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Uuricns.. II. Dale.
Justices of the Peace H. H. Cauflold, S,
J. Hotlov.
CVmnnimcn. J. I). Mime. J. W. Lan
tiers, J.I'. Dale. W. F Killmer, C. A
liHiiHou. Goo. Iliilninaii, (1. T. Auderson
Conslable-W . II. Hood.
Collector H. J. Nutley.
School Directors i. C. Heowden. R,
L. Haslet, K. W. Bowman, T. F. Kitchey,
A. C. Brown, Dr. J. C, IJUiiu.
Mtmlivr of Congress Joseph C. Sibley
Member of Senate J. rv. r, nan.
Assembly i. 11. KobortNon.
.'President Jinlue W. M. Liudsey.
Associate JndyesVf. II. 11. DotUirer,
1 X. Kroillor.
YoMonofar.v, Register & Recorder, ,
J. C. UOlNt.
McrvT. Geo. W. Nobllt.
Treasurer W. II. Harrison.
OtnintHsionerC. Burhoun. A. K
Khipe, Henry Weingard.
District Attorney H. 1). Irwin.
Jury Commissioners Ernest Sibblo,
l.ewix warier.
(troner Dr. J. W. Morrow.
Count Auditors Vf. H. (Stiles, Geo,
W. IIoIoiiihii, U. A. MenosKey.
until Nurvrunr). W. Clark.
County Superintendent L. W. Morri
Kriular Tumi f Ceurt.
Fourth Monday of February.
Third Monday of May.
Fourth Monday of September.
Third Monday of November.
Church uua Mnbbitth Mrbaol.
Presbyterian Sabbath School at 9:45 a,
in. : M. K. Nabiiatli Neiiool at w.w a. m
Preaching ' M. K. Church every Sab
bath eveninn by llev. vv. u. lauioun
Preaching in the F. M. Church every
Habliath evening at the usual nour. rtuv,
11. A. .ahmscr. l'aslor.
Hervlces in the Presbyterian Church
every Sabbath morning and evening
Kov. Dr. Paul J. SloiiHker, Pastor.
The regular meetings of the W. C. T,
U. are held at the headquarters on the
second and fourth Tuesdays of eacu
PI' .N ES T A LODU K. No. 3tli. I. O. O. K,
J. Meets every Tuesday evening, in Odd
Fellows' Hall, Partridge building.
I.MREST LODGE, No. 184, A. O. U. W.,
1 Meets every Friday evening inA.O.U.
VV. Hall, Tioiiesta.
v- U, A, H. Meets 1st and ad mommy
evening in each mouth, in A. O. U. W.
Hall Tioiiesta.
1:17, W. K. C, meets first and third
Wednesday evening ol eacu lnonin, in a
O. U. W. hull, Tiouesta, Pa. .
'PIONKSTA TKNT, No. 104, K. O. T.
A M., meels 2nd and 4th Wednesday
evening in each mouth in A. O. U. W.
hall Tionesta, i'a.
All work guaranteed. Rooms over
Forest County National Rank.
Tiouesta, Pa,
Warren, Pa.
Practice in Forest Co.
Ac brow;;,-"
-"OfTleo in Arner Building, Cor. Elm
and Bridge Sis., Tionosta, Pa.
Physician, Surgeon A Dentist.
OlHce and Residence three doors north
of Hotel Agnow, Tionesta. Professional
calls promptly responded to at all hours.
R. F.J. 110 YARD,
Physician A (Surgeon,
and DRUiXjlvr. Olllce over stere,
'Tiouesta, Pa. Professional calls prompt
ly responded to at all hours of day or
night. Residence Elm. St., between
Urovo's grocory and Uorow'n restaurant.
Physician and surgoon,
. Hardware, Tinning A Plumbing.
Tionesta, i a
Keeps a comploto line of Justice's blanks
for sale. Also Blank doeds, mortgages,
eto, Tionesta, Pa.
E. A. WEAVER, Proprietor.
ThlH hotel, formerly the Lawrence
House, has undergone a complete change,
und is now furnished with all the mod
ern improvements. Heated and lighted
throughout with natural gas, bathrooms,
hot and cold water, etc. The comforts of
guests never neglected.
UEROW & (ilCROW Proprietor.
Tionsota. Pa. This is the iiiostceutrally
located hotel in the place, and has all the
modern improvements, ixo pains win
lie spared to make it a pleasant stopping
place for lliu traveling public. First
class Llvory in connection.
Shop in Walters building, ('or. Elm
and W alnut streel.s, Is prepared to do all
Kinds of custom work Ironi the II nest to
the coarsest and guarantees! his work to
give perfect satisfaction. Prompt atten
tion given to mending, and prices rea
sonable. L
Manufacturer of and Dealer In
And all kinds of
fii Best Cowl) Synip. Tastes Coed.
PfJ Usa in time. SJd by dnigifists.
UUllKK I IN VANAMfl rflNill
Engineer Stevens Given Free
Hand In Construction.
Chinese Restriction Death of General
Dlackmar Hendricks' Reply to Crit
icisms Scandal In Hooker Trial.
Race Riot In New York Peary
Starts For Pole.
Chairman Shouts and Chief Engl
neer Stevens lunched with President
Roosevelt Friday. This was tho first
opportunity the president had had tG
discuss canal mutters with Mr. Stev-
ens and they went over the subject
pretty thoroughly. It can be said that
Vr. Stevens has been given practically
I free hand to do the construction
work of the canal. He has his own
ideas about the methods to be pursued
und will not be interfered with In the
work of his department
His desire is to dig the canal and
to that great undertaking ho will de
vote nil his enercv and ahllltv. leaving
the executive und udministrntlve. do
......,. .,
tails to he worked out by Chairman
Shouts. Governor Magoon und the com
After the conference with the Presi
dent Chairman Shouts talked frankly
about the work of tho commission and
11 bo ut canal conditions.
"Just now," he said, "we have
about 12,000 nien ut work on the ca
nal. That Is about us many as we
could employ under the existing con
ditlons. We hive our executive staff
thoroughly nrganl.ed now but the or
ganization has not been coninletcd on
the isthmus. That Is a part of the
work Mr. Stevens will have to do. His
engineering ta(T must ho organized
und Its work mapped out
"We must make arrangements for
the housing, feeding and general care
of our employes. In Itself a great task,
and we must complete the sanitary ar
rangements In the American zone. All
this will require time and energy and
hard work, hut It will be accomplished
successfully. I have about concluded
arrangements with a man who is to go
to the isthmus to arrange for the re
creation of the canal employes. We
will have reading rooms, amusement
halls nud all that sort of thing, by
means of which the men mny pass
their idle hours pleasantly and profit
"No," continued Chairman Shouts
In response to an Inquiry, "the sanitary
conditions on the Isthmus are not so
bad as they have been reported to be,
A lot of people have become fright
i ned by (lie yellow fever, but It Is not
so bad as might he expected. Reports
from the Isthmus regarding health
conditions have been grossly exag
Want Less Restriction.
President Wheelwright of tho Cham
ber of Commerce of Portland, Ore., on
behalf of that organ l.at Ion, sent a let
ter to President Roosevelt bearing
upon the question of Chinese exclus
The letter urges President Roosevelt
to take "steps toward negotiating a
new treaty with China that shall nro-
vide for the removal of the exacting
conditions that now attach to the en-
ranee Into this country of their mer-
chants, students and professional men.
or the absolute freedom of al! Chin-
so residents of this countiy t visit
heir own land and return hero, and
for the admission during the next ten
rears of a number of male Chinese
aborers that In any one year shall not
exceed one-tenth of one per cent of
tho population of this country.
American labor has little appre
ciation of lis own dignity and power,
as well as of Its capabilities for Im-
irovement, if it raises objection to
such limited Chinese Immigration as
that amounting In 10 years t-J less
ban I per cent of our population and
!ii!s endeavors to deprive tho nation
cf this additional minus to Its develop
ment, not only in this country, but in
tho Hawaiian and Philippine Islands
ml Panama."
The president Is asked to give pub
licity to his intentions in this regard
s soon as practicable
Japs Met Death Bravely.
The story of the loss of the Japanese
cruiser Takasago In December last,
only published sinco the destruction
f Rojestvensky's fleet, is a mllitary
After the Takasago struck a mine
nnd began to sink, the crew assembled
In perfect order on the upper deck,
there to await the battle with a i;tormy
sea and death.
(.iipcilu Islilhashi ordered every
lnan to use a life belt, and directed
that no one Jump overboard until the
hhip actually sank. The crew then
Joined in sinking the national anthem
cheering the emperor and lastly they
fang "Gallant Sailors," their 500 voices
ringing out above the storm.
After that, as a relaxation, tho
men were allowed to smoke, nnd thus
they went calmly to their deaths. Of
the 500 men who went down with the
Takasago only 13:1 were rescued
Death of General Blackmar.
General Wilmon W. Blackmar of
Boston, commander in-chief of the O
A. R., died Sunday at Rols. Idaho, of
nephritis. . -
General Blackmar wns born July 15,
3811, at Bristol, Pa. He enlisted In the
15th Pennsylvania cavalry and sub
sequenlly joined the first West Vir
ginia. He served with distinction
(throughout the war ami at Five Forks
was promoted on the liem ny uenoiai
Custer to the rank of captain.
1 Throughout three administrations,
those of Governors ton, Tvlhott aud
Rice, he was Judge -.cii;e Ueueral
r mussncnusetts. At (tie last n.i-
tional encampment of the O. A. R. he
wns elected commander in chief.
Twelve Dead on French Submarine
the .task of extricating the remains
of the dead crew of the French sub
marine boat Farfadet which sank nl
the entrance of the port of Sidl At)
dallah July fi and which was towed
into drydock Sunday, is proceeding
From iho condition oT the lntcrlo'
of the vessel it was Been that they
struggled hard against their fate and
endeavored to stop thu leaking hatch
with their jerseys. The water, how
ever, gained while the air supply di
Only four bodies have as yet been
recovered and these are almost unrec
Supreme Tent of Maccabees Sustained
Judge Law, In the circuit court at
Port Huron, Mich., has handed
down his opinion in the case of Dan.
!el St. Clair Wlneland ot Pittsburg
against the Knights of Maccabees of
the World, in which Wineland protest-
A1 flirnltiat (tin .nl.n In n.UU.I
. ' ,M" """" '" """''
lne s'lprcnio tent at Us biennial
session In Detroit a year ago. Judge
,, I . . , 01 'oni',,a"lt
.wid ig me ui-it-iKuiiii. i ne ue
clslon was based on the clause In the
laws of the supreme tent governing
applications for membership which
reads as follows: "This application and
the laws of the supreme tent now in
force or that mav herenfter be adopt
ed are made the sole basis of the con
tract between myself and tne supreme
Hendricks' Reply to Criticisms.
Tho answer of Superintendent Fran
els Hendricks of the New York state
Insurance department, to tho pub
lished criticism!! nf hlu nftlHnl aria In
connecfon with the testimony taken
by him in the investigation of the " lu u,e -u""u,s " rgin oi a cer
Enultable Life Assimmeo K.vir-tv -nrt ,aln article published in the New
his preliminary report thereon, Is
made in an extended statement issued
from the Insurance denaitment
Tho sunerlntendertf Kv thnt tho
renort was not edited- that no imrt
o fthe evidence was sunnressed and
that only three copies were taken.
which were seen onlv bv his stenoir-
rapher. the attorney general and his
New York deputy.
Scandal In Hooker Trial.
Editor in Chief Erwln Wardman of
he New York Press was the storm
center of one of the most sensational
scenes enacted in the New York
plate legislature in many years. His
persistent refusal to give the reasons
foi his expressed belief that some
members of the legislature had been
the subject of Improper Influences In
connection with the trial of the
charges against Supreme Court Jus
tice Warren B. Hooker produced in
tense excitement and the question of
the disposal of his case has entirely
oversha lowed In interest here the
matter of the charges against Justlco
Race Riot In New York.
"San Juan Hill," in New York city,
I ho district hounded by Amsterdam I
Bnd West End avenues and Gist nnd
C3l'd streets, so-called because of its
notoriety as a battle ground, was the
rcene Friday night of a fierce race riot
which required the reserves of no
l,,8S lnan 17 police precincts, number-
"B '""re than 250 men, to quell after
many shots had been fired and several
persons had been seriously injured.
Even after the actual fighting had been
suppressed only the presence of strong
guards of police patrolling the neigh- I
borhood prevented the renewal of hos
Rockefeller Aids Boy Singer.
Harry Evans, tho boy soprano of
Cleveland, O., who has been singing
In vaudeville', will quit tho stage
to become a protege of John D. Rocke
feller. Last Sunday Harry was Invit
ed to sing before the Euclid Avenue
Sunday school, of which Rockefeller
la superintendent. After the school
was dismissed the magnate asked the
boy what he. was doing, nnd the lad
told a sad story. "Cancel all con
tracts," said Rockefeller, "yr.u must
have an education. I will pay all tho
bills and will support your mother
while you nro studying."
Elks In Denver Next Year.
Tho reunion of the II. P. O. E. will
be held in Denver in 1!)0C. Perry Clay
cf Denver led the winning fight at
Buffalo for the mile
nihil tity.
Denver received twice as many vote?
as Dallas, the fight for which was led
ty Williail1. H. Atwell, Uniled States
attorney there. Atlantic Cltv had a
few supporters.
Senator Clark Undergoes Operation.
United States Senator W. A. Clark
of Montana continues to rally sails
factorily from the operation which ho
underwent for the removal of an ah-
Kess of the brain. It will bo at least
four days before tho ultimate safety
of the patient can l.e assured.
Crushed by Mowing Machine.
Daniel Thompson, an elderly farm
er llviii-r ii"ar Salisbury Mills, Orange
county, dir:l from Injuries received
while mowM!!.-. The mower broke
throwing IiImi I mm his neat. The m.v
chine prrsH over him and crushed
Mm f:it?l!v
"tarts For North Pole.
The . -cvelt, in which Captain
Itoliert I" lVary hopes to reach tho
Not-lh Pi-!--. :,l.ntrd mi her long voyage
at :!:I0'
.Sunday from New York,
Possible Carman-Swedish Alliance.
There N reason to state on good au
thority liiai a Germau-SwiiUsh alli
ance is sertously contemplated.
First Procedure against Editors
Probably In Excess of Powers.
Protest Against Jurisdiction of Joint
Session In Requiring Attendance.
Lawyers Expressed Diverse Opln
Ions as to Legal Aspect of Situation.
New Subpoena Under Special Form.
Albany, July 18. The Joint session
of the legislature found itself with a
Lew problem Immediately upon con
vcnlng last night In the defiance of its
subpoena by Managing Editor J. A.
Hennessey of the New York Press.
The clerk called the name of Editor
In Chief Ervln Wardman of the New
York Press, whose testimony und re-
lusal to answer certain questions last
week led t0 lne Present tangle. Mr.
vvaraman answered "here."
The sergeant-at-arms reported that
I ho hnJ . 1.1- , - U
" uccu "" " uU
poena upon M. O. Scott, nltht editor
f the Press. The clerk then' called
the nnme f Its managing editor. John
A. Hennessey. He did not answer and
was noted as in default, whereupon
the following communication from him
was read:
Objects to Jurisdiction.
"To the Joint Session of the Senate
and Assembly of the State of New
"The undersigned haviug been
served with a subpoena to appear be
fore you at the Capitol in the city of
Albany, on the 17th day of July, A. D.,
1903, at 8:30 o'clock p. m. of that day,
then and there to be examined as a
wl,ness nnd ,0 testlf' to the truth as
York Pres!& Wednesday morning, July
iJUJ- ano appearing in column l
l)age 01 Si,ld lss,le of "aid. new:
ImP" ana neaueu, 'Ulg Lobby tor Jus
tiee Hooker; scandal Is thick In Al-
ban'' anu directing me to bring with
"'e uml Promlce at mat time, neiore
ba,a senate ami assembly in joint
SPSslon. all original manuscripts of
said article, and all copies thereof,
any and all telegrams, letters, papers
or other documents in any matter re
latlng to said article, or the contents
and origin thereof and which may
pertain to or be required In investiga
tion of the said subject hereof, res
pectfully objects nnd protests against
the jurisdiction assumed by you In
Issuing such subpoena and requiring
my attendance nnd the production of
Eald papers, upon the following
"First, that said Joint session Is or
ganized only for the purpose of hear
ing the proofs and determinin
whether a certain justice of the su
prenie court shall be removed from
his office and the subject matter
stated in said subpoena is not mater
ial to such inquiry or involved therein
and therefore the said Joint session
is without authority to Inquire int
the matter referred to In said sub-
poena or to require my attendance a
a witness thereto (see People ex rel
McDonald vs Keller. !)9 N. Y.. 4fi:i
"Second, that a power of investiga
tlon Is given only to each house in
respect of matters upon which It Is
authorized to legislate and the said
Joint session not having such power
nor this extraordinary session having
any present authority to so legislate
it is without power to investigate.
"Third, that neither house of tho
legislature is now convened nor any
of the members of the said houses at
the time of the publication of tho nr
tide here referred to or at tho time
of the Issuing of said subpoena had
pny legislative capacity until required
by the governor's direction. On tho
contrary, the said houses were excer
cising a special authority not requir
ing the action of the governor thereon
aside from which each of them was
without power to act.
Lastly, the state constitution pro
vides (article 4, section 4) 'Ho (the
governor) shall have power to convene
tho legislature or senate only on ex
traordlnnry occasions. At extraor
dinary sessions no subject shall he
acted upon except such as the gover
nor may recommend for consideration.
The subject referred to In your sub
poena has no relation to the subject
reConimended for your consideration
,v tho covernor and as a consenuence
you are prohibited by tho constitution
from acting In respect thereto.
"John A. Hennessey,
Letter Produced a Sensation.
"Managing Editor New York Press."
This letter produced a profound sen
sation and opened up at once the ques
tion of the powers of tho joint ses
ion. Assemblyman Rogers immedi
ately presented a resolution, already
prepared, instructing the lieutenant
governor and the speaker of the as
sembly to Issue a warrant for the nr
rest of Mr. Hennessey and his appear
ance before the bar of the Joint ses
sion, directing that he be held In cus
tody of the sergeant -nt-armr, to await
action on his case. Mr. Rogers de
clared that Mr. Hennessey's answer to
the summons was "astounding" and
"taking advantage of a subterfuge."
Senator Grady took immediate issue
with this proposition, asserting that
the only way to coerce a witness was
for each house to act separately, after
getting" legal advice upon the iiniiiie
question. Thus began a long debat
over the authority of the Joint session
Senator Grady contended that Hennes
sey was not guilty of contempt since
the session had no power to Issue tho
tubpoena. Senator Fuge and Assem-
blyman Fish sided with him, while
Senator Elsberg took tho opposite
The question was left in the all
when Senator Raines ended the discus
sion by moving that Mr. Rogers' reso
lution be laid on the table and thai
Editor Hennessey be again subpocn
aed under the form provided for In the
special rules of the joint session. Such
a subpoena will definitely require him
to give testimony relative to the
Hooker case.
This closed the incident for the
time being, and the taking of testi
mony was resumed.
Will Turn Over Equitable Holdings
at Price He Paid.
New York, July 18. From a direc
tor of the Equitable Life Assurance so
clety, it was learned that Thomas F
Ryan, who recently purchased th
stock holdings of James H. Hyde, ha
made an agreement with the thret
trustees of the Ryan holdings and th
newly elected directors to sell the
stock he purchased back to tho Eqult
able Foclety.
This sale Is to be made and as soon
as possible, it is stated, nnd Mr. Ryan
has agreed to turn It into the society,
thus thoroughly mutualb.ing It, for the
same sum he paid for It, $2,500,000
plus 4 per cent interest, between thf
dates of his purchase and the sale.
It was stated that a number of the
newly chosen directors, those selected
by the trustees, Grovor Cleveland
Judge Morgan J. O'Brien and Georgt
Westinghouse, accepted posts in thfi
directorate only after they had beer
assured most emphatically that suc!i
an agreement was in view and that
such an agreement existed between
Mr. Ryan nnd the three trustees.
There was a meeting of the execu
tlve committee of the society yester
day but at Its conclusion Chairman
Morton said there was no business ol
any moment transacted.
As a Result Bridge Over Missouri
Must Be Shifted.
Omaha, July 18. The Missouri
river has at last changed its channel
under the big Illinois Central railroad
bridge at this place, and it will be
necessary for the railroad people tc
shift the heavy draw from the Ne
braska to the Iowa side of the stream
Where there were 30 feet, of wate
two weeks ago, today there Is scarce
ly three feet, and on the Iowa side ol
the stream, where for years there ha'
been only a shoal and sand flat, the
Missouri is now 40 feet deep.
The change was made during the
flood of last week, and was discovered
today when the pilot of the steamei
Gtinter hail soundings made before he
would attempt to pass tieneath the
bridge with the draw open.
Railroad Casulties In Three Months
Washington, July 18 The interstat
commerce commission giving nn uc
count of railroad accidents in the
United States during the months ol
January, February and March, 1905
shows that during that quarter there
were 28 passengers and 204 employe?
killed and 1,051 passengers' and 2,00'!
employes injured in train accidents,
making In all 232 persons killed and
3,713 injured In train accidents. Other
accidents to passengers and employe?
not the result of collisions or derail
ments, bring the' total number of cas
unities up to 15,300 (901 killed and
14,397 Injured.)
Peary's Fine Remitted.
New York, July 18. The $500 line
levied against Robert C. Peary's new
ship, the Roosevelt, which sailed Sun
day on her North Polo voyage, will
not have to be paid, according to nn
order received from Acting Secretary
Garfield of the department of com
merce nnd labor. The Roosevelt waf
fined for leaving Portland, Me , re
cently without proper clearance pa
pers nnd a bond to secure this payment
was given before tho vessel could
leave New York. Mr. Garfield directs
the local collector to refrain from pro
ceedlng In the enforcement of the
Arrested For Photographing Forts.
Kingston, Jamaica, July 18. Dr
Franklin Clarke, an American, was ar
rested here yesterday for breach of thp
official secret service act. Some dayf
ago Dr. Clarke was discovered takina
photographs of the forts protecting
Port Royal and Kingston The police
found the photographs on him. The
prisoner, who is u graduate of liar
vard, has been a resident hero for
four mouths. Before the court a local
lawyer on the prisoner's -behalf point
ed out that Dr. Clarke's action wa.
wlthout significance, lie was held in
$2,000 bail for inquiry into the case.
Fires at Cat and Wounds Little Girl.
Baltimore, July 18. While endeavor
ing to kill n cat which had been eatlti!!
small chicken!-, !ev. Father Patrick
I.onaghan. paitor of Kt. Itcrnaid'5
Catholic church. Waverly, shot Annie
Rhetlle, aped 9. The phy iclans at fit
Joseph's hospital, where the victim
was taken, believer she will recover
Father Lonaghan Is nearly heartbrok
en about tho affair, and spent the
greater part of the day at the bedside
of the little gl'l.
Farmer Died From Heat.
Blnghnniton, July 18. The firs'
death from heat In this vlclnltv this
ear was that of Ijalus K. Shearer, n
armer living Jm.t inn Hi of this city,
who died in his hay Held shortly uftet
noon yesterday.
Short Items From Various
Parts of the World.
Record of Many Happenings Condensed
and Put In Small Space and Ar
ranged With Special Regard For the
Convenience of the Reader Who Has
Little Time to Spare.
Secretary of the Navy Bonaparte
addresses the Christian Endeavor con
vention at Baltimore on "Pure Politics
and Religion."
Julian Cendoya, an American bank
er, was compelled to pay a ransom to
bandits who entered his house at San
tiago do Cuba.
. Peace envoys ot Russia and Japan
will meet in the new general store?
building of the navy yard at Ports
mouth, N. H.
Lord Roberts, in a speech in the
house of lords, declares the Brlt
ith army Inadequate to uphold the na
tion as a first-class power.
Capture of Sakhalin island by the"
Japanesb, a prize which Is given a
value of $10,000,000,000 by Russians,
1e effected without the loss of a Bin
tie soldier in the Nipponese army.
Thursday. '
Stay of the Russian squadron at
Kustenji, Roumanla, is believed to be
tine to fears that another mutiny will
break out If the ships put to sea.
Admissions nnd records of an aston
ishing nature were disclosed In rke
Fquitablu Investigation conducted by
Francis Hendricks, state superintend
ent of insurance.
. In a suit brought by a former em
lloye of the McCoriiilck Harvester
company of Chicago, the corporation
,s accused of having received $3,000,
000 in illegal rebates from various rail
roads. Offer of the Norwegian throne to
Prince Charles of Denmark is ap
proved by England, and the decision
tf the prince is believed to depend
upon the attitude of King Oscar nnd
King Christian.-
President Roosevelt declared the
Panama canal will be a success and
not a failure, and was severe on
District Attoi.iey Beach began In
Washington, D. C, a new investiga
tion to get at the real facts in the
cotton crop report scandal.
President has decided to call con
gress to meet In extra session Nov. 10
to consider rate legislation and will
send In a strong message on the sub-
M. Muraviefl resigns as Russia's
leading peace plenipotentiary lifter a
strong hint from the czar, and will be
succeeded by M. Wltte, the emperor
laying aside his dislike for the latter.
Morris K. Jesup of New Y'ork gives
$25,000 for Commander Peary's Arctic
expedition, completing the $75,000
ueded and tho explorer declares he
surely will reach the north pole.
A dispatch from Panama states that
owing 1o delays In paying labor a gen-
eral exodus is taking place among the
canal emnloves
Baron de Rosen, new Russian nmbas-
sador to the United States, presented
tls credentials to President Roosevelt
at Ovster Bay.
Reports received In St. Petersburg
say four regiments In Moscow have
mutinied and that officers of tho czar's
army In Warsaw refused to flru on a
King Oscar of Sweden, accompanied
by the crown prince, met Emperor
William nnd Prince Von Buelow. Im-
terial chancellor, on the Hohenzollern
at Gefle, Sweden.
The Pennsylvania, rival of the Wa
bash, obtained control of the Little
Kanawha railroad, which George J.
Gould wanted as a Pittsburg connec-
tion for the Western Maryland.
M. Wltte is clothed with full plen
ary powers by Emperor Nicholas and
made first pence plenipotentiary.
Louis .1. Apgar of Jersey City,
wealthy man, named as corespondent
In the Meyer divorce suit, committed
A quarto copy of Shakespeare'!
"Richard tho Third," a cuble dis-patch
states,- realized tho record price of
$8,750 at Sotheby's.
Premier Balfour's redistribution ol
parliamentary seats promises to pro-
voke the bitterest fight In the history
of Ireland's long quarrel with England.
Referendum vote by the railway ex-
press drivers, followed by similar ac
tlon on the part of tho department
store ti-i-insters. is exiiecle.l in i-.-.l tha
tc-auistein' strike In Chicago.
The clary of Paul Jones has bean
found In Paris, a cahlq dispatch states.
John Maher, 40 years of nge, a line
man, wns electrocuted while at wor
strtncltg wires In Aveniin D, Koch-is-
trr. I
Part of the Ekaterinburg reglmrt t
stationed at Lodz mutinied and killed
nn oflicci. The mutineers were ar-
Dlst'dct Attorney Bell, City Solicitor
Kingston nnd William Born were scr'-
ously Injured by fall of un elevator in
;ne umu Titio building in Pblladcl-
.i.i.. I
i ne root oi me cnapci or tne Wo- a
mens nospuai icn at I-ernio. Ila'V, I In
uuring mo ceienraicm or mass. Miiinis
10 women nnd 60 children and Injur
Ing if, wo'neii and a laige number of
tuuurcu. ' AAA
. v. , i j I -
Just as Court Was About to Declare
Hei Legally Dead.
Reading, Pa., July 17. Mrs. Matilda
Von Linden of Newark, N. J:, whose
nerks county relatives had given her
up as dead, appeared in court here
and established her right to an inhorit.
ance of $500. The court was to have
declared her legally dead.
Mrs. Von Linden Is Co years old,
and she and her aunt, Mary Arnold,
aged 84. who started the proceedings
to have her declared dead, met for the
first time In 45 years. Thero was no
difficulty about identification, however,
for Mrs. Arnold recognized her nleco
as soon as she saw her. Mrs. Von Liu
den, formerly Mrs. Henry Mlnnlch,
nee Sarg, told an interesting story to
the court. Attired in a blue silk
dress, the impression she. made was
very favorable.
When asked to give her history, she
brushed rapidly over the last 50 years.
She was born in Perry, this county. In
1810. She first married Henry Mln
nlch of .V,ehlgh county. Several years
later they separated. She loceted in
Newark 2C years ago. Sho married
Von Linden, who was a contractor, and
he died 11 years ago.
In the opinion of tho court 8ho fully
established her identity and in this
her relatives acquiesced. Arrange
ments were then niado to pay over to
her the $500 she Inherits. The money
has been held by Solomon K. Hoffman,
executor of the estate, for 10 years.
Her r.rst husband, Henry Mlnnlch of
Mlnnlch'? Station, Lehigh county,
wrote hep friends a few years ago that
ne thought her dead over 30 years ago
and her Berks relatives had not hoard
from h?r for 45 years. Mr. Mlnnlch
was too Infirm to come here.
Pennsy'a Fast Train Crashea Into a
Freight Car, but No One la
Badly Injured.
Harrlsburg, Pa., July 17. While
westbound freight on tho Pennsyl
vania was passing Port Royal Satur
day a fitddcn application of the
brakes threw a freight car over to the
parallel track.
An effort was made to flag approach
ing trains on the other track, but be
fore that could be done the Pennsyl
vania's 18-hour Chicago-New York
flyer cure ulong and crashed Into tho
freight car.
So ff.'oat was the momentum of the
flyer tht tho freight car was knocked
clear of the track, but tho passengers
in the sleepers did not know tha. any
thing unusual had happened.
Engineer Miller of the flyer lumped
and was slightly hurt. The flremiin.
who stood at his post, stopped the
train. Fxcept for the smashing of the
platform of the combination baggage
and smoking car the fust train was
not damaged.
Bank Deposits Increase.
Harrlsburg, Pa., July 17. Nothing
Indicates better tho prosperity of
Pennsylvania than the fact that her
citizens nre saving money In greator
sums than ever, and placing it on do-
Pos" bunks, savings institutions and
trust companies. This Is sh.wn by
flK"res in tho forthcoming report of
Banking Commissioner McAfee,
which is now in the hands of tho print-
pr. In the banks, saving institutions
nn(l tmrt companies of tho state on
Nov. zi, iwh. mere was ?597 ia2,K20
on ePoet, but ou May 29. 1905. six
montns (ner"aner, me amount on ao-
I,oslt waB $093,081,789. a gulu cf $42.-
Mother Saw Son Fatally Hurt.
New Y'ork, July 17. When John Mc-
Fadden, an Ironworker, 20 years old,
was struck by a falling Iron ?irder,
and pinioned beneath it In a new build
ing Saturday his mother und brother,
whom he had left at the family home
in Allenlown, Pa., and who had come
here in search of Mm, happened to be
in the crowd of horrified onlookers.
While an ambulance was taking her
son awav, Mrs. McFadden got a look
at the pallid face on the stretcher, and
with a scream, fell In a dend faint.
The mother wns nt tho son's bedside
In a hospital when ho died an hour
Electrocuted by Fan.
Rochester, Pa., July 17. Philip Paul,
aged 34, of 501 Caso street, wh elec-
trocuted at tho bar of tho St; James
hotel at 10 o'clock Friday night As
Iho result of an electrical storm that
afternoon an electric fan wns churged
anl K''"sts wero warned by the pro-
I'rletor. Hal Harsb'i, uot to meddle
wl,h ,Ml' fil" Pliul USL'11 n Pencil to
clart ,a" ",1U ma C!"" ,n
contact Willi it. lie could not . with-
draw it and fell, the fan falling on
him. He died in a few minutes. He
was a traveling salesman for a Pitts
burg drug firm.
Every House Has Typfteld Patient.
Pittsburg. July 17. Tvnhnld fever Is
pi,letn!c nt t'nllinsliurg, a snmll town
Ti nitli'-R roiiIIiwpqI nf hem Then
tire nbn-it :!0 houses In the village, and
In each 'muse Is from one to five oases
of the disease. Five children of n fam-
Ily named Lilt have died, and a Bum-
her of other families have lost one or
two members.
$200,000 Abattoir Burned,
A ll.,,,w,iL-n 1 lulu 17 1
iisllan's abattoir, on., of (lie larcest
Kasteru Pennsylvania, was nrnctic
aiy ,i,.o,,.0v,mI ,v i)r,. The i.lant is
new hjvliiL- hut recently hcen coin.
,deted. Th(, ioss wlll h -hoilt .,..

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