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Represents all the leailinir Fire In
surance Companies of the world,
ami can insure you against loss at
lowest rates obtainable. We are
also aenls in Kotest county lor the
which furnishes security for Coun
ty ami township officials. Also
furnishes homls Tor
at a nominal fee. A nice line of
Real Kstute Deals always to be had
at this ai?enev.
C. M. MI k SON,
Lammers. Ad.
Robinson. Ad.
Hopkins. Locals.
Devon A Co. Reader.
The McCnen Co. Ad.
Heath A Kelt. Locals.
Joyce's Milliners. Local.
Mercantile Appraiser's List.
Tionesta Cash Store. Locals.
White Star Grocery. Iocals.
Kd inborn Nornial School. Local,
Oil market closed at f 1.50.
Fine china dishes at T. C. 8. It
Oil and gas leases at this office,.
Walton I leads tlinai all. T. C. S.
' Hopkins soils the Douglas shoes tl
The 0i lias completely demonetized
the beof-steak.
' Beautiful March weather, but "ho"
came iu with a roar.
' Physicians' blank certificates of vac
cination for Kale at ibis oflico. tf
. Shirt 'waist patterns in white, and
fancy. No two alike. Hopkins. It
Teachers should prepare for tenching
at Kdinboro. John F. Biglcr, Prin. H
Now the robins are bore for sure,
- Having seen and heard them oursolf, we
know It's so.
Heath A Feit would like to yon call
and see the elegant new dress goods that
have Just arrived. Realities, surely. It
Preaching in the German and Eng
lish language at Mt. ion Lutheran
church, German Hill, next Sabbath at
11 a. m.
About March 15, we expect in a car
of Niagara fertilizer. Wait and get what
you want. Prices right.
2t Lanson linos.
Following Is the list ol lottors remain
ing uncalled for in the Tionesta, Pa., Post
Olllce, for the week ending Mar. 1!H)3:
Henry P. Until ngton, (wo.
. 1). 8. Knox, P. M.
Burch Reed and Roy Van Horn have
purchased the general s'ore of Shields
Bros., at Clarington, and will conduct the
business under tho, firm name of Van-Horn-A
Reed. Brookville Democrat.
From numerous patterns in the same
goods some are choice, yet they cost no
more than the others. We get that ad
vantage from one of the largest houses iu
America. See them at Tionesta Cash
Store, ' It
The odlcia'.s nf Armstrong county say
that the report sent out last week that.
Harvey M. Zillil'ro is insane is not true.
Zililfro will have his trial on the charge
'ofiiiurderinR his wife at tho March term
of court.
The W. C. T. U. will hold a dime so
cial at the home of Mrs. J. B. Agnew
Friday evening March Olh, at 7:."0 o'clock.
All persons ovqr fourteen years of ago
cordially invited to attend. Refreshments
wlo served.
If company comes unexpectedly and
you are short on oatablos 'phone or call
on the White Star Grocery for anything
In Urn iine ol cookies, cakes foreign or
domestic fruits, vegetables or choke gro
ceries. Always fresh. It
Miss Mary Joyce, of the Joyce m III
nery store, will spend the next three
weoks in Pittsburg and Cleveland study
ing the new spring and summer styles in
the millinery art. She will also solect
the stors's new stock before returning. 1
It is said that a man who squeezes a
dollar never squeezes his wife. In look
ing over our subscription accounts we
are led to b diove that some awfully good
women in this set ion are not getting the
prossure they deserve. North Fast
Wanted! Wanted! One energetic so
licitor to represent the Grand Union Tea
Co., at Tionesta and surrounding coun
try. Good opening to right party. Small
.bond required. Call or address, Grand
Union Tea Co., 6 West Washington St.,
New Castle, Pa. Jt
Dr. Frank S Hunter, TionostB's pop
ular dentist, is moving into a now suite
of rooms over the Citizens National bank,
which have leon lilted up iu modern
style, acd where the doctor will have a
very pleasant dental home, convenient
and comfortable for his customers.
In Crawford couniy last week eight
een divorces were granted, according to
the report of proceedings of court pub
lished in the Meadville Gazette Three
others were held in abeyance so to speak,
Some peoplo might nryuo from this that
marriage was a failure in Crawford
By an error of Mr. Kelly the an
nouTic nient whs made that Mr. Byers of
Allegheny would preach in the Presby
terian chun-h last Sabbath. Tills should
hive been next Sabbath, March 8th.
Kindly remember this correction and
come out and hear him. Morning and
evening services will be held.
Mr. Caulkins, tlie photographer, has
taken a yearly lease of tho art studio in
this place and will conduct a first class
gallery. His work has given very gen
eral satisfaction ami th people ot this
s- clion will be pleased to know that they
can get work done every day in the year,
except Sundays, by a first class artist.
Prof. Morrison, principal of ourhiiih
school dined tlie pupils of his room at
tho Central i louse last Friday, the elegant
dinner being especially gotten up tor the
occasion snd was an event which tho
young ladies and young gents will ro
ini'iuber with pleasure. Upward of 30
pupils enjoyed the hospitality of their
popular instructor.
The record of Australia's first federal
parliament is well summed up in the Re
view of Reviews for March by the Hon.
Hugh H. Lusk. Incidentally Mr. Lusk
gives some interesting information re
gaiding the workings of the government
telegraph and telephone in the land of the
The Clarington W. C. T. U. held
Frances W Hard Memorial and thank
offering social at Mrs Mechling's Feb. 17.
A very pleasant time was realized. Mrs.
Mecliling served refreshments and the
sum of fS.OO was added to the treasury.
Mrs. Croasmun, of Redely fle, being
present added much to the enjoymet ol
all. Si-pt. Prks.
According to the Derrick's monthly
report of oil operations 513 naw wells
wero completed during February in the
Pennsylvania field. There were 824 rigs
and drilling wells tinder way at the close
of the mouth, and an increase of 23 wells
and a gain of liftf barrels of new produc
tion, and a decline of 42 in now work
during the month.
If we had a double track belting the
globe at the equator, the cars loaded with
grain raised iu the United States in a sin
gle year would fill both tracks solid, and
then enough would be sidetracked to
reach Irom New York to San Francisco
six times! Tho-te statements Bound big
but seeing them in a reliable exchange
we guess they're correct.
In remitting a nice hunk of the
"long green" on subscription account, H.
.. Towner, an old and valued friond,
now located in Cheesman, Coloiado, asks
to be remembered to any inquiring
friends. Homer has many of thorn still
treading the sod in these parts, and we
are sure they always rejoice to hear of
his success in liTe. "May yoj livelong
and prosper."
The dates for weighing the mail trans
ported by the railroads will be fixed In a
short tint o, this being the regular mail
weighing which the government has
done every four years and on which the
compensation1 of the railroads for carry
ing the mail during the next four years
is based. The United States is divided
into dtstricts for the purpose ol this
weighing and tho work Is carried on un
der the supervision ot special officers.
The hurricane which prevailed in this
land last Saturday played havoc with
Win. Lawrence's loot bridge again, top
pling it over and snapping some of main
wins. Mr. Lawrence had only last fall
put the structure in good repair, bnt it
would require something very substan
stantial to brave a blow like that which
swept up the valley of the Alleghony
during most of that day. The damage
done will foot up close to a couple hund
red "plunks" before tho bridge is put in
shape aguin.
It is told of a good looking, well todo
bachelor who, boing teased by the young
women of the club for not marrying, of
fered to make the girl whom tho club
should elect bis wile, just to show them
that he was not averse to matrimony.
Each girl wrote hor choice on a piece of
P'iper, disguising her handwriting.
Thero were nine members in the club and
the result showed one vote for each. The
young man Is still a bachelor, but the
club Is broken up and its members are
all mad at one another.
This kind of weather is just what ma
ple sugar makers are awaiting and they
are making preparations for getting out
their season's product. Bright, sunshiney
days and frosty nights are what is needed.
The sap Is started up the trees by tho for
mer and checked at night by the fn sts.
As long as such weather prevails sugar
can be made. When it becomes so warm
that tho maples begin to put forth their
buds the season must end, as the sap
tastes "buddy" and makes poor sugar
ami syrup, says an exchange.
Tho famous Clarion Normal "rake
oil"" caso was killed last week by the
grand jury ignoring the bill of indict
ment against th J defendants, which In
cluded quite a number of Clarion's prom
inent citizens. Tho cases never had
much Blanding iu either tho court or the
community for the reason that no
one believed they wero brought with
proper motives. The prosocutors wero
saddled with the costs, which was about
as expected under the circum
stances. It wouldn't be a bad notion now
to investigate the prosecutors, and give
tho public somo idea as to "why, If the
casos were so soon to be done for, what
were tliey begun for."
Tionesta fanciers fared finely at the
Pittsburg's big poultry show last week,
giving Forest county a big lift toward
first place in tho chicken breeding world.
K. C. Heath, in a contest against 3."3
chickens of the Barred Rock variety car
ried off prizes for 2d pullet and 4lh hen.
Considering the big bunch Kory had to
go up against this was a fine capture.
F. A. Keller, whoso long suit is partridgo
Wyandottes, took 1st and 2d cockerel!,
1st cock, 1st and 4th pullet, 1st and 3d
hen, James Haslet, in thosilver penciled
Wyandotte class took 1st and 31 pullet
and 3d hen. Mr. Heath brought with
him two white Cochin bantams, cockerel
and pulht, which took 2d prize in the
What it Means.
Wer'e tired of answering questions !
"Fewer Gallons; Wears Longer"
means that you don't have to paint your
house so olten, and you don't have to use
so much paint. Costs li ss for the job and
you don't have to do tho job so often.
The new paint is not new at all. It's
the biggest, selling paint in the United
States, and the linn that makes it is 14!)
years old.
Dovoe Lead and Zinc fewer gallons
than mixed paints, wears twice as long
as lead and oil. James D. Davis sells it.
A Fascinating Love Mory of a Itciiuli
f us American tiirl.
The romance of a beautiful American
girl, iu which the fight for a throne fig
ures prominently, is the basis of "The
Garden of Lies," the most fascinating
love story since the "Prisoner of Zenda."
From start to finish the tale teems with
adventure and excitement. The plot is
novel and well handled and there is not a
dull lino in it. Though It is a story ol
valor, it is first of all a lovo story that
will striko a sympathetic chord in every
reader. Be sure to read ibis striking ro
manco in next Sunday's Philadelphia
Press. Order it of your newsdealer in
Any woman who speaks ill of her
neighbors gives thorn license to got back
at hor.
Miss Mary Joyce is in Pittsburg this
Ted Hood is up from Pittsburg on a
visit to his father.
Mrs. K. C. Heath was in Oil City lust
Friday afterno n.
Miss Marie Smearbaugh was a visitor
to Oil City last Friday.
V. G. Armstrong is home for a few
days' visit with his family.
Quintain Jamieson was a business
Visitor in Buffalo last week.
Miss Katie Osgood of the Clarion
Normal was home over Sunday.
Mrs. Minnie Phillips of Youngsville
visited Tionesta friends last week.
Miss Blanche Mays was a guest of
friends in Franklin over last Sabbath.
-Conductor Gene Holmes, of tho S. A
T. R. R., was a Tionesta visitor Monday.
Jas. T. Rrennan Esq. was down from
Warren a few hours Monday on business.
Miss Nottie Gierlnc has gone to
Pittsburg to work at her trade as milli
nor. Ed. Swanson was down fro-n James
town, N, Y., for a short visit with friends
last week.
J. W. Cook, of Rising Sun, Ohio, was
a guest of his uncle, Thomas Mays, a part
of last week.
Geo. Carson has gone to Pittsburg
where be has secured employment in one
of the car shops.
Mrs. R. H. Woodburn of Franklin
spent the Sabbath as tho guest of Mr.
Robinson's family.
Mrs. Andrew Weller, of Tionesta, is
spending a few weeks with her mother,
Mrs. Lucy Truby. Emlentnn News.
Misses Julia and Anna McCalmont,
of President, were guests of their cousin,
Miss Bertha Vought, a couple of days
last week.
Mrs. Herbert Rheese and children,
ofCropp Hill, returned home last Satur
day from a three weeks' visit In James
town, N. Y.
Thos. Armstrong and Fred Everly of
Mercer county, visited tho families of II.
M. Znhniser and Jas. Bromley during
the past woek.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. James E.
Work, ol Fort Morgan, Colorado, Jan.
Kith last, a son. The parents were former
Forest county residents.
A. Sperry, lumber buyer for Oille A
McKean, of North Tonawanda, N. Y.. re
turned Saturday from a week's visit at
his home in Clevoland, Ohio.
Rev, M. L. Frederifk, the popular
young pastor of Mt. Zion Lutheran
church of German Hill, was a welcome
caller at tho Republican office yester
day. "Jack" Haslet, one of Tionesta's ge
nial old timers, was up from Venango
county during the past week shaking
hands and renewing old friendships in
this community.
John R. Pott, thegonlal District Pass
enger Agent ot the Chicago, Milwaukee
A St. Paul R. R., wlh headquarters at
Pittsburg, was doing business for bis
popular system iu this section last Thurs
day. He made the Rbcublican a pleas
ant call while in Tionesta.
J. L. Belts, J. E. Brennimen, H. S.
Sutton, LeeAmsler and S. L. Pickens of
the Express, all of Marienville, wore Tio
nesta visitors Monday night, having mix
ed with their brethren of the Masonic
fraternity during the evening. Brer
Pickens came along to edit the party
while tarrying in the capital city.
It Is a matter for sincere regret that
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Jones, of Clarion,
will remove next week to Lynch, Forest
county, where they will make their home
in the future. These friends will be
greatly missed here, bnt Lynch will gain
people of whom tbey can be proud, and
who will be a credit to their community.
We all wish them prosperity. Clai ion
A. W, Stroup and son, Arthur, Will
Ledebur, Clyde Foreman and Gordon
Haslet of Tionesta, Wm. Rallifon, of Ne
braska, and Will Lyons, of Butler; loft
yesterday for Erie where they will join
tho Nickel Plate excursion for the west,
expecting to Btop at Ostrander, whore
they will enter the employment of E. S.
Collies in his lumbering operations.
They are all husky boys and will be a
good acquisition to the citizenship of the
state of Washington.
Miss Donna, eldest daughtor of Mr.
O. M. Agrelins, of this place, and Finley
Agnew, of Kane, wrre united in marriage
at high noon on Wednesday of last week,
at the bride's home on East Main street,
by Rev. Garrett, rector of the Episcopal
church. There were no attendants and
tho only guests were the immodiate fam
ilies of the contracting parties. The new
ly married pair went to Jamestown on
tho afternoon train and remained until
Friday evening. They have gono to
housekeeping in the McDade block at
Kane, where everything was in readi
ness for their occupancy. The bride is
one of the most deservedly popular of
Youngsvillo's charming daughters, while
Finley has a host of friends. All sincerely
wish them a happy companionship
through liTe. Youngsville Citizen. Fin
ley was a former Tionesta boy and has
numerous friends here who will wish
him and his bride many happy years ol
wedded bliss.
The Sew Passenger Boat Tlonrsta.
Our readers will always be interested
in the handsome new lake passenger
steamer which bears the pretty name of
this town, and when traveling up the
great lakes will doubtless try to mako it
a point to patronize the Tionesta. A De
troit dispatch to the Euffalo Express, un
der date of the 25th ult., says :
The task of finishing up tho new com
bination freight and passenger steamer
Tionesta, building by tho Detroit Ship
building Company, for the Erie A West
ern Truusportrtion Company (Anchor
line) is being rushed at the foot of Orleans
The lavt hoisting aboard the boat was
done yesterday, when the stack was ship
ped and plated in position. The deco
rators are busily engaged finishing up
tho cabins, but there still remains a grest
deal of work to be done.
The boilers will bo tested within a short
time, and the engines turned over, and
by the first of April it Is confidently
hoped by the builders that the new pro
peller will bo turned over to her owners
ready to go into commission.
Passed Array As He Lived, Peacefully.
On last Saturday morniug the golden
key of death opened the palace of eterni
ty and our old and respecied triend and
neighbor, William Krauss, entered at
noontide. For the past few weeks it was
known that the esrthly tabernacle of an
intensely active spirit was wearing out,
but it was scarcely thought possible that
the dissolution would be a rapid one.
However, the body, weary with its more
than six and seventy years of greatest
activity, suddenly collapsed and the
spirit took its flight before many of our
citizens were aware that death was neir.
William Krauss was the son of a gentle
man of high standing, and was born In
the city of Dresden, the capital of Saxo
ny, Germany, August 10, 1820. Ho was
one ot three brothers who received care
ful domestic training aud were afterwards
students at the University of Leipsig.
Two ot the brothers became ministers of
the Lutheran church, while the subject of
our sketch, in addition to his study of
science and the classics, devoted himself
to the fine arts, especially music. The
city of Dresden, with its celebrated acad
emy of art and its mu-ical choir, afforded
him excellent opportunities for the culti
vation of his tastes, while the charming
valley of the Elbe enriched his aesthetio
nature, and enabled him to become a stu
dent and lover of natural history as long
as he lived.
Dresden being the home city of the
duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, William
Krauss, from knowledge that can be
gleaned of his eatly life, attended aud
was afterwards converted iu the same
church in which Prince Albert, consort
of Queen Victoria, was a communicant.
Becoming proficient in music he was also
a composer, and had the honor ot playing
before tho crowned heads of Europe. But
the glowing accounts of the splendid op
portunities America afforded induced
Mr. Krauss to seek his fortune in the me
tropolis of our countiy in 18."2. In 1872
he became a resident for tho first time of
Tionesta, where he bad large classes In
vocal and instrumental music. Leaving
our town for ether locations, he returued
in 1887 and again assumed his vocation.
Later bo took up his. residence in Tidioute
but returned to our town in July, 1000,
which has been his place of residence
eversiuco. The only member of his
family iu this country, alone in the
world at bis advanced age,
"By foreign hands his dying eyes were
By foreign bands bis humble grave
By strangors honored aud by straners
But the "human heart Is kind," and
when it came to be known how he strug
gled to the last to live honestly and not
become a charge or burden to anyone,
many kind acta were extended thiselder
ly gentleman which were all appreciated
by him. Although deprived of many of
the necessities of life he never complain
ed, but acted well his part. He was re
markably economical and industrious
never idle and if he did not havo work
that brought bim money, be would study
and analyze the flowers of the forest,
practice, read or write. He was never
known to say an unkind word, or to do
an unkind act towards any person, and he
was more kind and thoughtful of the
feathered creatures of the air than most
of our citizens. Even after be was ail
ing he purchased, out of his meagre, in
come, food for the birds and, wbou the
days were coldest and snow deepest, ho
waded out to fill the window Bill 'of his
littlo cottage with food for tho chicadees.
And surely He, who caretli for tho spar
rows, took notice and dealt tenderly with
His servant, granting his wish that he go
to Him without being a charge, and
crowning him with the honor and respect
of his fellow citizens.
On Sabbath afternoon funeral services
were held at 3 o'clock, conducted by
Rev. B. F. Feitt, and the body was laid
te rest in Riverside cemetery.
Seems strange an "old bach." should
win the stove in a radio.
Clinton Chapel was over from Plttsfield
colling on friends.
Will MaGuire returned Sunday after a
week at home in Pittsfleld.
"Tip" Hunter of Nebraska visited his
brother Rob last Sunday, and reports
trains on the S. A T. R. R, unable to got
After an enforced vacation of nearly
three weeks Miss Katherine Nelson re
sumed school Monday morning.
Mrs. Chas. T. Burns received word
from Pittsfleld hor sister, Miss Anna
Howell, is ill with measles.
Mrs. T. N. Van Tassel and Miss Kath
arine Kein.edy returned Saturday after a
two week's visit with relativ'08 at Lud
low. Reed Cassutt is able to be out in the
open air at his quarantine camp and soon
as it is safe for him to mingle with people
he will be around as usual.
Jerry Black was elected school director
and is one ot tho first Grundorvillians to
be honored with an office in Pleasant
Rather an odd sight was a bugo cake of
ice, fully 500 feet long, lodged in mid
stream one day last week. It required
fourteen shots of dynamite to start the
big Ice fleet out sufllciegtly to allow the
free use of tho ferry boat.
It is said this Township went strongly
Democratic at the last February election.
Perhaps as evidence of this fact a large
coon captured alive Saturday carried the
marks of having gone through a very
hea'ed battlo, being minus one front loot
and a side tusk, broken off close to the
jaw. It was surprising how he handled
that "stump" aud easily licked all the
dogs in the town. Had be been "all to
gether" and fet he'd have been a sight to
mako the Pittcburg Gazette's coon turn
green with envy.
and best accommodations. Allen's spec
ial parties afford both to those who ar
range early with H. C. Allen, C. P. A. T
A., Nickel Plate road, Erie, Pa. Low
rates for other days too. A4-a28
If it's a billions attack, take Cham
berlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets and
a quick rocoveiy is certain. For sale by
Dr. Dunn, Tionesta, W. G. Wilkins, West
yet cheaply by joining Allen's special
parties to leave Erie, Ph., February 17th,
M arch :id aud 17th, April 7th, 21st aud ,'SOth.
20 years' experioui e in conducting par
tics. Hundreds of testimonials to show.
Write II. C. Allen, C. P. t T. A., Nickel
Plato Road. Erie, Pa. Low rates for
oilier days also. AS-al-i
Stow Post Enjoy in? a Boom.
Thero was a large and enthusiastic
meeting of Capt. George Stow Postol this
place on Monday evening. Command) r
S. C. Johnston is a worker in "gathering
in the clans," to borrow an old Scotch
phrase. A general interest in the noble
order is awakened it is evident. As time
progresses, the old comrades feel an in
creased interest, which is natural. Two
old members wero reinstated and one,
Leonard Agnew, was received back on
card from Eben Ford Post of Warren,
Pa., and one, a veteran of four years' ser
vice, Orlando Bingman of Nebraska, Pa.,
was elected to membership. So from all
this it appears tho Post is prospering.
The G. A. R. is but an offshoot of the
Society of the Cincinnati, projected by
the Great Washington himself originally,
who suggested its revival among the pat
riot survivors of the Revolution, from
the example of tbe ancient Romau hero
Cincinuatus, who left the plow todenfend
the liberties of ancient Rome, aud Insti
tuted a society to perpetuate the memory
of the saviors of their country.
We know that we express the senti
ments of our patrons, and all patriotio
people when we wish this popular and
flourishing Post a full measure of suc
cess. We are proud of our patriots who
compose it.
I'orkey Paragraphs.
Mr. and Mrs. Rupert's youngest child
died of smallpox last Friday. The whole
family bave been ill with the disease, but
are recovering slowly.
Misses Myra Stronp and Dorothy Bur
dick drove to Mayburg on last Tuesday.
The box social given in the Porkey
school house on Saturday evening was a
success. The proceeds amouutod to
$13,10 ; making a total of $ 28.45.
Miss Downey and Mrs. R. Downey
went to Kolloltvillo on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Richards, of Muyburg,
attended the box social,
C. V. Card drove to Maybnrg last
Chas. Eastwood, who was very much
needed as auctioneer nt the box social,
came home in go- d time,
Mr. Eastwood left yesterday to take
charge of his new position.
Earl Downoy and Miss Eastwood drove
to Mayburg to see the ice gorge.
Mr, and Mrs. Blowers, of Minister,
spent Tuesday afternoon at Mr. East
wood's. A very pleasant hop was siven from 10
o'clock till 11:45 p. ni. in the Porkey hall
after the social on Saturday.
A great many of our people wont to
Mayburg Sunday to see the ice gorge,
Edlnboro Normal School Re-opens.
Owing to tho fact that exaggerated re
ports concern ing our recent smallpox scaro
have reached the newspapers of our Nor
mal School District, we deem it wise, as
well as due to our patrons and students,
to make a clear statement of the facts in
the case.
We have at all times endeavored to bo
frank with our students and to keep them
informed upon everything touching their
welfare and happiness. Prof, Morrison,
a member of the faculty, is also a mem
ber of the health board, and was vejy at
tentive and vigilant iu arriving at a just
conclusion in regard to the many wild
rumors afloat. Each day announcements
were made to the students giving thorn
all the Information in our possession. And
when convinced that danger existed we
promptly closed the school.
We wisli to say that a few weoks ago,
two lady students rooming at the Peiry
house became sick. Dr. F. G. Greetillold
was called In to see them, who at the
third visit pronounced the disease to be
chicken-pox. When it appeared in the
South Hall the dectors again pronounced
it chlckenpox. Tho management of the
school relying on the judgment of the
physicians thought there was no cause for
alann ; indeed they assured us that there
could no evil effects arise from the dis
ease, and that it would run its course in a
low days.
Health Ollicer, Dr. J. W. Wright, of
Erie, was finally called by the board of
health, and pronounced tlietliseaseamild
form of smallpox.
The Normal School authorities, in con
junction wilh board of health of Kdin
boro, acted upon the advice ot Health Of
ficer Wright and immediately took every
precaution to con line and to stamp out
tlio disease, whatever it might be. And
to that end the management has purchas
ed a Formaldebydo Apparatus, w hich the
health officer assured us will effectually
eradicate the disease, Iu as much as no
living germ can exist in the presence of
Formaldebydo gas.
There are uo now cases, and the five
students who were pronounced by the
physicians to be affected by the disease
are now convalescent, and will leave for
homo this woek.
The Trustees havo now a force of men
at work fu.nigatlng aud disinfecting all
the buildings upon the grounds, aud no
building will bo opened for occupancy by
students until the same has beeu inspect
ed and pronounced sare by en officer of
the State Board of Health.
The New Dormitory ill be ready for
the reception of lady students upon the
reopening of school on March 17th. This
building will be supplied throughout
with new furnishings, thus insuring
safety, covenience and comfort to the stu
dent 4.
The Model School reopened Tuesday,
March 3d, and the Normal School will
reopen Tuesday, March 17th, and will
continue, without a break through the
spring session, closing July 1st, 1003.
We congratulate ourselves, our patrons
aud the public, and are very thankful
that there are no serious results arising
from our recent scare.
We fully expect all old students to re
turn and complete the term's work, and
thus get credit for same.
John F. liiiu.KK, Principal.
February 28, UNIX
Wnkri'nl hililri'ii.
For a long time the two year old child
of Mr. P. j. Mcl'herson. .W N. Tenth St.,
liarrisburg. Pa., would sleep but two or
three hours in tho early part of the liitlit,
which made it very hard for ber parents.
Her mother concluded that the child bail
stomach trouble, and cave her half of
one ol Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets, which quieted her stomach and
she slept the wno.e night through. Two
Ixixes of these Tablets effected a perma
nent cure ami she is now well anil strong.
For sale by Dr. Dunn, Tionesta, W. U.
Wilkins, West Hickory.
are easily reached bv Allen's special par
ties. Write) 11. C. Allen, C. P. A T. A.
Nickel Plate road, Erie, Pa. Ati-a28
Good Stenoxrapfwrs IfTOnh.Te
.Command Large Salaries
Is the kind Clurm DIcfiM SrS tiSittnle nl "u should be thoroughly
weturnouu OJfOlfcfH StllliJJU, competent in a short time.
Write or call for full information rcsrardinc any course in Business or English.
Uctwccu Chicago
and St. Paul.
The train of trains is tho Pionetr
Limited of the Ohicago, Milwaukee
it St. Paul Railway, It lias noeiiual
and run? over Fast Mail rnutr .
John li. Pott, District Passenger
Ageul, Uoo.n D, Park Ildi, Pitts
burg, Pa. 211 2t
Winter in California.
Sunshine and Summer, fruit ami
flowei8 a'.l wtuter long in California.
The quick way to gel there is via the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul ui.tl
Union Pacific line. Three through
traina, Chicago to San Francisto, ev
ery daj. If you're interested drop
me a card.
John R. Pott, District Passenger
Agent, Room D. Park lUdsr, Pitts
burg, Pa. 2 11 2t
Only () Jackets left.
them it will pay
l'ricc Cut In Two.
One 38, one 40 and one 42, iu Black,
One 32, one 34 and oue 88, iu Tan or
Ouly 3 Black Martiu Fur Collars.
Just a few Long nicely trimmed
Plush Capes.
75 pairs of Lidies' Misses' and
Children's Shoes, 2"), 5(1 and 75 p r
cent, off or all off they are going
lo be closed out quick
aims mi miMit smi
We are very long on Underwenr.
All SOc underwear !!5c.
All 2-jo underwear 2'c.
Other grades Same Reductions. Como early, come oftm. Get all you want.
L. 2 .
Hardware, Mill SttiiiUcn, etc. . . .
MUl Machinery Jlepalred Vroinyt
ly. Shaftlny, Pit I ley a and Pillow
Mocks FamUhcd an Short Notice.
Shelf Hardware, Iron, Nails mid Tools at (ho Lowest
Market Price. Stoves of all kinds. Put feet Olive
Ranges a Specially; Guaranteed to Bake. Axes, Pea
vy Cant Hooks, Spuds, Atkins' Hand Croscut, Band
and Circular Saws, Returned if Unsatisfactory. Abra
sive Kinery Wheels.
Nestable Dinner
Pails Free.
We have one case of
Nestable Dinner Buck
ets that we are going to
give away as long as
they last with every
cash sale of $5.00 or
AV & 1 via k wa
klr::- "qaje: pr icet clothiers
school education jou should neromn a valued amanuensis
in tlio ot'ice of somo larire manufacturimr concern, or a
court or bunk sttiHvriuilicr. lmhssl, the business world
is cryinK out (or really comncK nt stenturraohers. This
I have just'received myjneweam
I'ies of wall paper which I will
be glad to show to any one who
expects to have papering dot.e
this coming spriog. Jurt notify
me and I will bring the books
to you and quote prices.
Ask people for whom I have
done paperbaogiug as to my re
liability iu work and fairness in
If your size is among'
you to investigate.
Ilio l.lMi Cut Off.
Ladies' Skirls.
A Liberal Reduction
on ail L:ulifcs' Skirts
and don't forget that we sell the
Wool .Shirts.
All Jersey and Heavy Wool
Shirts go on same plan as the Shoes.
This muy Reein staange to you, but
we are overstocked and want cash.

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