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Scene at Carson City Almost
Duplicated by Stomach Blow.
Crop Estimate Fishing Boat Fired
on Ceathg on Underground Rail
road Automobilist Rode Into Canal.
Irondequoit Won Canada Cup Hunt
For Convict Abandoned.
.lames J. Jeffrie?, champion heavy
i eight ot the world, played with Jim
Mcrbett for nine rounds and a half
I'riday night In Mechanics' Pavilion,
Jan Francisco, and then Corbett's see
jrds motioned to Referee Graney to
stop the fight In order to save their
nan from needless punishment.
The end came shortly after the be
ginning of the tenth round when Jeff
les planted one of his terrific let:
swings on Corbett's stomach. The mai
h0 conquered John L. Sullivan drop
ped to the floor in agony and the
uemorable scene at Carson City when
t3ob FiUsimmons landed his solar
ilexus blow was almost duplicated.
This time, however, Corbett struggled
to his feet and again faced his glgan
;ic adversary. With hardly a mom
ent's hesitation Jeffries swung his
right and again landed on Corbett's
itomach. Jim dropped to the floor
ind then It was that Tommy Ryan, sue
Ing that it was all over, motioned Ref
ree Graney to stop the punishment.
After the fight was over Corbett
luiekly recovered, walked over to Jef
fries and shook him warmly by tho
hand. He said:
"Jlnr, you beat me fairly. You
stand alone. No one can touch you."'
Report of Crop Conditions.
The monthly report of the bureau of
statistics of the department of agri
culture will show the condition of corn
on Aug. 1 to have been 78.7 as com
pared with "9.4 ou July 1, 1303; 86.5
jn Aug. 1. 1302; 54 at the correspond
ing date In 1901, and a 10-year average
af 84.4.
Preliminary returns indicate a win
ter wheat crop of about 410,000,000
bushels or an average of 12.4 bushels
per aero a3 compared with 13.8 bushels
ast year.
The average condition of spring
wheat on Au. 1, was 78.1 aa compared
with 82.5 last month, 89.7 on Aug. 1,
1902; 80.3 on Aug. 1, 1901 and a 10
year average of 80.2.
The average condition of the oat
crop on Aug. 1 was 79.5, as compared
with 84.3 one month ago; 89.4 on Aug.
I, 1902; 73.6 on Aug. 1, 1901, and a 10
year average of 82.6.
The proportion of the oat crop of
last year still in the hands of farmers
Is estimated at 7.4 per cent as com
pared with 4.2 per cent of the crop of
1901 In farmers' hands one year ago,
and 5.9 per cent of the crop of 1900 In
termers' hands two year3 ago, and an
Dlght-year average of 7.4 per cent.
The average condition of barley on
Aug. 1 was 83.4, against 86.8 one
month ago; 90.2 on Aug. 1, 1902; 86.9
it the corresponding date In 1901, and
a 10-year average of 83.4.
The average condition of spring
rye on Aug. 1 was 87.2 as compared
with 90.5 on Aug. 1, 1902.
The acreage of buckwheat Is less
than that of last year by about 500
acres, or 0.1 per cent.
The condition of buckwheat on Aug.
1 was 93.9 as compared with 91.4 on
Aug. 1, 1902.
The average condition of potatoes
an Aug. 1 was 87.2, as compared with
94.8 on Aug. 1, 1902.
Preliminary returns Indicate an In
crease of 0.3 per cent In the hay acre
age. The condition of timothy hay on
Aug. 1 was 92.2 as compared with
50.0 on Aug. 1, 1902.
Rerort9 as to the production of clov
er Indicate ' that nearly a full crop
will be harvested. In point of quality
the crop of clover is well tip to high
medium grade.
Fishing Boat Fired On.
The Silver Spray, a fishing boat
owned at Erie, Pa., came Into port In
a badly shattered condition due to an
encounter In mid-lake Wednesday
with the Canadian revenue cutter
Petrel. For years the Canadian au
thorities have had trouble with Amer
ican fishermen poaching on the Can
adian side of the lake.
About noon the Petrel came upon
the Sliver Spray on the Canadian side
and at once ordered Captain Chris
Chau to stop. The Petrel Is a strong
steel craft and It Is said attempted to
ram the American boat before she
could comply with the order.
Captain Chan, remembering the fate
of several other boats from this side
which had been captured and con
fiscated, attempted to escape and start
ed ahead at full spead.
The captain of Petrel opened fire
r ith all the guns he had on board
ind before he ceased firing some 20
shots had struck the American ves
sel. One passed through the smoke
stack Into the pilot house In which
Chau stood and two others struck the
pilot house. One came within a few
Inches of the captain.
That no one was killed is considered
wonderful, a shots entered the cabin
and various other parts of the boat.
A large number of American fishing
toss have been confiscated by the Can
adian government. One, however, be
longing in Dunkirk, was a few weeks
ago ordered returned.
Deaths From Fire In a Tunnel.
Eighty-two bodies have been re
covered from the ruins of two trains
which were destroyed by fire Tuesday
WANTED : Caoable young men
and women for responsible, Pay
Ing business positions. Address,
Rochester Business Institute,
Rochester, N. Y.
Take Laxative Hromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggiHtH refund the money if it fails
ti cure. R. W, Grove's signature In on
each box. 2.V-. 1-14-ly
HoWationt your Mock of Htationery?
book it up, then call aud Hoe us.
on the Tari Metropolitan Electric
railway. The total number of victims
is estimated at 90.
About t o'clock one of the trains
which run on five minute schedules
broke down at Menilmontant station,
which Is in a poor and populous sec
tion of the city.
This train was promptly emptied
and the train which followed was
ordered to pu-h It to the repairing
sheds. On the wiy these two trains
caught fire but the employes succeed
ed In escaping.
Meanwhile a crowded train reached
Les Couronnes, the preceding station,
and the officials seeing Bmoke pouring
out yt the tunnel gave the alarm.
A panic ensued, the passengers strug
gling to escape from a station. Some
attempted to return along the line
toward Belleville, where the smoke
was suffocating.
The fire brigade "was unable
to enter the station or the tunnel ow
ing to the dense f moke, until 3 o'clock
!n the morning.
Automobilist Drowned In Canal.
Henry H. Spauldlng, aged about 45,
an expert and enthusiastic automo
tilist frcm Ruffalo, rode to his doath
four miles east of Fort Plain Tuesday
afternoon while on the towpath of the
Erie canal.
While turning cut for a lineman's
rig his auto swerved more than he In
tended and man and machine plunged
Into the water.
Two linemen rushed to aid Spauld
lng but in their excitement let go en
tirely of the rope, one end of which
'hey had thrown to the drowning man.
One of them hastened to Sprakers, a
hamlet near by. for assistance but by
the time help arrived. Spauldlng had
In his coat were papers, letters, etc,
that positively identified him. The
body was recovered entangled In the
rope which had bcn thrown to him.
The machine, uninjured and with the
brakes sot, was also recovered.
Turkish Excesses In Macedonia.
The Bulgarian government has pre
Fented a lengthy memorandum to
the European powers setting out at
great length the condition of af
fairs in Macedonia during the past
three months, since the Turkish gov
ernment undertook to Inaugurate the
promised reforms. The most precis?
details, dates, places and names .if
persons are given In the memorandum,
the whole constituting a terrible cate
gory of murder, torture, incendiarism,
pillage and general oppression commit
ted by the Ottoman soldiers and offi
cials. Hunt For Convicts Abandoned.
Sheriff Reese of Sacramento, Cal.,
has practically abandoned the hunt
for the escaped Fobonr convicts
known to have been In that city last
Friday, Including Ray Fahey, a notor
ious highwayman. Sheriff Reese feels
It Is use'ess to further pursue an or
ganized chase for the escaped men.
The five convicts fleeing through the
corral flat country are believed to
have escaped to the Devil's Basin reg
ion, a rocky and heavily timbered sec
tion affording good shelter and pro
tection. Baseball Games In Prison.
As a relaxation from cell life and as
a reward of good conduct, baseball
games are being tried with most sat
isfactory results, it Is said, by Warden
Bridges at the state prison in Churles
town, Mass.
Not the least advantage is an Im
provement In the discipline. The
prisoners welcome the Innovation.
The Inmates have two nines, called
the Resolutes and the Hustlers, and
they play every fair weather Saturday.
There is room enough for 200 specta
tors, all prisoners, in the yard.
Wilkea-Barre Will Be Terminal.
General Manager Culver of the Del
aware and Hudson has announced
that hereafter Wllkes-Barre instead of
Blnghamton will be the terminal of the
road. Albany to Blnghamton was
formerly the main line but now from
Oneonta, N. Y., to Wllkes-Barre will be
the principal run. The dangerous grade
between Carbondale and Wllkes-Barre
will be abolished, the track being
dropped from 4 to 10 feet.
Irondequoit Won Canada Cup.
The Canada cup has been lost and
won again on the lake near Toronto.
Rochester, N. Y., Is now its postofflce
address. The fifth and deciding race
of a hotly contested series went to
the challenger, lrondeiuoit, by the
narrow margin of one minute over
Slrathcona, after a well-sailed, sea
manlike struggle on both sides.
Sales of Dollar Wheat.
"Dollar wheat" was at last seen
on 'change at Minneapolis Friday for
the first time since the Leiter corner
In 1898. It was cash wheat and
there were sales at that figure.
Later $1.02 was asked and $1.01
bid with no sales. The Septem
ber option touched 85, the highest
point In 14 years.
Miles May Be Commander.
If the sentiments expressed by New
York men passing through Kansas City
on their way to the Grand Army con
vention In San Francisco correctly
represent the situation. Lieutenant
General Miles, retired, will be a formi
dable candidate for commander in
chief of the Grand Army.
Repairs to Battleship.
Temporary reaplrs on the battleship
Massachusetts were continued and It
Is expected that the ship will be ready
to sail Thursday for Brooklyn where
3he will be dry docked.
Only lo Cnllfiiriila and llm-lc.
from Erin. P., July 3M to AugUHt 13tl,
(rood until October l."tb. Fine Strong
Vincent Pout RpeciHl party Mondav, An
iriiHtllHh. Write at once, for illustrated
itinerary to II. C. Alton, C. P. A T. A.
Nickel Plate Koad, Erie, Pa. A-63-a5
Colombian S;nateVotesAgainst
Statement by New York Counsel of
Panama Canal Company Much Dis
satisfaction In the Panama Depart
ment Fears of a Secession Move
ment on the Isthmus.
Washington, Aug. 18. Dr. Harran.
the Colombian charge d'affaires, has
received an official cablegram from
Ihe Colombian secretary of state, dated
August 13, containing the brief t.i
uouncement of the senate's rejection
sf the treaty on the day previous.
When word as recelvej that the
Panama canal treaty had been rejected
by the Colombian senate, William
Nelscn Cromwell of Sullivan and
Cromwell, New York, made the fal
lowing brief statement, as counsel tor
the Panama Canal company:
"A committee of the Colombian sen
ate on the 5th inst reccm mended the
treaty with a number of amendments.
Our cable advices state that various
parliamentary motions have been
made, more or le3s involving those
amendments, and a recent one Indi
cates that the treaty Is not acceptable
without amendment but this is not
regarded as final."
Rumors of a Secession Movement by
People on the Isthmus.
Panama, Aug. 18. The unanimous
rejection of the Panama canal treaty
by the Renate is the talk In all circles.
The question on all lips Is what will
become of Panama. The only con
solation the Isthmians have Is that the
rest of the republic, with the exchange
at a very high figure and with an up
ward tendency, will suffer a great deal
I.t seems thcK. the governnv.M
never expected the treaty to be rati
fied, and it was not supported at all
In the senate.
' General Lucio Velazoo, an old vet
eran and a distinguished army officer,
has been appointed military command
er of the department ot Tanama. It
Is thonght fears, caused by the rum
ors of a secession movement on the
Isthmu?, may have Influenced the ap
pointment. Thought Spooner Amendment a Bluff.
Colon, Colombia, Aug. 18. The re
jection of the canal treaty by the Col
ombian senate has produced a tremen
dous sensation on the isthmus. !t
was generally believed that the treaty
would pass with some modifications.
There !s good reason to suppose that
the majority of tha members of the
senate regard the Spooner amend
ment to build a canal by the Nlcar
aguan route, if the Panama route was
rejected by Colombia, as a mere threat
on the part of the United States.
Minister Conger Has Secured Guaran
tee From Prince Ching That
Ports Will Be Open Oct. 8.
Washington, Aug. 18. Minister Con
ger, at Pekln, has secured a written
promise from Prince Ching to sign i
treaty with the United States, includ
Ing a guarantee that Mukden and Ta
tung Tao shall be open ports from and
after October 8.
The arrangement made by Minister
Conger for the signing of a treaty be
tween China and the United States,
providing for the opening of Mukden
and Tatung Tao on the date of Rus
sia's promised final evacutlon of Man
churia, end's the Rtubborn resistance
by the Chinese which for some time
promised to be successful.
Prince Ching first argued Russian
opposition to the opening of these
ports. He then said that he was not
Informed that Russia had consented
to the opening. Finally he refused on
the ground that China was unable tj
open towns which were held by
another power.
When the present settlement was
proposed, with the explanation that
China must presume that Russia In
tended to fulfil her evacutlon agree
ment, Prince Ching reluctantly gave
Tatung Tao is a small port which
does not promise much business to at
tract foreigners in the near future. Its
opening is mainly important as a vic
tory for tho open door principle.
Fight With a Burglar.
Albany, Aug. 18. William McMahon,
a coachman to Mrs. Frederick Cleve
land of this city, had a hot batle with
a burglar in the Cleveland carriage
house on Van Rensselaer boulevard
early yesterday morning. McMahon
Bleeps over the carriage house and
was awakened by a noise. He crept
down stairs and captured the thief
after a tussle. The burglar gave up
McMahon's watch, which he had se
cured and then -suddenly dashed away
and escaped, although McMahon fired
several shots after hi nr.
Nordenskjold Relief Expedition.
Stockholm, Sweden, Aug. 18. The
Nordenskjold relief expedition, com
manded by Captain Gylden of the
Swedish navy, sailed today on board
the Frithjci". It numbers 23 men and
Includes six scientists'. The members
of the expedition expect to return here
In April, 1904. Professor Otto Norden
skjold's south polar vessel Anarctic
jailed from Gothenburg, Sweden, Oct.
16. 1901.
Only K."H,7.j la California unci Hack
from Krie,Pa July .'tlxt to August 13ih
good until October loth. Fine Strong
Vincent Post special tarty Monday, Au
gust 10th. Write at once for illustrated
itinerary to II. V. Allen, C. P. A T. A.,
Nickel Plate Koad, Erie, I'a. A-::-a2
Grow strong itnd well after using
Very pleuHiint to tuke. ('ontiiiiia mi
calomel. Never fuila. Worum are often
Diwtuken for indigeHtion nud other di
H'Hwa. Be Hure to get Tluinimm'n in
glass bottles. Druggists, 25 tents.
Ji'dge Roger Sustains Demurrer In
Labor Injunction Case.
St. Lculs, Aug. 18. Judge Rogers
In the United States circuit court
banded down an opinion sustaining
the demurrer of the Western Union
Telegraph company in the labor in
junction case of Boyer et al against
that company.
In the written opinion Judge Rog
ers sustains every point urged by At
torney Smith representing the defen
dant company, holdin; 'hat the com
pany has the absolute right to dismiss
employe. because they belong to the
union, or far any other reisct; that
there can he no conspiracy to do a
lawful act; that the to-called blacklist
may be maintained rnd give.i o'Jt for
the use of otherc.
The case resu'ted frm a bill filed
by Telegraph Ope;at-r "bur Boyer
tnd others, alleging that they were
members of the Commercial Teleg
laphers" union and that they had been
o'ocharired by the Western Union Tele
graph company so'.Oy because they
belonged to the union; that it was the
Intention of the Western Union to
difcharge other employes for this
reason and that the Western Union
maintains a so-called "blacklist."
The bill sought to prevent these
alleged conditions. The Western
Union demurred to the bill and this
demurrer was sustained on every
point by Judge Rogers. Relative to
the "blacklist" the Judge held that
the company had the right to main
tain a list on which miht be placed
the name of a discharged employe
and the cause of discharge and this
list might be given to others, provid
ed its contents were truthful and its
circulation honest.
He also ruled as the bill alleged the
union was formed for moral and prop
er purposes there should exist no ob
jection upon the part of an employe
lo have his discharge based upon the
mere fact that he was a member of
fuch an order.
Thi3 decision Is regarded as con
clusively settling the law In the West
ern Union company's favor. The
plaintiffs took 15 days time to amend
their bill.
Miss Grathwol's Death Was Due to
Exhaustion and Heart Failure.
Santa Barbara, Cal., Aug. 18. An
inque-t held over the remains of Miss
Catherine Grathwol, who died on the
mountain trail to the summit of the
Santa Ynez range Sunday, developed
the fact that the young woman's death
was caused by heart failure due to
exhaustion. The body was tied on the
back of a horse and brought down the
trail !n the darkness.
Miss Grathwol had requested the
friends with whom she was making
the ascent to proceed without her,
naying that she would remain until
their return. On returning the parti
found her lying In the trail. She died
half an hour later. The young woman
belonged In St. Paul and was here for
her health. The ether members of
the party returned uninjured.
A Trainman Killed and Engineer and
Fireman Probably Fatally Injured.
Chicago, Aug. 18. In a head-on col
lision between two passenger trains on
the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul,
near Long lake, one trainman was
killed, an engineer and fireman were
probably fatally Injured and a num
ber of persons were more or less seri
ously hurt.
Several of the victims were buried
beneath the mass of wreckage and
were removed with great difficulty.
A mistake in train orders is given as
the caiiFe cf the accident. The pas
sengers on both trains were thrown
Into a panic.
Street Cars Must Stop.
St. Louis, Aug. 18. Beverly S. War
den who wa3 arrested Saturday be
cause wben he wanted to board a
street car none would stop for him
and he finally drew a revolver and
forced the motorman to come to a
halt. iWtt-3 acquitted in police court.
In discharging Warden, Judge Tracy
snid: "Any street car motorman
brought before me on a substantiated
charge of passing passengers on the
street corner will be fined the limit
of the law. Citizens have rights that
are paramount to those of a street
car company."
Automobile Tour of Europe.
Washington, Aug. 18. Postmaster
General Payne ha received a cable
gram from Charle3 J. Gliddon, who Is
making an extensive automobile tour
of Europe, saying that he had so far
covered 3,590 miles an 1 that he had
crossed the Arctic circle 'n his ma
ihine. iHe also stated that he had offl
rlally deposited with the Swedish gov.
ernment an American flag which lie
had carried across the Arctic circle.
Grasshoppers Stop Trains.
Red Ixidge, Mont., Aug. 18. Grass
hoppers are so thick In this section
that they are interfering with the oper
ation of trains. Ixjcomotlve -wheels
are made fo slippery that when the en
gines stop it Is difficult to start them
again. The grasshoppers have eaten
the range bare.
Letter From Escaped Convict
Butte, Mont., Aug. 18. Pat Rogers,
one of the six men who broke from
the Butte jail on the night of Aug. 8,
has written a letter In which he says
he will give himself up if City Detec
tive Murphy will fight him a duel.
Murphy has accepted the challenge.
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Short Items From Various
Parts of the WorM.
Record of Many Happenings Condensed
and Put In Small Space and Ar
ranged With Special Regard For the
Convenience of the Reader Who has
Little Time to Spare.
Pope Pius X fainted while at mass
Tuesday morning and was uncon
scious a brief period.
It was said In Rome that the powers
have decided to support Russia and
Au.-tria in efforts to re-establish peace
in Macedonia.
The board of supervisors of Cattar
augus county voted down a proposition
to change the county seat from Little
Valley to Salamanca.
Eighty-four bodies have been re
covered and the death list will prob
ably exceed 100 from the burning of
two trains on an underground electric
railway in ParU.
Elihu Root, secretary of war, will
forward his resignation to the presi
dent before he sails for Europe on
Aug. 22, as a member of the Alaskan
boundary commission.
Henry H. Spaulding of Buffalo was
:hrown with his automobile into the
.'anal at Fort Plain and drowned. He
was riding on the towpath and turned
to avoid a lineman's rig. -
Cable dispatches from Paris describe
the disaster on the underground rail
way, in which nearly a hundred per
sons lost their Hve3; no one was
burned, but all the victims were suffo
cated by the smoke.
Attorney General Cunneen, answer
ing attacks of counsel, declared his mo
tive In proceeding against the New
York Building-Loan Banking com
pany was to fave the credulous poor
from being deprived cf their savings.
The fifth and deciding race for the
Canada cuip at Toronto was won by
Irondequoit over Stra'hcona by one
Both Bulgarian and Turkish reports
agree in con;U!ering the situation In
Macedonia very serious, and the re
volt Is growing hourly.
Twenty shots were fired Into an
American fishing steamer on Lake
Erie by a Canadian revenue cutter for
poaching in Dominion waters.
A report by the British vice consul
it Odc.f.sa cn the Klshlneff massacres
shows that the local authorities took
oo effective step to stop the riots.
Komain and Emlle Daurignac, broth
cr? of Mme. Thereto Humbert, we'o
positively Identified as the mythical
"Crawford brothers" during the trial
in Paris.
Fighting Is going on between the
Turkish troops and the insurgents at
many points near Monastir.
A cable dispatch from Naples says
that two streams of lava are flowing
down Vesuvius from fissures In tho
Eleven regulations governing the en
forcement of the sanitary code In bar
ber shops were made public by the
New York board of health.
At the session of the Union Veter
ans' union national encampment at
Rochester a resolution was passed
commending the administrative acts
of Lieutenant General Nelson A.
From Oyster Bay the announce
ment was mado by tho Aldrich cur
rency committee, after a long confer
ence with the president, that an extra
session will be called, and that the
date may be put ahead from Nov. 9
Into October.
James J. Jeffries, champion heavy
weight pugilist, defeated James Cor
bett in the 10th round at San Fran
cisco. Announcement was made that Jo
seph Pulitzer hnd given $2,000,000 to
Columbia university to fonnd and en
dow a school of journalism.
By order of the controller of the cur
rency, the Naveslnk National bank of
Red Bank, N. J., was closed, and W. A.
Mason took charge as receiver.
Kin? Peter of Servia is said to bo
completely in the hands of the military
clique, who are said to fiave his writ
ten approval cf the assassination .)f
King Alexander.
The British parliament wa3 pro
rogued, no light being thrown by the
premier on the government's attitude
toward the fiscal scheme of Mr. Cham
berlain. Tuesday.
Judge Brewer of the supremo court
Cf the United States advocated more
expeditious trials and the abolition of
appeals in criminal caes as remedies
for lynching evils.
Safes were broken open by burg
lars In the New York Central depot
and in Harrison Meyer's grocery stop?
at Ivewlston, N. Y., and about $30
stolen In each case.
An earthquake shock, which lastel
several seconds, was distinctly felt In
all parts of St. Ixiuls Sunday. So vio
lent was it that houses shook at their
foundations as If they were about to
An Imperial trade has been Issue!
tailing out 52 additional battalion of
troops (about 52,oi)0 men) from Mio
European provinces of Turkey, In con
sequence of the spread of the insurree
tlon In Macedonia
Twenty-one nl our atudenta have taken
good poaitions in 00 days, to July 8. Ve
have places at our disposal lor all the
stenographers and typewriter operator
that our school can provide for the next
year. Join us and pet in line. Write or
ctll at our ollice tor detailed Informs ion,
tf Warren, Pa.
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xatiHlaction guaranteed.
Shop in rear of and just went of the
Shaw House, Tidioute, Pa.
Your patronage solicited,
las. If. H?ivm
ItrpuirM Ituilcrs Stills
Tanks Agitatoi-H. Itujs
and .Sell Ni'coiid - hand
toilers F,tc
Wire or letter orders promptly at
tended to. End nfSuapet sion BriHie,
Third ward, Oil, CIT1, IM.
"AllrnaAurnntr.,4 " (1,I.J- M
& fled cerealsmakedijestlonlnactlve.H-ine i
F,i aevou oi pnospnatic elements, dissolve'! yf
l.y and discarded from cheap wheat, soaked I'ij
JLK until machines eive haDe. Remember Si
Is the orltrln.il whole wheat breakfast food
andits hi'h quality c.tnnot he overcome,
because when vou' buv Wheatlet you uro
assured of .n) ,n(, i,, partn,- choicest seed
wheat thit's fit to e n neither nitr.i'es or
phosphites are lost for your better health
and happiness.
Y jur grocer can supply you.
The genuine made only by
The Franklin Mills Company,
"A 11 Ike H'hral lhaCi Fit to Eai"
Wanted-An Idea 3
VThn ran thlnlt
f some Hiiiiple
rr. to loin"; iner may linn;; v,.ll weallh
Wliw J6llN WKUKKUUril.N ft o , patent Alt..,
nevi. wuhlnntuii. I), c. f.,r their !.., i pnte oiler
uul lut ot two hunUred luTeutluus wuued.
v i-
Mr WlniMX!
HUH Fnmi
Clock Repairing and all work pertaining
to tho jeweler's trade, prompt ly
and accurately done.
Xow Silver! nc Waieh
Casea traded for Old Sili er Cases in
any condition. Old watches taken In ex-
cnango lor new ones
a. t. . ni;itso,
Anderson A O' liar a barber shop,
Tionesta, Pa
Ollice 4. 1 National Bank Building,
Eyes exaoiiaod tree.
Exclusively optical.
can well bo claimed of a book
that ha3 received the unquali
fied indorsement of the
Executive Departments of the
Government, the U. S.
Supreme Court, all the State
Supreme Courts, all the State
Superintendents of Schools,
nearly all of the College Presi
dents, and Educators almost
The New and Enlarged
Edition of Webster's Inter
national Dictionary of English,
Biography, Geography, Fic
tion, etc., has 2:;G4 quarto
pages with R)00 illustrations.
25,000 new words and phrases
have recently been added
under tho editorship of W. T.
Harris, Th.D., LL.D., U. S.
Gommicsio'ier of Education,
bringing the work fully up to
" A Teat in Pronunciation" vhii-h atTiml n
I-;. nt 11 ii, 1 iiiMnu tue cM'iiiiiir'ij entor
luiiiiuciit. Illuptni'cd inimjilikt also free.
G. 6 C. MER.RIAM CO., Pubo ,
Springfield, Mass.
Pi c

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