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J. C. WINK, . Editor 4 Propriitor.
1910 AUGUST M910
San. non. Tu. Wed. Thu. Frt. 5t.
77 1 2 T 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30 31
"I"!" .
Republican Ticket.
Washington County.
Lieutenant Governor,
Bedford County.
Secretary of Internal A Hairs,
Lebanon County,
State Treasurer,
Susquehanna Couuty,
Venango County,
State Senate,
J. K. P. HALL,
Elk County.
Tionesta Borough,
The politicians of the Independent
party ray the B (on Ihenala blades) stands
lor Berry. Clarion uemocrat.
Sure thing. Goose Berry.
Thk advertisement of the four constitu
tional aniendtnenta that are to be consid
ered for the second time by the Legisla
ture in 1911 were sent out last week from
the State Department at Harrlsburg to be
printed lo 200 newspapers 13 times be
tween now and the November election,
as required by law. Should the next
Legislature approve the amendments
they will be voted on by the people, but
uot until November, 1911. One allows
the Legislature to create new courts and
increase the number ofjudges. Another
consolidates the courts in Philadelphia
and Allegheny counties. The fourth
permits Philadelphia to Increase its
bonded indebtedness to ten per cent of its
assessed property valuation, instead of
even per cent, as at present.
w School Code.
At the last session ol the legislature a
new Bcbool code, drafted by a commis
sion, was finally passed by both branch
es, but it bad been so chanted and
amended and contained so many object
tollable features that Governor Stuart felt
compelled to veto it. The same commis
sion, thiugb acting now without author
ity, has drafted a new code which it is be
lieved will be acceptable to the friends of
education in all parts of the state.
The new code makes exhaustive pro
vision for all features of the school sys
tem, among the most significant being
tbe careful attention that is paid to the
sanitary condition of tbe school houses
and the strickness of the application of
the compulsory attendance laws. Many
of the objectionable features in the code
aa adopted by tbe last legislature have
been eliminated.
Under tbe provisions of the proposed
new code tbe state is to be divided into
four classes of school districts. The first
class is to contain a population of 500,000
or more; the secoud class not more than
600,000 nor less than 30,000; the third
class not more than 30,000 nor less than
6,000; and tbe fonrth class under 5,Ouo.
In districts of tbe first class the school
directors are to be appointed by the
judges of the courts of oommon pleas. In
tbe second, third and fourth classes the
directors are to be elected by the people
of the entire school district, one each
year for a term of five years.
A state board of education will be
created by the new code. It will have
supervision of tbe educational life and
facilities of all sections. One of its main
functions will be to equalize the educa
tional advantages of each section, so that
tbe children in a remote rural section
will have tbe best possible means to get a
oommon school education.
The sanitary and moral environment of
the children in all parts of tbe state will
be looked after by this board. It will
have arbitrary power to close down any
school which it deems to be uufit in a
nanitary way. The board is to be com
posed of six members appointed by the
governor for a term of six years.
The new code will require that plans
for school buildings provide safety,
health, fresh air and comfort to tbe pu
pils. A system of ruial inspection is
provided. The smallest country school
will have the same altentiou that the
large city schools are given. cbool
houses and grounds are to be used as re
creation centers and as places of public
assemblages for proper purposes to be de
termined by the board.
if the new code is adopted county
superintendents will be elected every
four years by a convention of the school
directors of the county. They are to be
responsible to the state superintendent
of public instruction and they are to have
general supervision of all the schools In
tbe country, with power to recommend
changes lo the school directors.
Considerable ado has been made dur
ing the past few weeks and many of the
editors around over tbe state are work
ing themselves into a fioth over the ap
pearance on some 80 per cent, of the oats
blades of distinct letter "II." These
editors were not raised on a farm and
evidently have not bad the pleasure of
riding on the grain wagon in harvest
time or tramping through the oats field
to the early apple tree in tbe orchard or
they would have discovered long ago that
tbe so-called phenomena is an annual
figure on the oats blade and, to prove the
assertion, we would direct those who
have interpreted it as some dread omen
to any observant farmer. One gentleman
has stated to us tbat he remembers of its
presence some sixty years ago. Brook,
yille Republican. Nevertheless these
same "country editors" will be around
next year with predictions of dire calam
ity to come because of the big "13" ou
the oats blades.
John Frill, aged 8,r years, one of the
pioneer farmers of Clarion county, and
well and favorably kuown in the com
munity In which most of bis long life
was spent, died at bia home near Lick
ingvillo. on tbe 29th ult after a short ill
nesa. He waa born near Berlin, Germany
and came to this country with hia parents
when be was U years old. On Christmas
day, 1S56, be was married to Miss Anna
Sandrock, whose death ocourred 10 yeara
ago. They were the parents of 12 child
ren, of whom eight daughters and one
son survive. They are Mrs. Lizzie, wife
of Geo. S. Chadman, a former resident of
Tionesta, now residing at Lamartiue, Pa.
Mrs. Maggie Monde! of Fryburg, Pa
Mrs. Sadie, wife of Henry Zuendel of
Starr, Pa.; Mrs. Mary, widow of the late
John Dickrager of Starr; Mrs. Adda Mills
of Newmansville, Pa.; Mrs. Kate Beers,
Buffalo, N. Y.; Mrs. Rosa McKisaick,
Marble, Pa,; Mrs. Alice Sigwortb, Oil
City, and Jobu Frill, at borne. The fu
neral took place at 2 p. m. Sunday, Aug.
31, at tbe M. E. church, where tbe de
ceased was a member and were conducted
by Rev. M. B. Riley. Tbe interment waa
in tbe Washington cemetery beside bis
Soloman Michlen passed away at bis
borne near Nebraska, Green township,
yesterday morning, alter an illness ex
tending over a period of about eight
months, of Briglit'a disease. He was
aged ftr years. About 19 years ago Mr
Michlen came to Nebraska from Pitts
burg and engaged in barge building for
Collins, Darrah A Co,, in which capacity
he continued for a number of years,
finally entering into the manulacture of
lumber and coal flat building on bis own
account iu which be was quite success
ful, bis plant being located on Tiouesta
creek about a mile below Nebraska vil
lage. In the latter yeara of bis life be
was also engaged in oil operations on tbe
Hopkins farm above Tionesta on the Al
legheny river. As a citizen, employer of
labor or neighbor, no man stood higher
or bore the respect and esteem of the
community in a greater degree than Sol
omon Michlen. Plain aud perfectly
frank in bis everyday walk and conver
sation, with a heart as lender as a child's,
be was admired and respected by all for
bis rugged honesty and straightforward
dealings witb his fellowmen. During bis
residence in Green township be bad been
repeatedly elected to offices of trust, all of
which he discbarg d witb fidelity and
credit to himself and his people.
Surviving him Is bis wife, whose maid
en name was Amelia Kessner, four
daughters and four sons, namely: Emma,
wile of Simon 1. W hitman. Anna, wile
of Robert Hunter, Lucy, wife of Warren
turn, all or Green township; Lyda, wife
of Percy Host, of Newmansville. Pa., and
Jolm, Howard, Wilbur and Edward
Michlen, at borne. Funeral services In
memory of the deceased will be held at
tbe Zuendel church, German Hill, to
morrow, Thursday, with interment in
the cemetery connected witb tbe church.
Margaret J. Elliot, daughter of the late
Captain C. W. and Margaret Clark, was
boru at Port Clinton, Schuylkill county,
Pa., July 16, 1838, and died at her borne
at Stewart Run, Pa., August 6, 1910, at 6:30
in., after an illness extending over a
period of nearly two years.
When but a child of 8 years her parents
moved to Oil City where they resided a
few years, and then came to this vicinity
to live on a farm on Hunter Run, which
Capt. Clark purchased about tbe year
1809, aud wLere tbe subject of this sketch
grew to young womanhood. May 13,
1879, she was united iu marringo with
James Elliot, the Rev. Wm. Elliot, then
pasior of the Tionesta Presbyterian
church, performing tbe ceremony. Im
mediately following this union, which
was a most happy one, the well-mated
couple tegan housekeeping on tbe farm
at Stewart Run owned by Mr. Elliot, and
which was their borne from that lime
forward. The union was blessed with
the birth of tbe following children, all ot
whom, with the stricken busbaud, sur
vive and are living at home: Miss Pearl,
Arthur, Miss Mae, Matthew and Charles.
One sister and four brotbera also survive
ber, Mrs. Mary L. Thomson, of Tionesta,
win. S. Clark of Pineville, Warren
county, James, Charles and Joseph
Clark, of Tionesta.
The death of this excellent woman has
saddened the hearts of all in the com
munity in which her life was spent, and
where she was so universally loved and
respected for her many good qualities ol
mind and heart, Mrs. Elliot was a mem
ber lor a number of years prior to berdeatb
of the Tionesta Presbyterian church, and
ber faith in its tenets never for a moment
wavered. A neighbor held in highest
esteem, a devoted wife and loving mother,
ber memory will be cherished in the
hearts ol all while life shall last. To the
bereaved husband aud family the tender-
est sympathy goes out in this hour of
great sorrow.
r uneral services in memorv of the de-
ceased were held at the borne Mondav
afternoon at 2:00 o'clock, conducted by
ber pastor, Rev, H. A. Bailey, followed
ny Interment in Riverside cemetery. The
pall bearers were Archie. William. Frl
James, Robert, Frauk and John Clark
and Joseph Thomson, all nephews of tbe
Majburp Wins From Kellettvllle.
Matiiurq, Pa., August 6. Mayburg
won this afternoon's game from Kellett
vllle by a score of 11 to 4. Score:
Larseu, s l
Cook, rf 3
Huir, 2d 5
Gordon, p 5
Richards, 1st ft
Nicholas, If 4
Lee, mf 4
Peterson, 8d 4
Moore, u 3
2 114 1
1 0 0 0 0
12 3 10
2 4 0 4 0
0 1 12 0 0
1110 1
12 10 0
2 18 0 0
11 13 27 10 1
R II l'O A K
112 0 0
118 0 0
0 18 11
112 10
0 2 2 0 0
0 o o :i o
1 1 1 1 0
0 2 10 2
0 0 0 1 0
4 0 24 7 3
1 2 0 0 0 -ll
0 0 0 0 0 0-4
Murphy, mf. 4
Schwartz, 1st 4
Watson, c 4
Martin, 2d 4
Spenser. If 4
N.vler, a 4 o
kayes, rf-p ..
2 3
1 0
"BIBIl, 3U
Russell, p-rf.
Mayburg 3
Kellettvllle 3
nings, oil Kayos 2 In 4 inninRs; home
run, Gordon: three base hit, Gordon; two
base hits, Hull, .Moore, Watson; sacrifice
hits Larsen, Cook; sacrifice fly, Larsen;
double plays, Larsen, Hull' and Richards,
Gordon, Larsen and Richards; stolen
bases. Larsen. Ilnfl' i;nr,i..
Lee, Peterson, Moore; bases on balls, olf
ti.nrnHii a, .,ooK); struck out,
tiy (Jordon 7, by Russell 4, by Kayes 1
Umpires, Duuley aud Kayes.
nnoroRED amendments to the
Number One.
ProposinK nn nincnitnient to section twen
ty-six of article, live of the Constitution
of the Commonwealth of 1'cnngylvanln,
Resolved (If the Semite concur), Thnt
the following amendment to section twenty-six
of article five of the Constitution
of l'ennsylviinia be, anil the snme Is here
by, proposed. In accordance with the
eighteenth article thereof:
That section Jii of Article V.. which
reails ns follows: "Section Si. All laws re
liilliiK to courts shall be kciiciuI and of
uniform operation, and the orirnnizatlon
jurisdiction, niul powers of all courts of
the same class or kihoV, so far as refill
la ted by law, and the force and effect of
the process and Indumenta of such courts,
shall he uniform: anil the General Asscm
nly Is hereby prohibited from creating
other courts to exercise the powers vested
by this Constitution in the Jndirea of the
Courts of Common Pleas and Orphans'
Courts," be amended so that tho same
shall rend ns follows:
Section Hi. All laws rehniliift to cour s
shall be general and of uniform opera
tion, and the orKiinlzntlon. jurisdiction,
and powers of all courts of the same class
or srnde, so far aa regulated by law, and
the force and effect of the process and
JiiilmiientM of such courts, shall be uni
form: but, notwithstanding any provi
sions of this Constitution, tho General
Assembly shall have full power to entail
llsh new courts, from time to time, as the
same may be needed In nny city or conn
ty, and to prescribe the powers and Ju
rlsdiction thereof, and to Increase the
number of .Indites In any courts now ex
isting1 or hereafter created, or to reorgan
ise the same, or to vest In other courts
the jurisdiction theretofore exercised bv
courts not of record, and to abolish the
snmc wherever It may be deemed neces
sary for the orderly and efficient adminis
tration of justice.
A true copy of Resolution No. 1.
Secretary of the Commonwealth.
Number Two.
Proposing" nn amendment to tho Constl-
union or tho Commonwealth of Penn
sylvania, so ns to eliminate the require
ment of payment of taxes ns a qualifi
cation of the rlsht to vote.
Resolved (if the House of Representa
tives concur), Thnt tho following amend
ment to tho Constitution of tho Common
wealth of Pennsylvania be, and the iimo
Is hereby, proposed. In nceonliini- with
he eighteenth nrticlo thereof:
Thnt section one of nrticlo elirht be
amended, by striking out the fourth
numbered paragraph thereof, so that the
an Id section shall rend ns follows:
Sictirtn 1. Every male citizen twenty-
one yenrs of age, possessing the follow-
ng- qualifications, shall bo entitled to
vote at all elections, sublect however to
such laws requiring nnd remtlatlnir the
registration of electors as tho General
Assembly may enact.
First. He shall have been a citizen of
the United States nt least one month.
Second. He shnll hnvo resided In tho
State one year (or If. having previously
been a qunlllled elector or nntlve-born
citizen of the State, he shall have re
moved therefrom and returned, then six
months). Immediately preceding the elec
tion. Third. He shall have resided In the
election district where he shall offer to
vote at least two months Immediately
preceding the election.
A true copy of Resolution No. !.
Secretary of the Commonwealth.
Number Three.
Proposing an amendment to the Consti
tution of the Commonwealth of Penn
sylvania, so ns to consolidate the
courts of common pleas of Allegheny
Section 1. Re It resolved by the Senate
and House of Representatives of the
Commonwenlth of Pennsylvania In Gen
eral Assembly met. Thnt tho following
amendment to the Constitution of Penn
sylvania be, nnd the same Is hereby, pro
posed, in nceord.mco with the eighteenth
article thereof:
Thnt section six of nrticlo five be
amended, by striking out the said sec
tion, nnd Inserting In place thereof the
Section 6. In the county of Philadel
phia all the Jurisdiction nnd powers now
vested In the district courts nnd courts of
common plens, subject to such chnnges
ns may be made by this Constitution or
by law. shall be in Philadelphia vested In
five distinct nnd separate courts of equal
nnd co-ordinate jurisdiction, composed
of three Judges each. The said courts In
Philadelphia shall be designated respect
ively ns the court of common plens num
ber one, number two, number three,
number four, nnd number five, but the
nnmlier of snld courts mny be by lnw
Increased, from tlmo to time, nnd shall be
In like manner designated by successive
numbers. The numlier of judges In any
of snld courts, or In nny county where
the establishment of nn additional court
mny lie authorized by lnw. may be In
creased, from time to time, nnd when
ever such Increase shall amount In the
whole to three, such three Judges shnll
compose a distinct nnd separate court ns
aforesaid, which shnll be numbered ns
aforesaid. In Philadelphia nil soils shall
be Instituted In the said courts of com
mon plens without designating the num
ber of the said court, and the several
courts shall distribute and apportion the
business among them In such manner ns
shall be provided by rules of court, nnd
each court, to which any suit shnll be
thus assigned, shall hnvo exclusive Juris
diction thereof, subject to chnnge of
venue, ns shnll be provided by law.
In the county of Allegheny nil the
Jurisdiction nnd powers now vested In
the several numbered courts of common
pleas shall bo vested In one court of com
mon pleas, composed of all the Judges in
commission In snld courts. Such Juris
diction nnd powers shnll extend to nil
proceedings nt law nnd In equity which
shall have been Instituted In the severnl
r.nmbered courts, and shall be subject to
such changes ns may be made by law.
and subject to change of venue ns pro
vided by lnw. The president Judge of
said court shall be selected ns provided
by law. The number of Judges In said
court mny lie by law Increased from
time to time. This nmendment shall take
effect on the llrst day of Janunry suc
ceeding Its ndoption.
A true copy of Resolution No. 3.
Secretary of the Commonwenlth.
Number Four.
Proposing an amendment to section eight,
nrticlo nine, of the Constitution of Penn
Section 1. lie It resolved by the Senate
nnd House of Representatives of the Com
monwealth of Pennsylvania In lieneral
Assembly met, Thnt the following Is pro
posed ns nn nmendment to the Constitu
tion of the Coniiiinnwealth of Pennsylva
nia, In accordance with the provisions ol
the eighteenth article thereof:
Amendment to Article Nine. Section
flection 2. Amend section eight, article
nine, of the Constitution of Pennsylvania,
which reads as follows:
"Sections. The ilelit of any county
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city, borough, township, school district, or
other municipality or liicorHirated dis
trict, except ns herein provided, shall nev
er exceed seven per centum upon the as
sessed value of the taxable property there
in, nor shall any such municipality or
district Incur nny new debt, or Increase
Its inilcbtnlncss to an amount exceedhul
two per centum upon such assessed val
uation of property, wltHout tho assent of
the electors thereof at a public election In
such manner ns shnl! be provided by lnw;
but any city, the debt of which now ex
coeds seven per centum of such assessed
valuation, may be nuthori.ed by law to
Increase the same three per centum, in
the aggregate, nt uny one time, upon such
valuation," so ns to read ns follows:
Section S. The debt of any county, city,
borough, township, school district, or oth
er municipality or Incorporated district,
except ns heroin provided, shnll never ex
ceed seven per centum upon the assessed
vnlue of the taxable property therein, nor
shall any i-iuli municipality or district In
cur nny new debt, or Increase Its Indebt
edness to an amount exceeding two per
centum upon such assessed valuation of
property, without the assent of tho elec
tors thereof nt a public election In such
manner as shnll be provided by law; but
any city, the debt of which now exceed
seven per centum of such assessed val
uation, may be authorized bv law to In
crease the same three per centum. In the
aggregate, nt any one time, upon such
valuation, except that nny debt or debts
hereinafter Incurred by the city nnd coun
ty of Philadelphia for the construction
aim development of subways for transit
purposes, or for the construction of
wharves nnd docks, or the reclamation of
land to be used In the construction of
system of wharves and docks, ns public
improvements, owned or to be owned bv
said city and county of Philadelphia, nnd
which shall yield to the city nnd count v
oi i niiaiieipnia current net revenue In ex.
cess of tho interest on said debt or debts
nnil or the annual Installments necessary
for the cancellation of said debt or debts,
may be excluded In nscertiiinlng the now.
er of the city nnd county of Philadelphia
to become otherwise Indebted: Provided,
Thnt a slnklrg fund for their cancellation
shall be established nnd maintained.
A true copy of Joint Resolution No. 4.
Secretory of the Commonwealth.
Mayor of New York Shot.
William J. Gaynor, mayorof NewYork
city, was shot in the head and seriously
wounded yesterday morning as be stood
on the promenade deck of the steamship
Kaiser Wilbelm Dor Grosse, by James
J. Gallagher, a dlscbaaged and disgrunt
led city employe. Gallagher was almost
instantly overpowered and arrested.
Late reports last night said the mayor
as still living, aud although bis wound
is extremely serious, specialists bold out
hope tbat he will recover.
The would-be assassin Is held under
heavy guard.
.Maj burg.
Miss Eva Pierce attended the camn-
meeting at l'leasantville over the Sabbath.
J amea Brown. Jr. returned home Sat
urday, after a two months' visit witb hia
grandparents near Punxstitawney.
nira. r. rv. urown has been entertain
ing some of ber small nephews the past
Tbe ball game plaved here Saturday
between Kellettvllle and May bum re
sulted in tbe score of 11 to 4 in favor of
Mayburg, This is the fourth came be
tween the two teams this season, May-
ourg winning inree out ot lour.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Richards and aon
Ralph and Mr. and Mrs. Wavne Harriirer
and son attended the catnnuieetlmr at
Pleasantvllle on Sunday.
Mrs. Jas. Brown is entertaining her
sister from Punxsutawnev this week.
Wm. Deshnerand family. Chas. Rich
ards and family, aud Rev. A. J. Horner
and family all have tents at tbe Pleasant-
yliie campmeeting.
Mrs. Wni. Cochran, of Warren, came
down and visited Wm Richards' family
over Sunday and was accompanied home
oy ner daughter, Mrs. Jessie Koynton,
who was here nursing Mr. Richards the
past two weeks.
uenlrled Uendrikson attended the
campmeeting over the Sabbath.
Ihe Joflerson County Gas Co. are tak
ing their plant from our town and locat
ing over In Elk county, near Hell's Mill.
Besides tbe engines they are takimr from
here, they will add live new eneinea.
Tbe gas will now go through tbe Cook
Liesse gas plant.
Mrs. T. L. Paddea and children are
visiting in Wellsville, N. Y., for tbe next
few weeks.
Miss Hazel Grant was called home to
attend the funeral of her grandfather.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Grant and daughter
were called to Slgel by tbe sudden death
of Mr. Grant's father.
Misses Lottie Glenn. Erma Donellv and
Leah Kay are visiting in Sigel.
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time become a BIO SUM. The interest we will pay you will help it grow.
CAPITAL STOCK, - - - 150.000.
SURPLUS, ... - $100,000.
We pay liberal interest consistent with safety, 4 per cent.
Forest County NattionoJ Bank,
Harrows & Farm
It's time to be thinking of these
implements and we want to show you
our stock before you buy. We have the
best makes and can save you inouey.
Unifies and Wagons.
We have a
Complete Stock (
Of Girden Tools and Seeds, Fence Wire
and Poultry Netting, Paints, Oils and
Varnishes, Stoves, Graniteware add Tin
ware. Come in any time. Always glad
to show you the goods. You'll find our
prices right, also.
J. C. Scowden,
Monarch Clothing Co.
The house tbat sets the pace both iu quality and price.
Special Clearance Sale.
In order to clear our stuck of all summer goods, to prepare for our new
fall goods, we are cutting prices on all
Prices the Lowest.
Ladle' Department.
Sle of Women's Linen Suits.
Cut prices on L ng Coats.
Hargaios in Girls' Coats.
Bargains in Black Petticoats.
Big cut in Dresses.
Sale on Kimonas.
Sale on Corset Covers.
Sale on Waists.
Cut prices all over the store.
Our New Fall Hats
Oil Exchange Block, near
Derrick Office.
GeneraJ Clear-
a.nce SaJe
Our Summer Clearance Sale of
Oxfords is now in progress.
Nettleton's SHOO and 85.50 Ox
fords, 84.25.
All 84 00 Ladies' aad Men's, 82 90.
All 83.50 Ladies' and Men's, 82.05.
All 83.00 Ladies' and Men's, 82.25.
All 82.50 ladles' and Men's, 81 95.
This sale includes all Men's. Wom
en's, Boys' and Children's Oxfords.
Cor. Center, Seneca and Syca
more Streets,
Vol iuv-
Tionesta, Pa.
of tbe following goods.
NtjIeN the Ilcst. lualltieM
Values Cjiiarnntecd.
Men's Department.
Cut prices on Uoderwear.
Cut prices on Hosiery.
Sle on Shirts.
Sale on Boys' Wash Suits.
Sale on Boys' Illoomor Suits.
Sale on Kuee Pants.
Bargains in Rompers.
Btrgains in Boys' Waists.
Sale on Men's Suits.
are now ready;
Mattcru Block, 13th and
Buffalo Street.
Jacob Miller,
Dealer in
of all kinds, and
A new and up-to-date stock, al
ways fresh from the city.
I Guarantee Maflslaetion.
Give us a call and get our prices
before purchasing.
Kellettvillo, Pa.
v ....

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