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Editor 4 Proprietor.
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Q Quarter 0
0 53
p. nu
Fim nn 1M
jr Quarter ti) n.m
Full 7 3:2:
vi Moon ill p.ui
Eoon 13
ltepiibliemi Ticket.
Supreme Court Justice
of Indiana County.
of YeuauRO County,
of Tionesta.
Associate, Judge
of Ureon Twp.
of Green Tw p.
Numerous thefts of valuable works of
art, gold nujjgets, line poroaline, etc.,
have been made at the St. Louis Exposi
tion. This is too bail, anil if it continues
will give tlio management a bad tiaine.
Perhaps a little less entertaining ami a
little more watching would improve
It is amusing to hear the Democrats
give out from their committee head"
quarters the opinion that they expect to
overturn the Republican majority ot 24
in the House. There'll be time enough
for that alter they elect Parker, or Gor
man, or Olney, or McClellan or Hearst,
or whoever else pels the nomination.
As the St. Louis convention will con
tain 1,0(10 deligates, it will lake 67 votes
to nominate. Parker. He now larks
about 4(!0 of the required number. And
Hearst Las almost as many delegates as
Parker. Somewise politicians think it
possible that Gorman, Mills or Eolk may
come in and gobble up tho wholo con
Ofrn. Ov course the Democrats are nut
pleased with the selection of Attorney
General Knox for Senator. Rut this will
not interfere with anybody's happiness.
Nothing that could have been done
would have pleased the Democrats, and
if it had pleased them, the rest of us
might have been displeased.
Amono 'he spell binders who are ex.
prcted to make nominating and second
ing speeches at Chicago are Senator Bcv
eridue of Indiana, Mr. H. S. Edwards o'
Macon, Ga., Joseph Coltou of Dulutu,
Minn., Geo. A. Kuight of California and
n negro lawyer from Baltimore. With all
this talent there ought to be some stirring
Paul Morton, formerly a Democrat,
and son of that Sterling Morton who was
Secretary of agriculture under Cleveland,
announces that he has become a Repub
lican. He says there is too much "tom
my rot" In the parly he has just left, and
that the Republicans are the only folks
who do anything. Mr. Moitin is wiser
in his own generation than his foiebears.
Politicians of the far reaching and
prsscient sort, are going to light shy of
the tariff issue. At least tint is a deter
mination the Democrats have come to.
If that issue is pressed too hard it may
cause wealthy Democrats, who are profit
ing by protection, to decline to opeu the
much needed barrel. We are unw told
that "over production" causes mills to
close and markets to sag. This was a
favorite theory with Sterling J. Morton
when he was secretary of agriculture.
In any event it is vastly better thn un
der production.
A movement has narted in Akron,
Ohio, which promises to set the conntiy
wild. A new organization has sprung up
called the "Young Crusaders." The boys
belong to a Sunday School, of course,
they wear kahkl uniforms, flourish
swords, talk loud, and sleep out of doors
under real flapping teuts. Two of Sen
ator Dick's offspring belong to the baud.
Exactly what the cruisade is about does
not appear. Possibly it is a crusade
against using tobacco, telling lios, being
lazy, and showing disrespect to one's
parents. If so, it should prosper.
The great and perplexing question
among Democrats is how trey can muz
zle Win. J. Bryan. The newspapers
have been killing him ofl for many
months, and saving all sorts of funny
things about him, nevertheless, at the
critical moment, he pops up with the Ne
braska Democracy behind him and the
same old plattorm in his pocket. The
proposition is how to smother Bryan and
his notions and yet keep him and his
faction to the ticket and to the party. A
happy solution in wanted. Suppose all
the regular Democracy goes over tu the
Bryan faction ? Here's a chance for
EvKHYTiiiNu is in readiness for the
Republican National Convention at Chi
cago next Tuesday. It will be a great
gathering of the big men of the grand old
party, notwithstanding the nomina
tion of tho principal candidate hits been
settled months ago. The only name that
will be mentioned in connection with the
Presidency will be that of the idolized
Roosevelt, and he will ie given one of the
greatest ovations ever tendered un Amer
ican statesman. Who will be his run
ning mate is still a question of doubt, but
Indications point toward Senator Fair
banks, of Indiana, who is very popular
in the West. The convintion is not
likely to last longer than threo days.
11 un ah lor Roosevelt !
Senator P. C. Knox.
The appointment of U. S. Attorney
General Philander C. Knox as the suc
cessor of tho late Senator Quay was made
by Governor Pennypacker hist Friday,
and a more uuanimous approval of the
selection could scarcely be wished for.
The satisfaction expressed on all sides by
the Republicans throughout Pennsyl
vania is indicative of the Governor's
very happy solution of a problem
which for a timo threatened to cause no
little trouble for the party in this State,
It is disappointing to the Democrats, ol
conrso, and to tho boodle element,
which sees in this selection a lading of
what promised to be a wldo-open leg
pulling campaign and the knocking in of
several prolific barrel-heads when the next
meeting of the legislature lakes place.
All this has been quietly nipped in the
bud, and the result is that Pennsylvania
will have a representative in tho United
States Senate that -vill rank with the
greatest in tho nation. Mr. Knox is one
of the cleanest of men in bis public and
private life. He has both the ability and
respectability. This is conceded by even
bis political opponents. The appoint
ment obviates the necessity of calling an
expensive extra session of tho legislature,
as the Governor in his message has
pointed out. The legislature convening
in January m xt will take up the matter,
and elect Mr. Knox's successor for both
the short and the long terms, an that, in
all human probability will be Mr. Knox
himself, no doubt without opposition in
his own parly.
In Honor of Senator (nay.
At a regular meeting of t'ie Joseph C.
Sibley Republican Club of Forest County
the following minute relating to the
death of the Hon. M. S. Quay, was unan
imously adopted and ordered spread on
the records of the organization.
Resolved, that this club hears with pro
found i eg ret ol the death of the disting
uished senior Senator of t'onusylvania,
who for forty years displayed unwaver
ing allemaneo to the principles of
Republicanism, as interpreted by Liu
coin, Gartield and McKinley.
liesolicd, that by his death our great
Commonwealth bus sustained au irre
parable loss due to his withdrawal from
the councils ot the nation, and Irom his
distinguished service to his own State
liesoloed, that in common with the
thousands of loyal Republicans of Pen
nsylvania, we record our sorrow at his
unexpected demise, and extend to the
bereaved family our sincere condolences.
After all that has been done and said
about forest trees protecting the land,
preventing Hoods, and causing rivers to
How at an average depth, it seoms that
cloud bursts occur with requency in dif
ferent parts of tho country, regardless ot
the condition of vegetation. In one day
there comes news of floods in New York,
Peuna., the Black Hills, a ten days rain
in Kansas, cloud bursts in Texas, in the
Indian territory. Even the Kaw river in
Kansas is a restless stream, and every
little while leaves its bed and goes wan
dering all over the state. And it is a re
nnrkablo fact that old pianos are to be
f ui nd in river bottoms of Kansas as the
result of Hoods. Something will have to
be done besides talking about spots on tho
sun, and appointing young men to plant
trees and draw salaries as forest rangers.
Interesting Letter From Washington..
Colville, Wash., May 28, 1904.
Editor Republican:
I w ill write a short sketch of Washing
ton as I have seen it: I have been here
over a year now, so 1 have experienced
all the seasons. It gets very hot here
during the summer as the sun gets a cou
ple of hours more per day to get in his
work. It io light enough to read a news
paper here at 3 a. m., and only dusk at
9 p. ni. The ranchers sow wheat in the
spring often plowing it under and a
mixture of wheat and oats to be cut
green for "hay." This beats Penn'a for
growing any kind of fruit or vegetables.
I have only missed a couple of our east
ern products here, i. e., corn and grapes'.
The nights are too cold here for corn
ouo can bleep under blankets bore the
year round or so the ranchers claim.
My private opinion is that corn requires
too much work for these people hero.
Work is avoided as much as possible, and
many of the ranchers make a good living
and do not average two days' work a
week. All kinds of fruit grows abun
dantly and is very fine, with the excep
tion of apples. They look nice, but I
have not found a single one that was as
finely flavored as they were in Penn'a.
There are ripo strawberries now. We
have also plenty of snow in sight yet, a
few thousand feet up on the mountains,
and only three miles from here. I am
Uve miles from Colville.
I saw two unusual signts in the spring.
One was a juneberr3 bush in bloom with
in a rod of a snow bank. The o:her was
frogs sitting on cakes of ice and croak
ing. The frogs speak a different language
here, and, if possible, a more discordant
one. We have a chipmunk here similar
to the ones back there, only darker and
smaller, with a tail twice as long. They
also talk "Siwash" and do not "chip"
like tho ones we used to hear in Penn'a.
There is also a ground squirrel here a
copy of the woodchuck. He Is larger
than tho black squirrel and can destroy
more vegetation than a rabbit. White
rabbits are to be found here also, but not
the little gray one. Trout are very plen
tiful in the streams. Deer are to bo
found everywhere, and bears aro not
scarce. Blue grouse are thick on the
mountain sides, but rarely come down
into the valleys. Pheasants are found in
the canons similar to tho ones found in
Forest county. They aro numerous here
around our camp and one can see deer
trucks in a ten minutes walk from the
Timber laud is being gobbled up like
gold uuggets. There is a line layout for
some ouo with some money, about four
to fifteen miles from hero. There Is good
timber aud plenty ol it. Yellow pine at
first and running back to a belt of white
pino as line as ever grew in Penn'a. I
saw some of it, but being alono and
strange did not venture very far into it.
I saw white pine that had fallen over into
the creek; wo were fishing (I was not
alone this time) but stopped to mtasure
it. With only three feet of a diameter it
reached liil feet, Biid was four Inches In
diameter whero the top had broken oil'
then. Fish story ! I am right "hero
with the goods" and will pay your ex
penses hern aud back if I can't show you
hundreds, yea, thousands, just as long.
Tho while pino belt In-s been visited by
but lew people. There, are ubout 15,(HJ0
acres of It covered by timber and stone
claims, but it could be bought for about
50 cents per thousand on the stump. It
is estimated at 50,000,000 to 200,000,000 a.;
yellow pine and cedar included, there Is
said to lie ."00,f00,!'00 tributary to the
stream this is on. It lies from three to
Hftccu miles from the railroad. Acting
on instructions from eastern parlies I
took options on 30,000,000 to 60,00,000 ft. of
it for 00 days. It is the key to the whole
position, but as 30 days are gone and no
action taken I guess the scheme will fail
to materialize. It is a fine chance tor
somoone. A great deal of the white pine
is on unsurveyod land open to settle
ment, though. I expect to look It over
and take claim myself soon. The lum
ber trade Is quiet out heie, but.it will
boom again.
We had a few weeks hero without com
munication with the outside world on ac
count of high water. It was three feet
deep on the R. R. track.
If any ofyou are in St. Louis you can
see a picture of our mill iu the Stevens
county exhibit. The steps aud stairs of
Washington State building are of marble
from Stevens county, too. This Is a
great county, but it lacks development at
present. I have only a few minutes to
mail this so 1 w ill "cut it out."
Yours truly,
B. M. CARllAUdlt.
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pleased to leui n that there is at least ono
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prietors have so much faith in its cura
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Hall's Family Pills aro thebost.
TriiimiiliN ol tlixlrni Snriirry.
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man body by surgery. Organs are taken
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back, or they may tie removed entirely ;
bones are spliced ; pipes take the place of
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tion sets in, which causes them to heal
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Chamberlains pain Halm ui-ts on this
same principle. It is an antieeptio and
when applied to such injuries, causes
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Pain Balm In your home and it will save
you time and money, nut to mention the
inconvenience and suffering which such
injuries entail. For salo by Dr. J. C.
II U N T E R B A R N l'-TT A t the Rural
Mouse, Tiotiesta, Juno 8, IIMII, by C. A.
Randall, J. P., John Hunter, of Ross
Kim, Forest Co., Pa , ami Rebecca
Harnett, of Liekingville, Pa.
'( IT TO-IMY."
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New trial bottles, "I'm; regular size, 75c.
At J. I). Davis'.
Itrtluri-il It men July -till
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cents for round trip to points within a
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2nd, 3d aud 4th. Good returning July
5th '04. See nearest agent or address A.
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Pa. 337 J -20.
l.ow-Knm KxriirHlnn la Wurrcn, Oil t'ltjr,
mill TiliiNville via I't-nn'it Uiillruml.
On Sunday, June 2X5, the Pennsylvania
Railroad company will run a special
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Rate to
Rate to Oil City or
Train Warren and Titusvillo
leaves return aud return
Hickory 10:50 a. m ? .75
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Oil Citv Ar. 11:40
Titusville Ar. 12.20 p. m.
Children between 5 aud 12 years of age,
half rates. 2t
Flour " sack .. 1.30l.l!O
Corn meal, feed, 'tf 100 tb 1.35
Corn meal, family, 1 00 lb 1.75
Chop feed, pure grain 1.40
Oats .58
Corn, shelled .75
Buckwheat Hour, i ft .03
Beans bushel 8.00
Ham, sugar cured .14
Bacon, sugar cured .14
Shoulders .14
Salt Pork, lb .14
Whitctlsh kit .l!5
Sugar fi(7i).0HJ
Syrup 3.5(g) .60
N. O. Molasses ,35'a) .50
Coffee, Roast Rio 12J15
Cotloo, blended Java .25
Tea 35 .50
Butter .15
Rice 05(9.03
Eggs, fresh .121
Salt1 barrel 1.25
Lard .11
Potatoes, bushel 1.00
Potatoes, sweet, It) .03
Llmol barrel 1M)
Nails keg 2.75
Wool 20((j22
Township for year ending June ti,
Wm. Nichol, Collector, In account
with school fund of said township, nu.
To amt. of duplicate $1,725 02
By amt. pd. Win. Lawrence, Tr...$l,534. 12
By amt. rctd. Co. school tax 41) 20
building tax 10 06
By 5 per ct. com. on $iiS7.79 34 30
" " " l)72.l:! 33 63
" " " 240.05 12 43
By 2 per ct. com. on 053.40 13 07
By exonerations 2S 08
$1,725 92
wm. Lawrence, Treas, in account with
said township : tr
To Ril $ 315 35
To reed. Irom W in. Nickol Col... 1,705 12
' " Stale appropr'ation 1,250 13
" " R. A. Childs 10
" ' John Hoovler 7 27
$a,344 00
By orders rodeomed $3,408 0(1
By 2 per ct. com. on ?:!, HiS.Oti 60 30
By amt. to Bal 415 64
$3,083 06
Ralance in hands of Treas $ 445 01
We, the undersigned auditors ot Tio
nesta township, liereliv certify that we
have audited the above accounts and Hud
hem as set forth. A. L. Thomson,
J. A. SlinlVKIi,
C. C. Weinoaiu),
Attest: Q. Jamieson, Clerk.
Ordinance A'o. 17.
Fixing and establishing a twenty-four
inch underground tile drain on undue
Street for carrying surface water from
Elm and Bridge streets to the Alleghe
ny River, in the Borough of Tionesta,
Re it enacted and ordained by the Town
Council of the Borough of Tionesta, Pa.,
and it is hereoy enacted and ordained by
authority of the same, as follows:
Section 1. That a twenty-four (24)
inch tile drain for currying surface water
from Elm street and Bridge street to the
Allegheny River shall be laid, and the
same Is hereby established, authorized
and directed to be laid, beginning at a
point near K. R. Lanson's tin shop on the
Kt side of Elm street, thence to the
North side of Bridge street, thence along
tho ISorth side of Bridge street to the Al
legheny River.
Section 2. That the said tile drain
shall bo constructed according to planH
ami specifications. 01 a borough engineer,
and all work done and material furnished
to be by contract let to the lowest anil
liest bidder, and tho President of Council
is hereby authorized to advoriise foi pro
posals fof doing said work in accordance
wuh specifications.
pAssKD-June 7th, 1004.
J. B. Muse,
Attest President of Council
A. C. Brown, Secretary.
And now, June 8, 1001, upon due con
sideration thereof, the foregoing Ordi
nance is hereby adopted and approved,
F. R. Lanson, Burgess.
Notice of Dissolution.
Notice is hereby given that the Tiones
ta Mantel Manulacturing Company, (in
corporated), will present its petition to
the Court of ('milium Pleas, to be bold
at Tionesta. Forest county. Pa . on Thurs
day, the 23d day of Juno, 1004, at two
o'clock p. m., praying the Court for a de
cree of dissolution and permission to
surrender any and all power contained in
ilu i.lturtiip At wliif.li tiliii. uml rtltii.n unv
nerson or persons interested liny attend
ai tuey seo proper.
J. V. Bowman, Presidont,
A. B. Ki-'i.ly, Secretary.
T. E. Riti'iikv. solicitor.
Tionosta, Pu., Juno 1, 1001.
Notice of Appeals.
Notice is hereby given that the Com
missioners of Forest County will moet at
;heir olliee, in the Borough of Tionesta,
on the 17th and lstth days of Juno, 1004,
tor the purpose of holding a Court of Ap
peals Irom the assessment of money at
interest for the year loot.
A. K. Siiti'H,
Henry Win oaiid,
S. M. Henry, Clerk.
Tionesta, Pa., May 24, 1001.
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St. Louis ?
Going anywhere?
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las. IX ittivEi
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Hollers IUe.
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Third ward. OIL tJITl, IA.
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by return null. IO.IIUU Ti-huuioihkIk. Mold by
all lmiKicirtui.
ItlUO llluiilwii .Niiuure, I'll I LA.,
M.ntl.a tali inn.
1R k SON.
382,000 Acres
Open for Settlement
Roseliud Indian Reiorvati n, South Dakota, opeu for
settlement in July. Kcgistrdtinij for these valuable
lauds, ami permits to go on the reservation, at Cham
berlain and Yankton, S D , July 5 to 23. Drawing
of lota under Government control, at Cuurubeiluin on
July 28. Chair berlain is renchod only by the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
The best places from which to enter the reservation
are Chamberlain, Cieddes, 1'latto and Yankton,
reached by t is railway.
Illustrated folder with valuable maps and complcto
iufurmaliou about rates, routes uud train ecrvice for
two cents' postage.
JOIIX It, POTT, ltooni I, Iarlt IHlff.,
District luMi'iig4r Agent, riTTSIllJltu.
A. WaynbCook,
A. B.
A. Wayne Cook, a. W. Robinson, Wm. KnioHrbauKh,
N. P. Wheolor, T. V. Rlu-hey. J. T. Palo, J. II. Kelly.
Collections remitted for on day of pr.ytnent at low rales. We promise our custom
ers all the benefits consistent with conservative b kimr. Interest piid on timo
deposits. Your patronae respectfully solicited.
The Smart
Magazines should have a well-defined purpose.
Gentiiue entertainment, ainuseiueut and menial recreation are the
motives of The Smart Sat, the
Its novels (a complete one in each uuiubcr);are by tho most bril
liant authors of both hetnisphetes.
Its ftliort stories are matchless clean and full of human interest.
Its poetry covering the entire field of verse pathos, love, humor,
tenderness is by the most popular poets, men aud women, of thri day.
Its Jokes, vvitiei.siiis, sketelies, etc., are admittedly the niort
No pages are wasted on cheap illustrations, editorial vaporings or
wearying essays and idle discussions.
Every page will interest, charm and refresh you.
Subscribe now $2.50 per year. Kemit in cheque, 1 O. or Express
order, or registered letter to TIIK KJIAUT NKT, 452 Filth Avenue,
New York.
Ilackett Carhart's and Alfred en
jamiu's high grade Summer Suits
have received the unqualified en
dorsement of the most critical, best
informed, best dresseJ people in
America -the New York City Pub
lie. This is the clothing we offer you
today at 87.00, 88 50, $10, $12 and
$15 per suit,
Our cutter fits this clothing for you
aud any Decessary changes are made
in our own shop by expert tailors.
Knox straw bats. 50c to $4.
Knox Panamas, $8.
Negligee Shirts The Quaker City
and Slar makes $1, $1 25, $1 .50,
$1 75, $2 to $3 50
Headquarters for Underwear 25o
to $4 per garment.
Ever thing here to drees you well
2i AND 29 SENECA S i . .
Feed & Sale
Fine Turnouts at All Times
at Reasonable Rates.
Hear of Hotel Weaver
Telephone No. 20.
Wm. Smkarbaitoh,
Vice Presiden
To Take KtTeet July (llli, W03.
fT !
KHslurn Tim SOUTH
Leave . Arrive
Roes Kun
Newtown Mills
Kellettvilln J
Jini'k Mills
lllue Jav
Ilonry's Mill
Arrive Leave
p. m.
7 on
7 30
7 411
7 45;
1 45 8 00,
1 IIH6
1 55 8 15
a 05 8 'J5
2 i!(!8 40
J. 25 i K 45
1 30 i H 50
2 40i!l 00
2 55!l 15
3 1010 80!
3 25'!) 60
3 45,10001
p. mm. in
12 45 5
12 35 5
12 l()!5
12 05
II .-;
II 405
11 30
11 (HI
10 40
10 30
a. m.
T. I). COLLINS, President.
Taklnireireet. May 2!th, 1901.
No. 30 Hutl'ulo Express, daily
rxeopt Kiiiidny H:01 a. in.
No. 82 Oil City and I'iltsbursr
KxrresH,diry,except Sunday ..7:18 p.m.
Oil City Accommodation .Sim
days only 5:211 A 8:03 p. m.
For IIiekory,Tidiout6,'VarrenlKlnzua,
Bradford, Olean and the East :
No. 31 Oloan Express, daily
exeept .Sunday 8:43 a. m.
No. 33 Pittsbunr Express,
daily oxeept Sunday 4:45 p. in .
Oloan Hi'.eoiiiinodatiiiii, Sun
days only 0:28 a. in.
Warren accommodation, Nun
duys only 2:45 p. in.
For Time Tables and additional Infor
mation I'onsult Ticket Agent.
Goneral Manner. Passenger Tralllo Mgr.
;KO. II. I'.tiVI), (ion'l Pustminer Agt,
l'usitious await our graduates.
More pnaitions are offered us than we
can supply. Special advantages in
our Summer School. All departments
given for the price of a single course.
The liiisiness World is looking to the
ISusiness College more than ever.
Jo n us snd better your condition.
Students enter at any time. Write
for details.
Wakkkn, 1'A

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