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Offloe In Bmearbangh & Wenk Building,
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Entered a second-clase matter at the
post-office at Tlonesta.
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period than three Dionths.
Correspondence solicited, but no notloe
will be taken of anonymous communica
tions. Always give your name.
$1.00 PER ANNUM.
Burgess. S. D. VV. Rock.
Justices of the reoetV. A. Randall, D.
W. Clark.
Ouuneumen. J. W. Landers, J. T. Dale,
G. li. Robinson, Win, Kmearbaugh, J.
W. Jatntoson, W. J. Campbell, A. It.
OntMfaMe Cbarlc Clark.
Otilltctor W. U. Hood.
Ik-hoot Directors J. O. Hoowden, R. M.
Herman, Q Jntninaon, J. J. Landers, J.
R. Clark, W. O. Wyman.
Member of Congress W . P. Wheeler.
Aember of Senate J. K. P. Hall.
Assembly A. U. Mechllng. (
President Judge Win. E. Rice.
Associate Judges V. X. Kreltlor, P.
C. Hill.
rrothonotary, Register dt Recorder, etc.
-J. C. Gelst.
Sheriffs. R. Maxwell.
Treanurer Ueo. W. Holeniau,
Qtmmuxionert Win. H. Harrison, J.
M. Zuendel. 11. H. McClellan.
District Attorney A. C Brown.
Jury Commissioners Kruert Slbble,
Lewis Wngner.
(kroner Dr. O Y. Detar.
Countv Auditor George H. Warden,
A. C. Gregg aud J. P. Kelly.
Count Purveyor D. W. Clark,
Counts Superintendent O. W. Morri
son. Ksgnlar Terns ef !arl.
Fourth Monday of February.
Third Monday of May.
Fourth Monday of September.
Third Monday of November.
Regular Meetings of County Commis
sioners 1st and 8d Tuesdays of month.
Chart ana Mabhalb Mebeal.
Presbyterian Sabbath School at 9:46 a.
ni. t M. E. Sabbath School at 10:00 a. m.
Preaching In M. K. Church every Sab
bath evening by Rev. W. O. Calhoun.
Preaching In the F. M. Church every
Sabbath evening at the usual hour. Rev.
K. L. Monroe, Pastor.
Preaching iu the Presbyterian church
everv Sabbath at 11:00 a. in. and 7:30 p.
in. Rev. U. A. Bailey, Factor.
The regular meetings of the W. C. T.
U. are held at the headquarters on the
ml and fourth Tuesdays or eacn
pi'. NEST A LODGE, No. 869, 1. 0. 0. F.
1 Meets every Tuesday evening, in Odd
Fellows' Hall, Partridge building.
O. A. R. Meets 1st Monday evening
in each month.
137, W. K. C, meets tlrnt and third
Weduesday evening of each month.
Tlonesta, Pa.
Warren, Pa.
Practice in Forest Co.
Office In Arner Building, Cor. Elm
and Bridge Sts., Tlonesta, Pa.
Roonis'over Citizens Nat. Bank.
and DRUGGIST. OlUce In Dunn &
Fulton drugstore. Tlonesta, Pa. Profess
ional calls promptly responded to at all
hours of day or night. Residence Elm
St., three doors above the store,
mysician a. ourgeou,
Physician and Murgeon,
E. A. WEAVER, Proprlotor.
This hotel, formerly the Lawrence
House, has undergone a complete change,
and Is now furiiinhed with all the mod
ern Improvements. Heated and lighted
throughout with natural gas, bathrooms,
hot aud cold water, eto. The comforts of
guests never neglected.
J GEROW A GEROW Proprietor.
Tlonseta, Pa. This is the mostcentrally
located hotel in the place, and has all the
modern Improvements. No pains will
be spared to make it a pleasant stopp ng
place for the traveling public. First
clans Livery in connection.
Shop over R. L. Haslet's grocery store
on Elm street. Is prepared to do all
Kinds of custom work from the finest to
the coarsest and guarantees bis work to
give perfect satisfaction. Prompt atten
tion given to mending, and prices rea
sonable. Fred. Grottenberger
All work pertaining to Machinery, En
gines, Oil Well Tools, Gas or Water Fit
tings and General Blacksmithing prompt
ly done at Low Rates. Repairing Mill
Machinery given special attention, and
satisfaction guaranteed.
Shop iu roar of and just west of the
Shaw House, Tidioute, Pa.
Your patronage solicited,
Furniture Dealers,
Pa. dvGusrMQQcn
Office ) 4 7X National Bank Building,
Eyes examined free.
Exclusively optical.
Ice Packed 40 Feet Above Nor
mat In the Niagara Gorge.
Tracka of the Great Gorge Route Cov
ered From the Lower Steel Arch
Bridge to Lewlston Power House
of Ontario Power Company Flooded
and Machinery Damaged Estimat
ed Loss of $1,000,009.
Twice this year, and for the first
I lino In the history of the Niagara,
the voice of the mighty river hag
been mute. The first time was late
In February when, following a severe
northerly blow, the falls ran dry, and
low, for the Becond time, following a
levere sou'wester, when the flood Is
frozen solid from bank to bank.
Unprecedented weather has brought
about unprecedented conditions. On
Wednesday of laHt week the worst
pale of the season and the most vio
lent that the records of the weather
bureau have ever recorded for April
tore out of the southwest, and follow
ing the lakes and the channel of the
Niagara, left ruin in Its wake. The
solid Ice fields of Lake Erie were
rimmed from end to end and piled in
n huge conglomerate at the lower
end of the lake.
At Niagara Falls there had been
a heavy Ice bridge n the pool below
the cataract since the middle of the
winter. Under the Impact of the mass
of Ice from the lake above and the
added floods brought down by the
wind, the bridge gave way and began
to surge down the rapids; but before
It could win freedom In the ample
waters of Lake Ontario, the wind shift
ed again to the north. Instantly the
moving floes packed at the mouth of
the liver. Each Instant of cold con
gealed the pack more solidly and each
hour brought added pressure from
Unable to escape by Its natural
channels the level of the river rose
by leaps rnd bounds. The highest
flood level record from previous years
Is 28 feet above the normal. Friday
night the river was 40 feet above
Water poured over the window sills
of the power house of the Ontario Pow
er company, which had been placed
at what all engineers thought to be
a r.afe height, above any possible dan
ger, and Hooded the machines. The
trackR of the Great Gorge Route were,
with a few stretches excepted, covered
from the lower steel arch bridge to
Conservative estimates place the
damage at $1,000,000.
All day Sunday a constant stream of
visitors poured down the railway
tracks, the trolley tracks, packed the
trains and the cars and even rode
and walked cross-country to see a
sight that is not likely to repeat it
self within the lifetime of the present
generation. Under a brlllant sun the
river lay white and glistening to the
horizon. And It was silent, absolutely
voiceless for the first time within
their memories. The weight of that
silence was an Imponderable thing,
but It hung heavy on all who listened,
with a chilling solemnity more awful
than the roar of the rapids.
One Republican Voted Against and
' Four Democrats For It.
After three weeks' consideration
the Payne tariff bill was passed by
the house of representatives by a vote
of 21" to 161. One Republican, Aus
tin (Tenn.), voted against the meas
ure, and four Democrats, all from
Louisiana, Messrs. Broussard, Estop
Inul, Pujo and Wlckllffe, voted for it.
An attempt by Champ Clark, the min
ority leader, to recommit the bill with
Instructions signally failed.
The final vote demonstrated the ca
pacity of the Republican organization
to get together. The situation with
respect to lumber was greatly relieved
to the Republican leaders when it be
came manifest that the advocates of
the proM)sltion placing It on the free
list were in the minority.
One of the principal changes ef
fected In the Payne bill since its In
troduction was the placing of petrol
eum on the free list. This involved a
more seriously contested fight than
any of the other amendments. Speak
er Cannon, during debate on the
amendment to reduce the duty, took
the floor In defense of the higher rate
of duty. Although an amendment to
place oil on the free list was lost
Thursday, a similar amendment tf
fered by Chairman Payne on Friday
was carried.
Among the other Important unend
ments that have been made since the
bill came from committee were thoso
fiiiklng out the provision for a duty
on tea and the countervailing dtty
proviso on coffee. The elimination of
the maximum duty of 20 per cent on
coffee, contained In the maximum and
minimum section of the bill. was also
Hides, hosiery and gloves were left
as reported by the committee, hides
remaining free and an incre.md duty
being presented for gloves and Btock
lngs. Florida Honors Lincoln.
tVTll Governor Gil .'hi 'slV. inesHge
was debated In the legislature at Talla
basse, Fla., Senator Beard moved to
table that portion which recommend
ed making the anniversary of Lin
coln's birthday a holiday. Senator
Broom, a Confederate veteran, led tho
irgument In favor of observing the
Urthday. Beard's motion wa.s lost.
Assembly Overwhelmingly Adopt Ad
verce Report of Judiciary Committee
The direct nominations bill as rtc
ommended by Governor Hughes le
celved its death blow In the assembly
at Albany, at least so far as the
present, session of the legislature
Is concerned. By a vote of 112 to 23
the assembly decided to sustain the
adverse report of the Judiciary com
mittee, which, with two dissenting
votes out of twelve, had registered its
disapproval of the measure.
Assemblyman Green, Introducer ol
the bill, at the meeting of the Judi
ciary committee endeavored to have
a report of the bill without recom
mendation, so that the vote In the
assembly might be upon the bill Itself
rather than upon the question of sus
taining the adverse report of a com
mittee. He was unsuccessful in thh, so with
Assemblyman Klein of Queens he sub
mitted a minority report When the
committee's report was submitted .Mr
Green endeavored to have Its consid
eration postponed one week, but his
motion, was defeated by a vote of 28
to 110, which, practically before the
debute began, Indicated the strength
of the opposition to the bill.
Seventy-five Republicans and thirty-seven
Democrats cast their votes
against the bill, while 18 Republicans
and 10 Democrats voted for it. Tho
vote was so overwhelming that Mr.
Green did not make the usual motion
to reconsider.
Testimony of Defense Confined to Re
buttal of Gun Expert.
Mrs. Georgia Allyn Sampson, the
young woman who had been on trial
for her life at Lyons, N. Y., since a
week ago Monday on the charge of
having shot and kiled her husband,
Harry Sampson, was acquitted shortly
after 10 o'clock Friday night and was
Immediately given her freedom.
DlstrlT-t Attorney Gilbert In speak
ing of the verdict Bald: "I am satis
fied. I have done my full duty by the
people and the prisoner."
Mr. Gilbert, though a cousin of Mrs.
Sampson by marriage, stood to his
duty and prosecuted the case as vig
orously as the facta would permit.
The last day of the trial was spent
in presenting the defense's case, and
In listening to the closing addresses of
the state and the defense and to the
charge of Judge Rich. The brief
testimony of the defense was confined
chletly to abutting the testimony of
Dr. Albert H. Hamilton, a gun ex
pert, that the hole In Sampson's outer
shirt was made by a bullet fired from
a distance and that Harry Sampson
could not, therefore, have committed
suicide as the defense alleged. Dr.
Albert F. Hall of Fulton. N. Y., was
the gun expert who testified for the
Forcibly Deported From Martinique
and Shipped to France.
Prior to his being taken aboard the
steamer Versailles at Port de France,
Martinique, for deportation to France,
ex-President Castro prepared a writ
ten protest against the action of the
French gbvernment, which has been
submitted to the authorities there.
The removal of the former presi
dent of Venezuela from the hotel to
the steamer was not without Its piti
ful aspects. Immediately on the an
nouncement by the medical commis
sion who had made a lengthy physical
examination of Castro, that he was
quite capable of making the voyage,
the commissary of police with an es
cort of gendarmes invaded the hotel
and proceeded to his chamber. They
found the ex-nresident lying In bed.
and although he still protested that
he could not move they carried him
down stairs, the patient all the while
moaning dismally, on a mattress, and
placed him in a stretcher.
Officers from the United States
cruiser North Carolina, In civilian
dress, helped to make him ns comfort
able as possible, and then the stretch
er was picked up by four negroes and
taken to the dock. Gendarmes guarded
it and a crowd numbering fully 2,000
followed the procession.
Three Little Girlc Accidentally Lock
ed In Closet In Vacant House.
To the faithfulness of a pet dog
three little girls at Bay City, Mich.,
probably owe their llvts.
Agnes and Helen Phillips, aged 10
and 11 years respectively, and Genlth
Carpenter, aged ft, disappeared. The
dog's barking led the next day to their
discovery in a nearby vacant house.
They had gone Into the house to play.
When they entered the closet the door
closed upon them with a spring lock.
Two women passing heard the dog
barking and. entering the house to re
lease the animal, were startled by a
faint cry for help from the closet.
The children were Immediately re
leased and, nlthough cold, hungry and
frightened, were found to be none
the worse physically for the twenty
hours' Imprisonment.
Army Is Up to Full Strength.
For the first time since the Spanish
xzi Ztm imlted States army Is at Its
full strength of 77.000 men. This
fact was made public here with the
posting of an order signed by the ud
jutant general of the army in which
all recruiting la ordered temporarily
discontinued, save only In the case of
time expired men to whom privilege
of re-cnllstment Is given.
u -0 "yd Ul 1 1 IB . - '
Of Vice President Sherman at
. Utica Chamber of Commerce.
Speaker Said the Nation Should Have
Confidence In Itself as the World
Has Confidence In It Has Twice as
Much Life Insurance as the Rest of
the World and Half as Much Money
In Savings Banks Expends For Ed
ucation Two-Thirds as Much.
Utlca, April 13. "Our Country"
as the subject of a stirring patriotic
address by Vice President .lames S.
fherman at the annual banquet cf Iho
chamber of commerce In ih's city li'.
night. The gathering represented thf
business and professional men of
Utlca, and the reception given to Mr.
Sherman and other speakers was ex
tremely cordial.
Senator Carter of Montana spoke
upon the desirability of postal savings
banks as a means of fostering thrift
among the masses of the people. Rep
resentative Francis W. Cushman of
Washington also delivered an appro
priate address.
In responding to the toast "Our
Country" Mr. Sherman recounted the
elements of Btrenglh possessed by the
United States both In Its actual ma
terial development, Its possibilities for
greater development and the moral
force It Is enabled to exert over the
destinies of the world. Recounting
the wars in which the country had
been Involved, everyone of which he
declared had behind It some exalted
moral purpose, he said the nation had
been devoting itself pretty assiduous
ly to Its commercial advancement.
Quoting some of the leading statis
tics showing the material growth of
the country, ho said the natloi should
have confidence In Itself as the world
has confidence in It. The growth of
the United States had been so enor
mous that It could no longer he dem
onstrated by comparing Its Industries,
wealth and national strength with
any other leading country In the
world, nor even with a group of other
countries. It was necessary to com
pare It with the remainder of the
"We have but 5 per cent of the pop
ulation of the earth," said Mr. Sher
man. "Our nation possesses but 7
per cent of the. area of the earth, and
yet Industrially we about equal one
half of the balance of mankind."
Mr. Sherman recounted the propor
tion of the great staples that are raised
In the United States In comparison
with all other portions of the world.
"We have," he said, "twice as much
life Insurance as the rest of the world
and one-half as much money on depos
it In our savings banks as all the rest
of the world. Our expenditure for
education 13 two-thirds as much as Is
spent by all the rest of the world.
One-third of all the revenue collected
by the government Is ours, while our
debt Is about one-thirtieth of the debt
of the world.
"We have enrolled In our schools
twenty million students, seventeen
million being !n our public schools
alone, for which we pay annually $200,
000.000, which is more than spent for
educational purposes by the five
greatest countries of Europe, Includ
ing Great Britain." The country, he de
clared Is not retrograding. Ambition
as well as patriotism Is indigenous to
our boII.
"Ambition," he added, "Is Inspired
by opportunity. Ambition and oppor
tunity have Inspired and developed
genius. Genius has produced Invention.
Invention has enlarged opportunity
and Increased by bounds American
production, American wealth and
American power.
Says He Has Not Written to China
men Urging Them Not to Testify
Against Countrymen.
Washington, April 13. Chinese
Minister Wu Ting Fang called on Sec
retary Knox at the state department
to deny the accuracy of statements
contained In dispatches from Pitts
burg that he had written letters to
Chinamen In that city urging them not
to testify against their countrymen In
the Issue growing out of the arrest of
two of them In connection with tho
sale of Chinese bonds In contravention
of a state law.
The state department Is still await
ing a reply from the governor of Penn
sylvania, to whom was rerered the
protest of Mr. Wu agalnRt the arrest
nt the two Chinese. The department
officially has heard nothing of the
Imputation made against the minister
In connection with the case.
Labor Conference at the White House.
Washington, April 13. President
Gonipers of the American Federation
of Labor has arranged for an Import
ant labor conference In the White
House next Friday when matters af
fecting the Interests of organized la
bor will bo discussed with President
Tafl and the members of the executive
council of the American Federation
of Labor.
Lost Hio Life In Fire.
Chaniplaln, N. Y., April 13. Leon
Polssant was burned to death In a
fire which destroyed La Fountain
block. Several other occupants of
the building narrowly escaped.
Claim Made That It Cannot "Jump the
Sandusky, O., April 13. Clarfnce
Kilbourne of this city Is the Inventor
of a trolley for use on electric rail
ways, which. In the opinion of conser
vative traction men who have seen It
In operation, will save motormen and
conductors much trouble. It was
tried out on the Sandusky-Norwalk
branch of the Lake Shore Electric
Friday, and pronounced a success In
every way. The wheel Is at the end
of a projection at the top of the trol
ley pole and Is equipped with ball
bearing dingers that hold It firmly to
the wire. The projection Ib held In
place by a spring and Is so fixed on a
pivot as to give plenty of play.
When the car strikes an unusually
rough piece of roadway the trolley
pole may rise and fall as elevations
and depressions are encountered, but
the trolley will not leave the wire.
Mr. Kilbourne proved Friday that
with his patent trolley he can move a
car on one track with the current pass
ing through the wire over another
rack, just as readily as in the usual
Thomas Cassldy Dies Terrible
Death ol Hydrophobia,
Pittsburg, April 13. Slightly bitten
by a dying pet mongrel which he
thought to be dead and the remains
of which he was about to give a de
cent burial seven weeks ago, Thomas
Casslday, aged 28, a skilled concrete
worker of Elfenwlld, died of a vio
lent attack of rabies at Mercy hospital
Saturday afternoon. He was seized
with the malady on Thursday evening
and from the time he entered the hos
pital, Friday afternoon, he suffered
terrible convulsions.
Seven months ago there came Into
the camp of concrete workers at El
fenwlld a starving cur, shy In its
leanness. He was warmly received,
petted and fed. He remained In the
camp and in the evenings provided
amusement for the men.
About seven weeks ago he ceased
his playfulness, snapped viciously and
ran about the camp in a bewildered
manner. At the supper table that
evening It was decided he be shot.
Frothing at the mouth, he was found
In his kennel and a bullet sent through
his brain.
Casslday. particularly friendly to
the animal, proposed a burial. Going
to the kennel he took hold of the dog's
front feet, when It suddenly arose In
Its dying effort and with Its teeth
barely broke the skin on the Index fin
ger of his right hand. There were
no signs of any illness until Inst
Thursday, when rnbles developed and
Dr Wilson of New Alexandria, O., was
called and ordered his patient's remov
al to the Mercy hospital.
Million More For Coal Lands.
Washington, Pa., April 13. Another
mammoth coal deal has Just been
closed In Greene county by Joslah V.
Thompson of Unlontown, who has
bought 0,010 acres of fuel In one solid
tract a few miles north of Waynes
burg. The tract, known as Adams
block, was owned by J. B. Adams and
125 others. The price paid by Mr.
Thompson averaged about $180 nn
acre, the entire amount being $1,087.
000. The block Is contiguous to other
holdings of Thompson and his asso
ciates. Wrecked Steamer Broke In Two.
Dover, April 13. The British steam
er Mahratta, from Calcutta, March 6
for London, which went ashore on
Goodwin Sands on Friday last, has
broken In two and has been aban
doned. The passengers were landed
soon after the vessel struck and all
the crew were rescued. A large
quantity o' cargo was taken off the
ship, but the loss Involved in the ves
sel rr,d th" remainder of the cargo Is
estimated nt $1,000,000.
Leaped From Operating Table.
Bellefontaine, O., April 13. Leaping
from an operating table where he was
being placed under an anesthetic,
preparatory for a surgical operation
for appendicitis, Carl Hilbot, a Big
Four railway fireman, overpowered
three surgeons, procured a revolver
and held them at bay nearly an hour.
Shot by Woman In Quarrel.
Washington. Pa., April 13 During
a quarrel at a house on Goat Hill John
Anidrlk was shot through the abdo
men and may die. He Is at the hos
pital here. Daisy Wise, said to have
done Die shooting, and Frank Klugert,
re In Jull. The three had been drink
ing. Mines Resume Operation.
Butler, Pa., April 13. The mines of
the Great Lake Coal company In the
Kaylor district resumed operations
Monday with a full force in all mines.
One thousand men will be given em
ployment. The company will ship
over 100 cars a day, beginning nevt
Six persons perish In an early morn
ing tire at Lenox. Muss., which causes
a load ol $325,000.
Summary of the Week's News
of the World.
Happenings From All Parts of the
Globe Put Into Shape For Easy
Reading What All the World Is
Talking About Cream of the Newt
Culled From Long Dispatches.
President Gomez of Cuba refused
to interfere In the rase of two reb ;1
leaders sentenced to death.
The twenty-four hour endurance
trip of Count Zeppelin's airship, which
ascended nt Frledrlchshafen, ended in
At the request of the Washington
state department, the British govern
ment has decided not to allow Clp
rlano Castro, former president of
Venezuela, to land at Trinidad.
Representative Clark, a Florida
Democrat, attacked William J. Bryan
and renounced the Nebraskan's leader
ship in a speech in the house.
In presenting the argument In the
government's Milt to dissolve the
Standard Oil company, Frank B. Kel
logg declared that the corporation
would wipe out every Independent
dealer in two years more.
The house of representatives, con
sidering the Payne bill, struck out the
countervailing duty on lumber.
Police of Rome think they have an
Important clew to the slayers of De
tective Petroslno In a mysterious ca
blegram. Ciprlano Castro left the steamer
Guadeloupe at Fort de France, Mar
tinique, the French Steamship com
pany refusing to carry him to Colon.
Governor Hughes wrote letters to
Commissioner Bingham and District
Attorney Jerome in which those offi
cials were asked as to non-enforcement
of the law against prize fights.
The opening of navigation on the
great lakes Is threatened by a strike
of 10,000 marine engineers, firemen,
oilers, water tenders and deckhands,
Castro, prohibited from landing on
British territory, disembarked at Fort
de France, Martinique, where he is
being watched by United States war
ships. Mine. Helena Modjeska, the Polish
tragedienne and one of the most not
ed actresses of the American stage,
dfi'd at her island home In Bay City,
Orange county, Cal.
When the first floor span of the
Manhattan bridge was Joined above
the middle of the East river a new rec
ord In rapid bridge building was made,
and John Williams, a workman, risk
ed his life to cross first.
The New York baseball Americans
are without the services of "Hal"
Chase, who has smallpox at Augusta,
Twenty thousand acres of George
W. Vandcrbllt's forest lands In North
Carolina were binned over by sup
posed Incendiaries.
Charles W. Fairbanks was reported
by a dispatch from Washington as
most likely to be named as ambassa
dor to Great Britain.
Representatives of the Mine Work
ers' union presented a modified pro
posal at a conference with operators,
but no agreement was reached.
"Tom," an elephant In the winter
quarters of the Yankee Robinson cir
cus at Des Moines, la., ran amuck and
seizing his keeper, Charles Bellew,
hurled him high Into the air and then
trampled him to death.
Governor Haskell and six other
prominent Oklahomans were victor
ious in the town lots case, the court
quashing the Indictments.
Ethan Allen Hitchcock, former sec
retary of the interior, dies Iu Wash
ington at the home of his son-in-law,
Lieutenant Commander Sims.
The senate passed a bill arranging
for the federal census of 1010, with
the provision that the census clerks
should be undr the civil service.
Thomas A. Edison, the New York
Phonograph company and various
phonograph dealers reached an agree
ment settling ?!ght years' litigation
which Involved $2,000,000.
Three little girls In Hay City, Mich.,
after spending 20 hours in a closet, the
door of which closed upon them with
a spring lock. were discovered
through the barking of their pet dog.
Archduke Joseph Ferdinand of Aus
tria made a record flight In a balloon,
says a dispatch from Vienna.
The German authorities in Samoa
are accused of ill-treating the natives
by a planter of that nationality quoted
In the Tag.'blatt of Berlin.
Attorney General Wirkeisliatu no
tified Nelson Morris & Co. that the
present system of valuing meat ship
ments might lend to rebut ing and
must be stopped.
For the murder of his mother. Susan
Carlln, in her home In Brooklyn one
year ago, Barnard Carlln, uged 22, was
put to death by electrocution in the
Sing Sing prison.
More than a million dollars in claims
against the New York City Hallway
company for personal Injuries will be
wiped out by the road going Into the
bauds of receivers.
Clerk Employed In J. S. Sherman'e
Bank Arrested.
Utlca, April 13. Malcolm W. RIx, a
clerk employed by the Utlca Trust
and Deposit company, of which Vic
President James S. Sherman is presi
dent, was arrested on a charge of
grand larceny, first degree, and Is held
for examination. It la said that he
has confessed to peculations amount
ing to $1,700, covering a period of six
The company has been fully aware
of the shortages from time to time,
but Rix had not been under direct
suspicion until a few days ago. Inas
much as these shortages had thrown
suspicion in the direction of his fel
low employes they have little sym
pathy for him.
It is said that he has confessed to
taking $1,000 shortly after his mar
riage two years ago and at another
time took $500. The balance wai in
small amounts. He comes of on of
the best families in the city and his
arrest caused a sensation.
Carnegie's Representative W. N.
Frew, Builds House For Daughter. '
I'lttsburs, April 13. William N.
Frew, the wealthy personal represent
ative of Andrew Carnegie In Pitts
burg, Is building a mansion as a wed
ding present to his daughter, Virginia
Frew, whose engagement to Thurstrn
Wright, a young bank clerk, formerly
of St. Louis, hes just been announced.
The house Is to be furnished
throughout, with a well filled garage,
and will cost, it Is estimated, about
$1,000,000. This brings out the report
that wealthy Pittsburg residents, hav
ing noted that a number of rich young
people have deserted this city to live
In New York, have entered Into some
sort of an agreement to erect resi
dences for their children as they mar
ry, also offering them other induce
ments to remain in Pittsburg. One of
the first to take up this idea was Mrs.
Harry Darlington. Another big house
has been constructed for Mrs. Hubert
Laughlln, who was Miss Marjorle
Rea of Pittsburg.
More Than 2,000 Alumni Expected t
Gather at Oxford, O., University.
Hamilton, O., April 13. Miami
university, the oldest of Ohio's col
leges, will celebrate her centennial at
Oxford June 12-1S. It Is expected that
more than 2,000 alumni and former
students will gather on the campus
at. Oxford. The first Invitation Issued
was sent to President Tuft, who la
Interested in Miami university be
cause his father-in-law, John W. Her
ron of Cincinnati, since 1880 has been
president of the board of that Institu
tion. Whltelaw Reld. ambassador to
Great Britain, of the class of 1S56, has
also promised to be present If possible.
Funeral of Ex-Secretary Hitchcock.
St. Ivouis. April 13. The funeral of
Ethan Allen Hitchcock, former secre
tary of the interior, was held here yes
terday from the Second Presbyterian
church. Interment was In Bellefon
talne cemetery. The church ceremony
was largely attended.
New York Provision Market.
New York, April 12.
WHEAT No. 2 red, $1.38 f. o .b.
afloat; No. 1 northern Duluth, $1.3fi4.
CORN No. 2 corn, 74 Vic f. o. b.
afloat; 7GVi.c elevator.
OATS Mixed oats, 2fi to 32 lbs.,
57 Ti 58c; clipped white, 34 to 42 lbs.,
PORK Mess, $18.50019.00; family,
t1K.r,0Tf lii.50.
HAY Good to choice, SOJfSSc.
BUTTER Creamery specials, 28
28V4e; extra, 27(ii27Vic; process, ITif
23c; western factory, 1 8 '4 fl' 19c.
CHEESE State, full cream, rancy,
1C (f 17c.
EGGS State and Pennsylvania, 23
23,Ac. 1
POTATOES Maine, per ISO lbs.,
$2.G2ft 2.87; state, $2.02'ii 2.87.
Buffalo Provision Market.
Buffalo, April 12.
WHEAT No. 1 northern, carloads,
1 !i-v. No. 2 red. $1.37.
CORN No. 2 yellow, 71 Vic f. o. b.
afloat; No. 3 yellow, 71c.
OATS No. 2 white, 57VitR8c f.
o. b. afloat; No. 3 white, 56V41f 57c.
FLOUR Fancy blended patent,
per bbl.. $.73f?7.50; winter family,
patent. $.2.'fff 7.00.
BUTTER Creamery prints, fancy.
2flc; state and Pennsylvania creamery,
27c; dairy, choice io fancy, 25ff2Bc.
CHEESE Choice to fancy, full
cream, 1 Mr 15 Vic; fair to good, 13 y
EGGS Selected white, 21 Vic
POTATOES White fancy, per bu..
98c; fair to good, f.(?T97c.
East Buffalo Live Stock Market.
CTTLEPrl!M export steers, $ti.0
(fi6.7fi; good to choice butcher steers,
$5.0044 5.S5 ; choice cows, $5.U0(i 5.25;
choice heiters, $.r.50i 6.00; common
to fair heifers. $4.2511 5.2.') ; common to
fair bulla. $:i.2rf:4.2"; choice veals,
$8.258.50: fair to good. $7,7518.01).
spring lambs, $S.25i'8.40; choke
yearlings, $ii.7f)fl'7.25; mixed sheep.
$i.00 ii ii.25.
HOGS Light Yorkers, $7.50 i " (it);
medium and he.-ivv hogs. $7.75'' 7.80;
pigs, $7.00.
Buffalo Hay Market.
Timothy No. 1 on track. $I2..V;
2 timothy, $11.50; wheat urd
traws. $8 50

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