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3k $ma
What $25.00
Will Buy in Women's and
Misses' Fall Apparel.
Around a price that is interesting to every ,
one we have gathered a representation of new
lall suits that caps the climax over all previous
offerings in this store, and this is saying a great
deal, for we have given you some pretty good
garments at $25.
The suits are practically all strictly tailored
models, tor wide latitude has been given to mak
ers and designers this season, with the result
that the tailored suit appears in a great many
For instance, some ot the coats are only me
' dium length, while some are short and others ex
tremely long. Yet the general outline is main
tained with all the added touches of graceful
ness and refinement that comes from the minds
ot those who create for us. Figure that before
you buy your costume tor fall you will at least
do yourself the justice ot observing what is here
especially for 25.
The Smart & Silberberq Co,
Strength Makes Security
Undivided Profits,
Your account will be guarded with the greatest care and
you will be accorded every privilege consistent with good bank
ing. Special room tor ladies.
Four Per
on Time-
Oil City Trust Company.
Vice President,
General Watts 2.09 1-4
World's Champion 3 year old stallion by
"Axworthy" (3) 2.153
And winner of American Horse lireoder Futurity. It pays to
book to such a eire.
The Empire City Farms, Cuba, N. Y.
Wbcu writiug kiudly inentiou this papor.
Pennsylvania Railroad
Maryland is Bending invitations to ber sons and daughters
scattered everywhere to come to a grand reunion, and is making
exte: sive preparations to give tbem when they come, a wepk of
right royal entertainment.
Njw Baltimore, sprung Phoenix-like from the ashes of the
fire of 11)04, will make of Old Home Week, October 13 to 19, one
continual round of patriotic and civic display.
There will bo an electrical pageant, a maguiliccnt military
and naval display, a gathering of patriotic societies, a parade aud
ball by the fraternal orders, a big concert, and a night carnival.
There will be also a special pilgrimage to Aunapulis on "Peg
gy Stewart Day," Saturday, October 19, when visitor ill have
an opportunity to inspect the magnificent uew buildings of the
United States Naval Academy and the remodeled State House, so
full of historic associations.
The llomecomers will have the advantage of specially low
railroad rates. The Pennsylvania Railroad will sell excursion
tickets to Baltimore, October 12 to 14, good for return passage
until October 21, incl usive, from all stations on its lines north aud
east of Shrewsbury, Priocipio, and Port'Deposit, at a considerable
reduction from the regular fare.
Every former Marylauder, whose address is known will re
ceive a special invitation, issued by Governor Warfield, and the
whole week will thrill with the hospitality for which the Old Line
State is bo famous.
For exact rates, conditions of tickets, and train service, con
sult nearest Ticket Agents.
Coat. Paid
Manufacturers Send Warning to
Pennsylvania Republicans.
Capital and Labor Seriously Concerned
Over Agitation of "Iowa Idea" of
Revision In the Stronghold of Pro
tection. Special Correspondence.
Philadelphia. Oct. 8.
A committee of manufacturers of this
elty has started a movement to Impress
upon the citizens of Pennsylvania their
direct and vital Interest in the main
tenance of the protective tnriff policy
of the national government
Following up the formal action taken
nt a recent meeting of the Manufac
turers' club, when vigorous resolu
tions were adopted In opposition to
any "tinkering with the tariff," Influ
ential men. prominently Identified
with the industrial interests of this
state, have inaugurated an educational
agitation to awaken the voters of
Pennsylvania to the danger confront
ing them from the development of
sentiment, in the west and elsewhere,
In favor of a revision of the tariff.
The assistance of Chairman Wesley
R. Andrews and his colleagues ot the
Republican State committee, has been
sought to further the campaign for a
"stand pnt" policy on the tariff issue.
Manufacturers Are Alarmed.
The manufacturers admit that they
are concerned over the persistence of
the tariff revisionists, and they look
to Pennsylvania Republicans to come
to the front, as they have done In the
past, and emphasize their continued
fealty to the principles of a protective
The tariff revisionists have been
sending tons of literature into Penn
sylvania for the purpose of breaking
the lines of the protective tariff Re
publicans, and they have been bank
ing upon cutting down the vote of tho
Republican state ticket at the coming
flection and thus weaken the voice ot
the state in the councils of the Repub
lican party of the nation.
The enemies of protection are mak
ing a great play to have delegates
elected to the coming Republican Na
tional convention who will favor tha
insertion of a plank in the platform
calling for a revision of the tariff.
The manufacturers who have started
In to combat this proposition realize
the gravity of the situation and look
to Pennsylvania to block the game of
the revisionists.
Chairman Andrews' Call to Action.
After a conference with some of the
leading manufacturers Interested In
tha movement, which means so much
to the industrial and business Inter
ests of this state, Colonel Andrews to
day said:
"Pennsylvania's industries are en
dangered by the agitation for a revi
sion of the tariff, and none can appr
ciate what I say better than those who
have their capital invested and who
depend upon the protective tariff to
shield them from ruinous competition
from the products of the poorly paid
labor of foreign countries.
"There must be no tinkering with
the tariff, either before or after tho
presidential election, and Republicans
of Pennsylvania must be alive to the
situation. If any move shall be made
to change existing tariff schedules.,
even in the slightest degree, It will in
augurate a period of doubt and uncer
tainty which would be reflected in the
utter demoralization of Pennsylvania's
manufacturing interests, and there
could be but one result, a condition
that would bear heavily upon the
farmers and wage workers of our com
monwealth, and seriously embarrass
the capital employed in vast fields of
commercial activity.
"Pennsylvania will not lose an op
portunity at the coming election to
proclaim to the other states In the
Union that she has no sympathy with
the 'Iowa Idea' for a scaling down of
the tariff.
"In no more effective and solemn
manner can the Republicans of Penn
sylvania meet this issue than by regis
tering at the November election their
emphatic decree that by no act of
theirs shall the bars be let down which
now exclude foreign competition with
American labor.
"The contest this fall Is but the skir
mish of the great presidential battle of
next year.
"If Pennsylvania shall roll up a pro
nounced majority for the cause of Re
publicanism in November, the state
will continue to wield a potent Influ
ence In the national councils of the
"If, as the result of Indifference and
of paying heed to the shallow and sen
satlonnl charges of the opposition, the
Democratic candidate for state treas
urer should be elected, of which, In my
Judgment, there is not the remotest
chance if Republicans perform their
full measure of duty, the shout would
go up all over the land that the Repub
licans of Pennsylvania were Indiffer
ent as to the continuance of the tariff,
and, thereby greatly weaken the Influ
ence of the Republicans of Pennsyl
vania in the next Republican national
Necessity For Action.
"The consequence of such a state of
affairs would be Illustrated by a cessa
tion of all industrial enterprises with
in our borders, with the inevitable re
sult that the worltingman and the
farmer would in the end bear the
brunt of the disaster.
"Face to face with these conditions
A Certain Cure lor CronpCrti'il lor Ten
Vrnrx Without a l-'iiilnre.
Mr. W. C. Bott, a Slur City, Ind., hard
ware merchant, is enthusiastic in his
praise of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
His children have all been subject to
croup and he has used this remedy for
the pnst ten years, and though they much
1'earnd the croup, his wile and he always
full safe upon retiring when a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Reinpdy was in the
bouse. His oldest child was subject to
severe attauts of nroup, but this remedy
nover failed to effect a speedy cure. He
has recommendod it to friends and neigh
bors and all who have us.id it say that it
is unequnled for croup and whooping
oougb, tot sale by Dunn & Jt ulton.
tad with the full knowledf as to las
embarrassments that would follow, all
Republicans are appealed to as mem
bers of the great party of protection
Md prosperity to recognise the neces
sity for earnest, active, and patriotic
work in order not only to bury the op
position beyond the hope of resurrec
tion, but to strengthen the position ol
our great state at next year's Republi
can national convention In the battla
that must Inevitably bo fought there
for the preservation of the protective
policies which have made Pennsylvania
the keystone of the Industrial arch ot
the federal union. None should be de
ceived by those who affect not to see
disaster In Republican Indifference,
but all should go to work at once with
a will to discharge their full measure
of duty.
"Every Republican committeeman
should work to circumvent the de
signs of the Democrats to obtain pos
session of the state treasury, which
by the way. they will attempt to accom
plish by the circulation of false state
ments and by aspersions upon the hon
esty of the Republicans of Pennsylva
nia. Tbelr unsavory methods should
Inspire every Republican heart with
the resolve to defeat their machina
tlons by vigorously supporting th
Republican candidate for state treas
urer, Hon. John O. Sheats, whoss
name Is a synonym for Integrity, and
who enjoys to the fullest extent the
confidence of the party from one end
cf tho state to the other.
"In consideration of the approach ol
an Important presidential campaign.'
said Chairman Andrews, "Republlcani
of Pennsylvania should set the pace
by rolling up a large majority at nexl
November's election to accentual
their fealty to the principles of ths
Republican party and their adherence
to the policy of 'leaving well enough
alone,' a matter of vital Importance
to the manufacturers, farmers and
wage earners of Pennsylvania, and alac
to emphasize their approval of ths
progressive policies of the national administration."
Four Men Killed and 20 Fatally In
jured by Explosion.
Butler. Oct. 8. An exnloslon caused
by the upsetting of the metal pot In
the No. 1 cuuola of the Standard Steel
company here late Saturday night
caused the death or four men, fatally
in lured 20 and serlouslv luiured 10
others. Nearly all the men were for
The larce wheel plant. 130 by 100
feet, was demolished, causing a loss
estimated at $100,000.
The condition of the 30 men Injured
Is pitiable. The features of a major
ity are mutilated beyond recognition.
The hot metal was showerej over
them, causing horrible injuries and
the physicians, attending them said
that at least 20 would die.
The explosion was caused by the
upsetting of a metal pot In the cupola
which contained 5,000 pounds of mol
ten metal ready for casting. A span
In the pot broke, allowing the liquid
iron to spill over the wet sand. An
explosion followed so quickly that
none of the workmen In the building
had a chane; to escape. Streams of
the burning ntetal poured out on the
workmen, some of whom were en
gulfed and literally cooked. Twenty
men near the cupola had every shred
of clothing blown off by the force of
the explosion. Many wehe burled un
der the wreckage and were not res
cued for an hour after the catastrophe.
Buildings In the city, from the force
of the explosion, shivered as If shak
en by an earthquake and people rush
ed from their homes, panic-stricken.
When flames shot from the burning
works, fully 10,000 people rushed to
the scene, blocking streets and Inter
fering with fire companies and ambu
lances. The car-wheel plant was finished
last year at a cost of $200,000. The
wrecked cupola alone cost $30,000.
The car works proper, costing $3,000,
000, was in danger of destruction, but
the fire department soon had the blaze
under control.
Troopers After Black Hand.
Brownsville, Oct. 8. Thirty-three
Italians were rounded up here by Ser
geant Adams and four other members
ot Troop A, state constabulary, with
the help of tho local police and depu
tized citizens. One by one the foreign
ers are being put through a sweating
process at the Brownsville lockup,
with a view to picking out those who
may be connected with the Black
Hand. Those whom it is thought
worth while to hold will be taken to
the county jail at Uniontown. Many
residents of Brownsville and nearby
boroughs have received threatening
letters recently, one merchant, R.
Fredlani, being threatened with death
unless he gave $10,000 to the Black
Hand society. Another Italian was
attacked In daylight because he re
fused a demand for money.
Death at Sunday Game.
Altoona, Oct. 8. A fatal football ac
cident occurred Sunday at Portage,
Cambria county, when Thomas Ber
tram of Altoona received injuries that
caused his death. Bertram, who is a
member of tho Altoona Athletic team,
was playing against the Portage team,
when ho was kicked in the head aur
ine a scrimmage and a doctor pro
nounced his Injuries slight. He died
at the Brant House, this city, a few
minutes after being taken from the
train. Bertram was 20 years of age,
His death will prohably result In pros
ccutions against those who played
Sunday football.
Pennsy's Oldest Director Passes Away
. Philadelphia, Oct. 8. Alexander M.
Fox. aged 83. financier and oldest dl-
Houses and Lots in Demand on Account
of the Sow Factory.
That there is great a demand for dwell
ings Is evidenced by the fact that today
there isn't a house for rent In Tionesta.
I desire to state, however, that I have
number for sale, ranging in price all the
way from $800 to $.-,000, which can be
bad on reasonable terms. Call on or
communicate with me if Interested. 1
can got you located satisfactorily In a
short time. Calvin M. Arneb,
Real Estate and Insurance.
Tionesta, Pa.
rector of the Pennsylvania Railroad
company, died at his home here. Mr.
Fox was active In the orgr.iUation of
the road and first elected a member
of tho board of directors of the com
pany by councils to represent Uie
city's interests as a stockholder. Aft
er the rail road took over the stock
held by the city he was continued a
director by a vote of the stockholders.
He was president of the Northern L.lb
erties Gas company of this city and a
director In half a score of banks, trust
companies nnd other corporations.
Child Choked by Candy.
Youngstown. O., Oct. 8. A littlo
plecp of candy, lodged In tho throat
of 21-months-old John Lindley Harte,
son of Mr. and Mrs. John Harte,
cnused his denth Sunday night. An op
wntlon was performed, but It was too
late. The mother, who had recently
undergone 'in operation, had been
brought fcotue from the City hospital,
and as a reward for being good tho
child had been given the candy.
Happy at 114 Years.
Butler, Oct. 8. Mrs. Kllzabcth
Freeman, more familiarly known as
"Aunt Betsy," Sunday celebrated her
114th birthday at her home near East
Rrady. She maintains her mental
faculties and Is bright and happy. She
was born in Fayette county, near what
Is now Connellsvllle.
Negro Desperado Lynched.
Cumberland, Md., Oct. 8. William
nnrns. a necro dosnerado. who on
Thursday night shot Policeman Aug
ust Burns, Inflicting a wound from
which the officer died Saturday morn
ing, was taken from jail by a mob at
an early hour Sunday morning and
shot nnd kicked to denth.
Niles. O. For the first time In
years Nlles Is experiencing a shortage
of skilled and unskilled labor. Many
manufacturing plants are behind In
their orders. Contractors face tho
name trouble.
If the swarthy gentleman from
Italy who sold us warm chestnuts nt
the corner of Jnst Water and Michi
gan streets yesterday will cnll nt this
oflloe we will gladly return him tho
one good one- we found In the bunch.
lie should have been more careful.
Milwaukee Sentinel.
First rii.vsii-lan -Has he pot an
hereditary trouble?
Sorond Physician Yes. I hope to
hand his ense tlnwn to i-iy son.
Diligence in business is not effi
cient iu itself. Industry without
knowledge is the task of the ox.
Tho Oil City Business
teaches bow diligence and industry
may be best directed. It gives its
students a first class knowlodge of all
business subjects, methods and stu
dies. A course there is a short cut to
success. .
you deposit
one dollar
a week
with this institution.
With i interest, com
pounded semi-annually,
it will amount to
In five years $293
In ten years $G50
To arrive anywhere
one must start.
Begin to-day by open
ing a savings account
with this bank.
Send one dollar and
receive your bank
book by return mail.
$16.50 and $18.50 Tailored f
Popular priced suits possessing every clement of suit
perfection, superior workmanship, best of materials and
every small detail that enters into perfect suit making.
These suits come from suit makers that several years
ago turned out nothing for retail below !$25. Appreciat
ing the great demand for suits at about that price they
turned their attention to producing garments at lower
prices. The results have been suits of a very high order
indeed. Designed by the same designers, made by the
same tailors the suits have a style tone and character pos
sessed by suits at twice the price. As indicating our
ability to supply suits of exceedingly high merit at those
prices see in our window today $16,50 and $18.50 suits.
Designer and Builder of
Monuments and Headstones
In Granite and Marble. Slate Burial Vaults
Always 00 Ilaud. Your Patronage Solicited.
Designs and Estimates Furnished on Application
We believe iu sharing proGts with our customers. It has
been a habit with us for years and we think it is appreciated by
our patrons. Our running expenses are far less than our com
petitors', so it stands to reason we can sell goods at a less figure,
a fact which we will demonstrate to you if in need of anything
in the line of
Plows, Harrows, Cultivators. Farm
Implements, Garden Tools, llug
gies, Wagons, and Carriages,
Paints, Oils, & Varnishes.
fc3 Don't miss your opportunity. We have the coods at the
right prices. See if we haven't.
J. C. Scowden, - Tionesta, Pa.
It you only
now duruble,
really ia; if you only knew how easily it can bo
put on nnd how lone it lasts; if you only knew
what a trood nil-round
money by usin? it for
Weather proof, wear proof, contains no tar, slate color,
any one can lay it. Let ua provo to you what the
genuino l'aroid Hoofing will do.
Send for Free Sample
and book on "Jtuildln.ir. Economy." It ivill save you
money. Don't tuko a cheap imitation. Get the genuine
tiio root that lasts. A complete, rooting
kit iu every rolL
Tionesta, Va.
Ilrpaii-M Boiler, SlilK,
Tanks, Agitator. Huj
and Nells Neeoiul - hand
Hollers, Fie.
Wire or letter orders promptly at
tended to. End ofSuspension Bridpre,
Third ward, OIL. CIT, PA.
Send Hump for f articular! and Testimonial! ol tha
remedy that clean the Complexion, ftemove! Skin
) -ny erlect ioni. Make! New Blood and Improves Ibc
Health. II you take
l.Tteflcifil reiulls .re gtinranteed or money refcndr-i
Mad-son Hau.-, fbllaJclphia. Pa.
knew how good,
how satisfactory
roof it is, you would save
every buiMimr on tho place.
If you suffer from Stomach,
Kidney or Liver Trouble, Rheu
matism or other liloocl dis
orders, correct them now.
Guaranteed under Food and Drun Act o(
June 30. 1906.
Certificate No. 25)8
Foe Sale by
Gen. Agt., Tionesta, Pa.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
Cure. Colds, Croup and WUoopiug Cough.

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