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i. C. WINK,
31 f
Township ram-uses.
A Union Caucus for the purpose of
nominating a tii-ket for the February
election will be held In Hickory town
ship Saturday. Jan. 1(1, 1H)9, at 7 00 p. tn.,
at the Township House
U. O. Takt,
Rep Committeeman
Dem. Committeeman.
Tue Republican voters of Tioneeta
towntihip will meet at the Township
House, Saturday, January 23, 1!09, at i
o'clock p. in., sharp, for the purpose of
nominating a ticket for the February
election. J. B. Eirv,
Col. Brian says be has been defeated
three time on principle. And this not
withstanding the fact that lie baa three
times changed bis principles.
Osk ot tbe features of Southern senti
ment at present is that Mr. Taftcan draw
a larger ami more earnest audience than
any other speaker can bring out.
Thk receipts of the Suez Canal are in
creasing at the rate of f 1,500,000 yr
and the dividends are never less than 0
per cent. Pauama croakers should look
over the facts at Suez.
Mr. Burton's promotion to the Senate
from Ohio positively eliminates Senator
Dick as well as Foraker. These are live
ly times in the senatorial field. A double
play is also pending in New York.
Jcdor Taft Insists that he will not be
president elect until atier the electors
shxll have met and formally ratified the
November vote. Technically be may
not be president, but pyrotecbuically he
According to a recent report of the
Geological Survey one fourth of Alaska
is a coal field. As Alaska contains 531
000 square miles, the prospect of warm
ing up the north pole when reached is
M r Bryan's paper prints whit is called
a vindication of Haxkel. It must conse
quently be inferred that Mr. Kryan sud
denly dropped Mr. Haxkel during the
campaign as a temporary emergency
Tue physician wbo will accompany
Mr. Roosevelt on bis African trip bashad
tweuty-fine years' experience in bis pro
fession and is also noted as a naturalist.
Another accomplishment may count In
his favor. He is a dead shot.
It is altogether within tbe range of
probabilities that many of tbe Congress
men who voted to lay the President's
message on tbe table will experience the
sensation of being "laid on the shelf
when next they come up for re-election.
The Standard Oil Company wants to
retain a residence in the State of Mis
souri under promise that it will be a
peaceful and law-abiding citizen.
Through tbe mellowing influence of time
and an aggressive attorney general tbe oc
topus Is not so dictatorial as it used to be.
A paymaster who used to oross a Ne
vada desert in a wagon with a large
armed guard, now makes the trip in an
automobile that covers the fifty miles in
one hour, under tbe protection of a single
shotgun. The speed defies pursuit on
horseback n an open country.
Definite announcement bas been
made by J. T. Waysou, a member of tbe
territorial board of health at Honolulu
who has devoted much time and atten
tion to the study of leprosy, that a cure of
tbedisesse bad been found and that a
patient alllicted witb leprosy had been
restored to health.
The sensational murder trial at Media,
Delaware county of Mrs. Erb and ber
sister, Mrs Beisel, lor tbe shooting of
Capt. J. Clayton Erb, husband of tbe
first named came to an end last week by
the acquittal of the women on the ground
of sell-defense. Tbe prominence of tbe
dead man in Philadelphia politics made
the case one of more than local interest,
and those who followed the details closely
are pretty generally of tbe opinion the
verdict was about ri.ht.
Juixik Taft is now tbe real President
elect. Yesterday the Presidential Elect
ore met in the capitals of tbe various
states and cast tbeir ballots for President
and Vice President, and to cboote mes
sengers to carry the results to Washing
ton, where the official count will take
pi uce in Fehiuary before tbe two bouses
of Congress assembled in joint session.
Until this had been done Mr. Talt bad
really not been elected, but tbe men wbo
would do the balloting direct for him
were elected in November.
It is stated on good authority that
Auditor General Robert K. Young, will
vigorously oppose any effort to induce
the coming legislature tn repeal the mer
cantile tax law. It has been repeatedly
intimated that such an effort would be
made. The law was first enacted in 1821.
General Young points out tbat witb the
increased expenditures in behalf of va
rious forms of pulilic charities and useful
state enterprises it would be unwise to
consider any proposition that would re
duce the income of the commonwealth.
He believes the objections urged against
the mercantile tax are really due to the
manner of Its enforcement, and as this
is improving year by year he thinks It
w ill soon be largely overcome.
Sinck the withdrawal of Congressman
Dalzell and about all the other Allegheny
county candidates, Mr. George T. Oliver
has praoticaily a clear field as the success
or to Senator Knox when that gentleman
shall place Lis resignation in the bands of
Gov. Stuart, wbicb will be some time in
the present montb It is thought. Mr.
Oliver bas been unanimously endorsed
by tbe legislative delegation of bis coun
ty, and many members of tbe present
legislature have assured him of tbeir sup
port. He sizes up to tbe situation in all
respects, and Pennsylvania's every in
terest will be ably looked after In tbe
upper branch of Congress witb Oliver
aud Penrose in the Senate.
Two cents will carry a letter, weigh
ing less tban ao ounce, from any part of
the United States to any part of Germany
Tuis postal agreement went into effect ou
the 1st of January. But there la very
important modification In tbe arrange
ment tbal has escaped most of the news
papers. Tbe two cent rate applies only to
carriage on steamers that sail direct from
New York to German ports. On veels
that go via England and several other
countries, tbe rate remain at five cents
Hence a hurry-up letter should have a
five cent stamp. Letters tor Germany,
with a two-cent stamp attached, are beld
In New York until a mail-carrying ship
that goes direct to Germany leaves tbe
Thk vacancy on the supreme court
bench in this sta'e soon to be created by
the expiration of Justice Mitchell' term
is atti acting considerable attention in tbe
northwestern section of the Common
wealth, mainly because this great section
bas no representation on that bench Al
ready three distinguished Judges have
well developed booms well under way,
and their friends are energetically push
ing their claims. Tney are, Judges
Criswell of Venango, Bouton ot McKean,
and Reed of Jefferson, and each one of
them is strongly backed. We of tbe
northwest would be delighted to see one
or tbe other succeed, but its going to be
nut of the question for sll of them to get
there, and it ought to be plain to them
tbat double or treble-teaming it will not
win fight of this nature. Get together
gentlemen. This cherry can't be divided
into two or three bites.
When Matbues, tbe former State
Treasurer, died, says the Oil City Bliz
zard, it was generally believed tbat his
nervous breakdown was a result of bis
conviction and sentonce as one of tbe
State Capitol grafters. And now comes
word that Sanderson, tbe Capitol "trim
mer," who collapsed in couit on receiv
ing sentence, is critically ill, and is likely
to follow bis colleague to the grsve. It is
strange bow illness bas pursued nearly
every man beld responsible for this pub
lic wrong. Another of them, James M.
Sbumaker, is a very sick man, and may
not recover. James C. Jeffries, tbe
warrant clerk, who knew more about the
payments for the trimmings than anyone
else, died suddenly, more from worry, it
is believed, than from disease. Payue,
contractor for tbe building, and indicted
on one charge, diod after a lingering ill
ness. These may be only coincidences,
tbat might have happened if there bad
been no wrongdoing and bringing to
justice of these men. But it looks as it
one of the heaviest burdens any man tries
to carry Is the sentence of guilt and
shame, pronounced upon him by a court
of justice aud ratified by public opinion.
By a vote of 212 to 35 Congress on Fri
day administered what we read in tbe
headlines of tbe daily press Is entended
48 a "stinging rebuke" to the President.
The "rebuke" consisted In tbe refusal of
the House to receive that portion of tbe
President's message ref 'rring to tbe work
of tbe secret service men, aud whicb inti
mated that tbe honorable Congressmen
didn't want to be "watched." Tbe dig
nity of Congress was offended, as it were,
and that's too bad. Nobody believes tbat
all the Representatives are bad, noither
does anybody balieve they are all good
and don't need watching. If a Congress
man is straight and loyal to bis constit
uents watching neither hurts nor annoys
him, hence it wouldn't seem necessary to
otl'er this socalled "rebuke" to the Presi
dent. Mr. Roosevelt still bas the confi
dence of tbe American people far above
the power of Congress to destroy, and it
is quite likely tbat many of those who
voted to rebuke him because be bas a
habit of calling things by tbeir right name
will find difficulty in bringing tbeir con
stituents into accord witb tbe Congress
ional notion on this subject.
"Hark, bark, tbe dogs do bark," Did
you ever note whiffet barking at tLe
heels of a great big personage and how
very little the bark amounted too? Do you
uote tbe "barkers" at tbe heels of our
grand, glorious, courageous President in
the last days of bis unparalleled adminis
tration? And bow tbe little puppies are
dodging out from all corners to get a nip
at tbe passing heels! Poor, puny curs!
How they'd like to sink their nasty faugs
Into bis flesh if tbey bad the courage to
get near enough. Every last one of them
that bas scraped together enough to buy a
few dollars woith of corporation stock bas
turned "barker," even a few of tbe little-
pated country editors(?) have caught tbe
infection and are doing tbeir utmost
which is insignificant enough to help
along witb the noise and din. Meautime
the incorruptible, undefiled Roosevelt
pursues tbe course of righteousness and
unfaltering devotion to the rights of all
the people, God bless him. When all
these puppets have gone into their boles
and been forever forgotten and un missed
the name of Roosevelt will be honored
and revered as the greatest apostle of
honesty, courage, and loyalty to tbe
principle of the "square deal," tbat bas
ever graced tbe greatest ofllceof the great
est nation on eartn.
18100 HKWAItl), 9IOO.
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pleased to learn thai there is at least one
dreaded disease that sciunce has been
able to cure in nil its stages, and that is
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only
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lernity. Catarrh being a constitutional
disease, requires a constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in
ternally, acting directly apon the blood
and mucous surface of the system, tuore.
by destnn lug the foundation of the dis
ease, and giving the patient strength by
minding up ine constitution anil assist
ing nature in doing its work. The pro
prleiors nave so in urn iun in Its cura.
live powers that they otfer One Hundred
Hollars lor any case mat it tails to cure.
bend for listot testimonials.
Address, F. J. CHEN ICY A CO.,
Toledo, Ohio.
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Pleasing Effect of This Noted in
Opening of Legislature and
the Senatorial Caucus
Wonderful Friendship Manifested For
Senator Penrose, and G. T. Olivet
Received With Enthusiasm Gov
ernor and Legislature to Work in
The organization of the present
Pennsylvania Legislature was attend
ed with less strife and contention
than has characterized the organiza
tion ot that body in nearly a quartet
of a century past. The regular Kopttb
ltcans. largely in the majority, iliac
everything their own way. The policy
which has riven to the individual mem
bers of 1he party equal voice in all
affairs ia w hich the Republican organ
ization to concerned, lias brought the
party as a whole Into its own. and the
Indications are hat ouly lojris'.ation of
Interest to the whole people will re
suit from the pending session of th
United States Senator Roles Penrose
was ahnoat unanimously indorsed at
hi own successor. In the caucus ol
the Republican members of the Gen
eral Assembly but a few scattering
votes were cast against his reelec
tion, and It seems iiighly probable that
those few votes will b. cast with the
preat majority when the actual reelec
tion of Senator Penrose takes placo
on Jan. 19. when the General Assem
bly -will meet In Joint session for
that purpose.
Senator Penrose suffered very re
cently a severe affliction in the death
of his father. But feeling It was a
duty he owed the people of the state
to meet with the legislators and there
by get more closely in touch with
the wishes and desires of the people,
he was in Harrisburg before the open
ing of the Assembly and remained
there until tfie adjournment taken for
the purpose of allowing the commit
tees to be made up. While in Harris
burg his friends gathered about him
from every section of the state, and
many of those who were pledged to
vote against him in the legislative
caucus pledged their support and influ
ence for his reelection next week.
The friendship manifested on every
hand for Senator Penrose, the accept
ed party leader, promises well for the
future of the Republican party.
George T. Oliver, who seems to be
the only genuine candidate for United
States senaior to succeed Senator P.
C. Knox when the latter shall resign
to go into the Taft cabinet as secre
tary of slate, attended the organiza
tion of the Legislature. He had head
quarters at the Commonwealth hotel,
where he met legislators from every
part of the state and where he wbf
given kindly consideration by Republi
cans of every degree, large and small.
It seems a settled fact that Mr. Oliver
will be chosen as the successor to Mr.
Knox with no more of a contest than
accompanied the caucus nomination of
Senator Penrose as his own successor.
Mr. Oliver made many new friends
during his stay in Harrisburg. He also
met a host of old friends and upon
every 'hand his candidacy was received
with genuine enthusiasm, and the Re
publican party was generally congrat
ulated on the political conditions which
seem certain to provide for the elec
tion of two I'nited States senators at
the same session of the Legislature
without an unseemly struggle, ine
fact that both Senator Penrose and
Mr. Oliver represent the highest types
of American citizenship both pol
ished and capable reflects graciously
unon the Republican party as a whole
and the party managers in particular.
The election of John F. Cox of Alle
gheny county as speaker was in no
manner a surprise to the Republicans
of the state.
Governor Stuart's message to the
Legislature was one of the most Inter
esting papers coming from the state's
executive in years. His sincere and
earnest way of putting his recommen
dations, his very apparent grasp on
the affairs of the Commonwealth and
his ability to say Just what he means
gave to his message a decidedly busi
nesslike tone and its reading was lis
tened to with marked respect and In
The Governor fairly glows 1n dis
cussing the efforts made and makl-g
for the protection of the health of the
people of the state. He discusses In
no uncertain manner the need of bet
ter conditions for road building. He
treats liberally and intelligently many
other important trabjec ta. but the put
lie nealLh and the necessity for good
roads seem to appeal to him with the
greatest force, and about these topics
be writes like an expert.
There are distinct signs that the
Legislature will have much effective
help from the Governor, and the Gov
ernor seems to have positive assur
ance of getting about all the state
wants and really needs from the Leg
islature. Speaker Cox Is a personal
friend of tho Governor. The Governor
will ask him for nothing not for the
best interests of the state, and it is
Just as certain that Mr. Cox will give
to the Governor all his Influence In
letting for the slate those things
which will best serve the people. The
Senate as a whole is also in genial
harmony with the executive, and so it
is that all conditions point to a leg
islative session which will help large
ly to make the administration of Gov
ernor Stuart go down in history as a
brilliant success.
Cured of a (Severe Altnrk of Ilronrhltia by
Clianiberltiin'a Cough Itcmrdv.
"On October 18th, last, my little three
vear old daughter contracted a severe cold
vbich resulted in a bad case nl bron
chitis," says Mrs. W. G. Gibson, Lexing
ton, Ky. "She lost tbe power of speech
completely and was a very sick child.
Fortunately we bad a bottle of Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy In tbe house and
gave It to ber according to tbe printed
directions. On tbe second day she was a
grert deal betUr, and on the fifth day,
October 23rd, she was entirely well of her
cold and bronchitis, whicb I attribute to
this splendid medicine. I recommend
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy unre
servedly as I have found it te surest,
safest and quicKest cure for colds, both
for children and adults, of any I have
ever used." For sale by Dunn and Ful
ton. Ernest Colander of Jamestown, X. Y.,
lias the world's record on Sunday school
attendance without doubt. He attends
the Swedish Sunday school, aod has not
missed a single session in 21 years. Good
Colds contracted at this s ason of the
year are quickly relieved with Bees Lax
ative Cough Syrnp. Its laxative quality
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croup and whooping cough. Sold by J.
R. Morgan.
Solomon By era was born Deo. 17, 1833,
and died of chronic Brigbt's disease, at
bis home in Tlonesta township, F rest
couuty, Pa., Jan. 8, 1009. In 1855 he was
united In marrli-ge witb Sarah Ann
Mealy, and to this union seven children
were born, six of whom remain to mourn
tbe death of tbeir father, as follows: Mrs,
Christopher Kagle of Emlenton; Mrs.
Jerry Black of Warren; Mrs. Peter Bra-
dylmugh, Mrs, Heck Brumbaugh, Philip
and Kdward Dyers, near the old home.
For many years Mr. Byers bad been
devoted and consistent member of tbe
Evangelical church. He was a man hon
ored and respected for his kindness, gen
tility and unllincblng honesty, against
whom no word of reproach was ever ut
tered by his neighbors or acquaintances.
Funeral services were held at Mt. ion
church near his late borne ou Monday,
aud the body was laid to rest In the cem
etery adjoining tbe church. Rev. F.
Tun in ins conducted the services.
There's a Hi ssing link at home,
A dear father left today,
And we trust In realms of glory,
Where we know be'll always slay.
There's a missing link at home,
The children bathed In tears
Kor a father long beloved,
Whom they loved so many years.
But he left the dear old borne
Kor anoiher far above,
And took with him a Saviour's
And his dear chtldreu'a love.
Dear fath r rest when we like you
Have passed life's toilsome journey thru,
We'll come and My our weary bead
Near thine upon iby same sweet bed.
Mrs. W. H. Braze and daughters are
visi tug relatives at Eldred.
Alta Jensen, who bas been visiting ber
parents at this place, returned to Garland
last week.
Mrs. W.S. Hendricks, who bas been
quite sick lor some time, is slowly im
Mrs. Flynn of Newmansville visited at
J. C. Miller's, Tuesday.
Mrs. C. P. Cloak visited friends at Ne
braska several days last week.
Geo. Silzle of Venus visited bis parents
here on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Watson spent
Wednesday at Nebraska.
Rev. R. J. Montgomery is holding pro
tracted meetings at Minister.
Mae Cunningham, wbo bas been visit
ing her parents, returned to Oil City last
week, w here she is attending school.
R. E. Downey of Coalings, Cal., Is vis
iting relatives in this vicinity.
Clara King of Sugar Grove is visiting
Iter grandmother, Mrs. C. L Berlin.
Blanche Hendricks aud Goldia Hill
spent Saturday in Warren.
Judicial Banquet a Pleasant Affair.
The members of tbe Bar beld a banquet
Tuesday evening at the Conewango Club
in recognition of tbe retirement from the
bench of President Judge W. M. Llndsey
and the commencement of the term of
President Judge Win. E. Rice. There
were thirty-seven persons present in
eluding guests.
The Associate Judges and the members
of the Bar of Forest County, composing a
part of this judicial district, were invited,
and Associate Judge P. C. Hill and At
torneys Samuel D. Irwin, A. C. Brown
and M. A. Carriuger were present.
The all's ir was pronounced by every
one as a great success. Tbe dinner was
prepared by Mrs. Meacbam and was
complimented by everyone wbo bad tbe
good fortune to partake of it.
Before Bitting down to tbe table, Charles
M. Savage took a group picture of thote
Tbe banquet was presided over by W,
D. Hinckley, Esq., President of tbe Bar
Association, who performed the duties of
toastmsster in a happy manner. After
dinner and the opening address by Mr,
Hinckley, a toast was proposed to Judge
William D. Brown, as a mark ol tbe
esteem in wbicb lie was held by all tbe
members present, and was feelingly re
sponded to by Judge Brown. This was
followed by informal addresses by D. I,
Ball, chairman ot ibe committee, Samuel
D. Irwin. H- n O. O. Allen, W. W. Wil-
bur. Judge Siggins, L. R. Freeman, C.
M. Sbawkey, A. C. Brown, M. A. Car-
ringer, Judge W. M Llndsey, Judge W
E. Rice and Hon. C. W. Stone. Tue ad
dresses were witty, laughter-provoking
and instructive. Tbat of Samuel D
Irwin was paiticularly bnmerous and
Tbe address of Judge Llndsey was
carefully prepared and very interesting
and the association by unanimous vote,
requested a copy of it to be furnished for
Perry D. Clark, when called upon, pro
posed a toast to those who will be here
ten years from now, and to those who
will not. Warren Tunes, Jan. 0th.
Seitfliborliond Notes.
Titusville, bas an epidemic of scarlet
fever on Its hands.
Six young boys of Ridgway were ar
rested tbe other day on warrants issued
by Smith Bros. Co., Lid. charging them
witb the larceny of several small articles,
They were glveu a hearing belnre a jus
tice ol the peace wbo beld tbem in tbe
sum ot $100 each for their appearance at
the next terra nl court, the boys oon
fessed to the charges.
A Que ol $2,000, the return of tbe prop
erty embezzieo, or the value thereof, and
imprisr.nment in tbe Western penlten
tlarvforone year was the penalty im
posed Monday by Judge E. A. Walling o
criminal court at Erie, upon William A
Ensign and Char en W. Ensign, father
and son, who o nnuutea a bank at North
east, and were convicted of receiving do
posits, knowiug the bank was about to
An important gas decision was mad
last Saturday at Canton, O., by Judge
Harter, of the Common Pleas court. H
decided tbat the F.ast Ohio Gas Compan
must not cut on" the supply of Canton
consumers; that It is a qnasl-publio cor
poration of necessity and cannot abandon
ils line without an adequate opportunity
Tor tbe city to get a gas supply elsewhere,
An Injunction, issued several weeks ago
Is made perpetual.
dune Mrnr t linking !o Itcalli.
A little boy, the son of Chris. D. Peter
son, a well known resident of the villagi
of Jacksonville, Iowa, had a sudden an
violent attact of croup. Much thick
stringy phlegm came up after givin
Chamberlain's Cnugli Ketnony. M
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choked to death had we not given him
this remedy." For sale by Dunn A Ful
Personal experlnce with a tube of
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20 per rent. oil.
Our stock of coats, all this 1
season's goods, good range of J
sizes and eolers, at
20 per cent. oil.
If interested, allow us tn show f
you these goods, lerms, Cash
Xotlee of Appeals.
Notice is hereby given tbat tbe County
Commissioners of Forest County, Pa.,
will meot at tbeir ollice in the Court
House in Tionesta borough, on tbe 2Sih,
-Mb and 30th of January, 100, lor the
purpose of holding a Court ot Appeals
from the assessment oi iiniw.
Wm H. Harrison,
11. H. MeCLKI.I.AN,
Attest, Commissioners
8. M. Henry, Clerk
Tionesta, Pa., Jan. 5, WOO.
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3 98 and 2 98 coats 1
Big reductions on Girls'
Coats, Girls' Sweaters, Ladies'
Dress Skirts, Furs and Petti
coats. MONARCH
I Effective January 18, a new Sleep
X Inir t'sr line established between Oil
City and Cblcaiio, leaving Oil City
T daily exoeptSunday, 6:20 p. m., East
T ern Time, arrive Chleago 7:30 a. m.
I Returning leave Chicago 10:30 p.
X in. daily except Saturday, arrive
Oil City 2:35 p. in.
T For information address W, el.
J McCuen, Agent, Oil City, Pa.
iLake Shore i
& Michigan Southern Ry.
pay Four Per Cent, per Annum
Vice President
DI rkoto rs
O. W. Robinson, Wm. Hmearbaugb,
T. F. Rltohev. J. T. Dale, A. B. Kellv.
Men's Suits
and Overcoats.
20 00 values now $11 98
16 50 values now 9 98
11 98 values now 8 98
10 98 values now 7 98
9 98 values now 5 98
7 98 values now 4 98
Boys' Suits
and Overcoats.
$6 00 values $3 98
5 00 values 2 98
4 00 values 1 98
3 50 values 1 98
Knee Pants, 17c, 39c
1 00 coat sweaters 49c
1 00 ladies' waists 49c
Sigworth & Hcplcr
. Stable.
Having recently purchased the A.
G. Llrey livery stable, we are making
maDy improvements to keep the ser
vice first-class and up-to-date. New
horses and carriages will be added
and we guarantee to our patrons the
best turn outs to be hd, courteous
attention, and reasonable rates.
Come and see us.
Hear of Hotel Weaver
rn.i m t -.-

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