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Monarch Clothing Co. Prices That Mean
Decided Money Saving
Smart k Silberbers:
A Carpet Sale
Of Importance.
Ingrain, Brussels and Axminster
Carpets, Rugs, Curtains, Por
tieres and Linoleum.
A general cleaning up to trake room to accommodate tbe hew
stock dow being contracted for.
Representatives of tbe syndicate of which we are members are
now in New York attending the yearly manufacturers' sale of Car
pets, Rugs, Curtaios, &c, where they will complete contracts for
all tbe syndicate stores for the coming season.
For this reason we find it necessary to make a hole id this big
carpet stock of ours. In a month or two now Dew gonda will come
piling in on us and no room to accommodate them. It means we
must let a good part of our present stock go, but it also means that
you'll have nn opportunity of furnishing that room of yours at a
mighty low figure.
If you bave not the money to spare make a payment and bave
purchase laid aside.
5 pieces S5u Ingrains, 25c.
5 pieces iiOc Cotton Chain Ingrains, 3Uo.
10 pieces Extra Super Ingrains, 40c.
20 pieces Hartford and Park Mills Double Extra Supers, 5!'c.
Smith's Extra Axminster, (very special") "!'c a yard.
Smith's Savonaire, )c. 9x12 ft. Brussels Rugs, $13.00.
(Jxl2 Axminster Rugs, $22. 0x12 Wilton Rugs, 33 00.
Sale Now in Full Blast.
Our Depositors'are protected by every method known to modern bank
iug. Our loans and investments are all passed upon by our Executive Com
mittee, are examined at least twice a year by a Committee of tbe Stockhold
ers, and the bank's entire affairs are always under tbe supervision of the
State BankiDg Department and subject to examination by them at all times,
in addition to this we employ ao expert accountant to make a thorough
audit of every account in tbe bank Jauuary 1st and July 1st of each year,
.ben all pass books are called in and each accouot is fully examined by
him. We are proud of the above protection furnished our Depositors and
invite you to become one of them.
' 4 Per Cent. Paid on Certificates -of Deposit.
Vice President,
Mcadvillo Commercial College,
MeadvlUc, Pa.,
Wishes to secure the names of all young people between 13
and 23 in Wen tern Pennsylvania. Send 10 names with post
ollice address and nga, and receive 10 beautifully written call
ing cards.
Not a graduate of last year's class out of a poaitlon. Present enrolment much
larger than that of last year. The managers are the authors of the leading series
of commercial text books. Registration on every Monday. Send for catalogue.
Lrtlcrn of Murqop,
Lettors of marque and rcprinnl, as
tlu-y were called, wore first Issued in
tlio time of Kdwiird 1. to Rive Jimivo to
ivtallatf beyond the marclieo or limits
of ft country for wrongs suffered nt
the hnnd.s of a power nominally ut
peace. In this first instance- they were
aimed nt I'ortncal. About a hundred
years filter two Ilunse towns la Meck
lenburg, wishing to relieve their
prince, who was beleaguered In ftock
liolm, issued letters of marque
thieves' letters, ns the sufferers called
them to oil the rascals of the lialtlc,
authorizing them to victual the besieg
ed cllv. This done, thev turned them
Paints that crack, peel and fade
before their time are "dear" at any
Lucas Paints
(Tinted Gloss)
are economical from every point of view.
They not only cost less than other paints
but go farther, wear longer, and hold
their color and beauty longer. They give
a bigger money's-worth of all-around satis
faction than any other paints ever made.
Ask your dealer.
Lucas & Co Philadelphia j
selves into a confederacy or sea ron-
bers known as Victualing brothers, or
8t. Vltallus' brothers, and rendered
the Scandinavian seas unsafe for ball
a century.
The Darklinnr.
When asked by her teacher to de
scribe the backbone a Norborue school
girl said, "The backbone is something
that holds up the head and ribs and
keeps one from having legs clear up to
the neck." Norborue Leuder.
The coldest Inhabited conntrr Is
Werchojansk, In eastern Siberia. The
daily Mien ii teiiiperntiire of the entire
year Is 2.71 degrees below zero.
Suits and Overcoats.
A great purchase of Clothing from the Stoney Manufacturing
Company, GO and 62 University Place, New York, will enable us
to offer to our patrons the greatest bargains of high grade clothing
ever yet offered even by us. These goods on sale now are attract
ing wide attention, and we feel proud in offering such great values
at this time of year, just when you need them the most.
Men's Overcoat Sale.
Elegant Rlack Beayer or Grey and Os ford
Cheviot Overooat, cut 44 inches lonir,
with velvet collar and iS A flQ
worth 18.00 ?4.yO
Men's Black Cheviot or Fancy Scotch
Cheviot, of all wool material, some are
cut 44 aud 48 inches long, and soma
plain or wttn belt In back;
excellent (10.00 value,
Black or Oxford genuine Irish Frieze
Men's Overcoats, out 50 and 48 Inches
long; collar of Bilk velvet or of same
matorial, and belt in baok; very stylish
and handsome fitting over- (Jf) hQ
floats, worth 1 15.00 to f I8.00..jp J J O
Very handsome patterns of all wool Scotch
Mixed Cheviot Men's Overcoats; out48,
60 and 52 inches long; collar of same
material, lined with tiue Venetian and
beU nback; value f 18 00 j jQ Qg
Children's) Overcoat at
$1.9S.-Tivo Styles.
All wool Melton or Cheviot Overcoats,
ages 3 to 8; cut full length with velvet
collar, emblem on sleeve, neat gilt but
tons and belt in back; ex- T 1 AO
cellont $3.00 value, 4 L .1 O
All wool fancy Scotch Mixed Cheviot,
with collar of same material, while oih
ers are with velvet collar, belt in back,
neat bone and gilt buttons; (J1 no
ages 3 to 8; value $4.00 4? I.JO
Without doubt we have the prettiest and
handsomest Boys' and Children's Coats
in llio county; our prices are positively
guHrHtiimd fully oue-nalf of what you
pay for them el-ewhere.
Seo Our Window Display-All
Sizes Inside the Store.
Monarch Clothing Co.,
Oil Exchange Block, Near Derrick Office, Oil City, Pa.
Scholarship For Some One of That
Name Goes a Begging.
New Haven, Conn., Nov. 14. Just
before Secretary Anson Phelps Stokes,
Jr., of the Ynle corporation sailed for
Europe he caused to be advertised the
fact that the Leavenworth scholarship
at Yale, yielding annually $300, is va
cant. Secretary Stokes stated that
this scholarship was open to competi
tion to all young men of the name of
This Is probably the first instance
wherein Yale university has had a
scholarship on its hands that went
begging. It Is the first time that there
has not been some one in the uni
versity by the name of Leavenworth
to make a go for this scholarship. The
last regular recipient was John Wal
lace Leavenworth, who graduated
from the Sheffield Scientific school last,
The Leavenworth fund provides an
annuity of $300. This can be mater
ially increased if the president of the
university desires to increase it. The
man who gets the Leavenworth schol
arship must be of good character and
promise, the president to determine
these qualities. This gift was left to
Yale by the late Ellas W. Leaven
worth of Syracuse, N. Y Yale, '24, and
was received in 1882 for the endow
ment of a Leavenworth professorship.
This fund now amounts to over $20,
000. Denial by Kenyon College President.
Columbus, O., Nov. 14. President
W. E. Pierce of Kenyon college was
in Columbus conferring with Attorney
T. P. Linn and Rev. John Hewitt, both
trustees of the institution, concerning
the tragic death of Stuart Pierson and
accusations which have been subse
quently made. In a signed statement
issued by President Pierce he em
phatically denies what he terms "per
versions of the tfuth which have i;ot
abroad" and absolves the students
from any charge of misdoing, and says
there has been no effort by the col
lege authorities to stifle investiga
tion. Kept Awnkf,
"How lire you getting on with your
music, my dear'" Inquired n lady of
her niece.
"Well, of course," replied the niece
diffidently, "it wouldn't be proper for
nie to compliment myself, but some of
the neighbors have told me they have
stayed uwnke at night for hours listen
ing to my playing."
llnliu Mntrlnmninl Advertisement.
Wanted. A unitch for an Independ
ent, beautiful young widower of thir
ty-six years, of respectable and very
rich family. Possesses handsome
amount of thousands and numerous
golden ornaments of his previous wife,
Lahore Tribune.
nuilly Itlttrn.
Maudie Pa, will our new mamma
go nind after awhile? Father What a
question! Why do you think such a
thing? Maudle-Well, I heard her tell
the cook yesterday that she got badly
bitten when she married you!
The finite.
Wife (who Is always nlllug) You
will bury me by the side of my first
husband, won't you, dear? Husband
Willi pleasure, my dear.
Children's Overcoats.
Roys' Overcoats at .OS
Several Styles.
The biggest value is our handsome and
stylish Black Cheviot Overcoat tor Boys,
sgns 3 to !); handsome bone buttons with
gilt in center, velvet collar and bolt in
back, emblem of star on sleeves, with
two rows of red braid; an (3) QQ
elegant fo.OO coat, w.7 O
All wool Oxford Cheviot Overcoats for
Boys, ages 9 to 10; long out with belt in
back, plain collar and some have velvet
collar; we have other styles of different
patterns and they are f5.00 (hi) no
to $0.00 val ues, P u . J O
Boys' Overcoats.
Children's Overcoats $3.08
Several Styles.
One elegant representative style is a hand
some Oxford Frieze Coat, age 3 to 8;
they are made with a black Astrakhan
collar, also Astrakhan on the sleeves,
and Astrakhan shields in front stretch
ing from button to button on tbe double-breasted
coat. We cannot recom
mend tbem too highly, and dooo
are very pretty, JpO.tO
Boys' all wool Scotch Mixed Cheviot
Coats in brown and gray Scotch Mix
tures, also grey and Oxford Frieze Coats
for big boys, ages 9 to It); all made with
belt in back, extia long, rtQ QQ
and value $0.00, pO. JO
Men's Suits.
Great sale of Mon's Suits,
$5.08, $8.98, $10.08
Don't fail to see them; thev are dandies.
Sale of Children's Sweaters in Hosier
Brown aud other styles. Ssle f!Shirts,
Neckwear, Men's i'ants, Underwear,
Mats and new style of Caps. One cash
price to all.
Tnntor Oil Corktnll.
"Give nie a castor oil cocktail," said
the man at the drug store counter.
TUo clerk poured a bottle of sarsapa
rilhi into a glass, dashed n few drops
of paregoric Into it and then poured
In some castor oil. The man drank It
with a pleasant face and walked out
ns If he had drunk soda water Instead
of castor oil. "Yes, we have quite a
call for castor oil cocktails," said the
clerk. "If a niau's system Is a little
out and he needs a dose of castor oil
the only way' to tnkc It Is in the cock
tail form. You wouldn't know there
was a drop of castor oil in It. If you've
ever taken castor oil neat you will rec
ognize the value of the cocktall."
Hetrolt Xcws-Trlbune.
Itching. Blind. Bleedlmr or Protruding
Piles. DrugKista refund monov if Pazo
Ointment fails to cure any case, no mat
ter ot now long (landing, in It to 14 days.
First application gives ease and rest. SOo.
If your druggist hasn't it send 60o in
stamps and it will be forwarded post-paid
Dy me raris Medicine uo est. Louis, Mo
Thompson's Bsrosma. Kidney. Liver
and Bladder Cure Is worthy of the high
est praise. It is purely vegetable, per
fectly harmless and should ho given to
young cntiuren ror any weakness or tbe
kidneys or bladder. 60c and f 1.00. All
druggists. tf
lor Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Signature of &utffi&&&K
located a t
Pa. Come
to this great Financial and Manu
facturing center for a BUSINESS
EDUCATION; don't go to a small
place where Stenographers and
Bookkeepers are not required.
Circulars. Wm. H. Duff, President.
Taking effect, October 8th, 1905.
No. 30 Buffalo aud Pittsburg
Express, daily except Sun
day 11:01 a.m.
No. 32 Oil City and Pittsburg
Express, daily 8:28 p.m.
No. 932 Oil City Accommoda
tion, Sundays only '5:30p.m.
For Hickory, Tidioute,Warren,KInzua,
Bradford, Olean and the East :
No. 81 Olean Express, daily- 7:53 a. m.
No. 83 Pittsburg Express,
daily except Sunday 6:35 p.m.
No. 033 Warren accommoda
tion, Sundays only 2:45 p. m.
For Time Tables and additional infor
mation consult Ticket Agent.
(Jenoral Manager! Passenger Trallic Mgr.
OEO. II. BOYD, Gen'l Passenger Agt.
Ladies' Goats,
Skirts, Furs,
and Children's
Coats, Furs,
and Dresses.
Men's and Boys'
at Special Values
Don't Fail to Visit Our Store
During November.
Special Bargains
Every Day.
Flooring, Siding,
and material for
Window Casings
and Inside Work.
A good supply to select
from always in stock.
Call on or address.
or F. l AMSLER.
r Remedy
Breaks no Hearts, Excuses
no Crimes.
Dr. David Kennedy's FAVORITE REM
EDY is not a disguised enemy of the human
race; where it cannot help, it does not
harm. It is composed of vegetable ingre
dients and does not heut or iuflitme the
blood but cools and purifies it. In all cases
of Kidney troubles!, Liver complaints, Con
stipation of the Bowels, and the delicate
derangements which alllict women, the ac
tion of Dr. Kennedy's FAVORITE REM
EDY is beyond prube. Thousands of
grateful people voluntarily testify to this,
in lotters to Dr. Kennedy; and with a
warmth and fuUnes of worils which mere
business certificates never possess. It
makes no drunkards excuses no crimes
breaks no hearts. In its coming there is
hope, and in its wings there is healing.
We challenge a trial and are confident of
the result. Your druggist has it. ONE
DOLLAR a Bottle. Bear in mind the
name and address : Dr. David KENNEDY,
Rondout. New York.
On the bottom of a rubber
boot or shoe insures its
quality. They have been
the BEST for fifty years, and
they are the best to-day.
When you buy rubbers ask
for CANDEES and insist
upon having them.
For sale by all leading stores.
Merchants desiring their names to so
pear at the bottom of this cut can have it
under established rules free of charge on
application to us. H. Cbihls A Co., Sole
DlslriDutora, oia renn Ave., f ittsburg.
Electric Oil. Guaranteed for
Rheumatism, Sprains, Sore
Feet, Pains, Ac. At all dealers
Magazine and Fashion Sheets.
Magazine 5c copy. Sheets free.
This is the Christmas number of McCall's Mag
azineyou know fashion magazines are always a
month ahead of other periodicals.
Wish we had space to tell you of all the good
things this number contains.
Almost a million women in America reading
McCall's. That's because it contains "so much of
special interest to women.
These come to us about the tenth of each
month. We'll be glad to send you a copy. Inclose
three two-cent stamps.
The sheets we'll send you free, if you'll just
kindly send us your address stating that you wish us
to mail you McCall's Fashion Sheets for one year.
The Kind Ton Have Always
in use for over 30 yours,
sonal supervision since its infancy.
'CAi, Allowno ono todooclvo. you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitation mid " Just-Hs-jMMl" arc but
Kxperf .uctits Hint trillo with nnil endniifrer tlio health of
Infant: and Children Experience ngaiust Experiment
Costoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Nnrcotlo
substance. Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Fcverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Time Deposit Solicited.
A. Watnb Cook,
A. B.
dirbotors .
A. Wayne Cook, G. W. Robinson, Wm. Smearbangh,
N. P. Wheeler, T. F. Ritohev. J. T. Dale, " J. H. Kellv.
Collections remitted for on day of pnyment at low rates. We promise our custom
era all tbe benefits consistent with conservative banking. Interest ptid on time
deposits. Your patronage respectfully solicited.
Feed & Sale
Pine Turnouts at All Times
at Reasonable Rates.
Rear or Hotel Weaver
Telephone No. 20.
) Dr. La Fran c o's j
uaoMDniiN n
Safe, Quick, Reliable Regulator
Buperlor to othrr remedies gold Kt hlKh prices.
Cur pnrnntee(l. SureeMfully uwd hy over
200.000 Women, frier, 43 CeiilK, drug
gists or by mtil. Testimonials ft booklet free.
Dr. LaFranco, Philadelphia, Pa.
Pennyroyal pills
W Hl.l .ad Only Be.al.b
P.7,LN.SArr.. Alw.rir.IUM,. Idlw, uk Dnirtil
.la KKI nt U.td n.t.UI. boiM. k.im
f who om.riDoon. 1 .Ke . wtr. Kcni..
I P.WKWTOM Huw.tlt.tiAW. Wwd lwiitw.
tl.B. Br of j..r UrnKilM, r wad 4i. i.
"""ft. .. fjeoenlar, Te.tlaa.nl.la
aad "Keller for L.dl-tt, (.llwr. bj rw.
tara Mall. 1 0.ooo TMtlna.t.1.. flniii h.
IDrufiHU. CklrBMIerl kewileal Hw
fcatlai IkU Malsa aan, 1'Hll.A., J-A.
Bought, end which iias been
lias borne the signature of
has been made under his per-
Signature of
pay Four 1'er Cent, per Annum
Wm . Smkarbauoh,
Vlo President
Id a
A cool investment
Nothing will beautify the home like
couple costs of UmS Pioneer Prepared
Its the best Investment possible to
make too, as thirty or forty dollars worth
of paint will add more to the value of a
house than money spent In sny other wsy.
It will slso psy for Itself In satlafac
tlon there Is nothing so pleasing to a
householder as a well painted house.
It does not cost much to paint a house
end It will protect the wood end make It
last twice aa long as your careless neigh
bor's who is neglecting to properly pro
tect his home.
U'e Oder a guaranteed paint In HAm
Pioneer Palm, and we shall be pleased to
end you free color csrd showing simple
shades. Please write or call today.
Tioncsta, Fa.
i . i

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