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Smart & Silberbers:
Fall is knocking loudly. And we are get
ting ready for the biggest, liveliest and best Fall
we have ever known. Strong attractions will
be represented in every aisle, on every counter
and on every floor. Emphatic crowd-attracting
values. Stocks grow bigger daily. New goods
are incessantly arriving. No old merchandise.
Progressive methods will be demonstrated all
over the store. Everything precisely as repre
sented. Prices invariably lower than any other
store for like qualities. It's a vigorous courage
requiring system but it's pushing the store
ahead, wonderfully expanding our business in
all directions.
We are now showing some advance models
in Coats and Suits for early Fall wear.
Tho Wow Paddock Coat.
Tlio Now London Haiu Coat.
Tho Now Piccadilly Coat.
Tho XTqw Tourist Coat.
May we have the pleasure of introducing
these early comers to you at your earliest con:
venience X
Oil City Trust Company
Vice President,
Capital, -
Surplus and Undivided
Resources, -
4 Per Cent. Paid on certificates
of Deposit.
Meadvillo Commercial College,
Mcadville, Pa.,
Has helped hundreds of ambitious youni? men and young
women and can belp you. You need a practical, useful and
money-makinK education. Send for our literature. Fen
manHuip specimens free.
In the Dolit'mma.
We mny lieiir It said of one who la
In low spirits, "lie Is In the dumps," or
"he Is In the doldrums," but iniiiiy who
ubo the latter of these phrases have
caiiRht It up without any knowledge of
Its real sli,'iil(lcanee. The region of
enlins la a belt which stretches across
the Atlantic and I'uelflc almost on a
line with the equator. Here meet the
north and south trade winds, and
squalls and heavy rnins are frequent,
but the characteristic of this region,
which Is kiiDwn also ns the doldrums,
Is an oppressive calm. The name now
adays loses much of the significance
attached to it by sailors In the past,
who, if their ships ran Into that region,
might whistle In vain for wind, as
their sails hung heavily, and all
Heel ned to be
As Idle as u painted ship
Vpon u painted ocean.
The Utile .lunt.
(.'oloiiel Clark K. Carr met Senator
Douglas during the time of the fa
mous Llucoln and Douglas debutes
and thus describes him in his book,
"The Illiul:" "I had never beard so
Impressive a voice, so deep and sympa
thetic. He had a sort of confiding way,
as much as to say, 'I am going to tell
you I feel that I can trust myself to
say to you,' as though you were the
one person in whom lie could confide,
lie was only 11 vo feet four and was
well called 'the little giant.' I was as
tonished to find he had so good a fig
ure." Wants No Extra Session.
The majj tilling the soil is not much
Interested' In personal registration
now, and don't want the state to go to
a heavy expense at this time to rat
Iffy the wMms of a few reformers.
Pereona! registration ,can easily wait
until the legislature again meets In
regular session. Haxletim Sentinel.
- $300,000.00
Profits, $357,040.12
- $1,808,731.63
Venus is both a morning and evening
star because she always nccompanles
the sun, never receding from him be
yond certain limits, while the rest of
the planets, with the exception of Mer
cury, are seen at all possible angular
distances from the sun. When Venus
Is to the west of the sun she rises be
fore him and Is a morning star, but
when she Is to the east of the sun she
rises after him and Is tin evening Btnr.
Lnoicnl Itennontnir.
The law imposing a tax on bnchclors
had gone Into effect.
One morning a little baldheaded man
appeared before the tax commissioners.
"I've just married my fourth wife,"
he said. "I'm entitled to n bounty,
ain't I?"-('hicago Tribune.
Teafliliiir Uliu u Mind.
Mr. Sliick-Jobiiny, don't ever let mc
hear you talk that way again! I won't
have slang used In this house! Johnny
-lint, pa, I- Mr. Slack-Cut It out
or I'll hund you one! See? Browning's
"Ma," said Mrs. Malanrop's
boy, "what U 'antimony V"
"Sb, that's not nice to talk about!'
replied Mrs. Mulaprop. "It s what a
lady gets when she's divorced from hei
husband." Exchange.
A Iionff Dlntnnoe Train,
A railroad employee in Dublin wa
strutting consequentially before a train
that was to run direct to Cork, while
he repeatedly shouted, "Thin train
doesn't stop anywhere!"
"A smaht ninn," said Vnclo Eben,
"Is n good deal like n rnzzer. lie kin
bo mighty useful in de right way, but
ho kin kick up a pow'ful 'sturbance It
It goes wrong." Washington Star.
Located In German Prison and Will
Be Brought Back to Dannemora.
Plattf,burg, Sept. 12. Warden
George Deyo of Clinton prison will
sail today from New York for Ger
many to bring hack Henry F. Hardy, a
bank burglar who escaped from Dar
nemora 14 years ago.
Hardy, who was known ns a desper
ate criminal, was shot in the leg and
captured In this city after his first es
cape In October, 1891, but two months
later again escaped and succeeded In
getting away.
A year or two ago he was located In
a German prison, from which he will
be discharged soon and will then be
brought back to Dannemora to servo
out his term there.
Hardy has known for some time that
the prison officials here were coming
for htm and has written several let
ters begging to be allowed to remain
in Germany. State Detective Jackson
will accompany Warden Deyo to as
sist in bringing Hardy back.
Secretary Taft In Japan.
Washington, Sept. 12. Tho bureau
of Insular affairs has received a cable
gram from Secretary of War Taft dat
ed at Nagasaki, Japan, as follow:
"All well. Leave tomorrow at noon
for Kobe, where we will stop two
days and then proceed to Yokohama,
arriving there on tho 17th. Will dine
with the tea guilds. Expect to arrive
In San Francisco on the 27th." The
secretary in answer to Invitations from
persons who desire him to visit cer
tain cities on the homeward Journey,
has been obliged to Inform them that
he will take the shortest route from
San Francisco to Washington.
Mistook Comrade For a Deer.
Victoria, B. C, Sept. 12. William
Dockerings while hunting at Brai!en
Mountain mistook his comrade, Buell
Rombaugh, for a deer and fired a
charge of buckshot Into his throat
Dockings then carried the wounded
man many miles on his back before ho
met aid. Rombaugh may recover.
New York Provision Market .
New York, Sept. 11.
WHEAT No. 2 red, 89 He f. o.
b. afloat; No. 1 northern Duluth
91fec t. o. b. to arrive.
CORN No 2 corn, 6OM1C f. o. b.
afloat; No 2 yellow, 60c.
OATS Mixed oats, 26 to 32 lbs..
3030c; clipped white, 30 to 40
lbs., 34 35c.
HAY Shipping, 50(gC0c; good to
choice, 7582c.
PORK Mess, $15.5016.50; faro
lly. per bbl., $17.5018.00.
BUTTER Creamery, extra, 2l
21c; common to extra. 1721c;
western factory, 1517c.
CHEESE State, full cream, small
choice, 12c.
EGGS State and Pennsylvania
26 27c.
POTATOES $1.25 1.75 per bbl.
Buffalo Provision Market.
Buffalo, Sept. 11.
WHEAT No. 1 northern. Sept
shipment, 854 c; No. 2 red, 84',.c.
CORN No. 2 corn, 58c f. o. b
afloat; No. 2 yellow, 59c.
OATS No. 2 white, 30y4o t. o
b. afloat; No. 3 white, 29l,4c
FLOUR Fancy blended patent
per bbl., $5.506.25; winter family,
patent, J4.655.4fl.
BUTTER Creamery western, es
tra, 21c; state and Pennsylvania
creamery, 21 c; dairy, choice tc
fancy, 2020c.
CHEESE Fancy full cream,
1213c; good to choice, 11412c.
EGGS Selected, fancy, 24c.
POTATOES Western, fancy, pet
bbll., $1.001.C5; home grown, per bu.
40 60c.
East Buffalo Llva Stock Market
CATTLE Best steers on sale, $5.3!
5.7E; fair to good butcher steers,
$4.004.65; medium half-fat steers.
$3.754.00; common to fair heifers,
$3.504.25; good to choice heifers
$4.755.00; good butcher bulls,
3.60; choice to extra veals, $8.50
8.75; medium to good, $7.508.25.
spring lambs, $7.007.35; yearlings
choice, $6.00C25; handy wethers
$5.005.50; mixed sheep, $5 005.?E.
HOGS Mixed packers' grades,
$6.006.10; medium hogs, $3.D06.30i
pigs, light, $5.C05.85.
Buffalo Hay Market.
HAY Choice, $12.50; No. 1, $12.00)
No. 2, $10,000)11.00; choice light ml
ed. $10.00.
Utica Dairy Market.
Utlcn, Sept. 11.
Sales of cheese on the Utica dairy
market today were:
Large white, 2 lots of 127 boxes al
11c; large white 1 lot of 40 boxes t
lH4c; large colored, 15 lot of 1,019
boxes at 11c; large colored, 2 lots oi
170 boxes at 1114c; small white, 7 lots
of 655 boxes at 11 tie; small colored,
42 lots of 3.440 boxes at 1 1 ti e ; small
colored, 4 lots of 200 boxes at 11 tic.
BUTTER 21 packages of creamery
at 21t&c; 33 packages ut 23c and 33
Crates of prints at 22c.
Little Falls Cheese Market.
Utica, Sept. 11.
On tho Little Falls dairy market to
day the sales of cheese were:
Large colored, 1 lot of 125 boxes at
llt&c; small colored, 17 lots of 1,404
boxes at llt&c; small white, 17 lots ol
986 boxes nt ltV4c; twins colo'-ed, 5
lots of .TC0 boxes Ht HMsC; twins white,
12 lots of 1,134 at llt&c
Thompson's Barosma has positively
made wonderful cures in Brlgbt's Dis
ease, Sciatic. Rheumatism, Kidney and
Liver diseases, Lumbago and Female
Weakness. Thompson's barosma is
purely vegetable and pieasant to take.
60c and $1.00. All druggists. tf
For Infant, and Children.
The Kind You Han Always Bought
Bears the
Pennsylvania Republicans to Show
Their Loyalty to the President
Sympathies of the National Admlnla.
tration Are Strongly With the Party
Organization In This State.
Special Correspondence.
Philadelphia, Sept. 12.
Every vote cast for the Republican
ticket In Pennsylvania at the approach
Ing election will not only be a vote of
endorsement of Republican principles
but a vote of confidence in Roosevelt
as well as an additional guarantee to
the national administration that the
great Republican organization of the
Keystone State stands firmly and loy
ally by the president .
The scandalous conduct of the new
Insurgent-Democratic combine in Penn
sylvania make It essential that the
honest Republicans of the state shall
assert themselves at the next election.
A member of the Union League has
received from President Roosevelt a
personal letter which absolutely dis
poses of the rumors circulated by as
sistant Democrats In this city and state
to the effect that one or more members
of the president's cabinet will figure
in opposition to the regular Republi
can cause.
While such reports would ordinarily
be regarded as too ridiculous to neces
sitate denial, the repeated announce
ments from Insurgent and Democratic
newspapers that Secretary Bonaparte
will make a speech or write a letter to
be used in the present campaign In the
Interest of the antl-Republlcan candi
dates prompted the correspondence
which brought forth the letter from the
president to one of his personal friends
in the Union League.
Roosevelt's Interest In Pennsylvania.
Not only does President Roosevelt
make It clear that Secretary Bonaparte
will not figure In the Pennsylvania
campaign, but Republicans who have
been curious about the foundation for
other stories indicating that the presi
dent's sympathies are not fully with
the regular Republican organization In
Pennsylvania are given no excuse to
be longer In doubt as to the attitude of
the federal administration on the ques
tion of loyalty to the Republican party
In the Keystone State.
President Roosevelt fully realizes
that the two Republican United States
senators and the 31 Republican mem
bers of the national house of represen
tatives from Pennsylvania have been
heartily in accord with his administra
tion, and they Intend to stand by him
in his future efforts for the develop
ment of the country's resources under
Republican policies. He also knows
that the present contest In Pennsylva
nia will have a far-reaching effect upon
the great struggle for the election of
congressmen next year.
Lines Must Not Be Broken.
"Should the Republican lines be
broken In Pennsylvania this fall dis
astrous results would surely follow In
the congressional election next year,"
declared Chairman Andrews, of the Re
publican state committee. There are
several close congressional districts In
this state, and it may require the most
strenuous work In the approaching con
gressional campaign to hold Pennsyl
vania's record of having the largest
Republican delegation of any state In
the union on the floor of the national
house of representatives.
"The great manufacturing and Indus
trial Interests of Pennsylvania which
are so dependant upon Republican su
premacy," continued Chairman An
drews "will not allow factional bicker
ings or the work of a few aspiring and
reckless Individuals to Imperil the elec
tlon by a large majority of every one of
the candidates on the Republican state
ticket next November.
"Insurgent and party wrecking or
ganizations formed to advance the per
sonal Interests of a clique of wealthy
and ambitions men cannot get a foot
hold In Republican Pennsylvania this
fall to endanger Republican success In
the great struggle of next year when
the vital Interests of the commonwealth
will be so deeply concerned."
Gordon-Weaver Combine.
In the Machiavellian game that Is
being played in this city to further the
Insurgent movement, former Judge
Gordon's .fine hand has been disclosed
from time to time.
In line with the circulation of re
ports that Secretary Bonaparte and
possibly other cabinet officers would be
heard from during the course of the
campaign In favor of the so-called "re
form" agitation was the attempt to
have It appear that Preslden Roosevelt
sought a conference with Mayor Wea
ver on his return visit to Wilkes-Barre.
It Is known that this much adver
tised "conference" had no political sig
nificance. The fact Is, there was no
"conference" between the president and
the mayor of Philadelphia upon any
subject. Mayor Weaver met the presi
dent as thousands of other citizens
greeted him during his visit to the coal
regions. There was not a second dur
ing their meeting at which there were
not several other persons present and
in hearing distance.
It is now declared that Mayor Wea
ver's visit to the coal regions was de
liberately planned for political pur
poses by the Gordon outfit, and that
tho speech which ho delivered to tho
delegates to the convenlon of the Cath
olic Total Abstinence Beneficial Union
was carefully prepared with a view to
advancing the interests of the men back
of the Independent campaign In this
city nnd Btate.
It has boon boldly charged and not
denied that Gordon wrote the speech
I can truthfully recommend Thomp
son's Barosma, Kidney and Liver Cure
as a fine medicine and as a cure for all
you claim for It. When I commenced
taking it I weighed 114 pounds and after
five months I weighed 130 pounds. I am
almost entirely free from rheumatism
and my general health is greatly im
proved. Susan. M Lyons, Titusville, Pa.
Take Laxative Brorao Quinine Tablet.
All druggists refund the money If it falls
to cure. K. W. Grove's signature is on
each box. 25c. o25
which Weaver made. It was a bril
liant literary effort. Weaver Is not a
good scholar, as texts of his annual
reports to councils have shown. No
one who knows him can believe he
wrote that Wllkes-Barro speech.
Tho people are beginning to under
stand the significance of the Gordon
Weaver combination and they are go
ing to vote accordingly.
Gordon represents the old Insurgent
Democratic combination that has re
cently been rehabilitated and which
is seeking to get control of the Re
publican organization In Pennsylvania,
He is using the patronage of the
Weaver administration to that end.
The I'ouirto of China.
Probably the best nil round fruit In
Clilua Is the pomelo. It Is grown iu
tho south central and southern prov
inces nnd Is said to be the original
citrus fruit. It resembles the grape
fruit of the United States lu size, shape,
color nnd somewhat In flavor, being
sweeter than grape fruit, with less of
the bitter quality, with flesh more per
fectly separated In the sections nnd
capable of being pulled apart und sep
arated from all surroundlug sacs or
membranes. The natives cut through
the peel about one-third of the way
from the top, crimping the edge of the
taction nil the way round the fruit,
then remove the flesh, tear the section
apart, replace them In the peel und
serve thus dlvliLcd nnd prepared. The
fruit Is attractive, refreshing, whole
some nnd comparatively cheap. (5eu
crally speaking, the pomelo seems to be
a cross between a shaddock and a
good orange, but It Is more hardy than
either. It has better keeping qualities
tbau the orange.
Wardlnir Off Old Age,
A famous French geueral when ask
ed how It was that be had such an erect
carrtago replied thnt It was becnuse he
bent over and touched the floor with
his fingers thirty times every day. If
ho had acquired rigidity of the spine
so that he could not do that he would
have had with It weak abdominal mus
cles, which result lu portal congestion.
This portal congestion Interferes with
stomach digestion and with the action
of tho liver. The poison destroying
power of tl.e liver Is lessened, nuto In
toxication results, nnd arteriosclerosis
and old ago come on at a much earlier
day. But by keeping the spine flexible
and the abdominal muscles strong and
taut the portal circulation Is kept free,
nnd old sire Is held off. Good Health.
Fifty years of superiority
behind them and still
Candees Look Better
Candees Fit Better
Candees Wear Better
Don't be deceived by the
assurances of dealers who
have other brands "just
as good."
Ask for Candees
For sale by all leading stores.
Merchants desiring their names to ap
pear at the bottom ot this cut cun have it
under established rules i'ree of charge on
application to us.
Flooring, Siding,
and material for
Window Casings
and Inside Work.
A good supply to select
from always in stock.
Call on or address.
or F. l. AMSLER.
Su8cessor to S. H. Hsslel's Sons.
Furniture Dealers,
(Tinted (llo.ss)
' If you paint houses with
out them, there are surely
some things about them you
ought to know. They are
economical in first cost and
last cost. The prices are
right and the paints cover,
look and wear to beat any
other paint ever made. There
are other reasons too.
Ask your dealer.
John Lucas & Co
New Silks,
New Dress Goods
Samples of thorn mailed on request.
New KIIItH comprise Waist and Shirt Waist Suit Silks,
Plaids, Neat Checks, Small Figures, Glaees, Cuillou Faille in
soft prety shades for oveuing wear.
24-iooh Crepe de Chene iu a full line of oolors at 75o yard.
Dollar quality.
NOTE -We are the exclusive agents in the city for Money
bsk Silks. A lilk guaranteod to wear, or your money back.
We have been called on to replace but two yards in tbe two
yoars we have had the sale for Moncybak Silks. That proves
what kind of silk it is.
IVew DrcNM Goods include Mixed and Checked Mo
hairs and light weight wool fabrics for Shirt Waist Suits.
Broad Cloths, Venetians, Henriettas, Albatross, Habit
Cloths, Plain Cioilliaos, Chimin Prunollas, and many others.
A "special" Mixed and Invisible Plaid Wool Suiting, 3!o yd
AYegctable Prcparalionfor As
similating tticFoodandReguIa
ling the Stoiuaclrs and Dowels of
Tromotcs Digeslion.Cheerfur
nessandRest.Conlains neillxx
Opiiim.Morplune nor Mineral.
or Narcotic.
Apcrfecl Remedy forConslipa
rion.SourSlomach.Diarrhoca Worms .Convulsions .Fcvcnsh
ness and Loss of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
Taking effect. May 28th, 1905.
No. 30 Buffalo aud Pittsburg
Express, daily except Hun
day 0:53 a.m.
No. 32 Oil City and Pittsburg
Ex r reus, daily 8:21 p.m.
No. 032 Oil Oily Accommoda
tion, Sundays ouly 6:30 p. m.
For Hickory, Tidioute, Warren, Kinzua,
Bradford, OIohii and the Kant :
No, 31 Olean KxprenH, daily. 7:&3a. iu.
No. 33 Pittsburg Jxpreits,
daily except Sunday 6:10 p. in.
No.- 933 Warren accommoda
tion, Sundays only 2:45 p. in.
For Time Tables and additional infor
mation consult Ticket Agent.
General Manager. PasaenfrerTrallieMfrr.
UEO. U. BOYD, Qen'l Pamenger Agt.
Office T National Bank Building,
Eyes examined free.
Exclusively optical.
Pennyroyal, pillg
M yT-"v Original Ana 0ly Oenulnn,
with biut ribbon. TLv other. KrCiin
Icer MuUttlona Md Inilav
Hon Buy of your Drungut, or Mod Il
UntPt for InrUUr, Ttfninlalt
ftod "ltel1errrl,adl,nMUrt by ro
turn Mail. 1,U iMtlmntali. Held bf
all DiaiilMJ. 4'klfaMUr ' !! Ca.
I art
IIC saaalan i li f r'l ' ' ' f l " I
ForQBrAiwmcjA BU3iWEaEoycA
m row ciftcTwpftoffioM"y;
Fall Season
For Infantsand Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
.Bears tne
j n j
For Over
Thirty Years
Feed & Sale
Fine Turnouts at All Timos
at Reasonable Rates.
Hear of Hotel Weaver
Telephone TXo. 20.
I) dr.La Francos?
Safe, Quick, Reliable Regulator
Superior to othrr remedlM mm at Muh prlrM.
Cure ffUKrantfml. BwTPMfulljr moil Ity uver
!i00.000 Womrn. Prlt-r, -ii Oiiim, dni.
gUlaor by mall. Ttilllmonlali & lKoklit frw.
Dr. LaVrancOi Philadelphia, I'n.
Pleasant to Take.
Powerful to Cure,
And Welcome
In Every Home.
Dr. David Knineily'a Parorlte Remedy Ik adapted
toy laKCBandbotli acie affording permanent ro.
lief in all cace caused by Impurity or tho hlnoil
ucli a Kldnev, llhid.lnr an.f l.lver Coin.
Iilitlnta; cures l'onatimtion and Veaknosaa
peculiar to women.
It provessucceenful In cases where all other medl.
Cinea have totally Jailed. No annercrsliould despair
Mlon(;a this remedy is untried. It haaan unbro.
ken record of success for over SO years, aud kaa
won horns of warm friends. , - "u
Are yon innering from any disease trarcabls to
the causes mentioned? If so, Dr. K..iuiv m,
staked his personal and profcssionalrepmaiionon
tatemeut that Fuvorlte Iteuivdy will do yon
Send for S free trlnl Imttln and booklet con
taimnit valuable modle-aladviro on tho treatment of
various diseases. Wntealnoforan '!,, ,.",'1
fornmlinpniitif yon hsve kidney discw Addres.
Dr. Diivl.1 K. n iy s.mib, linmin'utVN V
REMEMBER, tho full name I s Dr. It,,' U I Keil
m r iir

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