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iUU ADVI.lalSL.:lLil!9.
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t s
The Turboro' Southerner.
- rJrrrzziy-t--
- Anil 11, 1S72.
'- - E'JITOK.
Tho County Convention. !
la another portion oi' the paper will
be faunj a full report of the proceed
ings of the Democratic Convention !
whieh assemble! iu Tarboio ou Tues
day kst.
A Lrgo delegation of our most lead
iug and respectable citizeua were ap
pelated to altcud the State Convention
at Greensboro, aud we have assurances
that many bo appointed will attend,
and they cannot fail to reflect credit
upon the county.
The Convention decided that it was
best to thoroughly re organiie the
party in the County, and, consequently,
a uew Executive Committee was ap
pointed, consisting of youn and zeal
ous meu, who will take iuterest4iu the
matters of the campaign, and who are
willing to devote some little of their
time to 6ecure the success of the De
mocratic Conservative party. We feel
authorized to state that this new
Executive Ccmmittse will Work,
that every ni-'aus in their power will
be used to bring out the; full Demo
cratic vote at the August polls, aud
that all car-paiu documents and
pamphlets necessary to expose li.adi.al
corruption will be freely distributed.
We ask the Democracy of Edgecombe !
to give this Committee their heart felt
support in all suggestions they may
make for trie auccees of the cause in
August next.
We are free to confess that, as an
hucble member of ti.e Democratic
party, we cannot endorse all t he vtes
expressed by an old aud time huuored
leaJer"of the party, who, heretofore,
h:s been fcrenicst in the fight. It
scetus to us that what he said could
have been left unsaid, especially when
addressed to a political assemblage, the
main onject of which was to perfect a
thorough pirty organization and thus
secure the polling ot e ery Democratic
vote. To say the least, it was in
opportune, and could very well have
been dispensed with, and particularly
that portion reflecting upon the lead-'
in? members of the party iu the Coun
ty. r?p.1 William "P. Mnrt.in fnr :
With one except o . we lave stti- j
diously refrained frc-m expres.-ing any :
preferences we u.ight have in regard ;
to the DomiEatiorjS lor the various State i
cmces. j
A few weeks since, acting in what
've conceived to be the best mterests ol j
the Democratic party, and also inSu
enced bythe high quaiincationsof the;a
gentleman-named, we suggested Hon. j
A. S. Merrimou as the most bititablei
aad available candidate for GoveruurO
We cheerfully accorded the privilege i e " - , -.
. , - lur any prouiinfet't position, i hee 3Jeet
of this nomination to the West not). .', , . ., . j
! 1112s, (. aucu-es and J.sc-i-utive ( otLHiit '
from any particular rioht that section " , .... ,, I
J r t lees are aim. st i-iv.n ; .b!y mttitd by ,
iuiul ciaiui uli accouui oi votiUr i
working, or superior talent, but simply
Aud we now reoeat. that on such i
.-4. . 1 , uv.i .1.-.
tiuuuus,,uti n est, laeuinieu id iiiai
nomination, and as a delegate to the
Greensboro convention we shall so
To the East, then, belongs the
Lieutenant Governor, as a m tter
of flhc and justice, without count
ing the question cf policy. Al
though we sha'l cordially sustain all
tho nominees of the Convention and
work for their election 2s fjithfolly as
if they were our personal preferences i
J f 1 i
i L'eiifving tucn to De tne onij course
by which any party can hope to sue
ceed) yet, we are free to admit that we
should be much rejoiced to assist in
the elecLiou of th distinguished gerr
t'eman whose came heads this anU -
Col. VTm. F. Martin, of Elizabeth
City, is a man that would adorn and
grace any tIEce in the gift of the
eple of Xorth Carolina
He is a gentleman sans peur, sans
His political record, as a true and
s'aunch Democrat, i3 without spot or
His intellectual capacity of the
highest order aDd in the full flood time
ot its usefulness.
His voice in all the political con
tests of the State has been heard for
loany years throughout Eastern Caro
lina and has uever yet been known to
give forth an uncertain sound.
His war record is one of which the
most distinguished soldier of our la
tj.erlted Confederacy might well tie
proud. One of the Crst to offer his
sword, he was one of the last to sor
row'ully sheathe the same and mourn
ful'y view the iruitlessness of Lis many
As has been well expressed by his
town par cr, ' if the Greensboro Cons
ventton ettiuiatea the value of personal j
popularity, oi.e blast of his uame from
the party Injjle would be worth a thou
sand men iu Eastern North Carolina."
Indifference and Luke- Warm-ness-
The Democratic party ot North
i'arodna have a registered majority
if net less than twenty thousand. Yet,
with c.nc or two exceptions, the Radi
rain l ave carried every election Bince
the war.
Tvhy is. this thusly ?
The answer i- D-aiu and the re.
poosibility for such defeats easily loea
ted. .
Our p-irty have filled to vote-many
toa anxious to nip.ka money aiid alsr-
bed in self, have shown an iiidiffer-
Every foo4 eit .; w egg ij!y. tj h
bUte and that tutyii1vould impel hi a.
lie good: Tie can suralyrTT 'nothing
elae, spaie euough time to go to the
polls and deposit Aiis ballot.
There is some thing higher and
nobler than the mere sake of filling
oue's pocket with the filthy lucre jx
very desirable possession however) and
this pursuit should not blind one to
the responsibility resting upon him
to work in ecrdhl cooperation with
his fellow citizejis to secure a reiuru
to a good, honest and economical ad
ministration of pubMc affairs.
Thoapaftiy and loke warmness of a
few leading Conservatives in each
county has been the eau-e of much
political disaster to the partv for tr-e
past lew j ears, and such leading uteu
who chow such little xa.ii for the orut-e
should be quietly and permattenVi laid
upon the slelf, ruid not permittted,
whtn the skies brighten, to couie Up
ward, Jaiai all the credit and reap al
the honors-
Uembere cf the party, goad sn.i
honest men, have, uo dcubt, becoim
discouraged aud tiled ofuiakin; any
further effort because the Radicals
have reduced us to a poverty stricken
condition, and such meu will advojat--the
makiug of money ;;s the c-nU
means by which we can hope to shake
off this terrible incubus, and they seen
to have given up ad hope. Bat the
massif of the people d.i not so think
They b-. lieve in a strong and united
effort to free themselves, first, from
this damnable radical ru'e and iht-n
with an houe?t government, they can
evnect to reao the rewards of their
A' an exchange well s tys. in view of
the political situation in our StMe i!
will be at once perceived how great i
the personal responsibility rest in upc
leach individual member of the Con-
I , .
I servattve party ta cast tr.s vote at tne j
: next e-eetion. If eaeli cue sha'l dol
j . . ,t
jthis, then cur triumph is v.x-.rei.
I There need be no Hnai:.! ehcnt-.u as I
! r t
to the result in August uext or Novetii.
Jf every opponent o? Had ha
C.aroWu.i w"!l come out
1,,-, A,
cyaint-t the 12-tJh.al ft-irty. ice ict'U ax-'- 1
ry tie suite ly fr?
h-jHsaul ma
"v nv .-ti 5 ?r !
i-i.-.vicu iuaa. ;
Tn oLiuciii-' oyer t.u ii ccniiiois of !
arje lianer cf rai;,a! ln;,,
,eU ia lhe j:,,,, unJ manipulated bv ! 11
white rreu, we have yet to :l e name
, , , . '
tiii :i s " h com w 11:11 refill', -i' 1 c.
i wooes, yv 'i j are k.cii oiiou'' u to stieei
(lle VlTPS wllO will 111 1st r.'!t;lil,K '
i ive the pot.r r.cro ti e 5:0 bv iu ali tor
. - . ..
uiuiu iiuui iiiiii id u, 1 lent
z 'urn to rest
.- c 1 l -c i
Bttish.i irirh Knm? iim.niihi.ir.t n -ifinu
affording nelth
e.onor or pront.
Now we venture tha a.ssertivo that
in the Rad cal Convection at Ralein.
not a single nejjro will be nominated
for any paying office.
Mark the prediction, ya colored vo
ters, and see if we are uot Coirect. If
however, such should not be the ca-f,
it will ordv be lor the reason that your
! wnite allies are no 'innir!ir to act trioh
, t ,. i n i-
teted at your luuttenuos and will, tor
policy's sukc, throw you some littl
Tlie Hartford Coururif, a ppor
which steadfastly uj-ho'd the Adnii.i
lstriition. nd is edited Ov ox' Ci-.-.v
HAWLEy, a euiltnitii who is ts th.r-
onglily convcrtaijt w itii the condition
of popular feeling in Connecticut n.
any man in the t; t ate, says that ''un
d lubtedly there are Republican enough
opposed to tlie nomination oI'Gkant
to have defeated Gov. Jewel,!.;" and
admits that it is possible that such
Republicans may vote onanist Got).
GRANT next fait This being the case,
the office holders' candidate will be
likely to require numerous converts
Irotu the Deutoctat ranks toenahle him
to secure the e'ec!on;il vote of Connec
ticut. It may be added that Grant's
prospects of receiving any Deino'-r.itie
votes in thrit State are not very tn.
couragintr just at this time.
The caipet b. jruer Abbott, of North
Carolina, is Ioouiihk into protuiaence
;is a possible candidate for Vice Presi
dent at t he Phi'udelphia Convention
The delegation Irom his- State an
pledged to his support for t hat purpose.
Wis friends are actively engage! u
urs:it.o nia claims i; other direction?.
HWt. Cor. .V Y. World.
To what i est will tin; impudence cf
this unprincipled scoundrel aspirt?
A disputed w as recent iy scut f rom
Washington city Matino that Senator
Trumbull had declared that he iTould
not hen. candidate before the (!!iucin
nati Convention, and believed that
- 1 ill
juiye iavis wouia tie i tie strono-st
candidate that could be ourued. Jjieii
tenant Govenor Kcoroner, of Illinois.
seeiii this dispatch, wrote to th Sen
ator ashing him whether it w;i3 by the.
authority of h in ( f) Scnatiir Trum
bull to day replied in a dispatch to Gov
eruor Keotuucr, Knyinr: "There is
n i foundation lor the dispatch to vchich
you refer."
The HeHdiiifr Circle wore handsomely
entei taincd, hist Kveni.i, a! the residence
of our whole sou led citizen. Mi" H. D. Tool,
whcrr Music, Dancing and nicriy couver.
satiuu faKF.ud the hoars away.
Judge Watts and the Game
Chicea. .
By our Special Reporter.
SckXE -Martin sVi euk-h (?ovrt
Jvio Watts on rnu Hencb
LicrroR Mautjn ritoSECiviiNG--A
1 5 i 11 Amendment in hie This )-
TNfe V mtli V-OV Rf NKM BERS j
Among the latter. 'a Good
MENT. .,r,
: S' l ciior. " Your Honor please, I
aM; fr the judgment of the Court, in
.N''i'u'l?r23f6 4hi JSute ducket ; 1 In
cash in wbi h the defendant was couvi
cted of stealiug a chicken."
, Judge -Watts. ,To the Solicitor.
'That is theease where the Defendant
stole a game chicken V
Solicitor. , " Yes, sir."
Judge Watts. .To the Prisoner
'I waut to get au artiht to take the
photo.r phs of all the rogues in this
District. One will.be lcprest.uted coins
og along with a sluep ou his back ;
another with a pi iu his hug; and jmi,"
pointing the linger of ineffable, scorn
.t the pri-o'iej- "with the proudest
bird that, walks the earth, not. even
excepting tli e Amtrieiu Eaie, U!id?i
jtiur am.. Ain.t yu ashamed oi your
-elf. you miseral) c coward I If the
would stick half a d 'Zjn pea fowi
either in jour coatiail, and pit jnu
(jiainst him, lit would whip iu a iu i i
iiht!" (A pueial titter in the Cun
rooiu, ami a bland Mtiiie ovei'.-piea.i hi
tliT.cr's :a,v.)
"The j'idau.ut ct the Court is that
ho IXieudai.t h'A be coufiuod iu the
.lutj'a pllsuU live vt-ars. Mr. Martin,
proceed with your docket." Exi
5henf CrawlUJ, with the pn&ou. r.J
Dai r AcU'i-
t'.l!;B l.lC iAt.vK, tM n:i:c!.Ui.'.l by 'J i-li-ad
iij; I'hy Mel. ai.dihc ri ;.!-:it !
the .NeiV Y'll'k l',.)Hil i),'' Ik-Jit!, i'S till'
nt otitU-tfu! li aiin; coiii.) iiti.l tvi'i-
cuo'.v-i. (.ives i j 1 .-. t .1 T i ; Ii::.- l)Uii.
i: :.- all kinds I'f S.:H -s, cuts !U.d ..ii!:.!
n.l a tiiovc isiv.iii.nb!e :dv I'l-r ail ptir.
iHist"'. S -Id ever hero a: S
F. Ik ruy,
ietor, S C
tied of it - sii
, e.-. i'.ii-ii
i' ilj'a 11 ,
A r:,:-t p.
.r.o. Jt-:;!1
1'iace, : i y. ik.
SVAT'MA is O'. v.ni
i'-S a-.i t-. i.- 'ii- ns p.
".;ec- (
.,-te. I
I teet
i! II.
..lVl.C i-.;i C 1
s.io'i I '. Z
Che.11i.st, NcvV Yo: k.
'n:irT..T..a-'s Ul'.k Dt: 'I'f af....t
:tr..i '.H'-t. i! ril: r.(t- 1 ! !):ol ir. C ' t' ir,
r (1 y i--, w!ii U t in-' b! or 1-1 -v. II 1 in! -it
pr.-iliieo-. are idetilic.i! t 'oitiire, Fae
torv CS M:iideu Lai e, Ne' Yoik.
PnArr's Asrr.AU. Oil Safe and Wt
:! 11 !ir .,;if ; i-.'j i-ver taa it. Dm's no'
s;..e r oxp:-..-ie, ift'-,.. i.,!p n m
- f l:--ke.i. C t r l.Vt.nno OmiMr- c .n:-.
tie to n-e ir, :ti i nn :it-r-..!ei.t o- ;'.iv dost
, ,n , .tVl. ...i iV( ... u, ,i, !!.-,
fC:.a:-!es I'rati. 'sta!:iI:v.l 1770, Nov.
--. ..1.
The rrnr.sT an'' ?veees O-l I.iver .
Oil in tlie world i Hazard & "::s ell's, j
made n tlie sea-' "ore, H orn irr-ii sioc
,-d lie. .js, bv C:i-v.!i Ibtzaid & '
. .. . . .
-. liri;. it 1- si i.-oi-.iieiy i.uro ati.j
Civl tote -Wl''t. . ral:eiiTs yl o i-.i'-'c "H'V taken i
I i.re'o!- it to ah other. Physicians Vsive
d.-ridt-d it sneri(r to any cfihe othor
,n lhe r'wr--
Jol'Vis's Inodiirotis Ki'1 i.vp (' pjn;-:
it-t.ii-f "i ed gl..vfS equal to tn"w. F-o"
v.!e by Drn-sists and ranc-y C Deit-
e.-s. !'!:.. 25 c-r.ts l,ttie. F. C.
w. t - n.. v...v "..'- i
M:s. iv,'nslowV S-otno Strit
lelieve-i tlf little fiitt.-tir trom p..ii. j
r, s Wi.,l. Colic, Rvzniate-s tie- Stonncii i
d IiovveU. Corr'ets Acidit V. at-d iin'o... !
the ;,p o"s o"t'ethiii;i it is itn-a:r. I
. .
ertectty sate in au cases, us m.nion, ,tti-
ers ; testity.
, v, ,.Trrr ,.rimvrr nn,!iiH-nr;
A 1 ntirtt. At'P.tKArt. an.i a tn ..nr.
ml. t'lear t.''ii.j.iex;.. n is tie d.-sireof
,v,rvh..,lv. This H!..rt is ;,, . .!,.. , d i.v
,.vi.... f w T
Is, "J',1,,,,,,) ,.- Yotlfl
ss i.e:ii:r .;iT oi ire si: 'i. n
nil Dis'-. lor.tt . ii. Tn. Fieekies
l''1,!"UiS- 1 i,? "- cl ,I,M "
t..i!et irv;Hriition ami. t neiieteeteii. 1 ,i
.! Q.i n, ....
t flllll tuTV (.()i.i
d New Y-rk.
fiealers Depot, 5 G.
Bcbxett's Flavoring Kxtuicts'' The i
Oerl'eft j ill lit v and great strenjt'i. Tley j
are wal l led f! eo from poisonous ' ils:iti I j
neiils. Joseph IJitrr.ett tt Co., ftostoii.
MiirinfU'tUfors and Proprietors. Fr sale ;
by all Kt'oeei s ;u,d dnmci-ts, j
Nati"Rk (Iivks t's Ti:rTil, bnt she does'
not preserve and purity them, th.it ttnist 1
l.e done with t'r;or;i'ir. So7.od..r.t. Th." !
1 l ...I .... i
invn'fier;i!-le to all destructive ii,tin -nees
bv ti e da'ly use of this beiu Qceut prepa
ration. Wrat EvF.rtT IT- rsk'.t y- Wants. .A
..'..i d chftip iitnl re'iihl" Lininii-nt. Snel.
an nrtielo is lr. Toh::is' lbo-se Liniment.
Pint b"ltle :tt one doihir. For Lmneness
Cn'4 Galls, Colic, Sprains Wiirnmin!
Letter than iinv other. So'd ly th' Dmjj
ists. Depot 10 Park place. New Ymk.
Dipsomania is nn inane thirst for into
icntins liijitors Habitual di ani-d' inkiriL' i
produces it. i et eaeh Aleoli'db; H tt. r
vender iPeomnieiids that a drain of his rnm
mid rout -jniei- b t.iken thrice day. to
prevent oeknes! For all bodily ailments,
anil a a prot notion as.i'rst t he c: uses o!
d:sca-p, tnUe tl at all sntticient antidote.
I )R. WaI.KKU's VlXKOAU PH TK.RS. t he pule
essence of raie medicinal herbs unpollut
ed by distilled poison.
TtlST.KY's FniT.oToKKN is n established,
warranted remedy for Painful Menstrua
t:on; Htid eqnally i iTii'ield as a Nervous
Int dote in all cases of N-'rvotis Ex
citetnent, Stomach and Sleeplessness in
male or female. Sold everv yhere for
$1(10 a b ittle. Morgan & Rislev, Drug
.lists. New York. General Apreiits.
Tlie True Grounds of ConuMf nee.
Vbeni e cniiies that lirm reliance, t .hi
absolute, iiniloiibtms liiitii i'.i the cttieaov
of Hostel tor's St.- i.nch Ritters as a remedy
lor in.!iiostioTi, liili.ois disorders, inter
tn'nteiit an l remit! ot (evers, whirh no
lerii'islv prevail in all parts of tile Untied
St Jtes? Thi coidi l.-m e I as been jrrnvin
!or twentv years, and it is still extending
It is not tlie result uf ciediillv: it has not
been engendered bv any hit'iiiu fluviee.
nut is t lie fjviiitHtnfoiis unit ua'uial const.
j'l ot fxpenence. u i.nt peopn see
1 I it. I I 11 "1 " 1 II'-1 I I !!i 'i iv, i: fi-, I I C
caniiot qio'stii'ii. hen l,-,niiiies in in
healihy districts that resort to this whole
some ve-etnblo tonic, as a preventive, and
est ape periodica '. fevers, and tle-ir imme
diate neishlrnt's, who ne;;ieol this pivcau.
ion, are prostrated bv the ibeas, how i
it possible tii.it the phenomenon .shoubl bt
without it: Sessoiif In ii !;e ma liner uhen
it is seen that ohstina'e cases of dyspepsia
ol'livt-r complaint, o:'cnsrip.itioii, of ner
v.nis weakness, and of general debility,
yield to the operati . .n of the latnoiis rente,
dy, how can even incredulity itsvif with
hold its endorsement? fye witnesses
of the salnt.'o y ell'-cts of the Hitters are
to be found in i-veiy civilized settlement
on this ooi tinctit. The thousands upon
thousands who owo their restoration to
health and strength, or their preservation
from sickness, to iis extraordinary nj'-fii-C'nal
properties, are enthusiastic in its
praise. Tlie multitudes who recommend
it in a neighborly yvay to their friends and
atqnaintances, as yvell ns those who make
public their estimate ot its virtues, are al.
avi ready ta state their reas ms lor the
faith that is in them. They have all ejtl er
felt or witnessed its beneficent operations.
A Sad Fal'tug Cut. It Is indeed a sad
'aljii.-at.nt wiu'ii, ntir ycaraof the closest
iiiihniVv ii'c l air parts confoany with the
head. F"rti;o;ite'y tlie lamentable sepa
rittimi inay lie eily prevented and the
tM:ii iiniie cli f ly uni ;d than ever bv a
tiniely.Hii't systematic nse of Lton's Ka
thaiuhn, ti.e !n;it p. tcatlovinjorautof the
hu.r ami promoter of iL- growth and beau
ty to itn tU'i il '.. piiiiruiacy. It com-
jilettrly i-bv lutes liie Jry and parched
f4iiition. f tf 1 1' roots cf the kairy. which la
im i linnn-u v t I1 coiiiUlg out, oy supply.
w, tl.e precise-degi v; t moister requisite
t tt.- pirsrftn'ii 111 h heaitliv state. It is
the onlv tin.' ii sulyt-r and evapurant of
ditn.-'rutr ami I'tlu r niipiiritica or' the scalp,
ivin so p; e.-t'in.e is itjuriou1' to the hair.
A a b.'antif.er of the head the Kathairon
ha ii. cmii.i. It tu t enly, ic creases the
tl,'aur4tx ot the .hair, bat improves its qual
ity immediate 'y, imparting a lastrons sp
pearuice aud Mlky texture which are ex
eeeding'y attractive ;
Suicide Committed.
As the result of an inactive slat's of liver
and stomach, producing headache; obtuse
intellect, dullness, despondency, dcrneptia,
and linally insanity, is no uncommon oc
Cin ience. AM these disagreeable sytuptotns
and bad fceiiugs are most cerraiulv (tispell-
v-il by the Use of lr. Tierce's Golden Medi
chI . Iisevei-y. It revitalizes and builds
tip the whole system. A little book on
;hrciiic Slseics si tit.free; Addtess R. V.
Pierce, M. 1)., FitdUiIo, N. Y. Golden
Medical Dboyvery st.l by all duggits.
Dr Tatt's PillS.
I a purely voei.ible concentration for
Keei.ii:n the U o!.-- in i.Htunii motion and
eleiuistiig the system of all impurities, and
u positive cine lor Constipation. They
icMore the disueascd Liver Stomach' and
Kidoevs, to a health ul action: while at the
-auic it'.uo they brace aud invigof ate tao
yvnole .-yste-f, -
lions, Ga., January 11,1871.
Dr. If. IL TuU:
Dear bir Having csed your Xiiver Fills
and tiU.iijr l oot luat hae done ntv wife
.itiiM-lia lunch S'u'-1, I wont 1 I ke to
Ur.oW it t! ty yv.iuld !oa.s -wellNotth as
!;ei e. i iiiteai si;:g Xnrth in .arch, and
f ihev ui l have the f-a i.e effect a in this
1 lini;tte, 1 w.i-ii to la'.;e thciu on with me
UpiuK i hearliom you sooa,
lie!na!ii your . tie.i'i serv't,
Dr. Tim's Hair D 1 1 iocs bot stafa the iioea.
Has Ti w n s;ore a full anpply of
Fmbrac:!:. .orythmg t:-sjialV found in a first
o.ass s:u:i.is!i:.ent. !li r iJinglit exclus
ively tor
H is.
a'.:: I, is t.-iabica to sell at verv low
TAKBOr.O, April 11th, Ira.
Hoot cc Shoemaker
Tai-boro. X. C.
S'lio i
larf-d to make all Liads of
in tin- xr rv !iot Kfvjn sn.j v,-.ir!;msnsbip. The
very tin-' A rjtr'.fll Ct!,F KIS tD 01&
SOLE LEVFKUl onlv used tor finn jobs.
1 yitarar.l a pf if. -ct tit in errry instanrfl or
n 1 " '! 1 hav,- le n doitur l rt-inies8 in 2ar-
!" ri'.r"r i,u '',!
thr.-e ver.rs. and. a.!thonih
"ouoiiiK u uu-i
of public patronage, I
1 oi-.e cf ii: v custnnim tn
.Liiij.l of a bad fit. 1 keep on hand for sale
Hemlock Sole Leather and
Russett Kip Skin,
and aii' t'eiutr else iii rny flue
L-i..; nf the best fit tins? Boots and Sboea
yvorn oy then p.n.l young Diea ot larboro!
V ho made tli.-n;
Vi'nv, linho lv eise but
who rpfiriecMnlly iuvite tho public in gAneral
to ?i ve bnn a tml. 1 he latest and most fnah-
mnuble Lusts eonsantlv on band.
ap 11-tf
a V. Colored) aro hereby notified not to em
ploy n-.y son John Henry. He has left me
vnhont ray consent, and lcl;s four years of
beins free. .Any one hiring said boy will be
prosecuted to the extent if the law.
March 21-'t. BK.SJ. .NOHFLKET, (col.)
L that my son Chrisdnphcr Macuair, afjed
I t years, has re cntiy left mv home and em
ploynn nt without my consent or knowledge.
All persons nr."! warned as;u'it employing or
harn u-iiisr said boy. I fim onlv desirous that
he should return and he need expect no pun
ishment shou.d he do s-.
It. UUFCS MACN.UT1, (Col.)
sfj I . j! lisa 'a Mi
The well-known Foot and Shoemake of
Hid Shop is tho place to pet a
Lasts Fitted lp aud Reserved lor
Every Customer.
The Fashionable can have what thev want In
Jai. 1 l-tf4 Tarboro, If. C,
Whitlock &
lome Made
We make alLoBti-CLotLiivt J-L-UX Est.-tWishnientjn R chntoud jJwarran:
thew much better than sipy Keadj Made Clothing brought from the North, and
fufiy 20 f er-G-ewthapert- ,
Youths Childreiis Clothing
AH of our own make and the largest variety to select from in Town. We
cae fit any youth, be he big Xi little, short or chunky, good or bad, wise or
Childrens Clothing:,
We have determined to provide for tho little rinesand'wiTntnia nooie fitjec
in view have laid iu a Stock of Childrens Clothes that will please the most
fastidious, they are" marie' in'Blcbmer Pants or long, as the purchaser uiay pre
fer, all qualities and all colors.
Stylish Hats for Gentlemen.
We have "the latent Prnadway Silk Hat. The Broadway, Re'orm, Hunipry
Du'nrpty, Stiff lititu nnd ilijjh Crown. Farmers and Broad Brim Planters
Lats,ali color? and price?.
Gent's Furnishing Goods,
The best assortment 'of Tics, B 'Wt and Scurfs, fine L'nen Bosom Shrits
Genuine and Iuimitation Cheviot Shirs Latest styles Linen and Paper
Collars. Irish Linen aud Catabric Haudkcrehieffl. Suspenders and Socks.
Shoes and Boots.
For Ladies, Gentlerx.en, Bojs and Children; from lhe finest to the commonest
Prints and Dress Goods.
We have staked our reputation for siod taste in the selection of our Dre-s
Goods, aud from the quantity we m'l we are pure that our taste is universjull)
We have all the Standard Brands cf Cotton: N. Y. Mills, Wamuta, Frub
rf the Loom. Mufonville. Munvi ic in 4 qtnrters, and :ill the best brands it.
i and , Bleached and Unbleached. Call and convince yourself that ours ii
the olace for trood.nice and cheap goods.
April 4-6m.
Spring Goods
Tarboro, X. C
Embracing all the latest styles and quali
ties from 61 cents, and upward per yard.
I have selected a very choice line cf
which surpasses anything heretofore kept,
comprising Black and Colored Japanese
contains a full line of Checked and Swiss
together with a complete line of Bleached
aud Brown Domestic Checks, Stripes,
Drills, &c.
I have a full line of FANCY NOTIONS,
LACE3, & EDGINGS, of all descriptions.
A large lot of C ASSIMEUES, COTTON
I call particular attention to my
containing Ladies', Gents', Boys', Misses'
and Children's Sewed and Pegged Shoes;
in Morocco, Kid, Grain, Kip and Calf.
Be sure to give me a call and you v. ill find
everything riinally iept in a first-class "Dry
Goqda Estftbiitshir ent
April 4-3rri " - " KOBT. C. BECVN.
my business, I offer my entire Stock f
Liquor and Bar Fixtures
for Sale, very Low.
April 4 2t. Tarboro.
100,000 POUXDS
mmm mmm mm
Apr-Ia. ' TARBORO'.
II 15 just opened his huge stock of New
Spring Goods,
embracing everything from a NEEDLE
to a CROWBAR. Xld. f course, includes
Ladies' Dress Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
&c, &c.
A Largo Selection of
School Books,
In f.ict, everything you want. Coll im
mediately and examine for yourselves.
April 4-tf.
Of Marble, Granite, Brown-Stoue and
Scotch Gr.inite. Also,
Marble Mantles, Furniture,
And I'lnniheiV ln.s I'urius et to order.
E. B.PRICE, IVo. 3 Mechanic St.
Norwiilk, Conn.
April i-ly. Tarb.-ro, X. C.
The Mercantile Bank.
Organized ander the Laws of Virginia,)
W3I. J. BAKEE, Tresident
Ws. J. Bakee, Hon. John Goode, Jb., Hon.
W. 1J. Buauouous, V. Dw Aydloit, Chakls
G. Eluoti.
Cash Capital, - - $50,000 00
Every possible facility extended to Deposi
tors aud correspondents.
Checks ai d Lralts on Banks, etc., in other
Cities. nd Sight iafts on Merchants in .Nor
folk, way bj included in depositing.
Collections mnde at all points and accounted
for prorni tiy.
Accounts of J lerchants, Farmers, Banks and
Bankers in the interior are solicited, and will
receive special attention. Correspondents will
reciive immediate advice of collections and
other payments to their credit.
Remittances will receive prompt acknow
ledgement and when made in Nortoern funds
will be credited as such and depositors mav
check upon same in like funds if they shall tsb
A'otes and Acceptances made payable at our
Bank, will always Oe paid by us, when inlands
from the makers, and charged to account and,
returned with other vouchers and statement
of accounts monthlv.
We will also pr anptly, and without profit to
us, execnte orders irom our Correspondents
and Customers for purchase or sa e of Bonds,
Stock, Gold or Foreign Exchange, and will
furnish onr friends vith ptcial'iuformation
when desired.
We A'lll also attend to the investment ot mon
ey upon Ileal Est te Security, aud in this con
nection would call the attention of invest..
to the advantages attending such investments
in the City of Norfolk.
rjndtrthe LawsofV'rginiaanyiatcof inter
est not exceeding twelve per cent , per annum,
may be agreed upon by contracting parties,
and large amounts of money can be put at
intercut in this Cfty upon tinexrei trorrable
security at ten per cent., iutertst m most
cases being made payable semi-annually.
The ateutiou of fiduciaries and ithers is
call to the fact that we llor interest .t the
rate ot six percent, per annum upon deposits,
when special arrangemptita are made tlieiefor.
Interea'. credited ou the first ot January and
July in each year, thus oompounding weuii
nnnoaly. ' ,
mmmm i mmmw
lLUHUiiliU U. miUlIIDI
Are opening a full Line of Ladie's
Adapted to the Season. Jap Silks, Jap Kobes, Gruna-
dinerOrgandirie, Lcno, Grass Cloth, Seersuckers,
' -1 Percalles, lldaines and Lawns in
Also a full Line of
i W!iite Goods
Are opening a ell-selected Stock of Keadv Jndc
Mo&y WotMs ,n,$M Miens
L. HE!
Are opening n. Splendid Assortment of
Childrens, Misses and Ladies
ilippers and Buskins.
Offer their entire Stock at
Are showing their Goods with pleasure to parlies tin;:
may wis.h to examine their Stock.
Call and convince yourself that our assortment is com
plete, and that we are selling goods at
a very small pcr cent.
0Q The following brands of Rlcachod D;iuesics
always on liand : Hill, Lansdale. Fruit of the L m.
Wamsutti-. and Xew York Mills.
1 Rv?
have just return' rl from ibe Xortbern
Uoots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps,
Furnishing Goods.
Onr Stork of Ready Mi"e C'tliinjr f..r Mn, Y.citii's n.l li.v"s wear is hn e '.
and complete, and selected wi;h ft rat i-arc. Ait t!:e Litc.'t st) Ii's in Buitu-ss an i
Dress Sni s wiiic'i arc ni id n'ji in t'e it-t artistic style,' ixsil which vn nff-r
the loost tiirnrcs. Boots ;ind Simc .f kitld, and t;) suit ;lll aires, wliiHi c:m
tiot be sin I'ivss,...! in si vie and rj n a T i ; y in any rity. Al, ; full line .t Gei.t's I'm
nishin"; Oo.dsfctlic largest to be ton u 1 in this pi ice. Our selection of
is extensive, snd we offer spcchil iddneenicnts and gna .atitee a perfect fit. Garment
made up m Hits iatvst stales, "ail iiiimed iately and examine onr New Goods
Opp-'sitc R B A1po;, and at the corner of Main and Pitt Stiect".
o fS.
astonishingly Low Figun s.
Markets Willi all the Latest Novelties in
MSSS. V K I .! K3T IE EI M E 11
has just returned frotn Ncmv York with
one of tae iaut.1 handsome Stocks ul
Ever seen before iu Tarboro, consisting of all
Also a Fine Selection of Dress Goods such as
And a great variety of articles to nnmerons t
mention. I invite all the Ladies to come an
see for tljeniselvee, as 1 take pleasure in she' -ing
Goods. 1 assure aU my patrons that j.
shall 1!hvw UiiisatislieU.

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