, on an order of court
taken to the county borne. Sterling was
arr steil near Titusville about six weeks
ago by Sheriff Jsiniesou, and will be
tried, on a charge preferred by the father
of a young girl with w hom he had doped,
at next term of court If be has by that
time sulllciently recovered.
The people of Hickory and vicinity
will have the opportunity of listening to
Mr. Sibley at the Maccabee ball. East
Hickory, next Monday evening. Our
bi ainy Congressman Is one of the most
entertaining speakers in the country,
having a national reputation as such, and
this meeting will be a rare treat for all
parlies. Everybody invited. Mr. Sib
ley apeaks in the Court House here on
the following Tuesday evening.
Ilaiold Theodore, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Iiavld ftlum, d ej at the homo of
the parents, North Warren, yesterday af
noon, affor a brl jf illness, of cholera In
fantum, aged a little over four months,
The parents, w ho are thua audduuly be
reft of a very sweet little babe, have the
tender sympathy of our entire communi
ty in their sore allliction. Funeral ser
vices Willi held at the home here of M r,
ami Mrs. W. F, ltlum, parents of the be
reaved father, to-morrow at two o'clock
p. in.
Parents, glvo your daughters a
"bread winning education. Give them
the accomplishments, If you will, but
do not forget to add what will enable
them t.i win their w ay, if throw n on their
own resources. A knowledge ol short
hand and typewriting baa been thn sal
vation of many a woman wbo has been
forced to earn her own living. The War
Ilusiuesa University, Warren, Penna., is
noted as a shorthand and typewriting
training school. Send to day for full par
ticulars. A postal card does it. 4t
Hon. W. C. Arnold and Mrs. Eliza
beth Wood, both of Puflois, were joined
in the holy bonds of wedlock on Thurs
day, October 9, 11)02. The marriage took
place at the residencs of the bride's broth
er, E. 1). Van Tassel, a well known tan
ner and leather merchant, at Newtonville,
Mas-achtisetts. Mr. Arnold Is well
known all over the old twenty-eighth
Congressional district, having been e.ect
ed from the district to Congress in 1S1I4
and agniu in 1H. He has thousands of
friends in this district who will congratu
late him on bis marriHge. We under
stand that the urido ia a very handsome
and talented lady and well worthy to
grace the home of her distinguished luii
band. Ridgway Advocate.
In a ncrlinmage which took place at
Fool's Creek, In Howe township Tuesday
evening of last week, Reed Hetrick waa
hit on the forehead with a stone thrown
by Harry Doitrlrk, making a triangular
cut over tho right eye. The wound was
of audi a serious nature that Pr. Detar of
Kelleltville wis summoned, who found
the man suffering from a depressed frac
ture of the skull. The Doctor rendered
the necessary surgical aid and the man
seemed to be resting easy, until Thurs
day, when it waa deemod advisable to
take him to the Kane hospital, where be
is still in a critical condition. Hetrick is
a Jefferson county man, and in company
with two or three others bad boon at
Sheffield that day. lie la said to have
been the aggressor In the trouble. Young
Pietrick's home Is at Leeper. Pa.
A head-on collision occurred ou the
S. A T, Railroad between lluck Mills and
May burg lust Friday forenoon which de
molished both enginea pretty badly be
sides banging up some cars. One of the
trains was loaded with b gs, the other
with lumber. Hut one person was In
jured In any way. Itotb engineers Jump
ed from their cabs when they found they
could not stop their Iraiua and escaped
injury. Mrs. L. W. Robinson, of May
burg, was riding in the engine ol the
northbound train al tho lime, and also
jumped to save her life. In Iho full she
experienced such a shock as to render
her unconscious, from which condition it
seems almost impossible to rouse her for
any length of time. Mr. and Mrs. Rob
inson resided here for a time, removing
lo Mayburg lust spring. At last accounts
ber condition was considered more favor
able, and her physician, Dr. Detar, feels
confident she will recover. The injured
woman is a sister of Mrs. Loo Davis of
this place, who is at Mayburg now.
-Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Withercll of En
deavor, gave us a pleasant call last Fri
day. Mr. W. has been engaged during
thn past summer in taking care of some
large flecta of timber for Wheeler it Pu-
senhury at Lngan'a Forry, above Pitta
burg, and which was recently disposed
The site selected by the authorities
for the location of the new Government
ftiO.ilOO-building at Oil City doea not suit
the people of the oil metropolis, it being
too far from the business center of ibe
town. And now there's a strikeon. If
It's a good thing puh the building along
up Ibis way. We've got situs in burn.
Hind sights, fore sights, mill Mies, daui
sites, and others too numerous, etc.
John D. Qra'iam, of Clarion, fell over
the banister of Iho front porch of the
Orant House at Franklin, lrst Wednes
day evening, into Uie basement, a dis
tance of 12 feet, breaking bis neck, from
the effects of which he died instantly
No one saw bim fall and It is supposed he
started to leave the porch humedly and
in the darkness full over tho banister.
He was a printer by trade and had been
employed in West's Job otllce but a short
time. The unfortunate young man was
aged 1U years, and was tho ami of Mrs.
Martin Graham, ol Clarl His father
died about a year ago. He was a nephew
of Mrs. Patrick Joyce, of Tiouesla, bis
sister, Miss Anna Graham, having been
a visitor lo this place frequently, Mrs.
Joyce, and daughter, Miss Kathleen, at
tended the funeral at Clarion Saturday.
Utile Ilube Killed.
A terrible accident happened in the vi
cinity of Coder station, a short distance
below llrookvillo, 14th Inst. Mrs. C. A.
Dickey and ber little daughter, aged
about six months, of I,ole!a, Forest coun
ty, have been visiting with relatives iu
this section for several n ecks, and yester
day afternoon Mrs. Dickey's father, Rob
ert Campbell, of Baxter, was bringing
them to Hoookyille to vl-it. When near
Coder their home took fright at a passing
train and ran away, throwing Mr. Camp
bell and Mrs. Pickey and her daughter
out ol the buggy. Mr. Campbell was not
injured and Mrs. Dickey escaped with
but a few slight bruiies, but the little
babe was Instantly killed. It was an on
ly child aud the terrible accident ia an
awful blow to (he parents and friends.
Itrookville Republican.
A Marrnbee Social.
The Sir Knights and Ladies of Forest
Tent and Hickory Hive of East Hickory
entertained, in their bounteous manner,
forty-two Sir Knights and Ladies of Ne
braska, who drove over on Saturday eve
ning. The Forest Tent first gave an ex
emplification of their initiatory work for
the edification of the visiting members.
The doora were Iben opened and the La
dies and Sir Knights filled up the Hall,
forming one of the largest gatherings ever
held in the Hall. The meeting was called
to order by Sir Knight Commander ('ri
der. The visitors were invited to say
something for the good of the order. Sir
Knight Commander Goodwin, who by
the way is quite an orator, responded to
tho invitation, lie gave an Interesting
history of the Nebraska Tent, Interspers
ed with short stories that kept bis iiudl-em-e
in excellent good humor. Sir Knight
Haugh followed with a short speech. La
dy Commander Haugh then extendi d an
invitation to the Ladies of the Hickory
Hive to visit them iu tho near future.
The Ladies then went through the evolu
tions of the Hag di ill, which Is a very im
pressive drill as rendered by Ibe Ladies
of Hickory Hive. Refreshment were
then served in the lower bail where
sumptuous repast was served to about
130 Sir Knights and Ladies and their
friends, after which the Nebraska people
departed for their homes, feeling that the
bond of friendship had been strengthen
ed by thia meeting. J.
Tho Maccabees and Ladies of the Hive
In tills place drove over to Hickory last
Saturday evening lo visit Forest Tent
and Hive, and the Sir Knights and their
Lady Decs turned out in full force, and
It required Cautield'a tallybo, two backs,
one surrey and three buggies to carry
them over the mountain to that place,
and I never saw a party enjoy themselves
better than they did on the way over.
But it was nothing compared with what
was in stoie for ua when we rrriyed at
the ball for we could see a wolccme on
every face. The Ladles were received in
tho lower room while the Knights were
sent tip stairs to tho lodge room. After
greetings we held a review, There was
one candidate initiated. The team work
wis good. Remarks were made by sev
eral Sir Knights, and then aliout i0 La
dies marched into the Hall and then tlieie
was some singing and speches, Kd. Good
win of Nebraska Tent being the princi
pal speaker. Then we were taken to Ihe
large room below where there were Ibree
long tables well laden with the good
things that the ladies of Hickory know
ao well how to prepare. After good byes
were said we started for home and all
along the route it was nothing but praise
for rorest Tent and llive May we meet
again. onkofthkm.
Letter to E. E. Vockrotli.
Ttouetta, Jt.
Pear Sir: Rockland, Maine, Is a aca-
coisttown: bard place for paint. About
seventeen years ago, Karrand, Spear A Co.,
Koekiand, began with Revoe. Their first
sale waa to paint the Farrington resi
dence, well known there.
Mr. Farrand says the house appears,
from tlie street, to be well 'minted now,
and has never been repain'ed.
We should like lo know more defi
nitely about a-jon of paint that has lasted
seventeen years on a Beasido house. It
is the longest time we have bad a leport
Lead and oil lasts three years a lirst
ralo job and nobmly says it last longer.
We are conlont to say that Devon lead
and zinc lasts twice aa long: but we know
of bouses innumerable, on which our
paint has exceeded six years.
Yours truly,
20 F. W. DevoK A Co.
P. S, J as, D. Davis sells our paint.
Slaps tkr t'Mah aai wsrks or) Ihr t !.
Laxative Bromo-Ouiniue Tablets cure a
cold In one dav. No cure, no pav. Price
i.ernts. 11-27-ly
Alles's Hliecittl I'srllcs
for all wrstern points will leave Erie via
popular Nickel Plate road on Octolier'JIst
and 3Mth. Write H. C. Allen, IMr Mute
Street, Erie, Pa. Some money saved ev
ery day iu the year. A-ol-lt.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hart are up from
Oil City on a visit.
Gro. H. Robinson viriled friends in
Oil Cily yesterday.
Mrs J as. Haslet and children are vis
iting relatives in Oil City.
Miss Dor Gerow is visiting friends
in Grand Valley this week.
- Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Campbell were
visitors lo Oil City last Friduy.
A.C. Rrown was in Franklin on bus
iness a couple of days last week.
Mrs. Win. Tobcy, of Koll. ttville, is
visiting friends at Frewsburg, N. Y.
-Rev. O. II. Nickel is visiting his
daughter al Conewango Valley, N. Y.
Peter Ilciry. or Plumer, Venango
county, was in Tionesta last Saturday.
Horn, t Mr. and Mrs. W. 8. Setley,
of Ross Run, Wednesday, October 15th, a
-Mia. P. C. and Mrs, Arnold Hill
were among the Oil City visitors last Fri
day. Joseph Pottigrew is visiting at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. Clark Mor
gan. Mrs. J. II. Muse aud Mrs. P. K.
George visited friends in Franklin over
Sheriir Jamieson, S. T. Carson and
E. E. Fleuimiiig were in Oil City last
-W. A. Kribbs, of Kellottvllie, visited
bis parents at Lamartine, Clarion county,
last week.
Mrs. G. W. liovard returned Satur
day from a visit to relatives in Butler
and Mercer.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Clark Morgan,
of the borough, Sunday, October 111, IWi,
a daughter.
Our old friend Samuel Mervin waa
down from Hickory township Friday for
a short time.
"Link" Davis, the patiiotic porter at
Hotel Weaver, visited friends in Oil City
last Saturday,
Mrs. H. W. Horner of Kiiuua, is a
guest of her daughter, Mrs. G. E. Gerow,
at the Central.
Mr. and Mrs. John Sheasley, of Kit-
tanning, are visiting relatives bete and at
West Hickory.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Reib visited rel
atives In Cooporstown, Venango county,
a part of last week.
Miss Emma Kellv, ol Pittsburg, was a
guest over the Sabbath at the borne of her
cousin, A. B. Kelly.
-Mrs. F. F. Wbittekin and mother,
Mrs. Cbadman, returned borne from
Lancaster last Friday.
J. B. Hagerty and sou Dm ice, re
turned Monday to their work iu the
West Vlrgiuiaoil fields.
Mrs. Crosby, of Bradford, was a vis
itor at the home of her uncle, G. W. Rob
son, during the past week,
Mr. and Mrs. L. Agnew and daugh
ters, Gertrude and Sarah, were visitors to
Oil City visitors yesterday.
Miss Stella Kemble, of Tidioute was
a guett at the home of her cousiu, W. G.
Wyman a part of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. II. Shotts, or Tylois
burg, were pleasant callers at the Re
rvnucn oltlce last Friday.
J. B. Eden ia representing Forest
Lcxlgo, A. O. 1'. W. at the State conven
tion at Harrisburg this week.
Miss Amy Anderson was a guest ol
her sister, Mra. David Blum, at North
SVarren, the first of tbo week.
Mrs. W. L. Wolcott and mother,
Mrs. Bruce, returned yestorday from a
visit with friends in Pittsburg.
The Republican acknowledges a
pleasant call from Mr. W. II. King, of
Hickory township last Saturday.
N. E. Holmes, of Nebraska, conduc
tor on theS. A T. railroad, visted friends
in Crawford and Erio counties last week.
Mrs. Kppinger and Mrs. Armstrong
of Law rence county, mother and sister
of Mrs, O. F. Miles, are paying ber a
Mrs. Mary Everet, of Mercer county,
who was a guest of her daughter-in-law,
Mis. Emma Everet, returned home last
Miss Rosa O'Kecfe, of Titusville,
teacher with Miss Blanche Hunter at
Mayburg, ia a guest of Ibe latter while at
tending institute this week.
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Carr, of Lolts
ville, Warren county, were hereon a visit
to tho lattcr's brothers, F. R. and C. A.
Lanaon a part of the past week.
Mr. and Mra. A. G. Boggs and the
children, of Great Belt, Butler county,
have been visiting relatives in Tionesta
township for the past, two weeks.
Mrs, A. Sporry, of Cleveland, Ohio,
aecoini anied by ber aistor. Miss Mary E,
Lyman, is visiting her busbaml for a
couple of weeks at Ibe Rural House.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Proper, Mrs. J.
F. Proper, O. F. Miles and son Lloyd,
Mrs. J. II. Bobertson and Mrs. S. T. Car-
sun were among the Oil City via tors yes
Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Gaston wero al
Meadville last week, in attendance at the
wedding of Mr. W. John Wbitling, of
Cocbranton, and Miss Edna O. Gaston, ol
Misj Hazel Jarniesi n, who has been
Visiting her aunt, Mrs. F. Wenk.on Ger
man hill, and her cousin, Miss Belle
Jamieson, here, left for her home in
Spencerville, Ohio, last Friday.
Mra. J. R. Morgan, who has been
nursing ber sister-in-law, Miss Liiie
Morgan of Oil City, through a surgical
operation, returned homo Monday, re
porting Miss Morgan as getting along
Mrs. Heimun Hyde, daughter ol Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Mealy, of the township,
eft last Friday for Ilhica, N. Y., to join
her husband. After a couple of weeks
visit they will return to Tionesta town
ship to live.
Rov. A. P. Xthniser, wife and two
children, and Josie and Harry Zahniser
of Pittsburg, Rev. R. A. .ahiiisor of
Youngsviile, and Rev. Archie II. M.
Zahniser ol Port Allegany, N. Y., Aore
visitors to the home of their father, II. M.
Zahniser, during the past week.
Loyal Adams of Piatt, S. D visited
Ills sister, Mrs. J. W. MeCrea, a couple ol
days this week. Mr. Adams is one of
tho veterans who attendo I tho great en
campmoiit at Washington recently, and
look advantage of his trip east to visit
old triends in this section, his first In over
thirty years.
Jury List, November Term, 190J.
Allison, Ed laborer, Hickory.
Albaugh, A. W., farmer, Hickory.
Browu, F. K., foreman, Kiliiisley.
Hargerstock. R. F., farmer, Harnett.
Brenneman, S. S , lal.orer, Harnett.
Castle, W. II landlord, Kingcley.
Campbell, J. U farmer, Harnett.
Cole, Gen. B., lalxirer, Jenks.
Claik, D. W., surveyor, Borough.
Dean, A. II., laborer, Howe.
Pewoody, Ed., jobl er, Green.
Glassner, Henry, farmer, Tionesta tp.
Guff, C. A., salesman, Jenks.
Hill, Charles, agent, Bnrnuvh.
Hinkson, J. It., teamster, Harmony.
Johnson, Waltor, laborer, Green.
Kelley, E. P., laborer, Green.
McKillip, P. L., driller, Howe.
Nealy Alex., farmer, Harmony.
Mervin, Nelson, laborer, Hickory.
Rhodes, Augustus, farmer, Green.
Rarie, W. U., farmer, Harnett.
Thompson, Albert, farmer, Tionesta tp.
Tail, John, laborer, Hickory.
Anderson, Chas., laborer lioro.
Alsbaugli, J. E., miller, Jenks.
Allio, John, farmer, Tionesta Ip.
Bailey, Henry, laborer, Harmony.
Bender, Robest, barber, Harmony.
Itanuer, Ed., laborer, Kingslny.
Burrows, Frank, laborer, Kingsley.
lletr., J. I,., sawyer, Jenks.
Itoyer, A., laborer, Jenks.
Caldwell, Jamas, laborer, Howe.
Ceok, W. C, clerk, Harnett.
Cunuiiighain, Win., fanner, Jenks.
Decker, Win., tanner, Hickory.
Doiset, Charles, laborer, Jenks.
Engle, F. G., merchant, Jenks.
Foreman, W. J., carpenter, Hickory.
Fox, J. M,, laborer, Green.
Gorman, A. R., farmer, Harmony.
Hanhold. II. H., farmer, Green.
II ashen, Max., furmor, Hickory,
llarrlger, J, S., laborer, Jenks.
Hinder, Joseph, farmer, Green.
Hadun, B. C, merchant, Howe.
Henderson, J. J., lumberman, Harnett.
Hulings, Albert, farmer, Harnett.
Irwin, Ado, laborer, Bainett.
Kribbs, W. A., farmer, Kingsley.
Klinesliver, Charles, laborer, Green.
McNaughtoii, Fred. L., laborer, Green.
Mealy, Win., farmer, Tionesta Ip.
Menscb, L. H., book-keeper, Jenks.
Mercilliott, Peter, fanner, Jenks,
Parsons, E. J., farmer, Jenks,
Potter, J. W., farmer, Harnett.
Richurdx, H. E., laborer, Howe.
Robinson, Robert, farmer, Jenks.
Mooro, C. W., laborer, Haruetl.
H viid, Patrick, farmer, Green.
Smearbaugli, vVin., lumberman, Boro.
Scott. Win., laborer, Howe,
Shields, D. I!., banker, Jenks.
Tucker, M. W., fanner, Harmony.
Walters, A. C, laborer, Harmony.
Youtig, Geo., laborer. Green.
We oiler One Hundred Dollars Ho
ward for any case of Catarrh, that caunoi
be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHKShV A Co., Props., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, havo known F.J.
Cheney for the last IS years, and believe
bim perfectly honorable in all business
transactions and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by their linn.
West 0 Tbaux, wholesale druggists, To
ledo, u., Wai.iuno, Rinnan A Marvin,
wholesale drungists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is token internally,
acting directly upon tlie blood and mu
cous surfaces ol' the system. Price 7io
per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Testi
monials free.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
TO 1 1 UK A ( OI.IUN (INK 1)1 V
Take Laxative Broino Quinine Tableia
All druggists reluint tlie money tf it tails
to cure. K. W. Grove's signature is on
each box. 2."o. J I-27-ly
Zinc mill (irindlnir Mukn
Devoe Lead and Zinc Paint wear twice
as long as lead ami oil mixed by hand.
Suld by James I). Davis. tf
lie l.enriieil a Ureal Trnlli.
It is said of John Wesley that ho otic
said to Mistress Wesley: "Why do you
tell that child the same thing over and
over again?" John Wosiey, hec.iuse
once telling is not enough." It is lor this
same reason that you are told again and
again that Ctiamherluin's Cough Item
ed. V cures cold's and grip; that it
counteracts any tendency of these dis
eases lo result ill pneumonia, and that it
is pleasant and safe lo take. For sale by
nr. iiunn uruugisi, Tionesta, iv. u.
Wilkins, West Hickory Pa.
A business education is the founda
llon on which many a man has estab
lished a successful career. Warren Bus
iness University, Wurreu Pa., is a noted
business training school. Send to-day
lor catalogue. A Histal card does it. 4t
Do Hood It lss.
A Chicago man has observed that"t)noil
deeds aro better than real estate deeds
some ol the latter are worthless. Act
kindly and gently, show sympathy and
lend a nelping hand. You cannot possi
bly loose bp it." Most men appreciate a
a kind word and eiicoiiiagemnnt more
than substantial help. There aro persons
in lliis comiiiunitv who ni'ght tnnhfully
soy : "My good friend, cheer up. A fe'v
doses of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
will rid you of your cold, and there is no
danger whatever from pneumonia when
you use that medicine. I know it for it
lias helped me out manv a tiuiw." Sold
by Dr. Dunn, Tionesta;" W. G. Wilkins,
West Hickory, Pa.
For a peasant physio take Chamber
lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets. Easy
to take. Pleasant In elleot. Sold by Pr.
Dunn, druggist, Tionesta; W. G. Wilkins,
West Hickory, Pa.
Established nearly ten yours. Grad
uates in nearly every State in tho Union,
holding positions of honor and trust,
Tlie laigest enrollment during the pa-t
year In Ihe history of this institution.
Such is the record of the Warren Busi
ness University, Warren, Penna. Send
to-day for catalogue. It
i.m Vil With Allen
on Oct. 21st or ftlth and save money. Ac
commodation and privileges of his spic-
lat parties are conimciiilcil In hiiooreits
ol testimonials. Over ISO went wild him
In September. Write at once, II. C. Al
len, MM State street. Ho can save vou
some money oilier dsys slso. A-ii.'l-.lt
Thia signature fs on every ho of tho ffcmiln
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tabieu
th remedy that cum a cold In one day
Dissolution Notice.
Notico in linrcliy uivfii (hut ihe e -prt-nerwliii,
heretofore PXiMitiu hftucii John
S. Vml hihI tiooru'e l. IItiiKS nmler
the lirrn name of Vnil A HhhUiik'S doing 1
lniHitKtHM at Wet Hickory, I';., wi li
koIvpiI hv mutual ronofnt on tho Itithilty
of Npptfmher, i'.Nr.', Mr. 11-iMirii rutir
Inir from the linn. Tim Im-ine will he
roniiiiucd Ht the Karno htH'nl hv tlie uti
nriKii. Jons s. Vail.
Wesi Hickory, Ta., Oct. 7, V.W.
with mle eggs, glue
and other things ara
Dot fit to drink.
!i pure, uncoated
coffee iresh, strong,
well flavored.
The toalaxl oaekuetn
loraa uniform iuUlf
t&ii trwbn i.
Horses! Horses!
For Sale.
Sinister hes concluded In Hay and
bring in another car loail of horses.
He intends to bring in the lust
horses lie ever btonhl a:id will begin
lo sell or exchange
TIOMH1, 0 TOKFlt 27,
fine Diatclieil teuoii, driven ami
All horses guaranteed as represent
ed. Duu't miss this greut opportu
nity. Come quick, at
IMT Mil ST Kit.
Advance Shipment Plere
and Full Line TCxpected
This Week
Wooltex Dot only means WOOL, hut it means the best, all
wool material. It means Liniugs th t are Guaranteed to wear
two seasons. It mean) llmt every gnrtneut is guaranteed to
he made of clean wool, ami will not fray out nr wear off. It
means that we mean to toll Skirts and Jackets that will give
satisfaction ami nor customers will gel the worth of sheir mon
ey. ISiiy Wooltex Skirl.
Jackets. Fuvi
for Lndie.s,
L. J. Hopkins.
C oat $IO.OO, olor nnl IMiuk.
It's an entirely Xt'W l'arllil4lil we invite our out of-lown friends
to: Iht'ry guniM-n t tlii minimi's make, iimiiriiiH ouly
correct Mj Going to run this new department no a small profit
basis that will justify vnur coming quite a distance to patronize. KllilM
here for IjjflO. We'd rather sell you a 813 one, though, as we firmly
there's easily g.'i ilifl'urenco in tho two soils. I'rices of Ladies' and Misses'
Coals commence al 85 for an All Wool Kcrsoj Cloth, then run up from
ibis to 823.
We'll be pleased to send you samples of the New Dress Goods, Silks aud
waisting? if you'll kindly write, spying about what you would like lo see
a postal rard will do.
A New
Is a prominent part nf your dress, and you waul to be sure you're
buying tlm correct style. We w tut to sell you your Fall Hat, it
don't mailer if it is a 81 soft hat i.r a 84 Slotsoti. We have got
either, uml when you buy a hat with our label you buy a good bat,
a stylish Iih t nnd a lint you can wear with perfect conlidenco that you
h ive or.c of the prevailing styles for this fall from lbs bent hat mak
ers iu (ho liiinl, and whether you huv lo dav or tomorrow you will
get vour money's wonh or money hack. StilMIats, hlack only, 81 r)0,
S'2, S'i and St Soft Hals, liluck, IVarls nnd a few ISrowns, 81 to 84.
Bizzzf r 3A) E. PR
41 X43SENEGA 5T.
The McCueo Cumpany beg to
announce the arrival of their
Fall aud Winter Woolens, se
lected for their Tailoring De
parttuent. -
They include the very latest
aud best "abrics from the beat
mills of Europe sad America
You are invited to iuspect
this large assortment whether
wiahiug to purchase ur Dot.
We feel assured that should
you intrust us with your orders
we cao more than satisfy you,
Dot only aa to material, but as
to lit and style, due workinau
ship and perfect finish.
If yu are not familiar with
the character of our tailoring, we
respectfully ask for a trial order.
After that we are confident you
will not go elsewhere.
2i AND 29 SENECA ST. .
? iind Capos,
Alisses and
ic.fr clothTEr

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