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tions. Always give your name.
$1.00. PER ANNUM.
Ilunctai.J . T. Carson.
Juniicet of the VeaceH. S. Cauflold, S.
J. Hotley.
Oouneumen. J. B. Muse, J. -W. Lan
ders, C. A. 1 ,1111011, lino. Holuman, (i. T.
Audorson, Win. Sinearbaugh, K. W.
Countable Vf . II. Hood.
Collector W. 11. Hood.
School DireclorS. U. Hcowdon, T,
F. Ritchey, A. C. Hrown, Dr. J.C. Dunn,
i. Jainiosou, J. J. Laudurs.
Member of Oongreu Joseih C. Sibley.
Member of Senate J. K. P. Hall.
Axxembly J. H. Robertson.
I'rexident Judge V. M. Llndsey.
Axxoonte Judge P. X. Kreitlor, P.
'. Hill.
Prothonntarjf, Rcgieler A Recorder, tc.
J. C. Joist. ,
Sheriff: A. W. Slroup.
Treasurer W. 11. Harrison.
Oommuxioneri Leonard Agnew, An
drew Wolf, Philip Kinert.
District Attorney H. 1. Trwln.
Jury Commixxioner J. B. Edon, J.
P. Castiicr.
Coroner ,
Count Auditor W. II. Stiles, than.
F. Klinostivor, S. T. Carson.
Count! tturveyorV. w. LlirK.
County mpertnienaeniu. t
Itrgalnr Terms of Court.
Fourth Monday of February.
Third Monday of May.
Fourth Monday of September.
Third Monday of November.
Regular Meeting of County Commis
sioners 1st and 3d Tuesdays of month.
I'harrk and Hablmlh Hrhool.
Presbyterian Sabbath School at 9:45 a.
111.: M. 15. Sabbath School at 10:00 a. in.
Preaching in M. K. Church every Sab
bath evening by Rev. W. O. Calhoun.
Preaching in the V. M. Church every
Sabbath evening at tile usual hour. Kev.
It. A. ahnlser, Pastor.
Hervloes in the Presbyterian Church
every Sabbath morning and evening,
lleri Dr. Paul J. Slonakur, Pastor.
The rogular lneotlng of tho W. C. T.
IT. are held at the headquarters on the
second and fourth Tuesdays ol each
mi nth.
1 pi'.N EST A LODC1 K, No. 309, 1. 0. O. F.
I Moot every Tuesday evening, in Odd
Fellows' Hall, Partridge building.
O. A, 11. MeeU 1st and 3d Monday
evening in each month.
J 137, W. K. C, meets Urst and third
Wednesday evening of each month.
All work guaranteed. Rooms over
J-ureal uouniy nnwuimi i.".
... 1.. 4 f vtlln
I Honeca Street. OI L CI 1 Y, 1 A.
Tlonesia, Pa.
Warren, Pa
Practice in Forest Co.
A "0W?Vnv,,V.AT.T.AW.
Olllcoln Arncr Building, Cor. Elm
tmd Bridge Sts., Tioncsta, ra.
Plivsician A Surgeon,
nil. J. C. DUNN,
XII inii.i ...- - - - -
and DRUUGIVf. Ollice over store,
.... i... i..i..ul.i.ul ..uliu nrnmnt.
rionesia, ra. 1 1""1" - -
v responded to at all hours ol day or
1 iglil. uesiuence I'.un .n-.
Grove s grocery and uerow s resiauinm
R. j. n. SIGGINS,
Physician and surgeon,
i.-. I'lucclIMW) M. V).
tl. Practice limited to diseases of the
Lung and Chest. Ollice hours by ap
pointment only. ,.
77 W. BOLTON, M. D.
ilj. Practice limited to diseases of the
lives, Ears, Noe and Throat. Special
intention given to tho titling of classes,
oillr-e hr.ur 0-12 a. m., I S p. m., 7-8 p. m.
ulL CI I V, Pa. llOCLNTbuSr.
K. A. WEAVER, Proprietor.
This hotol, formerly the Lawrence
Houso, has undergone a complete change,
mid is now furnished with all the niod
1 rn improvements. Heated and lightod
throughout witli natural gas, bathrooms,
hot and cold water, etc. The comlorts ol
quests uovor neglected.
J UEKoW A tJEROW Proprietor.
Tlonseta, Pa. This is the inostcenli-ally
located hotel in lh Paee, and has all the
modern improve. icnt.s. No pains will
1.0 spared to loxke it a pleasant slopping
place for the traveling public, l'irst
class Liverv in coinici-lion.
Shop ill Wallers building, Cor. Elm
mid Walnut street, Is prepared to do all
uinds of custom work Iroin the tinest to
he coarsest and fcimnu'toes his work to
trive penci l -atisliirl ion. Pr pi atten
tion given to mending, and prices rea
Funiiturc Dealers,
Electric Oil. Guaranteed for
Rheumatism, Sprains, Sore
Feet, Pains, Ac. At all dealers
jt Best Coueh Synip. Tastes Cood.
J Use In lime. SulJ by druggists. bJ
General Min, Tyrant of Mos
cow, Shot by a Young Girl.
Thirty-Two Deaths From Bomb Explos
ion at Premier's House The Cuban
Rebellion New York Central In
dicted Program of Bryan Recep
tion New York Wheat Crop.
General Min, commander of the
Seminovsky Guard regiment, who sup
pressed the riots at Moscow last De
cember, was assassinated at Peteiholf
Sunduy ulght.
Geiiorul Min was ut the railway sta
tion with his family when he was kill
ed. The deed was committed by a
young girl, who fired live shots from a
revolver Into his back, killing him lu
ntantly. Madame Min seized the assassin by
the hand und held her until the police
arrived. After her arrest the girl
showed the police a bomb lying In the
station, telling them to beware.
To the police the girl acknowledged
that the had done the deed, saying
that sho had executed the sentence of
tho fighting organisation of the Social
revolutionists, but she refused to give
hor name.
The young daughter cf Premier
Stolypln who was Injured by the
bomb explosion In the premier's sum
mer home at Peterholf Saturday and
who was erroneously repotted to have
died, Is still niive and passed a quiet
night under the effects of an opiate.
The premier's son, who also was hurt,
Is better today.
Two more persons Injured by the ex
plosion died during the night, bringing
the total number of denths up to 32.
One of tho most painful features of
the tragedy was the delay In securing
medical aid for the Injured, as over
an hour elapsed before an ambulance
M. Stolypln's one thought was for
his daughter, and he kept exclaiming,
"For God's sake, fetch a doctor. Oh,
my poor girl."
It was fully half an hour before the
beginning was made to systematically
clear tho wreckage, dur.ng whlcl. the
Injured sufTered agonies. At dusk
torches were lighted and by the fitful
light from these the work was contin
ued and the walls were shored up with
strong beams.
Insurgent Forces Well Supplied.
The town of San Juan de Martinez
In Cuba, which on Thursday was oc
cupied by a bank of insurgents 1111
cupied by a hand of Insurgents un
ier the command of Pino Gueri a, again
Is In possession of the constituted
forces of the republic.
At 5:110 o'clock Friday evening the
troops under command of Colonels
Dacallao and Avalo arrived there from
I'Inar del Rio, but news of their coming
aud preceeded them by several hours
and by noon tho last of Guerra's men
had left, taking with them all the
borses they could gather.
Unofficial advices received at Ha
vana from the western part of the
province of Pinar del Rio are to the
effect that the Insurgent forces now
concentrating west of San Juan de
Martinez are far more formidable than
had been supposed and also are better
supplied for camping and a long cam
paign. Palma Contemplates an Amnesty.
The anxiety of President Palma to
extend every opportunity for peace
u lthout bloodshed and his desire to per
mit those who joined the Insurrection
under misguidance to repent and re
turn to their homes unmolested, com
bined with the general wish to end a
situation fraught with so much loss
and suffering, has led to a considera
tion by tho president and his cabinet
of a project decreeing a 30-day amnes
ty period, during which the insurrec
tionists are Invited to lay down their
arms and return to their peaceful pur
suits. The Piatt Amendment.
The Piatt amendment, 11s the legis
lation which defined the conditions on
ft'hich tho United States should with
draw from Cuba and turn the Island
Dver to tho control of the Cuban peo
ple was known, provided that part of
the new republic's constitution should
;ont:iin certain provisions concerning
the future relations ot tho United
States with Cuba. The third of these
provisions was:
"That the government of Cuba con
ients that the United States may ex
ercise the right to Intervene for the
preservation of Cuban independence,
:he maintenance of a government ade
juute for the protection of life, prop
urty and individual liberty, and for dis
charging the obligations with respect
to Cuba Imposed by the treaty of Pails
on tho United States, now to be as
sumed and undertaken by the govern
ment of Cuba."
New York Central Indicted.
The New York Central Railroad
company was indicted by the Western
New York federal grand Jury on Eri
i;iy afternoon at Jamestown, N. Y.,
an a chargo of giving discriminating
and unlawful freight rales on ship
ments of oil by tho Standard Oil com
pany and of unlawfully failing to file a
schedule of such rates with the inter
state commerce commission at Wash
ington. The Standard Oil company was
liiain 'indicted on a charge of accept
ing unluwl ul and discriminating freight
rates 011 shipments of oil over the
Pennsylvania, the New York Central
mil the Vermont Central Railroad
The indictments are closely related
to those found by the same Jury two
neeks ago against the Standard Oi
company and tho Pennsylvania In tho
matter of discriminating rates for oil
shipped by the Standard from Olean
to Burlington, Vt.
All of such shipments were over the
Pennsylvania from Oleau to Roches
ter, over the New York Central from
Rochester to Norwood, N. Y., and over
the Vermont Central from Norwood to
its destination.
Program of Bryah Reception.
At B meeting In New York city of
tho executive committee which has
charge of the reception to W. J. Bryan
it was announced that a letter from
Mr. Bryan had been received accept
ing an Invitation to dine with the news
paper men at tho Waldorf-Astoria on
the evening of Saturday, Sept. 1. In
his letter, Mr. Bryan said:
"Shall be delighted to meet the boys
of the press. I have not found ativ
better newspaper men anywhere than
our own."
Lewis Nixon gave out the program
as at present arranged by Acting ll'iy
or McGowun. Headed by a small es
cort, Mr. Bryan will be driven up
Broadway to 50th street, thence to
Fifth avenue and south to the Victoria
hotel. In the first carriage with Mr.
Bryan will he Acting Mayor McGowan,
Governor Folk of Missouri and Will
iam Hoge, president of the Commercial
Travelers' Anti-Trust league, which
started the movement for the recep
tion. At the hotel Mr. Bryan will be rr
cejved by a delegation from the recep
tion committee consisting of five mem
bers from each state. At 7:45 Mr.
Bryan will be escorted to- the garden
and the meeting will begin ut S. After
the meeting Inside Mr. Bryan will ad
dress an overflow meeting In Madison
Only One Church Escaped.
From the Plaza de la Victoria at
Valparaiso, Chili, as far as the plaza
In the section called Las Dellcias four-
fifths of the houses are completely de
stroyed and the remaining fifth are
badly damaged. From the Plaza de la
Victoria down to the custom house
only about one-third of the houses
sustained damage. The banks and the
customs warehouses were not dam
aged. With the exception of Esplrltu
Santo, all the city's churches were de
stroyed, as were the hospitals and the
theaters. The number of dead Is
more than 2,000.
The tragic scenes of the San Fran
cisco, disaster were reproduced here.
There was the fight against fire, the
luck f water and robbery and pillage.
Prizes at State Firemen's Meeting.
The contests in connection with the
annual meeting of the State Firemen's
association at Jamestown, N. Y., re
sulted as follows:
Hose race Independence Hose com
pany of Bridgeport, O., first; Citizens'
Hose company of Union City, Pa., sec
ond; Crystal Hook and Ladder com
pany of Corning, third. Time, 23 1-5
seconds. The prizes were: First, $100;
second, $250; third, $100.
Huh and hub race Citizens' Hose
compauy of Union City, Pa., first; In
dependence hose, Bridgeport, O., sec
ond; Crystal Hook and Ladder com
pany of Corning, third. Time, 2114
The J. S. White Hose company of
Glens Falls won the $200 prize for the
best drilled company.
Failure of Sage & Co., Brokers.
M. J. Sage & Co., brokers of Jersey
City and New York city, at the
close of business hours on Wednesday
posted a notice at their Jersey City of
fice, informing their correspondents
that they had discontinued business.
The firm had branch offices In a num
ber of cities in the East and corres
pondents throughout the country. The
amount involved lu the failure Is said
to be large, although no one In author
ity could be found to give definite fig
ures. The president of the firm Is Maurice
J. Sage, a young man who came to
New York about 12 years ago from
Blnghamton, N. Y.
Fatally Scalded, Tried to Save Others.
Though fatally scalded by the ex
plosion of several tubes In the boiler
house of the Assecon 'pumping sta
tion at Atlantic City, N. J., Joseph Me
dura, one of "he firemen employed in
the place, ran a quarter of a mile to
the chief engineer's home to procure
nld for his two fellow employes whom
he blivefj to have been more seri
ously injured .'inn himself. He fell
unconscious as ho told of the accident
and was rushec to a hospital in an au
tomobile, where he died In a few
hours. His comrades were only sllght
ry hurt.
Nets Destroyed on Lake Erie.
Captain Ross, chief of the reve
nue service of the treasury, has
reported to the department of com
merce and labor, that the Canadian
cruiser Vigilant was destroying the
nels of American fishermen In Lake
Erie. The reports of fishermen indi
cate that the nets were sot well within
American waters. The matter will be
reported to the state department and
probably will const llnte tho subject of
an exchange between the American
and Canadian governments.
Large New York Wheat Crop.
It Is the general opinion of mil
lers at Rochester, N. Y who make a
specialty of handling state wheat that
the wheat crop of this state Is among
the largest and Lcbt prod, iced i:i years.
The yield this year is not only heavy,
but the weight and quality are showing
up beyond the ordinary. A prominent
miller said today that in these respects
the crop may be nearly considered
Federal Grand Jury at Chicago
Returns 10 Indictments.
District Attorney Says Penalty F01
Each Offense Alleged Is a Fine ol
Not Less Than $1,000 Nor More
Than $20,000 There Are 6,428
Counts In the 10 Indictments.
Chicago, Aug. 28. The first aud
second federal grand juries returned 10
indictments against the Standard Oil
company before Judge Bethea lu the
United States circuit court. The In
dictments which contain 0,420 counts
Jre all in connection with the granting
of rebates.
Each of the 0,428 counts in the 10
Indictments covers an alleged offense
and Is based on a tank car shipment of
petroleum products from the refineries
at Whiting, Ind.
These shipments, It Is stated, were
carried by the Chicago, Burlingtoti &
Quincy, Chicago & Alton, Chicago &
Eastern Illinois, Evansvllle & Terre
Haute, Illinois Central, Southern and
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern rail
roads. According to a statement by the dis
trict attorney the Burlington & Alton
roads "had published lawful rates of
18 cents per 100 pounds to East St.
Louis from Whiting and 1914 cents to
St. Louis, but carried oil for the Stan
dard Oil company on a Becret unpub
lished rate at C and 7V4 cents to those
points respectively."
The statement then continues:
"On shipments to points In the
South beyond Grand Junction the
Standard Oil company should have
paid the different lawful rates for the
different points of destination, but was
given concessions which averaged
about 27 per cent of the published
rate. The same Is true of shipments
handled by the Chicago & Eastern Il
linois and Evansvllle & Terre Haute
to Evansvllle, Ind., and points beyond.
"The concessions given to Standard
Oil company by the Lake Shore &
Michigan Southern road were In the
shape of cancellations of storage
charges at Chicago of 5 cents per ton
per day on all oil delayed In delivery.
Other oil shippers were compelled to
pay the storage charges.
"The charges against tho Illinois
Central and Southern railroads are the
same lis those In relation to the ship
ments made to points beyond Grand
It was declared by the district at
torney's office that the penalty for each
offense alleged in the indictments is a
fine of not less than $1,000 nor more
than $20,000. It is believed by the
government attorneys that the lawyers
for the Standard Oil company will en
ter the appearance of the corpora
tion In court as soon as they have ex
amined the indictments. There is no
authority at present allowing tho ar
rest of the officers of a corporation
against which Indictments have been
Greely-Funston Dispute Rival For the
Sampson-Schley Mix-Up.
Los Angeles, Aug. 28. Another
Sampson-Schley controversy is likely
to grow out of the criticisms by Major
General Greely of Brigadier General
Funston, growing out of the conflict
in orders during the days following
the earthquake in San Francisco. Lieu
tenant General Adna R. Chaffee, who
lives here, gave out the following in
terview: "Fortunately there are few officers
with General Greely's propensity for
fingering into matters that would bet
ter be left alone. When I mapped out
the present scheme of military divis
ions and departments in 1 90S it wns at
Secretary Root's request and the result
met his approval.
"There is not the slightest reason
why there should he an embarrassing
conflict of duties, unless one or the
other has a tendency to mix in busi
ness not his own. In the San Fran
cisco disaster the respective duties ol
Generals Funston and Greely were
clear. As General Greely was absent
when the trouble occurred, Funston
was, of course, In supreme command.
And I know that he was quite compe
tent to carry that resiwnslbllity."
Distribution of Crown Lands.
St. Petersburg, Aug. 2S. The distri
bution of crown appanages, the first
part of ,the administration's agrarian
program by which It Is hoped to win
tho peasantry to tho support of the
government at tho coming elections,
was put in effect yesterday when an
ukase was published transferring 4,
BflO.000 acres of appanage lands to the
Peasants' bank for distribution to the
peasants. The urgency of tho situa
tion is such that the ukase, which was
signed the dav, of tho attempt on the
life of Premier Stolypln, was gn.ctlcd
without wailing for final decision as to
the method aud terms of payment. The
principal question, whether the latter
shall he .".'! or (10 years, has not yet
been decitb'd.' Tho announcement on
this point and of the transfer of 10,000,
000 ncre3 of crown lands will be made
Rural Postoffice Robbed.
Batavia, N. Y., Aug. 28. The post
office ut East Bethany, Genesee county,
was entered Sunday night by burglars,
who secured $100 In stamps, $lr, in
cash and about $iiiu uf promissory
notes belonging to Postmaster Hairy
L. Page, who conducts a general store.
Congressman Longworth Denies His
Wife Is to Assist Him In Canvass
For Re-Election.
Cincinnati, Aug. 24. "Ye:i, Mrs.
Longworth will unveil the Ohio monu
ment to William McKinley at Colum
bus Sept. 14 next," said Congressman
Nicholas Longworth. "I thought It
eminently appropriate for her to do so,
considering the association of Presi
dent McKinley and her father and In
view of the manner of her father's
succession to the presidency."
"What part will Mrs. Longworth take
In your campaign for re-election to
congress?" was asked.
"She will not take part. That is set
tled absolutely," Mr. Longworth be
gan. "But for a noble, wifely woman, a
Roosevelt, to remain lnnctlve " the
correspondent ventured.
Far from being displeused Mr. Long
worth smiled and said:
"The story that I have engaged
rooms for my wife, myself anil many
friends at the state convention In Day
ton is not true. I do not think I shall
attend, and certainly Mrs. Longworth
will not.
"Regarding the so-called Cleveland
picnic, at which it has been stated
Mrs. Longworth Is to start her cam
paigning for me, she was not even in
vited to be there. I was asked to at
tend and speak at the reunion of the
Cuyahoga, county Republican clubs,
but found that I could not do so be
cause other matters Intervene. So I
have declined the Invitation."
So It Is determined that Mrs. Long
worth will not follow the example of
many American women In England
who welcomed her recently and who
take a most active part in politics and
campaign for their husbands.
Sold Lawn Mower For 30 Cents.
. Pittsburg, Aug. 24. Thomas Con
roy, well known about the East End,
made a $14 lawn mower look like 30
cents. At least that Is what he real
ized from the sale of It to a second
hand dealer on Frankstown avenue,
and as a result he is locked up in the
East End police station.
The mower belongs to Charles Bar
berl of Torrance street, who Is a land
scape gardner. He had left the ma
chine on the sidewalk In front of a
Frankstown avenue store while he
made some purchases. On returning
his mower was gone.
Officer .William Jones located and ar
rested Conroy. He acknowledged sell
ing the mower for the amount, and
said he needed a drink.
Fear Son Will Whip Spouse.
Cleveland, Aug. 25. Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Letkowltz began their married
life with a shadow threatening their
future happiness. The bride, who was
Mrs. Llss, visited the probation officer
yesterday and said:
."You remember my boy Charley,
him you sent to Lancaster?"
"Oh, tho little fellow, 1G years old.
Not In trouble again?"
"No; not yet, anyway," said the wo
man, "but he's likely to be. So I want
him enjoined. I want him enjoined
from whipping my husband." Tho
bride was referred to the court of com
mon pleas.
Teacher Died of Fright.
Zanesville, O., Aug. 27. After es
caping unhurt from a runaway Miss
May Pollock, a high school teacher of
New Concord, died from the effects of
the flight. She was driving with Miss
Mary Moore when the horse ran away.
Miss Pollock Jumped out and did not
receive a scratch. A moment later
sho saw the vehicle dash against a
wagon at the foot of tho hill. She fell
In a swoon and died three hours later.
Miss Moore was unhurt.
Decline $100 Reward,
West Newton, Pa., Aug. 25. George
Sherrow and Harry Rhoades, who re
covered the body of little Clarence
Howell of Greensburg from Big So
wickloy creek, have generously refused
to accept the reward of $100 offered by
tho parents. Howell Is by no means
in affluent circumstances, and the men
preferred their important service to bo
considered as evidence of sympathy
with the father.
Hazing Makes Soldier Insane.
Canal Dover, O., Aug. 25. As the
result of hazing by several of his com
rades during the Ohio National Guard
maneuvers last week, George Grover
of the Second regiment became de
mented and was found yesterday In
the woods near Maslllou. He was
nearly exhausted from fninger and ex
posure, having wandered 20 miles from
where he disappeared last Monduy.
Children Bitten by Family Dog.
Connollsvllle, Aug. 24. Brooks, 11
years old, and Eunice, 8 years old,
children of John Sutter of Lower Ty
rone township, were savagely attacked
by tho family dog and severely bitten.
The brute had gone mad, Tho chil
dren were sent to Pittsburg to receive
Pasteur treatment.
Miners' Family Picnic.
Jeannette, Aug. 21. The third an
nual picnic of the Keystone Coke &
Coal company of the Greensburg dis
trict was held at Oakford park. About
4,000 miners with their families wero
present, and between $1100 and $100 In
prize money was distributed.
Jealousy Caused Two Deaths.
Parry Sound, Out., Aug. 21. Henry
Anderson, a lumberman, last night
shot and killed bis wife and then blew
out his brains with a revolver. Jeal
ousy Is said to hav been the cause of
the crime.
Summary of the Week's News
of the World.
Cream of the News Culled From Long
Dispatches and Put In Proper Shape
For the Hurried Reader Who Is Too
Busy to Read the Longer Reports
and Desires to Keep Posted.
Wholesale deportations are being re
ported from St. Petersburg, 2,300 per
sons having been banished from the
capital last week.
President Roosevelt opened the con
gressional canvass In a letter written
by hlni In defense of the Republican
membership of the national house.
Chili turns to the organization of re
lief' for the earthquake sufferers. The
government wil ask congress for an ap
propriation of $100,000,000 for the re
building of Valparaiso.
The annual sale of human hair at
Limoges, France, shows greater de
mand mid less willingness of peasant
girls to part with their tresses, accord
ing to cable dispatches.
Illinois Socialists after debatiug all
day over their platform and resolu
tions, select a state ticket lu 15 min
utes. Attorney General Mayer will apply
for a permanent injunction to restrain
the B. U. T. from charging more than
5 cent fares to Coney Island.
In Its annual report the Commercial
National bank of Chicago says the
wheat crop Is of record quality and
yield Is now beyond danger.
General Gomez, who was a candidate
for the presidency of Cuba, has Joined
the Insurgents and there has been
fighting in Mutnnzas province.
Jerome's candidacy for the governor
ship set Tammany In a turmoil,, the
rank and file being required to choose
between Mayor McClellan and Murphy.
Earthquake shocks at Valparaiso
continued and the town of QuIUotta,
of 10,000 population, was reported as
having been swallowed up by the
Cuban rebels have captured the town
of San Luis and new bands of insurg
ents are appearing In Santa Clara and
Havana provinces.
St. Petersburg has received advices
that the 24th Ural (Cossack) regiment
has mutinied at S a marc and and im
prisoned Its officers.
William J. Bryan was enthusiastic
ally Indorsed as a candidate for the
pt?sidency by the Ohio stato Demo
cratic convention.
Secret service men in New York
have arrested four alleged counterfeit
ers said to be plotting to overthrow
the government of Venezuela.
Efforts to pledge delegates from the
Third district in Westchester county
to vote for W. II. Hearst in the Buffalo
convention failed ut Peekskill.
Fourteen-year-old girl socialist is ar
rested In New York for talking on the
street without a permit, but Is released
by the magistrate.
Leslie M. Shaw, secretary of tho
treasury, has begun to increase de
posits of public money in national de
positories to $.'1,000,000.
Thomas F. Ryan, before ho left for
Europe, failed in an attempt to consol
idate the four great trust companies
controlled by the Equitable and Mu
tual. General Bandera, n wellknown negro
insurgent in Cuba,. has been killed In
Havana province and the rebels have
captured San Juan de Martinez in
Pinar del Rio.
Fourteen Chilian cities outside of
Valparaiso und Santiago were reported
ruined by earthquakes and tho loss of
life was reported as great. Business
was resumed at Valparaiso.
District Attorney Jerome and R. Fill
ton Cutting were injured In a fatal
wreck of an express train 011 the
Maine Central railroad.
President Roosevelt issues a proclv
matlon appealing for aid for earthquake-stricken
Chili. Dispatches from
Santiago put the loss at over $200,000,
000. Twenty-eight persons are dead and
21 wounded as result of a bomb
thrown at Premier Stolypln at St. Pe
tersburg. The premier was slightly
Majority of the railroads of the coun
try are prepared to observe strictly tho
now inteistale commerce law that will
become effective Tuesday, anil officials
declare that they welcome the relief
from past exactions of rebates and
John J. Flanagan and Martin Sheri
dan inail - new world's records fur the
fili-pound weight and discus throws at
Celtic park In N,w York.
Senator Foraker on eve of Ohio
state convention explained his opposi
tion to president's policy 011 the rate
bill, but holies for Indorsement.
The Standard Oil company has tak
en steps toward acquiring ownership
of all the principal distilling plants lu
the Itnitcd Stales, according to a dis
patch from Peoria, 111.
Seymour Eaton said Samuel Uuter
mver tried In July to get President
Roosevelt to lake 11 hand in Insurance
reform, and that the president s secre
tary said Mr. Roosevelt had no v!b
t.i b'.'coine entangled lu it.
Dil King Comes Out as Exponent of
Less Strenuous Existence..
Cleveland, Aug. 28. John D. Rocke
'cller has come out as an exponent ot
.he simple life. In a 20-minute con
versation Sunday with a newspaper
sorrespondent he discussed a variety
;f topics, among them being newspa
pers aud the mode of living, and Joked
ibout the heat.
Although the morning was one of
lie hottest of the season, Mr. Rocke
feller did not show any effects from
:ho heat. Dally practice on his golf
Inks has hardened him, and he can
nidure the sun as well as a man many
rears his junior. He chatted freely
vith the reporter, delaying the Sunday
ichool and detaining a room full of
people waiting to shake his hand.
"This is really one of the warmest
lays of the year, Isn't it?" be remark
ed. "I shall have to put more tubing
n the upper end of my thermometer
it Forest Hill. I suppose the heat of
:oday will be reflected In the headlines
)f the papers on the morrow," and his
imile broadened us he chuckled over
lis little joke.
His conversation showed that he is
familiar with the newspapers of New
York. He Inquired as to their stand
ing, the personality of their editors
ind discussed their policies. He said
:hat the rapid life the Americans are
;eading was reilected In the New York
"We are leading an awfully fast life
n this country. It is simply rush,
rush along. The newspapers for the
most part keep apace of the times.
Tliey show the life of their readers.
People live too fast. Their life is ac
3o!erated by the headlines, the concen
trated excitement all bound tip in a
few words. People see the big lines,
rush to read the paper, rush off again
:o read some other paper as they rush
.0 a fire. It is rush, rush all the time."
Mr. Rockefeller made It plain that
Ills Ideas regarding newspapers did not
run toward the big hendlines.
Confessed Murder of Her Daughter.
Blnghamton, Aug. 28. Nine yenrs
ago Mrs. John Coleman, so she claims,
murdered her 2-year-old daughter In
Towanda, Pa. For nine yenrs she kept
the secret to herself. She has been a
wanderer and an outcast, pursued
wherever she went by the thought of
her crime. Two months ago she was
sent to the Pentecostal Rescue mission
by Recorder Roberts. Last Thursday
during the revival camp meeting at
Port Dickinson she made a public con
fession of her alleged crime. The lo
;iil authorities have notified the To
wanda police.
A Drum Head Court Martial.
Riga, Aug. 28. A punitive expedi
tion has visited the district near We
den where a rural guard was killed re
cently, Instituted a drum head court
martial, put to death three revolution
ists and Hogged many peasants with
whips. A fino of $1,500 was Imposed
3U tho two communes involved.
New York Provision Market
New York, Aug. 27.
WHEAT No. 2 red, 7fl',BC f. o.
h. ailoat; No. 1 northern Duluth,
80 Uc.
CORN No. 2 corn, 57c f. o. b.
afloat; No. 2 yellow, Glc.
OATS Mixed oats, 2G to 32 lbs.,
Uo'jc; clipped white, 30 to 40 lbs.,
PORK Mess, $l!t.()(if 19.25; short
clear, per bid., $17.00(!l 18.73.
HAY Shipping, 03(itl5o; good to
choice, )0c(i( $1.00.
BUTTER Creamery, extra, 2:JVjs IP
21c; common to extra, 18(T23Mic;
western factory, common to firsts, 14V4
(& 1 8c.
CHEESE State full cream, fancy,
12 c.
EGGS State and Pennsylvania, 20
POTATOES Ix)iig Island, per bbl.,
$1.50(3 1.75.
Buffalo Provision Market.
Buffalo, Aug. 27.
WHEAT No. 1 northern curloads
In store, S3',ic; No. 2 red, 70c.
CORN No. 2 corn, 55'jC f. o. b.
afloat; No. 2 yellow, COVfcc.
OATS No. 2 white, 34'ifa MV&C f.
0. b. n float; No. 3 white, 3tc.
FLOUR fancy blended patent,
per bbl., $ l.7oi 5.50; winter family,
patent $ 1.1 5u 4.110.
BUTTER Creamery western, ex
tra, prints, 25c; state and Penn
sylvania creamery, 23',fcc; dairy,
choice to fancy, 22c.
CHEESE Fancy full cream, 13c;
good to choice, 12' I2',sC
EGGS Selected while, 2 I'll 25c.
POTATOES Jersey, fancy per
hid., $l.7o 1.75; homo grown, per bu.,
East Buffalo Live Stock Market.
CATTLE Choice export steers, $5.00
iO.15; gooii to choice butcher steers,
$l.0(Kii 5.2."; medium half fat steers,
$ l.iui'd 1.25; fair to good heifers,
$:!.75'i 4.75; good to choice hellers,
$,V(in a 5.15; good butcher hulls, $::..ri(i
fr 3.75; choice 10 extra veals, fJVyy
9!. ill; fair to good, $7.uorr, g.nu.
Kiring lambs, $S.25!ft S.5U; choice year
lings, $0.1111 1 ti. 25; cull sheep, $3..i(l((p
HOGS P.est Yorkers. 75 ( (i.XO;
medium and heavy hogs, $0 To'ii U.S0;
pigs, light, $i;.7oii i!.75.
Utica Dairy Market.
Utlca, Aug. 27.- Sales of cheese on
the local dairy market today were:
Color. 1-ols. Boxes. Price
Large colored.. 23 1.7U8 12c.
I.aige while 10 t.91 12c.
riliial! colored . . 4S 5.140 12c.
ni'all while . .. J SI) 120.
Totals 90 S.::s:t .
nld at iuVc; 25 packages at 25c and
13 crates prints al 24WiC

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