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KHirnitn all Ihe emlinu Fire In
mirnncH Companie of the worxl
H'xl fu iiiHiiru ymi airaint lota at
. lowest rates obininxhlH Wo are
also amenta in Koienl county lor the
which furnishes necurity for I'oun
ty am) tnlilp officials. Alan
.furu lubes bonds for
al a nominal fee. A nitre line of
Kel Kstate Deals alway to be bad
at this auencv.
C. M. All & SON,
Trammers. Ad.
Hopkins LocmIh.
Penn'a Kv. Local. .'
The MoCiien Co. Ad.
:Kmart A Hil' ertiprg. Ad.
TioilestH Cash Store. Locals.
(irand Union Tea Co. Loral.
. Clarion Normal School. Ad.
"White Star Grocery.- Locals.
Ki) I ii b"ii Noriiial School. Local,
Forest Co. Nat'4 Bank. Statement.
Oil market closed at $1.50.
Fine china dishes at T. C. 8
. Oil and (tan leases at this office.
Fewer gallons; Wears longer,
Walton ! leads the n all. T. C. 8.
Hophlns sells the Douglas i-boes tl
Spring olothiiig at Hopkins. Every
thing new aud nice. It
Ladies' suits, jackets, capes and
skirts cheapatT.C.S. It
Kitchen Queen bread, rakes, etc., at
the While Star Grocery. Finest in the
land. It
Send for illustrated catalogue of Ed
inboro Normal, to John F. Uigler, Prin
cipal. It
Tho firm of Wheeler & Dusenbury,
of Endeavor won an Important land suit
in the Warren courts last week, the de
fendant being J. V. K nu pp.
' We still have on hand a few stylish
winter hats not many left. They align
atco-t. If you are among those in luck
.you must buy soon. Joyces. It
C.'A. Snow A Co., U. 8. Patent olllce,
Washington. D. C, will mail you a very
pretty, convenient and useful diary, if
you will seud thoin a ii-cent postage
-Saturday another freight car went
over the embankment above the station
at this place in about the same manner
as.the one which recently toppled over at
that point.
Henry Andrew, tho six-months old
son of Mr. and Mrs Isaac Urubbs ot
Maricnville, died last wrek and was
' buried here on Thursday, Rev. O. 11.
Nickle conducting the lunoral services at
the M. E. church.
We note with some degree oi appre
hension that several of our brother edi
tors have already seen robins this sea-
son. But not until they have seen "swal
lows" will we place any reliance in their
early spring predictions.
When we send out statements to our
patrons in arrears, we want all fortunate
recipients to remember that we don't do
it for the lun of it. It'a cash we are after
and we hope all in debt "will .govern
themselves accordingly."
Wanted ! Wanted I One enorgetic so
licitor to represent the Grand Union Tea
Co., alTlonesta and surrounding coun
f try. Good opening to right party. Small
bond required. Call or address, Grand
Union Tea Co., 6 West Washington St.,
' New Castle, Pa.
Prophet Hicks' cold snap and bliz
zard predicted to begin about the middle
of February came promptly on time, a
full six inch snow-fall during Sunday
night, 15th Inst, being the "proof of the
pudding." Aud what do you think of
morning zephyr like this?
The Endeavor W. C. T. U. will give
au entertainment In Kindergarten Hall,
Frldavoniiig, Feb. 27, al 7:30 o'clock.
Mia Peters of Tidioute will (lay the
.guitar and sing, Admission 10c. After
the entertainment ice cream, cake and
home-made candy will be on salo.
-To the newspaper 'man ihe difference
betwi en advertising and news is as por
ceptibleas that existing between sin and
sanctity. His bread and buttr depend
upon the difference and he is as little ins
tilled In givingaway his advertising space
as would a merchant in handingoulasuit
of clothes.
Hubert Peebles, one of Venango
county's oldest residents, died at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. D. E. Land
ers, in McKcan county, Saturday last.
He was aged about 80 years and was born
iu Nova Sjotia, coming to this roun'ry
. when quite a young man and settling
near Cherry tree. He was a brother of
Mrs. H. O. Carson or Neilltown, this
Asa Heath, of Hunter Hun, has been
bothered for a year or more with a tu
morous growth jn the back part of his
nose, and one day last weoK went to Oil
City to consult a specialist, who n moved
the growth throu b the nose and now
Asa "breathes e.sicr." The growth was
one of extra large dimensions and would
finally liave shut Asa's wind off utU he
not submitted to the operation.
The poultry show of the Forest coun
ty association Is now in full blast at Dale
hall. Entries from all parts of the coun
try are on exhibition and tho 'probabili
ties are that this first affair will be well
patronized. Many line prize winning
fouls are to bo seen, besides other pet
stuck rarely seen by Ihe general public.
Go and see the show. It will well repay
you for the trouble and outlay which is
nominal sum. Only 15 and ten rents.
Mr. George Wagner, of the firm of
Wagner 0 Wilson, lumbermen, of this
place, left Monday for Pittsburg w hore
he will be joined by J. M. Hastings and
V. K. n-own, lumbermen of Hut city,
slid the trio will leave for Nova Smith.
Marienvillo Express. We undsrstand
thes gentlemen have Invested largely in
Nove Scotia timber lands and iterations
will be quite extensively can led on in
that country during tho next lew years.
Power gallon--; Wears longer.
Dr. Detar of Kelleltville, Dunn of
Tioneat, and Siggins f Oil City, per
formed an operation on P, J. Wurizky of
Buck Mills, for appendicitis, last Thurs
day, The operation was successful slid
Peter is coming on all right.
P.eal Es'ate Agent Lanson yesterday
consummated the sslnol two desiable lots
in the uorili ward to Ceorg I. Davis and
K, C Heath. The lots adjoin the resi
dence properties of these gentleman and
were formerly a part of the Angus Car
son orchard lot. The purchase provides
each with more room to spread him
The statement of the condition of the
Forest County National Bank published
to-day shows a very healthy state'of bus
iness activity for that solid iiistimtii p.
The business transaction on tho day the
statement was called for sho a figures
running up near the half million mark
which must be gratifying alike to the of
ficials, stockholders aud patrons of the
The farmers' institutes held here and
in Kelleltville last week were perhaps the
most success t'ul and best attended that
have yet been held in the county. The
evening sessions held in the court house
were attended by crowded houses, and
the people seemed wonderfully taken
with the speeches, essays aud other fea
tures of the entertainment. There seems
to be a growing interest among the larm
erg and people in general in these Insti
tutes, as was attested by the large and
regular attendance of those from the sur
runding community notwithstanding the
inclemency of the weather.
-Outside the oil country, muses the
iiradford Era, the plain people don't
know what is meant by a "dry bole." In
the oil cotiutry it is well understood. A
dry hole Is the kind that is drilled by a
hopeful combination of small capi'alits,
usually. They carefully secure a lease
having "surface indications" aud engage
a contractor who insists upon I eing paid
for his servicos. When the place is
reached where the pay streak should be
located, nothing is on tap but a pulverized
lark colored shaie or other geological
formation duly ground into a fine gritty
flour. This is very dry and on account
of its dryness the well is called a dry
S. C. Calhonn, a well knc.wn attorney
of Kmlenton, lost his pocketbnok at the
National Hotel to-day in a peculiar man
ner. He had just come to town in the
Cooperstowif hack nd went into the Na
tional where hi registered. Ho took out
his money to pay ihe hackman, laying
the same on the counter and then went
out. leaving the money lying on the desk.
When he returned it was gono. Calhoun
alleges that he lost f!4. It was careless
ness on his pait and the hotel cannot pos
sibly be held responsible. Mr. Leasgang
made every ellbrt to discover the thief
and has accounted for every man iu the
hotel but one who was seen by Calhoun,
but he cannot give a description of the
follow. Franklin News.
Somebody has been making and
breaking promises evidently over n Elk
county, according to the following item
from the Hidgway Advocate, and if we
remember aright something of the sort
was floating around hereabouts some two
years ago: "Will someuony over in
Horton township please write up for the
Advocate a nice description of that big
beet sugar factory that a cortain 'prom
ising' Democratic candidate was going to
have erected in that vicinity some two
years ago. It is easier to jolly the larm
ers with ii few beet seeds at Uncle Sam's
expense than it is fo erect heel sugar fac
tories, but so.ne people don't care for
their promises alter election is over and
they have 'gold-bricked' the voters."
Tuis Is the host offer yet. By a spec
ial arrangement With the publishers of
tho New York Tribune Farmer, one
of the best weekly papers for the
farmer published in the United S ates,
we are enabled for a limited time to
oiler it to subscribers lor 2."i cents a year.
The conditions are these. To all new
subscribers to the Republican paying
in advance and 'Si cents extra the two pa
pers go for one year. To all subscribers
now on our list paying up arrearage s and
one year in advauce, plus i!5 cents, both
papers for $1.25. No more liberal offer
was ever made in this section. Remem
ber this offer is limited, and will not be
open long, so if you desire to take advan
tage ol it come in or seud quickly. Mow
is the time to subscribe. tf
Did you ever sit mar the .man who
knows all about the magiciau's tricks?
asks an exchange. Did you ever sit near
a man who knows the performer's music
so well that he bums it with him? Did
you ever sit beside the man who beats
time to the moonlight souata on the back
of your chair? Dili you ever sit beside
the man who cracks the lec urer's jokes
before the point comes? Did you ever
sit near life man whoduring the perform
ance tells the people about him all the
news of ihe week? It you have ever
been near this man, did you ever ex
press your feelings without bieaklng the
Ten Commandments, severally and col
lectively? Il you have, you are in Job's
class. You don't deserve lo live on this
moan, sordid earth; you should be trans
lated. Mny frieiv's have called on Philip
Williams, one of Mr. Robinson's faithful
clerks, to extend happy felicitations upon
the occasion of his marriage to one of
Tionesta's best young ladies. Miss Louise
Killmer, due note ol which happy event
appears under the proper heading in to
da 's Kkpuhlic m. The wedding was a
quiet, hmne affair, with only the imme
diate fami y friends present, and after I ho
ceremony and a bounteous wedding din
ner lh" happy couple departed on the
evening train for a few dityt' visit w th
friends. Since their return they have be
gun housekeeping in the Will Ball bouse
in the north ward, which the methodical
groom had already furnished throughout
for the occasion, n.e kkfibmran joins
the many friends of M r. and Mrs. Will
iams in extending congratulations an I
best wishes for a prosperous and happy
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if il fails
to cure. K. W, Grovo's signature is on
each box. 2.V-. 1-M-Iy
Fewer gallons; Wears longer.
When you feel blue and that every
thing goes wrong, take a dose of Chaiii-
neria.ll n milium 11 mm i.ivit i Huitun.
They will c eanse and invigorate your
siomach, regnlito your bowels, give you
n relish for your food and make you teel
that in this old world is good place to
live. For sale hv Dr Dunn, Tionesta, W.
O. Wilkins, West Hickory.
Will Conger was a business visitor
to Oil City yesterilax afternoon.
Leonard Blum was up from Oil City
to visit his parents over Sunday.
Miss May ('lark has been appointed
as operator lor Ihe Pennsy at Kinzua.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grove, of fames
town, N. Y., are visiting among Tionesta
John Elder, of West Hickory, was
circulating among Tionesta friends last
Mrs. J. C. Bowman and daughter,
Mrs. F. C. Proper, were Oil City visitors
Mrs. George I. Davis and son, John,
left Monday on a visit to friends in Stone
boro, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs, J.A.Hart were up fiom
Oil City over Sunday on a visit lo "Aunt
Jane" Grove.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. James Mealy,
of the Township, Wednesday, Feb. II,
litO.'l, a daughter.
James J. Landers returned Monday
evening from a visit with relatives at
Cassadaga Lake, N. Y.
George B. Robinson aud Dr. F. J.
Hoyaid attended the Ivy Club's annual
ball at Oil City Monday night.
G. W. Robinson left Monday for a
trip to Indian Territory, where he lias
some interests in t je oil fields of that sec
tion. Clerk of Courts Geist issued a mar
riage license Monday to D. W, Greely of
Marienville. and Maggie Mattis of Dub
ring. Ex Commissioner J. T. Carson claims
the championship as an auctioneer. Al
the pie social held at Tubbs Bun school
house last Friday evening the net proceeds
from four lee u pies which he auctioned off
was f 27.00.
A. J. Sigworth, of President, oue of
the best known oil opeiators in this sec
tion left this morning lor Chelsea, Indian
Territory, to investigate the new oil field,
which is attracting considerable atten
tion Blizzard.
Sya Neill, one of the oldest and best
known residents of Neilltown, this coun
ty, is lying very low at bis home with
pleuro-pneutncnia. At last accounts
friends w. re fearful lest his case might
terminate fatally,
- B. M. Carbaugh, wife and children,
of Golinza, departed yesterday morning
for Erie, where they will join the Nickel
riate excursion for Spokane, Washing
ton. Mr. Carbaugh expects to make his
future home in that State.
Miss Magitie Evans, one of Tionesta's
most popular young ladies, has gone to
Bridgewater, Beaver county, where she
intends making her furure home. She
bears with her the well wishes of a largo
circle of young society friends.
W. W. Boa man, of the Bowman
Lumber Co. al Bowmanville, left Mon
day for a trip to the Pacific coast where
he will look up the lumber business lor a
few weeks, and will likely invest in some
of the big timber of Washington before
Aquilla McClintock of Grand Valley,
an old-time Forest county boy, paid a
short visit to Tionf sta friends Monday bs
the guest of Dr. Dunn. "Quill" looks as
natural as e' er, and although ploddiiu
along toward the latter end of 50, doesn't
seem a day older Ibau when he left these
parts, nigh onto 30 yeats ago.
A, W. Stroup and son, Arthur, Will
Ledebur, Clyde Foreman, and Gordon
Haslet, of this place, and Will Lyons, of
Butler, are expecting soon to ta e a trip
to the State of Washington, with a view
to locating permanently if the country
and conditions suit them. They may
leave about the first of March.
J. G. Terrill of Bowmanville was a
visitor to town Monday and give the Rk
publican a frendly call during his stay.
"Garner" is one cf the steady kind, very
seldom leaving his post at the saw when
there's anything doing in that line. Hd
has turned out a great many million
shingles during his dozen or more years'
employment with the Bowman Lumber
Mrs. Alice Stowel, of Buffalo, died in
a hospital in that city last week where
she hud brcn undergoing an operation.
The remains were brought here on
Thursday morning and Riven burial in
Riverside cemetery, the funeral services
being held in the M. E. Church, conduct
ed by Rev. O. H. Nickle. Mrs. Stowel
was a sister of Mrs. James Smith and
Mrs. John A. Jones, of Nebraska, and
had spent a part of ihe winter with the
former, and the news of her death came
as a shock to many frierds and acquain
tances made during hor visit in Ihe com
munity. Miss Alice Stitzinger, formerly of this
city but now of the Brooks Memorial
hospital, Dunkirk, gave a private mas
querade Tuesday evening at tho Y. M. C.
A. rooms In that town which, according
to the local papers, was a grand affair.
The Dunkirk Herald devotes nearly a
column of space to the function and des
cribes it as something out of the ordinary
and one of the social success' s of the sea
s hi. There were at least 200 maskers and
nearly as many spectators present many
of whom were from other towns. The
popularity of the young lady was clearly
manilested by the number and class oi
peopln present. Titusville Courier. Miss
Stitzinger is a Forest county girl where
she ha many friends who are always
g lad to hear of her success.
Fewer gallon-. ; Wears longer.
Boro and Township Election ResiiHs.
Burgess, F. R. Lanson; council, J. T.
Dale, W, F. Killmer; school directors, R.
L. Haslet 3 yrs, E. W. Bowman 3 yrs,
Geo. Holeman 1 yr; collector, 8. J. Set
ley; auditor, Harold HermaD. judge, C.
A.Hill; inspectors, J. N. Gerow, J. J.
Koad commissioner, Fred. Diekrager;
school directors, C. M. Alt, II. B. Hanold;
colle3tor, J. M. McCuIlough; justice, Ly
man Cook; clerk, I. M. Fox; treasurer,
J. D. Thompson; judge, Ed. Goodwin;
Inspectors, Geo. Young, Jas. Stover.
Road commissioner, Harl Hoover;
school d hectors, L. 11. Mensch, Z. 8.
II Imps, collector, H. A. Snipe; t'easurer,
Peter Russell; clerk, U.S. Brockway.
Fewer gallons ; Wears longer.
Young Wife Foully Murdirl.
Mrs. Beulah Zillifro, aged 18 years, was
shot aud mortally wounded while enter
ing the back door of her father's home at
Bradya Bend, about 9 o'clock Saturday
uighl, and ber husband, Harvey .'llifro,
Sited 20, is believed to be the perpetrator
of Ihe foul crane.
Until two weeks ago the pair made
their home with the wife's father, Sylves
ter Koiiriuoser, who is postmaster of the
place. Then the husband beat and choked
his wife and Ihe father drove him away.
Zillifro went to Ford City, where he was
employed in a livery barn.
On Saturday night about 9 o'clock Mrs.
Zillifro, who was at the store and post
otllce with her father, accompanied Ihe
latter home. When they reached the rear
dour, the lather carrying a lighted lan
tern, a shotgun was tired from a small
shed built outo the side of the house and
the woman fell. The lather chased the
murderer a short distance and then re
turned to care for his daughter, whom he
carried into the house where she died iu
about two hours. There were 90 lead
pellets In bor abdomen and stomach.
Monday morning about 10 o'clock Zil
lifro was captured at tho home of rela
tive about two miles from the scene of
the murder, in bed fast asleep. He made
no resistance and would not talk. His
clothes were still wet aud bespattered
with mud, evidence that be bad traveled
about a good deal the night before lo
elude capture. The relative with whom
he bad put up the night belore suspected
him and gave the tip to the officers who
captuied him. He was taken to Kittan
ning and lodged in jail. The shotgun
was found in an outhouse op his brother's
premises, where Zilllro admitted be had
hid it.
It is believed insane and entirely un
warranted jealosy prompted Zillifro to
commit the horrible deed. But it ap
pears more like the act of a purely deyel
ish nature.
Ac Interesting Case.
A case interesting to liverymen and
their patrons was recently decided by
Justice A. R. Cyphert, of Clarion, being
the case of Mrs. C. A. Wbeelock vs. R.R.
Christy, says the Derrick. It appeared
that the defendant hired a horse and bug
gy from the plaiutiff logo to Fry burg and
return to this place, being a 24-mile drive;
that he was seen in villages not in the di
re' t line of travel between Clarion aud
Fiyburg, aud H at he and a companion
drove the horse and buggy about 34 miles
before returning to this town. It was
not shown that the defendant had in any
way abused the horse, but the evidence
tended to establish that the defendant bad
hired the horse and buggy for a special
purpose and that be bad traveled with the
rig in making Hie trip he declared he in
tend to make about ten miles more than
was necessary to make such trip. When
ihe deleudatit and his companion on their'
way home reached the Tobey Bridge,
about a mile from this place, it was found
that the horse was sick. They left the
animal there and forthwith came to town
and notified the pfaiutiff that they bad
left the horse near the Tobey bridge, by
reason of its condition, deeming it unsafe
to drive the animal lo town. The plaiutiff
had the horse brought to town. Shortly
afterward the annimal died. The plain
tiff's action was to recover the value of
tho horse. There was considerable con
troversy by the counsel concerned as to
the law on the ubject. As the justice
was satisfied from the evidence that theie
was a hiring by the defendant to go from
Clarion to Fryburg and return, and that
tbedetendant had gone out of the direct
line of a trip between the two points, he
enteied a judgment in favor of the plain
tiff for $75, with costs of suit. The de
leudatit has taken an appeal Iroin the
judgment mentioned to the court of this
How's your arm ?
One degree below zero Tuesday morn
ing. A number ot persons have been alllict
ed with sore eyes, but ihe epidemic
seems past.
E. V. Douglas, of East Hickory, was a
welcome visitor with friends over last
School closed Wednesday an occount of
smallpox and Miss Katharine Nelson,
teacher, returned to her home, Glade
Mrs. T. N. VauTassel, and Miss Kath
arine Kennedy, left Sunday for an Indefi
nite visit with friends at Ludlow.
John Barns, a pumper from the Greys
ville, Ohio, oil fields, visited bis brother,
Chas. T. Barns, first of the week.
It. W. Hunter and F'rank Swigart be
gan Monday spinning the season's sup
ply of oakum and cotton for ihe barges.
W. W. Callen received the sad news of
the death of bis sister, Mrs. Blancho
Reed Cassct is getting along nicely,
and is past the worst stage of the disease
and unless something unexpected devel-
npes bis recovery is assured. When it
was discovered be bad smallpox be was
promptly isolated in a small building,
with a competent nurse, John Bortner.
Yet hoping to be more secure be was ro
moved lo an ahandonrd camp, about a
tilde and a half, and a more experi
enced nurse, Ernest Green, en
gag d, who reports him comfortabln and
contented as could be under circumstan
ces. Dr. Pierce vaccinated nearly every
body and all are taking cream of tartar,
etc., snd with the place tinder strict
qturxntinn since Monday night, the
spread of this dread disease ought to be
prevented from here at least. The War
ren M irror's account of the boys stocking
up pietty well with liquor "for solace
durinir quarantine" was an error. It was
not "solace" they desired, but "prevent
live," and it is perhaps all gone ere this.
are easily reached by Allen's special par
ties. Write H. C. Allen, C. P. A T. A.,
Nickel Plate road, Erie, Pa. A6-a28
Fowor gallons ; Wears longer.
The l est physio. "Once tried and you
will always use Cham tierlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets, "says William A.Gir
rard. Pease. Vt. These tablets are the
most prompt, most pleasant and most re
liable cathartic in use. For sale by Dr
Dunn. Tionesia. W. G. Wilkins. West
Notice lo all Jurors.
Xntif'A is linrebv iriven to nit Grand mid
Petit Jarors not to appear February 1,
l'.to:'., not having sullicient business to as
semble same.
Tionesta, Pa., Feb. ., 1W3.
The G'aaie Laws Again.
Local sportsmen are interested in a
proposed amendment to the same laws
of Pennsylvania, by which it is proposed
to make the open season for grouse, wood
cook and quail from November 1 to De
cember 15. Heretofore July bat been
open for woodcock and the season for
these birds has also been extended from
October 15 lo December 15, the open sea
son for quail and grouse. The propos d
change would take 15 days oil' the first
part of the season, which would be all
wrong. If the open season is to be short
ened al all, it would be better to lake the
days from the latter partof it. It wouldbe
well enough to cut out Ihe open month of
July for woodcock. Most of tho "wood
cock" bagged during that month are
young giouse.slaughtered while tame and
unable to fly any distance. The proper
thing to do would be to make the open
season for grouse, quail, woodcok, rabbits
snd squirt els from October 1 to Decem
ber l.-Oil City Blizzsrd.
The Blizzard Is decidedly correct iu its
estimate of what should constitute the
open season fur game, but it is not to be
expected that the legislature will do any
such lhing,bnt will make the game season
to suit the city sports entirely. All the
w. odcock killed in this latitude after the
1st of November would not raise suffic
ient aroma in a frying pan to be disting
uished across the room, for the birds
have 'aken their flight for warmer climes
long enough before that date in ordinary
seasons. Why not be sensible and
give us the pleasant month of October
aud lop off all of December? The ideal
months for bunting small game are Oc
tober and November.
Cream of Ihe News.
Beware of bark less dogs and silent
Choicest groceries In town at the
White Star. It
The more a man is wrapped up in
himself the colder he is.
See Hopkins' carpet and rugsamples.
No finer ever shown in this town. And
not high in the figure, either. It
No one is prouder of h is job than the
self-mado man.
When you want a nice fiesh morsel
for the table call at the White Star Groce
ry. It
The real hero doesn't need a brass
baud to herald his coming.
Carpets New samples are here and
are beauties. Hartfords and Lowels.
Everybody knows bow they wear. Hop
kins. It
It is dillicult to judge a woman by
tho things she doesn't say.
Poultry fanciers can save money. 0
per cent i IV on winter goods at Tiotifs
ta Cash Store. It
Some people borrow trouble fur the
purpose ol giving it to others.
Wash goods for spring. An elegant
line ot embroideries, white goods, mus
lin underwear anything you want for
spring. Hopkins. It
A lot of trouble is stirred up by peo
ple who insist on saying things when
they have nothing to say.
Haviland china at bargain prices at
T. C. S. It
Talkative people seldom say much.
but so long as they think thoy do they
are happy.
Call at tho White Star grocery and
get the celebrated Kitchen Queen bread
and cakes. Nothing Dicer. It
The average man is a good nurse
when it comes to nursing a grievance.
The Peunsylvunia Railroad company
announces that on March 3 and April 3 it
will run special excursions from Buffalo,
Mt. Morris, Bradford, Titusville, Falls
Creek, Kinzua, Tidioute aud intermedi
ate stations on the Butfaloand Allegheny
Valley division, and from points on
the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad,
Erie to Lock Haven, inclusive, to Wash
ington for ihe benefit of all who may
wish to visit the National Capitol. Round
trip tickets, good going on all regular
trains on day of issue, ahd good return
ing on any regular tiain within ten days,
exclusive of going date, will be sold al
ratoof$10 00 fr the round trip from
points on the Buffalo and Allegheny Val
ley division, and from Erie, St. Marys
and intermediate points; aud at rate of
$S,95 f'oui Driftwood ; $8.15 from Reno
vo; $7.30 from Lock Haven; and pro
portionate rates from other points.
These tickets will be good to return
via Harrisburg or Philadelphia, and to
stop oil' at Philadelphia reluming i' de
posited with t'eket agent at Broad Street
Station, Philadelpbit.
For additional Information consult
small hand bills, apply to ticket agents,
or address B. P. Frasier, Passenger Agt.,
Buffalo district, ;l(7 Main Street, Ellicott
Square, Buffalo, N. Y., or E. S. Harrar,
Division Ticket Agent, Williamsport,
Pa. It
of the bride, Wednesday evening, Feb.
11th, 19(13, Rev.O. H. Nickle officiating,
Mr. Philip Williams and Miss Louisa
K i!mor, all of Tionesta, Pa.
A Generation Ago
coffee could only be
bought in bulk. The
20th century way is the
way sealed pack
ages, always clean,
fresh and retaining
its rich flavor.
List of causes set down for trial in tho
Court of Common Pleasof Forest County,
Pennsylvania, commencing on the
Fourth Monday of February, 190:1:
1. Truman 1. Collins vs. John Wiisou,
No. 33, Septembor term, I'.K'O Summons
in ejectment.
2. J. E. Beck vs. M.O. Watson, No. 28,
Sept. Term, 1!K)1. Motion to open Judg
ment. 3. John Hoover. Lib., vs. Leota Hoover,
Resp., No. 3, Nov. Term, linrj. Divorce,
Issue forme J.
Attt, J. C. GEIST.
Tionctn, Pa., Jan. 2i, 1W..
If you have not had the benefit of a rood
Common scIkmI education you should!
Utilize your spare time in lmprovinc
yourself. Enroll In one of our English
or Business Courses fur either day,
night or cortvsiwndence Instruction.
Eight OmpMMmantm
BookecDin Shorthand
English Typewriting
Penmanship Mechanical Drawing
Civil Service Tulcgrapby
Pay Your Own Way
Arrangements by which a limited
number can do this.
Write today or call for full Infnfw
mauoo rvtfarUiog all dvparuueuu.
S. U Bod, Pria., Meadtillc. Pa.
Winter in California.
Sunshioe and Summer, Fruit aud
floweis all wtuter long in California.
The quick way lo gel there is via the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul amJ
Union Pacific line. Three through
trains, Chicago to San Francis o, ev
ery daj. If you're interested drop
me a card.
John 11. Polt, District Passenger
Agent, Room D. Park Bllg, Pitta
burif. Pa. 2 11 2t
Only 0 Jackets left.
them it will pay
Prices Cut in Two.
One 38, oue 40 aud one 42, in Black,
One 32, one 34 and one o8, io Tan or
Ouly 3 Black Martiu Fur Collars.
Just a few Loug nicely trimmed
Plush Capes..
75 pairs of Li'lies' Misses' and
Children's Shoes, 2.r, o() and 75 p r
cent, on or all oir they are going
to be c'osed out quick
We are very long on Underwettr.
All 50c underwear 35c.
All 25c underwear 2c.
Other grades Same Reductions. Come early, come often. Get all you want.
. J. Hopkins.
1 ant wt re, 2 ill S'uiipUen, etc. . . .
Mill Mach inery Jlepalred Prompt
It. MtaftUuj, Pulleys and Pillow
Iiloclin Ftirnlnlted an Short Notice.
Shelf Hard Aare, Iron, Nails atid Tools at the Lowest
Market Price. Stoves of all kinds. Perfect Olive
Ranges a Specialty; Guaranteed lo Bake. Axes, Pea
vy Cant Hooks, Spuds, Atkins' Hand Croscut, Band
and Circular Saws, Returned il Unsatisfactory. Abra
sive Emery Wheels.
First showing of Men's Spring Style
Soft Hats. The soft hat is as popular
as ever, styles decidedly new and taking-low
crowns, broad rims, 3 and
o 1-2 inches wide, colors are black,
pearl and nutrig, in the order of popu
larity. Prices, $2.00, $2.50, and $3.00
Stiff Hats.
Low Crowns, 5 and inches deep wide, broad brims
arc the newest popular Stiff Hat for young men no
colors, blacks only. Prices, $2,50, $3.00 an(1 $4.00.
I have just received my new sam
pled of wall paper which I will
be glad to show to any one who
expects t't have papering dote
lh is coming spring. .Tut notify
me and 1 will bring the books
to you and quote prices.
Ak peeple for whom I have
done paper! anging as to my re
liability in work and fairness in
IJetwccn Chicago
and St. Paul.
The train of trains is the Pioneer
Limited of the Ohicago, Milwaukee
& St. Paul Railway, It has do equal
and run? over Fast Mail route.
John R Polt, District Passenger
Agent, Roo.n D, Park BIdg, Pitts
burg, Pa. 2-11 2t
If your size is among
you to investigate.
Kig I iul Cut oil.
Ladies' Skirls.
A Liberal Reduction
on all Lad its' Skirts
aud dnu't forget that we sell the
Wool Shirts.
All Jersey and Heavy Wool
Shirts go on same plan &i the Shoes.
This may seem staange to you, but
we are overstocked and want cash.

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