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The Tarboro' Southerner.
December 14, 1371.
Mrssns. Griffin A Hoffman, New?
;1er Ailv-rtSinfi Agents, 4 South
Steel, Ihlltinioic, Md., are author-
ijfl t contract for ad vertiseitetits at our
Itrrst rates. Advertisers in that City are
ri tie
If u se
ted to leave their favors with this
Hardware and cutlery very low at John
Dec. 14. Cotton 17 J
Dec. 12. Cotton irui.
-Cotton very
I A R Ito 1:0,
1 cents.
iSj cent.
liAl.TIMOKE, Dec. 12
inn. U1J cents
New .Yuk. Dec. 12. Cotton 20 J
oen.s G-.Kl 109
Pmliie.e, thi t;r.j.u e.rcis niv.i, has given
u s the (jo-by. Hi' coal J you be so cruel
Daniel ? .
Don't fail to road What Spragius has to
say about his Christina stock, and by all
tajaui don't fail to make hun an early "call
An enquiring youth about town, a few
iivs since, expressed wonder that cold
weather madcj hiin so thirsty. 0 course, it
was cod weather.
The "Howard Hotel" has a bran new Bil
liard Table, arouud which many do Hock.
Notning like a little competition in a I
"We nre indebted to the Hon. Clinton L.
I bb. Representative fram the Firt Dis
trict, for some valuable and interesting pub
lic documents.
Phinimer. Lewis &. Co. sell Tlardware at
New York and Baltimore prices or lower.
Jumping, nn.u tuepit.-s1.1cwu.tv4 coi
toa ha-i jumped considerably, having
reichsd yestcr liy 17J cents. It will proba
bly cnwl up to 13 to-day.
Jnt received, a licsli supply of choice
J"-ily Butter.
h-c. 7 1271. tt M. Wkpdklt..
The yo m nwu 01 Sparta and viciuitv
r ;) havm; a Gran 1 Tmra.i;nnt an I
1U1I soma time ab ut Christinas. We will
gi ve full particu'ars as soou as obtained.
Go ai examine the s'ock and prices of
Hardware at Plumnitr, Lewis it Co.'s.
" e have received a communication frnm
Sy. vaster Hisso'L, which, ou account
The Raleigh Smtinel s:iys: We under
stand that the Grand L'.dRe have t:keti
$10,000 woith 01 stock in the Masonic Te.n
pie Association. We learn that the amount
of stock now subscribed for is s nnethlng
over $40,030, and that it is probable tint
the corner tne f the Temple will be laid
in April or Slay next.
Hold Up. Tho County Commission' rs
have Kissed a law forbidding any one to
drive over the bridge at Tarboro faster than
a walk, under a penalty of five dollars lor
each offence.
Also that notices shall ba stationed at
each end of the bridge notifying all drivers
of the fact.
So watch your corks, ye that are disposed
to test the ruettla and speed of your auinia's
upon the aforesaid structure.
. . Sveized. w!Tle7rn"that Ass'tTAssesBor
McCabe seized a horse and wagon and
three boxes of Tobacco in Taboro, The
fellow had half a box that he hadn't sold
out in his carpet l ag and marked 'Shurts
and sic.h." 'lZalergh Carolinian.
The "Shiuts and eioh" are now iu poses
sion of the officers, and any one wishing to
invest in tho same can do so by calling upon
Mr. Mc.
We are ajain called upon to chronicle
the death ofan aged anfl esteemed citizen
of this county On "Wednesday night
Major John H. Fenner, o the vicinity of
the town of Halifax, departed this life.
He was so - e seventy year of atie, and has
always been highly esteemed hy his wide
circle of acquaintances and friend-" tor his
many excellent qualities. lie was buried
yesterday evening. lianoke Xews.
Clergymen, Bankers, Book-keepers,
E litors.and all others that load sedentary
li ves, will find much relief from the fre
quent Tleadachcs, Nervousness, and Con
st:pation engendered from want of cxer
else, by takinii S; vimyns' Liver Rcirnlutor.
T, :.. . 1 ..-.". ''("'i"1"' et nij.5b.,, ,
can do no injury; an. I numbers w o hsvc
tiied it will confidently assert that il is
the best r-medv tint c:in hp used.
of length, and want oi space, tvj have been
compelled to leave over until next issue.
It wi 1 then appear.
II iiery and notions in groat variety bv
J-:hu O lla.'.n. j
The number of prisoners in J. til his boon !
Ms'.d-rabJy r.d.iee 1 sin.te fa's opening of i (" the fcJ.OOO raised So;000 is loaned, 3.
(,'u :rt iw.i weeks a .. I'ir'T-ou werj in I O00 is in stick and $2,000 is in cc't:tii ate
custody at that timo. T;iere are now only j ' scholar-hips. Elevt-n tiiou-and il..!lais
ci'hteu enjoying thj hjspiuiity of ihe'""t yet iaied. has been p'cl ed. A su'i
? o ipn.'ii an laken for the eolU 'iteaud eve
r:d hundred dol'.irs w re plcl.-d.
Off For the Penitently ky. On Tues
diy last a party of officer left for the Feu
itentiary at Itaieigh, having in charge the
foll-.Wmg prisoners, seuten'ie.l at the late
Superior Court.
B. F. Drat!, convicted of obtaining goods
nndr fa't.3 pretences. Two year:.
Tbeophilu Dicken. -Larceny .-Five years.
Henry Harrison, Larceny. Five years.
Abel Hines Burglary Five years.
Granville Hines, Burl try, Five year!.
In the M. K. Con erenee on Monday
Kev. L. S. Burkhead read part of a report
on educnliou which retfcrrtsl to I)aveniort
Female CoPepe, aiei I'riietv College. Rev.
Win. Barritfper pave lesi 1 11,1 of tl r
l.ni1d'r!p wi'l said tliat in addition to 600,
000 trieks aid when tlu proierty w,i
houpht. i .000.000 luvp teeti lanl si :eH.
e.j jn'y.
ji-r. L.-ivj
ridges aud tinn Rod at F
it Co.'s H ird.vare Storo.
1'svsks. We ure uad-r obligitloe.
t.ij II n. r E- S.iinner, Treasurer of
l':i:te l States for his ani'td rjp rv
b .;;d' OJ the first r.iinv d;iv that v.e are
en j
1 r j .1 if lViin .tIi
J 11 t received, a Ire-ii Mipply of choice
Family Butter.
icc! 7tii lS7l.tf M. Wkdki.i,.
Not a day parses mat w e -do not see on
ru streets numbers of sr.iriers attrae'ed
In !i r by bu-ia -ss. We s"iould judire by
II v;;r.3 uri Pa. u:rM.s - At thj J. -elry
KstatblisLment of 3Iessrs Chaiuiierl lin A
li.i'rtls iu iarb'To ia.ty no v seen a lai ge
OjUftuti'iV of silver vrvice awarded by the
C-ipe Fear Agricultural Society to dpi.
J:h 11. Ti tgO'iu for thi most gouoral oxhioi-
uou 01 mm crops, a:i.t improvement upon
his Plantation. Tho servicj consists of a
beautiful Coffee an 1 Tea Set of ht pi'-cos.
an e'egaKt J'ruit Stiiud, a haad-anie Ice
Pitchur, Waiter and .i;Llets. and a most
'!.)" Jy solid silver Cup. the wuols nuuibrr
inr eighteen pi'.-ees ai:d va'ued at n t 1
;tnio.i!it of trade through and to Tarboro ; than tijve hundred dol ar Tuev are all
Ret. Mr. Whep.leu. It will bo nnti
by reference to the ap(inUneBt made bvJ
iuciuiruisi uouierence, tnat tne Kev.
Joseph Wheeler has been continued in his
pastoral duties over the Church at Tarboro.
We feel confident this action will give
univer al satisfaction to his Church and the
public generally.
Mr. IVheeh-r is an earnest and zealous
minister, and during tl.e past year, by his
uniform course of gentlemanly deportment,
has gained a large number of warm friends
in this community, who would regret to see
liim removed to another tie d of duty.
The Poo ;. Poverty is nt ad times the
most inexorable of tyrants. His chains, se
vere and galling, are particularly so in tho
cold and dreary months of winter. Thon it
is that the exclamation of the faithftl Squire
Sauqho Pauza that he, that is poor is desti
tute of everything, seems to be most fully
realized by them; for they are at times de
nied the genial warmth of the sun. We'
have in our midst a large number of that
kind of persons, those who are not simply
in unorosperous circumstances but who
even lack wliat is indispensably necessary
to prolong their unhappy existence, food,
clothing and fire. They are connected to
us by the tiss of humanity and made the
objects of our merciful consideration by
the commands of Christianity. An awful
responsibility will be incurred by us if we
give them not to eat when hungry, naught
to drink whou thirsty, or clothe them not
when u:iked. They appeal to us in a stid
sm dl.but eloquent voice. Let us attend
to them at onee ? Their case will not admit
of delay. Let those who are posessed of
this words goods, and living a life of luxury
seek out and administer relief to the suffer
ing, and, besides, e would suggest, that du
ring the api-roaching season of-gavety that
one or more balls or public entertainments
be given and the proceeds arriving from the
s:iui8 be applied td charitable purposes.
Then will our pleasures be productive- of
good, and "jnauv will rise up and call us
uievseu. W e shall at n .distant clay refer
ogam 10 mis suoject.
r .
Min'istkes. We give below the following
list of appointments for this part of the
5. late, made by the M.tthodist Conference re
cently in session ai Charlotte:
Itaieigh District- F Pied, Presiding
L.l.101'. Uiu .igu, A W Mangum; Wako, A
H Riven: liobesville, A D Betts; SniithSeld.
J E Thompson ; Tar River, O J Carraway;
Ijouisourg, U J iiren! ; trauviiie, W O Can
non; Koek S ring Missiou, M J Hunt: Hen
dsrson, H H Gibbons; Nash, T B Keeks;
i uson i.ssiou, supplied ly J J.Johnson;
Editor N C Advocate, J B Bol.hitt; Assistant
Edifoa. II J Hudson ;SS Agent. Jos R3ed.
Washington District S D Adams, Presi
ding Elder. Washington and Greenville,
Wi'l II rail; Warrju, R A Willis; R.anoke,
I T Wyche; Tarboro, .1 V.'heeler; Wil iam-
ston, B B Culbreth; Plyinouih, F D Swin
dle; Columbia, suppled bv FA Andrews;
Bath, 1 1 F Wiley; Matlanmskeet, K C Phil-
bps; Portsmouth, Oraeoke and rj,vtteras,
W M D Hoore; Su.ieriutendent Institute of
coh.r-d people, 11 O Barton.
dmingtou District W C'oss, Prer?idin2t
F.'d-.v. Wilmington, Front Strer, Dr R S
IL -.ran; Fifth S.reet, J Bj.shamer. Topsail ;
J D Baie; XeenausviUe, C M Anderson;
M e nj'ia, J 1 Harris; CoktVocry. J B Bai
lev; B aden, J. hu T Bagwell; Elizabeth, A
llMerebL--on; Abbottsbiirg, W R Ferguson;
Whitevil'e, W B Maaesn; Pciithville, J L
Keen; R.chlaud, supplied by J T Gibbs.
On-slow Mission, R P B bb; Church of the
SjaageK, N Y, Dr C F Desms.
In Washington, N. Cvny?. n. Dafton;
Mr. Gno. E. Buckman, and Miss Louiza
Farrow, all of Beaufort County.
D I D.
On Sunday, the 3;! of Dec, 1871, at his
residence in Tyrrell cJnnty, Charles Mc
Cleksk, Esq., in iU 70th yerr of his age.
At Elinwood near Washington, N. C. on
the 30th of Nv. Mrs. Elizabeth S. T.
Grist, wife of Jimes K. Grist, in tho '49th
year of her age.
In Raleigh, very fmddenL'.Mrs. Mabt E.
Bktts, wile of Mr. Vt C. Betts.
A full supply of John M. Davies & Co's
Linen shirts. Collars &c., at John O'Hagan's
You who lead sedentary lives Printers,
Tailors, Shoemakers, etc.. will lind a great
relief for Constipation from which you suffer
so often, by taking Simmons' Liver Regula
tor. It is a simple, harmless, vegetable
compound, sure to relieve you, and can do
no injury. t .
A large and well selected stock of boots
and shoes of the best quality i'of saile cheap
by John O'Hagan.
t!i it our li it-els were
a'ji ; bu j'.n jsi.
doing a large audprofit-
G an 1 ex imiu.; Hie s ock and pri.'
Hard v.ir ; at P!;i:im?r. L jwis A Co.'s
E:-t 1 1 n ty.. "Ye u.i.l-.-rU:i 1 tht Ju 1 ;e -M
.or .1:1 1 W-.t h ivs exch inged circa;.s
-r th li'tt t-:r a. Griisv Si'u w'.'l hive
c.rt.i.n'y very tine, and it is but a jut triouie
to the larm.ug qualilii:atiius'ot' our d.:-tm-gu'.s'ied
cotiury ua.iu.
Tne public ire invited to c"! at Mosrs.
i 1. !
eriaia i l.
t i
-i irt 1 lity
'. v 1 i:r '.!
w i Lrf 1!
:i'buiriti ' 1
1 tying hi
ds rr.vi nativity.
Fl :ir tt :ut i'.i uiry for s;tl 1 2oa
lri Oili; 1 1
The County Co.u msiiiri hw? ha 1 t'i-.
Jil furiishe 1 with matrisses and s?ives,
1 1 is ren lering the building much more
EiAMiNIt THE Sot illEl;:,-.-r.. - Ci.r stuns i.s
n?.ir at uail.-u-lth ai its p e.t-au: r.-i'ol ec
f.oi.s an 1 joyous aiiticipatie.a..
Tlir.ity UoUi--ive .ire ctstiu about as
to the )l.tCt-s :r-.m which ti.ey may spre id
thdir ba.li aud erau:y tLe appeUteS ot
the oa-i. liuuie
Prju 1 fa'beri r.re fpeci.l -iting when aud
wl; r.-thty c.a best d s;).j of tlivir sary us
c ia ig- it r the aniuseiiint and happm
o; tiieir youthlul pr g. ny. U h i,; ev-ry
bodv with a fj ex. r.t d.ni-.s to sp:reurj
"The UsrvEBS vi, Ateb." Oa my journ
eys over the continent through Turkey,
India, China, Japan, .Peru, Chili, Paraguay,
and the United States in them all to some
extent and in some to a great extent. I
have found the Universal Aver represented
by his family medicines, which are often held
In fabulous esteem. Whether they win
their mavelous reputation, by their cures,
I know not, but I know they have it to such
a degree that it frequently gave me a distin
guishd importance to have come from the
same country. Field's letters from abroad.
"The IIlmax Hair. Burtnelt's Cocaine,
a compound ot Cocoa-nut Oil,.uctM is un
rivalled as ii dressing lor the iiair. For
sale by aii liruggists.
Magic of tiik Mouth -Odiferous Sozo
doiit lenders the mouth enchanting, com
posed of rare, antiseptic herbs, it imparts
whiteness to the teeth, a delicious flower
like aroma in tins breath, and preserves
intact from youth to aga tiro teeth.
,"Wno Will Suffku?" It is now 24
years since Dr. Tobm.s' Venetian Liniment
was put berore the. public, warranting it to
cure Chronic Rheumatism, Headache,
Cuts, Burns, Brtwses, Old Sores Pains in
the Limb, Bade and Ch-esf, and it has
never failed- Sold bv I)- tigiist. Depot,
10 Park Place' New Yo:k- "
Pesetratixo to the scarce of disease in
the secretions rind the cu'culahon, regula
liiiK every org'in, and bracing every nerve
and fibre of the i dy, IH. Walkkr's Vixe
OaPi 1ITTKK3 arc e fleet iuir' t!ie most aston
ishing cures T iiiil gcstioii, biliiousnuss,
nerve us weakness, rheiiniatisii', scrotuloiis
disorders, and chronic constipation, that
tho world as ever witnessed.
Lkt tnerv titmilv have a supply of
Cure f.ir Dyspepsia and all bilious disease.
Depot No. 23 S. Calhoun St. Baltimore.
ap. 20 Gait M K -3 . G. W. DEEMS.
The Great Pictorial Annual.
Ilostetter's United States Almanac for
'1872, for dtstiibutiou, gratis, throughout
the United State, and all civilized countries
of tho W estera Hemisphere, will be publish
ed about the first of January, in the English,
German, French, Norwegian, Welsh, Swe
dish, Holland, Bohemian and Spanish lan
guages, and all who wish to understand the
true. philosophy of hea'th should read and
ponder the valuable suggestion it contains.
In addition to an admirable medical treatise
on the causes, prevention and cure of a
great variety of diseases, it embraces a large
amount of information interesting to the
merchint, the mechanic, the miner, the
farmer, the planter, and professional man ;
and the calculations have been made for
such meridians and lattitudes as are most"
suitable for a correct and comprehensive
N.ti-jjjal Calkdab.
The nature, uses, and extraordinary sani
tary' effects of Hotitctter's Stomach Bitters,
the staple tonic and alterative of more than
half the Christain world, are fully set forth
in its pages, wVdch are also interspersed with
pictorial illustrations, valuable receipes for
the household and farm, humorous anec
dotes, artd other instructive and amusing
reading ma'ter. original and selected.
Among the Annuals to appear wiih the
opening of the year, this will be one of the
most useful, and-miy be had for the asking.
The proprietors, Messrs. Hostetter& Smith.
Pittsbu.-gh, Pa., on receipt of a two cent
stamp, will .forward a copy by m-ail to any
person who ieatinot procure one in his
neighborhood. The Bitters are sold in
every city, town and villaga, and are
extensively used th:oughont the entire
civili'.ed world.
Fa km kim Noticb Tuise You are now
hauling your cotton to Tarboro.
You hava your carts aud wagons going
homewa. d empty.
This is now. tt e best time to call at my
warehouse and carry back your full supply
I lime. All in good order and full weight
guanintcen. "Don't fail to take advantage
ot this opportunity.
JOS. 13 COFFlELD,.Tarbro, N.C.
Sept, 21, 1871. . 42 tt.
The" Rev. William II. Norton, while re
siding in Brazil as a Missonary, discovered
in that land of medicines a remedy for
Consumption, Scrofula, Sore Throat,
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Tmd Nervous
Weakness. This remedy has cured my
self a' er all othr medicines had Piiled.
Wishing to benefit the suffering, I will
send the recipe lor preparing and using
this reined v to all who desire it FREE
Please send an envelope with your
n-inie and ajdre-s on it. . Address,
675 Broadwav, New York City.
Sept. 21. lo7l. 42-ly.
!I ! St: li E LA X EO I S .
Just after the Court broke in New Ynrk I made niy purchase, an I b .ririt
them l'O l'er "Cent IiCSS, and I have just ccev;d a full Line of
Ready Made
Tiiey will
Sold L&w
Purchase LINT COTTON and pay
the Full Yalue.
Tarboro, N. C, Oot. 12
TEYEelei, . . J- 8" AjlES-
to gratify
l;liICV ol S.V'ect
te:r own
-iieiris and
comfortable tn-n b-. f re. a n-iich needed
i n ir e" , ,.,f f. tr t tl a it u lf.'-F ff : lia i . l4
convic's though tuev vl. ' lojitiug tor artic
J,n"i -i-.r i.'-t's ,v T,ci M.-fiiirivin ! or t.eiil ti
Nj v Y rk aul Baltimore prices or ljwer. i C 'iT' .m. . . 1...
1 lir .III 3.C U e ..J14 It I -...V.LIU.O jrw-u,
; the cf'lum.LS of ilie .-onHiiista. Iu these
: will be touud a .solution lor every do.i.."
' on this imporUiut subject. Enm.ne whit
eaeii nieica.ii!i an I d.-ih.T h.is to say lor
nimse t. Make your personal es.iiniiuuoiis,
j and complete y-ur purjn.'uv4 bvior. yom
i ue.ghbor has d -prlved you of the ch.uiee.
B.'or-' th 1 nji. is.u of t'li S r rrr -.rtN-zn
w- . s'i i'l rn ik j ;irr n em ?"ts that will nti.ite
r a'.iy iiuirov. the appe-.ir.ince of the narcr.
we nave been Lin- niL'
to a pressman, which
t or several WefSs
u i 1 r .1 :3 -alt
v.-lil in futur3 b-i ob7i 3:1.
a l:M
V Oi
I i f receive I
1" !! v B ifter.
D c. 7 H71. rf
1 ae it o to d g.yei :y tn vo.iug mn
of Tarb ro 011 Tiiursl iv the 2Sth, will take
place at the- Ml iwar.l Hotel" in ifeid of the
Fema'e Academy. The proprietor, Mr.
Millspaugh. has cluirg of the general man
agement, which is the surest gnarantee that
evjry thing will be done up 111 fait.
Wirj Cartridges and Gun Rods at Plum
mer, L;vis & f'o 's Hardware Store.
C c 'F.thes S-ri3endl The good people
of the viltage, B ittleboro, seem to be pecu
liarly aflllc'ed with this well known disease.
Notwithstanding its limited population it
m ist have no less than half a dozen corres
poudjnts for as m my different papers, and
if p -rpetual puffing will make a place, Bat
tlfboro is d-istined to become a mighty
citv. So be it.
j Srrat.Ms tar. I ;.c su.oejue t u-t
1 meets 111 liileiir 1 ll.e liist Mu:iJ.iv 1:1 Jdn
! univ the II Kieion 01 t M. Ci-.Ii-mi i,
. Chief .J Ice of N or 111 Cil" ti 1', pu s ilui.
j The liii.ines of mis body tor !Uo Jaiii.ny
term will i'C taltcil up ia the f.dloAing
! r mine:
Fusi week first and second Qistricis.
Second week fourt h and fl!th DiRtuct-i.
Third week third and .seventh I iricls.
Foililh week eighth aud ninth DiMrcis.
Film Week lent Hand eleventh Districts.
5ixih week telt'lh and MXih Districts.
Applicants for liecii-e to practice law
will be examined on Mondy of the tirst
veek. Tho oidor d examination wiil rim
as oilo: Rgnts of pioperty. Practice
and Pleading, and the Cotie 01 Civil Pio-ceedure.
"Pomehov's Democrat M. M. (-Brick')
t. ,.-. te-lif.,!" rttil I'roiiriAtnr Ti.itt tlo
above truth, clipped from an ex- j 1.. eirouLition, with the greatest and
most interesting variety of reeling matter of
.inv I'obti.'al tia.vr in tho witI 1. Subscrin-
The pwhli-her ..." a newspaper, j lknl ,ir;0, o 5. ci,,0 r iU.s $0 00. Sample
loiues eut tree. A-.Uross C 1 . Sykes, pub
isher. I'ost-ofii-i bos 617, New York.
, Tiikt Read brr Oo r Pay. "It not
iinfiequeiitly occurs, when pers-ns are
a-Ue't it' ti.ey will subscribe for a local
ne vpa per, or if they already take It that
tuev leoty -N-' but neihlior B
ui4 have the rea-ihui of it eutrru icrffc.'
I hey are benefitted t-'uery vetk b the to Is,
p'ipUxities, and expenditures of thoe
who receive nothing from tlieni in return."
I in
change, hould be copied and rc-copn ,1 iu j
evciy c-oi'iiry paper, until the trouble is i
oei.eiiooiy, hm lie does in a measure, upon
Mibseriptioii fist fvir suppoit, natuially
eXiei ts each la'niiv who destie to read
he. p.i.er to suhsei ibe f-rit.if they can
iitfoniii. Subscribers themselves, as well
as pa !ihers, lind the newspaper borrower
a tirt-ela nuir,ce. !r he nfleu b -rrows
it i ! he 'owner is about to read it. retains
it it eeita'.n times when he mis;s it, and
t"o otreii, if he returns H at ail, tho piper
is in ciieh a condition Unit no erne of nic t
fi;sit) lilies ivoiii.l care to rtad it. We
Oil ill
nui.'iiee has bc 01110 intolerable, the pub- j
ti-hei print, when req nested, or stamp in j
large letters above the heading, "Siub--.ciibein
11 .t p r!ii.tted to lend this paper," i
.,1, "l 'o edition not f..r b rroers." The
1. lea would lalCe ih vibseriiiers, and prove
a peiitle hint to the meanest of ad tuisery-uiiikt-t
RnceU's Iv-porUr.
The suggesti n is a good one, and we uo
clara most emphatically thitt "ihis edition
01 the SotrruiasEB is not for borrowers.
Almost every day soma complaint on this
subject reaches us from our subscribers,
l'hey have not received the;r paper. Upon
investigation it app-aars that it has beoa ap
propriated by some rascally fellow too uii".u
and stingy Ui pay fur it hinilt, yet ready
to read it at his neighbor expense. If the
thing is not stopped, and that spw-dlly, we
shall mike soi.j folk's, ears about "these
diggiiis" tittle with u little unpleasant
Thj tLing has reached a point at which
forbearance ua3 ceased to be any longer a
"A vrord to the wise," fcc
I have now m Storr at my Warehote,
a large lot of Rockland Lime for Buildin
pnrpi is-'s.
Aii Pl-.istc.ers flair. Those wishingto
lakes it. i ;,,. wp,j luake insiuediate apitlication to
ap. 20-tf
CIlss who is tiik Neatest 11ol'-Es
keepkk in t i-vn? We know her. She
cleans her knives, cbttia, windows, paint,
oil cl iths tables and tl-"irs, and brightens
her tin, brass and c.'lp-j- wares with
Enoch Morgan's Sons' Sapoiio. .Ask for it
It is a irood thin-.
i Pbatt's Astral (Ml. Not the Cheap-
How's Teat? Turner's North Caro'ina
Almanac lor 1872 is on our bib e. In look-
iug over the government of our 'State, we
i observe tuat J. E. AI jorj of Martin, is out,
The indomitable Morris & Bro. are ex
tending their business at a rapid rate.
Their ursent store beintr too small to a-
com moil its all their business thevhave onen- ! dow n h Judge of 1 he second Judicial Dis
ed a branch establishment in the store re- j triei and that Joseph J-Martin, the solicitor,
eentlv occimied bv P. II. Rowe as a Billiard ! made to tia.l from Edgecombe. That is
saloon. This has been handsomely fitted
up. and is now one of the best locations in
Just received, a fresh supply of choice
Family Butter.
Dec. 7, 1871. tf M. Wepdell.
A Good Ide a. The Sheriff has been direc
ted by the Coun'y Commissioners to pro
ceed at once to put the C"urt House in re
pair, provide benches for the accommodation
of clients, and also construct a box for
prisoners all very necessary and proper in-
all wrong Mr. Moore has never beeu a
Judge aud Mr. Martin is a resident of Martin
county. As Almanacs deal almost wholly
in prognostigntions and are nearly entirely
worthless lor the present, perhaps its author
meant to speak in Juturo. If so, it may all
come true, for Mr. Moore has, we think,
some judicial aspirations, and Mr. Martin
spee.ks of moving somewhere, and might
come here. I aking it in the latter sense,
and it would be uucharitable to suppose that
a pamphlet prepared with such great care
ecu d contain so great au error, we egard it
ructions. In many respects the Court quite an improvement in tho history ol alma
House is iilmo-;t a nnisanee, is uucomforta
ble and ill-arrmged.
Wanted 2 f)!) ba'es of Cotton, for which
the highest casa price-? will be paid. Ap
ply to J. II. Scorr,
nt the store of John O'Hagan,
d?cM-lm Tarboro, N C.
strmfs Vesta and Cotton Pliat ari
!now making regular trits 1 three a weak;,,
between this place and Washington. It has
occurred to us that it would be much more
convenient to the public along the river to
Lave one leave and the other arrive every
'day instead of both airivirig and departing
at the same time as they now do.
Saxony and Scotch wool shirts audunder
drawers, warranted all wool and of the fin
r.t quality for sale by John O'Hagan.
On Tned.y ni;ht'tbe Grand Lorig of
A . F. and A. M. of North Carolina elected
' i'.f (ol'.owing officers for the ensuing year:
Civics C. Clark, oNewnern, (j. M ;
I i n Nichols, of Raleigh. S G. W.; r, in-
: A.CiUey, of Ca!d ll, J. (I, W" ; W.
E. A'i'l rs. n, ,r RaleiL'h, G. IV, Donald
W- llain, ofRal.dgh' G. S.
I ine read v made clothing for sale cheap
ky John O Tlagan.
Tur. Vilsox FcstD. At the List meeting
of th.: Comity Commissioners, Gov. C'ark,
as ''hairman of the Lite County Court, made
a full r-i-f i t in regard to the oresent condi
tion of the Wilson fund.
'V liave l.en unabl to procure a copy
for publication, for the reason tliat a sjiecial
committee of three, consisting of Mr. John
NornVet. Judge Howard and Wm. H. John
ston, Esq., had been appointed to examine
'h; r.-;.( rt of ( .v. Clark, and report to the
Commissioners as eary as possible.
This is a matter in which ia r.rn,l rf
uacs to tell who our offi -ers will be iu tmlo
to com 3.
Let us have Moore predictions on the sub
ject. Now's TlIS IMETo AllVKItHSE. Thele
iitvur was a time at wnich ine advertising
of ones business did not well repay him
for the amount so expended. If there is
though one season belter than another for
so bing, it is just previous to, and at the
beginning "f a new year. Tben it is thai
persons engaged iu the various pursuits
lire making their arrangements and matur
ing their p ans for another twelve months,
and they, will natually seek to gain infor
mation from any source, the most oni-iion
vehicle of winch is news pap.-rs. Whether
ou wish to employ or be einp oyed, wheth
er yon wish to buy or ell or, in short, it
you want t e greatest number or persons
"to know what yon desire or wishj the
newsnaoer is the MireSt and cheapest
memi- to be employed of any. 1 ne South
erner is, a we have time again said, no in
stitution of to-day's origination. For forty
eight years, it has been making its weekly
rioilld.x. It ha become a Household won!
in Edgecombe c unty. and beiode.-., is rea l
by a respectable number oi persons abroad
Any adveftisment placed in its columns is
at the least calculation brought lo Hie no
tice of eight thousand people. N out of
that riu ntier you nl almost surely lind
toiiie one to "accept the proposition you
may make. It is true, it costs s Mr.elhing
tobiingyotir business beiore ti e pubi-c
in a manner that wiil b-st gun the ends
you desire; but then, vrliat is it C at does
nl.t cost? Whv even the loss of custom V .11
incur by failnil! to advertise is a cost, and
pretty heavy one too. He limt will save a
dime by withholding his tmppoi Uroui the
i.ttoer ami thus tbrego the chances of
Orrics of N. C. Aq l Sociitt,
Raleigh, Dec. 8, 1871.
The Executive Committee of the North
Carolina Agricultural Society have deter
mined to invite the assembling of an agri
cultural convention in this city, for the pur
pose of securing unity of action and efficient
co-operation of those directly interested in
agricultural pursuits. After consultation
with many members of tho General Assem
bly now' m session, it has been determined
to fix the day on the 11th day of January
I' is requested that the farmers of every
county and all agricultural societies aud
clubs shall appoint delegates to attend tne
The farming interests of the State is undeniably-depressed.
To ascertain, if practica
ble, the causes of this depression, to endea
vor to provide a remedy to secure unity of
purpose and strength of action in enforcing
such remedy, are we'l worth all the efforts of
the'hetit eopleof North Carolina,
A cordial invitation is extended to mem
bers of similar conventions in other States,
and to all who may desire to co-operate with
us in this important object.
Kemp P. Battle, President
N. C. Agricultural Society.
the ro:i.v are fully interested, and we shall-j doubling it. many fold certainly does not
L'.v the whole, facts before them as soot as work to his own true interest. He is a
au obtain tbt-ni fr ru the ofS'-'.iL,. j 'penny wise and pound kxlbh ' m:i.
Edokcomb-: Aqkicultubal Socicxr.
The attention of the members of this Socie
ty, as well as the public at large, is called to
the following card from the President, Col.
C. B. Killebrew. The regular meeting is
held oa Tuesday 19th December.
For the Southerner.
The members of the Edgecombe Agricul
tural Society are respectfully requested to
be present at the regular meeting in Decein
bi r. The President has received some val
uable books and seeds from the Department
of Agriculture which he wishes to distrib
ute that day; also I will inform the mem
bers and those that are not members that
wo wi 11 have a i address from the Treasurer,
Capt. Jas. R. Thigpen on Fairs; what he
saw and heard at the various Fairs of the
State, that ha has attended tins Fail. Also
if it is considered prudent we will discuss
the labor question for next year.
C B. Killebrew. President.
for family Use ever nmlo. burns In 'he
ordinary kerosene lamp. Does not take
tire, nor explode if the lump is npsct and
broken. Send f ir Circular, Oil 11 utsu of
C iaries Pratt established 177o, New York,
Tub Best Cosmetic. Ihu-aett's Kalliston
produces a fresh coaipljxioa, rem.v.vs t-in-l
freckles, and import a velvety tne'ss
to the skin. Result attending c'jouj-o t0
our changeable clitaato upon Vne'skin. may
bo entirely obviat-.1 by i(J nse for sale by
all druggist.
Can obex's j-e, SAvrn foii 50 cts. Every
c.se of 'vflp oa!1 ,f cured when first taken,
oy Pi. Tobiits. Vmietiau Liniment, warranted
or 24 years, aud never a bottlo returned. It
also cures Diarrivra. liyneutry. Colic, Sore
Throat, Cuts.'Tturns and External Pains. Sold
by tho Druggists, lApot 1-) Park place, New
Rislet's Lt.siMEvt Of Arnica,, Hops
Carbolic Aci i, acts, as a universal exter
ual cure-all, acttnr on the nerves connect"
ed with tlir; skin. It promptly relieves
Neuralgia Pains, Cleanses nn-1 cures "Id
sores aud ulcers, flesh wounds, burns,
bi uiscs, sprains, Ac. Sold everywhere at
50 cents. Morgan V Risley, Wholesale
Drnjgists, New York. General Agents-
Laikds' Bloom ok YoItth. A most de
lightful toilet pi eparation for bi-autitiiig
the skin, has been established, over ten
years; during thai time over one million
ladies have used it; in every instance it
has given entire, satisfaction; it .removes
ail imperfections, tans, freckles and sun
burns, giving the skin a youthful appear
ance; Sold at all D.ugaists and Fancy
Go ids Stores. Depot 1 Gold Street, New
Tii ask to the Tim Ei.v Discovery of
Mrs.-W'iuslow's Soothing Syrup the hearts
of many parents have been made glad by
witnessing the beneficial effect, which
this remedy never fails to produce during
the critical period of teetlyn. ,
Carbolic Salve Nothing like it ever
known before. Ciires cuts, burns, sore.
ivonnds, &c. I'.ke magic Physicians speak
of it m terms of the highest pra ise. Puce
25 cents per doz. John F. lirnry, Sole
Proprietor, 8 College Place, New York.
Physicians who hive preset ibed Savap
nia or Funded Opium use no other" for hi
of Opium in their practice.
Cristadobs Haib Dru. If a'l his
hairs were lives, Oihello said, "my great
revenue hath stomach for them all." But
hair that's gray or sandy, white or red, the
ladies have no stomach for at all. Use
Chrisladoro's Dye ami the evil is remedied.
Manufactory, 68 Maiden Lane, New York.
The Purest and Sweetest Cod Liver Oil
in the world is Hazard & Caswell's made
on the. sea-shore, from fiesh selected liv
ers, by Baswell, Hazard & C. Nw York
It is aiisolntely pure and sweet- Paftsnts
who have once talten it prefer it to all oth
ers. Physicians have decided i superior
to any of the other oils in the market
Jouvis's Iodorous Kid Glove Cleaner re
stores sot ed gloves equal to new. For
sale bv Druggists and Fancy Goods Deal
ers. Price 25 cents pel bottle. F. C.
W ells 4 Oo. New York.
Wii.i.iAMsrox, Dec. II, 1871.
Capt. Wm. IH'J'JS, Editor Southerner:
As your paper is very generally circula
ted in this to-vn and section, I desire
ihrouiiii its columns, to return my sin
cere thanks to both our white and colored
Citieus for their noble and successful ef
forts to save our property from the fire
tliat occurred in this place on the second
nist. Wheie each on did his whole duty,
it is a difficult and delicate matter to par
ticul inz -. but I can not refrain tueution
i the r.aimis of M -ssrs. II. C. Hardison,
w M iscratiton. Win. W. Brown, Samuel
..ilt-l Qllll .11 isenh M. Sittersoti wh"
folisiitthe llames, itn an energy and crn
estucss never exceeded .
Atfthe old eiand of Wlule A Simmons, on
Pitt btrcet, four doors from Main,
Repairing or Furniture of eve
ry Description 'JI1C w',fl neatness
and dispatch.
Special attention paid to lNDERTAKERS'
BUSINESS in all its bruiehes. -.
.Hahogany, H'aluut, Poplar & Pine
Alwavi ou hni at tlu Lowest Cash Prices.
Oct lC-Cm Tarbor'.. -
The Deems' Semir.dry
piiorEiiTr foy; sale!
as attoeyfor dr.s. s.
Satcb-ii, I olTer for sale the aboTe
valn'jg ftrjij Uost desirable property,
situated in the thriving aud beautiful vil
lage of WUsi n, N. C , and now occupied
by Prof. J. DcB. Hooper, as a Female
The lot on which the buildings arc con
structed embraces nea ly
and is most pleasantly situated, containing
a beautiful lawn with a gradual descent
to the street ii front; the garden, lying in
the rear has a soil susceptible of the high
est improvement. The water s good
no better can be found in the town.
The maiu building, comprising a central
part of three stories and wings of two sto
l ies, contains on the the first floor a large
xthool ro"m, two other large rooms suited
tor recitations, &c, and two small music
rooms; on the secondiloor there are nine
rooms and several closets, and on the third
floor eight rooms suitable for bed cham
bers. Tixj House affords room for a large
number of ji it pi Is and teachers after allow
ing due spsce.for general purposes-
On the premises are found trie usual
out-houses for servants, kitchen, snioke
lionse. &.,- ,
It is believed that there cannot be found
in North Carolina, perhaps not in the en
t:re South aniore elijrible location for a
tlrst class male or female institution ot
learning. Situated in the finest cotton
growing region t the State.containing a
moral, energetic, prosperous and inteli
gent conimnnity, making rapid strides on
a career of progress, improvement- and
wealth, Wtlsou is marching steadily ahead
of her older sisteT towns, and bids fair to
become in a few years one. .'of the most
important Inland towns in North Carolina.
The Deems Seminary Property,, while
Originally si'esi.'tied for. educational pur
poses, niarit desired, be readily conver
ted into a palatial private residence by
sl'glit alterations, and under the hand of
skilland taste, might be made with, litt'e
e ipeii se one of tl,e most lovely and magni
ficent abodes to be toiind any where.
. Tho-property will be sohl on the most
advantagous terms.
For further particulars apply to
Jl'or Dr. S. S, Satchwall.
. ... Battleboro. N. C
ill III IP j il!! V "tuffilBS.
4! In.
FAIilL AMfAlUei.
m II
Not'rCh'ei.pa New Goods, bu
I wutild rspectftilly Inform ray CnfW.
tilers and the cood people of Edgecutnl
and surrounding Counlies that I have Ju-:
returned from our Northern cities, with
Lie best s dected stock of fin
Ready Made
Dress Goods,
ao Boots & Slioes2
Fukxishing Goods.
Tvanlis, YaUscs,
September 14, .Oil.
Why do you Think
is a question asked us over and o?er aain.
Vrc know tiey arc the best by SEEING and FEELING !
Our lai'.tle for making JUST CL)Ni 1 A IMSONS betwem 1'iauos oi liifferen'
makers are such as one out of the ttude can posses only
By Careful Study with Great Diiiicjulty ivi dExpense,
and but lew persons in the trade are f irtunire enotmh to acquire
aided thereto, enables us to make a correct eotimate of tne v;ilu.' of a 1 iano
and we liave unhesitatingly dec ded in favor ol the H ebej . v
IlELIANCK can be place in the construction of these instrumeatsfliECALE
is not only an accomplished Musiciiu. a skillful Artisan, but an nohorable.
hih-toned Mantuacturer. who values his word aucl.tha
reputation oi nis insiruments. ;
QanH f.-ir riatnintifl of Pianos, Books, etc.. to ..i
.w - - ---"ca ' or- fc w-v-o
JOS. VAN HOLT NASM, Petersburg,.:.
Wliich will be Id lower. tfi4n any house
,in the State .will sell them, you will g
Tiioney bv examining mj atock before pur
chasing elsewhere.
Louis Ilcilbronor.
Ladies & Geutlentnj iive him a ca?',
Kijilbrourr has Bar?aics for aS2.
1871. Fall 1&71.
Campaigiv Ope-ved.
Aug. SI.
M. L.
t. davis Established October, .1865.
Wholesale Grocers and Dealers in Liquors.
Always on hand a fall supply of
Mackerel, Herring, Butter, Rum, Blackberry Brandy. Caudles, Candy. Syrup 'of al1
trades, p. ti. and Deoicr ii a Molasses, Kerosene Oil, Cheese. Soap, . Buckets, - Tub'
O n, Brooms Pocket Table Salt, Tea, Essence Coffee, Soda, boxes kegs and casks,
Wr.-itiiiii.r I'aoer. Twine. Black in'. Salt, Vinegar, Whisky, Fancy Soap, Axle Greasu.
Mai.ilU an 1 Jute Hope, Pepper and Alsp'c-. PaiMr 15a Concentrated Lyet.Musta'rd,
Rnovor.'s Ve.st I'.ovders and Beil t pa. aliou, Parlor a. id Be-cK .VI itches, and
manv articles not enumerated. CF Re'nls Crackers and Caijes at factory prices.
Agents for the Oranjre Kitje Powder Company. -
AH for sale at lowest market rates by DAVIS &. BROTHER,
Sept. 'J 4- 413-n. No. 24 Ro an oke ock Norfolk, Va.
Originai Cheap .Store:,
We are prepared to put up work in as
fine styleas any ofliee in th3 State, and at
rates t hat will compare with the largest
establishments of tins country.
We know that for cleaning paint, win
dows, china and glassware; for polishing
knives, tin, iron, brass anil -opper wares,
and for removing stains from "marble and
pofcclain.and rust from machinery. Enoch
Morgan's Sons' Sapolio is the best thing
in use.
delivered at Stations on W. & W. R.' R.
ou most liberal terms. C. C. L. 4JSl.fc.if, Ag i
Tartraro, Ang. Zi, isn. 11
General Commission Mefcharits,
.... . - i . . . . , i i i A
Prompt returns mala an I strict personal anbaumi gieu i i u uushk-rb eiiuuoicu i u.
-.. ... . ivMa to fn. nmU our customers, or thos j who will ship us Cotton this season best
standard brands of iiacspuijaud Iron IVs at very low prie s. We are ageuu toi the L Lr
LEr" GIN- aiso Agents f .r a Power Cotton tVes.s, surpassing auytmng yet tried tor pacsmg
28 tf
je 15. e Ijy
North Carolina Division.
Raleigh and iloldsboro' Express.
la EPrct after Ho?. 13th, 1871.
- a
d "
M I -H
rt CM (M
rt S
a .
a, -
s u
a- I M 3.
u s m a a
a' .
rt. m
.. ' . Master Transportation.
Approved :
Eng. aad i9periatflDdont.
We are prepared to fu
gives von great po.ver vyith a small fvrce; just what the planter neei
n at oiir oi'tioo boforc you bav elseivhere. We keep constantly ou ham
lar-e suimlv of the fish Guano, wlneu h is stoo l the test for th past few years, sag siigcoks
fuUv nriviii" general satisfaction, and produemg yields of Cotton or Oram, surpassing any
Guano yet known. We gaarautee that this Gtiaao shall bo kept m is pure state, and it shah
be our constant aim to improve us aaamy ani mo jno la.mer a. mu.o
Fertilizer Mr W. si. Battle savs, he believes it tho best Guano brmght to tins cotnuiun ty.
VIr J L Homo pronounces it a tirst-class fej-tilizer. Mr. B. P. Jenkins is well phase 1 with it
i ' n... ;L i:.,.r,.l tli.i vield one half ui his cotton, il. . Ldinonston, Esu.,
thinks H iaweased the yield of cotton one third, and would have done much better hut for the
nnfavorabl7wUerCoL W, H. Knigut is alsj well plensod with. t lie results of tue rmb
- .T . l. 1 O ..i.l 1. .. ,.i I,. ...Ol. I.,,.,, ,-i'in n.l 1 1
Guano Mr. W U. txirtes, oi jas:i wuaij, ' "sen .i - .-.iu o. ,t . ........
ran i,nw thai it has iwttiuwd a Uott jr crop. Col. J. li. Lanier, ot Marti l Oiunty, says it is
. v . . , , 4- 1 1 1U71
iat i
the best guarfo he ever usoifc.
41-- m.
Barber Sliop
The undersigned takes pleasure in announc
ing to tho pubnc that he has opened
Entirely. New Barber Shop
"usfitll TUB ,;
His establishment is NEW and COMPLETE
in every particular, and the proprietor is con
fiden)f being able to give universal satisfac
tion. Hip asks some portion of the i-ub.lic
patron go, and trusts ia a short tinletoadd
many additional Comforts and Luyartes to hie
.shop, He. guarantees a
Cleari Comfortable! Shave.
First Door Down the Steps.
Prof. J. 'E- SlMONSbN.:
Wilson, N. C.
B..x2jJ. NOKFOLK, Va.
llave Dow orTaDiJ' th larccat and
most jompleta as3eirtweit. of
ady Made Clothing
Boots and 8hoes,
to be found ia t3wn, which they ura
selling regardless of the recent ad
vances in ail
Cotton and Woolen Goods
... AT ;
We can't be Undersold as we I'uy for
Cash. Come aud convince yourself of
this important fact.
Fall Cloths & Cassiincrjs
: F0ii -
Ciisinin Trnlc
Can now be seen, which wo off- r
Box 5:74. - 79 Water st., NEW VORK
Consignments of Cotton, Naval Stores, A-c.,
solioited. Liberal advances on cnsininouts.
Sept. 14. 41-9ni.'
Jlurrell & Tannaliill,
rffd6 rT NBWYCBK.
Which cannot be excelled in any City.
II. MoftltlW & li?
I V' respe-i.iun.y iruo'ineu iuhi vo i bto
i been under the necessity of j.ljii iir mn iic
co ints in the hands of Mr. C. C.L.NiEl
j i r collectioe. As wo have t.o many t.niU
i Acc mnt we are' unable to spar tbc titno
i to collect them onr.selvc.8.
Very respectfully,

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