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Vi"- .
mmir, fill; A ml I for, f.ij Jury
rfilaoionnr, 4; Civiiiilv Purveyor, t-.
r fctrlolly eah In advance,
We are aothnrlxod to announce N, H.
Maxwell, ofTlotiKNla, a candidate for
Prolhonotary, to , subject lo the decision
ol Hie ltepnhllcn voter at llw primaries,
Wa ar authorised lo announce Aa II,
Nlgworlli, of Jnnk lowiiNlilp, a a caudl
data fur I'rolhonolarVi Ao., subject lo Hie
decision of Hie Itopuhllcan volnia al Hie
AMMtiir Jailae.
We are aolliorlaml to announce Joseph
M, Morgan, of Tionesta lioroiiiih, aa a
candidate lor Associate Judge, subject lo
the decision of the Kepuhllcau voters at
the prlmsrtca.
V are authorised lo announce Nelson
(1, Cole, of II reen township, a a candidate
for Treasurer. Hiinot lo the decision of
the llnpublioan vutera at the primaries,
Ws are authorised In snnminen W. II.
llrasee, of K Ingslcy township, an a candi
dal for Treasurer, subject to the decision
of the Itcpnhllcsn voter al the prliuarltw.
We are authorised to aunounoe Charles
Clark, of Tloueaia, a a ramllilaie for
Hherllf, aiihliii'l lo the iIwIkIoii of the
Kxpiiliiloau voter at the prlinarlea,
We are autliorlcml lo aiinoiinie Jaine
II. Holler, of Tloneala IiohiokIi. " a oan
illilalii l.r Mlmrlll, miljwt to the (Iih'IkIoii
ol the Ui'inililtomi votira at Ihe prlniarlen.
t'euiilv f'eiiiHilwilwHrr,
We are aulhorlKKil to announce Jiwepli
t", SiMwilen. of Tloorata, aa a oanilnlnte
for ronnt y t'omniliwloner, mil'twl to the
iltwlKlon ol the Itopiililloan votcra at the
We are aulliorUeil lo annonnoe Jaine
Klllol, of llariooiiv lowimhlp, aa a rati
dliUle for foil ii iv rotiiiiiiKKtouer, auhlm't
lo Ihe ilni'Ulou of tlie Id'piililU'au volira
at Ihe prtmnrlw.
We are authorlaeil to aonoiinie W, II
llarrlxui, ol llrwii towimhlp, a a rami!
dale lor t'onnlv t'ouiiiilxHioner, auhjeol lo
Ihe ilm'lKlon of ihe Uinililli'au votira al
the prlmarliMt.
We are aulhorlaml lo anuounie Join)
M. immtrl, of Klnnli'y lowimlilp, aa a
caiutiilaln for I'ouuly roinuilMloner,
aulijm'1 to the iloi'lnloii of the rtipublU-au
voters at the prliuarhm.
We are anlhorlaml to announce Kreit Ij
Hnlh. ol Tloiumla IowiihIiIp, aa a rauill
date for t 'mill I v t'oiniumnli'iivr, nul-Jivi lo
'HImIoii ol Ihe Itiiputillcan votera al
.nu. ... riuariea.
We are aolhorlail lo nnmiin-e INinra.l
lliirheiiti, of Uieen towimhlp, aa a i-amll
time lor County Coniintaaloner, auhliH-l lo
the iliH'lalon of the Hi'uillii'n voter at
the prliuartiMi,
t HHlT AMillinr.
We are ani'mrliiril lo announce Arthur
C. llreiiK, of Howe lownnhip, aa a can ill
dale tin Cuuiily Amlitor, iil,iH'l to Ihe
tlKclaton of tlie UnpiihlU'an votrra al the
We are anlhorlaml lo announce George
II. W i. ton, of Hickory towuhl, aa a
cauillilate for Conniv Auditor, ul.m'l lo
Ihe iIkcIxIoii of the )epuhllcau voiera at
the prlmarlea,
Jarv CeiHHiliwIitHrr.
We are aulliorlacil lo announce J. H.
Kdun, ol VtoueHta lnwiuihtp, aa a camli
dale lor Jury Coinniiioner, aulJecl to
the iIkcIkIou ol the Itepuhllcau voteta al
the priniailc.
I'l foKi are on foot liHikliiK toward the
orRaiilr.allon ol new oouuiy, lo he hiiu
poaed of parla of WeidiliiKlon, Weatmore
land, f'ayelto, Alleitheny ami Dreeu
Til H Neuate iMinitnlttee on penalona at
WanhltiKloii on Monday voted lo report
favotalily the Hulloway iieueral penalon
hill, which already haa panned the liouae.
Thla practically uinaua that It will paa
Ihe Nnuela and liecouie a law al thla era
alon, lima pultlnu many a worthy veter
an on y alreet the halance of hla daya,
Amonii the lillla which have Iwnn III'
Iropucml In the atale liUlnlure la one
which will penult amateur liamihall on
NiimUy, If II hniMMiiea a law, The hill
will have aouie auppoit from the oily
lueinheia of the oiKanltallon, hut will he
lieueially opioaml hy the luniulinia from
the xunlry dlnlrlcla, and almoin email
chance of pannnue.
luav year li vln Chaplu, of Columhla
oouuty, who owna hid actea of land, xatli
eitst Irom S.IKHI Ireea 1II.INNI hankela of
oachea, l,fiH tvanketa of pinion, (l,iKI
t)iiarlaof cherrlee, .VHI liunhela of pear
and X hunhela of applea. Alter paylnii
all xieiie lie had f.0otl to put In Ihe
buk. That I moie cieditahl to Mr,
Ctiaplu than holdlutf down e,"l. al UINI
vear, and he la a moie ludipendnnl and
ka'P'r mau.
Pmivmw ot the hoime al Vnlilnic
a,-a. axlK.I ty a few Kcpiihllcau who de
Jd tv. ke tvuud ly Ihe parly caucus,
Pi tstiAT wvo llietr light lor an Incieannd
Miri"wtai".'i la the lower loaned of
.riiiif-wi th renew of l"io. They
(Do Kpullicau caiicu hill
it uihii'.u CiatiutrMp at Wl, a al
i.whii uid -m fyukI the ortainal
.uniiw:ii !).. .. ii i4 tie ui mu tarli 1 1
h in uut klr Vwl J Win If Ari
Z'Unv uni ?' It .i im o..,ii vl aluul-H-l
Ii tnuinlimil. "Zlr w , . t vtie
TirmmoiMl' etuil.. Ir-iii- i.t u up
t -i 'v :'.:imi i. m itm ti ttt
ru:ivi i un wmiiuh, r"lf
HM.ri wifVt UMi. tlO W1IHIt a ji. UKH'V
tin t isijes o Uk o- hthiiiu. T iitoir
twist" ri:jTi;onufu. nun nr ihii
jee cmiout: Tilt tnUoe im; eiaun
puu lot n uoi if ii. ii jnff: i. iriUMitti.. V
V . iUTLIU. i K'lTt., !"TUI .'.
Iwrtu, i iuaiK '. . liiuicai - , Ijjii--eui..
1. : Kini:iie:ii : li'riAi.. .'.
rC iDueedto. i K'o:4aua. jrr .
I. .w lr..l iri likk.ru. : : l:x.
i UaMMItmni.. t ;.. 1. !fiil.Vlv-
lu..r .ot ih.nn .i aU Lo.sih :
'jt-.: 1 ia... 5 nhl:up sk. ' V.et.
iiinib, -
- aaaa- ... 4 I i
flan FEUKV'-,-V-rr-rl
waft r)51 J"1'". ''ro"
1 AlU AMix'Inln Judg.
T4. Nhorltr. IIOi
lmtH",,T 1 . rnllfl"! y
lion l " ,, -lui the 1'U "
..... nf '221 to".
g Vum
lo th Hun-
ull, lioca i
ThtO y1 , ,,1(iiler f",'
U m tl-T..
"':. .. hon tMVmontl,
Untied B w AlWf m .
"M"""l!:.i.-ml HmlH an.l
limit" VUrhlhll entries ate fairly
'""'flo of the total number ol
JJlrnral variolic kepi In Hie couu-
At lh aK" nf Dill year, and tindoulit
lly (he ohlenl white woman In the world
rn, Lucy Owen a la dyliiK at the home of
tier dtiKhtr, a oontonarlan, a few mile
went of Lonuvlew, Tex. Mra. Owena
waa horn In North Carolina, when the
(evolutionary war tiroka out and three
yeara later aaw (leorxe Washington. She
la the only living person who haa aeen
the Ural president. Many have quea
lloned her ago, hut Investigation of rec
ords show that aha gives It oorrnctly. I'p
unlit a year ago she could aee and hear
exceptionally well and could walk about
her room with the aid of a crutch. Until
recently alrlcken ahe aewed without the
use of glasses.
TllHot'ull the courtesy of lion. T. P
North we have received pholographa ol
the llnrnard atatuary, which la to adorn
the Capitol at llarrlshurg. They are
heaulilul II (in res of the human form di
vine, male and female, lust aa liod made
( limit, without any flu leaves or other Im
pediments, The Idea of draping Ihe fig
ures of any of these inagnllicent groups
strikes us aa ahaurd-almost sacrilegious.
It would he lo proclaim ourselves a gen
eration of I'harlaeea.-I'nnx'y Spirit.
When we hear the mellllliioua voice of
such a connoisseur aa llr'er Smith raised
In prolesl against thla drapery business,
we somehow feel Inclined lo agrre with
him that the beauty of tlieststusry would
be greatly marred by putting dreasoa on
the II go res.
Tiik growth of the automobile business
during the pl two yeara la forclully Il
lustrated by the ll go res of the highway
department. In l!K8 all lion resident
were compelled lo take out a license and
there was no distinction mado between
motor cycles and automobile, owner or
employed driver, and the grand tola! for
thai year was -,17ll. Of thla number
about 3,000 were to non-residents, about
1,500 to motor cycle, and about rl.000 to
e. o ployed drivers, leaving about 4,t'sH)
owned In Ihe stsle. Ihiring l'.i0 Ibe
grand total waa M.'.KVl. Aa lion resident
(excepting N. J.) required no license, leea
than 1,000 were Issued out ot Ihe ktale.
The drlveia totaled l.Slt! and motor cy
cles 3, Ml, having the net total of Pen ii
sy hnl owned cars al S.,2.Vl or aa in
crease ol nearly SO.OiW sli.i li'i'S,
A mil. abolishing all fee of ooun'y of-rli-ert
and auhstitiiting sslsrles therefor
basel iihiii population haa beeu present
el In the house at llarrlsbnrg. Miould ll
become a law the feea In coon l lee of lesa
than "AVOoO population would be aa fol
lows: Sheriff, J-.OiV; Prothonotary fi,-
IKM; Clerk of Courts, fl,.V, Register of
Wills, $,.W, Ketvrder of IHhhI, fU.tWj
County Tieaaurer, fJ,tXH; County Com
missioner, each, 11,000; Oninty Audi
tor, each, $liHij Coroner, HH; County
Solicitor, fW. In wunlle where one
lersou hold tli oUlce of rrothonotary
and Clerk of Court, or of Keg later of
IVeda and Keglster of Wills, as I the
case In Koreat County, ha la lo receive
the aalary for Kecorder or rrotuouolary
and (I.OiH) additional. The counlle at
lecleil by thla scale are these t Cameron!
Koreat, Kullon, Juniata, Monroe, Mon
tur, Terry, I'ike, Snyder, Sullivan,
V'uion, Wyoming.
Sknatoh lU'RVON, In hi addreaa la
the Uirimer rase last Tuesday, got down
to the gist of the matter w hen be sail.:
"We must emphasae the responsibility
of the elector and of 111 lasting necessity
lorlhopuiity of the Lwallot In all eleo
tlona. The real aouro of inwer, lb
security, the deieriuluing factor which
shall dclde whether thla Kepubllo ahall
exisl In Ita strength and retain that
splendid position of progress and leader
ship II haa enjoyed la the voter. If we
atrlke al ihe ballot Nix, If we allow cor
ruption, with It ominous head, lo creep
Into tti legislature of any state, then
clouda hover over our future. It la for
the Senate of the Vnlled State, from ita
aeal of honor and power, to declare that
Ita record uitial be free from talnl and to
register It judgment for the priuciple
that nowhere shall a dishonest vote or
dishonest count be tolerated," If Ihe
voter la honesl, and Insists upon honest
repiesmilatlve, the whole fabric, "from
turret to foundation alone, must i
sound and secure,
Hula I'l llll lea Collipun.
Aa a climax lo the Northern Utilities
company fiaaiai, nommorola! tomhstonea,
III the ahapn of constable sale notices,
have been ponied by Countable I', II,
Tan, for the disposition through legal
procena of th properly of Chailea IC
Wellhoiun, Die 11111 hsialded about
year ago, a about lo gihllron llila pail
of I'ennsr ivsnl llli ateam and Irolley
rallioail linen, the sain lo lakn place on
Keb. hi, 'I lie Jmlgmenl wan idilalned
against Wnlborne by K.. T, lloberta, ami
Ilia property lo be disponed of liiolnde
among oilier things of greater or Innner
value, niontly tenner, a planier-of pari
dog; a map (if IVnimr Iranin and otia of
Crawlurd tMumlv, probably lined lo mark
oil tlieaeveial linen (. I railroads, Ihe pro
moter prominetl In build from Krle lo
Tiouent. M.advllle, Oil Clt.r, Fraiialln,
and other low un In tioilh western I'eitn
sylvauia; sevetal buudlen of surveyor'
aud aoiue loon mien, left over afler
.'!." vt the parln ul tlis route to ICrle and
Vi :a C".t were surveyeil, tablen, nlooln,
mr. A..-ci e I.' all avunl lb lulf
ii. vif. "itr 7 ry much at ft'red nsle
Hut: n e.-.-. t foiv l ludgmeiit and
nuns U luir. ff.'.u.Ntifr w lt In
r'ltueoilir t pn tv gel lb
tlmiici 11 tiulit 1.h n. lii tiej u
(I tie eiuntii-; tt nenei it tit ass
tan. lui; in witimi: y u 4,. iie
jrwi: Imoijii lit- uTinwwt; in- or.t
..t liiran nilllon iioluc nur-xHren ta
em: l."e.iimtnn u cim"tiT'ef
si i.ii..! miuib. ik lui. p-mieL J'Uuv-m.k-
t-vurw:. "It.
1 nr tl OV"Jlfu,ily virgin (or-
. .....el thousand acre from
1 '"'""'"Hi"!"" wiuiepinn
I ehLamllnir thnra hut whra nn trnna of
i n - - - -
,it"r valuable specie were touched. The
while pine then deemed loo small ror
merchantable purnoaea-Including all
uierolianlslde purpose-Including all
leaa than 111 Inchea In diameter haa now,
by natural growth, become large enough
for Rood aaw limber; and were ll not that
ocoaaioually the decaying slump of treea
out nearly half a century ago can now be
aeon, no one would euspect that Ihe forest
la not a virgin one. It contain all
the other species (list It ever possessed
and ban, In addition, auch white pine aa
ha become large enough for merchant
able timber aa well aa that which haa
grown from seed. The prevailing spec lea
are hemlock, white oak, Chestnut and
hard maple, with auch other hard wood
aa generally accompany these, and today
It will rank well wltb the average virgin
forests of the country, and Ita destruction
should not be permitted. Hy proper
management It oould now be harvested
and a vigorous growth ooma on, aa haa
the white pine referred lo. It pieeiita a
case of preservative cutting, and the les
son should not be lost. It could be main
tained iu productive perpetuity and
should be.
If the other forests of Pennsylvania had
been treated In the same way we would
not now be confronted with an ev liable
timber famine, fact which la too plain
to deny or Ignore. The truth la we are
already experiencing that famine In Ita
first mild stages.
There la also on the tract another clasa
of forest area which deserve recognition
and consideration. Thla la where the
merchantable Umber of all klnda waa cut
off some 30 or 40 year ago and a aocalled
second growth haa come on. The amall
treea left, and the seedlings that have
come up, now pieaent a dense and vigor
ous aland which will In 25 or 30 yeara be
come large enough to harvest. There la
much white pine mingled with It, and aa
the height-growth of nearly all the
apecioa haa been substantially reached
the aland could be greatly beneHlted by
what la technically kuown aa "Improve
ment cutting," that Is, removing defect
ive tree and auch aa seriously Interfere
with the growth of the uioel vigoroua
It will be thus aeen that there are lo be
found on these separate and distinct
area all the desirable conditions of
profitable forest:-first, virgin atanda,
then conservative cutting and natural re
production, and, lastly, natural repro
duction where all merchantable timber
had beed removed and a second growth
allowed lo spring up. All this lurtiishea
an admirable leasou In practical loreatry
and should not be lost, as It will tie un
ices forest destruction la prevented, I
will add here that I have no uieana of
knowing just how much of the tract I
covered with any of the particular por
tion of forest growth which I have de
scribed, for I waa shown do map that
ould Indicate II. I will likewise add
that I could aee uo evidence of tire hav
ing ever run over any portico of the ter
ritory which I have thua far described.
Hcaldea Ihe wooded portions mentioned
and described there Is a comparatively
small area which was lumbered over
several yeara ago and over which fire
soon rail. This waa largely on chestnul
and oak bearing laud which haa now be.
come fairly well stocked with what la
known aa "sprout growth." Much of
thla area will, In time, naturally reforest
Itself with those species, It tire I kept out.
There are some small area of steep hill
aldea along Ibe Clarion river which will
be destitute of treea ol valuable specie
for a long timo unless reforestation by
planting is engaged in, but such area la
quite limited. There are, alao, some
farm on the highlands and some small
stretches of cleared land along the river.
The Utile village of Cookaburg a part of
the estate la located at Ibe Junction of
Tom's Run with the Clarion river and
tonus a delightful contrast to the sur
rounding forests.
The geological formation of the tract la
what Is known as the Lower Carbonifer
011s measures, A tlilu vein of coal of
small area haa been found, but that la
probably all that ever will be discovered.
I -arse quarries of excelleut sandstone
could be opened, for In aouie localltlee
large blocks of that, approximating ths
sise of common collages, can be seen
along the brow of the bills overlooking
the river. No oil has been found but
there are several producing gas well 00
the tract.
The description here given, though
somes, list brief and lacking In detail, la
still quite comprehensive In a general
way. Asa Nctor In forestry education
and conservation I deem the acquisition
of the tract by the State very Important.
If the Irfglslture should authorise the
Governor to appoint a Commission of ex
perta to examine it in detail and report
their findings, and their recommendation
should lie favorable, and the territory could
be secured at Just and reasonable rates,
my firm conviction is that the State will
fall In Ita duty if it doe not secure it. It
would be not only a lesson In practical for
estry but ll would be a place for reel reo-
1 est Ion for our citlsena w hich they will
not have an oppoitmnly to erjoy should
It not be secured, ll I easy o I access la
Ins limn six mill from a branch of the
Haiti te and Ohio Itsllrosd-snd If ad
illllonsl roada should be constructed
through the dense foiesta and lo the most
olisiining and picturesque portions, 110
mora delightful wlk or enjoyable ride
In carriage or automobile can be 1 10
Itenpeclfully auluiillleil,
M, II. ICl UolT.
f, ft, Appended heielo will be found
sereii phologinplia, Non, I ami V eter
lor of virgin white pine lorenln, Non, it
nd 4 Interior of same, No. f. Interior or
aeond growth, and Non. (1 and a view
ffoiu a point 101 Ihe rltilil bank of Ihe
I'lailon river otnilook log Unit n'resm
with mature and nsooiol growth fiirel
on th right, t atno submit S"mio tleen
furiilnhsil me by Mr. A. W. Cock, which
plean return lo him at your eonf etilemnn.
Tlion taken by mvnnif form a part of
Ihl teport. 'Vioiin Henpeetfnlly,
S R. K.
How lo rure a cold Is a q'lenilnii In
which inanv ie IntefMled ii! now.
Cbsuibeilsln's Cough llemedv ban won
tt rw leptita'lou sod Immensn nie by
rrktlw core of coldn. ll pnn ai
b dvwded upon. Kor sale by all
:. ir 1
Willie Hill.
Henry Pattorsnn spent the past week
visiting bl brother, Win. Patterson,
llradford, Pa.
Mra. Carrie De LaFontaine, of Erie,
Pa., v tailed her father, Dr. E, W. Smith,
a part of last week.
Mrs, Deri Hart In, of Warren, was on
the hill Saturday.
The numerous grippe victims of our
locality are all on the rnad lo recovery,
we are glad to report. 8. M. (ialhreatb
seems to be the last on the list, yet is
Misses Marjnrle Miller and Mary Hen
derson, of East Hickory, accompanied
the Rev. Meorge A. Harnard to hi ap
pointments here Sunday last.
Itoro School Report.
M 5 B
o m sa
3 3 a 0
1100M. r g.3 5
1 :
No. 1 34 32 IW 21
No. 2 40 37 IW 21
No. 8 27 21 IM 12
No. 4 2H 24 IU
No. 6 80 33 ltt 20
Total 166 lfal U5 rtf
Room Nn. 1, Blanche Pease, Teacher.
Ellr.abelh MuKee, Grace Kelt, Barbara
McCoy, liertha Smith, Maxlne Lylle,
Uenavleve Mong, Helen Itnel, 2rnestiue
Dowman, Maude Elixabeth Anderaon,
Marie Ilium. Mildred Davis, HelenaCun-
nlnghatn, Ileula Smith, Randall Hepler,
Maurice Cantleld, Wlllla McKee, Maur
ice Rhodes, Wayne Rail, Ray Anialer,
Edwin Uarett, Carlyle Uarett.
Room No. 2. Katharine Osgood, Teach
er. Shellon Davla, Robert Thomson,
Harry Hepler, Harold Sigworth, Joseph
Landers, Harold Amaler, Hugh Cantleld.
Harold Ellia, Rudolph Cropp, Omar
Dickrager, Arthur Lanaon, Bowman
Proper, Corlnne- Wyman, Gertrude
Rhodes, Leon Dickrager, Msrgaret
O' tiara, Mary Henshaw, Gertrude Mel
lon, Josephine Banner, Dorothy Sand
rock, Mildred Towna.
Room No. S. June Horman, Teacher.
Claude Bromley, Aubrey Felt, Glenn
Gelst, Gilbert Kllliner, Clifford Smith,
Walter Sigworth, taroy Thomson, Kloyd
Sandrock, Lester Weaver, Reulah Am
sler, Anna Mary Hultug, Marion Carson,
Agnes Morrison, Jaiuluu MoKee, Flora
Room No. 4.-C. F. Felt, Teacher.
Ltnaa Ledebttr, Margaret McCluskey,
Esther Jamieaon. Edith Arner, Zella
Decker, Marjorie Carson, Laura Brom
ley, Acte Hepler, Genavieve Grove.
Room No. 5.-Franola W. Gill, Princi
pal, J. O. Carson, Assistant. Aura Fore
man, Thomaa Rllchey, Farker Flick,
Delbert Decker, Glenna Weaver, Hsxel
Clark, Fern Dunn, May Lsnson, Marie
Mealy, Lillla Weaver, Rulb Foreman,
Lavlua Sibble, Guendolyn Hill, Edna
Rhodda, Alice Decker, Margaret Huddle-
Judge Awards It to Half Sister of
Murdered Woman Who Resides
In Brooklyn.
London, Fob. 14. In the probate-
court the Judge hinded down a de
cision nwnn'liig the estate of the late
Mr. ILiwlcy Harvey Cripjien. known
on the stnse as Belle Elmore, to Mra.
Theresa Hunn of Brooklyn, X. Y., a
nlf elster of the murdered woman.
The est.ite consls's of Jewelry, furs
nnd cash ".mounting In value to about
SS'a Cnunsel for Mr. Hunn argued
that Pr. Crinpen. who left all his
property to Ethel Clare Lcneve waa
l-:rred from leaving any of his wife's
estate to her because of his crime.
The Judse !n handing down his do
clslon said he could In the special clr
cums'ances piss crer the representa
tive of a fclott in this case with Miss
l.eticvo. He tot,fore decided that
Vrs. Hunn was entitled to her mur
dered sister's estate.
Thirty-nine VMshipmen Tender Ret-
Ignjtions to Navy Department.
Annapolis, Feb.. 14. As a result of
falllne to pass his tomi-annual exanv
Illations. Harold B. Sampson, youngest
yon of the late Reir Admiral William
T. Sampson, has forwarded his resig
nation to tbe navy department anl
there is 110 doubt but It will be accept
ed. There are :lt nildshlpment tn all
who wt'l 10 ar.d 119 lll be turned
lack In the nct lowest class.
Ano'her member rf the first clasa
who was compelled to resien was
Charles B Carroll of Baltimore, a d-
soe'idmt "f the noted Carroll family
one of w hom v.-as Charles Carroll of
Csnvllton. a wlrner of the Declaration
of lndcpender.ct
Mr. Nuinalo Blanes Certain Element
In United States With Trying to
Provoke War.
1.0s Angeles. Feb. U. Mr. NutnitKi.
temr.I s-'cretarv of the So'.ith Man-
churian railway, who was here on his
way bick to Jaivifi after a European
tour, blamed obtain element 'n the
I nltcd States wiih doing all It cua to
lunvoke wr.
".1,Han will do all In her poirer to
nvild war with this country," sitd Mr.
Nuin.ilo. "but If the agitation the cn
;itant talk of war and anu-Japamse
lcni-latloti Is kept up. it may e.;use
unp'oi'saut ivndtticn to arise becvi-en
the two nations."
-A piece of ft tin el dampened with
Cbsnilerllii'i Liniment aud bound on lo
Ihe sltccled psrts Is superior lo any plas
ter. When troubled with tame back or
pain In the side or cheat alve It a trial
and you are certain to be more than
pleased with the ptouipt relief which ll
afford, Noltl by all dcsleis.
9elKtilrv liabll. lack of outdoor ex-
prcl.p, iiisnltli'lenl losstlllostlon of RhhI,
roiist'Mtloii. a lor phi liver, worry aud
aiitlelv, ate Ilia inosl cotnnioii cause of
sPonaili IrtmhlH. Coriecl your haldt
and tske tiisiiibeilsln's Hi'iuch and
I Irer Tablet sod yon will nn be well
sasln. fft ! by all tlfa'sr.
Our Inventory is
Am) we Hod small lots of
various claaaes of goods
that we will close out at
Short lengths of Drees
(iiiods and Waah Goods
have been put up in shape
to show jou the saving al
a glance. Others in the
piece are offered at liberal
reduotiooa. Several pieces
of Outing Flannel and
Flannelettes will be
closed out at less than
coat A lot of high neck
Sweaters, Men's Fleece
Lined jackets, Men's,
Hoys' and Children's Caps
and Children's Tarns at
half price. A lot of Hoys'
Undershirts at 15 cents,
Children's at 10 cents.
Men's Arctics, light
weigh', at $t. Hoys' and
Youth's odd Vests at 25
cents. Men's Workiog
Coats, Mackiuaws end
Pontiacs at reduced
prices. A few good bar
gains in Shoes and other
Kxeculor Notice.
Letter Testamentaryl nn the estate of
William Khlera, late of Kingsley Town
ship, Forest County, Pa., deceased, hav
ing been granted to Ilia undersigned, all
persona Indebted to said estate are hereby
untitled tn make payment without delay,
and those having ulalina or demands wilt
present them, duly authenticated, lor set
tlement. Kpna L. F.iii.KRa, Executrix,
A. C. Rhown, Attorney. Starr, Pa.
List of causes set down for trial In the
Court of Common Pleas of Forest County,
Pennsylvania, commencing on the
Fourth Mondavof February, l!ll :
1. X. l. Oolilna et al. va. L. S. Clotmh
et al. No. A, September term, HK5.
Summons in ejectment.
2. Royd F. VVInana vs. I .eon Watson,
A. L. VVeller. No. 2, November term,
ltHW. Summons In ejectment.
3. K. F. lIsKgerly vs. A. R. Mechlin?.
No. 'J7, February term, 1!H9. Appeal
from J. P.
4. Borough of Tlonesta vs. Mra. H. L.
Hepler, No. 111. November term, liMO.
Appeal from J. P.
5. I'uited stalea Merchant Mutual Fire
Insurance Company va. Msrienville
Lumber Company, Limited, No. 2t', No
vember term, l!'10. Summons in as
sumpsit. Attest, J. C.GEIST,
Tionesta, Pa., January 30, 1911.
Furniture Dealor,
Neglected to Pay 300 Laborers on
New Trolley Line.
Huntingdon, Ta., Feb. 14. After a
three-day trial Frank Vallone, a con
tractor of Allentown, Pa., was acquit
ted In the criminal courts of Hunting
don county, on n charge of c-nibenle-ment.
In neglecting to pay 300 laborers
constructing tlie Huntingdon, I.ewis
town & Junhta' Klectrlc railroad.
Vallone proved that his intentions
were good, but he was unable to real
ise any money on the bonds the com
pany gave him In payment for his
Rothschild's Estate Worth $145,000,000
Vienna, Feb. I I. The None Frek
Fresse fieures that the estate of Baron
Albert Rothschild, who died here Sat
urday, Is worth $145,000,000.
New Ycrk Provision Market
New York, Feb. IS.
WHKAT No. 2 red. f. o. b., 96c;
No. 1 northern, spring, $1.13.
CORN No. 2. 52,c.
OATS Standard. 36c.
rORK Mess, $22.;.0 T2S.O .
Hl'TTKU Creamery specials, 29
do extras, 2T f 27H; s'ate tubs
f.nest. 2t: packing stin-k, held 14 16c
CHEKSE State whole milk spec
lals, !ji:1i;c.
Epjis State se'eeted white. 22c.
POTATOES l.ons Island. (H-r bbl.,
$1.50(T2.0O; state in bulk. $l.3;1.62.
Buffalo Provision Market -Huffalo,
Feb. 13.
WHEAT Ni. 1 not thorn, carloads,
$l.0S ; No. 2 red, Stic.
CORN No. 2 yellow, SOc f. a b.,
afloat. No. 3 yellow, 4i4c.
OATS No. 2 white, 34V.C f. o. b.
afloat: No. 3 white. S3c.
FI.OCR Fancy blended patent,
per bbl., $t' ff 6.7.1; winter family
patent, $".: J; 6.00.
Rl'TTKR Crt-aniery, Western tuba,
2S: state creamery, fair to mod, 24
CHEESE Hood to chotce, USdt
EO.OS- Slale nolrclcd while, 24 if
f. POTATOES -White, chnlco to fan
cy, per bu 4Sc,
Eaat Buffalo Livestock Market.
CATTLE - Pi line stiois, $t!.."0iff
.!"; (J.xid to i-t-vilce butcher steers,
.6ir' .;:: choice fat xw. $.i.iHf
." choice heifers. $".7T (itt.OO; com
men to f.::r bill's. $;t.7." is 4.5u: i hoict
veals. $..0iii 10;:; fair to sood
S:.o i(! S.7J.
SHEEP Al 1.AMPS Clipped
yeail ttss, $..oo ; mixel sheep
f5.7-.i ? .
litH'iS I.Uht Yorkers. $7 S'.HI7.S:;
hc;iy ho.is, $7.4." y 7.."o; pit;- $SaH(.J
Bufljtio Hay Ma-Vet.
Tlm.ohy No t. on t'.iok. $K.M; Sa
llinotnv. f n r.'.i u i-. -7-w,
he-it tied oa.i.. STOJS M. j
There is Real Safety
:p vbiiR Money .s
in 1 1 iu
Tbe bank is the iafest place to keep your money. A bank loans no
money without "Rilt ed(;e" security. A bank is not in business to go
broke," because the bankers would then FIKST lee U of t'ieir money.
CAPITAL STOCK, - - 150.000.
SURPLUS, " 1100,000.
We pay liberal interejt consistent with safety, 4 per ceut.
Forest County N.tioioJ Bank,
Buy a
Champion Gas
And we give you a Coal and
Wood Range Free.
How can we do it? Come in
and let us show you these won
dorful Interchangeable Ranges.
Can be changed from gas lo
wood or coal in an instant and
at no extra expense This is
guaranteed to be one of the beet
Ranges on Ihe market today
aud our price is
Only $35.00
The most essential qualities
of any cooking stove or raoge
must of necessity be:
First The ease and rapidity with which food ran bo conked.
Second Economy in the use of fuel while food is being cooked.
Third Durability of the stove or range.
Fourth Heating qualities of the stove or raoge in order that
the room may be properly warmed io winter; likewise, the ability to
properly and quickly conk the food in the summer lime and yet have
the stove not beat the kitchen. The above points of superiority
csn be demonstrated to your satisfaction if you will visit our store.
J. 0. SC0WDEN,
Every Kind of IUrdware, TIONKSTA, PA.
Having taken over the J-is ! Bromley Agency io Tiooesta, I am pre
pared t) furnish the people ot Forest County anythiog and everything in
the line of Agricultural Machinery and Implements. I have the
J. I. Case Traction Engines and
And can furnish anything io the line of Machinery and Implements of the
Johnston Harvester Co. Make.
Agent for the celebrated
Kramer Wagons,
And keep io stock a nice line of
The Best Buggies.
Phosphate and Burnt Land Lime always on hand.
Charles Clark,
Tionesta, Pa.
Confirmation Aolire.
Notice ia hereby given that the follow
inir account Lave been filed in my otUce
and will te pnvenled at the next term of
Court, beguiling on the Fourtn Monday
of February, 1911, for confirmation :
First and final account of Ellen M.
Miller, administratrix of ths rotate of
Hanrv W. Miller, lata of Hickorv town
ship, Foreat couuty, Pa , deceased.
Clerk of Orphans' Court.
Tloneata, Pa., January 30, lyll.
Wiikkkas, The Hon. W. W Hinckley,
President J ude of the Court of Common
Plea and ljuartor Session in and for
tlie county of Forest, ha iwuusl his pre
cept tor holding a Court of Common Plcax,
Ijimrtcr .Simslon of the Peace, Orphans'
Court, Over and Terminer aud lieneral
J all liellverv, al Tionesta, for the
County of rorest, to commence on
llin Fourth Monday of February, being
lint 'JTth day of February. 1;M1. No
lle I therefor given to the Cor
oner, Justice of the Peace and Con
tahtca of id county, that thev be then
and there iu their proper persons at ten
o'clock A. M., ot said dav with their
record, ituiuisiiions, examination, and
other remembrance, lo do those lluiic
which lo their otlice apperuiu lo ly done,
and to those w hoare Km ml in reovniunce
lo prosecute aipunst the prisoners thai are
or shall oe in thejailof Forest Countv, that
Itiey may l Uien and there io privu;e
acsinst them as shall be iusu Gjveu un
der mv hand aud sl ihit S-;b dav of
Jaouai v, A. 1. 11 1.
S. R. MAXWELL. il-Sw Shenff.
Chambsriaia's Cough Remetff
Ore Ciia. Crats ui Wtj-fLXf
i y "'"ar t f-'J
Ee-u tor's Xotice.
Letter Testamentary on tb estate of
Clara Maya, late ot lUruett Township,
Forest County, Pa., deceased, having
been grained to Ibe undersigned, all per
son indebted to said estate are hereby
notified lo make payment without delay,
and Ihose having claims or deiuauds will
piesent them, duly authenticated, lor set
tlement. W. J. Mats. Executor,
Clarington, Pa.
S. P. Irwin, A. C. Prows, Attorneys.
F.ver ii tor's Xotlce.
I-e.lers Testamentary on the estate of
Margaret E. .ihniser, late of Tionesta
Korvugh, Forest County, Pa., de-easd,
having teen grantel lo the undersigned,
all person indebted to said estate are
hereby untitled lo make payment with
out deiay. and these baving claims or de
mands will present tneui, duly authenti
cated, for settlement.
G. W. Arskr, Executor,
Rnnetsburg, Pa.
A. C. Brows, Attorney.
e are manufacturers of
All Kinds or f.rauite ami
?lrble Tor Moiiiiine m.
tal l'urposes
at a Mvirg of - to 3' per ceot.
Xo Aleuts.
Oil City Granite & Marble Works
J. Km, Pr.rrhtor.

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